03/13 6a - Tamba/Keenum Moves, Breaking Sammy Watkins News

Fescoe In The Morning
Tuesday, March 13th

Keenum to the Broncos, the Chiefs cut Tamba Hali and then we get the breaking news that free agent WR Sammy Watkins is signing with the Chiefs 


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Bob let's just play and producers David Spector. Paul Maholm. Dog for the jeans you was released yesterday at it that day we wake up to news that pace seen them. It's going to Denver Broncos balk at the top holiday here just evolve but the newer news of course is paced scene of the quarterback play for the Minnesota Vikings last season he was viewed as. Pretty average the vikings didn't keep him even after going deep into the playoffs with them and even though the vikings didn't keep him. Well. Maybe he goes solid team and elevate them. Welcome to the Broncos. I don't care. There are few things this world that terrify mean less guys encased in this has got to be a ruse by the Denver Broncos right to kind of like to distract you over here by shining a light them behind the scenes they're really going after Drew Brees because they don't really expect the content. With case team and as they are locked down quarterback for the next couple years Judy I saw somebody in Denver yesterday and it was different beds Albright tweet ideas. They've got keys keep him on the roster names Trevor Sydney I mean it's it's like the same thing this does not scare a lot of people at all. And it's no wonder the tees are tanking this year because they don't have to try to win the AFC west of Denver Broncos are you know attach their saddle if you will. Decay scheme and to be their quarterback for the next couple years I think it's a bad move by the Denver Broncos are no keys keep him out of self a great throw in a playoff game. And any led that team all the way to the NFC championship game. But they did that on the backs of the defense and encased team's body of work is not enough. In my opinion to offer him what 1820 million dollars here and he does what they're talking about with the Broncos. I mean in Kansas City L great deal fantastic deal. But if you're the Denver Broncos being John Elway he's Reza me is getting worse and worse as the years go along. When it comes to trying to find a quarterback now this will all be used against us whether in the Super Bowl in January encased in him as lady of their but. I tell me right now this does not scare me as an AFC west rival of the Denver Broncos this this move does not scare me at all very sick third place for me. And a breeze and it scared the crap out of oh god yes. On Ben cousins. And I still not fully believing in cousins but you know you're getting. A legitimate quarterback that's put up numbers for several years would that defense that are like OK that's the second in key case in distant there. So great. Great though that for a few years let's see let's see where they end up I'll take. A Tibetan homes in the chiefs but it shows you I think guys to what what their start to think of these quarterbacks in the draft the it was we get closer and closer to the draft the nobody's played game six months and get worse and worse and worse and everybody's eyes and they go through the draft process with these quarterbacks. They'd rather give case keep him eighteen to twenty million dollars of guaranteed money to go out taken a chance on a first round quarterback who. Will be among the Denver Broncos are drafting a day you know it the top ten of the draft this year there will be a quarterback there. For the Denver Broncos to go take it to mean when looking at as a team that is right now looking at these five quarterbacks don't. Wow we got we we we got heard water heard two or we can go with keys Keenan who had a very nice year last year may not be the best. But we think he's better than what's being offered in the draft right now I think the case keep him signing in Denver. Continues to go to the epidemic that we're facing in the NFL. A quarterback play being acting trending towards an all time worsen missile everybody's that's not the draft written as far. Is that they're supposed to be first round picks in the NFL draft this year. And teams are breaking the bank decided that he's Keenan who a year ago. Couldn't beat out any buddies for the starting job in Minnesota Italy got a because this guy got her act act got hurt I hurt so. I mean it just goes to show you what folks think to the quarterbacks coming out of college right now and know what John Dorsey is open for business or wants to trade down. It is he don't want. This is indicative of much larger problem in Denver it's John no problem it's funny because as I was reading from a Jeff labeled the VE SPN. About decided Denver picking it up you are just as people once used to add up. Might shake hands statistics without John Elway and buy back in the daily is out get a hands not a good head coach look at his stats about out now. Just like applies himself and a very similar situation because people are starting to add about his statistics. Without Payton man. And I and in you know it's interesting because there are a lot of coaches that you could look at and say all right were working and you know at a their statistics without backfire with this you take Belichick without Brady he's not a very good head football coach okay. You'd Utah necessarily fair in the journal. Does that you know I'll let him five with Matt Cassel was pretty impressed now that is true that is pretty Ganassi more than Cleveland