03/16 8a - Gregg McDermott, Bray to Bears, Commercial Free

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Friday, March 16th

We talk with Creighton HC Greg McDermott prior to their tournament game against K-State, Tyler Bray signs in Chicago plus we're commercial free as we talk tournament hoops, hear from Cuonzo & MPJ plus Duffy is named OD starter 


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There. Through. It polluters. It's back here. It's new here at 8 o'clock hour including your chance when fifty dollars smoke house barbecue coming up at 815. And you learn how to win it then. But we had a chance to catch up with Creighton head coach Gregg McDermott. As they're taking on K state today. The biggest story B Marcus Foster. We dove and that a lot with ray McDermott. But first off. Mean Creighton is back in the tournaments of Greg McDermott how does that feel. You know or extremely excited I think anytime you start taking it. The fact you're gonna be NCAA tournament for granted it's kinda hang up the whistle on it's it's our turn TNT and as you know especially this year there's a lot of great teams left out in the it's you know we're thrilled thrilled to play and obviously you're an American challenger had with K state. You mentioned a lot of good teams get left out of the NCAA tourney you guys obviously left the valley for the big east there were a lot of hurt feelings from valley folks about that. But how vital was that for your program to make that move in order to have more opportunities like these to make the turn. Well you know I think is as things have changed in college but look I think it was a and you look back at me was really important. That we made the move and you know this surge our third NCAA tournament appearance in in five years. Since we've moved to the big east and you know obviously it opens doors from a recruiting standpoint. Then introduced the national television exposure that comes with. Being part of a conference such as the big east has just been great for for us. You know on the recruiting front as well and for Fran based cross country so it's been a terrific move for ourselves and we have a long deep ties in Missouri Valley Conference a lot of good friends there. But it something that probably had to happen. Drew you leading scorer Marcus Foster going up against his former team in the opening round against K state how big is a big Al Bailey game is this for him. Well I'm sure wasn't the first choice for Marcus in terms of teams deployed. But you know he's he's got a good job mr. Perkins seems focused on the task at hand and obviously it will be. A lot of questions I think when we get to Charlotte. The different from Kansas State media and that's understandable and you know Marcus is Marcus liable well in. You know he's certainly recognizes that that he made a lot of mistakes education date. We also learned a lot sold yen you know I'm really proud of the person and player that he's becomes met a lot of positive changes in his life. And it obviously really improved in the best wolf four's world. This a house he progressed in in a couple years now on the program there. He's been really good analyses easiest current numbers this year and fuel percentage three point percentage. His assist to turnover ratio is better American much better decisions with the basketball and has got his body in a place were needed to be I think he's just Truman's and leave. And he's been even go back to high school so you know Marcus has made little a lot of positive changes in his life and it's it's been fun to be part of. What you have to do is the coach this week with Marcus Foster to make sure he doesn't get you know carried away air caught up in the moment that is playing against a a school which he used to attend. You know he's in the end though the one thing is you know he's in the streets here coach's point three years old so it's not like your deal on an eighteen year old kid. You know markets understand that and obviously understands there's there's stories there. But he's also really focused on trying to win the game and you know that's my job is to make sure that focus. Remains where it needs to be in and can be different form I don't think there is any question. But you know also boggles the mayor and I think that'll goes out the window and and that's to be two really good teams in a planet very competitive game. Talk Greg McDermott head coach for Creighton basketball here on 610 sports radio and six cents or stock common they has left you're no longer a mid major. But there's a lot of discussed this week about mid major teams knocking in a fair shake do you think that's legitimate. I mean it's hard it's hard to say you know obviously I was in a division two coaching not a mid major coach before. Before moved up to this level so. I've been there done and I don't know I feel their pain it's very difficult schedule at that level I'm I'm well aware that. But you know every time that somebody. Comes into the turn he had attained somebody else out there and I and I can't imagine job but the committee this year and then obviously my boss was the chair that committee. I'll let you know you looked at the lustig content it is guaranteed to their just rewards a whole lot of difference. When you started compare the numbers and then you try to watch a month's settlement and with the artistic. It's very difficult to try to figure out which teams better because relativism. You know one given night one may have looked better than other night it could be totally different teams so. It's it's a very difficult decision to make what they do know is that my boss was passionate men and worked as hard as anyone. I can ever imagine on making sure that the he says he watched every team. And really studied the numbers and then didn't you try to get that across the community the best he could. What was that like for you having your guy as the as the lead what dog who is you know selecting these teams we got a lot of talk about it it already. You know I had I didn't and seeing much in five year plan yeah that's as if you're in the committee. You know during basketball season especially this time a year you know he is he's not. He's not watch as well one big east tournament game you know to split one NCAA tournament and gain during the five years because of his commitment to the committee so. It's quite a commitment firm personal authority as a fulltime job that takes all the time. That Bruce virtually delegates who haven't worked extremely hard but you know we did not I think we talked on the phone maybe Tuesday when we go to New York City for the big east tournament. And I haven't