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Monday, March 20th

The Show monetary status is not what matters, but it helps. Plus, The real MVP and baseball is boring. Later, What you Watching.


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Kids these days. Life here wit heroes run visual view believes out of to all our listeners but those fingers. Because we salute him for allow. Could be a small part of your Monday he'd be. Big bad ram is here reduces the man alive. And are listening got Steven says the leftists and to go CD or work. That. Let's be a go ahead and. This extends support KCR to order polls are up and down the first one is it acceptable for Steve and sort of to try it out of work to go see the doorway obviously succeeded. Bombs down 61% in the lead 39% say thumbs up. So let's say they solved now mall reds and Chicago. Last week. I'm not familiar with that also. A ball all around the is off the movie all the movies yeah I believe Guerrero. I've heard of the movie so once that they solve. Oh they did audience they didn't play I guess as one of their songs they did. It against. Also. In a big possession for KU. Bill Self should put the ball in whose hands frank Mason. 84%. Just Jackson third goal percent is a blow that. I don't think that's why fans and and 3% says the. Someone says Mason will find Jackson or be. A true pleasure to watch him work. And let's let's jump let's trumpeted that real quick. I'm it was a it was a pretty interesting conversation we had earlier. Com. In this too where I think a lot of that game yesterday. I'd always thought but a lot of that game yesterday. Il sold it for me. And it happened I had I have been saying this at one point of the year I called this. In I wanna say that you early February late January as in Kansas. Knows where they're going to go. They know where they've got to be seat. What Kansas needs to be doing at this point moving forward. Is to do what do everything he to make their best chance their chances at it's great news. To be able to get to a final four when the national team that should be the consider that not winning a big twelve championship which they did not. Winning ace or gain. Eighty see it any efforts should be placed forward. Towards what we can do so Kansas can be at their best when it comes this time of the year so far so good. It out with two blow out wins. The first two rounds there in the sweet sixteen in the overwhelming favorite. To get out of the region of the midwest region which is built eatery cutesy. Bodily shout out of that school and fiscal in the morning really good point I I had at at thoughts of these two. I think Kansas does a lot of pressure on. Basically because they're playing at home bills of those history check that Alan via podcast page. Now you can look at sixteens which. They had a really good conversation about pressure. Of Kansas. But this. We saw yesterday. And you'd have to see exactly what the coach did it in most critical moment of the seas yesterday. Yesterday's game against Michigan State. Kansas. Just gave up a huge run by Michigan State Michigan State cuts the lead to 5453. Would like 1230 mile. Bill calls a timeout. They need to get something going. They come out immediately. They run up play. Not for the national player of the year and frankly since should be his consistency this year and him eve minute and he's had big moments. But they run a play. Fort Josh Tex not frank makes. Not played a year Josh Jackson. And what happens. 5453. Just Jackson goes right in because the player is is in no way can guard him. It gets an and one. Goes the line makes the free throw come back and hits a step back three. That. Basically are things that only gifted players to do. Again it's a no other. First round draft pick him miles bridges and miles couldn't do nothing with. Eddie basically went on like at eagle run he had nine points. Coming into that timeout had not scored in the second half you saw one point Josh just said F. And just look you know. And that lead got pushed to TN so fast he ended up having going from nine points seventeen points and like two and have minutes. Because. He's just that now I love for a place. Right Mason is going to go in the rafters brick masons Jersey's going to get retired here in T. Or put in the rafters at a retired Jersey keys. With all that being sick even though he is the player of the year consensus in the big twelve and I think will win the wouldn't. And basement the warts. But the but for Kansas to be at its best. Not only does just Jackson had to be this. Letting gains when they play against high level opponents the UCLA. The Michigan's the because Michigan the way they're playing right now is is nasty. The the UCLA's the north Carolinas Kentucky. What they had to do. In those games. Are not saying that they can't win and I'm not saying that if it just it's in foul trouble. That they can't hold it I just they. The the probability of them winning those gains goes down significantly. If Josh Jackson is not the lead dolls. In the guy dominating game. I love for a I think frank is very good player a great college player. But there's a reason why jazz is a top three pick in the draft