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Tuesday, March 13th

What's Up Welch plus all the news and information you need from Sammy Watkins & Anthony Hitchens 


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She's cool out there are well she's handsome. Season saw her. Box Welch is also a little bit streaky but you know we're doing really we've. What's strange about comparing Sammy Watkins LeBron James has Mickey's. It brought it does for edition of what that while there. Pressure that's bullets bounce that's in the morning on my twelfth with Bob that's coach Josh clinger and producers David Spector. Obviously with Sammy walk and being signed by the Kansas City Chiefs 33 year or six million dollar deal. The deck coming down at 6:15. This morning kind of blew everything up but. It does play and do what we were going to discuss here which is LeBron James and all the hype surrounding his free agency coming up this summer. The season isn't over yet like. Imagine if we are talking about Sammy Watkins potentially coming to the chiefs. Back in November that's what this would be like and for the MBA they've made their offseason matter even more than their regular season. Right that's always become in the NBA across the board maybe it's because they have 82 games or whatever. Like that I like it creates its own entity where you get really hyped up for it. When it happens I understand the billboards are going up in Philadelphia Los Angeles everybody wants LeBron James it's a different sport and everything else. The dates level I have today for Sammy Watkins. Tells me why the NFL dominates everybody because they're rushing freeagent covered right now. And you have LeBron James Tiger Woods the NCAA tournament all on the news. Why the NFL does such a good job holding their chords in a right tell that moment that week where everything erupts. And then they slam the carts down under today yet he's willing to support because they. Two days worth of tampering ahead of time for Israel which is it insane for Israel tampering in the NFL gets it but. I think what we're seeing though in sports is a trend morsel tooth. To the drama of the off the field stuff in the actual gains at least in the other sports Els once a week sixteen days a year that's only get a sixteen days a year OK so you enjoyed those sixteen days. And then he got all the offseason got the drama baseball basketball there every single day get port of that kind of stuff. And it's more interest and talk about speculation of what could happen and what's actually. Yeah I am way more excited today about Sammy Watkins and it will be like. Opening day yeah right I'll be outside of I don't ever scale like a big deal this is this is this great abs all potential why I told Welch before the show us and you know Thursday is gonna come the games are going to be here for college basketball we have more fun talking about our bracket that we do actually watching the games passing out of plays and when it comes through LeBron. I I do like all the talk. Yeah I would be mad about Cleveland fans a Cleveland fan now like pace summits like I let us finish our season first forty mess and our god and I think I think the rest of it is. It is intriguing. If but it Cleveland was like a sickly it was the seventh seed right now on the east. OK I understand because what what's there to talk about LeBron James isn't going to be NBA finals they're going to be ascendancy in the playoffs course to free agency absolutely. You're expected to cavaliers to be in the NBA finals right expect in the while the same time while he's deciding the next as far as sectors destination right if I do. That's to me should be like the focus of everybody but it's not it's becoming LeBron James separated from Cleveland and we're in March we like that's an easy to meet their separate ways from Cleveland like he's item part of the team that he's part of this it's like a free agent tour. That is already beginning and all these teams that what and whether it's Philadelphia Los Angeles or whomever. They're sitting back watching LeBron James like off. Wonder if he's gonna play for our team they're carried at the Cleveland Cavaliers I don't. The strong way to do business through the NBA but it's clearly where this thing has gravitated toward invesco I think you're right it asked to do with 82 games of the season. You're not gonna overreact to one winner while law now in the NFL ball but a one loss is ever. And how how does how does the NBA rectify this go out to the seems like and this is a media driven thing it does anything well so how does the NBA go and put the brakes on this thing went. When everybody is asking you know everybody outside of those locker rooms and outside the floor is asking. Wondering LeBron president next you don't care rates on Il I think parity is tied to help you make the regular season more entertaining when you don't have four teams that we all think could possibly go to the NBA well Thursday in the other 226 teams are pointless this year to go through last year rough the four man to. But anyway I think. I think if you're the NBA you don't want to stop this because it's people talking about your league regardless of what they're discussing at least your league is getting the attention. And mlb.com figured out today here we are two weeks ago before the start of the regular season. And their top story today was who could be free agent suitors for Bryce Harper at the end of the year. This season hasn't even started looking at the NBA which is very similar