days but you know yeah yeah at a John Elway without Peyton Manning. Obviously not very good. There are two coaches that stand out though Tom Coughlin and Katie Reid put them when anybody and they find ways to get it done the regular season they don't have they hitched their wagon one particular quarterback. In order to have success Demi Tom Coughlin had it in Jacksonville twice now and then obviously with the two Super Bowls with the giants. And we saw what Andy Reid didn't Philadelphia we saw what he's done here in Kansas City albeit regular season success. He's had a lot of overall success with multiple quarterbacks and I think sometimes. You know you wanna know what comes first the quarterback the coach sometimes you don't want to answer that question could you don't want the true answer to that but he Indy Reid's got the answer hey it's me it's all about me I can turn guys and good quarterbacks in the NFL went. So tasty to go to the Broncos will continue to discuss it throughout the entire day here on Vasco in the morning. Coming up at 615 in. Debate it's debate has been raging across the country when it comes to the NCAA tournament you absolutely do not want to miss and it's not about the selection show. Notes about the slice GO believe it or not believe it or not we've we've moved away from yes. Lot of news flight around the NFL yesterday big news in Kansas City is Tom Hall Lee is dog he is released by the chiefs before they have to pay him one million dollars for the year are in the off season begins. I'll say this it was time for both sides to move on it was time for the chiefs move on and I've for Tom holly to move on a and it. Over the last couple years top but it really bring as much to the table but now that he is done. I'd keep it top holly and remembering him as the bad ass that he was. Would he was in his prodded dominating in one of the best pass rushers in the NFL he did a lot for Kansas City. And I've remembered how holly as that guy and really have all appreciation now that he's gone pro football focus tweet that since they degrading players since 2006 Tom volleys. Registered more sacks pressures. And it hits that anybody else in the National Football League over that time. But to me he's the Soria of the chiefs it it is just time for Tom Ali to go he had better days and then his bad days were really bad days just like Soria was. For the Kansas City Chiefs we don't remember the good days nobody wants to remember the good about Soria. We're only got to remember the bad over the last two years that he had here in Kansas City and how we needed to get him out of town Tom holly really had a great start to his career here in Kansas City. But the last couple of years Tom holly has basically been nonexistent. And really hasn't done a whole lot except drain salary away. From the Kansas City Chiefs a bit this was a move that had to happen this is a move that should have happened a couple of years ago. But because of the guarantee baseball contract but somehow I'm holly got from the Kansas City Chiefs. They were able to move on from this guy I mean yesterday when I saw this news happened. I felt like he finally a sigh of relief that we've finally beat Kansas City Chiefs have been and handcuffed. And can go out they are now utilized that roster space and utilize that money in an area that will help sell CE atop the Soria enjoy wherever it is that you go next but I'm glad it's not here anymore because the last couple years. Were really really bad that's when this this is the type of move though there may be a terrible GM because I understand why eight paid him when they did but did you have to give and I guarantee and and then and then. He also led the league in non call holdings to Alter what I guess I suddenly forgot pro football players are that president. Did you do we duty to pro football focus numbers that might actually if you look hard enough they can fight I mean there is a stretch Jerry I felt like he had helped everyplace OK in my book like you know really good second rebel fighters stretcher he was just stupid good. And then you sign one like that one more contract. And that it bites you doesn't contract work for anybody like number eighty mean it is even angrily under contract to it is shows that the work right when I had no I have no idea how. How that all works out but BI it was it was very much timed to go but he had a heck of a career second in all time franchise history in sacks. And a really good like it sent out about five year window where he was just. Unbelievable. And then just just completely dropped off in the last three years he's been stealing money well so basically he's this he he really is the same story because things if you look at stories of the top seeds in in royals history. And the last couple years just wasn't really good had a really good beginning part of the distinguished year the mistake. They ruined stories or irritation that Rodham had brought back at the alternate route to its reputation by giving your lead money and doing nothing we'd thought of it dearly if you just played somewhere else for though approval from last three years you remember the good good Soria but but they brought him back and then and then tomba yet that that's that. Over thirty. That over thirty thing right I mean do you are Smart teams get away from guys and it's really hard to dale. It it it is for like ten minutes and and then you realize you move on and you're better off. Without that person because what you get over thirty in the NFL in