03/13 7a - Headlines, Sammy Watkins & Anthony Hitchens

Fescoe In The Morning
Tuesday, March 13th

Headlines plus we react to the free agent signings in Sammy Watkins & LB Anthony Hitchens 


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It's talking about stated intention to screwing something here. It just. The aspect. So when Sammy Watkins flies to Kansas City tomorrow when we haven't spotted the airport yes. He can be listening to 610 Sports Radio on the thirties and be eligible to win that thousand dollars breaks laws you sure as cell phone and is able to text seven to 81 correct. There and he knows the code word we devious the thirties on a product that sixteen Billy here. Certain temperature partly why he's out of the thirty million guarantee as yet about their future goes he's next to pray all this he's an extra grand a Sammy Watkins that you haven't been listening this morning you're just due to an end. Sammy Watkins is coming to the chiefs as per unit rap port of the NFL network. Three year deal sixteen million dollars per season thirty of which is here in teed. Last year in Los angels played in fifteen games 39 catches 593 yards. And eight touchdowns. And over a thousand yards back in 2015. With the Buffalo Bills was injury plagued 2016. But when he played a full season as rookie 65 catches 980 yards and six touchdowns. So for those counting at home and it Josh has been on this all morning to 45 touchdowns in 52 yeah. Say yeah in the end zone and again tack up more stuff. Brett beach is done without getting to the draft you have got drafted yet canister of his head one bit busy. Less than a year in past nine months whatever it is not drafted for the first time at the GM CC a lot of TCN's multiple cease fans at their very sad it was Sammy Walcott was being signed by the organization they helped chase Daniels comes and becomes the backup quarterback and now. So he can hook up with us and they all pays Sammy walk ins. Thirty mil they got hurt they really did they may have paid the raw data ball must Sammy Watkins said he welcomed though. A total rocked a Sammy Paul Hawkins. A we have a dealer at Al. I want to put your hands together. And welcome to the stage big round of applause but Jackson Heights Ole miss their rendered. Watson. He asked every hall games they may still only 24 years old which means that the end of this three year contract if he sees all three years and it he'll be 27 and still. And a right towards the end of his prime but still be able probably cast one or at a Belmont big time contract we decided to another tough script about that's the reason why you make it three years and it's the re ME make it three years because. If the gates made it through an entire season healthy he's been healthy a lot of his career this idea that he always contender yet answered 26 feet. Played it what thirteen games exceeding thirteen 815. Yet so I played a wonderful season. Well pupils see flights at 150. OK I'm sorry but fifteen games dvds SATA deputies and we sanity in LA at. And well spotlight I'll go out of this year. Really played fifteen game yet this year is fifty unit and it Vinny played sixteen his rookie year thirteen and fifteen and then. Eight games three of the season ending injuries when he 68 seconds it. Type cast no enemy no matter what it is you do sometimes you get typecast he's typecast as an injury guy and he's got to fight that battle that's why the V I mean look it's it's the NFL guys are gonna get heard it happens all the time. But he's coming here he's another weapon on this offense it makes you better offensively today that you were 1015 minutes ago before this came down. It's a nice move by the Kansas City people are gonna hated I'm sure but from an offensive standpoint you're making sure your quarterback succeed its people are stupid. I call this people are dumb and and they look at things and they go perception as this so Dominic called this the perception is. That she's after every killing nobody also wide receiver you might like Chris Conley he's accomplished nothing he's accomplished he's talked gladiator style icon Eddie Robinson the markets provost accomplished nothing now. And it seriously at your interludes Albert Wilson who is how the only other accomplished wide receiver you have on this team again he's so. It's Sammy Watkins that's exactly actually accomplish something if he was good in buffalo with nobody throwing to boot do you have in buffalo to the F Fitzpatrick the Fitzpatrick was his rookie year yet Brinkley. Right Manuel. Old EJ annual number of black guy home. I don't know if he crossed I mean I know they played the other don't know PG manuals. Watch it bunch of games and have it better quarterback TVs playing five games this rookie year. Kyle Orton. Who's not team with Kyle Orton. He was on a team where. I saw somebody suggest I rushed Taylor signed Kyle Stewart mr. baca a twenty year twice touchdowns and no one paper Tyrod Taylor. Sometimes I just can't laugh loud enough that some of the suggestions we miss Tony fifteen season is three quarterbacks were EJ Manuel Tyrod Taylor Josh Johnson while Tyrod Taylor just got traded to Cleveland so that's a nice. Is it best when he fifteen if we had over a thousand yards and nine touchdowns Josh Johnson who's the third and EJ Manuel de EJ Manuel Tyrod Taylor Josh Johnson and sandy walk ins in thirteen games had 1047. Yards and nine touchdowns almost a thousand yards with Kyle Orton. And EJ Manuel won here and I mean that's it it's a nice makes this team better I just. I think it's it's amazing this vitriol that some people wool hat. At 7 o'clock in the morning or 6:30 in the morning when the chiefs go out. Make themselves better