to what they are a season its wait too long with a way to many games. And what do we do to create interest in May June and July were in the dog days that kind of stuff. We're gonna talk free agency were gonna get it started sooner because that's what people people that talk about the unknown and speculation what could happen this could happen back about it. I just think that's the that's the trend in sports right now. We've gone full soap opera it is finally happens you want to like designing women has been on the air for forty years Susan Lucci in the hourglass of time let me beat these things that lasts for ever. Because people get caught up in the story lines that. Are no more that gets you here on what's up well before we get back the chiefs and their big signs of the day. This story is a little bit out there but it's coming from Marist College did you guys ever stay in the dorms when you were in college I did have not been up it was it was awful. And it. Oh in the dorms they try to find ways to get everybody together with the RIA and talk about the things and issues or are you with freshman in college when the thought he had with any of those ice I don't know anybody to infineon does America's colleges stepping out with safe sex bingo. What's come plays in safe sex bingo and grab some problems all of us that are also there will be moments. The result from the brochure got to give out free through the decades ago or anything are absolutely so caught over in let's talk go out states. Talk about now and all are. It's not even Bob would think that's funny dog looking into right now I'm it's deplorable. Well let's. I'd go about saves if you are currently Palestinian and you live in a dorm I sympathize I empathize I went through it. It's not fun for anybody. And you who you know it's worse for though to give cuddle slack suit and I was out of cut this person a little more slack. Your RA. They have to do these things so they can have their free room and board it's the train harder today part of the day gala that the there is a little as you wanna be there are pronounced. Tell your are a little bit it's like is they don't really wanna. Have safe sex bingo let's talk goes so you can talk show. About six. I'm like I narcotic that's. I ops guys had a that they came up with that I would have wanted to come out and let's talk about safe sex is well man. But it's at the Olympics like safe sex bingo is and at the Olympics. Yeah I think it's actually say six Tina Al Pina this where does the drop you the quick shops and Lawrence the orange and white quick shots and dudes would be in there spoken by explained you know all day do they still have that can you totally you know and they did I think when when I was there there was no more smoking in there yet. But they're reducing what you just look at the television and it's like number station did and still have that in Kansas that you could Roland great slash China and sit there please email all afternoon. If you hear all the old ladies if there their buckets of pennies. I think people would sit these gas station that plagues you know I don't know if still a money maker about her for Kansas at the chiefs have two big signings book exactly how that changes the expectations for the 2018 season. Good cheese. Monsters deal. Your thoughts of teams in Johnson walked in support to keep that in mind including the Dallas Cowboys have like six others but the chief sit up way and landing wide receivers David Watkins for three years 48 million dollars and thirty million over here and Edith. And they the teams also added a weapon on defense according to Ian rapid. Court citing former cowboys linebacker Anthony hits in 225 years old. To a deal worth nine million dollars per year according threats Palin that is going to be for five. Years. And that means. Both these guys will have those contracts and before their thirtieth birthday. A big deal good. I go to younger than again after these guys are on right you use that use I mean that's need to do though in the NFL let's watch is is doing a walk and wants together payday so hey I'll sign a three year deal the city a B 27 years old in the offseason when I reached free agency can't his walk is just 44. Apparently five in July. So we point five for the season but it 27 years old when he his the free agency market again for him that's about. Heard god yes I mean that that's an opportunity to go out there are for three years and hopefully put up some good numbers because that would be good for everybody involved and and he has the opportunity twenty set your silly OK I can get another nice three year deal get another nice trophy guaranteed money. He's obviously betting on himself but I think about Sammy Watkins at this point my career I'm betting on myself as well I mean now. Thirty no guarantee is a nice that adult audience although he probably could decide like a long term deal is as short a bet on your eyes and yet there I mean is he takes a five year deal in place those five years outputs with thirty he would get another contract he just he just is not a not one not a big one out of thirty years old in the NFL. But if you sign a three year deal you play well hell you're 27 years old when that contract is up. You have an opportunity that he may be another three year deal aura to you or you sinus five and don't live up 20 yeah that's. Roger yeah that's the draft thing it has signed a five and this did BO her hate her at least three years and not the NFL but Lackey a more baseball the ultimate assigned a big deal that