lecture Tom Brady you know you're not really going to be. That productive and I think I think the chiefs of learned their lesson guys and and I I gotta be honest I don't think we're going to see them signing. Many guys to these long term contracts after they hit a certain age I mean David did a lot. By these contracts whether it's indeed Justin Houston whether it's Jamaal Charles whether it's Tom hotly. I mean those are three guys usually Charles for younger though mean a lot of that's just. Hi I dealt with they got bid alive today they signed these big time contracts and got hit by them and I can see why disorganization. And why organization really would be gun shy and doling out a lot of cash and not getting a lot of return really would make you. I don't Mel and people you know down the line may end up suffering from this here in Kansas City we may suffer space for a little bit because I I just don't think you can get into these long term deals with the elderly players. There gave away from. Any of those players nominated I guess. The larger deals for guys like air period just in Houston Jamaal Charles made sense and they got Jamaal Charles at what 930 years old. Away from Jamaal Charles and the right time they sign at the right time. The mayor Barry thing and got injured one year into his deal one play well yeah bolster the what happens Betsy and EA and yet what happens going forward Justin Houston's long term deal. Screwed up situation by by John Dorsey. Twice buys what is Cleveland now. Up because he can't evaluate talent is because he can't sign Smart contracts and what do adjust in Houston was taking a wait and see approach and then. You spent 42 sacks and cease. He had to payment I had no choice made you see as bird. You know if you bet on yourself no matter what industry you're you do you've taken a big time chance. But so's your company sows the team because it if you go out there bet on yourself you're 22 sacks. You did get paid you're a said they editor Gerri should just franchise tag people more I I agree but these players don't want to be on the -- I can't blame Tonto. Although it's franchise tag them take the money you wanna get these guys a long term deal you should have gotten a year prior both Houston and bear it. John Dorsey is gone it overpaid just Houston because he had the 22 sack season and Tony fourteen. That they're very they tried to get a deal done before when he sixteen. And that air became the best safety in the NFL Tony sixty right yes 780 yeah that's that's how it works we knew the wait and see you sit on it. You end up putting yourself in the worst situation. The chiefs now have to be out in front of you have to find a way to get guys like let's say that occasionally hunt now be telling field now he can't tell next season for hill added to you now whatever you want that was a team you can rip up current contract paid those guys. Because the way the rookie pay scale works you have to wait until a year three I think before you're able votes than some but do you really yet he's that was the problem with Marcus Peter's last year holding out votes he is it's like they can't even pay. Monologue like by the rules in the NFL they catered pay that money yet they have to wait until you've had three years of service. So one more year for Tyreke Oden and wearing 1980 take care him. What were your for Corey hunt twice what he can take care Hamlet two orders for Korea yet. Areas yes of warm tarts what exporting offseason do you take care career hunt so. Rig it's one of those things where I just doubled its salads. It puts it at that time stop taking this wait and see approach because I haven't how to get it comes back to bite the chiefs. It got to sit in a salary cap situation that's not favor. Well I would think byte by what by all accounts of and this is a rough estimate on May be higher on this base probably spent forty million dollars too much combined with Houston and Eric Berry. Is that a fair number you'd think forty million dollars overpaid between those two guys Downey melodies him. For a whole lot of cash reactor for 65 instead of 78 if you sodomy you're tired AB thirty bill that compared to today that's a lot of hunt oil money. Yes it. All right the debate over the NCAA tournament selection process is a white hot. It's about it even hotter. Next. Yes that department is set. The selection process started to gain a lot of controversy because of teams that are upset that they warn it and it happens pretty much every year. But the fact that they did things differently this season with all the watcher when is it weighted quadrant over whatever else. It's caused a little bit more controversy in the exclusion of Saint Mary's has upset quite a few people because it shows that it's doubly so selection committee. It's taking so some aim it at the mid majors that nobody's going to play during an on time make you a little bit tougher. For mid majors to make the tournament as at large bits and that's don't have very different solutions as to how to fix this problem. That's on here is this story viewers. I was reading an article yesterday in the sporting news about the Saint Mary's situation in the saga that is Saint Mary's and how they got left out of the NCAA tournament and you'll you'll look at their I think their street the schedule was like 257 and they were too would one of those quadrant one games and they made their money playing a bunch of teams that nobody's ever heard of before and and and I understand they were upset USC was upset about it