03/13 - 10 am - Bink Needs To Calm Down

The Day Shift
Tuesday, March 13th

Bink is way too pumped over Sammy Watkins and Lake comes to cool him off. Plus, the Chiefs offseason is all about one guy & one ref is gonna learn the hard way. 


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Stop Alex or am I just I can't get over the news. And I understand and I act that I did it man I get their people are excited. Because Amy Watkins is is a name he's he's been a name for years and you go back to him in his days at Clemson and this a really good wideout and now a houseful ball. And eat he was in individual doubles with fourth overall pick in the NFL draft. I like stimulants. But here's the blood but. I am not can't Wear heels like a lot of people are in recourse to the side. I. I looked in on concerned about the injuries number one. What what what what I look at it and look he's he's battled back from injuries and he looks like he's relatively healthy right now. Well when you look at how much money your paying him yes injuries are going to be can Sar. I'm not considered audience and say that I'm not concerned at all about it yes I'm concerned about the injuries when you sign a guy to a three year deal. For 48 billion dollars in thirty million that is guaranteed. Of course I'm due to be concerned about that because injuries have orders production. Clearly yes. Now the great thing about Sammy Watkins always say he's extremely young steal your talk about a god has only what 24 years old. And he knows how to play and he still has a physical attributes could be. On number one at that there at least number two receiver in the NFL so both things about life. But the injuries are concerned Brinkley. I feel like he's extremely inconsistent even when he's healthy. And I'd like. I'd like that. Like deciding I'm not in love with a sign I just flat out I'm not in love with the signing of a say anyone can today so it as I sit here and I'm trying to. Get more excited about it but only Tom tale. Only tell motel. Eight in terms of how this thing plays. Let me get you excited about it. I am excited about the chiefs it just heading hole wide receiver has been very good. Is a matter of fact when your him back here at a Jeremy Maclin actually skill wise was one of the top five receivers chiefs ever. That was back. I'm talking with Taylor he's dead last week but of course leads in yardage. The on page in the eighties Carlos course in the eighties Derek Alexander wood paper meal had some nice years. They are loaded right now wide receiver would tell every field in Simi walk ins they can now spread the field incorporates an am excited about it. Yes injuries and injured but only three players in the NFL since Watkins is in a row have more yards per reception. Shawn Jackson Tyrone Williams title and curtsy if you feel and the only guys have more yards per reception. And seeing me walk meaning he spreads the field he is a big play receiver in every Q when you look as average yards per reception thirteen point one. In two years it's a big indictment on the quarterback. Forget doubts that this one when your and he did Ubaldo until we developed Europe that really short yardage gains there's one game with every chills to know. These are guys can spread the field guys to get down the field would walk in and he'll. It is gonna change the whole complexion of who and what the chiefs or it is going to give them a deep threat down the field which I think in turn helps create our. But the league's leading rusher even getting better because of the field being so spread out the Brett. Patrick Holmes going downfield Britain beat sitcom. When he's asked about wide receivers that he will probably in the more. Been more get a marked draft last week at a particular couple receivers guess what I mean scratch that happened to a new marked draft. Because staying speaking drastically different by Brett beach today. He's understanding with his weaknesses and I get the office you'll see there's a weakness. Forked out here passer out here receiver thousand or died a thousand yard running back where's the weakness what would you do would you take it to the next level. And you make it even better than what is the chiefs have two guys right now that and get 2000. To get. It's aimed at Watkins finally with the quarterback galloped rest particular week. That he said that the one of the reasons he chose here's his home in Kansas City. It spreads the field you cannot concentrate just on target field you can concentrate just on trips Kelsey. Is that you have seen me walk in to the mix that will burn your ass if given an opportunity guy is 25 touchdowns in 51 coerced nor. He's averaging almost a touchdown per between starts he plays he's a touchdown machine he's a physical presence becomes with speed yes he has injury concerns. The part of I'm not worried about with this contract the B 2647. Years old you could back out of his contract. You can back you get him right now in his prime of his career if he could put together with the injuries