03/13 8a - Chiefs, "Sweet 16", Rob Dauster, Terez Paylor

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Tuesday, March 13th

An update from Chiefs free agency, the latest "Sweet 16" topic, we preview the West region with Rob Dauster from NBC plus we talk with Terez Paylor following the signings of Sammy Watkins & Anthony Hitchens 


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And ESPN reporting quarterback case you know we'll sign but the Broncos on Wednesday. Rails baseball this afternoon they take on Oakland 305 here on 610 Sports Radio I'm Josh put limits we know now back to show. Welcome back. That's doing this morning I'm like well Bob that's coach just like there producers David Spector. Breaking news bonanza for the achieves this morning in free agency is they signed Sammy walk in to a three year forty million dollar deal with thirty mil guaranteed it. And they're also adding linebacker Anthony kitchens the former cowboys to a deal worth nine million per year both players are currently twenty. Five years old I guess. 44 years old Milwaukee is over point five when the season begins so the book B 25 years old the beginning of the season and young guys. Both added to the chiefs' roster. We don't really thought about Anthony hits in his deflated Iowa and he's more of a tackler he's kind of a Reggie rag and clone a consider that she's been to stop the running rushing attacks it's kind of a nice idea. But Specter you have a little more information about Anthony hatreds. Yes this is from pro football focus obviously that does all the kind of stats that we don't see on the football field. Quote pigeons is coming off his best season where he earned eight PFF grade of eighty point nine however you feel degrees above eight sixty. In each of his previous three seasons. His break out season was mainly due to his large improvement in run defense as he ranks second among inside linebackers in the NFL. What they run stopped percentage of fourteen point 5% I don't know that means but he was second in the NFL. Furthermore kitchens had his best season when he came to tackling too as he missed just seven tackles a career low for him however. Is working coverage remains a question mark since he allowed a completion percentage of at least 80%. In three of his four seasons and was initially viewed more of a two down linebacker. As a comparison. Former chiefs linebacker Derrick Johnson a lot of completion percentage of 55 point 8% and coverage. Well you guys seen the lowest among linebackers as their Johnson's insane coverage that's. By anybody compared that there's hostages mean the Eric Johnson well I average percentages number that's what it means that somebody is there. I'm the only thing I was I was just I'm questioning at the hell's a thumper. Nine bump people I just looking at just the disappeared dollars like nine million dollars a year sounds like a lot that's all that solves it does sell a fair job that made over nine million dollar one time in his career with. They're awesome was severely underpaid slab Michael gadgets editor for the dollars mean yes they needed they needed a linebacker great I'd. Maybe they overpaid I don't know I don't know if that's that's against what we is remaining to be seen because I am curious I don't know. Nine million dollars per year that's what Iraq fours reported cracked 48 minutes ago we have yet to get a follow up as far as details on the contract like we got a sand walking. Our tourist paler reportedly here's a budget teams were in on Sammy hot gifts including Dallas Chicago and Jacksonville course Chicago giving Alan Robinson Jacksonville losing out Robinson so obviously they would want him to kind of fill the backfield aired Dallas and I don't know what they do down there but. That that's that's a deal where the tees may have had to spend a little bit more money you. Then maybe they wanted to paralysis liked it especially Dallas is involved and a balanced argument calling from Dez Bryant. Yeah bring that Dez Bryant and Dallas have clearly fallen out of favor with each other hasn't had a 1000 yard receiving years is 2014 as he played for like the last fifteen years Dez Bryant is like the grace and Allen of the NFL feels like he's been there forever. It does feel like he's been what does it a little while those that he's been really important as that press got Tony Romo Aaliyah and the other in the state wide receiver in the Dallas had a dynamic security within 24 hours database or in act up. Just a black woman to Dallas. It's Justin Blackmon at the writer think you know is that an accurate and actual day was it to access the Dallas have a guy that they NFC. Yes it was the road that running back Joseph Randle. From Wichita. You it took on stage but he was a running back OK I don't you're stealing my underwear from the department store remember that day yeah yeah running back ran it stealing Teddy ladies blankley. Felt close to him. That's real cool shoplifting. 