as well self. I was reading through this yesterday on what. We do here are we going make this. I don't use the term more equitable because quite honestly the entity Saint Mary's is in the Michigan and not a do or anything like that it's freaking marries that nobody really ever heard of except Josh. Who happen to catch the Saint Mary's gets Aggie game Bob that's why you luck and I can watch that game all the criteria some very nicely done by you okay so you were a couple of other you know seem heads like you know I don't rosty that are out there watching bank bank. Okay compromise can't get well roster wasn't watching act have. And we got the baby was it something about this in the bait they released these teams right one through 68 they tell you who's the number one who's number 68. And what we've seen over the course of time in in in really over the years. With minority on the ESPN side of being in Jerry palm on the CBS side of thing and having palms a lot better than when Marty. But they always say they heal the last four are in in the NCAA tournament so what I want them to do now is have the NCAA. Do one of these deals where they announced who the last sport teens all our. Al. It's too loud Sammy Watkins to the chiefs how about that no way is about 16 though delay per year over three years for Ian Rappaport how about that. Sammy hawks in this oh my god these. You're very happy. You have a massive erection that's the bill said it's outlawed more than anybody says they lock nicely done. The top free agent wide receiver according to hear wrap pork. Go it achieves three year deal all. It achieves a play inside Sammy watching T bill her. That's a massive contract right there that's a big some way to go as it is sad idea help your young quarterback Patrick behold I. Get the cuts and tax tactic the state college and have the weapons to be successful I. Is all that's right now you have tired. Each pill if he had said it Watkins on the outside yet Korea hut last year's rushing title holder running back up your skills tied. Yeah. It's a lot of airbag wow. Are. So it's the chiefs that's it up as bad now. I understood the vets might not be very good and we might not see as many wins as we like to see Kansas City this year. Were SE one hell of an offense maybe like Leo the handles of the losses we drop it 35 McCain giving your job. Rookie for giants quarterback and the ball back. Given the it and let it. Golan that arsenal of weapons. That monster is about weapons. You're getting Patrick Holmes the ability to be successful. That's the big thing how times. In the NFL too we see it quarterback drafted high if you trade it to tenderly him first overall draft him high and the quarterback comes in he has nothing to work. You are giving him anything and often times disease franchises hand the keys over these quarterbacks to say. Go make magic happen good you saw that we don't care or is it take whoever we give you. And then they fail at Liberty City. Are going to the quarter like everybody do it would Alex Smith over the last couple Lee's style it's exactly what does that mean you start making everything about it it's ridiculous Alex Smith that I said he had nobody throw two no weapons deck Jack and socks he did it I mean to Gerri Gerri back did not Sasha over a thousand receive UR Jeremy Maclin was it on that team it was before Travis calcium words and a half past drowning dressed LC Tony I mean Sosa who we you can sit here but he's excited now that pat Holmes got weapons but meanwhile two years ago three years ago where Tom Allen Smith not having enough weapons. Nobody wanted to hear he's supposed to go out there went by himself and now let's around our I would weapons so he gets better. No no yes which is what we've been saying for years whether it was. It's me at their Trent Green or whoever was I mean they're begging for a wide receiver this organization since 1980 Marty shot and walked in the door to help their quarterbacks out they eagle there and investing in the wide receivers and weapons. To make their quarterback. I don't know all have success it's amazing when the lights. Finally goes on upstairs and an organization legal in all what we need some weapons to make our quarterback candidate they pamper just final last night at wide receiver did they yeah they say efforts this guy's dad. By the wager back inside a five year. Five year 55 million dollar contract that she's walking getting three years sixty million dollars sixty million to hole sixteen. Well balanced of their sixteen million per year over that theory as per yes 60 million for a year for 483. Years that they were playing the same now category because it's not as long term but back and making obviously over what big eleven or twelve million per. Is it sixty million personally for these younger hasn't even been Jeremy Maclin wasn't the timer remain about the same about the same maybe one year difference and I like when I Tony I feel like Sammy Watkins is the child as I feel like Assad is that like it's not like me they brought Jerry Maclin and it was some kind of all this is no big deal signed it was a big it was the number one free agent what he. Just clear and it Clinton but that that's where they that's where they kind of ended and and they didn't really go out and really go out go overboard I tested time and I think Sammy watt we fixed commodity and Tyreke it was going to be I I think right now you're looking that was Sammy Watkins. Is is ominous steel line from Josh he's a luxury right now he's your Ben