aside. LP Brit beat piece and sixty million a year if you lose that worried about it. The Packers weren't the jags weren't that we'll talk Ian Rapoport here. In just a little bit breaks everything in the NFL weekly guest force this year told you about the teams to reach it in Simi Watkins there was more than one. It didn't seem like the Williams Freeman interested in bringing him walking back or what he can do to stretch the field. Talk about guys we dropped the path. He's he's reliable is forced catching the ball he's he's quarterback was struggling there with how important almost a thousand yards with him Tyrod Taylor. Good quarterback ever quarterback not a great quarterback if he's still exceeded over a thousand yards while he had Tyrod Taylor homes a different cat. And what Britain beaches do and is aren't going to give him all the weapons like India now that he didn't do much more. Gotta have to address linemen which I think it will address. The mid rounds re getting your door at the Britons but my mock draft he was Italy the south started right guard Robert. He's a big physical presence that I think would that niceness like a simple. Through the softens what you can do Watkins. Kind of brings little foreign and we're saying you know what Patrick Holmes were given you the tools and dominate meaning this window for the Kansas City Chiefs is wide freaking open. At this point they wanna win Indy wanna win now these wood these moves tell me today he got. It's always been a fan of Sammy Watkins. But. He's been a bit of an under achiever and it hasn't just been the injuries aren't that lessens the injuries are one thing but it hasn't just been net. He's been feast or famine. That's just the way that it is with Sammy Watkins is an all or nothing. Was Sammy Watkins we are essentially paying him based awful potential that that that's let's be what is Sammy Watkins. Last season. Or more receptions standpoint. He had less receptions and Al Wilson. Not that got us here yet less receptions and outlaws any play a playoff team he's he barely had each. It Albert Wilson we are paying. Him based awful potential and what we think that he's going to be. We are expecting him to be debt number four overall pick in the NFL set all I'm saying is I'm not I'm not trying to be here once they like to come out of say he's not. He's not a did acquisition. Before the money. He'd better be white he better be right. That was the reaction this morning at the has been somewhat theory. And what the reaction that I that I heard was on the gold to wiggle show and it was straight legal. Are on a show earlier he had a car in a ballplayer what we call I can Google is part of the conversation and Dan dot it was was sitting right here. And doctors really didn't say a whole glut of the Canada four to NFL player that they were talking to. But this was via the exchange in regards to the new doubles breaking a ball seeming won its. It looks like Sammy Watkins is gonna sign with the Kansas City Chiefs and that thing I find interesting here but the former rams and bills wide receiver Chris is he's getting close to sixteen million dollars a year that's a whole lot of cash for god and I don't think the number one receiver if you look at his numbers from pad 39 catches for 593 yards and a touchdown he's going to be sector capital probably the third option. To Terry keel and Travis killed absolutely this is on making sure whether they get Patrick starter and get him off to restart. In his campaign and the starting quarterback wouldn't she's. Mean this to you as expectations they'd look at your playoff team this season that's tough division AFC west so a lot of competition out there with the raiders. Broncos and chargers so. They had a good about the weapon offers make it more explosive in Q Patrick Holmes an opportunity to do storm runner from well but the biggest issue for me has been a hell more than anything else and you know it was healthy he was healthy last year but that he got he went to a team where it that they aren't corporate couple Robert Woods they had a couple of things and you know it it just seemed like there were times we tear off the coaches have felt more comfortable. With some of the other receivers on the team there we disappear and Crawford who was looking dangerous and where senator locked in eternal retired came in pops up to me so. This and he's had to be vehicles games where he's not insist it's not physical. Now the other the nuts and that is not a million right now physically ready to go but you seem like electric power rankings and take the top all the defense kind of guy who through Kansas City you already have one of those players. Not make sense to have more opposite retiree Q so people can't roll coverage to all the charm. We're still sixty million dollars this every Watkins. It's not my that's the price to put. Is estate prices paid that's my opinion of the two lights and lock ins I'm not in mobile to steal it and I know it was it was not my money but still. You act yeah a lot of things that