that has Alonso ball. It has owls bridges and we saw yesterday and a lot of good players income. You'd be easy to see what your coats see what the whole favored bills of the most critical moment in your sees. The most critical moment in your season the day. They drew up a play. For just checks and not wreck mace. And that show you how much. They need him to be the top guy on this team in those critical bold it happened this year against Kentucky. He was the one at big moments and and most parts they gain. That was able to himself. Create match. He was the line. Like the air and fox was another first round type. Top ten type player lottery pick later. Frank struggle because he did not have an advantage athletically against him. He now he put up numbers but if you look at his line if you remember that game he struggled to get shots. He struggled to. To give it to his spots as easy as he normally does he went to the line a lot of frank is just really crafty did it. And I guess and it really good college player and he he gave his numbers and will his waited nub. We watched there was a middle part of the duke game of the second game of the season we're justice that F. And and went off like a 670 run. I I I I truly believe in big moments just like yesterday. When the game Ozal that he needs is to stuff. On his own that other kids on the team can't do now I have confidence the pontiff. But. As as it is early you put it I like to put the ball the best players means a big moment and I I see that Ed and his. As Brent was not a little bit with this I'm not really shot because. You know francs a senior he's the player of the year that it would knows. 84 person. Is saying that they will put the ball it just me which basically means. That fielding inquiries. And guess that means is proven I mean really he said the as the age he has the experience. He has proven and and I don't think Purdue necessarily has guys that matchup. With frank. But against Michigan and its origin those players they've got they've got guards that are probably more athletic. Aid and can probably two more things than frank KN. Not to say freaking go get his numbers but I think it's harder there's not a player in the term. That can defeat in just sticks. Not just may miss shots but there's not a player that just will evident in its own defense. And. Tell me that's who the ball's got to go to Ed you brought he brought up here a year to do we talk bizarrely. Like I think. Chances. Would be would have beaten TCU. Was just Jackson and I had right Mason and I think he means that but if frank Mason were the one set out the TCU game in just. I think that they beat TCU because he means so much war he means so much to the team in deep fits. And it eased their shot blocker he's. He's sometimes. These are second best rebounder. If he's just a match up not hear that no one has an answer for. And I just linked in that spot on I've got I just think Kansas that is best. We saw yesterday. He led the team has scored it 23 he took the most out rate had a good lord gave head when he had several us this. Dovonte set. And Reggie from Anaheim brought this up earlier he's he's just a really good. Basketball player and has a really good basketball IQ that he makes the right decision. And for prisoner 816 it's a critical player one with twelve minutes left yes. It's the only time they felt reps in the game. Like. Michigan State is goes on a crazy goes on in a long run Kansas is really. This is how games can change did you watch. They're the best game of the week it Purdue Iowa State. Produce that 22. Iowa State count they're coming they're coming. Ed AM they got it to within one possession. And Kayla slotting in big east wanna into its own it deal with who will talk about for the week. They went out to the ball in the post he went and made a play. And that was the biggest play of the game up to that point. Now Kansas went on with the games but when he they blew out so that was the most critical play of the day. So no one wins one on one as percent but what about you know. Somebody like Michigan go to zone or some as the hours and patient do. They may but still he is he is really good results. He's the best passer on the team I believe. And he's 68. 215. He's a tough property its duty he'd go bad etiquette that is if you watch the yes they can finish with our yet. Bet dunk he had Abbie is as easy for instant. Liking it is he. At the end of the shot clock he got the ball with three seconds on the shot clock outside the three point line two dribbles and duct. I pick that is yes it out and I owe it to break. But Doug Gottlieb has us it is early Doug Gottlieb works for CBS sports. He said this estate's added that week he said look the only the big major difference between Kansas this year and last year. Is that they have up Perot. Like a real world. And that's going to be different and that's what got east would be to take note coming up next we get into. Another topic that really took off for us I think boring baseball and I think it's the most boring sport to. Is baseball I think they have a really good chance to take advantage. The climate of sports management. In studio sixty and Sports Radio. Yes