03/13 - 11 am - First Impressions

The Day Shift
Tuesday, March 13th

Former Chiefs WR Danan Hughes joins the guys to discuss the signing of Sammy Watkins. Plus, Brett Veach is giving us a great first impression, the overpaying continues in KC, and a month made quite a difference for the Royals. 


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For thousands of the flight we'd like. Yes we like that. Probably rebuild thing we think we. I like. Think we've like says. I elected to stay at busy car like that I'm with. What Abbas and why do you see and it seems that it seeks to we'd like that. Those thought to formatting daily news he joins on the hotline right now sort of power to was going on Dana. I eleven man high eleven. There aren't actually the ball business. Although it is called the wrapped up or put a good Turkish open. Yeah what would love and Albie out all the stuff that's coming out numbered are so who's going where when he comes at the National Football League. But. We need to know when you heard the news that broke this morning. Sammy Watkins was going to be it C three years 48 million dollars. Thirty of that is guaranteed. What was your thought in an Al Hadi filled up the side. All you. People that. Injury. Issues. The goal. Is multiple or that you look at each. The war the war or Butler won't. Those. It all the re watching. Way. She's she's a cute little but some. In a sheet of war. Also although. Not a well thought about it. It'll work this year be well we're here. Brawl for all. Because about our supporters. Not the change. Soul to you. About the potential. It's. True. That was a quarter that basically a lot outlook may earlier you're talking about. This or local lot. Gone oh yeah. For it like it has been at all locks are the young quarterback on. It initial contract. To be social around them. These are the side there to sort out what more high dollar. And we are woods. Well. We're fortunate. To break the huddle. And that's what the east and be able to post directly shouldn't Travis Chelsea and our regional. And they don't torture due respect and getting the ability to make it Larry. And I think Justin. Jury or do noted that it. All from the BOJ. You know that number it will also allow you. Cheated each notebook. In this age of about it. Well all I Al that it ought to chew it cheap or like the sports dealer. Network order. So cute cute. The way we're pretty well. Yet data unity unity at the pay to play in this league like the move. The thing is go back to couple years ago it's patriots would sit Kelsey in the game is far as a weapon does Mac little banged up in it didn't matter what does this move. Dane and do this offenses are explosive. But do have that to open the whole field up what does this do for guys like green on the fact is you have to borders are wide receiver. It. Ought. To all. I'll tell you what it portal. We're. Little. We're still go to the world. As well. And Burton are all out better. What it's all. Just you. So why it. It looked a bit. It. What will the OK but. What it is just it is now but we'll be sold out. It. Well the to order your. Core. Product and well. Thought out. What you were not teach you. Teach. You personally. There's. It'll. Actually it will you the ball. Well at all but Shelby. Of all let me let the adult. Court at the belt so all we're. We're we're. Don't sit there. Don't get. The. When you look at the that may be the game plan do you think that the game plan right now is we're just gonna go out there try to out score people. You aren't as deep split the party. Or who suitable. 88 slots you just just or. Injured in a heartbeat bear it and there are well. Ear. At. The way that could help shouldn't that is just too old. All we know is that we championship. Albeit there. I guess the Seattle Seattle and Denver with a two. Our outward to two strokes. What people are. RT and look at it. There are all but Apple. Store. But sure so sure bought two charter forces out of the book. The pork pork cooked pork to a depict. Actually bring people it does Stewart. Sure her expression that old. Oak street go to worry. Hope. Ability to support. Cops decrypt. Dated switching gears to the defense this side of former hawk I'd like yourself be that he mentions that once led the Big Ten and tackles. He's a guy that moved around a lot like Becker for the cowboys this signing for the kids city chiefs the former doctor Hampshire familiar with. It's. A great Paul over. Scratching her. All of that we're a completely false start or your career. Out there. Marred their luggage. That up right now. We got all the due to a lot to put a lot Patricia. Our work well. New energy outlook outlook last year and got it to. Speech guy. Forty college play but that that all. They thought I didn't. Obviously is we. Upon what exactly that which each. Call him to rush the past Serbs girl. You know look at the number. Are they don't jump off the face but they keep the ballplayer blue collar lawyer. Actually earlier. You know until it is that the equity portion got or the life but I agree it was but he. I got. There about that total. Cheap and you know it'll go out there eight. Big news. That's right. Importers. These are guys that important that you make that point. In thing about it. Pocket I connect strong. 