03/13 - Welch Freaks Out When He Learns About the Watkins Signing

Fescoe In The Morning
Tuesday, March 13th

Sammy Watkins signs with the Chiefs during the middle of a segment; Welch goes insane! 


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Yeah it's part of it is set. The selection process started to gain a lot of controversy because of teams that are upset that they warn it and it happens pretty much every year. But the fact that they did things differently this season with all the watcher when is it weighted quadrant over whatever else it's caused a little bit more controversy in the exclusion of Saint Mary's has upset quite a few people because it shows that it's doubly so selection committee. Is taking some some aim it at the mid majors that nobody's going to play during and on time make you a little bit tougher. For mid majors to make the tournament as at large bits and that's don't have very different solutions as to how to fix this problem. That's on here is this story viewers. I was reading an article yesterday in the sporting news about the Saint Mary's situation in the saga that is Saint Mary's and how they got left out of the NCAA tournament and you'll you'll look at their I think their street the schedule was like 257 and they were too would one of those quadrant one games and they made their money playing a bunch of teams that nobody's ever heard of before and and and I understand they were upset USC was upset about it as well self. I was reading through this yesterday on what. We do here are we going make this. I don't use the term more equitable because quite honestly the into the big east Saint Mary's is in the Michigan and not a do or anything like that it's freaking marries that nobody really ever heard of except Josh. Who happen to catch the Saint Mary's can sagging game Bob that's why you like Knight yeah what's that game all the criteria some very nicely done by you OK so you were a couple of other you know seem heads like you know I don't rosty that are out there watching bank bank. Okay compromise candy well roster wasn't watching act. And we got the baby was it something about this late date they released these teams right one through 68 they tell you who's the number one who's number 68. And what we've seen over the course of time in in in really over the years. With would already on the ESPN side of being in Jerry pom on the CBS side of thing and having palms a lot better than minority. But they always say they fuel the last four are in in the NCAA tournament so what I want them to do now is have the NCAA. Do one of these deals where they announced who the last sport teams all our. Al. It's too loud Sammy Watkins to the chiefs how about that no way is about 16 or go their way per year over three years for Ian Rappaport how about that. Sammy hawks in this oh my god he's. You're very happy. You have a massive erection that's though. Bill said it's outlawed that anybody says they lock nicely done. The top free agent wide receiver according to Ian Rapoport. Go it achieves three year deal all. It achieves a play inside Sammy watney tees build her. That's a massive contract right there hasn't bigs who way to go as it is that's how you help your young quarterback Patrick behold I. Did think duds like Texas tactic the state Powell again and have the weapons to be successful I. Is all that's right now you have Tyreke bill. If he had said it Watkins on the outside yet Corey hut last year's rushing title holder running back up your skills it targeted. Wall. It's a lot of airbag wow. Duck and so it's for the chiefs that's it up as bad now. I understood the feds might not be very good and we might not see as many wins as we like to see Kansas City this year. Word is he one hell of an offense baby like Leo the handles of the losses we drop it 35 McCain giving your job. Rookie for a giants quarterback and the ball back. Yeah yeah and let him. Golan that arsenal of weapons. That monster is about weapons. You're getting Patrick Holmes the ability to be successful. That's the big thing how times. In the NFL too we see a quarterback drafted high but you trade at the tenor what you get first overall draft him high and the quarterback comes and he has nothing to work. You are giving him any thing and often times disease franchises hand the keys over these quarterbacks who say. Go make magic happen to good use up that we don't care or does it take whoever we give you. And then they fail. Every city they're going to the quarter like everybody do it would Alex Smith over the last couple Lee's style it's exactly what does that mean you start making everything about it it's ridiculous Alex Smith that I said he had nobody throw two no weapons deck Jack and socks he did it I mean to Gerri Gerri back did not Sasha over a thousand receive UR Jeremy Maclin was it on that team that was before Travis calcium words and a half past drowning draft policy point I mean Sosa who we you can see here is excited now that Holmes got weapons but meanwhile two years ago three years ago retirement announcement not having enough weapons. Nobody wanted to hear he's supposed to go out there and win by himself and now let's around our I would weapons so he gets better know. No yes which is what we've been saying for years whether it was. Smith there Trent Green whoever was I mean they're begging for a wide receiver this organization since 1980 when Marty shot and walked in the door to help their quarterbacks out they aren't legal their investing in the wide receivers and weapons. To make their quarterback. I don't know all have success it's amazing when the lights. Finally goes on upstairs and an organization ago you know what we need some weapons to make our quarterback candidate they tell damper on just fine the last time get a lot of receivers big day yeah its efforts to see guys' credit. By the way Jerry Mac side is five year. Five year 55 million dollar contract that she's walking getting three years sixteen million dollars sixty million to hole sixteenth. Well balanced of their sixteen million per year over sixty million per yes 60 million more a year for 483. Years that they were playing the same category because is not as long term but back and making obviously over what big eleven or twelve million per. He's sixty million per only further he's younger hasn't even been Jeremy Matt wasn't the timer remain about the same about the same maybe one year difference like when I Tony and I feel like Sammy Watkins is the child as I feel like Assad is that like it's not like me they brought Jerry Maclin and it was some kind of all this is no big deal signed it was big it was the number one free agent what he just clear and it Clinton but that that's where they that's really kind of ended and and they didn't really go out and really go out go overboard I have to tell I I think Sammy watt we passed it commodity and Tyreke it was going to be I I think right now you're looking that was Sammy Watkins. Is is ominous steel line from Josh he's a luxury right now he's your Ben Zobrist for the Kansas City Chiefs and that's a great thing that's not a bad that's a great thing had the ability. To go out and at a luxury and I like the fact they're finally taking my advice and giving their quarterback weapons. To have success because if you don't surround your quarterback take credit for so I am. If you if you don't give your quarterback what is it you keep your quarterback options they're not gonna have success and number eighty and for whatever reason it is what Tom Brady. He can figure things out and give it all done night Tom Brady's a masterful magician nobody else is Tom Brady. So you need to give your quarterback weapons and especially with the defense they have out there the fact that this is a three year signing is really good. Not necessarily do it for big issue that should be your feet way you played together for a year and then boom in 2019 hopefully 20/20. That you can really hit the ground running on all things when you're ready to contend again and ready to BA player in the NFL again. They you can really get the ground running because as great as Sammy Watkins is that is why who's gonna stop this team on all things now. They still got to find a way to go out their makes plays on defense and the defense is an up to par to go out there contend for a championship right now offensively they'll be ready to rock and roll this is a nice soft and I. I don't wanna debate. His thing about Jerry Maclin who had better numbers than sandy lot yes it is coming at. Better career numbers coming and he was a better wide receiver at the time when he came in from the justice yeah or what they saw they never gave him many weapons and that's being. That they had etc. okay that had Jeremy Maclin they didn't have the tide and a league elevates the level he was at that time they didn't have a Kareem at the back nearly shares held at nab I can yell is guys some hurdles have been Travis just three years now. Right guys have mature. But they didn't have those guys the first couple years and Alex Smith was here whenever we say Alex has got a lot Witten gauge you can't win games that weapons in the teaser showing you that. By going in getting Sammy Watkins.