talked to himself. Some would be jolts your position having did not happen sooner Boston writers that I got words in your mouth evaluation of reform. You have my I Kansas kid on the roster it's made a nice impact the freshman out of Eudora Kansas in Mitchell ballot I'm guessing this is probably a pretty big game for him facing age eighteen from his home state. Yeah we actually have total command from Kansas city's loan total slow walk on force was named first team academic all American yesterday. It's as if it's your seniors sold 101000. Gingrich governor program and obviously we're excited to have Mitchell this. He's he's been terrific especially the Sudanese. In the late part of the season we had Ronnie real good down with an injury time and there's little blustery regular season games and really we needed to win to those who is probably secure spot in the NCAA tournament and those are distressed from the at the home when he gets through Nolan it will certainly instrumental in nine games so he's made really really good strides he's got a bright future program has just been a pleasure to coach. What's your favorite all time terminal until such. All I mean I think probably. He'll probably the first year. As you know. At our first time at Creighton com. Shift wouldn't want my son Douglas Baltimore and you know it's still I remember taking the kids or you're NORTHERN IRELAND they were small and these are conceivably turn can be found on the floor and then to actually have an opportunity cultures on an NCAA tournament game. That's something I'll never forget anything better than being able to coach you just accidental level. In whichever father would have the opportunity to do what I didn't end you know dot. You know as a as a college coach we wish we miss a lot of our kids activities because of Georgia so for me to be able to be a practice every. Every day and watch every practice and be part of every game and you know he he scored over 3000 points and I was on the sideline for every one of those those are still remembers little little lossless common. I think Doug and I would both tell you that it's what was really really cool what was going on. You know you're so worried about the next game prepared for the next game you probably don't enjoy. These predators didn't step back and smelled the roses much should that not another world a better future and four from and it's it's been pretty cool to go back and talk about a little special talks. Besides yourself being harder on him than you were everybody else. Certainly at times you know he wanted to be treated like everyone else and so he would treat me like this coach shouldn't and couldn't roll slowed knew when I told to do something. Well. You know it was a it was a special time our lives on the studio and theater terrific girl college career it was fun to be part of no doubt about it how often do you think it talk to him now and watch him play. You know we we texture you know. Right not every bit the clothes to look and you know talked a few times a week it's it's difficult during my season to get down watchable one watched a few times on New York. In the preceding got a few games so there was able to get to him have been Dell's a couple of weeks ago and noticed the entry into the malls and walks our season's overall get done an interest in traditional. Coach we appreciate your time best of luck on Friday against Kansas State and throughout the NCAA tournament will talk again soon. Appreciate guess. It's great head coach Craig McDermott here on on assistance force ready. Busted out of your bracket yeah many you probably are because very few percentage of people have a perfect bracket going right now be silly playing along at. Five hour energy brackets dot com why. Because the cool part is you'll be able to change your picks as tournament games are going effect that a notification yesterday hey you might wanna switch out of that. Rhode Island Oklahoma game you might wanna switch out that Seton Hall game and oh yeah. I got the reminder notification today. Oh Arizona's out of your bracket you may wanna switch moving forward Y can with five hour energy brackets dot com those Smart picks for the tournament worth more to their two. Different leader boards. One with deep return it in one of these switched picks are still trying to play check it out. Fun way to play five hour energy brackets dot com and if you're like me probably a little pick me up this morning after watching all those games. That's why use five hour energy nearly as much caffeine is a capital leading premium coffee. Packed with vitamins and nutrients zero sugar just four calories get back to a 100% drinking and second you'll feel the minutes and last for hours five hour energy. Last night LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers took on the Portland blazers in Portland. And while they lost LeBron James had a monster dunk that you've probably seen if you've been anywhere on the Internet or on sports center today you have seen that dog plenty of times it shows that are awesome it was awesome I got acute memory and it does what Lou for like half hour and read the earlier urine Jordan's failures and that's the best you've ever since currency. Yeah that that's the that's LeBron James physically is probably the most gifted athlete we've ever seen in history of time meaning out there today whether Bo Jackson when you can make an argument between the two. But six cash stock and even better than that dog LeBron James was being heckled by fans and Portland turned a free throw us a video that. Oh. His knee. LeBron responded. I thought I. That is fantastic. Caleb A-Rod aware it is Kai Marie okay based on Hollis the Cleveland Cavaliers are playing it's very clear they needed carrier. Like that was indeed. For them that was an it luxury players there sitting here now twelve games out of first place in the east currently foresee. In the playoffs and so is Oklahoma City in the west. We think about that Oklahoma City. That's always rips because Russell Russell Westbrook here we're in games press puts up numbers betray young in the NBA who bears the fourth seed in the west. The cavaliers with LeBron James the fourth seed in the east. Yeah LeBron James is he's got a he's got him by himself like carrier ivory was that sick ivory was a big I think a much bigger part of that team then. Fans wanted to believe you I still pumping in the NBA you know you can lead a squad all by yourself and Russell Westbrook as clear help down he just doesn't work and others I mean he doesn't play well sandbox you know when you were asked play. Also processed although I understand backpack. The foresee in