88 even before let's go we appreciate your time by the way. Some your very familiar with the bears and Brothers get Monty got to Miami play needs work on an average will be at the Jack Pierson just in the concert in the sun. Herbert were young and they they've done it. Jobs are short GQ that Gupta volatile coaching a lot of story. Ball. Pitched pretty well like you. We're so well off or victory at Algiers. Which it let it shut that well so really really well out of the joke it. All day. It was the right way at their door quietly let. The labor that would. Where church. Not one. But. We'll check. Out that well. She's small that we looked at all. And it's all well. Want to eat. Or let it. The ball at the that shot. Sort out who these are all the lines that. All we're a little. What basketball that is true passionate. What well both. Tours. Ago. A contract. Circuit that let wall yet. And tells me and for those guys as though that's also why did well we just it was Letterman. RT Tuesday and news joining us here on the space ship are coming up next Brett Dietz is already starting to create a reputation for himself. Ball what do we think it is an is it a positive one we get to that net. People didn't want these stations. Fifteen minutes away from Munich status when thousand dollars on national cast as a thirty. Reminded. This Thursday are washed. It. Company all of us official headquarters winning streaks is not here this casino in the city. Broadcasting and by Thursday and Friday starting and medium. So mobile win a thousand bucks bulls days. We have six dollars and says O specials national hot wings. She's ordered Fries. All the new Popper yet. Image he's practice Graham. Plus dozens of crafty years. And an amazing television center. Mates I will actually be on vacation beginning Friday. But I'm going to be in town. And I'm like up out of went through these cruising once they go. One attribute it in the hero in my go a lot of ball. That should drive. To drive you name. I 82 the Oprah Show. Now since he's not go about org. She's Agile enough or is that so well. Stutzman you may or may not have already agreed to the striving for just. He got me through Mora suggestion as I walked away but I felt like you or. Too much to go out there in the tennis. I don't know if that's worked out her. It before it's it's red beets conversation. A big deal. I note that we talked about adult lines mix in the updates and he's mentioned about Kirk cousins but this actually bigger deal and gonna start talking a little bit more. This Kirk cousins deal to Minnesota it it it's a bigger deal. In terms of from a impact perspective on the lead. In this reason why. All the money is guaranteed. That's a game changer international bully. Because we see more more bad though by the way that we figured he'd maneuver quarterback. Not a 100% of that then best to date changed noticed a 100%. The six million Garrett at that led to gains major we have not seen this before every. Doug ball would just tweeted out Kirk cousins is a hero for all the young players will follow after him. Now we need more players to better themselves until fully guarantee conference of the norm and not accept the different we have seen is they. Guys are getting guaranteed odds years woody comes to the but the odd tactic that's guaranteed we're talking about multi year yes three years he's gonna get every single kidney. That's a changing that this is everybody talks about what happened to what sport Russell Wilson got what sixty lingered. What's his deal. A warrior deal would prohibit 87 points but he got sixty million units in all of indeed. Russell Wilson was and the game changer as far as your money and and and this is big game changer. We just saw Sammy Watkins signed with they'll what they'll what they'll with its scenes and get thirty million guaranty book the link that the deal could be 48 billion. Kirk cousins getting every penny. That today saying what is. We start to see more more guaranteed money go with the guaranteed money does the task Stafford got what 92 million guaranteed hit it because it. So but the bet kills us into this the full code was vote for him. For Stafford of her cousin. He's he's 8686. Appearances Stafford is more money principles in the sixties so yeah that's one staffer also Biden you're 15. Exactly. Hale's to appear what does it is against it this. That's just after it. Bowed his ability to go up double a last year so as we've seen more more geared money. Not a hundred figured he'd been investigate and that's why it's different that's like is absolute if Russell's was huge burst that there was sixty million was geared beat. Yeah it's not evidence peppered Deere and he'd guarantee the one thing with the nature but the reason. Why this is big game changer is because every NFL player is going to be screaming at. Every single me in media member and an end in GM and owner we need guaranteed money. We need guaranteed money you wanna talk to me about CDE and concussions and injuries but I've got to liberal outlaw guaranteed money. This is the game changer for national football that's why double put out the tweeted this is something that young players are gonna look at the rest of your closet like you know what I meant. Thank you for what it does trump coming at times