Zobrist for the Kansas City Chiefs and that's a great thing that's not a bad that's a great thing had the ability. To go out and at a luxury and I like the fact they're finally taking my advice in giving their quarterback weapons. To have success because if you don't surround your quarterback take credit for so I am. If you if you don't give your quarterback weapons if you keep your quarterback options they're gonna have success and number eighty and for whatever reason it is what Tom Brady. He can figure things out and give it all done night Tom Brady's a masterful magician nobody else is Tom Brady. So you need to give your quarterback weapons and especially with the defense app out there the fact that this is a three year signing is really good. Not necessarily do it for big issue that should be your feet way you played together for a year and then boom in 2019 hopefully 20/20. That you can really hit the ground running on all things when you're ready to contend again and ready to BA player in the NFL again. They you can really get the ground running because as great as Sammy Watkins is that is why I was gonna stop this team on all things now. They still got to find a way to go out there make some plays on defense and the defense is an up the park to go out there contend for a championship right now offensively they'll be ready to rock and roll this is a nice soft and I. I don't wanna debate. His thing about Jerry Maclin who had better numbers then sandy lockyer says coming. Better career numbers coming and he was a better wide receiver at the time when he came in from this is yeah are what they saw they never gave him many weapons and that's beat. That they had etc. okay that had Jeremy Maclin they didn't have the tide in a league elevates the level he was at that time they didn't have a Kareem at the back nearly shares held kidnapped I can yell is guys that drug cartels have been Travis just three years now. Right guys have mature. But they didn't have those guys the first couple years and Alex Smith was here whenever we say Alice has got a lot wit. You can't win games out weapons in the teacher showing you that by going in getting Sammy Watkins. Are shut out coming up in ten minutes tech slide 69306. Topic one discussed thrown out there will dive into it contained discussed. Sid Watkins to the cheeks as besides a three year deal sixty million dollars per over those three years. And also your chance to win it a thousand dollars coming up at 630. Also. Things to get to hear. OJ sids is the boss confession has been out for a couple of days now and after this interview was buried for over a decade because of found out why it was buried. Next. It's a thousand on the thirty days tanks they code word manager. Am day and aid GT farm manager. 272881. At 72881. You can be the thousand dollar cash winner in the national contest. Has 610 Sports Radio the only Sports Radio station Kansas City. Getting your chance of the 121000 dollars each week day. Your next chance coming up at 730 complete rules extend sports dot com. The big chains have signed Sammy Watkins wide receiver played in buffalo for the first few years of his career that was traded to the LA rams last season had a strong finish to the season. And now according to Iraq worth the top free agent receiver he is now off the market as the chiefs are signing into a three year deal. Reported sixteen million dollars hurt. We're gonna container try to confirm the money side of it but what we do know is there's a three year deal and Sammy Watkins. Critic Kansas City Chiefs massive news. Rappaport just tweeted out final terms of the chiefs deal expected to force Sammy Watkins three years 4830. Million fully guaranteed at citing sources say how nice would it be to sit down tomorrow at a desk. Sign your Amy get a check for thirty million dollars. I mean how about that thanks Leslie or is it is he's he's been wasted guys like a direct deposit right into your bank account around girls guys that bad OK yeah now I'll go out there don't embarrass us and make sure that you live up to this money. I'm that we are giving you and make sure that you go out there and you dominate because that's what we need you to do. And Andy you you really look at it down in their setting themselves up offensively as a score 3540 points a game. They know where they're gonna be lacking on defense now holds is given every opportunity to be successful its it's like there's no training wheels for this guy it's just go out there and play and go out there and achieve success right away you've got Tyreke steel on one side you've got Sammy Watkins on the other you've got your tight end in Travis Kelsey and he got the best running back in the National Football League behind yet. Go out there like. That offensive line it does run you'll figure it out so about a sudden go dark to edit what are your thoughts get past he's pretty easy to pass this year he really is because you know he they've got to annual guys choice of side. And Andy's got his offense now he can go do what he wants do on offense and the you know the deal they'll win games 4544. They'll lose games 4544. But this this is going to be back to like you know the for meal offensive days when they're scored 35 to forty points a game and its shell every time they have the ball. Office won't get to OJ Simpson and his his. Interview on that was aired a couple of days ago was a co vause confession. Which of that coming up at 645. Put on the same walk in situation it is so massive for the chief because. If