this is. Sports today. It. The NBA. When I. Oh daddy just hit a three to two run off. It's it's gonna bring about the red sauce. What is it what is it and Robbins racing kind of thing. I love my dad's then Perry bought the jump ball visited three years about what seed they're realizing this. You see a pay any red zone that. Yeah lots in his old loves outlets that I was just about to say. Brand that it what you watch it well it's I can't wait to get home. Sit to check out Oklahoma City Golden State because. Arthur do you like watching your videotape of and doing I do have to finish what's the second half Purdue Ohio State but. I was gonna say man I can't wait to get on the last this. Because you know Durant not playing he's hurt and actually might be competitive game and Russ is going to go crazy. And the last time. Or are Russ and now. It's death were really critical of each other's talking trash we flipped it on a comeback kid as a jump ball situation and next thing you know. There is it shoving match between runs its staff headed straight by agreeing cubs dating shows the body Victor elude people. And that's oh. The AAR genius is we're just about talk about boring baseball. Create it may you want to watch two teams that are not even in the same level of this is there in terms of being good. Ever make any terrorist. I know without the ring it. Up to. Golden State's up to a they just getting word out there but I. I watched every second of this second ad budget it's instant because something might happen. This is what happens to your league when its interests what's. So. Thought they did is make immediate. Colin is going to have to watch Oklahoma sideline. These two. At any hits it is created takes. I definitely think Kurd zone. It's just a typical local home rust might come out of rust might tumble in triumph and without during their down point one speaker it's. That's like. Boy feel like if you call it Twitter right now it is blowing up. On Twitter other people are gonna slide over to tee it now to watch it's it's it's what he. People don't even watch Red Sox yankees. You don't get into the game. There's probably six Golden State is glee to beat that. Out of him. But because of the extra yeah. It real people weren't going bets about. I'll be laying it. I know. And trade Henri he has written by green I've never seen a player or at least it did his rod. In race the villain role. He gets. It right I'm. It it is all I'm a fan it's as if he was in the WW week in bits and bits big message it is going to be he'll. And easiest embraced Ella. He got righted is Russia's space. It's thought. Nick I've stressed. Gaza that's all you really you do and it did break it up before against illicit Chris Childs who did punch him coat. And a be degree why why. Moment in Dodgers as it does have the edge of Charles Oakley did you dragged down in the stated earlier these year. This is all this this is fantastic. What I've been off the lakes saint president that it can't count her head does take earlier it and things like this more and more make. Like the Golden State Warriors were what the most likable teams. Ever they want 73 games were bowling every one let's of people I think the majority of people liked. They are really becoming. A team that people. Like stiff curry somehow forgot what his size stick. I gobble and it would step started listening. Like family members who thinks that what you do. I can start was get this what you do all he knows treatment can look at rape. He's he's in between all the other players with one yet I know he wants all the it and he gets to how how dole and runs with this is. Of I love the three in the business as far as it takes up the rubs it. He wanted to run of Teresi gave the double bird. At facilities. What sorry that he's happy because to me that rate. It's it's definitely on going to be on as well pretty. Going to breaking news now. I doing annually to what I did tees because this is this is perfect. Like say I outweighs baseball have lowered its. I took me I act I go back to the best is rough nickel drew were for the Rangers when he lets those entities that like baseball CP. A bad flips. But that stupid idea there's royals in team in the dug outs I know now as we did. People talked about they they are a year they turned Dawson the villain for that they shouldn't race. I know drive dies it's. Basin of embrace. Like they they should head and but a baseball tries to push it day. And L one of the world's. Only reason they come out of the Bhutto's return about the next. One. But the big incited a bigger deal but the big thing with that is that like that was during that great run. Like the royals were like forced take when they were having the fights with the likes. Because. Like that touted provost of builds. It goes to Olmert when I was gonna bring go with the tea. Is. I think baseball has a real chance right now with the climate O sports right now. The climate of sports is I think many people are really really getting tired. The mixture of politics that we Douglas the bitterly that people are really getting tired. And I certainly believe. That the one thing if you would if I would describe baseball tee into I think