gets everyone figured he'd. Well it and it does come a time to were baseball start to make that transition now. And they started to turn heel on that because there are a lot of a baseball has had fully guaranteed contract for a long time and owners are starting to go oh crap. Here's why fully guaranteed contracts are a good idea for offs are great for the players right. Terrible for the saints and so you're starting to see Major League Baseball sort of turn heel on that. Why would why would NFL owners start look why would they be looking at those models wild things it didn't work out over there. I agree with that but this is the one thing that we all say we said this is little kids we said it is as as as teenagers we see it is adults well all of us sports out the if there was once or would you would think it doesn't guarantee money which was quartet setup purple ball. Because the increase it just wait a massive and opal and I did it it doesn't help the head on with it does help organizations. It doesn't help locking people into law. I think is this what he's capital with the NFL. You don't lock locked up guys for 567. Year deals. Shorter deals but they'd be guarantee if you wanted to hear deal's fine three year deals fine guaranteed money drop. I was what 27 and a half your team ibizan builds and repairs and port because as 127 at. Alex policy for years and 94. The 71 million your feet that's still big contract you guarantee 71000034. Years now so when it seems strange start to shift. Not the old 1971 million products that guarantee it's pretty bit. Yup I Lester the Bret each inning and the conversation at least right now is gonna revolve around the impressions of up up up that we have. In terms those red beets what is reputation is how he's going about his business or we think about him as he starts as the new general manager. So for so good for beach I feel like he's one of these young guys 3940 years old and young movers shakers we talk about these young movers and shakers. But people wondered about the NFL the LA times had agreed peace with him or receive now. The aggressiveness we see right now after the younger Jia. Natalie that's GMs to believe and analytics. James who believe in pro football focus which a lot of the guys did their beaches go on with. Or high pro football focus great guys not in Mark Peters amber at beach to battle the king read each I think he came from above Britain. To be honest with. But I think he's one of the young movers and shakers in this game. And I thought all along if you had more money he would do a lot more with Brett beach is one he's mover shaker guys but he's cleared move. He's cleared money obviously DJ income but doubts that he made his own month. He was in cap hell would Dorsey but he found a way to alleviate that it getting soft money and always putting the money views which you see in Watkins. In what they kitchens counteract so that was the thing what can he do with money. The thing he has Brit VT that a tentative we have not seen him to a draft it. He's going to put the scalp and how little say about these young G lot of either they're elevated GM they do such a good job but it is gate picks in the draft. I think is the did his team right now is built to win this year. I think the windows open eighty Reid's got a fresh contract through 2000 when he won a four year deal. I think the time to win is down I think Brett beach knows he's got this franchise quarterback. I do believe that he be Greenberg beach were involved. In the pick a moment I think he's got an amount I think they were all on board I don't think it's a Dorsey pick mogul I think that everybody was a ball. In this picked up that are buying into the soft rebuild doctoral chief this is not a soft revealed. Gordon given Watkins is kind of money and it is not suffering. They're looking at this window to win right now with the Q what do simple homes in with Watkins and Herbert fails to bring an end what Brit beat Andy Reid. What you read can be done anyway in my opinion after his contract and read all the sunset and Brit beat. He's got it done in the NFL if this doesn't work if he's built up all these pieces around it in for network for Brett. Too bad he is got to win with the score a win with the school. He's got enough weapons you have a situation like the patriots game when they had Kelsey banged up Mac and there were out of options. This past year I thought this team at Chiat views the image because the it's so now the deepest let them down the second half. Ought it's inevitable. On the opposite course that her two. But the window is wide open now aren't as aggressive this is beach. And it says he came in he's that we linebackers he goes out gets Redmond KPL he is rebuilding the linebacker corps especially inside you know as is the opera. It is embarrassing the amount of rushing yards the chiefs give up teams that social. Nine minute drives the titans act or jets game if you're not stopping in India Europe and what they put their money to put money off it. If the holes and Watkins and ridiculous cream or interest skills you're sitting on the sideline what good does that do. I'm dissing me gets the top at the start with that I'm not gonna judge Wilbert beast who would deepen chipped Vietnam draft yet it in the free