the better conference EE two does not play well and others. Every every time he constantly gets guys he constantly they give him help they give them help they give him help and their mediocre basketball team. You were Russell Westbrook is trying to. Will be awesome if you BC get him on the phone for an interview. Probably but really not pick your chance with fifty dollars to smoke house barbecue all you have to do is learn how to risked it further brisket. Now. I did not get the worst day Barbeque beef ribs yeah escaped yeah. Game won't improve your mood improves. By the way we have some news at the NFL I wouldn't call breaking news this is news that she spans we'll be interest it NN. First though it's yet to risk it for the brisket the way this works is you could win fifty dollars to smoke house barbecue all you have to do is list of best goes prediction for the weekend at. And then on Monday at 815 this exact time. Calling us and then tell us what fest goes prediction was anything got it right if you can do that mean you win fifty dollars spoke out barbecue. Let's go what's the predictions are right the prediction is this there will be at least one. Number one seed not advancing to the round of sixteen in the NCAA men's basketball championship. That's good that's a prediction. The number one will fall to three number one will fault this week you have an of one fallen this weekend like in your bracket. Obviously had that one go and they are guys that when villain there and had no opinion on that now I don't know I have Virginia losing in the sweet sixteen to Arizona that it happened in the so I've got. Number one seed number one seed will fall and will not make it into the round of sixteen so the warm up before one seeds playing. When the sweet sixteen starts next week. At various sites throughout the united states of these America. So if you can remember that prediction find out whether or not vesco got it right or wrong then called back in 815 on Monday. And you win fifty dollars to smoke housework and that'll take care your family ate their family of 42 weeks ago under fifty bucks you're gonna take intently at the dinner and I have to come pocket at all if your kids fight over the beams like mine did he considered a success because they are the best beans ever. Little bit of NFL news I constantly get. Tweets we see the tax line about Tyler bray and why aren't you still have calibrate what they don't because other raise a free agent and he just signed with Matt Nagy in the Chicago Bears yes he is off to Chicago Matt Nagy has taken Chase Daniel. He is now taking Tyler bray he's stealing all of our backup quarterbacks up there in the Chicago and stand these so press did he didn't play with these guys those guys that was a Skype deal with Pakistan and so stands he is not into it I just got the oil of them right. Eyes opulent while anybody who went to Iowa right now so. Obsess the end he's not into loved me but but now I don't think he did he did not like you know on top rated the payers. Thank god I was really worried they might bring him back. Sell well or other rays out there and we need somebody. You mean like it comes down to we have two quarterbacks we need a third Tyler bray knows the office right why I think it the it's in an overtime it was a little bit later on we muscles picking up right now you know. Chase Daniel was the guy that they wanted in free agency to be either backup quarterback you know and Andy they made him asylum offer of like three million dollars from when I've been told. And chase was coming back to Kansas City and and again Matt Nagy getting involved with the quarterback situation. Calls Chase Daniel and does a bro will give you five million dollars to come up here to Chicago. And such a set of qualities ago. I got five million to go to Chicago the tees are like OK man it's two million dollars more man your business and I did go ahead go to Chicago and aunt and do your thing. We all would do that of course you know we gave you some of the that between five and three million dollar Tebow isn't back if it's huge difference you got to take that money and pay and and you know you want a mock Tyler braille you wanna. Anybody else made 3.2 million the last five years I have I have not made that cannibalize good life is really good lies fairway yeah and it's going to be. Terrible kind of go and be like I like a coach a you don't have to be cool you're you're the third string quarterback and I think that's trying to do in Chicago from from the impression that I get just by watching these moves that they did making. Is there they're trying to really reestablish it in offense up their like they had here and I know Matt being the quarterback coach here and they've been the offensive coordinator here and now the head coach in Chicago. You go look at what you've. Done what you had success doing and in what are the keys to having a young quarterback like the Mitchell Drabinsky. And it is having a veteran guy in that room who understands the offense who gets it who could be that mentor to him and that's why they went down page Chase Daniel five million dollars they think that is money well spent for them. To develop their young quarterback he saw how he worked here with Alex obviously they know what he can bring to the table. And they thought that was a very valuable spend on their behalf because. They've got so much invested admits to risky back as got to have success and he was at but number three overall pick and they've got to make sure he has success they've got a great coach in Matt Nagy they've got a good offensive guy up there in in Brad Childress you know working with him. But you also need that you're married to war. And Chase Daniel I they always have said for you know. He's the perfect hero mentor in the NFL he understands what his role is he gets what he's they're to do he's not gonna challenge to biz key for the starting job up there he wouldn't have challenged obviously pat homes here for the starting job. Seeing how did you one of those guys it there. And that's the chiefs are looking to do now I think would bring an end Chad Henne last night. They're gonna do everything they can't he's now their number one target you know there's nobody else on that list from what I've been told. Penny is now their number one target to be the back up here in Q and city. Here's the thing. I saw what Tyler bray did and we seventy as the chiefs I don't care he's the eighth string quarterback I don't want him anywhere near my franchise but I saw what he did in game against Denver he went out there and he made Holmes come off the spotlight big date is for him at all. It actually