you have to address of the state know that's fair but they spread the ball around. Cooper cup Todd Gurley Robert Woods but he thinks and what that he touched him he let the rams and touchdowns with the kits that he had doubles this this is being talked about. Sin Hawkins is admitting he was selfish in buffalo and the matter of fact they asked the human LA how he's dealing with a back these guys. He spread the ball around. In what consider this. Two years ago would probably in different markets that are probably gone to the media being sing whatever trying to get the coach the digit. Bechtel used to do a bit back then like what more targets. So basically he's going through that phase lake Byrd passed. It's still the space you get into your rookie in you want the ball he shot Johnson but we variable right Sydney Hawkins one of the bull. He's got this maturation process went all the sudden he wasn't the man if he spurred it ramp but it was a good soldier about it. In LE he was good about not getting doubled spread around meaning he's gone to that soap the space. And now we just into the plains these Ricky shocking you don't silver surely not you don't got good when he spoke. But we don't want a big let you know what though because the reality is smacked him in the face it they traded for him to beat the number one any get bad beat out like we're up. And Robert wants but he still led the team in touch via. By large margins. He led to touchdowns to lead them anything else parties and receptions know so also I did that he does down. Yards per reception in the eighth this Dodd they trade north perception and touchdowns public view but he's got to insult she's in this important things I mean talk about thirty at that moment. We think he's the guy to me the ball every time he's gone through that now just what I always football. So that's important important thing he's past that stage. That's staged our guys can't get over. He's getting paid more to do is be a dot well he did eight. Sixteen million IE self admitted it has the soap stage which is beer important in the unit though you get past the hole assassinate him being our two. A whole debt more than anything. Coming up next we are joined by Ian Rapoport of NFL network hopefully next. Back in on the face yeah. Rest in peace Craig Mack who passed away at the age of 46. Last night. He was deathly making moves won the big reason why Puff Daddy. Is a guy that he is today was bad boy records old recipes to Craig Mac play in it. Our would be embattled Clinton felt by the way melody Melanie. Our school the Buffalo Bills is fast peers. Here it's going to be Eagles weren't going about. I lose them load. Wasn't tampering. I am out. Of war. Can make official. What them but as a secondary is don't like you can't get in trouble tampering then there is is starting twelfth steeper for. Yeah that's a best of it away yet as the disappointed with the way all the way you can do whatever makes you want cold they Dexia he's doing. Exactly duet whatever they make you want all right tell. He's open back to the he's a busy guy right now is in a row horrible it will go get him eventually. On the is gonna join us at some point but he sees. He's under fire right now I don't while like a lot of these things happen to forbid. Ms. fast and furious throughout the didn't seem to want to learn about 6620 in the morning. The case keep in Denver was overnight and all of these moves happened people wake up like woke. What happened last night it's really bizarre that the unifil the moving and shaking compared to Major League Baseball. Not even close. Now. Couple things Tutu to address these. I know that a lot of people that force and Olympic and lake why argue aiding Osama I'd like Sammy Watkins I don't know I don't like the money though I don't. Opel died eight is oval of the dice with the rest. He's he's been oft injured at the pick and roll of the dice risks with money you paid probably almost nine million dollar one I don't know. Well basically you're getting homes and walk ins. Losing pressure paid out Smith I think you'd take my home Watkins over Alex Smith I understand it being the but the only reason while we're saying that is because that's all rookie deal. This doesn't take away the baggage at the stick with a final should get to pay a lot of it is Elwood. This is the two years you could back where your problem this is a good problem it's a Seattle Seahawks model we knew what they want a simple Russell Wilson's big around month. In Byron Maxwell where Pete Sherman that when you were being give to its. These guys fifth round and undressed the Doug Baldwin curse being made a living off of not paying anybody chase or getting it steel remark. On third round money getting a steal with Perry he'll make it 700005. Round money. He didn't get the escalator brunt of 700000 but they're making this the old girl off at the U weapons because you spend money elsewhere. Because you're not paid your quarterback what's what's what's that owns means one point two million. I made