agency period beats. Live on the Pickering and not want to judge the defense disabling what you normally know it's just it's just doesn't and that's when judging. It's like judging the royals would be investment bring animosity and John they get rid of ads being quite but you have dude today at John Jay yeah bounced back a bit of comment on the base and that juts out now does that mean it's hate change. It's fun to judge like god and judge in this team defense right now as the week went Dakota have the royals winning 72. Howard how they haven't had time they basically basically saying is in the present moment. This particular phase of the team isn't. Immediate needs to exchange at Tennessee say it. After the tragic it change your mind I think is puppy yeah it's fun Boy George now a big week we. So fluid or we always judge teams what we always judge teams that that's how it's. I mean you're judging the offense chase you're saying that the softens what was the quarter earlier that list. That slot kittens and hill are going to change the complex as you well who and what the chiefs are either very bad. That's he'd give those markets beaters you lose beaters. That's backed by Johnson I feel like we're blowing past this OJ like you're telling me that it's too early to judge the defense. But it's not too early start judging the offense like your anointing the office did you colleague pat all the guys played one game and what I love Patrick Holmes. Just as much if it is you do. Judge again. And it's already if you're visits to a religion as befits a two day ever would judge dolphins is walls plea means. My home's biggest question mark treatments that question mark ArQule is not a question more trips skills not a question mark an exit exit question mark and why I understand that but you still have to have somebody throw most of those guys the ball -- Actually until I got it capable performing in and of himself only as they understood in the defense speeds no but gore getting Fuller you are getting buried that. There or submit and those who would just gonna give you what before. I don't know soda so Sosa Sosa so we got question marks into the stop the run. We get question marks into the linebacker played dec question marks a quarterback although we'd like Fuller so got a lot of question mark question marks are typically viewed as negativity. That is something that we can look at it about you wait and we get so we have. I hit tunes goes a long way to help in the rough and Greg Greg Greg owns. It was prime I think stopping runs the inside linebackers. Out. I did great jobs live by that position the past it's different again we have about the draft hit it down if Regis. The chiefs are still going to bring in somebody on defense they're still spend money on this the I think he's he's fixed by the way I was remembered go to the royals winning I'd seen it and that's what he looks completely different. That team did in that bore hole lead for sixty they're operating losses showpiece. There's been traded tolerant 66 win over the in or. Well what we did we jet we judge them know the way we did we did I mean in the it's it's clear it doesn't mean that everything it's just install it doesn't. To be some that also was on draft it was like what we see this happening we know we think Chris don't the beat him in the end up getting him in the sector right. So I get that but I don't miss acting we can't judge. Is it may be a little bit too soon. To think that all is gonna be bad with the deepest yet probably but. On the other hand is probably a little bit too soon to say all the is gonna be right gets its original bitten. I heard you on yup coming up into minister next chance to win a thousand dollars and our national test artists and we also that he's getting into a better salary caps into waiting coming on coming up is the greatest thing in the world but there's something that I don't want. To be a pattern for this organization a team with that is that's. I. These. I stop somebody you'd pay at the national tennis contests. What tells you just rolls when he. Houses on the thirty. Asked gonna happen right now we're asking looks like Cold War. And a national desk and listen to decode work is writing arguably. Excellent that recently. That it worked out I literally spell it. Yes or times yes they still here. A year ago ready for the tech forum with slowed down. Its thousand on the hurts. Text the word. Mode good. In the UG. Mark. To 72 hated one that's month. In the UG him as a man you was an ugly. She is in G Brinkley is an ugly man. Are the text of a package is sick they. Sleep does or not doesn't work and it works for me. Text the word and the get this seventy rated one you could be the thousand dollar cash winner in the next little content worked out pretty well. Message and data rates may apply sixty in Sports Radio station where the only sport for your station in Casey. Giving you a chance to win up to 121000 Megan's each and every weekday in their right. That is right we deal with facts heroes they factors listed on the thirties. From six to six weeks today. Next is we're coming up at 1230 here on the nation complete rules to him sports dot. Com where they thousand dollars that the watch part the old days Thursday and Friday what you can do