as you ask Mike earlier are they better get they are better today on offense. That they work twelve hours ago. And people get. At about that like I just public deceive people get mad at the chiefs didn't sign anybody to be Catholic how parental quick. George help bring good morning football moments ago on the NFL network. Well there are some homes right don't we get so excited this feels like BitTorrent NFL blitz that was a play called. Dum Bom we're there every one went along with drinking it to the Diamond Hill denser we walk isn't Kelsey. I cannot wait to watch the chiefs play this is saying to the B Jeff and I like it. And to the beach because you are you have everything's he brought more sand to the beach soundly country song. I'm brought me some saying you believe shed a lot done this I'm not girlfriend who last year to FaceBook page with. Or country it's coming up on the portrait as well I think he won country's sixty yards and a recruitment remember. It's back there's like three people that are just over the moon an excellent idea Cilic copy celebrated as one that. Let's. Stimuli tunes is not going to be teammates with Tom by Halloween was released by the chiefs yesterday saving them about seven point seven. Million dollars he finishes second on the team's all time list with 89 and a half sacks obviously behind. Derrick Johnson. So I tomboy Holly's and had a very nice tweet yesterday. Tom a Halloween 91 we've retreated on our 610 Sports Radio putter needs at six cents or Stacy. But the top a highly in Derrick Johnson air it is officially over here in Kansas City. Tomba Soria is no longer with us I mean it's Soria and Tom but basically had the same career arc in Kansas City really really really really good. Earlier earlier earlier earlier earlier really bad and you don't wanna remember the bad but it's hard to forget the last couple years of Tom holly doing. Whatever it was that he was doing. That's that massive facelift dealt Tom how lead Derek Johnson Ron Parker Philippines. They got some work. Who do you and it's my goodness hey did you just replacing bodies they had some work to do anyway according to do anyway I really they just adjusted sheer numbers didn't they got work to do five draft all defense and already got a wide receiver situation figured out I'm drafting 100% defense maybe later rounds to try to find some debt that offensive line to replace is Zach Fulton. After that and yet I was called sack. Pool that's a good name it there's a blog I wrote about sex fault you know the guys had clearly I I obviously am. And he was this yeah he's forwarded it to Houston Texans yesterday I county cut that like. Lafayette area hard at the just think I stated hated to have their own scouting report. I got a lot of us now. That it. All of after the show today I went ahead after the Jay get my work out in like a view. Every day you can always find me there at noontime it five my wife they're trading for a half marathon as well and with summer approaching that's when you'll find the kid it was this summer at the three outdoor pools. At the that's what we're playing softball this year they just installed three brand new turf softball fields. At the for your kids to play baseball or softball for your keys to spend the summer and for you to kind of get in shape and it's an idea I am down fifty pounds of keeping it off with my workouts at. At the a brand new indoor track as well you can't beat the fitness center that the GA has to offer right now if you sign up this month you get the rest of marginal April for free and that was it right into the summertime went all the phone will be kicking off at the today it march and April 4 or eighth and do what we did and everybody can live it up at the Jake. We stick with NFL free agents see it looks like he's Keenan is going to be the starting quarterback for the Denver Broncos. As the Kirk cousins rumors probably coming to an end this morning. He is going to sign with the Broncos that being case in not Kirk cousins. So alive if you were worried about that Kirk cousins and or Drew Brees going out to be mile high city. That is no longer like these in new Broncos. I'm not worried at all about case team and that's like the one guy thought and I hope the Broncos signed him. Is that they signed reasons I don't think it's gonna happen I still 100% believe drew we Drew Brees has played in New Orleans next year I hope so. If this Kirk cousins I'd be terrified he's I think cousins has been held back a little bit in DC you give him the right amount of weapons the right kind of play players they're at right time a coaches around him. I think Kirk cousins to be really good so that would worry me. Tasty item was my favorite option at the only thing that would be at all worrisome for me at least is at the broncos' side draft baker mayfield fifth overall and haven't sit kind of learn the position because. To meet mayfield is a bit of a project quarterback. He's got a lot of swagger is gala competency as lot of talent. But he's he rained a little bit and be more mechanically sound couple years sitting behind case team could be very beneficial for him I hope that's not the case. But it's if they go that route that I am a little bit worried about the future for the wrong. I think right now with the Broncos or Tony with a top ten pick and five quarterbacks available they don't like any of them and I don't think many people like any of them as you heard from John Dorsey trying to get rid of that number one overall pick. They'd rather give eighteen to twenty million dollars a year to case keen on the go out try to draft a quarterback that's pretty telling. Did they discuss any Watkins to the Kansas City Chiefs