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And you may need to switch out of that bad picks of some really cool features at a fund new way to pick and followed tournament check it out it's up and running a five hour energy brackets dot com. You're like me probably need a little pick me up in the morning that's why use five hour energy. Nearly as much caffeine as a cup of a leading premium coffee packed with vitamins and nutrients zero sugar and just four calories. Get back to a 100% drinking in seconds you'll feel it in minutes and it lasts for hours. Five hour energy. You're from robbed officer from college basketball talk on. NBC at 815 the fest go outside Diana Arsenio ESPN their NFL studio host is is reporting the rams really did once Sammy Watkins back at least that makes me feel better they thought he would come back the price ended up being too high she stole the chiefs colts and bearers. Were all in the final mix of obviously Kansas City one Fargo buddy my visas rams fan out lost it just like the way you will be hearing out there yes they offered him kind of he prove it deal out of LA because they did have the injury concerns. You know for him obviously everybody does and in again yeah typecast as an injury guy. But if he comes here and stay injury free and does what we think he can do a BA great complementary piece to this offense. The signing will go down as a win for the Kansas City Chiefs. Well lot of teams wanna Sammy Watkins the chiefs were able landed and that's part of why he's got so much money. And my guess is the difference between the chiefs offered everybody else is offer. Was the guaranteed money and you hope the chiefs are right on this one I mean I hope to god that he's a ride on this one. And didn't swing and miss with us not only the thirty million dollars in guaranteed money. But just with the with the contract in general you you hope that the Kansas City Chiefs are a 100% dead on right with the Sammy Watkins three seems like not. And worry too much about swinging and missing three year deal. Because he had you're locked in for a long turned out sucks if you swing and miss for a couple years but. Thirty million guaranteed over three years on ten million dollars here and heating your contract per year. Percent you walk ins that's probably what put the chiefs over the top because carriers 48. Isn't that huge if you're going like twenty million guaranteed is the thirty million in guaranteed money and the bonuses and whatever. This area walk ins is getting that's the that's the bigger reason why the chief remove the lock him in a we have to rest Taylor coming up at 840. To discuss this further to reds he's fired up to me and I can't wait for I mean just think about it and you sit down and you sign this contract tomorrow and thirty million dollars goes right in your bank room. Is that a wire transfers at western union and that's it check. Is that PayPal that say they tepid as Clark Hunt right there are a lot of articles on achievable and thirty million he's gonna wake up tomorrow morning. With thirty million dollars per season interest. It is bay captain Richard -- starts there go and they got hit that three fresh bloody yelling louder than I was six it's 650 remedies in this news Brock now are bonus is taxed a little bit more than normal salary Amy what I do I know that plays out I don't know that NFL players complain about money is kind of hilarious when you look at the free agency dollars being thrown around right now bonus that's Micah but are they taking my money right what is hilarious guys when you do sign a thirty million dollar bonus and it only fifteen million shows up in your cat like where's the ST analysis like. Governments get there half. How on died and going to work. We have rob the luster from college basketball talking 815 but it's time for sweet sixteen topic again threats Taylor continuing to discuss the amazing science from the chiefs today and have big news at bay east at 840 he joins us. But it weirdest jumping to some college basketball here for just a moment and then of course we'll go back and forth between college basketball the chiefs spec what we got. We had this scheduled for earlier in the show book the breaking news we'll push it back for second I have pulled the four classic highlights. For March Madness war. Knew you guys are gonna have to guess. Who it is and who made the shot I had beeped out names team needs and everything that would give you any sort of clue. But I pulled four million are mentally I'm shots and thinking guys do pretty well here is determined play number one. Site. That's the miracle the meadowlands Herm Edwards. Philadelphia Eagles 1976. Is that known. A little Bryce drew Balco. Is it I was thinking is it UConn and I can't reverend iceman I'm thinking Villanova. In the national championship game none of its. Bob got it. I didn't sites harder. It's interesting because you could tell that wasn't in high definition now none of these calls will be in high definition as they were firm way back when. All right here is playing number two well. Time. Anybody else funneling her stay with UConn. Tate George Villanova. You know that again I. Didn't do it justice I guess and hug and a very big deal needs. With the length of Florida ever forget that court. Boise Boise State court rightly into that that's won't let us moments that. Everybody remembers from the turn it will save the other you for the 9 o'clock hours seem to get to crop dusters Prejean the west bracket today. Sarah Sammy watched in right now all lose 7%. Of local taxes 6% of the state of Missouri 1% to Casey and 37%. Federal taxes so figure that number out. And whatever 7% of thirty million is that goes to 6% to Missouri 1% to Kansas City. And then whatever 37% of thirty million is back goes to the federal government he would have. Paid thirteen point 3%. In California. It will so he would have paid double basically a local tax in California. Welcome to baseball as sandy giggle Eric Hosmer. Very fair point rob Dawson college basketball talk on NBC. Previews the south region with us. South right. One of those stretch it was who are doing at directional schools whatever rob don't they