03/13 - Rob Dauster Breaks Down the West Region

Fescoe In The Morning
Tuesday, March 13th

Sleepers, stars and who comes out of the West region plus what to expect from MPJ 


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Everybody gets robbed Oster. College basketball talk joined us at 815. Every day throughout the week here on six and read your different region if you wanna win your bracket you better be listening we start with the west region today Robin who's the player to watch out list. Well for partner put Michael order juniors that conversation. I think you let's talk about tree called blue as he here I'm not sure there is the guy I think in the that are that. Who averaged twelve he wants the forceful into the parliament and you can into the bomb or I think that curse back. He's a terrific basketball court can be good probably don't those two guys. While blue in crisp back a bit on that due to at least you'd leave. Wow that's S that's as big time so when you look at I guess they begin in zag and you have. Quite a few other big to need big name teams like North Carolina is there a surprise team out of there you look at Providence sir. I'm maybe even a Missouri or Florida State to make any kind of run. I think that probably by BP to get some people some trouble just because I bought. YouTube because it gives some on the economy. Unbelievable what Gordon Taiwan quote what we want people locked arms and her ex senator has hired. Like seventeen different called on the roster and been suspended or injured Arsov. And I don't know are going to be able to handle these really good ball pretty legal or other. I think he might be able to give a little bit of trouble should North Carolina as well but also urban blight. This region in tropical state overall our street McCall who are. Tropical state. As before being. All wheel or in. And the vulgar remark. It restore the current NBA player and what I'll be the conscience or 2% or you and average home folk or cardboard what do you do. They don't keep the over the spectacle are they don't curveball over an ecological cartridge and you could do all wore those things that your call or we'll Fox's. That you all are indeed more Cinderella. And they also have the normal heartbeat if I mean he's probably you are. Yeah in the park or look what they wouldn't game. Do they get extra points for unique nickname. Are yet figured there'd always felt especially when you have both the wall directional me of course the new Jack rabbit. Greg in there their bodyguard marked on immigrant beaten dominant. Now younger guy at all what all the boxes Berkshire. I do like the dominated that is pretty good robbed Oster college basketball talk with a C Iran's extend Sports Radio quite let's talk Missouri man what a hello we exposed to expect out of the Missouri Tigers in the sky and this NCAA championship. How that's when humility than I. I don't know part of me says it was probably commodity bring our quarterback just for the SEC earlier that he didn't change the heat over the part of me says. You have Michael Ford junior you bring him back no matter what people it is. On his feet and make people count on the roster. So wolf you will happen I do think it beat because we get little bit strong Ormsby. Partial for the group apps what we could be the reason they're in the truck and that aren't. It could live with 2.0 win over North Carolina one point oh win over quantity and that's about it I don't. Over the years scenario would be built in being built or yet go over here so we bear that in. Number Burton can't get the word and there are. But wolf he's been our wall will hurt Michael or would you do something just because he's so elegant and I think its or while people who. He's been doing he can be led to I don't know could have gotten pretty. Well let's say Missouri does go on some kind of run that beat Florida State men. We see Michael Porter junior start to have that ability take games over like we expect and they upset Xavier. Does Missouri then go and into the sweet sixteen become one of the most dangerous teams in this tournament and one that could make me a magical run. Yeah and they certainly are because I think Michael Porter junior and on off of all of our country. And Alec Morton back we're. We at least that's on the ward eat places that seemed probable won't be the best player. Everybody's going to know there's nothing you can do well and whenever you have got like that I would make a lot of note is part of the reason that. I just you quit your resolve our. As a final four under the national title contender is he your dream does he say OK Pete McCoy was a move people up they're up. And Bert character and at least he's at ponds we know just I equal level. Go warm flawed we looked okay how do you. OP it Michael Porter of those that can't step up and oh yeah he's playing that we didn't even closer toward the left in the bit I mean are probably you know zero possibility is that what happened from local mortgage. But I do think that opened that is. In the rubble possibility that he covered a muscle cuts or we'll this or make that call will be brought you follow for rob BC coming out the last. I go to gold will hit North Carolina just because. What were you need one be more under green agriculture's. I think that Joseph Greer has been through everything he could expect it I'll hopefully go through it but if you're going to give me. Of course cyclical play and what are its speed boost battle. I think come after hard that says. They eat your exact here. Which again in North Carolina if if you want to meet you bet on the eagles' fourteen but people that money. It's the war let you know I mean John Beilein will be the permanent. They're really the burden here at Michigan I think does that get more you they have so when you get what you guys. They don't realize ours in Europe are what they thought if there that. All order seems a paper able to make it. Or Alter it. I'll probably take more care a lot. Tomorrow we'll take a look at the always are the south region with rob DOS are here on 610 Sports Radio than Thursday before the games tip we'll take a look at the east regions crop duster college basketball talk on and the C.