guaranteed money goals that get that next guarantee. It not at the lit up to the five years Friday well I actually think this a good move by Sammy. Instead now that brings me to the chiefs overall on how this impacts them when it comes to the expectations for the 2018 she sees he's changed it. Right I mean it's it's not it doesn't mean Super Bowl or bust because he had a couple of nice signings of free agency. But for the point eighteen chiefs a year it was going to be a softer rebuild if you add two big pieces especially Alec Sammy Watkins. You're expecting a big season at least from a a development standpoint. You wanna see them continue to move forward. Maybe on the defensive side of the ball they lose a little bit because you don't have Marcus Peters in a bunch of other guys that they've let go because they wanna get younger and faster I think they cut the whole defense and offseason pretty much and I'm not entirely sure that we're gonna see Justin Houston back next year saying that for a while I've still got on the outside you have and that like on the lot right now I've felt that way since last season because there's of becomes a point. Worse abort the dead cat money to save the money that you have to pay save it. Team million dollars after Jules after June 1 I mean like to meet. If if for this cost cutting mode and trying to get at a salary cap held Justin Houston as a logical June 1 cut and mean I mean I think it makes so much sense in the world it does cut just in Houston after the first of the year or after the first to June because. That's the mindset that you guys are currently right now as a franchise right yes so I mean that's fifteen million dollars in cap. Savings free here's the one thing though. I think. Best story will be told and address if they go out there get a big time pass rusher in the draft and again they are a lot of confidence and then they might move on from just in Houston but they still need someone to rush the quarterback in Houston when he's healthy. It's really good that it. It's just hasn't been healthy since signing that massive deal and in living in half sacks last year in making just Houston tight money that's just not enough. So you make this kind of splash signing on the offensive side as it changed the expectations. Offensively. You're going to be stacked ESPN just tweeted that the chiefs' offense is stacked and put on muscle quad picture with my Holmes watkins' Bill Clinton Kelsey. Expect a lot in this she's off like a rush more often it's a best it's the best grouping of weapons they've had in the history of the franchise. I think it's a fair statement with what hill is already accomplished and Kareem hunt coming back is the rushing title holder Travis Kelsey is one of the best tight ends in the NFL and obviously the great upside that Sammy Watkins brings if he's healthy. Yeah if anyone can stays healthy and that group's stays relatively healthy you're probably talking about the best group of weapons the chiefs have ever. I mean could combine the weapons. Hail and Watkins are all very very good players I still think Tony Gonzales will always be the best I did know I don't care which Tony's always gonna be that guy. From a running back standpoint the bested that entities have had some great running backs at least homes to Jamaal Charles of those guys rival you know Kareem I'd. From a wide receiver standpoint I mean who who's been a great wide receiver in this franchise's history give me a name sodas Taylor out of its last essay and I really Taylor knows how to register any series it was a nice design while the iron and a but but. As a combined package what we're looking at right now what these guys and in the slice about an hour it's the best combination of weapons that this organization has ever had at one time. In their franchise's history now they ought to go up there and they all have to live up to those expectations there's no excuse now. To me this tent city walk and signing is a lot about their belief and Patrick Holmes in this year I mean look the offense I'm not necessarily judge this year on record. I'm I want to see the offense click if it clicks halfway through the season and we see them start exploding. Break is might have the right out of the gate you do have a quarterback making his first career start you know. Offseason as the guy. Is his first career offseason as the guys first seizing going to be starting out as a starter even though it's a sec here in the NFL. So there's going to be a learning curve there I'm waiting to see this offense click. And that as far as defense goes get younger get faster by 2019 they should be able to add a piece or two that defense they can hit the ground running in between nineteen and make a real run of the Super Bowl which I know is what the chiefs want to do they're looking and circling in 192020 has. Hey real lot of young players on their rookie deals that we can we can use over these years we can really build up around them with some more expensive talent. We make a real run a Super Bowl but clearly what they're trying to do. Especially at quarterback you've you've you've got a whole though that that kicks in in the next year or so because all of a sudden Tyree kill via his rookie deal anymore all of a sudden you know Cory well albeit his rookie deal anymore on a lot of these guys coming off these rookie deals. That start needing to get paid to you you do have to capitalize there's not a whole lot of wiggle room here we you can just. Off for a minute don't what are nineteen is he's got to