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Tuesday, March 13th

It's noon, so naturally we crack into a 610 6-Pack. Plus, Bink needs to calm down on Sammy Watkins & Lake's got his tin foil hat on. 


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I can't wait. It's noon here. I'd feel. Highest opposition forced. Back on the basis. I can already tell. Them that basically has to addiction. Just the second consecutive day differently. At a bank. The start to hear the creature of habit for the. If you vital quality for that. Bangs. He's. It's the right is it about twenty yesterday telling me why you decided to buy a pair repeated. And and I unity but it. Unity this full well that why. People why. That fight nite my wife but they have fun a very big hue right Bertie wise. For the the first rebuffed wide with shoes no I usually do what he's invited bouncer. I like Nike Nike's lighter than normal Jews would that when it. Thirteen why it. Somebody is reporting on the tax there is flaming hot she go moving. I've not heard over the over the fearful. Do you like you know I do I love and is claiming that she's. It'll special equipment that's why but if you. In a predictor and by the way somebody's right what else you'd look for quite a minute. This is this a long variety fox searchlight. Has been set produced the film flaming hot. Wishful held a true story of Richard. My confidence. Who rose from humble beginnings to his successful business and when he created the food phenomenal. It's a flaming hot Tito. Regardless. Of I thought that matches before our men women take provided. Through this. Duke. Begin at greens though but what about and hope she goes ago you can eat them with. With a pair of chopsticks. Very effect was effective and efficient and there. You know earlier where an affair chopsticks like I do. Greek. You chopsticks and you do you have. I I've dabbled. It was going to achieve those who chops it assigns an option. Country with a spoon like bugs gloves for surgical glove or you can just sack up and you know here with your hands and what did she go. Krustov your fingers. She's bigger a couple of moves today guys occasion had hurt. They signed a wide receiver I believe you pronounce that name Sammy Watkins. Three years 48 million dollars. We can argue about whether that money should have been better spent on the defense later. Thirty million up it was guaranteed speaking of spending some money on the defense they did just that team also added linebacker Anthony Dixon. Who you might say I know a lot of justice he is gonna make nine million per year we don't know how long he'll bees for five years. Five years but it will hear Portland back arrest he has 2544. But what I killed when. Young team. Torres joined the guys on the morning show earlier today you can catch that for the podcast page six reports dot com maybe I don't know our our website. And experiencing some technical difficulties so may or may not be up their own fault on match. But Torres. Was asked about why we didn't spend the money on the defense. And why it was in the money and dolphins and nobody. Say. The trees out there till what date garbage that we did you're with me and you know. And what people open to spotlight if you. Don't wanna Campbell who to put that money. Pat make players better. We thought it straight guys here metered market count it will go great with pat on the ball. What epic but I think that on the streets that are the problem is. Who won't be prepared relief accepted their way not a now lineman or whatever they're like come on like that and I you kind of I think that would just. It's new product is from. Oh. War thing like you go up that they got these how badly got I think they need what mistake let's do it isn't about money. Do you got to be very there are people. I don't have any doubt about it but do you don't play Ottawa will. At what stoppers and what you think you'll see these movies you'd. The most admired you know he's he will definitely within a few out there on it that are what is. But I don't know if they're off the pace affect guys. It's got to command and more importantly I don't wanna know more or one thing locked in for Robert MacNeil of 181 that old you know from that wanna be your product you go to help me. You know since the one that got partners there's a lot I think that me. So I brought it up to you guys earlier today on a defense that is now missing markets years you've got several of your long time guys and what we knew Tom but they're they're Johnson. They were going to be the answer this year. What it would appear as though the defense has been depleted. And you need to start rebuilding that spending fifteen million or sixteen million years didn't seem like a wide new but paraphrasing what Torres tailor the site. Well the guy is out there that you wanna go unpaid so it's probably going to be building through the draft. A little wise move for the cheese to guns in the money on the offensive side of the ball considering. Into the and a coastal long for two. I may spend money on the best place that that that's that's that's my that's my thinking on this I mean whether it's its own offense or defense you've got. Holes and he'd be field and I know the will specifically get the Sammy Watkins here in the next segment. And that now but the thing about like about that the Watkins deal. Is that this year for the horse on dean to speak we will