kinda helps a third of the legend of Patrick a home more than anything because they gave the ball caps and good decade you're dot org or get let let time ago when their finish this thing. Eddie immediately bubbles it'd picked up a return for touchdown. Instantly disaster they had to go to homes like hey I know is that you were done but. The county to get back in there go win this that well in India asking to go about Tyler bray is again. You bring him and he he's been here five years would make the right note those the system understands what he's supposed to do. And Robiskie can look at back tango. He is not. A challenge to take my job because that's the other thing you want to make sure your young quarterback knows we've got your back and what do you mean anybody in here to compete with you'd be a starter. We're bringing in backup quarterbacks to help make you better help you understand the offense sooner. Because they he's offense is the same offense that we saw with in the Greek right it's the exact same deal. And how they take Alex the massive I think five year prayers for Sawyer so you got a coach you got an assistant coach and you got two quarterbacks and understand the system to work with their young quarterback. To try to speed up the learning curve that's why you're still all Williams. Ports though guys. That that five million dollars on a mentor is in a good investment you don't like us I was okay and I got. I got a hundred grand for like coach beat the other coaches your bio five million dollars to. Mentor quarterback but no we ought to put a good guy in a room that's that India but I'd peer mentor for somebody a job. Toward its if you don't do that. And mixed Robiskie fails right how much normally don't worry I mean it's it's an investment to make sure does this guy has six fascinating now and that this accessed but distillate back on the chiefs will have him as we've been saying that that was their god be the back of the -- alms but in the bear swoop in game five million as opposed of the three million that the jays game. Jess when 1000 dollars coming up at 830 also. It was a close one yesterday in the NCAA tournament but I think people are overreacting. And that just one game. We'll explain to kick off our commercial free half hour next. It's about another thirty days. Text the word if drank. I'll be doing Natalie later in the CIA. Are high and K dragged. None of saves and 27281. That's 72881. You could be the thousand dollar cash winner in the national contest 610 Sports Radio the only Sports Radio station against the city. Giving you a chance of up to 121000 dollars each weekday. Your next chance to win coming up at 930 complete rules that extent sports. Dot com or street real injury. A little bit during in the great players and maybe. You know save at all for tomorrow. What's Mara. Saturday. Saint Patrick's Day. I was asked today. Yeah last Saturday was peddling let's say that was arrested Patrick's day to get a soccer practice is about things going on tomorrow morning so I don't know it's not what it's clearly don't aren't an. And I and so arms are now I think nine or 10 AM are you dying your hair green or anything like that now on that that do and then we're starting work and hands you know where do my cat my greens frankly champion today teacher you do we were works of art are you gonna be that jackass who goes around starts pinching people who are wearing green and now the case. And it was June Aron is don't like what do. We hear enough about people somebody else not wearing what you want to win our people do that all of them financially. At saint tactics today that's all. It's amber at Friday sometimes sometimes you would demand an appetizer it's Friday because I get up at 4 AM and I grabbed the first thing I find it exactly what happened experience I go to bed at T shirt tonight before and usually that's the T shirt that walking to work where it becomes more talk more. So that's where Brad trial the die right act I forbid he do get mad about that dale and income people get up to take showers they go to work at 8 o'clock in it's totally different game ball game our dressing in the dark even know that I have a green shirt to be honest with TD eight I don't know if I haven't. A green pressure as the look at it cause I get home all I do you don't have a I have bad debt that those Jersey I could Wear tomorrow tour of what's that guy's name is Disneyland and it deals this year the bill Fisher pitching you got a bill Fisher say they patio heaters gas ice thanks. That's equality Mecca that is a good taken out right that I was react as they Kareem or the it was a Kremer to run roasters that we saw yesterday. I'm at the at the winning streaks of terrorism medals will be zoo drawn resolution Rogers or Kareem Rush but I I do have the bill Fisher green saint -- agency ticket balance expelled maybe address on cell. They Wear that make it soccer practice tomorrow. We can enjoy watching Kay you on Saint Patrick's Day is they take on eight seed Seton Hall because Kansas was able to I guess escape. I am the bill calling his gait they covered the spread escaped big spring got a little bit. It's so funny because they we have this perception of one vs sixteen Wear off York dominating by 25 halftime did you you are quite good enough betray people spread you beat the spread you dominated that's that's the reality of the sixteen and one game you be if you win if you win against the spread. You dominated the basketball game. Best that I. A lot stepping to for a hole in there I feel like everybody freaking out over Kansas and those in the first round is still hilarious today even if it was close at halftime. Because we're out here it's halftime. Yeah I don't think anybody necessarily is freaking out over sixteen point win I think people are looking at the first ten minutes a decade ago boy that was not a good good start having kids just did seem out of sorts and they always do. In these first round and that's where literally matter. Early and they were terrible they were not hit shots they were driving in the lane to mr. lay ups and you know they were just not good they were not in sync in the first ten minutes a night game. And they went on that like 22 to five run or whatever was a close out the first half. And re able to get the lead going into halftime and they were able to obviously stretch out that lead in and ultimately win by sixteen points and it and it turned into a while. But that's against the sixteen seeded hand basketball squad worked Kansas really had a fight back to win that game. They cannot dig themselves a ten point hole tomorrow at 610. When they take on C all you do is just