for for starting quarterback it's ridiculous one point 211 million paid basketball team paid and it. Next you pay him one point nine following year two points. Right that fit your option yet you're gonna and that that paid at home's a lot bigger and you'll have to repay and that moment. But right now you can have luxury if you're not in your quarterback squat. Yeah I think it'll squat in up in three months what you could have or I had money and it does guys like seemed to walk. I understand deeply it doesn't mean they go out there overpaying for everybody bitchy side is a great what we don't get sooners act. Act like the doesn't magically throw money at a god that it all as white the world he's a touchdown machine. Maybe she screwed up we'll find out if one thing good about the NFL we always find out we'll find out. By October November so boomer boss I don't you think that that I just. This is the world's fueled seem to knock I don't like the money that I just it's reasonable. Beyond reasonable and Izod conscious of that I'm trying to be reasonable I'm trying to be reachable open up like this. Couple things about this deal. If sandy watt is pleased to be fourth all equal pay TV plays at his potential. Big you've got a steal here that that that's a lot I would say a deal anymore you get your money's work jobless is still you're getting your money's work and I'm glad you're freeze like that. Forty but with Kyle Orton Tyrod Taylor in I understand was moved off with a lot of weapons with the rate. But the homes to forget the forget pal were different and I read Taylor. So Woolsey woody he had which is to make or went Jacksonville Green Bay or Chicago. Or back Billy there was teams or is that like these grab somebody paid nobody want. There was other people to coveted and walked. I will say this about the Watkins Mo though this is the thing that really liked about the one really. I like the fact it this year are going to. She's training camp. This the fourth time in the spot to have years that I beating Kansas City they legitimately. Bit we will go to St. Joe and we will say we know what to help we got the wind. And our number two why it out so well here's the they'd think we have win this thing I don't wells and and that how loss Conley is big and Donnie Avery if it. All these guys and up to this the first time ever that we do legitimately say. Apple wine we have a 20 we got a tight in that says aren't the best Italy we got other guys. Young guys behind them all these years this talk to the ball well man who's the number two receiver Bobby. Got to say that as we estimate and question every year David user to. And offered in the hearts and bodies of all who's gonna step up at best that's the want to look messy you know. There's should not be a significant drop open tweeting your wanting you to. The bottom line is cowboys missed about as good a duo cheese put up. The chiefs let you know decent Derek Alexander OK with Eddie Kennison. Then blew your doors off. This one of the first year that they've been able to trot out a couple wide receivers that are legitimate if kids walk in touchdown numbers are ridiculous 45 and that the ones are. That means the guy gets Indians he knows how to make big plays in the of two guys that are borders that stretch the field he's not afford three guys but what you gonna four or three. It become. But I ridiculous faster than walking through the become bogged forty had injuries so things are different with him walking. But as your reception with three guys unifil better yards per reception and see me walk and this is great is big news for every keel. Get hot streak on the federal safety. If your world safety help the Watkins and it'll it you forget about what those guys my home will make you pay. In the good news is cream on Bob's beat the port. Does he get all the yards with it. In a trip skills in the middle field re not mean this this offense as the make I'm not happy about is that all that I really like that all that's a loss which given everything. That's why won't have to address that I think you give good value. In the draft the book about bad part is nobody likes the edge rushers in the draft may Ogden like him it's hard to find words recorder may be. It is but finding good pass treasures in the second round culpable for for a a Bradley job and all those guys are and he almost company guys they're born in the first for a made you hired edged higher Alexander a quarter slate of the chiefs' second he's long gone by then that's what put an option a Lorenzo corner there. But in the draft. It again I don't think we can judge the defense yet. It's in and we got its site which of these huge but we haven't got the defensive side they wanted to add steal weapons. In Patrick Holmes is who he want. Britain beach is designing we desperate beach last year what you go forward. Thinking about pat homes your quarterback it is very noncommittal doubts that the spill quarterback. But at the combine he talked about that the fact that he wanted to add wide receivers and