be here I mean you've got heated point one user appeal to retain at. Hill and hunts in Kelsey for those two years. After that. So you're package although for everybody. Very seriously about it and it has contracts done after that emulate nineteen and twenty all these years of these things are gonna content and what a Super Bowl it's nineteen and want. When guys go for your thoughts on his contract so a five year extension last year so he's got 181920 and 21 error and it. That would mean his best window is going to be nineteen it's one that's your best window through the chiefs to make a real run at a championship. The the closing window the Broncos they're gonna try to. That thing open a little bit. With case Tina. Going to the Broncos that's came out late last night and let's hear him. Quarterback for the vikings last season looked really good with pat server he is now going to the Broncos. We'll continue to discuss all the things throughout the head and fell and all the news that it is been piling up this morning. In the NFL throughout the show Georgia's 2000 dollars come up at 930. It. We have part two of our current play by play a game that. Passcode dominated part wanna next. It's a thousand on the third day. Text the word secret. SEC. RET. The secret. Secret to 72881. That's 72881. You could be the thousand dollar cash winner in the national contest. Six dead sports radio's the only Sports Radio station in Kansas City giving your chances of the 121000 dollars each week day. Your next chance coming up at 1030 complete rules its extent sports dot com. We get back to the breaking news regarding the Kansas City Chiefs has been breaking all morning. And just a few minutes but first it's time to finish up our turn at play by play a game vesco dominated the first few rounds and now we get to laugh. I have compiled the best buzzer beaters from March Madness history. We had the highest that he shot yet the Bryce drew shot two more to choose from. We start from the ninety's. In the second donating. That's later. Dad and I absolutely not not entirely and now and there's campaigns and how does it shine you. I was listening to beats understand about ambulances. Are. And a peace appease the mistresses and beats. I think there really answer remains a pretend to be here haven't been many like vision ninety's turned up. I'm Arkansas. Eyes maybe it's. Maybe. Not ours and yeah it was a night that Arkansas UCLA. It was not clean and surprising get this this was your UConn shot Hewlett Richard Hamilton 120. In the seconds remaining. Connecticut over Washington was Kevin Ollie on the team. Now news in the NBA I am on Wednesday yet those split down the rip Hamilton. Ricky Moore Jake Voskuhl. X I asked now wasn't that I don't not long after half an hour. No probably not too long Kevin Lally. On I think Dow's ninety and Wednesday that rip Hamilton shot maybe nine make sense. I'm. I'd never mind. Now say. Dogs is a police found vehemently in silent Kansas were so disappointed. And he goes in the NBA did nothing like he's a mini Minneapolis and Henry and we tip of thank. I arrests lead vehicle and mean. The fall pierce college basketball. Anyway. All right shot them before. Steve what do you can get on the board yeah iron and Bob. Okay. In the old days won it on the North Carolina State Maryland and he angered. It. Got a nicely done lots. Steve at thirty for thirty. They're the only sport buzzer beaters and NCAA tournament history or will we have more tomorrow. He does want more tomorrow indecent or slide of a buzzer beater goes. On the down. I don't know Richard and really close but the odds raised us Johnson calls the history time cardiac kemba. Who thousand DNC to pebble Mutombo of the Denver wasn't as a big east tournament either way and he works with young McAuliffe. And I was an ESP when he knocked over that Pittsburgh guy yeah that was as cardiac him. That was the I think those easily turn I mean to Madison Square Garden like have a three of them. In that and that run that Ron yeah that run temple walker had more than a couple of buzzer beaters so it could've been that we're thinking it through different ones but why are you kemba when he makes the guys fall down. That a couple times spoke about the time that different games but the one that I think it was a big east tournament. Against Pittsburgh. My dream about my picks better have a better chance of me than them and guessing. Beeps and tourney games. Warrior in their bracket week and yet detected on already it's now time five hour energy brackets dot com got a cool set up you can make your picks. You can create a group invite your friends and it's power buy real time brackets go party as you are locked in your picks. You'll be able to change sills takes out while games or progress during the tournament. Play on any device you'll get notification when the games to close in a DV a chance to switch out now if you like to play. Just the regular way they'll be two different leader boards wander for those original picks before the tournament. And then one in which you can switch picks along the way so you be able to make the call sticker switch any pick. During those upset games so bring your friends and your pool it's five hour energy brackets dot com Neil little pick me up in the morning to pitch up 200%. Do an idea once shot a five hour energy the caffeine I need. Zero sugar and four calories it's five hour energy. A couple of days for the Kansas City Chiefs accordingly in Rappaport the chiefs. Get a deal with wide receiver Sammy Watkins three