both be up at St. Joe. Talking about the disease and talk about the wide outs and we won't be wondering about who the number. Wondered to receive risky we won't know that lesson of America alas it was like doing mystery over there he's the one he's a one. Or you can say that too we know that locked into that theory Ed at the very least a two and possibly could be a one. You you don't have that question you don't question number two is someone who is what it's probably going to be here close it is here's your before parity Avery was he was kind of forced to be that guy Albert Wilson you're number two. It's again one of the better accommodations the chief of at wide receiver. It'll walk. And its widest opening hole. But we want involved Jason. It is an. Count on one immediately to really productive wide receivers with the insinuate the NFL but the passing game but Buffett's skill position. She's. Don't read your beer when people. Nobody judging the offense and or wherever you are constantly grabbing Beers think. Of it before you off. There which will we tomorrow because he's what are people going to or pop on and people are as. Winning streaks people stumpel waiting to use the rest toward a goal hurt on defense. Richard Cole 45 dollars and. Basically send this over yesterday I was somewhat shocked yes Tex I don't know I heard lake city got cold but it felt their analysts like. Basically is very excited about the new changes the rules in golf and not for the reasons you might believe. Among the changes though let's get to this really quick it changes the golf you can now I'm. You'll now be changed or how you take a penalty drops he no longer could drop from your shoulder height. You can do is starting from your knee height next year. Also are you know longer or have penalties if they golf ball accidently moved on the green the states and if a club. Such as big or their ground in hazard. Or if the ball hits it flag stick that is not being intended for being tended on the green. Furthermore caddies can no longer line if their players while they're setting a couple of shots. This is the interesting part. But for the most comprehensive set of changes to the rules and they were first published. In seventeen. Of 44. There's federal it will work even a country three decades before he became a country. But these roles but I doubt we'd like saints put the funny part about it with our audience to play a talking outlawed it took fatally crazy I don't know instant replay is. The double dipping angle shot at me and mr. Brodie evidently caddie I nipple but it didn't film it he would do for. But like the fact that answered you can ground your club now. Yeah actually you know doing jobs that of us feel more pockets in order to. He. Can wait forge on and talk that your letter we were still under British rule but it. Before that long live the queen. On move queen. But I've rules staff it was about time golf way to get around of that. Did you see just typical bear had Tom Brady on last night I saw the sports that are sold whether these Wear what so Tom Brady a well documented health. Stephen col Baer had him chug a beer with him and I don't know if you've seen the video yet if not we've Google and watch it it was amazing Tom Brady. Absolutely owned the beer chugging competition liked. Basically go over here he's very skeptical. He doesn't believe that Tom Brady actually chug a beer were still people would think. Was when he saw pole there in the heat during B zero. Article barely street apple juice and I think it Thompson was built a blow up the early beer. Does a drink beer that is what I'm very skeptical. Beat your armory in other substance remember television. Back in the day it looked like beer all that big ever Oman they'll listen back in the court here. You work out the street the real beer. That was big beer they. I think Andre and something I. I and it here. It was back in the entry to bear like beer it was Beers. It was beer and combined with fears that accused the silver. It doesn't take away from the fact that he chuck it impressively fat don't get back retreat is that people just. Tom Brady would beat Hewitt Chucky congress I think that's why your best army in Hollywood you can carry. Last night studying to be here on television to. To acting all and cheers and intriguing state bulls lake line he would DoubleTree could be put it here legally he would finish that he's still able to war. Cold there. Drink yet op apple. Ma'am I. I don't understand why you won't just let Tom Brady be great number he's a greatest quarterback I've ever seen a bit and hear him about my job. Kris owed to excellence and I agree. Look like something it doesn't matter he still ingested the liquid incredibly quick someone right. History can apple juice screen so it is much different atmosphere I would be held impressed that he set them right here in chug. I think that was picked. Whatever he's the great. Wallet what Jay actually bases opinion of everything out of their surveys. He loves. A new survey ranks Overland Park among the happy cities. In America while covering them fifties. Out of 182. Cities. Study illustrated. Or start Forrest I looked at. 28 different metrics across three major categories including emotional and physical well being income. And employment and community environment. Overland Park scored in the top fifty are all. Much trust. That the surveys lately typical city of