the big yourself. A hole that is that deep now as the tournament progresses. Pete has teams are going to be better and I don't know they'll just the can't mess around that first game accurately can they work you can kind of sleepwalking through this and that and then. Reclaim but bill was not. Nearly gone all the time now moving on UEE that's not a Smart play it's not a Smart play at all and they're good that somebody else but Dovonte step up and score some. Points in the first half though it felt like they were feeling some things out tries it dope got four minutes in there a leader in need him in there it looked like you are trying to. It passed a few things out as the and it instantly terror play. I understand going that route. And then the second half he come out is. Tarmac at Kansas right in my had a couple threes here in there to keep themselves in the game for a little while but eventually beat them by sixteen to beat the spread and your Kansas in their pen in the world keeps spinning. Right but but I just don't think you can judge the future of Kansas basketball in the term it based on what they did yesterday and how they were able to fight back against Penn because it would if you get down against ten against New Mexico State or Auburn Michigan State duke or somebody like that later determined. The chances of you coming back probably not good and and and even getting yourself in a ten point deficit. I need somebody to step up the beat that number to score Gerald stick with fourteen was the next closest score isn't Dovonte Graham's 29. Yesterday okay would Gerald pick their second leading scorer. Didn't even have half as many points. As their number one score did yesterday for most basketball teams that is the case well but not for one seed who's gonna have finals at duke and Michigan State you've got to have somebody come to play alongside of you and and that's the way it's beetle here I mean we've been talking about the body Graham I said and after an exhibition game boy if he doesn't score 25. They're not gonna win these games and so Dovonte Graham. You have to hold he never has an off night and you have the right at somebody comes along side for the for the ride. And score some buckets as well Jerrells fourteen obviously. Got she got a little bit beat any more than that is this term it progresses in his term and extends out when you get you know to the what we're facing tougher teams. The bunt they Graham is not going to be able to carry you through the entire term I don't think now maybe he does come back and in this climate bites me in the past. But I just don't think having one guy having to score 25 to thirty points a game is the way you want to win NCAA tournament games because back I could all the legal cold. I think the font taking sports 25 to thirty. He has every game I really think he hash it just it he books. Sense I wanna say mid February. He's looked unstoppable he had 29 points on 24 shots though to. Then today he's not efficient even give you give me shots that's how work we want for your offense the one guy who's also who also happens to be a score he's not going to have a high percentage of buckets he's not gonna miss light for this thing. He's going to go out and issues men's suit he's he has super efficient. Yeah as a three point shot yesterday was was bad for for the jayhawks and again they live and die by the three yesterday they shot 41% from beyond the arc that's bad shooting percentage of Italy that's a good. But you know the Monte it was just a rebate. He was just the rebate shooting at three point fairways FEMA Kyle Luke was two or three Vick was two for mean you had some guy sounds pretty good I checked that those two those two guys short I don't need to not think Google's rebate against Michigan State. Well contain discuss the NCAA tournament 855 we got an AK state in Missouri. They'll do actually move that mormons are your console market coming up in five minutes but. The raiders signed Jordy Nelson and putt Michael Crabtree talked today and what was a very interesting moved us out a stunner. The Michael Crabtree is gonna stick around and Oakland it's in my thirty problems there at least. But they bring in Jordy Nelson and I have a hard time actually getting worried about sorting Nelson is coming off of a Yury wasn't very good after an injury you leans on his speed. Pretty significantly. And after a lower body injury that he doesn't appear to be coming back 100% from. Than he's gonna lose a lot of what makes him good football and this is the reality. Meanwhile Michael Crabtree he was a touchdown machine for the raiders last year I'm a little bit shocked. They cut Michael Crabtree. And heads to sign Jordy Nelson it feels like you could be able to even trade Michael Crabtree for something I I'm thinking and this is just me guessing. Jordy Nelson probably brings a better attitude to that organization and Michael Crabtree margaritas were six and ten this year I vineyard. Cutting you guys that trade him in a situation where you could actually just trade. Every got peanuts for Marcus Peterson may be the word is out on Crabtree too easy cancer in the locker room and and nobody I don't know I'm just speculating as to why he was released atop my job on him. I've only visiting Michael Crabtree where the emergency half right you're fighting what Aqib Talib and immunity mr. ripped off and things like that so. Maybe that's just a guy who. Some people I forget who said this it may have been date and some people are energy givers and some people are energy takers it seems like Michael Crabtree is an energy taker and and and the raiders may be better Ross. By having a Galley Jordy Nelson in there than having you dialing Michael Crabtree and maybe that's the way they view because. They decided to make them look essentially that was a that was a trade yesterday they traded Crabtree for Jordy Nelson but yet they just cut Michael Crabtree so there's a reason why. You cut Michael Crabtree could probably because he's a jackass and a lot of morale that ought. Only two NFL players have putt eight touchdown passes or more. In each of the past three seasons. Antonio brown and Michael Crabtree and those were all just against the chiefs. Well like it sure is oh well. I'm a little bit shocked I'll think that she's go after Crabtree they seem set on office under the right that in order to spend more money that you don't really have to build up your wide receiver corps that seems like it's already stacked so. Wide receivers that go out the free agency whether extorting Elsinore Michael Crabtree and advocates for the chiefs to sign them because I advocated for the chief decides it