years 48 million dollars with thirty million guaranteed it. And then they get Anthony kitchens linebacker from the Dallas Cowboys any five year deal. Worth approximately nine million dollars per year. Even before all of that. They let go of Tom Hall the field gains of fraud Parker and probably the biggest name out there. Probably the biggest the biggest name out of there is Tom Hall Lee and it was time for everybody to move on yeah there was overeat kind of reached the end. But first stressed there Tom Hall Lee was an unstoppable pass rusher for the chiefs and now he's gone at. I the second he heard was released it became all appreciation. Like all that kind of angst that I had with Tom Hawley making eight million dollars to get one tackle last season finally had last year with one tackle I'm IP. Exaggerated a little yeah I wanna know many. Not many more than that though while they're more than one may be too many facets I'm Molly eight million dollars a little bit of angst towards that last season but the second I saw that he was released it's like okay. It's over. It's all appreciation for me towards Tom Hollywood accomplished in Kansas City because by all accounts good guy everybody loves them and ends up being one of the better pass rushers throughout yeah throughout she says yeah pro football reference as one sort. On tackle lashes his. Bale Batman and I asked. Bluntly mail that I was ten held up if I said I thought there's got to be one I'm not anyone's a couple of I think he played five games he had one tackle last year remedy the blocking Soria of the chiefs is finally gone I mean you'd end and they had these similar career arcs. Where they were really really good. And then these kind of the second incarnation if you will was really really bad meantime holly in his last couple years stunk I mean he he basically was a a 88 years sponge of of other roster just sucking up money and giving you nothing in return himself. I think it's it's good that he moves on it sucks that we have to remember the bad days of Tom Molly. But it we gotta remember the bad days of Soria we sure are sect after remember the bad days of Ollie as well and he he just really wasn't good for the last couple years here in Kansas City and we're gonna remember that ending that just turned out to be. Very very bad for Tom yeah I hit a Fieger stretcher he was an absolute beast and yet when he five tackles the last two years he had he had sacks he had pressures he had the ability to get held at any point in time on he had a fantastic run at that that that mistakes sign of a guy over thirty it it's just backfires in yell at time when he signed a black friend as this Kennelly a three year deal. So 3233. And 34. Where the where the where the final was a final threes are so he went six and have Sachs to spot three and have sexton knows sex and a 89 and a half first burger for second all time in franchise history pretty doggone good but yeah you'll remember the end where he just didn't Canadian inning. And that's the sad part is a lot of people will warm the yen and the thing is with the difference between Soria and holly is you can kind of hides Tom Hawley a little bit. Right because not a reliever you don't have to like you ought to put him out there you products disguise him because Naia eleven guys out there is not in on the mound alone. But that was a deal where at the time you kind of understood it right you understood what you need to pass rush you don't want just the road to you do you Ford in the wolves so. Is bring back Tom holly but. In the end it. He got maybe one decent year out of them may be too bad years I mean. I guess you could look at that first year of the deal in 20156. And a half sacks 39 tackles and nine assists okay that that's a good pretty good you'll you'll take that. But 20162017. And and and really I mean just the doubted this this past season was a disgrace from him complaining about playing time and a playoff game six months after game ended to him defending Joseph Paterno like but the end of Tom holly is not going to be remembered in the DS lite I mean he kind of melted down. In in in the last year here in Kansas City and really major and adamant kind of scoff and just go. Really this this is how it's gonna and would you complaining about a game in January as we see here in June on the eve of July on the eve of training camp your your bitching about playing time from from January and then. Try to defend Joseph Paterno is on her. Man I decided I really thought the complain about playing time would lead to something about it I like one tacked to a to a fired up. Tom Ali that's ready to contributor could give a role that it's been in the past and five games on tackle was held that one tackle com for Tom Hall Milliken is this game law is seasonally seasonally fighters came wants an error of. Well yeah he did that though just to look at the defense aside and why I think the expectations record wives record wise that she's probably won't be as high this year. The defense and who they're losing Tom holly embryo up to losing Derrick Johnson they got rid of Ron. Ron Parker they obviously traded Marcus Peters bill gains. I think it's over do what he's done a lot of players that you're going to have to replace their defense yeah he had a one tackle at at Dallas all recognized for its first game back. Urged America season and the we're gonna dive deeper into the two new free agents the chiefs and this morning but that's the prologue. Held march that you own and that's. Q next. Chiefs get a couple of