this. Every when monies well some elaborately. Assuming that the NFC. You get the best teams in the felt it was. Eagles premiums by. The saints theaters. There's much teams that's what it sees it sees. It seized power I gave the patriots it was going to be that it was going to be an object of some last year. Made a seat is wide open I qualified necessarily agree that it's wide open I told you I think that the power at the top of the unit of the is much better than the power at the top if you like the best teams. In the NFC have a wide gap be done on the average teams were as IEA IE power. At the top of C is better and that the power at the top and it's just I think there's more middle of the road kinda did we don't know who they are type of teams in the the public and the audience can win these two rolled by teams. BC the couple but there's five teams I accurately assess the rams and the vikings and saints game in the papers in it Eagles dude yeah. Still missed. And I think it says it may think it's vikings record number two it. This call but it is important to me is that CC. Us. Let's say ETW I personally don't say not touch your voice too now tells you about the Cold War legacy not used Arctic. He's that way he clearly said wait Debbie yeah act and a little weight or WA BEB. If that sounds like he does he spelled nestled at work. Fool me. So breaking news in rap or Beers assign Alan Robinson so Matt Nagy won it Allen Robinson. As a post Al Wilson. But that happened a room that was over overnight it was over. Because they instead of you but it was an. That's why like she's an article are may rigs and Alan Robinson that's when they moved our Zaman. Idexx. Why they have that I don't know as when the senate talk out there and yeah. It's all others to say three C news and Ellis everybody admittedly you know about 33 in the morning that about Robinson. Have seen the numbers on the go and you know. I was doubly. Let let let's get to this week when it comes to that season salary cap situation they'd that big of religions doubles. Of clearing cap space and they knew that they had to get away some some of acing guys with a beard Johnson tomba. They did they knew they had to get away from rob Parker at all. They they had to make some moves any put themselves in the big capitalist. But I feel like with this cap situation. It almost seems like to date were were ready to overpaid for a and I don't like it now now I know it's very easy. For the stated me or other fans out there listen will say it you know money. It is you know money but look it does not SI think because we know that that's not how it works like I know it's not my money into the out of my own pocket. But it effects and impacts organization moving full. Baseball who cares much Nokia Indian elders exactly absent certain. Diligence there also is the price to pay right now is William Meehan of yet. These salaries. Trey Burton we look at these outreach people organic. Do you what does become the normally can you be desensitized to a member Alex Smith was development burst. And while we you know it's the bulls might it then all of a sudden last year look at it as a born and brought. But he looked like it is way over paid initially I think once the shock and a wears off what people are getting I think this will be that the guys you two more than warm Bieber is getting paid. Beautiful bump the percent are kept in million dollars this year. There's more money to be out of there. I I do think the right right I think he's guaranteed contract. Welcome back in vikings in the attic Ndamukong Suh is gonna bite that the ball in fact there's 42 point seven million dollars. They're walking away from the they still have to count for the new team. Money. Point two point seven dead money. It's hard to stomach we look at books and economic. I just. I don't want that ceased at you know people rip John Dorsey. For the most time and rightfully cell Jesse put together some bad contracts there was some of those players and pretty it he was always look at it hit. When it comes to please every kid got probably a better deal it is easy to governor mostly pack something he wasn't wondered what what it was he was also always after the fact. It having to pay more for Justin. It happened to patent for a bearing. Eight net more now well at all with the c.'s organization given tomba contrary to the contrary I just hold dear just gets more money we'll sit he'll be keeping outsmart. Paid in advance. He got on top Fisher. Who got a head of LBT there is a couple times and actually forward they need jobs. Just. I hope that would not gonna go to on this roll out of just we're overpaying a bunch of guys. I am days is victims we don't know what that would be tragic terms are what they're reporting that is what nine. That's a lot of money being B would you say it's hard times an English either. I think there's a lot I think we've over patriots. Oh now we don't we don't know what would the entire contract is on the surface it's easier to get a multiyear times it was gonna make nine. Million more dollars a year outlets that were overpaying. Bulls fans say I don't care over pay sometimes that over PD I did some. Antibodies before you buy and yet Silva and I. It I don't know many years it's gotten me 600000 dollar