throughout the entire show in March Madness is here. We of the game to play when it comes to March Madness that you do not want to miss. Next. That's going more. More now like welcome Bob best coach Josh Butler and producers David Spector. Breaking news all across the board at the chiefs are having a big day. Sandy Watkins let's start with Emma. Tim walked in signed by the chiefs. Three years 48 billion dollars with thirty mil for a full guaranteed its signing it. Mean this and Walken is going to get sixteen million dollars per year and ten million guaranteed per year. The chiefs now having another thing another player. A big weapon on defense according to Ian Rapoport. They're going to side former cowboys linebacker Anthony pitches to a deal worth nine million dollars per year accordingly in Rapoport the NFL network. Big moves happening for the chiefs today guys and into Santa watch and obviously the biggest one and an anti kitchens to help a defense that badly needs linebacker help. How much how many years is this deal we don't know yet we're trying to wait for we have gotten quite that far yet he's got to. Nine mil I heard humor and at Ed hitches his 25 years old. Ways for that played for the cowboys for. Four years. Seem trying to learn more about him as we dogs is literally just came down a Sony Ericsson's but he's got when he got. 304 tackles. Over his four year career and last year 84 tackles he really got the run stopper that's what he does and he's that's that's his specialty. If they run stopping linebacker and obviously for the Kansas City Chiefs they neat they're looking for a run stopping linebacker. Yes always going to be their middle linebacker now. Did Reggie rag and Anthony hitches that's your inside. Well I will see this look I I know people get excited about free agency in the NFL I don't get excited about free agency in the NFL because I think sometimes you can you can have these full signings and and I always believe that guys leave and teams are allowing guys leave via free agency. For a reason there's a reason why Sammy Watkins on Anthony hits in Zito case Q whoever whoever it is. There's a reason why their current teams are allowing them to go to another team. In the NFL and it's been proven over years at the NFL. You don't build your organization by going out breaking the bank in free agency the way you do it is obviously through. The draft and and I'm. Start to smell a little bit the last two years and Andy Reid had there in Philadelphia where they are trying to plug every hole with a free agent out there. On the market because they are getting him into desperate times just because you now signed Sammy Watkins and just because you now signed Anthony Richards. Doesn't mean you don't go out there in the draft and still try to fill. You know spots on your roster with good quality draft picks because you feel like okay we got these guys in free agency you still need to build up this organization from a depth standpoint you still need to build up this organization. From a from a player's standpoint that you went out handpicked the draft of the best organizations the teams that have the most success in the National Football League. Are the teams that go out and do withdrew the draft look at the Philadelphia Eagles look at the doing patriots giants and they were winning Super Bowls. Look at the Pittsburg Steelers look at what Jacksonville was doing through the draft right now when you build a team. It is done through the draft and if you want a supplement that guy here or there. Via free agency I guess I'm OK with that but I'm not as OK would it is I am a sport like like baseball where you don't have to worry about learning the system or something like that. In the NFL it takes time and always go back to the conversation that I had without Saunders the former offensive coordinator here would you switch teams when you switch coaches would you switch quarterbacks would you switch defensive sides of schemes and all that. You're learning brand new language and it takes time it's akin to being a guy who speaks only English being dropped off in France and saying. Adapt right away and learn this tomorrow it doesn't happen overnight and there is a learning curve. That will happen sandy watt and now going to his third team eventually some of that stuff starts to get jumbled little bit so while it's exciting that they wanna sign guys that we heard other names that we've had. You have to understand that it's not gonna be an immediate boom success. And Andy Reid is Carty failed by tried to build a roster via free agents I hope that's not the direction that he continues to go here in Kansas City I hope they continue to work on the draft think about the draft make the drafting major priority because without the draft being a major priority this team will not. This success that we want I think ultimately that's true but we are to the draft yet and there're so many holes on this defense he's talked about battle in the last segment all the work they have to do on defense just to get bodies. And you have to do some of that via. Via free agency you educate you can't you can't just draft. Go to use eight draft picks and plug them all into play defense tomorrow that's like and that's not realistic either but. You know I think they'd have to supplement be I think I think there is a line. And you can cross that in any breed of litigated in Philadelphia. But I. I guess there's so many holes on this defense this year they couldn't possibly fill the ball via the the draft some like this make sense I don't know much about it that he kitchens and now about nine million per is a lot to us like. Sounds like a lot based on production what