I I think that whole thing. It is is big with the chiefs and the fact they're looking at my home and they want to gay guys if he can throw the ball downfield to. According to the tech sign. From the 816. You can't appear out Wilson's and you want to tell lies I read there they're not the same guys talent wise Sammy Watkins a totally different level but Al rules. Al's only impairing their stats. That's the only now's impaired if he global panel pat homes made of Wilson parliament mandatory for those because they're final game capsule this would Britain be sent to come by about what receive. We'll look at Scott can write so I think everybody wants fast receivers. And you know. But no and yet quarterback that really rattling and how far Borough is a good thing so. They're highly coveted throughout the league but I'm sure yes will be in the market. So that's a Brit the beads had to say about receivers we need fast receivers. Let's bring these two acknowledging that the combined. Print alluding to what he really wanted him Watkins fits the bill O what these talk he talked about this it'll ever. But he wants six holy crap the apocalypse is truly happen nominee a complete agreement with a good level edit late. Take here. This from the from the text line. From the phone and I want to read later cesspool changed their tune some of them but I'm not enticing like I'm saying that I'm rooting against a guy just act. I have a lot I have some questions still on. In regards to via a medal for the test signed he can't throw the ball to sell slate that's on the 913. Late to such a hater ha ha ha. Watkins production came from. Dealer Manuel. Was a tactile or those woman named you talked about. Jake just a few moments ago. Another one here from. The text sign agree with late loved the potential would have taken it are taken him rather. For far less money point is small market. Small. Wide receiver mark because you need to overpay to execute your plate and I drew that big because. Everybody wants to grant they've got initially sometimes it's gonna end up overpaying at the jump they targeted that got the got they got. And hopefully it pans out hopefully. Hopefully Sammy Watkins is not injured and hopefully Sammy Watkins lives up to the potential. That the chiefs expect out of one Sammy Watkins coming up in two minutes your next chance to win a thousand dollars and our national task contest. And all of these moles tell us what it sees game plan is to win the old ball games. But I can't say that I'm in love with that I'll tell you why next. To boot record here on the base at another nice. What a 1000000 national castle contest. Over the course of this show. Opportunities he sour at 10301130123130. Straight at home. And ramble just he's at the make it rain desk ready to be beautiful. They get reelected is thousand on the thirties tax the code worker wave. Wave W aid beat you waved. A 72881. That's way eve. This 72881. You could be 80000 dollar cash winner in the national contest the message and data rates may apply. Sixth in Sports Radio were the only Sports Radio station in Kansas City giving you a chance. Went up to 121000. Dollars each week daily got to do is listen on the thirties from six to six. In a chance when coming up at 1130 here on the day shift. Complete rules where you at 610 sports dot com way. Was this hour's code would wait. Like how can relate used to Wear his hair back and college please no I'd never had ways and Giles as she wanted to wait. A salon. Refresh no waves out. Wade is not a thing in palace. Ever. As a manager pro for you know what's. Of course not you have for a full disclosure I have no idea when you were in college when I go for actually had a flat top. And year high almost it was because I thought it was nice to moderates and I showed elated it was nice would you go for a when I go Guerrero the trees the hundred. Amin. Eagles roll anytime you your would you go pro. The last latter quote. I don't know maybe high school with some I don't know we. I don't know station at the letter Jack. I can't act I humorless and have you ever had a thorough and likelihood. If I was in your shoes at him for a you're able if Bob was doing this to be total itemized Susan 98 were supported. That. Ideally that he's bald look. Up. Old men they Wilson the other Ben Wallace broke or. I'm still not overly excited bulb the money that was spent on and you know what Hezbollah and rebut you went out save as. I'll start to feel better about it according to this last week in rap port trait born. Just signed with the the former Eagles tight end or use out of the bears four years 32 bit. We'll get before sole to it's. Big beard until this month when she saw that on the field you can grab a beer. That kind of our power that's all that's the theme that kind of firepower only be reads off this is by. It's. Mix. Of this yet. It kills me yet. To lose that this is not grab your beer off in this Wendy's at the end to retire until the defense which gives fixing. Is because I give up points. But this office is a