a national. Standpoint and media viewers. Baseball is reliable a lot of people have a hard time paying union. Whether attending or watching the sport now around here we won't give them a lot because of how popular the royals. There was a time that wasn't that long. We have some rough crash. TV reason why we're in the TV deal worry. Putt. With that being sit baseball being very pouring in on a lot of people enjoy staying in and gain I think actually worked wizard and as that's it made the NBA in the NFL. They've all pretty strong with the politics. It every time you turn your hearing. And I think baseball with their boring nature could really do set to take it. Could really do something to say hate. All right and we're not going to be talking about a house that stuff. Our players I be talking about others. Players aren't going to be telling you who they should vote for who he should vote for. We're not going to be campaigning with people. What are going to be like not even our front office people were not be doing it we're concentrating on. All of the fees. And the war in nature of baseball I think could be very refreshing to people. He has until he's there were allowed we saw politics and earlier the politics really drove the way from football at times so once it. I think people really got tired. Every week. I'd you know achieved similar to do is at the falcons or the other seals that is this so many people going to take heat. Like before the game of the National Anthem became such a big deal. That I feel like I think a lot of at sports fans retired what I would say to those bands whose brutal game. But I think I think a lot of that would argue they saw a lot of gains. Bye guys I mean I mean it's best if I'm. Everett Ahmed every home game for the trees and it's not spectacle even on the visitors' side. And eat you hardly notices much and so. Yeah but they're they're people who you get this people who are protesting in the in the crap out. And sitting down we've seen lots of things where they're bid melee started because a guy would stand up and asked him in the crowd. I think they're just I think we're getting getting to a point where their Latin we're just over. And just want to watch it and ask. That lord LeBron I don't hear. I don't need to CU that they're campaigning with Hillary. I've read the play. You know that lord pollen. I get up you need whatever we do that we get it right hearing once exports or escape from the real world. A lot in port of that now I want to get my you read where you speak idol let's get confused. A muzzle on I love. Our business and I love these guys they'll feel free to come out and speak. Their minds about. I love. I love it I love a lot. And that is that the people are people and these people have EDS like we did you talk about it they just have a bigger stage to talk about. It is so helpful part is I mean I am also itself to. What I mean I'm not even see this it's of people that are. In the space. What I ads they've because. They're people too they have the right to have an opinion like we do. But they have a bigger you know stage two to expressive from. And it's really if they did your did annoyed with people being politicized or whatever it's because you're. You know going all in on on what they're saying you know take take it for what it is and. But I could see how ever the people in Denver elect okay John only really. Now you're getting into it writing letters on behalf of people with the Supreme Court. Look at Dallas Mark Cuban the owner mayock you're coming out. On trump I know we expect is you put my eyes. Honesty her. Gregg Popovich and better every week mentioning something baseball. Wears you down it's it's hit us and I think it does baseball. It's in their DNA had not do. Ike. You want your players to do more like it you think about over the last night at Hannibal years. Bryce Harper coming out on a state campaign about. Tried to make baseball fun again. Is the crazies out walk in real things that cheaper we just solve. Dexter Fowler. Outfielder for the cardinals. This his wife is up from the Middle East originally he said. I just think the band is on sports people. In Saint Louis went Amelie. And I did I just big baseball could really attract people we're just like. You know I've man. It it might be born for a few hours at least I don't have to watch. Wonder what kind of statement someone's going to make someone's gonna get a touchdown dance what are they gonna do what's that I have a right of the issue whether it'd be. A baseball man. You generally just get baseball. I come up on the other side the NCA re. Really took. It's not just the northwestern. But it's really put me in a bad place I think they need changes that's. Studio sixty in Sports Radio. Got it up and up. Twelve to fifteen minutes what she wanted sadly this week in the nation and he fits into the city is that. Six 30 since as we close every night which you watts which shows what did. Netflix what have you also hit over two hours Liverpool. And goats and sixth in Sports Radio scene on Twitter. Looks like there's coaches. We needed him between Bill Self joins the show tomorrow at 9:45 AM. On fiscal in the morning so check that out. We've got a couple pulls out. If you missed the first two hours Steve answer those with. And he in dipped numbers are there a grueling it dipped down to close the deal or Wales. Some pain and had you ever heard of them. I had not that. I'm Nina a man do a lot of production bounced a web sites. And I had X is the that we political polls acceptable for certain. To try and get out of work to build seat you're like is his pay and pitted. 