time he did these the Big Ten tackles for Nebraska Iowa Louisville. I put that's why did just that he was middle linebacker both warriors you know that's yes I know and you call yourself I'll law does they exit the 124 tackles creditor. And that's to their. Now you would think Josh who does not dead animals too busy watching Kansas team was I don't know. I don't care and college either I mean guys the icy night Clinton doesn't for a bulls. Not a tonic tackles like emotionally it is like just to leaders are like okay shore. I'll take your word authorities wrap parties and play making weapon that would Greg's got a budget numbers I don't know. Well looking at it from the perspective of trying to fill that defense. In its look here's the thing all that somewhat in two ways true right. It takes time to adjust but the chiefs are rebuilt 12018 yeah I mean it's his season where everybody's trying to get everything rebuilt it say quote unquote solved rebuild. Seaver is say walking is great and Anthony hits NC let them adjust and adapt for an entire season when you know you're not really trying to make a push to go win a Super Bowl. Then you drafts bringing a bunt toward offensive players try to build them up and little by little you start it's stronger on the defensive side of the ball. Walking exactly mates Patrick Holmes in his first year as a starter yes acclimate in my twin nineteen if you can hit the ground running. To meet that's all of these moves a 12018 they're purporting nineteen because even with its anti kitchens which immediately placed second line back yeah right he's gonna be next to Reggie rag on Saturday played jumpers they're real people in the middle. That's all that's happening it's not like you're bringing in somebody who's going to. Dominate is pass rusher something like that somebody to fill that middle which the chiefs have needed for so long well they did he need to go through three elder president. All the elusive middle linebacker right that second minute a second inside linebackers if you through free agency to get a guy that you go okay we have a lot of belief that he's only 25 years old we bring him in here. Should work out well force all right go for. Keep all of that defense by 2019. You should be in a position where you can actually contend in for when he eighteen. Give a lot of fun players to watch a lot of development to watch when it comes to Patrick Holmes a quarterback here say Milwaukee as a wide receiver adjusting or what will be a very young defense trying to adjust pops out his game plan. Yeah but let's think about let's look at the last generation of the Kansas City Chiefs Agassi called the generation maybe that we're in right now if you want whatever it is. You're you're looking at a team and an organization. That really all the best players have been drafted I mean they're they're really haven't been many street free agents. That have come in let's say over the last ten years and been these huge impact players for the Kansas city chiefs of air and I think that's probably par for the course. For just about every team in the National Football League because the cheese did a really good job of weather guys get your free agency they re sign him they kept him here in Kansas City native mess around. With going out trying to fill holes on the free agent market and when they did do that guys back in the in the late days of of Carl Peterson and Marty Schottenheimer in the late ninety's that last run that they have there. They went out they signed you know left by Lopez's husband they went out had bam mores coming here and Chatman blocked it and all of these guys. That or abject failures and that's what I cautioned against that I look at the past I'd look at history and I look at the cheese when they made a big run in free agency they failed miserably in when he Andy Reid made a big right in free agency in Philadelphia he failed miserably that's what you just can't keep your eye off the prize and continue to focus that it's the draft it's the draft that's the draft. And if you get away from that you're screwing yourself when you're screaming organization ultimately screwing the fame. I'd disagree wholeheartedly with the all the way to build us through the draft if you team that's a disaster right if you're urged major picking ports the top of the draft let's say you're picking top five. All right bill the draft because going through free agency you're not gonna help yourself that much your team frankly is good enough to be held through free agency if you're cheese. You go to the playoffs for the last five years you have an offense that's one of the best young offenses in the NFL right now we think of the stolen from the ground the weapons are you of the book the rushing leader from last year though brushing title holder from last year Korean hunt. If Travis LC's one of the top three if not the best tied it in the NFL yet Tyreke knows emerging is the best deep ball catcher in the NFL. You read Sammy Watkins a guy who is very good catching not just the deep ball but he's much better as far as intermediate routes go and that's something pat from homes where his strength wise is throwing intermediate routes. So yeah all those things together what are you wait for the next three years that she's too acquired a draft picks to be able to compete someone's got to play and madness afternoon near as Mike well understood. Here's the do you go build the draft great yeah suck for the next three years and ruin your all wrapped up you have to suck for the yes isn't years that you feel. Spot. Yes I the big you have hicks I mean admittedly they got hurt that's coveted second round pick for a guy that they didn't have to