right. Even last year because the escalator is performance escalator bump about the over million dollars since achieved if not knowing it's true that is nine times what he made last year. Every killed by the way. Yet every kills by look at this way to say these make it what. Albert Wilson made one but the dolphins. I'll make it peanuts. Yet just what is this year three prepared repeal meeting next year you reduced contract. Every kills the guy you're going to have to pay at some point he's he's he's blown past the fifth round pick if you. Build royals are perfect example. Oh why keep you can always be open to changing your mind on said team would get to that next. I. I. I the. What makes you successful it's our view the original Mac that. At a moment here all be here I'll I'll act like big Brothers which tells about it. Just to. That doesn't happen very often. R.s fifty meters away in the sixties or so expect here on the basis but we looks like Alan Robinson three for 42 so that's his best you know enact and hurt. What's offered forty don't forget he was going on you're basically nobody steals but when you run for how much is this money unity go out of 46 pretty good that. I don't know how much you're. But considering they have the hall of fame arm of the lake or. They're very similar. In its good point they're very similar that you ultimately boils not to do would probably. It's broke away but his concerts recently by the way I have another riveting wall of the survey for UK that's coming up and expect and your chance to another six back to fan ticket. Is Julie it is that wallets and you do. Acquit elements hissy guys and I know that so tout he success. Alone or Major League Baseball. In Moby communications just we get this out to celebrate the start of the 2018. Season. In will be presents the force over. Immelt the full test. On April 20 forest 22 in New York City near Pointe park. The one at a time indoor float festival features special selections from each of the thirty clubs spoke under one group. What do you think his is gonna be representing Kansas City gripped about your. Yes it is your right yup yup the brisket not tools that's cadets was going to be a bigger and Helmut. I did say out serving yeah it is the one who won the the protest challenge Warman options. Which there's a big old Damir cars are born with those host that's. Well I sold out like those fake people love them love them. This picture of uniting. In Seattle it's the billikens. Who the Dodgers are bringing that Cheadle will pay. The corn with that she goes around it for him not use the Rangers bring in the boom stick. The real Rangers are doing the chicken and doughnuts like Rudy booms. So it's like you know by the way do boom stick. At. As part I care rep had ballpark in Arlington either way it's like 27 dollars. The ten bucks for a for a big hot dog anyway you may as will get the boom problems we have been for. Our volume of what is it about cousins look at look at your race two years fifty. And happily spirit when he figured he'd forgotten and for forty years dozens game changer it dispute this is a or upload round with them I figured I think specifically for quarterbacks but I digress. X I did it did point out that Major League Baseball missed the boat on this by one dated during April 21 and 22 probably should have been around for twenty. And there. Are being used say day. What a difference it makes when it comes to the boils when you look at some of the moves they made. From the mall with that they less Kansas City after fans says open to this. I think so Marie and I sit there nice Brandon Moss poster right there dees he would read USA today. They didn't do and autographs. People waited long. Right Hamas was kind of featured there who else would they gonna do is we want anticipating them making dolls. It think about now we noted John. Think the royal as we fight for third in the division I twins and Indians. They're headed there's no other way to put it would fight with Detroit the White Sox Olympic ready yet although I think the White Sox or the team has vision for the future. Would be silly to think the White Sox brutal but respect the unions come back on the sides twins and White Sox in the bill for long ball. The royals. The fight and at that didn't the 500. Biggest threat this team at this point. But the button bottom line is there's more respectable line when he looked up and down it. It doesn't look that bad food UPS that look as news outlets couple years you're not miss them on the offense. From Oz broke their first John Jay should get via serviceable guy he can it 9300. In the outfield which he could. What do you see in field. On believe never been need to be set by the scads of needles are. Every day burns them sixteenths horseback arbor keep you abreast of what's its occupants retreat to be honest with you a rebirth of Saturday. Our budget you know it's looking good look at serviceable I just think late this team. It's not going to be connected playoffs and the royals should be embarrassed by in I think in the short spring training. Was that the royals much differently never uttered Kosher we have monster he's fighting for starting spot I think it is sick finally came. This why did San this last couple weeks and still I'm still Dennis