03/16 - Greg McDermott Interview

Fescoe In The Morning
Friday, March 16th

We're joined by the HC of Creighton, Greg McDermott, prior to their tournament match up with K-State 


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We had a chance to catch up with Creighton head coach Gregg McDermott. As they're taking on K state today. The biggest story B Marcus Foster. We dove and that a lot with Greg McDermott. But first off. Mean Creighton is back in the tournaments of Greg McDermott how does that feel. You know or extremely excited I think anytime you start to take care. The first digital only conceivably turn it for granted it's kinda hang up political. It's it's our turn to unity on this you know especially that you have a lot of great teams left out in the it's you know we're thrilled thrilled to play and obviously you know directly challenge ahead of case stick. You mentioned a lot of good teams get left out of the NCAA tourney you guys obviously left the valley for the big east there are a lot of hurt feelings from valley folks about that. But how vital was that for your program to make that move in order to have more opportunities like these to make the turn. Well you know I think is as things have changed in college trust we'll take it was hit in the you look back at me was really important. That we made the move and analysts are our third NCAA tournament appearance and in five years. Since he's moved to the big east and you know obviously it opens doors from recruiting standpoint. In the and then just to national television exposure that comes with. Be part of a conference such as the big east has just been great for for Russia. You know on the recruiting front as well informed fan base cross country so it's been a terrific move for us obviously we have a long deep ties in Missouri Valley Conference a lot of good friends there. Something that probably had to happen. Drew you leading scorer Marcus Foster going up against his former team in the opening round against K state how big is a big how big the game is this for him. Well I'm sure wasn't the first choice for Marcus in terms of teams deployed. But you know he's he's got a good job mr. Perkins seems focused on the task at hand and obviously will be. A lot of questions I think when we get to Charlotte. From it and from Kansas State media and that's understandable one. You know Marcus is Marcus lamb what well you know he's certainly recognizes that that he made a lot of mistakes education date. We also learned a lot sold yen you know I'm really proud of the person in the player that he's become his middle lot of positive changes in his life. And is obviously really improved in the best wolf four's world. The same house he progressed in in a couple of years now on the programme there. He's been really good you know as he easiest current numbers this year and fuel percentage three point percentage. There's assist turnover ratio was bettors make it much better decisions with the basketball and has got his body in a place were needed to be at my pieces Truman's and leave. And he's been even go back to high school so you know Marcus has made the a lot of positive changes in his life and that's it's been fun to be part of. What you have to do is the coach this week with Marcus Foster to make sure he doesn't get you know carried away air caught up in the moment that is playing against a day school which he used to attend. You know he's student you can build the one thing is you know he's in the trickier coach's point three years old so it's not like your deal on an eighteen year old kid. You know Marcus understands that and obviously understand there's some there's a story there. But he's also really focused on trying to win the game and you know that's my job is to make sure that focus remains where it needs to be in and can be different form I don't think there's any question. But you know what's boggles the mayor and I think that'll blow out the window and then it's going to be two really good teams you know playing at a very competitive game. Talk we're Greg McDermott head coach for Creighton basketball here on 610 sports radio and six cents or stock common they just left you're no longer a mid major. But there's a lot of discussed this week about mid major teams knocking in a fair shake you do you think that's legitimate. I mean it's hard it's hard to say you know obviously I was a division two coaching not a mid major coach before. Before moved up to this blog also. I've been there done and I know that I feel they're paying it's very difficult to schedule. Level I'm I'm well aware of that. But you know every time that somebody. Comes into the turn he had attained somebody else out there and I and I can't imagine the job but the committee this year and then obviously my boss was the chair that committee. I'll let you know you looked at scholastic attention it is guaranteed to their just rewards a whole lot of difference. When you start to compare the numbers and then you try to watch a month settlement and with the artistic. It's very difficult to try to figure out which teams better because a relative is on. You know one given night one may have looked better than another nice it could be totally different teams so. It's it's very difficult decisions America what they do know is look my boss was passionate men and worked as hard as anyone. I can ever imagine on making sure that the he says he watched every team. And really studied the numbers in the end and you try to get that across the community the best you could. What was that like for you having your guy as the as the lead what dog who is you know selecting these teams we got a lot of talk about it it already. You know I'd I didn't haven't seen much and try your hand. If you're in the committee. You know during basketball season especially this time of year you know he has did not do not watch as well one big east tournament game you know just below one NCAA tournament. The game during the five years because of his commitment to their committee so. It's quite a commitment for a personal authority as a full time job that takes a lot of time. But Bruce truly dug his heels in and work extremely hard but you know we did not I think we talked on the phone maybe Tuesday when we go to New York City for the big east tournament. And I haven't talked to himself. Some would be gels your position having yet not having seen their Boston writers and I got worse in your mouth evaluation of reform. You have I I can't the skill on the roster it's made a nice impact the freshman out of Eudora Kansas in Mitchell ballot I'm guessing this is probably. Pretty big game for him facing age eighteen from his home state. Yeah we actually have total command from Kansas city's loan total blow walk on force was named first team academic all American yesterday. Is that fits your seeing yourself and that was a great job our program and obviously we're excited to have Mitchell this. He's he's been terrific especially the Sudanese. In the late part of this season we had running real good down with a knee injury kind of blustery regular season games and really we needed to win two of those elusive problem secure spot in the NCAA tournament and those are in the church and we have all when he gets a little run it was certainly instrumental in nine games so. He's made really really good strides he's got a bright future program just been a pleasure to coach. What's your favorite all time terminal until much. All I mean I think probably. It'll probably the first year. As you know. Pick a first time at Creighton com. She wouldn't want my son Douglas off more and you know it's still I remember taking kids or the NORTHERN IRELAND they were small and it conceivably turn and get out on the floor and and to actually have an opportunity cultures on an NCAA tournament game. Is something I'll never forget anything better than being able to coach kids back channel level. In whichever father would have the opportunity to do what I didn't end give no doubt. You know as a as a college coach we wish we miss a lot of work to do activities because of our job so for me to be able to be a practice every day and watch every practice and be part of every game and you know he he scored over 3000 points and I was on the sideline for every one of those those circles remembers little little lossless common. I think Doug and I would both tell you that it's while it was really really cool what was going on if you're so worried about the next game prepared for the next game you probably don't enjoy. These predators didn't step back and smelled the roses much you should do it now not that we're. We've been future moon for a from a it's it's been pretty cool to go back and talk about the most special times. Besides yourself be harder on him than you were everybody else. Certainly at times during you know he wanted to be treated like everyone else in. So he would treat me like this coach shouldn't and couldn't roles are that mean when I told to do something. Well. You know it was a it was a special time our lives on the studio and theater terrific girl college career was fun to be part of no doubt about how often do you think it talked to a Allen Watson played. You know we we texture thing you know. Right out every bit to close to a and you know talked a few times a week it's it's difficult during my season to get done watching Paula one watched a few times on New York. In the preceding got a few you know there was able to get billions have been dealt a couple weeks ago and noticed penetrated the malls and he walks our season's overall get done in terms of the traditional. Coach we appreciate your time best of luck god enough Friday against Kansas State and throughout the NCAA tournament we'll talk again soon I appreciate your. It's great head coach Craig McDermott your on on six and Sports Radio.