Kabul there. It. Also said the latest on the beach cities in America. So once they said that. Leo well that's Italy if it was one of those he's also Springfield Missouri coming in at 118 on the list. Saint Louis coming in at 168. I mean people or CNET. Review of see a lot of people or beasts if I'd. Been in general. On oh. People or against the wall that lost to beat him taking pictures. They're classes harder chug a sugary apple juice from the light beer make for impressive. But it zionist and thick slices like it was I'm saying this but I won't agree with being. Did you see the video. And I'd you know you don't know the guy doesn't drink beer you can hit me pretty deedrick believe that I eat eat cheeseburgers he won't do it. I was impressed by the speed at which he swallowed. As fast. Big cities that government some months. Death regularly know it was a hard cider. That's exactly because that is where our outsider I didn't like there's alcohol aren't so that's fine if they're gonna better. I number Alford the world itself on the joke beer. It is cellular Sammy what is being in the Kansas City CPU bank today. Net. Us. And a and I love it. On six doesn't look good success or not Thomason. Revealed this to levels house. Ryan what his favorite third stop there she is single again. One ample room soon. He was dating was listening to a point when savage and now they've broken up. It's ever wrote a song she does and I don't know I know. A miserable there. Does Sammy Watkins. Duel for cheese things. That is the question. On the basic. I like Sammy Watkins. But I am not as high on this signing of everybody else. And it's not because I don't think there's great potential there resides a city like I think that there's a ton I think that's why he was signed. Is because he has the potential to be. A Slough store honestly. He's got all the potential in the world who tracked fourth overall in NFL draft and he's only 24. It's the go right to by the way Paul rich and you like Canada persist five purport L robbed 342. And what it was him walk it's forty that's been the price is which with the aid to blight so it starts looked more in line with the other contracts these are a little evidence. Money was for forwards in the two but blitzer right I mean you have to look at how the other guys are beating you that's bits. Similar in terms of like the dud the structure of the contracts. How all these these are young relatively young wide outs. I like the potential of seeing want to have always liked and go back to Clemson. I'm just console or a body guide that is being in. Battling injuries yes lets us. He had the problematic split the grammys at two surgeries on it. And he missed time because of all of his foot soul. I'm not a senior make it seem as goals and watch is not too off the season which he did make some big plays to be did. I think he was one of the reasons why the rams started taking that next step in they got good last year. What I am kids are. About the injuries I am concerned about him being inconsistent at the ball player who's got a back today until it's not just the well. Big he's a consistent easily drug be passed. Inconsistent in terms of dropping passes on to the making plays and having dynamic dates back and talk to my alma equities ass or not he's had games where he's missing in action. I don't see that would pay for the opening for consistent production. If they doozy spread the ball programs. Dirt off the quarterback redeem 122 when he threw Drexler then walk that it's extremely. Tide quarterback rating went through to walk me was getting open walk ins and eight touchdowns fear that led the rams yards per reception. That led the rams that's exciting point three guys. Since they were walking has been in the NFL have more York's catch and Sammy walk and that is perfect for mobile what they're doing is seen Patrick it keep this in mind. We've seen the best single market. He's in his prime right now we have not seen the best of what he could do would agree they would all sit here and say that at my home scandals guess what we're paid for potential without wills. Iraqi raised Albert Wilson's level. We better not. Albert Wilson got a contract because of the Denver game larger homes we are not paying for the production from Sammy Watkins we're paying for the potential about it. That's the bottom line that's the scout deep down inside Britain beach BP's got to reads. He's got to the SEC with Philadelphia he's got to hear me it's easy he based on potential. These young GMs that are aggressive. Built their ranks through the scouting and that's how they did at the development the scouting telling John let's just got thrown in the jobs GM scouts the build their way up. It'll say this chiefs of always had a problem one receive. We look at the great Otis Taylor Ridgway Bowe leads even yard Carlos Parsons the on page in the eighties. Maclin was actually one of the more talented wide receivers we've had and give the city. For once you have to when you can identify as one and you know this is something Kansas City we have an had all profits this league is all about. Offense right now it's about wide receivers it's about quarterback play they finally have something in that Watkins can help you passing game in the deep threat. The safety split out it can help Corey on. In the running game as well the chiefs have been able to open fueled up this retreat. We always city be