trade himself but the next year. During the second after the super give us any nation there's that router telmex he's a UUU. Have to it eat you have to suck in the NFL lesser Cleveland I mean that's that that's really the only caveat in the NFL the only can really ask the suck all the time. Is Cleveland. I you know and and I'm not a fan of Zach fault but a lot of people thought he was one of their best offensive line that he's gone in this offensive line still has some areas that they need to uncles it and fix. You know going forward as well so I just think you know you can you can do all your supplement and you want free agency. But if you start to rely on free agency to build an organization you're doing wrong. Are your shares of 1000 dollars come up at 730 and while the chiefs of Phil a couple of needs a threats Taylor the Kansas City Star broke down some of the other needs they're going to need to fill. They what they are next. It's a thousand other authorities. Text the word credit CR ED IAT. Credit. 272881. At 72881. You could be the thousand dollar cash winner in the national contest six dead Sports Radio the only Sports Radio station in Kansas City he be a chance of the 121000 dollars each weekday. In next chance to everybody thirty complete rules its extent sports dot com. It's a breaking news extravaganza. Here on sixth and Sports Radio started at 615 with Sammy Watkins signing to the Kansas City Chiefs for three years 48 million with thirty mil guaranteed it. And authority in Iraq for the NFL network they've also added a weapon on defense. With inside linebacker Anthony kitchens former cowboys inside linebacker they signed into a deal worth nine million dollars per year. And he's going to be paired up with Reggie rag. Interestingly enough yesterday. We saw a piece from a to residue archive from Kansas City Star chief since Saturday rose Taylor wrote. About the five places where the chiefs need to get help going to the offseason all defense. Show us. What a defensive line to cornerback three. Edge rusher for inside linebacker. Now has been addressed and five safety on the inside linebackers been addressed they've brought up now that the chiefs have Anthony kitchens. Threats Taylor brought up. The fact that Reggie rag when got to put the got him for fourth round pick in the pre season and he turn into revelation. The chiefs need a better run defense though because even with Reggie rag and he helped their rushing defense but obviously after what we saw on the playoff game at the eighty more help so they go out assigning Anthony Haitians. Also honorable mention. For her as. Wide receiver so that she's mapped out score people next year. And this is common recovered from an Achilles injury they could really use another downfield threat to pair with Tyreke kill as insurance. That she's confers that was the deep ball as part of their attack it will ease the burden on their offensive line make the ground game easier it could could also studies at Watkins crosses off that on the. You could also include potentially hunter on that list now as well because as as a tampering period has begun to. We haven't heard much about Dustin Colquitt coming back to kids city and I can tell you he he wants to be back in Kansas City I mean we all know that but. I think you also wanna say destined to get all the monies in the world out there of somebody can offer more money. Then Kansas City offer of a better opportunity that that he may have to consider taking back even though he wants to be back here in Kansas City so punter could be kind of wonder we're looking at as well the cheese may have to go out and and it the draft the partisan a rookie free agent type deal. 888 punter. Like Dustin Colquitt because he was arguably the best at his job and so if you lose a guy like that now you could be a hole where you have to watt replace him as well. But if if I'm looking at what's race is set. I guess I'm in the same categories Torres not Google to necessarily bring peace in order of need but I think that I think the defense of line right now. As far as I'm concerned I don't know anybody on it anymore yeah I really like is to know ass and yell somebody you can count on is how Olivia and there outside right linebacker so so what what is easy right is Allen Bailey guide that you can count on any idols growing so I think he's probably get a tablet let moved on. Obviously. The guy Bennie Logan in the middle is not gonna be back for this chiefs team so when you look at a 34 defense right now that he and do you have Chris Jones and and that's about it and is he going to be a guy that. Is it now on that defensive line no heed based you'll need a nose tackle they still need another down defensive lineman. Other than that this team is very very soft very very weak very very very open and on that defensive line so they've got to find some guys who can come into play. That defensive line for this organization and I think that's going to be Paramount draft pick for them to go out there and solve some of their defensive line issues because they haven't been able to do that guys I mean all these years. They really haven't been able to solidify. That defensive line to this to the point where it's good enough against the run. And good enough against the pass and so I think that's a that's a big time work in progress for Britain speech. Clearly the chiefs are more focused on stopping the run though that's become like has become obvious through their freeagent sign on as a minute ago they went and got a middle linebacker. Any if any kitchens who isn't much of a coverage linebacker he's all about stopping the run a and for the chiefs look at where they've struggled that