Dennis stand by this. I think it Dayton Moore started making calls and make you both in and reigniting conversation with moose and John. I don't wanna be in Beers. I don't I don't wanna go back to blue look we may lose some games but I don't wanna lose to the degree that we're gonna lose would these. It not to mention he didn't give long term deal. Year experiments. John. He was able to go organ shopping for some of these free agents. Mike was I mean he is not walk the debate about Gordon being locked him for the contract but he got the royals. Which realtors would outscored would have made Alley at the camera free agent didn't when he got its money. Ian Kennedy we're ready peace and of course beast that not as wolves now is it that you look at the option. It can any. Initially when he signs counter with the royals it was to walk away a couple of years. Eagle get paid more immediately realize they are not going to be any more money remain in Kansas City this is the place any disarm those days are long gone. I think the culmination of contract prices in one year deals in effect and I think being more what's respectable team. He's got a TV contract to worry about he still leads sell tickets although don't think he's worried about that that the TV is where the money has this helped you yell. It's forced eyeballs they like the ratings. If they're going to be truck amount fox sports midwest it's becoming news PM here. It in about a year trying to map. The whales were Stevie countered that it can almost quote group. What they make in TV I think we ought to be real excited about the rates steady few million. For team discovery good thoughtful beats or better shape right now and raise these got a big TV deal I just think respectable team. I think the bike 500 it is kind of where this team is at this point out that over that news team I mean let's it was the leader he's going on pitches Cy Young worthy. It must Ian Kennedy has the your of his life. Jason Hammel performs but an expectation in jig Jews becomes a complete surprise was she looks like in spring training I NG Jews actually something. The royals coming out on. Word about the bullpen Nestor where that directions going but I just think that the royals team at this point it's four more respectable. Than what she saw opinion that. Big and people appear as Ed who's been there in dude John Jake. The Eagles guys know it and it was better looking around Britain mosque is one of the featured guy like he's thirty betrayed cut. Think about how much different this team is now compared to the team is turning out. It's different ominously here and make it seem as though like the added or day. They sound like some some big big costs out of it sound like endless leaf fan favorite every week by the Indian twins you know that. The fighting for third at the beacon but they're a much better place today than they were off a few months ago seriously. Because we looked it will reset the I remember that at best Friday with sadness and this was looking around. And what will look at who they're advertising what was with sit near conducting prince right did the trailer we see that big rain in mosques. They browse. As I still think that your. You're buying in a little too soon on this because tell me though I'm not talking about Jay because to me now behind in third place. Because Jack is still picked that when you talk about guys like dude and you talk about the stock is and you talk about John today. I don't know how many of those three guys finished the years royals like the at least to me I don't see this as a let's make a move to be competitive in our division. It's say let's make a move to see if we can get a guy catch lightning in a bottle terminal rental player come to the the trade deadline and maybe we could rebuild our farm system because let's face it. That's what Dayton Moore said was the focus of this offseason and going for forward is to rebuild the the U farm system to where wasn't when he 102011. A great way to do that is to have tradable guys that the deadline who. By the way the royals last year had treatable as the deadline and they felt like they were still at it. I don't feel the royals this you're gonna convince themselves of Kristol editor of the trade deadline and now they have three guys. Who could be movable pieces you do actually short for some when he went on in the race that featured some good. But at the players. In August to get our guys when your country's government is got here because he's got that option moved moose can be the guy and mutual option mutual the moves can be the guy. That they can move three deadline wolf said the members of the Red Sox and we're Jai regulatory. Media need those routines were urged the moves maybe it moves most attractive deterred in line. What they get old Ronald players to call me crazy I just don't. Feel like the chase for third place in the central's. I mean delegate my juices that's reality that's really badly Jameer of that 44 no I think outscored Batman 200. Elena bitumen is in mid season form. We have B sixty as force expect something happened as it over 300 years basically ism by it would Tom Brady is selling. And when you moves in NFL free agency would get to that in two minutes that. I'll critically need something else.