don't make less or religion or. X. Good to reg Spiller coming on 840 to discuss the breaking news for the Kansas City Chiefs. We're the biggest new beat they signed Sammy Watkins to a three year deal forty million dollars thirty million guaranteed it they also. Able to sign it. Well linebacker from the Dallas Cowboys the cowboys had to get rid of beanie cap hell entity hitch it to a deal worth nine million per year. We're here in rap were going to be thirty we have threats the other from the Kansas City Star and discuss that joining the show at. 840. By the time he pays all his taxes on his bonus Sammy wants you will get a check tomorrow for roughly sixteen point eight million dollars of the Fed's eleven point 1000001 point eight million dollars and a bonus will go to the state of Missouri and 300000 dollars or right into the coffers of the city Kansas City. And I Tweety Kansas City this morning what are we gonna do with that 300000 dollar what are from Sammy Watkins that's a nice chunk of change so. If he was in California. Yeah. Double the amount of money that he owes in taxes so the thirty million dollar bonuses really are what they've really all our that's everybody go let's go like well. But today I beds and every single occupation in in numbers of that term though it just looks so big all of thirty million dollar bonus here's your check for sixteen point eight is there like it is first and it goes like he City Council meetings and parades and I'll ordered got a lot of my money like it does cross. Hope so I really did but these cities claim broke all the time if if if Kansas City right now. Opens their checkbook tomorrow they got 300000 dollars in there that's a pretty big chunk of change everybody gets robbed Oster college basketball talk to us at 815. Every day throughout the week here on six and read your different region if you wanna win your bracket you better be listening we start with a west region today Robin who's the player to watch out list. Well we're not gonna put my order juniors that compensation. I think you talk Autry called blue as the here I'm not sure there is the guy I think in the that are. Who averaged twelve equals the forceful in parliament and you can into the bomb or I think that Chris Mack. Is he terrific basketball coach and can go to WR. Those two guys. While blue and Chris back a bit on the due to at least you can eat. Wow that's S that's that's big time so when you look at I guess they begin in zag and you have. Quite a few other big to need big name teams like North Carolina is there a surprise team out of there you look at Providence sir. I'm maybe even a Missouri or Florida State to make any kind of run. I think that probably by BP to get some people some trouble just because I'm on the border. Dispute because it gives some government commented. A little while Gordon Taiwan corporate would want people walked from an ex senator Arab. Like seventeen different called on the roster and to be suspended or injured Arsov. I don't know we're going to be able to handle these little good ball screen to look or other. I think he might be able to give a little bit the troubled North Carolina as well but also urban blight. This region to use optical state overall are great agricultural are. South Dakota State has you court being. Or what war in. And the vulgar remarks. It is or the current NBA player and what problems we were conscience or 2% or you and average people or cardboard proceeded. They don't keep. I think you all over a more Cinderella. And they also got the normal heartbeat and I mean he's probably. Art. Yeah the part on what stuck out there wouldn't game. Do they get extra points for unique nickname. Are you that you they're always felt you know especially when you have both the wall directional me quote the net Jack rabbit. Greg in error of their big yard mark com immigrant beaten dominant. Now younger guy at all or all the boxes Berkshire. I do like that dominated that is pretty good robbed Oster college basketball talk with a C Iran's extend Sports Radio quite let's talk Missouri man what Heller we exposed to expect out of the Missouri Tigers in the sky and this NCAA championship. I have absolutely no idea then I. I don't know part of me says it was probably Mardy is wearing a quarterback just for the SEC earlier that he didn't change that he'd over the port in the sense. You have Michael Ford junior you bring him back no matter what people no matter where it is. Well you'd see in Haitian people count on their. So wolf you've of I do think that they become a little bit strong or street. Workshop for the secret apps will not be could be the reason they're in the truck and that aren't. It could live with 2.0 win over North Carolina one point old moved over quantity and that's about it I don't. Over the years scenario what will be built in being built or yet gotten out of here so we hear that in. Know that certain calm you know we're there. Although wolf he's been our wall will hurt Michael or would you do something just because he's so talented and I think it's quote while. He can do he can be led to I don't know if I have some pretty good. Well let's say Missouri does go on some kind of run that beat Florida State men. We see Michael Porter junior start to have that ability take games over like we expect and they upset Xavier. Does Missouri then go and into the sweet sixteen become one of the most dangerous teams in this tournament and one that could make maybe a magical run. Yeah and it's certainly argue about the Michael Porter junior is kind of on how awful and like