walk ins and they did. So that's not gonna be happy I'm still the surprise that Michael Crabtree was cut. And and Bob what agency. Crabtree thirty. Yeah I mean you he he started that magic that magic number retirement on the weekend wasn't a banged up a lot last year to write about it every trooper who was Bangalore I missed a couple of games but if the offense while he was suspended again and the offense wasn't all that productive last year you got a pretty healthy coach she got to do you know kind of lease on life out there if you're an Oakland. And Mike I appreciate you look at the numbers and allow the what do you do and look what he's done. I think we're seeing more and more now with these organizations they really don't care if you were somebody that they don't want around. They're reading and if they feel like Jordan not helping the team from both on the field and off the field there. Adopt and how you are helping them on the field though because we've seen it yeah Al three times with Starwood markets Peter right. And the Michael Bennet the reports coming out obviously that in their coaches called a pain in the ass right why they were treated him in a Michael Crabtree who. Maybe he's a pain I don't know I don't know a lot about what Michael Crabtree does behind the scenes that bothers people rubs people the wrong way in the raiders' organization. I would be shocked. If jogging route got there was like. Like this guy is really messed with my style or set being quarterbacking goes what happened last year why you guys but he is light Crabtree is not come at a meeting OK fine he's got odd. I'm just speculating that because. Guys don't get hot. Normally in the NFL they still think they can get value out of you right. So they don't think for what ever reason it is they believe that they can still get value out of Michael Crabtree and that's why they let go. I'm Missouri takes on a Florida State today in the first round of the NCAA tournament also Marten. Was talking with our own carriage and Harrison of the drive. Here on six and sports radio and a lot different discussion but. Let's start with Michael Porter junior. And if Collins it was a worried that MP GA has lost a little bit of bounce. Listen word that you see now part of a bigger here. In the lives loves you it might give blood flowing and that 34 traffic was brought incredible that thirty Sunday. He will be a better approach more from mountain would use right now. Just because you go to a restaurant and they'll practice gain speed ball so good what are your goal right now is truly feel a little while there's. The reliable like gifts in the allowable by the get to where need to get through that only gives you Butterworth intruders tied game. Also Barton. He's now worried about I guess out of that was one of those where he sounded worried me more anybody knows worries inserted talking to generalization you feel a lot better be played in more games he's been getting some great practice time and yes yes. Is like yet a figures to come something's out of games well. You don't have that kind of time anymore to him that well there's a time every single nomination so a year year year to the point where you whenever you can get out of Michael Porter junior the better but it Porter says he's what sixty to 70% or lower was yeah. Then don't you need your. He think how much of your stuff you're running through him because like he took seventeen shots in the only game he's played in and Larry I don't I don't blame him. And when the coaching staff like if he's not ready to be a go to guy don't make him a goatee guy's turn it because. That's what you thought it was going to be when he walked in and on on day number one it's not like you meet Michael Porter junior to be your coach you've got look you've accomplished without. It's double its Herman has an eight seed it. Without Michael Porter junior probably all you need in the first game play is for him to be Jordan Barnett. Like Philly and you're bar that's right pick up the Jordan Barnett slack for game. And then see how you can make that evolved as you keep going that's a big loss for this Missouri team that I don't think people are really looking at enough. This agency guys bring that up because scared to Harrison and cons of Martin did discuss how do you replace. Jordan Barnett. Well you don't work. You do you have Michael Ford Fusion should not that hard to replace it because now you're border there's route you plug Mikey he'll reporters. You also called so that's another guy you have more. Facilitator of that with a look to a paltry gain of that would call me presidential you don't have they're so you don't replace it because there's a guy could make shouted shoot 40% from. Three at a high level. The six certainly we've got to you don't replace it. The possibility. We built in situation before and know what a lot of them. We can't control just keep close to move forward to let the placebo. Alonzo Mourning the loss about it is that you can just plug Michael Porter junior for Jordan Barnett and like okay. Try to give us close to what drew a mark that gave us even if you aren't quite that healthy in advance that that's the the thing right there like easier console and I love what he's done this year and I became a fan after reading the story SI did about a and all the back stuff. But you're asking a kid who's barely played this year and I know he's got this great hype around him. But you're asking him to basically come in and be your second leading scorer. When he's played one game this year one game and what Jordan Barnet does it what Michael Porter junior do. They're two different players I mean you just can't say go out there and beat the guy who was our second leading scorer this year I think that's it a tough task to ask a guy. Who doesn't really still had a sea legs underneath I'm gonna ask him or. Allowed him to be try to be more than that in the only game they played which is kind of dangerous right now is very dangerous and so that's lacking right now your your. Asking a lot out of Michael Porter junior you're asking him essentially policy to be the savior. But if he doesn't have a good night tonight if if Michael Porter is another five of seventeen type of performance tonight against Florida State. There is no Sunday for Missouri there is no other opportunity for Michael Porter junior there's another opportunity to give Jordan Barnett back so. I just I think you look at everybody else everybody has to elevate their game with Jordan Barnett. In Kansas now moves come on here in our commercial every half hour on sixth and Sports Radio. It's the royals coming up in just a few minutes but