read was that limited in what he did all the we opened up last year for Alex Smith out of this out Smith changing your Andy Reid may can change. But this this opens the field safety teacher who going to peek into Dugard the problem you have so many weapons. You gonna take it to the Tyreke. You sleep on CB Watkins OK you're gonna cover these guys you sleep on trips skills you sleep on Fremont. The chiefs finally given up weapons. They pose real problems. Two defensive coordinator is are so diverse offense so many playmakers in not only that but what it is 25 touchdowns in 51 date yet it's almost a touchdown probably. To go but it would that this is the rewind that comets he just made is a remind going back to last year. You just said it finally have enough weapons we said that last year. A bucket seats they finally got enough what was I'm not an every year say that we finally got to know what they had of weapons last year. I analysts say they finally have enough weapons this year. Well wait. Boldly go so early this morning. They gave the reaction the news broke that Sammy Watkins was going to the seeds and trailing bill. The Davis gave me on what's in FL players that they had on the senate but they also again doctors here my reaction was similar to their reaction. It looks like Sammy Watkins is gonna sign with the Kansas City Chiefs and that thing I find interesting here but the former rams and bills wide receiver Chris is he's getting close to sixteen million dollars a year that's a whole lot of cash for god and I don't think you're the number one receiver if you look at his numbers from pad 39 catches for 593 yards and a touchdown he's going to be sector Google probably the third option. Too tiring deal and Travis killed absolutely this is all about making sure they get Patrick starter in gitmo to restore. In his campaign and the starting quarterback with the cheese. Mean this to you as expectations. It will be a playoff team this season that's tough division AFC west so a lot of competition out there with the raiders. Broncos and chargers so. They had to get another weapon on office make you more explosive in Q Patrick Holmes an opportunity to disarmament and wealth but the biggest issue for me has been helped more than anything else and you know it was helping it was healthy last year but that he got he went to a team where it that they aren't corporate couple Robert Woods they had a couple of things and you know it it just seemed like there were times we tear off the court except felt more comfortable. With some of the other receivers on the team that we disappearing or operatives who were looking dangerous and where senator locked in eternal retired came in pops up to me so. This and he's had to be vehicles games where he's not insist it's not physical. Now yeah. There's not a million right now physically ready to go lets you seem like electric power rankings and take the top all the defense kind of guy who through Kansas City you already have one of those players. Not make sense to have more opposite retiree you know so people can't roll coverage to all the charm. We're still sixty million dollars to see every Watkins. Sonoma and that's the price to put. And that is my sentiment to it I am not opposed to same we watched is being on the seas I'm actually happy the same Watson's on. On the seized the only thing that I would say is that Al surprise. That we were going to spend this type of money for and what does but these are looking at the other receivers are getting topic right now. Is certain add up and start makes. It started up and also a bit with elegant there's been so much money on and then by the final years here Reid looked at it is the board. Yeah 84 before I analyzed voted to break before we were I forgot I pulled ahead relate. He first caller right now 91357676. In the first person to call right now I will cupid a six pack of tickets to receive the AC fans. And their home opener of this. Writing consume all of beef will be we will be there 7 PM this kick off park he's always where you could show up early and tailgate at your leisure. 91357676. And first caller who cube of the six pack. Of spam that. And in two minutes which south seas and who can Gaza with cold war's somebody in our NASA test not just in 1000 dollars in the DM we ought to continue the same to watch this conversation does Nate Berle some NFL network. It sounded and we get to that two minutes that. It's. Especially. Thank you basically what else he does corporate. Point national test test lab accounts but you guys a political news. Fouls on the ice what is this business running. Dad we have going on text line and what are the affects me words of sounds similar to the world union. Still won still. Wait. Its outlook on the thirties pacts that code word need. K in EEE. 72881. That's the word need. As an head shoulders and and so and the world I've made it harder on you pay it EE knee is the word. Case in these he'd need. Seven to anyone you could see the thousand dollar cash winner in the national contest. Message and that's how rates may apply six and Sports Radio we're the only Sports Radio station in Kansas City giving you a chance to win up to twelve. Thousands of backers each and every weekday just listen on the thirties from sixth at six. The next shot to win coming up at 130 here on the day fifth complete rules and 610 sports dot com. But he people's well it. Anybody