30% since thumbs up sixty twos systems down. Is in the VIP treatment of securities. Also. He's not drinking which he says an entry event in Wales with a point and they when he led to set up here. He's drawn a three. It is well he's he's he's so little man I mean when it and he he has to be well few Beers shot done. Then he's an aggressive. Aggressive person beekeeper so again I don't look at risk. Of injuring Emerson. Supposedly holds all. Erik is as much as. And if you. But you know me and I don't you're all done but I know like put back problem. On two was. Still before. Even though I'm a bit alone and does little while yet but I'm an old. Old. It was a lesson. Well actually I had six Beers or last year and then my New Year's resolution was to start drinking more. But I have learned over the years I'd still be asked was. I Kendrick was. Bullets the last you really it's. With of the weekends back broad. It's us let's. Other failures like you stat three. Years it's. And it's sells about 12. This group of Westport I don't care how the hours I was drinking in bars and sales fifteens but that's out. WR Andre the Giant dismissal. I Andre the Giant step cricket tour. A couple of years steal game strong he came back. But it only it just. I stop drinking and that unity. Also I come out that's how we just talked about Annika does other poll do you think baseball's popularity key role in this country. By staying out of politics and away the NFL and NBA at. 68%. Say it will grow 60% note it's it's just too boring and 16%. Say we should hear from. Nile. Six his sports deck too boring too too. Boring baseball. Never dies. On your New Year's resolution was doctored or. Yes they're one of the field is via. Now we bonded for there's his seed you about it and I play keep all of it of you. Love reloaded it's about avail lobbed a busy busy. I get is real quick before we. For Asia as they note. Man outlets is really had no it is we did. One of the things that I was so excited about. One of the things I was so excited about it is yes it CAA tournament starting. And we got honorable way. Lines global playing for UCLA. Which lawns noble doesn't really matter what really matters is his dad log look for ball. Means he's going to be four sooner we get. As many days as we possibly can about or. At Iowa all I was so excited. To see what kind of what kind of basis he makes in the statins outlook or ball. How the years it out eight because of our policies like guy who would get so angry in the stands at his own did. That he would openly cuss out his kid from his seat in the hands as if his kid can hear him. I. Let all of our balls Ed. He would. And he started to make the statements of will pick up game 101 or a lot different. Did. Five on five basketball. So I would give down embed to adapt that to me let me know. That Lavar all has never ever let his kids win eighty kind of pick up. They're now he's never let that he's never allowed of the week I bet you they get close to game point he's filing the hell out of these. Our pitching low odds those driven to the lane and ended up in the grants when his dad has come in and laid him out. So I am pretty sure in the stands of Lodz they'll have like two turnovers in a row if they just panic Amaral Lavar ball is rough. Legally I rate it is why is it bears it sees this. They. Outlets outlets rating for the a's and I believe CBS at turner sports we're going out of their way to not. Talk about him or not she'll. I don't I was there. That that's made the circus circuit I know he was they. He's going to have a rights are now unfortunately. I don't think he's going. Is that this is how backwards the I don't think he's going to be at the gains that is played because apparently Thursday and Friday he's supposed to be. At. In LA. AT and doing the undisputed she'll skip and stand it instead of they being and it is worse that's going to have less he's taken up flights of the show is over but he's eight he's supposed to be there but. Like he would be a green. Like you he would eat as the and a camera. All over again I feel like there should be a camera on him. 24 hours the entire obviously it is. Rob Elliott their media so the entire obviously now there may be goes to both games that boasts it. I got I think. And it should be camera live Holtz because even if you need is a camera on the bar's gonna give you. Q what's to be pistol. Like he needs this. Etiquette they didn't talk about. Like it like Ernie Johnson Eva Eva put one up for Charles Barkley. And Charles did take the bait is start about global outlawed. At this be right now. Brandy got about thirty seconds making equipment was it not. Well my god we're out of the way I vote that in this out here because. I did because you don't