victory sign providing few years just a moment but you've had a six that sports dot com right now and check out Bob that those laws before that ten people we. In March. Because it is of course March Madness everybody's getting their brackets ready everybody fired up. And make sure we want the big turn it you come and watch it with us Thursday and Friday at winning streaks are official headquarters. Inside here as North Kansas City. And you can win a thousand bucks both states broadcasting live Thursday and Friday starting at 10 AM in Seoul when a thousand bucks both days why they are watching. Six tents food specials across the board plus dozens of craft Beers and an amazing TV set up Hamas determine with us with a thousand bucks it's at winning streaks inciting harrah's North Kansas City. Thursday and Friday starting at 10 AM. I'll be there on Thursday to watch the KU game so I think that'll be a lot of fun a perfect 1 o'clock start to roll out their errors and watched the game so I'll see guys out there on Thursday. To watch CN the jayhawks and an in you know what the marches is interesting because I came up with a the ten people that we see in the month of march I think a lot of us can agrees of these obviously there will be some we don't agree on. Number ten a mile is like Charles Barkley on this list because. When you watch these games over the next couple weeks the die party and basketball fans college basketball thing is that the John Ross teams of the world if you will. Get mad at Charles Barkley as a watch college ball yearlong I love Charles bar leader in the NCAA term that we had a push him back from today will be on the show tomorrow and you but but I I love watching and listening to Charles Barkley because I think he's entertaining he brings that aspect of college basketball to college as well that we haven't had. And you heard it asked that question the commissioner the other day which is really really funny number nine on the list person we all hate march coach K. I think everybody hates coach K not because he's bad but because world jealous he's not the head coach of our program no matter what it is I'm jealous of the hair Todd Harris just spectacularly. Fake. Number eight they the the eighth person we hate the month of march the guy you root against his alma mater because it helps as bracket. If you're out there are pulled against your alma mater because it helps your Brack Welch what it dad used stuck okay. You can't knocked root against your problem monitor for helping your bracket all the motto always comes ahead of bracket. In a month of more and you play it right year year hedging against yourself. And that's okay. You mean you don't want to root for it but it's locate your team loses if you picked me that if he picks against him sure you can pick it gets a beat him openly beautifully but you have that fallback of these so it should be that should be good I can I can quiet leader that you should be good enough. Number seven on the team that we pay march anyone real Mike Welch is included. Who doesn't like one shining moment looked no matter how bad this song is guys. It symbolizes the best three weeks in sports it lets us know the masters is coming up and that spring is almost here it's the perfect ending. To the NCAA tournament the perfect start for spree is there any we think more cheesy in the world that one shining moments where. And gas. OO noon. Number six. I was thinking. Steve. Talk taco about the same sex bingo I've added celebrity it was actually spent here yeah yeah yeah. Number six on the list of ten people we hate the month of march the guy who fills out more than one bracket. Fill out a bracket enters many different pools contest in you know things you want. But duel with one bracket. Don't pick lipscomb in one bracket and then Nevada in the other whoever alaskans playing in the NCAA turn me dopey that guy who's got orders for brackets and he can't remember if you picked Houston or San Diego State or Miami Loyola of Chicago Butler Arkansas. One bracket make your best picks enter in all the pools across and a lot of boxes here you really are. Boxes the number five guy we hate in March Jim Nantz I think everybody just hates the way he's so cheesy at the end. With the way that he Scripps College basketball endings number four on the list. The guy was constantly updating you on his bracket look we have a hard enough time remembering our bracket. And new splash nobody and I mean nobody cares about your bracket except you. Don't walk around the office go well I got sixteen a sixty the first day. No one cares not one person cares that you that you were sixteen for sixteen. Number three the guy who has watched the game all year but knows what twelve is beating what five. That's the most annoying guy out there and he'll tell you why that twelve is going to be the five and he's never seen. Anybody playing college basketball since the last NCAA turley did really well with wreck probably did. Number two the guy we hate. The guy doesn't pay. Any man if you're entering in these pools. Hey you're entry fee. Can I don't think people tracked it down in day I don't think people come try to find you August did you steal your ten dollars. Pay your fees you don't pay your city you know get into the bracket talented finally. The guy that everybody hates in the month of march grace and Allen. Number one south. He is number one analyst right now I everybody doesn't like they do you even duke fans are kind of a little bit tired agrees now Steven. Now lakers now. I'm a little