spoke with him. Hey you were. April witness and attacks on from the 816. Where do people get this into everything from he's only missed ten games of forty years. LO while he's missed the hole here. Late stuff saying he's injury prone day he's missed ten games and in four years. Well this is clearly somebody that's not is is is called in to the national football. Would you if you watch what happened in buffalo. And watts Sammy Watkins career builder James what he was active. Active. What he was our. Social stop it. It's a diet how to play and on one leg don't did meet with all you'll be missed in game OK yeah he played a bunch of debris was heart stopped it. Watch the games appear to exactly. Eighties desperate the whites that's more or what's more men actually. What year was thirteen students read next here was eight games which means that's. Which is eleven in in one year he played and it's so in fourteen so but but but you. That so the text is wrong about the team gains we don't we understand it but what did well does that itself. He was playing games in the season when when you look at the chart of how many games he played. There are big he played and he was healthy he couldn't play hard the heat slightly that is old. But this thing was is that so yes so yes so social let's say bodes well for Purdue in the he's gone through this in aggravate it up and it was pretty stand out India yet in what teamed up but don't try to clad I can say would like something you didn't know he did it and reported fourth forties. Pins put put his foot in the head of surgery again with the pins where they took about the more and whatever his ice it's reject or. I don't think he's injury prone those hopefully in the future he could put it behind but the fact is the backs. He was hurt and. He's please. I'm saying injury pro do the fact that he was not able to go out there in plate full ball and be effective force team based on. Is on his body. If you go out there you're playing on one leg. People aren't so so pivotal Mercedes injury prone to could plant a one way how effective public to be effective you plan on one. Little pleads with what we play fantasy football this on this show the last two years to win that thing what we do every every single week to meet you and Ryan. There been times what what you're looking. Add the is he is it any probable. Doubtful. A mile and a number racers will we can't please send markets. There's always of these big heart he's been badly injured as he has he been healthy you're the last two years yes I did. Good uses fifteen point nine per reception also get new people last year. 25 touchdowns in each eons Sammy Watkins by 52 games in his career only fifteen times he had to work you were receptions and games so. Mr. bill like some of the inconsistency. About Sammy Watkins is is largely overblown. I think that some of that is contributed because of his his stint with the rams this past year because the space flight. He was kind of getting used to the offense. In LA and not to mention they have other weapons that they were using in that offense that he didn't have to be the focal point anymore so I do think. I'm at least excited when I look at it because Sammy Watkins had a great season as far as touchdowns went. In LA and one of the biggest reasons was he wasn't having to be the focal point of the offense he was able to go out there be more of a route runner and be more of a threat. And when he was able to do that mean you could see right here yet what 234567899. I touch on why your eight touchdowns. Out on the. Your off by one bit here's a thing of Todd Gurley lifted living human perception they go to girl oh are actually more times he was the best altered to couldn't tell added that it he said I was selfish buffalo this year ballroom more. Let's go to these past this'll be a point. Neighbor Olson a former wide receiver unifil once broke his arm like pizza it is already on NFL network now a bit against the show. This is what he stood on an ample network. About does seem. Keep your mind that win Sammy Watkins left buffalo he's going to look at that foot and ankle injury. And ending with the rams and like you said they kind of revitalized because he was banged up and he's making play after play and slowly but surely likes just production last year is down from what analysts you have he's been banged up the last we sold this season he saw get healthier and healthier and also like is this what was going deep is that some rockets now run in the covers that some Iraqis are running cornerbacks. I guarantee you this he's gonna have a summer of not being banged up going into eighteen like it where he's not the number one guy our. The number one target each houses and Sammy could have a huge season intensity depending on the type of rhythm that he gains were patent office. He continued that the chief weapons they got web as a couple weapons you know you got elected saying rockets and some will say war. Here's some numbers here is that she said 11000. Yard season but if you look at what he did last year the connection between him and air guard that's what got everybody excited. It's not just about the numbers and what you put up during the season oftentimes these arms coordinators or I'll look at the tape and say. How efficient was that quarterback in getting that was seen with a walk and houses route running one thing I do love about Sammy Watkins. He's one