03/13 - 1 pm - So Much For That

The Day Shift
Tuesday, March 13th

In the final hour of the show, this Chiefs plan is completely out the window. Plus, Bink might be a little too high on Pat Mahomes & the Take 2 Before 2.


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I hope it's here's some final out of the next line is on fire pretty savage. In the 816 Jason white ones to me. In the blanks today. It's in my shoes were thirteen wide earlier. This means your fat. Well it didn't matter my wages because in the same. Sort of government skinny guy with Dwight with shoes. Could the NBA man. There's a big shoes. Not fat. Timber they're widely. Yeah. We don't know that a woman in the NBA. But in Italy and Canada now feeling like leveraged and huge country. It's huge yet. In knocking them don't work daily Duffy gets the job ball that they for the royals in a kid about that by the way you're an elaborate royals and eighties. I'm underwent 3 PM. Here the workers. On the greens. He he did mention it to me you know where it is man would you be shocked to operate it yes I would. To these darts. I'll be shocked at the Bruin team treat. You know how it might be the next starting quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals at this rate let's hope for the. According to pro football talk is as the cardinals are purely down to. The Mike Glenn ends of the. Lot of moving and shaking going on in the NFL in case you missed it. Kirk cousins and the Minnesota Vikings every close. 283 year 86 million dollar deal all of which would be guaranteed. A different. Friend of the show Joseph Wiseman that was. When. 1065 or 67 and that right X seven Pena. Interesting quote from one Joseph Biden and friend of the show. Buys been on Kirk cousins quote it's not that the Redskins didn't want him but I think it would have been a big not to swallow. Oh Joey Heisman to have these men fields of these. Guys. I say it again and I quote. Joseph thighs and then on Kirk cousins a sister station. Quote it's not that the Redskins didn't want him. But I think it would have been a big net while. He's right. The big big. I cannot even. Is better in sporting Casey's draft. This would win the drop sides said it is in India. Game over derision I isn't saying that on our show. We'll continue the interview. Yeah I. Oh I bet that. Joseph. But the best all their money and Alex Smith big Jamie Hawkins big that this wall of citing family here. Urgent question check with Tom Brady. Are being that figure. It talked to us about this of the salt legal or which you believe may not be assault. In I don't that was kind of thrown around a little bit here and here with the chiefs there's soft for building in what they're doing. Don't know bill with my home is save the money to what the chiefs are doing now. Is ordered near a rebuild better pick him back fire has backfired when harmony be read Philadelphia. Nnamdi Asomugha blistering team that he symbol. But one thing he has an idea like this about the worst homegrown you build your team with homegrown talent but sometimes. You can. And it's one thing we Dorsey when he got to realize bulldozed my with Scott Pioli who paid when bill John Dorsey Kmart and painfully Bo. You gave this big money to Dustin Colquitt would be expensive bicycles make four million years quietly chiefs owner. Being mocked them Michael Dixon from Texas to them in that direction. They should goes so much heavily going deep in them in my two point one year at some point people or read yes and get a redo the mock. If you don't eat paired up in the wac incidents aren't barter in bad. There. People fixed. It is my mark at this point and make a lot of sense although the Eagles limited you do honestly. But I'm look at this is the window being wide open for the chiefs go it would look at it we give Watkins is kind of month. If you're still paying catch my homes. All point two million this year he had hit the big money it. Yet three months the wicked third round money Perry kills because it realm and don't you take advantage right now lights of the U mental raiders he and back. Exactly. Regina spending a ton of money you're still positions which normally they aren't defense just he's an agreement of big Mormon anybody else in the team are uttered just these authors are not spending a bunch but he your. You're spending money but this whole soft read the chiefs are nowhere near initiate to rebuild this team needs to win now. Is that affect us for your window that looked at Patrick Holmes now. With his concert here you are burned one year that you'll get the that your option been affected by it restructuring at some point anyway but their core. By restructure packed homes early after. We went every kill gonna have three years in the league so we can be structure bull or maybe hold out. Mixed not this year journey you've been following your excellent three years of service time in the NFL but Dow's realist right. It just