archery. They're Alec Baldwin back then we're. We he's got some toward each place inspecting and probably won't be the best player. Everybody's going to know there's nothing you can do well and whenever you have got like that I would make a long known as part of the reason that. I just it quit you're over. As it on important international other than that it is he would you artery does he say OK people Cleveland. Among people what they're up. In the third captain guy you'd need at times we know just I equal level. The warm E'Twaun we go okay how do you stop. Though he is Michael Porter of those that can't step up and hope he had been playing that we didn't even closer toward developing the bit I mean are. I'm a visitors bureau are moving into what happened I don't know out of our mortgage. But you can have opened that is. In the rubble possibilities are covered a muscle cuts or would certainly expect a little over you don't you follow for rob BC coming on the west. You've got a goal we North Carolina just because. More wounded knees one V more under read them cultures. I think they're chilled Riordan has been through everything you could expect all of our goal was to go through Indy but if you're going to give me. Of course cyclical like that players because boot battle. I think comes after marker that says. Between Xavier you drag your. Michigan and North Carolina if if you want to meet you bet on me goes fourteenth but people and money. If it won't let you have John Beilein will determine. They're really different here this year you and I think that it mocks you bet so when you get what it does. They don't realize ours in Europe are what they ought revert back and watch. All or looking for and are able to make it. Or Alter Eric. I'll probably take more Sherlock. Tomorrow we'll take a look at the always are the south region with rob DOS are here on 610 Sports Radio than Thursday before the games tip we'll take a look at the east regions crop duster college basketball talk on and the. C a chance with 1000 dollars coming up at 830 and Torres paler the Kansas City Star joins us at 840. Also Ian Rapoport the NFL network has weighed in on Sammy Watkins it Anthony hit since both signed by the chiefs today. You wanna miss what Ian Rapoport asked to say kick off for commercial free half hour next. It's a thousand on the third base text the word bolts. BO LT. Pull its. 272881. That 72881. You could be the thousand dollar cash winner in the national contest. Has 610 sports radio's the only Sports Radio station Kansas City to be a chance of up to 121000. Dollars. Each week day you're next chance to win coming up at 930 complete rules its extent sports dot com. Commercial free until 9 o'clock here on sixth and Sports Radio without breaking news extravaganza. Critics Kansas City Chiefs and we could and had you more covered it Torres paler chiefs insider for the Kansas City Star will join us eat forty. To discuss the chief signing Sammy Watkins to a three year 48 million dollar deal with thirty million guaranteed signing. And they also signed former cowboys inside linebacker Anthony kitchens to a deal worth nine million dollars per year that'll according to Ian Rapoport the NFL network. And it kind of controversial. Or hits in signing not a lot of people know much about it he hits it even are we really know is a run stopper he tackles lot. That's what he does downside Specter called them a thumper. That's pretty accurate this Hawkins thing has been rich T damn controversial. Though across the board. Some people love it. So they'll don't like Pasco not really on board he doesn't like building through free agency now never have. Ian Rapoport the NFL network suit weighs in on both the walk ins and hitching signings on just moments ago on NFL network now this victory. Three year 48 million dollar deal thirty million fully guaranteed Syverson Lockett here at the very least they have played two years today. And with the team he's got a big time pass catcher for Patrick loans. They think he's going to be one of the next great quarterbacks in this league loves to throw down field if you ever watch. Film crew chiefs of say practice for training camps in the throes of homes make it just ridiculous that is so you can go catch it. And what's cool about Santa Watkins is you don't 24 he's going to be 27. And in line for another extension after this. And not only that they also are gonna sign Anthony hit to deep former cowboys linebacker that's going to be. Nine million dollars per year they shed some weight on the defense got a little younger another get a little faster to. I've ever seen a quarterback. Of people buy in so much to something we've never seen like like how do you build some of the throws he makes are ridiculous what he's played in joy at seeing YouTube man I spotlight like I mean. I don't care what he did in college at Texas Tech I don't care what he did the pre season. He had one game he's at one game under his belt in the NFL. Welch is talk about how we know we Rosie the intermediate ball well Ian Rapoport sodomy making six gross I'd be talked about a restaurant. This kid starting the season next year. Pretty Kansas City Chiefs and everybody crowding him as the second coming of of Jesus. I evaluate players and you watch players you can tell what they are don't need to see it though I mean seeing Patrick Holmes played for the next six years ago is pretty good. I could see his arm talent it's undeniable and you see his ability to carry himself well in the pocket pocket presence is usually about feel and Patrick Holmes clearly