Kansas is looking to potentially pass a bill to allow gambling in the state same with Missouri. There's a number of states going this route it's been pushed quite a bit. By the NBA and Major League Baseball the fell off as very notable. State on the sidelines during this push to try to create more legalized gambling across the United States of America when it comes to sports. The problem with the idea was always we don't wanna have a everywhere because then professional sports team you have corruption and just facilities that corruption that was like so 1920. Yes. Now we have. What you call the information superhighway. This this world wide web that I read about some time as the newspaper. You have this thing that basically means people can gambling were they want to. And if somebody really wants to impact game try to corrupt that they came the players make too much money to have anybody try to corrupt game you're not gonna make more money officer bookie that you are from your check. Sometimes. I think there's I think there's a a balanced there was not always just about the money. About and it needs. Again maybe it's just that I've seen committee movement videos somebody if they were videos and play they have various editors substance happened at. And I got to do is others of the boards is gonna happen then Zealand grouse that is my football practice carrying that's the let's see that's the worry and I understand that worry from from the government but if they can and just try to regulate it. For the love everything totally tax. Yeah because you're a lot. Of money being thrown around right now on and during the NCAA eternal ideas there's talk about ten billion dollars we wager during this tournament only 300 million of the ten billion. Will be wagered legally right which is like what 3%. Only per million will be taxed to benefit the rest of America for all of our gambling habit so 3% of the money gambled during the instantly turn it will actually be taxed. Which is amazing like that's. That's a problem if you can have all ten billion of that tax that helps that helps the economy helps the government helps everything cuts down on your individual taxes because they're able to tax the gamblers. Everybody's seen lately wins in that scenario and that's the Major League Baseball the NBA are pushing so hard in states like Kansas. Missouri well is it for the NFL to knock it out let some deals carried water does Tony don't be in if the past is great everybody wins if you don't have to get involved that's even better Leo somebody else can Fonda. You know the lobbyists and all the things that are trying to get this passed and the one and kansas' is interesting because it's gonna be allowed to force state owned casinos which Kansas Hollywood casino would be one of them there for casinos that are run by the lottery in Kansas when Wichita when a Dodge City and one somewhere else. And so there it'll be legal at those casinos but there's also talk of allowing it with a in the state of Kansas so if you're in the state of Kansas. You can make those wagers on the app that is available New Jersey has that app for casinos if you're in the state of New Jersey you could use the app and gamble. Played blackjack on your phone if you want to see the casinos and the other apps so that's a pretty cool thing. That they would have as well. But I'm I'm looking at the sports gambling thing right now as the next you know wave of legalize marijuana in this country and it's it's basically states are now trying to get out ahead of what's going to ultimately happen. And it's going to be legal everywhere but you want to be on the ground or you wanna give him early because if you're not in early on something like this. But you're just along for the ride you're not gonna make as much money so I appreciate Kansas and Missouri trying to get in on the bottom floor of this one but they have to come to some kind of understanding. As long as things are being discussed and to peca. And Jefferson City I have no faith in them because they're too many ignorant people that have been elected to office in every state the United States that look at things the wrong way and what the way looking at legalize gambling is the same way of looking at legalize marijuana if you're not interested in it don't worry about because it doesn't concern you. What it does is it makes money for your state and it helps you broke ass state. Get some money back into its coffers but other throughout take it from you would have taken from me out yeah I did and if I'm gonna gamble that I did it take for me but for vets choice best voice has done taken out of your chair right side it's not coming out of my paycheck it's not coming out of my property taxes. These states continually. Trying to find ways to tax us. Without looking at ways to get more tax money coming in that is an untapped resource and the way ice in oddities. The state that I live in Kansas State you live in Missouri maybe. The state better not raised any kind of income tax any kind of property tax any kind of sales tax in till they maxed out every way possible to generate revenue and legalize marijuana legalized sports gambling are two ways to generate. Money that you don't have to go back to your citizens and and tax the hell out of so legalize these two things and make the border. On your citizens are a lot less than past debate this is free money. I'm willing to put some money down how the economy. And Matt Stone out sure and imagine a sports at a sports lounge. And weigh in here is that the you can actually Campbell lack. Or spore sounds odd casino that you can actually it's going to be great to have a sports book these places write it you will mean Sundays you wouldn't be able to find a spot. All of a sudden from 200 harris' sports book. A lot of money doing that. I didn't think about it at the tax money man that's that's what it is for me. I'm just hired a nice and so all of our property tax and a sales tax about my bite me the tax went up. But you're not legalizing marijuana or sports book betting why. Why continue to tax the people were horror every day. For more money when these two avenues that is free cash and who. I am 1000 slam or with a eight and that's why I go to these these things it's a peak and I don't know if this follows the morals of our state of here's the thing man it's happening anyway. Like that's that's the reality by the like we just brought up the NCAA tournament. Ten billion dollars will be gamble on the instantly turn as clear cut 300 million will be gambled legally. You're only taxing 3%. Of the money gambled on the NCAA tournament. You realize how much you could do. With 