real football quality you know I think they're going all in Palin's. Business that are arena football while there really are there. I'm statewide opens up its scores I think I'd preferred and a spot equality. There's a difference at this. Up it's forget about the chiefs to keep you still in office. It's the you don't give up on this route satellite that deepen economic when he drowned so by in my. About. Dispute to be just reads last. I don't think that after discount edges out. You go to NASA got warriors eighteen LT 20/20 one right now windows what forget about soft rebuild Wendell what opened. Britain beach cape Kennedy and which can be some weapons that. It's all about Patrick a home yet he gets her skirt bet bit bit this is what this is all well it's all quarterbacks who governs its Kirk gave one record it's all about Patrick Holmes that's the reason while we're seeing all of this. Any goals back to not only just. From a Alter a standpoint that they Philippine they had their quarterback of the future is also to me about the identity of this organization team. He's the face now. Will not it's not not to day he's a face off the homes are. But not today. He's about to be to face today if you went around the country in pull people up at scenes. And you ask them to face I don't think the most who was say to pass the most right now today's space it was they'd heard barest of race or Travis still sees the face but. Does the best at saint this year is it is going to be packed one off me you don't want to me is yes because that means the pack two homes do what did you. Are building damaged homes and out of voice in the locker room. That's what they're doing for the clearance faith in what Patrick Holmes to be the guy but do we think that passive homes is a quarterback they can make. Average wide receivers better. Or does she have to be asked have. Extremely talented receivers. To make him be I think he's a quarterback Jimmy averaged Taylor I think wolf announced that have been nice thank you court the money from the opens because of in catches. 32 catches going in game yet in. 147 because of that homes bought. Well that homes bring up the best and Samuel. Cynical and is nowhere near it is potentially the urgency. You bet your homes beat the guy if he sees him lock in your numbers right now but they're explode patrimony. Mean it could be you look at that. Work skip still this roster because of my own. Me personally I drinking hootie at that out of Texas that. Dad was fueled talk activists who saw. This guy and he's in Myanmar and all of this guy mid round guy. He's got some serious speed these slot guy he's been with my home. You'll insane man. Forgo you wanted Kingsbury. You wanted I did every one knighted deployed ammo and are given a booking period of these meat in it. Us being. A real strength and conditioning coach is we need to import from Texas Tech Merrill. Not just office to the heavens to to have a deuce gruden and I think I takings reviewed quarterback coach in the RB after. Every game this upcoming year Brinkley is the one thing he's gonna see it every single day. Don't tonight. It takes is asking his beer baca why advocated she's the about a week so we're talking about it he's going to be up there is going to be serviceable but he's gonna try to make a pitcher go home. Mori is in his career he will make Mormon starter but he's. Vote. I think the other team that we should mention though when it comes Patrick Holmes of wood trying to put all these peaceful modern and our our fourth for him successful. All that neglecting the defense to a certain extent. Quick wit I'm not gonna say your say that that the PR. I will save crystal ball the defense. I thought that the party will be a pass rusher to start in did they try to find a wide out they actually went the other. Way around it they start with a wide out another unit probably add some legal passport or some light to really get to the quarterback. What they cannot neglect this defense this did not the philosophy can't be. The weight would get a try to play is we're gonna put a ton of points up on the board or we won't be at a stop anybody know I don't want that I bet that that cannot be the philosophy. Of the seas notes he would need to be kitchens that we wrote god who's good runs that they addressed in stopping the run with rag and Newton's in the inside the relief goods or. Odd defense defensive line rolling store he's now buffalo. Dubbed are those that name. It's been floated out there to come back. The Kansas City the pass rush is going to be their Justin Houston could save some money you've been heavily want to compete at the take on twelve point seven million dead get money. It can be spread out over two years with the dolphins to assume. When it really soup it's gonna cost 22 point seven million dollars they still have to account for but they'll do it over to season but they've got a pass for. So what you're doing your banking on before Evans of ability. John Dorsey went unbeaten did your opt out he's gonna passes this 