has. His only issue would be what taking the ball from under setter I think during the game and be in that Sony India do that they during the holy overrated right Alex Smith did that twice maybe Alex Smith never took the ball under center noted takes the ball intercept and after its. It. It's orders that are anymore say you would have brought that up I don't I. I let people bring ID kits that that's that won't want about the ball under senators on either although I think he has shown he can do I mean that's the only thing admitted he throws it incomplete pass this town is gonna melt. Afghan I really felt like Allen threw a pick against Denver Nuggets came back is poisoning including pearl matter I mean it was it what is it you're there if you didn't give up and played terribly people would have had a melt that big game that he meant nothing 888 against Denver so that's when nobody was there wasn't terribly that you just. I don't think it's it may hear you talk about this because when other teams go get players you talk about how the chiefs don't wanna win achieved all adds up I. He I'm glad that you don't dry wit when they traded quarterback who's making one point nine million dollars and they trade them because they got that Spain is mad because he took a knee during the national that tells yes that's obviously something that they don't wanna do is deal with a player like that. That was a dump its trade yes you can trade get rid of mark is beat us. Not like about limited to one trick for you though you politics stay out there and that's the most of the okay well and a win they wanna put. They wanna Super Bowl. Last and they were competitive in the playoffs against the team that wasn't Houston. Well when it was the last meter hole playoff there were close to what it sees that pay last time this team did anything of relevancy besides. Teasing us like a stripper the chiefs are stripper big dance on yet they get excited they take your money they walk away without finishing the job so they. They do everything they came out this victory nearly 48 image in the can at least right now trying to win their tried attic. Players to beat it to close to close out the Zeta building of free agency on a good hitters don't wanna win if they're gonna go out and get free agents and by the way there teams who built through free agency were successful. See the Philadelphia Eagles they added a bunch of free agents last year including Al Shawn Jeffrey was considered washed out book. After you left Chicago he had a resurgence in Philadelphia they brought in Chris Long the broad enough gear one eagle and I'll trade was block wasn't in Melbourne it was free agency the trade was JH I midseason. So. Build your free agency when I drafted my quarterback another wide receiver running back in a tight end with that she's a dark hundred paintings via an artist is building your free to call someone but but I I I know when the chiefs got to that point of desperation under Carl Peterson people who look at their face when Andy Reid got to the point of desperation in Philadelphia and started signing street free agents it blew up in their face. I'm just issuing a cautionary tale here I hope it doesn't blow up in their face they sank two free agents today that's a lot in the NFL it's a lot of free agent signings I hope. They do not have the same results that. We've seen happen with this organization and with this head coach and a different organization. Just a double minutes we have to rest Taylor of the Kansas City Star coming up and we're gonna discuss all the things that she had done today and what might do going forward it. And that's interesting because. When he wrote a piece about. All the needs that the chiefs need to fill a need to fill start with defensive line then quarterback edge rusher inside linebacker and safety. Five defensive player only that nothing honorable mention was receiver. And that's actually interest in these they bring in Sammy Watkins was cross that off inside linebacker was number four. Bring another guy and in Anthony kitchens that crosses that off. So you have to those needs already addressed. You're going to be looking at safety is it came out yesterday kind of officially unofficially came out yesterday that Ron Parker's going to be gone. And of course we have more breaking news though. Yes we don't we'll Albert Wilson threw up dolphins and signing a three year deal worth 24. Million dollars. Al Wilson cash in is now 24. Million dollars bird. Albert we'll see. Yeah homes and give him a very nice handshake. Because what what people saw without Wilson last year. You look at Wilson's numbers all of them came in week seventeen against them out all what was it will receive more than a fifth of his numbers like he had 500 some yards receiving and a 150 from game in Denver game desert. Today the pats. That's house shake it's head and say they Q Albert because doubles got three years form like how much it that is guarantee I. I think also in but that's a lot of money for our well I don't know bump last year one point eight why now as I was making 88 so he's he DC eight times as much money as he made a season ago congratulate all Albert Wilson for cashing in on this one man all based on a week seventeen performance that to beat the only time that Albert Wilson being given the opportunity to be the focal point of the offense. Would pass from homes in the quarterback and we 1780 put up a monstrous performance so big plays bella Munich against it the Redskins to seal the game against sideline pass against a very Dalai blaze but