100%. Of ten billion dollars being tax instead of just 3% 300 mil I I saw a number the other day the first six months of legalize marijuana in Nevada. Brought in thirty million dollars in tax dollars. Yeah I I. 100% believe that was there the first month that it was. I was there's a lot in first month that it was legalized and it blinds were just around the block I mean it's it's crazy so obviously Kansas is again a big get it don't matter to get in there and you wish you look at what what what what if he had just made an extra ten million dollars in six months. It's free cash that's ten million dollars on your bottom team that's one million dollars or not taken from you right. But he's August at a rough number. I mean it it it's foolish anybody who's against these two things just drives me insane in should be impeached. Will royals news here report it to the big story of Bubba starling will be shut down from baseball aggregate relays with an open week injury according to Jeffrey Flanagan and and LB dot com you can hear right here on 610 Sports Radio. They'll be for about a month and I think people are starting to come around to the reality that Bubba starling and we'll probably never become a legitimate big league player of the way that many people expected him to at the very least. At 25 years old going on 26. You probably start to call my boss. Great top five pick. To produce nothing at the big league level by 26 years old. I think I think the word boss is the way only when you use I do hey I do you hate calling people boss I'd just choose this. And I guy he's not part he's not part of my royals plan view. Now right to these top five pick yeah it has ever got his big league level he's I don't understand yeah I know not part of plan. I'm I'm saying at the nicer way yes yes Alice Keyser is I can't find another word that fits the definition yeah yeah I I just wouldn't at least I don't foresee him being part of the the roles feature which is disappointing a year hate to have those kind of misses. That high in the draft I wanted to see Cal's or rather rotation I wanna see Bubba starling playing center field. I think it it's right now at this point in time you're starting to turn over and find that next group. And guys are. Answers to that next group that's a problem in the term bust is very very very very very delicate to use because you don't have long used that. It's into 2011 its 2008 email. Using sniff and it is what it is a countdown. Story. Big story. Out it was a regular salad I wouldn't say anything. Well that does sound days. Played today in the NCAA turning Kansas State taking on Creighton a 55050. Be here right here on 610 Sports Radio. They're Missouri on our sister station news radio 980 taking on the border states and see if he hit. We had on Craig's head coach Gregg McDermott earlier today here on six than sports really checked out the best go in the morning podcasts extends force dot com. And as far as Missouri goes everybody's wondering. What's gonna happen what's that all encore for Michael Porter junior who shot seventeen times. Coming back from an injury and and asked how healthy is Michael Porter junior had this to set. I knew Korean I was so about 6570. Lesson to come back this from an injury news host this. And got some sort of program and I wanted to elevate goes so goes the ball doesn't go all the way there yet so or are these cases. And them have to do what I can do to help we'll go over overs are you. Michael Porter junior only 65 to 70%. Just. He's gonna take him time to come back in right now if I'm Missouri I look at him as an afterthought as a role player and make sure he knows his role in the game plan. They just because it looks a little bit open you doesn't mean you should be dry port. 657%. If you're feeling better today at like 25 shots. Yeah an effort to have a best that's a good to hear him on the sale of only 65% well that might sit down it's realistic securities it's it's very realistic and I gala. I'd get I would liken them to factor that into their game plan. Don't overdo it on him he's not not ready for a show that that in the conference tournament they they ran. For they allow him to be. Too much of a shot taker that first game yeah. They did and and they didn't win that game where your only your only your only body of work is. He shot the most shots of a team in the last game at sixty to 70% of his health and he didn't win any day in ways that don't overdo it. He can't overdo it and and you can't rely too much on Wednesday that loss in Saint Louis was a benefit and a blessing for a blast saying. For the tigers because you could look at that go okay we preferred to Michael Porter junior we stood around and watched him shoot. That wasn't the best course of action we all got to be in this together. Michael Porter junior is not the name on the front of the Jersey is the name on his back of the Jersey and there's four other dudes that are out here at the same time. We all got to be in this together if Missouri is going to win if Missouri is going to advance on. The next round of the NCAA tournament. On a Kansas State taking on Creighton it's going to be that kind of revenge ish game depended on who listened to with Marcus Foster now playing for Creighton. The former K state wildcats who gains for any dominating offensive presence. And Bruce Weber. On this show said that he's probably gotten better defense theory doesn't know for sure by. I called animal side shot than most. Boo with K state and Creighton it's going to be one that everybody's watching because of the Marcus foster's story line and it. Webber wins out of that might have a chance against a Virginia team that is without one of their star player and only the bigger story is the way sure I mean. The Marcus Foster part if he's he's gonna play. Holly if you really well I can contain him gather it's a valid question but if they don't have dean way. Your trouble yes absolutely needs a game time decision with that foot so he would like to play but just not sure I'm not sure how positive sounded yesterday. When Naia. When he was speaking to the media itself. But they don't have game later got a problem and this is in Kansas City can't hold out for a couple of games and just give next week this is it for the season and so I think if you can play. You've got to go out there and give this guy. That's a big story here on the commercial free half hour. Do it every day 839 here on 610 Sports Radio. Specter is an idea for the NCAA tournament. And it. With Kansas just I mean people say they stock buy or escape dependent penned by sixteen who will tell you when they're going to play tomorrow. In two minutes.