111 hole which means you have to pay its beleaguered beat you need production from people. The pass rusher is not available in the draft release past the Busch wrecked. Gordon key in these guys are gonna be gone. Early I don't agree with this race that's price that bigger I don't agree with this assessment that beat its harsh. But I'm just an image it because it is out the air go to espn.com. Bill Barnwell. As is in itself reads he grades he's he's updating them as a signings. Are are put out the here in information is available. It's sees great for these Sammy watched in signing. He gives a which I think that's way harsh I would not probably not look at deciding to say that it's not bad signing on good. The I don't that's one thought deep plus lot of people haven't. Woolsey billboard yeah well we'll see. Are coming up next on the bottles dooming and one of the best in Dallas basket at will bar roller gruden bakery would be a great idea. Opera it's in the one of the best jobs basketball's not selected to make the NCAA tournament and folks are talking about and is not a player. We'll get to the net I have my opinions you can have your opinions. Hold that thought it's not good. I don't know him well. Answered. Does this once somebody's day. On the tech side you had to slap in the face of that reality somebody from the eight was six. So much for an 816 states who you are forced wow the 23 overall pick or pass rusher. You know the market views fit and what you guys had to hit them with the real tall except we don't have a fourth round. And do we know which you. Yeah we don't have a flows would be nice would it. Repeat what you. Just knock the knees any of these players John Dorsey drafted are in beach clean house. Ever happened that Jay who chest. But he was supposed to be a wide receiver. If the first thing beaches that he's and it replied back. If you feel right when it's the stuff. But they're gonna have final passage would do. He can be relied on did the rough. He lets get the boxing video but it neatly. Ottawa there. Opening upon which you universities. And I didn't do that she has last year was this would pick them again between how did you did you. I think it's specifically. I just want defense all major B did you write downs that are on the panel. You would need walking basically this this question is actually for you I know I know liquidity for you. But not with Reese's name like a college quarterback wide receiver combo that continued success in the NFL. All the had a good. It needs success and fame college. They get back to some of the hurricanes. With. Into the NFL who have been played with a before wasn't Troy Aikman and that is a hold of and it was way. I know what I have to go but that second. Big league deathly walls and takes his take white house on this does anybody reported that one. Yeah I won. This one guy. One yet I guess. All right there there's some like this not be a part of the NCAA turner and we're not talking about a team they got snubbed. Or team that was on the bubble in the bubble burst or player does not be part of it. We actually had us. Big name official. Rest read Ted Valentine's backed the BB war India the NCAA tournament. Report came out from NBC sports yesterday Ted Valentine not working NCAA tournament after the scary incident now used mesa mobile with the theory incident. Ted Valentine's toward the tournament this month. Just a year after officiating the final four the final four that's what they have the best officials in college basketball the year he is this officiating in the final four last year. He says he will not be war in the heart of it this year but what he believes to be fallout from the incident in which he turned his back. On north Carolina's Joseph Barry doing the game. He told ESPN on Monday soul. If you if you guys to Nazis would argue about an illicit salt that's been knocked in part for not even beaten tournament not at all he's gotten its arm angle had beaten knocked down and he was. In the course of the game. Shall bury a senior. For North Carolina was disputing a call had something to say to the official on today. And I know that assists and get tired of you awful players always been in their face of scenes of the what do I get there but. This young man was trying to gate Ted Valentine's attention. Ted Valentine day money here told him to be quite whatever it did essentially. He targets that he took all his Bakley a man and steer antidote to disdains. And ignore him. And the player in the walking away and it was. Number one everybody to go for what it was it was total disrespect for the young that you will civil heated a key to any phenom. Eat it all in the explanation for every single cold during the course of the game brokerage don't mean you you'll tilted what what. Why you made a call or why you held these school boy hitting close a must do all of that. What he really did disrespect it by turning his back on it just to shut them down there. And people did not liked it a lot more vocal about it they were like. Did