they did nothing this offseason and we waited next year. The excitement would be there for Patrick Holmes who will be excited they've they've yet it's put their haste and all of our mouths when it comes to. Markets Peters no longer beating Kansas sure coast what the defense is going to look like because you talk about needs. It's all on the defensive side of the ball but now they're following the perfect game plan for this offseason which is get the big time wide receiver and I your offense is set. Drafts 100%. Defense. Yet to go through a rebuilding year on the defensive side of the ball you want to go through a rebuilding year. All those draft picks become a year older going nineteen spend all of your draft picks on defense again re load that thing in that you should be strong enough. They come out fire and when he nineteen to really make a rise in annual. At a time 2019 rolls around to just abuses has something left in the tank where he can still get after the quarterback because now he's really yearly pass rusher. On that roster that you can moment I'm Bruce and if you believe that I got a good communique I had an analyst say rely on because I don't think you can rely on Justin Houston right now you can't rely on these sports I think as much as everybody wants a quarterback defensive back or defense of Wyman. They're still gonna be passed or any any any spot you take on the defense of side of the football in the draft this year will be applauded by me because that's what they need let's shouted out 69306. On the tech slide today it's all brought to buy lady James haircuts permit whatever it is that is on your bottom let us now. I'm gonna start mine off just something that's so yesterday. So woman driving me would. Gas pump steal and no you didn't you didn't we actually saw ripped right off she pulled back to the ball. The bomb back into it wasn't attached to anything the way you actually saw I had never seen a week where. And they're now. Ice I've never witnessed that before soon and exams to any other reason nothing was connected and UST one now on the genital at least they'll break away now to be in your ancestors started driving with that still a continental rubber hoses dragged along side. I think she's long background pulled up to being put it back in elementary gun holster and that it would people asking like why does New Jersey still not allow you to pump your own gas she's the reason why. Again I said when people ask why you can't pump your own gas still in the state of New Jersey sees the reason and the drive and all the millions and married couples that share FaceBook profile awful just the worst absolutely terrible. The most despicable thing you can do. Sheriff FaceBook account with your spouse because it tells you one of two things. Lying to your spouse doesn't trust you or to your spouse doesn't trust you if you are sharing it's FaceBook eke out live your life. You're only one step away from divorce. All right. If you can't tell us it's almost made it you can't trust your spouse to be on FaceBook guilty married to that person because that's what it's all about. Don't seem split Powell original notes. Thinking about the one person I knew that was had cheered when they're not of course are they rilya. A 100% didn't know if that's the stuff that's on them. But all is the period computers through one for one I think with. Don't trust you guys publicity about its absolute. Honesty CS open is what have the same FaceBook page because you really like being together all the time because the the rescue of their not to be in slide right private messages I wanna see everything your daily and he's using the wife who probably says the husband in the vicinity. I don't know that to be true but I would not be shocked if that beats. We're just getting flooded with anti Sammy what to expect so it's hard to but there are we really well thanks so I don't end up. Either but I'm not is updated its site and it's nice move a little bit better I get lucky that I could find reasons why anybody signed free agency is needed exactly. Great series I guess I could terror part any Annie citing that you have free agency it's again it's easy to find the naked in any players who. Love his touchdown numbers outside of guys who would never received three. You know 25 touchdowns and forces the gay Antonio Browning NATO into the damn creating. So the moment waiters and he only has over 900 yards to last for years now and she's what receivers that can last ten years that over. But neither is ours to last for years and he's always been healthy he's been productive these few games 45 touchdowns that's one every other game that's a pretty nice numbers he hears him with the chiefs. School Gloria it's in the red zone wide receiver and he is the big guys I don't think we need to be judging Sammy Watkins on his numbers this year. Judges often but the point statement. And whether he'll soon get a touchdown. Touchdown until they touched down or put it that touchdown. If the average of 35 game appears he scored. I've only filling out one bracket this year we're dealing out good that's the way to do they do one bracket and it was many want to contest. But fill out one bracket there's a divorce and the guys at ten brackets and as a football teams. Kind and try to remember where you are and what little I've tried it. The one bracket thing for two years I hated it why because it's a total costs up it's got like. Out of college basketball experts about his need to now I've just to make your pitching I