of the best route runners and again he can sevens couldn't ground to come out any break on any point in the field. Which is good for a guy like Tyreke hero who has got a tough also covers. You have Kelsey who was an absolute beast you got all these different guys and do some different things and now you've got a slew route one that brought their move the sticks intensity. Nick would obviously disagreed and billboard well but it likes that seeming walk in here and concealed weapons. I miss me show. We got to saint Joseph the tourniquet was the issue. You're going to see a show we see him walking it's good look she's got team in regular defense trying to cover these guys. This is. For somebody to on the text line. Insinuate that he's not been. Sat with injuries. Or that maybe he's not consistent. That's that's is being a 100% disingenuous let's let's look at his best sees okay. And and by the way the adjustments and I'm glad he's here density and I think it is best days are had a well let's go back to his best year and in the league okay doubt be. All has to be this stats are off. What's it going back it's usually that he keeps going back to the to Ellen ramps up. Let's let's look at his second year ago it's second it was it was that which is what I'm trying to put Muslim island with Cowell. Orton almost at a thousand yards and Kyle Orton as quarterback fear. Yet doubles the year with some of 1000 yards right. Acting was a 1047. Yards hit a good year Tyrod early on he had a good year with with power. I think with the Kyle Orton looked out. That means the that is what they double factory in. Is that when you look at his his time in buffalo he wasn't playing with the greatest quarterbacks. So of course I'm good I'm gonna give them some credit for that. But beyond that I feel like it's been. Boom or bust with. He's had great dog named cities also lagged gains in which he just absolutely did so that's why some of this criticism when it comes that they consistency or like thereof. It's gonna be there. It's going to be there he's also very cute sleep on the candy people if you don't fully trust his abilities. These will be open gates who cover. Maybe they shouldn't repeal but visually when you look York's reception. That's where he makes money he also knows how to get open in the it was a miss daisy touchdown machine he ended up leading the rams touchdowns and no I didn't mean catches. In yards BP funds would you go in I think I have another weapon like every he'll have a Trevor skills in the middle creek that's gonna work in the field. You cannot. Bring your safeties up. You can't cripple mop like we've seen in previous years. Teams are still there and Alex Smith throw BP did it a few times this year there's open single coverage on the field white whose teams still didn't trust the ultimate. There were still go and buy outs this is in his past performance he's back and throw out these safeties deep. You open up the middle infield you open up the running late remarked I just think even even the threat of seeing Lockett. Weathered the threat is more important in his production. Liberal pot. Three in the read of him even over does is production still went geez. There's something about the NCAA tournament in particular with K state in Kansas that I think just flying under the radar just a tad I mean we all acknowledged it. But I don't think that we understand how negative the situation it is would get to that next. DC. I want to thank Jaycee played in just yards extent corporate. Do want to grip. One of four finalists for the least neutral. Who went off for the year we would come earlier explore the other finals. Ryan. Pistols under. Now lake and I revenue conversation evidence about the won't take him well. 800. Mark badly in that cheap drugs you know. I think it's gonna come down to use. I'd love to see Vontae Graham when it is gonna come down and I think it's I think it's gonna come down a badly. The brunt. Elmo was been so good at an end run since then. He's not a god idea Tennessean but he doesn't do atomic interviews analysts of whatever plastics beatable now those. Almost Stillman and all need to be in the final four in recent afternoon after what Mason did last year won a national player of the year it's also. The results also. That's very. Key bomb making that chicken salad bill. You'll have not achieved in what's liver you know that that would bill sold in the top five Beers. As the Gloria who else is in the top five. Did get to camp Saban. At. Paducah Saban go direct Belichick. Self. You were here for probably isn't. That's little more to sit and beer would. Joining hands on and on that list now. We keep him on the wagon inspirational college best book of hitting coach. Big coat and so I think all the guys are pretty medium build but did get an island. He scolded. All of them. All right well. What do think is a one dimension member Garcia who is a double A tournament. Remember we got to watch party. So happened in on Thursday and Friday at winning streaks inside here is casino in North Kansas City will be broadcast in light both days starting at 10 o'clock. But the injuries that who's gonna be deviated. Of what we see it to believe she's everybody's duty as a hate to believe it. If it says hey come odd nice party. I still like. If you watch that stand or fewer jayhawks hand. You know day you don't was injured and you know that dean wade is injured. Well