it's been a lot with stopping the run and they've let the past be opened up by with their inability to stop the run throughout the last couple years. As big reason why their defense is slid backward. From where it was and 2013 fourteen and fifteen under Bob's sudden sixteen and seventeen the rushing defense is the main reason they slid back. Now they're going to have to make up for that end. Through free agency for the chiefs I think is the perfect way to do it if you came and clearly rice I Anthony kitchens they believe they can. They still like the one big thing there still missing a is it knows that I gotta have a nose to an idea draft that this year maybe you bring back on part know people talked about. And now I knew what was the him very much either Armenia signed a one year deal for peanuts last season in Atlanta maybe he comes over to Kansas City he'll sign it. Maybe slightly better fielding side a year. Erica I like somebody was predicted he can get paid this offseason likes pack for what the NFL insiders like this guy's gonna cash and and I think in San Diego on the list as the as a potential landing spot for him. Part of the problem is it's hard to find those stacked it really so if you're nose tackle with all these different guys were working out there and age feels like there aren't enough for you to fill every need yes so I mean maybe that does Jack up the price movement for Domtar Pau and become a problem he's on the Mike whose stock has contract last year the one year deal worth normally when everybody thought Don Tarik I was gonna make some serious cash in the open market. He ended up having to basically taken a team friendly deal with the literature out and in CN now I don't know collusion or whatever not a lot of the other of the 44 and I mean that not not a lot of teams are lining up and at 34 defense anymore so. I think if you're a guy like that Tariq told you would think hey I got the opportunity right now. It to go cash in and and I'll I hope he does but I would love their B way to bring him back here because. I think I think we miss value dietary code it city as as both fans and as an organization because we saw what life was like last year without on target though. I don't Olympic opening day I don't know what that contributed. To just a case opera and run but the the thing is when you lost the outside pass rush. You really missed on hard pose ability to rush up the middle yeah and that's of the Bennie Logan in Manhattan is applaud your he takes up a couple of guys on your offensive line eats takes double team and that's about it. Domtar poke you do is to take on the double team any also could split the double teaming get after the quarterback of the chiefs merely miss last year especially after T Ford got hurt just Houston's number started to dip. Contain discussed this but if you're just joining us Sammy Watkins. Already Kansas City now a signs with the chiefs for a three year 48 million dollar deal with thirty million fully guaranteed its signing. And it's somehow one of the more controversial plays it really is and it text from buddies who I guess I'm getting text from buddies who hate it well I'd like player for this from Iraq worse terms of first person oh is gonna play four games a year as the first response center walks never played less than eight games a year his entire career. I had somebody but in my text me and say he's the office equipment equivalent of Darrelle Revis from last year since these 225. Penalty I don't really know are true but not old Malvern noted that that's the thing it's the first session of six that is it is no way from the reality its -- -- he's got a bowl this year because the perception is that he doesn't ball he doesn't mean it is just it's a place for games I don't play anything he's put. Eight games in 20/20 sixteen you played eight games other than that he's played thirteen to sixteen every year but that this this is the perception of Sammy Watkins and again the perception becomes. You know everybody's reality you have to go out there and prove people wrong that's just life whether he'll like it or not it's not football because statistics and production at. That's the true reality but you you can show people that but they still have their mind made up that they don't like this player or that this players always hurts 08 it is one of these deals where you're gonna he's gonna have to go out there. And he's gonna have to prove the doubters wrong the folks don't think he's going to be a very good football player the folks that think he's injured all the time and and he's gonna have to go out there and prove everybody wrong you know that that the fans that are against this trade so there's going to be people against this trade until the regular season starts we see him score. I'm an eight to 1012 touchdowns something like it's deciding that traded sites assign somebody signing for Sammy Watkins and Nate Burleson on NFL network part of the good morning football crew. He brought the injury prone perception. Of Sammy walk ins. Here next. Welcome back again. The cheese bacon moves today breaking news all over the place said he locked in just three years 48 million dollars with thirty million guaranteed he's coming to Kansas City to play for the chiefs. Also linebacker if any kitchens of former Dallas cowboy. Inside linebacker will get a deal worth nine million per year this is all VEE Rappaport. And the chiefs are very. Active. One of the more shocking things those. Couldn't be more excited for San walking tonight as soon as there's to doubt it is yelled excited for a solid four minutes. Bush its bid a little bit controversial. Little shocked actually how controversial. This