03/13 - Terez Paylor Interview

Fescoe In The Morning
Tuesday, March 13th

We're joined by Chiefs Insider Terez Paylor following the Sammy Watkins & Anthony Hitchens signings 


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Perez let's start with Sammy Watkins. What's your initial reaction. So that she should go well. Go. In America if you. Think look at old and blocking. It or you're able. I know a lot of issues with injuries that your. Well this year. If you wanna quit it means year. Old players at the history of injuries. You could do it and go to their two young players or leave it in one direction later. We'll update on the phone user base pay as you get so he's mature. You know. More importantly. It's not like you are injured he's going to be on you and you won't be your. OK you know stick one Wharton. Long armed with the war weary. Send a lot. Look at it man. I. Back home with. It quickly are now. You. Oh and you. See. Go one. And you've got. You've got a read on. All that we saw the big actor now that it it. He played should be back on. We ought. The rug while you were great city great grade lot. If you bought. It would be that you outlined in a better one better. So you know. They're there with you on the chair of the problem. Is it is also kind of an indictment of war they are on defense though to Dre is going to get this weapon and say all right we're gonna win this year we're going to be competitive this year we're gonna ask the win 4544. I don't know who sent them but that is a partner at. A bit about it. You'll see that. What. They like to feel like well. You know if you want the picnic. And the key to give it holds everything they can. That's what they need the entire reason that can be great passers almost there now they're trying to make sure that they did. This is really like the first time you know ever that they Kansas City Chiefs are going out and getting true weapons across the board. For their quarterback Aaron ever talk to a former coach said and 89 we are begging for wide receivers in this was in 2002001. When we were having this conversation because we've been begging for those wide receivers ever since. It seems like now the Kansas City Chiefs are getting it like you can't just relying your quarterback to go out there and win games. Like a lot of folks think you have to surround him by weapons what do you think was that kind of I'll pop moment if you will for for this organization where they said you know what we need more weapons regardless of how good we think we are from weapons standpoint. Able they would double trees out there. Like okay. Yeah did he would be and what we're open to spotlight. You really. Want. To put that money user enters the patent their big players that are. Entry got it geared metered market count it will be great pat on the ball. Well I think the I think that on the problem is. I don't see that that really kind of kept their way. You know it did. Now linemen or where they're like I'm a light. And I UConn. I think it was a Tuesday its new partner but there have been no war in like you know. You don't that they cannot be. How badly gap in big that you would not say what you. It is about one Su is going to be very anti war. I think the admin. You play hotline at one opera that we do you he could be movies you'd. The most appeared. You know he definitely. The report. What in the well I consider. That don't know. Typical pay that guy is gonna command and more importantly. I don't know warning that the importance org wants and what can work a problem in the field of 181. Oh. You know and that would be your product you go to help me. The one that got pregnant has a lot about the enemy. You mentioned at the beginning of that and suture is about the the quarterbacks in and giving the you know trading Alex with the realize we gotta get pat homes everything we tend to make him successful. Why didn't they do that when Alex with a realize that without Smith. Yeah well. They gave him. That negate now. You know good tight end the problem woes. You know your object and I am okay. For me what about one at Emory. Well Allen made the team in ballots. Bet they were that I economy network and that that make the right like the ball well out. And at your airport activity minute rate the game to. That they're there I tried it out your. Equipment. The real reason you G. Right yeah yeah wave wall electorate would try to yeah and notably currently do it but. What happened. I think that we are. That in the years you. Can't they will but it's like yeah great he figured yeah. Yet back went and track and I've got to where. He's. Well. Well we'll keep what you mystery at all. And he's gonna vote on it and it or waited. In my opinion that. What ever they settled with your order now. And develop the entire. You know. So did their their bank in London at that long route three you know not all they bought them all. And he's. The people you've covered he didn't mean you know broken out between the two. High fat and now he's the one that you have to machine get out of pot out anybody would. Torres Taylor the Kansas City Star chiefs insider joining us today hitches deal year reported five years approximately nine million per pretty big. Pretty big deal pretty big commitment to that two kitchens in the middle. They. The I think it is that guy. In the day you know what it once but. In the outline that. They're idiotic ones it. App that you that you would. I think the point of view. I'm anyway. Because when you won every month to what was that partners that. Every team would do. Well you've got to be true. And now I'm. And he. You've got one you know and I'd go in and I'd bet that are now. Let it keep. It. Two we now on it like leaders that your. I think that it would. Be kept in one. Way. Well you know I'm not. Somebody could one called it an opinion why they're made their pain in the lot. By five years and then the year you get paid a lot from that lie and it played right. And if she's at target but not right now. That important to them. They. Wanted to know. You guys that are coming up here is that it. Later well that would give the ball out. Why can't. We oh. He will be 21. When he not really critical block in. 08. At one. So we help a lot like the weird year it's the line. I've been strictly. You know and it. Project war. When knocked. Okay capable guy that I am way. So that I would that would dare. You come in play. Guy. We now I'm back one Covert might make the Ratliff and the debate with bill in the paint a lot of money. Not that you'd be or when you'll you guys you'll little network view. There and he warned it would. To register as wall more for you it's it's it's a big breaking news morning in the NFL. As a little more breaking news just came down Drew Brees has signed with the New Orleans Saints if why he's fifty million dollar two year deal with that in the news sued 45 mill her and a it's 127. Million dollars guaranteed for Drew Brees and Albert Wilson as we told you read reports reds came on a side of the Miami Dolphins at three years 24 million dollars a very nice payday for our rules and he's going to make eight times what he made a year ago. Torres what are your thoughts on Albert. The well then good football where in the slot receiver in the white alternate. I think that you. I think you could sit and gotten going to be become like in Miami lot deeper what they need they destroyed them that you arguably. It charter plane went right here. The front nine the money come my way. And Albert but really it all that they yet. He'll go all the media. At the quake are all Vietnamese. The U. And what is it yet outlet that one war. We gave me over the years. There in outlook happ. Or rather do that. Could watch and laid out side I mean well two way. And now now you all you know. It this year in. What we want. The guys YouTube more and you can do it because you've got this young quarterback cheap but now. Three years I've real quick tour as your thoughts on case Keenan in Denver. All. That idiot in the what that are McCall played. On and there right. Let the Big Three years ago right there verdict terrorize you get you guys that swagger of quell the field. I am actively you know they're here at oh. Wait to go on your your Kubiak on Peyton Manning on a key completed on that happen. Von Miller and have prepared. Like a lot of it is that he Matta to move rejection that you know seagate wars where the ball so. Numbers should not you insurgencies. Like right now. You worry bow charters it means to littler bigger than that it was probable division unit in that same thing. In Oakland a little bit too. You know look. Did not hear he achieved the necessary work Denver mom and honestly. You know. I've known figure wild eyed boy you know there are other teams in the division that are quote Muster let while it yet me.