hear what our ball. I mean c'mon quite frankly this guy is is absolutely clinically insane I wore on or. I know I probably cute guys you do studies that you look at the war if you look at what makes someone clinically insane. And you compared to know what are all behavior. Is clinically insane. I mean you let me tell you and it would when he's when he's. And I and I appreciate the call the take what he's there you know what he made. Jay big league got on line and look up pick Lawler grant website it considered buying. JE. Ink ink is this city was Hillary low bar ball has done it. So you can say he's sane but that's out of the is getting him in his its name out like. Is viewed it for today. Adds an undisputed for two days. Love Lawrence is auto hill just parents are not Texas parents are. Coming up what you want to text it was those who watch tonight. Many tickets X line this is this it's we diminished. In studio 610 Sports Radio. Some of the case that not live. There. You missed it Battlestar Galactica what commitment if you'll want to think. Indeed but it's too late to catch weight touched down at Super Bowl fly first class complain when people watch him aren't you actors. I'd like remake movies I am with you on your word for it. Mustn't we such. Hi my girls it's been up front so it bread roll. FAA. If they get and when the sirens I don't know if I could be let me. It works instincts. What a rather be feared or lump it. Even though. I want people to be afraid of how much they loved me. The local office of the you're absolutely love. Your. Please take notice won't keep it off. It is what he wants. What's it like she's sponsored by absolutely no one. Anything is that that's it's and 306 techs did what you lots it was shows lots and Netflix movies games whatever you. Watson and I. Texted right now Monday's heavy because he's in twos house or have you. Hit the rim get through it. I think it's come to the volume I think it's common through the summer is when this. Implement them trying to get on board or whatever Mena news is one of those shows I'd never caught on. Mainly because pays him and I like completed on Christmas Day it's okay. Here's here's the thing and I talked about this last week good list of early spurs. Episode. He kills on. It's tough to the opening Steve Avery and Mike why I wanted this bit and play it grabs you. What did it didn't like literally I was kind of still on the fence of the show and tell. The his little low security guard gave in the cup points. And that the and it's a few if it and humble make you an idea who I like the right. Is there that Kevin Spacey it is. It is terrific events Lester Burnham he won the Academy Award for American Beauty which is in the top five from the all time movies. And it's a lot of raw as seen from him or now the OC EC he equipment they go to opening speaker of the movies have in this gallery needs like. This. Hi my name is Lester Burnham that'd be. Master eighties that the highlight of it is it's let it run out of your own lifted. I. Good. 78 lives. Girl I'm dating wants me to watch this is us thoughts words. It's an analyst and anyone listens to this showed no lose I am a romantic comedy it hurts the future and yet it. So I had I've started this from the jump. But I have come in and a couple of episodes would not liked it pretty. Well written. Pretty good but it is almost no I like the way they did it. But like the way it. It'll take you a while to understand. What's going on in the show I don't wanna give it away. Play it's it's a really cool ID. Cold case of the three I cold case these what these shows. So I can't sit back it used to watch the shows at night to go to bidders that the it watch over and over is like murder mystery at least not yet those in the front of me and it has. Girl that you detected anything. He's on and it's no murder she wrote. But I mean it is pretty and it is pretty viewed. WDC Puerto Rico the Netherlands. So that is starting this week. The United States after beating Dominican Republic in a game was alive. They're there in LA they'll be playing. Japan a belief coming out. Oh yes that is that night. All hill yeah. Dave Chappelle has two specials on net earlier at a midnight yes beyond that. And so is it is even my evening think meat suit. I might net ended weaker than it did that. Two game dean at team monsoon season finale. Is denying that a bit what should be the C were to deal goes. What a group so what's putts keeping up with the artist and I'm not I. Don't this filthy should be Newton. Yes you know like we sit. House of cards is coming out. Last seen its use easy to accurately predict this. Is win for stranger things. I did meet acting. And a lot of people. Tell me it seems kind of Ares I wives watched it's likely this is that is here to meet minimum. I. Man. The man. Billions billions 316 showtime is so good I watched a watched that. It's one that I will and when I get goodness that. Because that is guess the medium happily. Tonight. Tomorrow Stephen sort of will find out how the concert and it ended he had surgery. Big bad red appreciates. Great tonight the re tool for two and so stoppers I'm not this week. Our. Studio sixty and Sports Radio.