entire situation is they would say walking people love the move how many people hate the move. By chiefs fans are worried about his health they're worried about a lot of things for Sammy Watkins. Nate Burleson good morning football and NFL network earlier this morning disgust with the help of Santa rockets. Keep remind that win Sammy Watkins left buffalo he's saying that he had that foot and ankle injury. Meaning with the rams and like you said they kind of revitalize because he was banged up and he's not making play after play and slowly machine like this production last year is down from what it was he ever he's been banged up the last two nestled this season you saw get healthier and healthier and also like is that some rockets going deep is that some rockets are run in the covers that some Iraqis are running quarterbacks. I guarantee you this he's gonna have a summer of not being banged up going into eighteen like it where he's not. Not the number one guy are the number one target each houses and Sammy could have a huge season intensity depending on the type of rhythm that he gains were patent office. Liberals and the war in football and NFL network it is right Santa walking down the stretch had a very good season and I guess I really think was he not right. Early on in the year ending got healthier as the year went on but considering he was out for. Half of the 2016 season. It makes sense if you was a little bit banged up and not fully back until he hit his stride became the Sammy Watkins we all knew during the back half last season. Only reasonable rhythm of Padma homes their plane at a park this after Iowa citadel and bishop the age throw a football I don't know how this waited for the insecure Nvidia right there is there are I'll look at this connection to Patrick hopes to sit at Watkins gap if you're simply walk ins this bear. Enticing situation. You come in you don't have to beat a guy like you worm buffalo. Where you're the only wide receiver we have thrown it up to you and that's it he Tyreke on the other side you have Travis Kelsey who's going to be the number one target is tight end. You pressure taken off the view in if he comes into it develops that rhythm with Patrick Holmes. And you're talking about a very dynamic offense with weapons all over one that they pearls and a good morning football love to discuss. They got web as a top weapons. You know you got elected saying rockets and some will say war here's some numbers here's is that she said 11000. Yard season but if you look at what he did last year the connection between him and air guard that's what got everybody excited. It's not just about the numbers and what you put up during the season oftentimes these on scored they deserve a look at the tape and say. How efficient was that quarterback in getting that was seen with a balk and houses route running one thing I do love about Sammy Watkins. He's one of the best route runners and again he can sevens from the ground to come out at any break on any point in the field. Which is good for a guy like tyra hero who has got a tough also covers. You have Kelsey who was an absolute beast he got all these different guys and do some different things and now you got it should move around my neck and brought their move the sticks intensity. They Burleson never lies and as that. I'm here and played a profession Qaeda though. But don't let that go to anybody's out route running he knows exactly what he's talking about why you're Nate Burleson breaks down the route running a Sammy walk ins. Apart when I brought a burly he's an intermediate pass catcher Kari kill right now is a short pass and deep pass catcher. You need to have more on the intermediate because if you go back and look at that Denver Broncos game that was more intermediate passes than the chiefs have thrown in the game and by a huge margin Blassie's. Because Alex Smith through a lot of short passes and a lot of deep passes those intermediate those fifteen to 25 yard throws and make a lot of those who was either unloading it deep. Or throw it short. Part of that is because he didn't really have a wide receiver. Who could run the routes to get open and those intermediate spots and also wasn't one of balance a strong suits knowing that it's one of Patrick strong shoots his suits to throw that intermediate ball. You get a wide receiver who brought off routes to be open in those immediate place is seeking to hit him. They get those shots George Diller on all levels now right yet you should be able to attend all three doubles and that's how you create a dynamic offense big reason why I love the site. Why why did LA not really put up a fight to keep him there they traded for him last year at the beginning of the year in August of 2017 brought him in for a year got him into the offense would charity golf. They put up a really nice numbers last year offensively in the Los Angeles a big with tape on Austin was Sammy Watkins out there even even you know you give you factor in the running game that they had out there as well what Todd Gurley. Why didn't they want Sammy Watkins back those are the questions that I think that says Hawkins back they came down to a tough situation they had to they had a franchise tag somebody get out and that we came down between. LaMarcus Joyner. We're seeing you walking just because you know they franchise somebody doesn't mean he can't keep that acting can't keep him in the fold I mean I've I think that's what happens wanna go get paid well maybe he did but maybe the rams can it just didn't seem like the Graham's. Were all that incher stated in an added in making sure that Sammy Watkins stayed in the fall and I always go back if if you really