tired of that now. He's buddy I I don't think I don't these legitimately budding playwright just ask you as soon as get the benefit of the doubt I get it but it that was not as egregious is everybody wants to make it out on the it doesn't matter he doesn't get the benefit of the doubt he has said that right so he he until it was pretty egregious I thought I'd like he. Why that ended stick his bought into another guy's crotch. You put that but not known exactly was doing no price slowdown as fast. Great course he did Stephen stuck top defend them you're as bad as C news you're an enabler. I hope racing goes the NBA gets destroyed by people next year. I told by NBA season pass to watch grace and Allen get ousted by NBA stars. Actually don't think you're joking. The chiefs had big morning today as they signed Sammy Watkins wide receivers who wouldn't let it be played for the LA rams last year. They signed to a three year 48 million dollar deal with thirty million guaranteed it they also signed. One backer in three kitchens to play inside linebacker next to Reggie rag winning his deal as a five year deal worth approximately nine million dollars per year. According to reds paler. Yes the end calling the chiefs' offense stacked in putting up a graphic of the new look cheats. Patrick a home Sammy Watkins Tyreke hill Korea hunt in Travis Kelsey. This makes the expectations. For the chiefs offense. And it rises bit for sure you bring in a talent like San Watkins the name like Sammy Watkins a guy that. And Ian Rapoport the NFL network called the best wide receiver on the free agent market you. Got your team that's gonna get a lot of people fired up and it's going to increase those expectations. Still would to see what the defense does there's a ton of holes right now I couldn't feel the defense in Kansas City. Sell it to see how they fill the holes on defense before you get up at all expectations but offensively. It's great rock enrollment is ready to go and you're ready to go try to score as many points as humanly possible especially if you turn out to have the defense it appears the chiefs are going. Bobby you said earlier the Lebanese as punter I disagree. We're playing all four now about 100 Adidas as time wore on opposite sides every wanted to play for now of the offense this year and is out saving cap space no honor. But don't for all time could watch what the defense back on the field when you have the soft strategies hot and it needs you the best. You could you see if you redo it that no I think telling good and they've taught him he was still here we would absolutely C four downs offense. Every day is borne out today. I needed to do it as well. Also. Other NFL news Drew Brees not surprising but he does sign with the New Orleans Saints you. I fifty million dollars 27 million guaranteed. For Drew Brees. There are a little bit worried here and abroad eyebrows to I don't always scaring me somebody re Upton and oral I thought it was definitely going to be a ruse by the Broncos all were citing case keep him and then you know last second boat we got Drew Brees for the next cup players and then by plane. More relevant to Kansas City NFL news Wilson signs a 324 million dollar deal with. The Miami Dolphins. A very interest in signing a lot of money for him who we consider he's making now eight times he's making a year ago. And a fifth of the stats came from week seventeen with Patrick Holmes against the Denver wrong. He had a really good bump last year to get to one point eight million dollars is making 88 this year and did a job and for all those years we said why is this guy still here well here you go this is why he's still here people think he can claim the NFL has shown that he can play. In the NFL at a couple of nice catches and in some other games and and whatnot but for the most part. Albert Wilson was a very nice role player they cashed in four from one game I mean he he definitely did like. Back guided in the Super Bowl when he got MVP cashed in you never heard from him again your pain to god he started one game. Three years 24 million dollars it's a nice gig if you can get it. Well he had some nice moments throughout the year and that one game was the one time he really got to see Albert Wilson be the focal point of an offense down and Wilson does a good job of finding those tight spots in the zone and Patrick Holmes. That's his biggest strengths being able to throw to tight spots in the zone so I think they saw enough from Albert Wilson and I don't like ordinary at best they sure did. Well I'll leave with this is to contain the coverage of an amazing mourning for the Kansas City Chiefs signing said he walked in which is a monster splash and linebacker Anthony hits ends in free agency goodies. Have the better chiefs' career. Balkans. Watkins or or if Tony it is now it's December and ultimately better be. Yeah I think it's Hawkins logic might have a longer term I think more more impact hello in our own ideals or memorial big plays at Watkins and you will. Kitchens that's just naturally back position that's on me this guy's a dire Johnson type he's under tackles seasonably hands. Leave you with how brands of good morning football and NFL network. There are some homes right don't we get so excited that this feels like BitTorrent NFL blitz that was a play called. Don't bomb or yeah everyone went along with drink it's in the darling hill got Sammy Watkins and Kelsey. I cannot wait to watch the chiefs play this is saying to the beach and I like it. We can be good day shift in two minutes.