as far as what he did he plays getting the dolphins didn't play well against the dolphins or catches the face of a song for him we got paid back eight million dollars a year for the next three years. Speaking of seeing some firsthand when it comes to the chiefs and Sammy Watkins that's part of it because back into when he fifteen which of believes the last time San Milwaukee's losing Kansas City. The chiefs beat the bills and point fifteen it was in November 29 game it was 32 point two. In that game Sammy Watkins had six receptions 158 yards and two touchdowns you remember what guys do against that notion and maybe that's part of it is and and Albert Wilson did have a nice game against the dolphins but a Antonia. The reason why his name was rolled around so much free agency came from that we seventeen game is they thought. These salary you do is as a focal point of the offense may be given more opportunities. Robert Wilson to be pretty nice play argued for years formula mine not the same thing about Alvin harper for the one gaming on gaming had their made me want him back so now proof. But we're about threats paler the Kansas City Star chief says setter here on sixth and Sports Radio as the chiefs today are making breaking news is they lost the board of sign Sammy Watkins to a three year forty million dollar deal with thirty million guaranteed it. And they also sign for cowboys linebacker Anthony kitchens to a deal worth nine million dollars per year I'm fired up over the walk in signing. Don't talk about pitches other than he's a run stopper Torres let's start a Sammy Watkins what's your initial reaction. Children to sit well. Politico. North America and you. Think we'll look at it now. Reporter oh I know a lot of issues that injury that your. Here. If you wanna critic you mean a year. Later at the history of injuries. You can do that they are too. Young players or leave it came partly on trips and later. Topic on the phone user that hey at it but he's sure. If you know. But more importantly. It's not like they aren't you injury he's going to be on you and you won't be here. OK you know stick wind and Wharton. Walk arm before where he spent a lot. It. Back home with. It quickly are now. Oh. And it. Would be. Cool were one. In Uga Uga. Uga win bought. All they're gonna. Stop. But. Now. That he's played too deep water. We all know they've got the run last year won that race. Great. When you bought. That we should outline of the better ones that are too. So you know. But that would you ought to cheer them on. Is it is also kind of an indictment of where they are on defense though to Dre is going to get this weapon and say all right we're gonna win this year we're going to be competitive this year we're gonna ask the winds 4544. I don't know what would happen would that we partner. The deal that. Well. They like I didn't feel like home. You know if you want the picnic. And that you are different homes everything that they came. But without success was in the entire reason that that'd be great patching holes and now they're trying to make sure that they would you. This is really liked the first time you know ever that Vicki at the city chiefs are going out and getting true weapons across the board. For their quarterback ever talk to a former coach you said an 89 we are begging for wide receivers in this was in 2002001. When we were having this conversation because we've been begging for those wide receivers ever since. It seems like now the Kansas City Chiefs are getting it like you can't just relying your quarterback to go out there and win games like a lot of folks think you have to surround him by weapons what do you think was that kind of I'll pop moment if you will for for this organization where they said you know what we need more weapons regardless of how good we think we are from weapons standpoint. Oh. They were the more trees out there. Okay. Did he would be and a little bit too polite. You. Want. To put that money user enters the on patent them to make players that are. Entry gotten here metered market count. It will be great pat on the ball. Epic but I think that on the problem is. I don't see that there really kind of kept their way. You know. Down linemen or where there like trauma like. And I UConn. I think it was adjusting its new product in the you know war in light you know. You don't that they cannot be. How badly GAAP and they that you let's say let's do. It is is about wanting to be very heavy boat war. I people have been and you plan oh at one opera that you'd think he'd be will be viewed. The mayor. You know he definitely. It. What in the well I consider. And I don't know. Hey. It's gonna command and more importantly. I don't know warning that the animals or want to walk to work at a problem and the duke of 181 that old. You know from that would. You go to help it meet. Is the one that got pregnant goes on I think that made it. You met at the beginning and ending at future as about the the quarterbacks in and giving the you know trading Alex with the realize we got to get pat homes everything we can to make him successful. Why didn't they do that when Alex with the realize that when Alex. Our topic in any way. Mean. They gave them go back decades now. You know I'm gonna Qaeda the problem war. You know yeah object and I am okay. For me what about look at Hillary. Well Alec made seventy million dollars. We're in an economy that works and that epic the right like the ball well out. And at your airport activity minute rate the game to. If there I tried it out they'll want your. Equipment now. We