wanna keep the guy in the NFL you really wanna die in your team. Why why did you let him go and and that's the question that I'll have it will be some digging around to find out what what went sour if you will something went sour out Los Angeles. To allow Sammy Watkins to get away because you don't like good football players often office put up numbers like they did last year. Just get away for no apparent reason and Sammy Watkins was a big part of what they Kansas City or what the young Los Angeles rams formally Saint Louis. Wanted to do offensively Sammy Watkins became a big part of that to be interesting to see why they wanted to let him go and let him get away and. Laughs and have a response that by the way to rest paler the Kansas City Star will join us at 840 here on six and Sports Radio so make sure you keep it locked in he's gonna give us more insight on these moves but this has been the rams all seasoning average remained Johnson. Who's now the number one quarterback in the free agent market because it may well also got Dennis and trademarks dieters a trade because they knew we got your rich remained Johnson. But Jimmy Johnson's that means we don't have the money to keep terming John well would you pay the money to keep two main Johnson or give up nothing to get Marcus dieters make him one point nine million dollar that's that's the roof right you know why would you pay they they're clearly not a situation where they wanna pay anybody a bunch of money. Except that looks like they might be forced to. With with Todd early. They'd talk girly they are gonna I wouldn't pay him either I. How to put it looks like they might have to opt out she's just is that it's unbelievable. Offensive weapon for them I mean in the passing game and that the guy was. And they got carried him on the on his back a lot of times last season. I understand why they're gonna have to pay top early that amount of money he was unbelievable and Tony seventeen. And that certain departments of other players like remain Johnson. And Mike in my Sammy Watkins and says there are used to franchise tag on Joyner. Let's face it tour was one of the best safeties in the NFL last year and they're trying to build a dynamic secondary. Makes more sense that franchise tag him that a guy you've had in your franchise from less than one year. They're gonna get bit out of paying the running back. At some point all the ideas they are that I hadn't had yet trying to put the idea around I was gonna have to pay him yet they they will they'll acts as a quarterback guided sooner rather than later it right well I mean he's only what two years it so I mean he's got another year before he really got to consider paying him but yeah I mean you're gonna is planning now yes for the future which general managers have to do all the time yeah you're absolutely thinking about that. I'm just glad everybody realizes now the the bull weapons you have the better you are going to be at that quarterback position it because for years and an and I remembered talking to coaches you know back in the Indian in the early two thousands who were here in the eighty's and ninety's with the chiefs who said. We were begging for wide receivers in 1989. We got here with Marty Schottenheimer and they would give us wide receivers they expect. The quarterback to just go out there in in and win it on his own and now it seems like that they drafted this quarterback in pat homes and all of a sudden stands and and everyone had this awaiting well we eat weapons to make sure that our offense works our that our quarterback or we got to have a weapons out there on the team we skip asked quarterback to go out there when it. Meanwhile everybody Juan and Alex Smith Trent Green or whoever was. To just go out there whenever we're trench first year here in Kansas City. He had Tony Gonzales in the they picked up Eddie Kennison late the year midway through that season. And and people were destroying train Greene oh he's terrible this guy's no good whitlock called the BT are at and T. Green and things like that hey it and I had a weapons and the beat the guy had absolutely no weapons at 2 o'clock on a quarterback to do at all but now we go out draft pat alms and. But for the last thirty years we've been say the court needs to go out and win it by himself. All of a sudden rapid change of philosophy here in Kansas City while we went drafted a quarterback and as opposed to going out trading for water getting one is a free age. Be cleared Jeremy Maclin was in more productive wide receiver and around the same age as Sammy walk and when he was brought to Kansas City and that that's nice but they Alex Smith never have an arsenal. That Sammy Watkins. That is Tyreke hill that is Travis Kelsey. That is careened on on his teams never had to know quarterback this may be the best set of weapons in the history of his friends are trying to build the best show on her from ads say yeah I mean you didn't have. All of these wet. Nobody has all these this this is probably the best of the weapons at they had so yeah it holds doesn't go out and have success this year that it's all on home state they are setting this guy either. Great success. Failure rates it says that race as. Find out you eat because that's the thing they're gonna give him 23 years they'll find out economy and you feel you built enough up around and then you know are right we either need to go get another quarterback organ when a suitable with Patrick Holmes. All right the chief didn't just. Signs any walk is they also signed linebacker Anthony kitchens to a deal worth nine million dollars per year and we have some information on hitches that you do not want to miss in two minutes.