downtime need to be suspended for game they needed they need to find they need to do this that the able whatever to Ted down to it was a it was a bad over the it was a bad. He stated DES PN this is not right it's just not fear it hit me like a ton of bricks and being punished unjustly. Valentine said he was told of the decision Saturday by NCAA according to officials JD Collins. He's that we talked about the shoulders it's wasted in how he had a discussion with the Big Ten but I told him. I fix the situation. Georgia game in January that's when he turned his back on Peary when he lobbied for call this what about I says I screwed up. But I went back a week later and I apologized. AG and I would jokingly kitty it was no big deal I even pulled him out of a situation where he could have gotten. A technical. Wow okay bit this is. This well I look at this. This and tires it was what'd down. Ted Ballantine everybody acknowledges is one of the best out there he is one of the best but he also is a drama king. ES. Q if he likes him and he he plays the camera. He he he nicknames TV that he yes he's always install law and hockey league's noted that I don't. I don't feel bad Betty finally caught up to I really don't know what to do return McGee man. I don't you know what does the punishment fit the crime nowhere. I'm not sure that it does not have a problem with that because I think that this sends a simple message to Ted Valentine and all of these from a teen queen. Rough three. They're not bigger than the game nobody is going to the game to watch you so just after all we apologize that you. He he's open is the most does he think he's the man I'll know you're not amenable watching the guys play. Eagle today pride unity in the bottle for lecture at least even do one letting you first. But TV that he sees this. On some of these games they need to show. Well no no no no to Teddy go the target is decelerating. What how many would regret what he's good for ratings how did not at Utah. I talked basketball game and you watch because a doubt. Brian how my buddies at ease on the top basketball game he started on east watch it that it now I'd say somewhere between zero non. He's in this summer and summer that range. All I'm not but I mean. And I needed to see you the bail out here. Ortiz comes back would you it will show promise to hit the bureau of human. Full of nuts but despite the right and innocuous like that white hot words Mosher shouldn't double lack. Who knows I make the fighting for the crowd we just want the white walls forty degrees between short sleeves flexing. The about the man. He beat it. This from the tax I don't understand is what is it racial or they just trying to make the players apple but there's very little of that the door right let's be petty like TV that. Allen time. He he's like god today. It's overly topic about the Wii is ease air it at times and he's roughing gains would be met up for the women's sex it up forty so I have now. Now it this has nothing to dual use as the peak at the race is nothing. It's your duty bud. By the way league wouldn't they Burton shot out Miller to look to Reebok U via. For being shut up or all day yet Crockett. Crockett who want what are Bieber after Arctic project. He's a member of of what time of amendment a comical sound yeah you pretty been a Sauna with me at I have not elevator. I have not gonna have to revenue and a little later after the verdict well well well be an elevator did you. I'm James White as I don't know we do too unless several layers and got a Demi study says I mean there is an elevated area. It's code and the active I haven't had the need to to be on goal an elevator Europe do you get on the elevator should you know. But in the elevator rocket struck at different name tubs yeah. That's a missed opportunity biblical. Old man. A different. That yours today issued an following the Kirk cousins saga. Allegedly the Minnesota Vikings front runner for via services along Kirk cousins. He is visiting with them this Thursday and then show after just one moment ago Kirk cousins and we signed. Okay ones either way at a Shepperd greeting one min ago Kirk cousins plans to sign a three year. Only guaranteed contract from the Minnesota Vikings on Thursday sources telling. He has. To act or under react to keep with the Denver and it just race. Like I'd like you'll like he's done Denver. Yeah right that was key to the Denver yeah all bad quarterback behind hormonal. Rivers called. Homes. What else do you want it if you heat really want it doesn't go to Denver and make them guess that's not that's not just and I am as Americans head you to your brief I just oral didn't want him to go. Now keep them rot away and in Minnesota I'm good with the men in. O line I'm mark I might be done her. Governor Mitt instead of Stafford. See that no no I really tough choice now that are coming up in two minutes just former chiefs. Wide receiver daily news that he liked the bull bull from his former team to sign Sammy Watkins. We talked to date in two minutes neck.