make my picks and then I'm gonna go to another bracket makes mother because there's a lot of racquet makes this horse and sit there you know it would a couple of new on a Friday afternoon watching the game early buddy Nolan. I I. You're rooting for lightly kicked aside and stick with beacon system what the bracket that's all or any kind of business you want a lot longer the F five month. Yes five different contest though it Bolivia five brackets could stay alive longer eat it. Immediately there's like you don't like bracket I care about that bracket I liked his brow because. True changes are you really make an of these brackets I mean you know like your pick in Kansas and most of you picking Michigan State picking duke. I mean you've made your flip flop and a twelve or five here that you root for both teams here like now. So here's the thing I think Purdue who's gonna win the national championship watched you yes or no though. But see that's that's that's not about picking duke or Kansas. Or Villanova. Or North Carolina so I need to have multiple things because like if you're picking the most non blue blood out of the top four or top eight I guess then eighteen need a little bit of a backstop to help you out. Are we have big news this morning and Denver bigger news in Kansas City and OJ Simpson's Los confession. Find out why it was lost after the key play next. Welcome back at its best go in the morning I'm like wells with Bob passcodes just put hampered assistant inspector. Breaking news of the day chiefs signed Sammy why kids the wide receiver. Once it. Oh from LA rams the Balkans as a three year deal 48 million dollars with thirty mil guaranteed its signing. Will. Big time swing by the chiefs and they wanna get my homes the the weapons that he needs. Also OJ Simpson at the after couple days. I've gone by since the lost confession aired I think we've figured out why it's taken so long. They have to the people. Yet it is a big one last night in the National Hockey League Alexander Ovechkin scored a goal is 600. Nominated for an elusive running Helen are gonna have good things that will soon whether your. The rebound. What they have water. You know my daily news during a NASCAR. 600. It's good that they love that name number here. WW DC with a call here on sixty and Sports Radio does it really counted you scored against a goalie without a stick though I don't think that little it should count if you scored against the goalie. Without mistakes I personally am not recognizing that is number one priority needs and other obvious. OJ Simpson's a loss confession aired the other day and watch the whole thing I thought what I call the Internet version whatever was posted on the Internet. And this this I can see now why it was buried for over a decade visas disturbing and unsettling and this in OJ Simpson speak. It's like wow even the people. Who it's funny considerably walked away from the same reaction. All out. Yes OJ did it. And hypothetically. Us that he said it's half. There chapter six is called the night in question. And you write in the book now picture this thing keep in mind that this is pure hypothetical. Hypothetical here once you tell me. What might have happened on the night of June 12 1994. And let's just walk through the eyes. We'll personalize this a very difficult when you do this very difficult for me because this type that the I know and I accept the fact that people who don't feel what it would mean for the you know they don't. Yeah some whether that would have been through in the book the hypothetical is. Charlie Paulson tried. This guy Charlie shields up guy when he's become friends with. And I don't know why you'd been behind him. Calls house but it told me you wouldn't believe what's going all over that. And I remember thinking what what it's going over as their stock price. Shall we got hooked up together and you know kind of broad stroke in this. We've goal driven the Broncos go over but let's just got back into the details where did you cards and tell. You partner and I with the local canal. Park in Allentown. It's. You've put on. I'm wolf camping grounds. Oh in the hypothetical approval could cut the books. Hypothetically. OJ Simpson committed murder. I mean that's is that's that you say hypothetically. You got the knife from Charlie. Charlie yes sir I'm here are currently yet Charlie I get all the years that I studied this case for 24 year I'll start that I heard that Charlie Charlie as a hypothetical is Charlie like like a friend is there something like this. I don't know I wore him yeah I walked away with the same thing known. I can't say that he data treated and we don't know is all hypothetical. Hypothetically I think I I think people are taking a big leap I mean there there's a part where he really doesn't remember what happened from the time that they went their way blanket guys to edit out I hypothetically blacked out blacked out to hypothetically I doubt there's just a ton of blood he had got out Eddie and I left the club I think you take a lot of liberties I didn't aliens club. Well I mean I must say today it was there and I didn't I had it in my hands and I and that's what they're saying that I guess that's what happened you know heat you never mentioned any boy he is he's he is. Yeah he never mentioned that he's locked off sitting next or anything like and I mean it's cool I'm liking he got talked about that at all ICC and I think everybody's making B zero. A zero remorse this guy's like this very. More gas this guys who. I say I know