all agree more cheese. Right yeah yeah the way wall and I know you won't threaten you out there and go to your room in the news. Happened I mean I'm. You're you I can't say what it's like yeah great he figured out yet. Back went and trends and I've got to where. He's at. Oh. People that you mentioned at all. And he's got a boat people can't and it only waited. News that. What can never be settled but again you order now. And develop that part he. You know. So they're in the bank in London at long route to read you know non Albany all of them all. And he will you covered this means you know Joker we between the two. Why did that and now he's the one captain Richie get out of time out anybody would. Torres Taylor the Kansas City Star chiefs insider joining us today hitches deal year reported five years approximately nine million per pretty big. Pretty big a deal pretty big commitment to that two kitchens in the middle. Guy. In the you know what it once but five in the outline. OK the guy won and it. Up into that you would. I think the point of view. I'm anyway. Currently. Averaging what was the partners that. Every team would do. Well you've got to be true. Or could outline. You've got no money no and odd in implied that backs. That. The right to keep. It up to that we now bumper quit what leaders insurance. I think that it would be on. Wednesday. Way. That Quayle you know he's not somebody could one called it an opinion why they're they're they're paying a lot and has. By five years and then the two year view yet paid concept why did it play Iraq. And is a lot to target but not right now. That important to them. They. Wanted to number. If you guys that are coming up and you've earned is that it. Later that well that would give the ball out. Why can't. We but you know. I'm she caught him would be 28. 11. Not. Political blocking. You know. It's one. So we know they've won one of the weird year it's why. Great. Guy could be another contract the league war. You know and assuming. That when you project it is more important one not. Look at all these guys that I am way. So that I would it would be fair pick if you come in light. Guy that we now I'm back one caller my neck of rattling. The debate with bill in the rain a lot of money order a lot of what it by now they're humans would be. Or one Google guys and guys you'll social network view. And I we don't. Want to get with action. Threatens his wall more for you it's it's it's a big breaking news morning in the NFL. As a little more breaking news just came down Drew Brees has signed with the New Orleans Saints if why he's fifty million dollar two year deal was out of the news three to 45 mill her and a it's 127. Million dollars guaranteed for Drew Brees and Albert Wilson as we told you read reports reds came on the side of the Miami Dolphins at three years 24 million dollars a very nice payday if Robert Wilson he's going to make eight times what he made a year ago. Threats what are your thoughts on Albert. Com. I think that will have been good football player in the slot receiver wide off the topic that you. That you could sit and gotten you know you become like in Miami lot deeper with news that destroyed back lot arguably. In charter plane that actually. They're trying to mine the money come my way and Albert lea pick all that they it's really good. Google the at the quake. All your acne. That you certainly not a good now and what it is they're yeah is that before. 48 unity over the years. There and out what happens. Dudek. You know could watch him play outside I mean won't to what. Now now you all you know. Earlier this year in that that we've walked. The YouTube more and you can do because you've got this young quarterback cheaper next. For years I've real quick tour as your thoughts on case Keenan in Denver. That idiot in. We're that you are McCall played. He only aunt there right. What that there were three years ago right there verdict terrorize you get you guys that it wacker quote the field. There emasculated user bears is that oh. Wait to go on your vehicle yet on Peyton Manning go on a key to lead dog they have. Von Miller and have prepares. But like a lot of that is that your attitude movie yet and it you know he gave war weary. Soul. The numbers should not be insurgencies. Like right now. You worried bow charters that are seen to it were sick of that it was probable division in the net and and ultimately to. Yeah you know look. There's no here he cheated necessary work out in Denver. And honestly you know. I don't know that the wild eyed boy you know there are other teams in the division that are quote Muster grip while that you actually. These threats Baylor and Kansas City star's arrest thanks taking so much time with us today we appreciate it. Oh yeah. And a lot to tell us on their from Torres knew there a lot to digest in a massive mourning for the NFL. Big story. Big story. Out it was a regular salad I wouldn't CNN. Well that does sound day. Could change side Sammy Watkins wide receiver to a three year deal worth 48 million dollars with. Thirty million guaranteed that they signed Anthony kitchens linebacker from Dallas to a five year deal worth approximately nine million dollars per year that's 45 mil big. Great easy. Raising more in for the chiefs in the entire NFL ESPN tweeting out the chiefs' offense is now stacks. Primeau home's walk ins hill hunt and Kelsey all this gridlock in everybody's excited to see with this chiefs' offense brings. Including how Brenton good morning football in the NFL network. There are some homes right don't we get so