you just don't give it to. You really don't you Ian yes I did the tournaments a year will be fine you'll be business as usual. I don't think like that. Because. If UK state fan. Jane you win without being weighed. I don't think it's a team he means wait too much to your program into eager team he's our team all big well. You would have to have off could not Lendl but not illegal performance by buried brown. Given your few accuses that he figure first you were away from you. Just. I just don't see it it after like jayhawk fans are just like we'll be fine without you don't go because of everything is you know our. Beyond us Sylvia. He's gonna be just fine he's looking at this was the only things machine we've been better. Better that K state because they have a higher seed and David easier reach in. And it seems like. They got guys look you got the body Graham who is a national player of the year candidate on your team. Casey does have that he weighed leatherman points in particularly the leading points or in the league year. Do I think for 12 that they can't stay cost you to a final four without you though as a will keep playing now. Easy to play it in the opening round we don't know the Bill Self is all too optimistic about that the he sound like. Well maybe he could come back. Opening weekend which means when you say that easy opening week in your view realistically Solomon Damon to adapt my game number one. We think they did we say the war weekend in Dayton would you say. That he's not gonna be. Close to being a hugs and healthy to disarm. Imitate what it's a concern. John tell Perry on the back to tell the show on Sunday he said dad Ingrid Garcia disk player his star freshman what is our freshman year Vanderbilt. He was overly optimistic that he play because of injury and when you're playing through an injury in the tournament. It's different. In playing in a regular season game with an injury. It is because of the intensity of the day this public post Al had to say Obama tried to battle through injuries. In the tar. Probably still. Hurt he's limping around. Because we don't have till Friday tomorrow is an off day so we can't do anything with them tomorrow. Tuesday. Is it practice day in the morning and then we travel. So I would say my Tuesday album and I have an idea but I won't. I promise you if he's not a 195%. I won't play them you can't play guys. Then art totally healthy and I just today he wants to play. But I can't I can't talk to him or us if he's not able to go full boat because the danger to the intent. So that's coached now saying he can't play one of his better players. If he's not close the big hundreds healthy 95 or 90% you don't why the games are two and two kids. People expect that in when you think about the we brought you to about match of the match at a different styles but for different fights. Big body. Through the lens all of you dole could not being. Close to being healthy or. On Deen wait isn't close to being healthy because that matters man it matters to me how to set it. It's what we have a guy out there trying to give that a go numb and new gorgeous people and they're attacking you in your near a 100%. It's against. It is it's against it and I think that that's the way that they jayhawk fans wildcat fans need to approach the price. It's in their term. In this chart house speaker. Fools out start tonight. Custom done and I yet and letting go by Thursday in the student for four nobody first aid nobody evaluates the source for games. It's like duke. Why. I they don't they don't you don't you don't get dot I know they don't be QG don'ts first round opponent we're that is the Dalai like they haven't done before they actually the tradition. British tradition that aren't so it's at least tomorrow. When we still figured war and do it. That is tonight you'll fill yours out and sterling haven't been right. 4540. Four LE a lot of the seed out vote them. It was a trap. Stalling always Dole's seat on as the on campuses incidentally. I did my commute regimen. I can assorted guys changed the Brecher Travis. So are you doing this fancy doing the black people thing. It's happened time to hear it in town was some might come to me and it was up or able sociedad. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. I just the black and someone asked me if I was a saucy not talking to himself earlier today admirable and Kris. If you lose you proceed here with it's puzzle is not that. Nobody year. Yeah. Or in non. Sporting KC RJ was last operation and literally is true sport and those slopes quicker it's not me. That's why did it worked out there as it was me and a black man's pitcher on us. Open the ball black guy on the priority. That was me. Supporting the army dinner delta some liberties of Photoshop I go to sporting spurs. Get what looked to us or to the level. If it missed early. Well. The short ads. Out like you all know your answer will be back to him Nathanson. This picture was like in Ol old pitcher I've used by the way I've never been more I sent Chris my life. We ham we're a Cerro you let me dad you can do to bring the day when I wrote a Bentley you're sport utility exit. That's negative I think I might actually like black tape that more than the regular typically. This thing. I'd doubled to two minutes some people have. It's I described. Would that seats are doing its assault re deal basically says it's now we get to that net. If.