he's worse and worst area is worse and worse I think you could hear and see it in his in his body language he's fair and is uncomfortable that room. Chuckle he was doing all time on right now that he checked to do that if he's beaten. I'm Tanya most devoted to books about well but not them interview with the it's obvious that the media did not get money for an interview but the book did didn't do anything lately nobody bought the book right all right Britney got blocked by a mob because they couldn't profit on right so profit. Yes the book never really made it anywhere and so they never really rein in the interview until now which if it's amazing that 24 years later we were going on 24 years guys. That this is still such a big deal in this country and people are still captivated. By OJ Simpson I think that the numbers that it did on Sunday night was extremely huge I mean people tuned for this and look I I still haven't watched it from start to finish I've watched pieces of it here and there and I still opposite down in my notepad and take some some notes on this like defining figure out. What he's talking about because the parts that I did watch and maybe this is the ADD generation nightly event. But I I look at it right now and and I have a hard time following anything that he sang like key to meet. He's just all over the place and none of it really makes any sense of I don't know if you guys editors say you know there's a lot that appetite like what what. Like I thought I was at one of those like like movies that better done in French with subtitles in the reading cheese and drinking wine I have no idea what the hell's going on. Like that that's were you with his OJ thing I'm watching this he speaking of hearing him speak but I have no idea what the hell he's talking. He's talking. About this stuff like were supposed to know everything that happened and he's giving Estes kind of like. His account were supposed O'Charley's all these other people and and everything that went on how critical darling well hypothetically again so. I don't know I I found myself very lost and everything that he was saying right now. And you know if you're asking me did he do a 100% I can't say no at the C he would be acquitted. I asked this question as we move on the NFL the chiefs signed Sammy Watkins wide receiver to a three year forty million dollar deal with thirty milling guaranteed a walk in his 100% chiefs down at. And we also found out late last night that the Broncos will sign please keep him at quarterback. And it doesn't scare me unless they go ahead tailing baker mayfield fifth overall and haven't sat behind keying him. That to the one downside that they can still go rafting room while using keep him as a stopgap. Who do you think got to the got better today the Broncos are the chiefs. I think both it and they both. County scheme is better than whatever I was worried that the Broncos would get better than case scheme them. They didn't bode badly battered quarterback position for sure they did in that you can make an argument overall they got better as they improve their quarterback hasn't been but as far as wide receiver. For my reviews switch out Sammy Watkins for Albert Wilson outing to tell a better bet that she's got better and they may have bettered a situation where you talk about the guy is the fourth overall pick just a few years at what point fourteen. Fourth overall pick he was traded LA had a nice stretch in LA at the end of the season and with the chiefs. I see some of the backlash from fans whether the on Twitter the tax line I'm certain Ceylon on FaceBook to put people who don't like six and walking to the chiefs. I'm sorry. Are you afraid that Sammy Watkins is going to take away some receptions from Chris Conley. Like I think the chiefs have had at wide receiver how does this make them anyway she performed worse it doesn't it makes the better. It does it absolutely makes you better odd as a website called the sports in in injury predictor dot com sports views injury the hungry and I hope that's what I don't know this is great I love it they got Sammy Watkins player overview. And they call me high risk injury player. And it's just lock and suffered a Jones fracture of his left well last spring it was the first eight regular season games after surgery being placed on IRA was largely ineffective the last after the years a couple of years ago obviously and to add insult the foot injury Watkins had to undergo a second surgery for the injury in January 18 said he will be ready for training camp. But that's just an injury waiting to happen and have all of it is injury history listed. In January 2017 appeal foot fracture September 2016 appeal foot fracture April 2016 foot fracture. October of fifteen an ankle sprain for all I did get injured Tony seventeen at all thought I played this season this is not update now this is I mean updated obviously 2017 wasn't injured but via a legged calf strain by glued strained hip to bear a coin bowl. A chest and ribs bruised ankle sprained shoulder AC joint sprains his dating back all the way 22011. Including his college injury history as well so there is definitely some injury concern no doubt. Playing in the NFL there's injury concern for everybody on every play. We're getting Eric Burke Coulter and the NFL like and committee on guard he'll be fine. Also the mean they've been massive injury questions a lot of players but Switzerland now everybody gets injured the biggest story of the day and two minutes it's all breaking news.