excited this feels like that would NFL blitz of the play called. Dum Bom we're every one went along with drink and do it to the Harry hill got so we walked isn't Kelsey. I cannot wait to watch to see display this is saying to the beach and I like it. You know it's interesting this is it really is like the greatest show on grass right now because you've got the wide receiver combination which is like Isaac Bruce Torry Holt he got the tight end Travis Kelsey what was that guys name in Saint Louis it was the tight end. For that team really poll now the watch now and I hear the it's tight end who was the tight ended in Saint Louis that you're they won the Super Bowl while. I wanna say like you've genes something but I could be 100% wrong on that and then you're running back you've obviously got there's the Marshal all comparison there. With with auriemma right now I mean that this is setting themselves up to have a very nice crew of weapons. For pat homes to have success asked hurting her or Ernie Conwell. Conned well not yet caught Ernie Conwell thirty comma the FAA entrap discussed obviously better than he was so I mean. You got a really nice weapons here you got really really nice weapons on offense right now. I think you're still gonna have to score some points because I still think defensively got some areas to improve. But pat Holmes has been set up now for success there's no excuses right now. For pat on the school out there and let it rip kids grass always looks crappy at the end of the year anyway as the others are Carlton did job painting press mining it's go out there were lots level. The other thing this team can bird. The one thing. And then maybe has been talked about enough with this signing is the belief that it shows in Patrick Holmes because if you're citing Sammy Watkins this deal three years. Right for sixteen million dollars per year ten million dollars for your guaranteed if it means you think your quarterbacks ready to hit the ground running steered the animal weapon can help immediately. So it says a lot about their belief in my homes and good. This even elaborate on the weapons Nate Burleson of the NFL network former NFL wide receiver. Discussed it yeah. Whether the top weapons you know you're gonna look at saying Robinson we'll say war. Here's some numbers here is that she said 11000. Yard season but if you look at what he did last year the connection between him and shared golf that's what got everybody excited. It's not just about the numbers and what should put a door of the season oftentimes these arms coordinators have a look at the tape and say. How efficient was that quarterback in getting that ocean with a walk and houses route running one thing I do love about Sammy Watkins were the best route runners and again. Because sevens from the ground to come out any break talking point in the field. Which is good for a guy like tyra kill we've got picked up positive coverage you have Kelsey who was an absolute beast he got all these different guys informative things and now you got to choose route one that brought him to fix intensity. Big girls on the NFL network earlier today and with this massive. The massive day for that she cement how to signings too big time sign and you're talking about a lot of money invested in these two players in Anthony hit since Sammy Watkins. Know a lot of people know much about it's it's looking for more we run stopper that's who he is and I think feared she spanked you've crossed that rushing defense last season. They're probably feeling good about another inside linebacker who is the second best in the NFL when he came to stop the run last year let's go with it with this defense we've got to stop the run because if you don't shut down the run you're not gonna win football games that we saw firsthand and a post season game they could not stop. Eddie George I mean they just could not affect guy again for the Tennessee Titans. And it turned into an eighteen point comeback. They've got to find a way to play defense and shutter down on the defensive side of the football I think this year. It's gonna be all about scheming to try to acted to stop guys and hopefully 2019 they can infuse some new talent on this year's draft and they can take over. And be wrecking crew tied the defense 2019 and beyond because. You don't wanna waste these crime now offensive years for everybody. That the Kansas City Chiefs said. There's a big east. During the day here to wrap up. Our commercial free half hour that was very eventful including a long discussion with threads paler covering everything with the Kansas City Chiefs around AFC west. And throughout the NFL. As today's been a very busy news day tied we getting busy news day here in the morning and now we never get to have that we save at least have a lot recently something Yeltsin there's another busy news day recently. Old Alex missed it maybe that Allison down and heaven knows him at a Friday even if it hit us on Friday afternoon's big time. Is deadly like Tuesday because he was under the Super Bowl on Monday I guess I was thinking about those on Friday it was Posner. It was a Friday as the front Eritrea. And then Lusa Friday. Bruce is a Friday it's new I think the problem thinking they're something recently happened in the morning we finally get something there was the offer to Mike who's who air cop wasn't. The 140 Olympic Colin report out just couldn't remember if you Tatum whose Olympic hockey there. Probably asking yourself what is Sammy Watkins. And LeBron James having com. The answers everything with a line two minutes.