Houston. Big equipment this concert a lot easier next year the Nicky and this year that is block double to walk out of that we did get money. In 20192000. EP that's what look at the chiefs. They're saying let's win now there's not wait with built some pieces no fear or all in right now to win early with Patrick now. What these Koch institute of freer window tops peeking in to achieve this point you know when quote in the unifil very quickly. Don't Watson's contracts done I Q when it's been the big money maybe cream Oscar wants the big money a couple of years maybe terms golf is good disease now. In three years you never know what happens in the bill. You have to take care of business right now. In right away I think the chiefs are doing that Brett beach I look at some of the holes they have on this team weaknesses if he's going out address them they wanna win now. There's no moved g.s are doing the same they're there and hold pattern. Never thought that you are gonna hold held that will. They're there's are all important there's no reason for any fan out there to think that they're not in the gulf war at all. And the reason why is because they in my opinion this is the final. Deal. For Andy Reid is ahead colts I don't think he's gonna go anywhere else outside Kansas City after this deal is done so once this four year contract is up. Active AGB he tells you to get audience who global. If you give us the bull by the end its Iraq. It is. You look at this count this team is assembled offense in a big defense will be the priority moving forward. Like next year. I still think they're undecided and one I still think the defense alliance the portable teacher I think they're open on Chris Jones develop the paint and Jones punitive. Paid him being sick around money purse Joseph. You're getting all this ballot. If you're hitting rookie deals form except for guys like Houston and bury the commanding a ton of money. But again you can walk away just Houston next year which I think they might you better severely restructure his contract. Which spoke unless they ask Ron Parker allegedly to restructure his deal he said thanks but no thanks any e.'s move at all. Albert Wilson then things will the Miami didn't pay but what the chiefs news right now there is no move they're making. It's they were holding pattern. We wait until Patrick Holmes is ready know there oral or eggs in one bath scene he's ready to go were building pieces it's go time for McCain's chief to wanna. Is the raiders still floundered around and those grooves and it never grew and then like inlets on carriers other and things work Denver. Still quarterback situation I don't know Keenan looks like it's gonna go there at speeds of the Broncos and also their defense is starting takes them weren't here. Into league ball. Markets were at the garden originally he employed for WB's. TJ ward stopped all these pieces they brought in to build this Denver Broncos defense in the Super Bowl champion ago. The chargers I don't know. That is of expectations for the chargers they always wondered. Injuries happened but the chargers a whole MO strong at the innovative aided that but they did it again the charges shall flash. In this division belongs to the Keene city chiefs. They're charting and as such in these moves their making are not holding pattern here going for that window is is for a wide open as it can be lessened today. From pro football talk this is all one of their tweets from just a short time ago Sammy Watkins tie every teal. Travis Chelsea Korean hunt. Passed home. Yeah Alex. Asked the headline. She's office could explode. Was Sammy Watkins. Everybody's going to be all in all the on the often. I'm gonna be concerned about the the healthy stuff. We're not going to be only team opted has exposed the ball rolling and you can you stop. What was it with. Was statute is probably now. While we don't. Does paler radical and somebody deeply you got to slow the defense cured asked. Pure as the with the chiefs of formal. Amid sending shockwaves are honestly cheese will be thought of highly all year to get names in my opinion shock. With the gold. Betsy is why don't it's one of the chief taking yes preacher still exist they're gonna be tough to beat can be beat though Jacksonville should beat them. The Pittsburgh Steelers we know we're pleased that the NFC limit rams Eagles vikings. Panthers saints all brands all teams that they can win a Super Bowl BA sees a lot more wide open new unity at this point. Right now just when you think of Bol the possibilities. Will this office. Where would you rate this often it's just based off of the town they have right now. Tops in the NC. Tops is in top five. Mean look at last year I mean I think they got even better from last year although I'm sitting at my home's gonna have announcement type season with would you say that it cease all senses. Better than the page's office. No I guess it'd be you know they have the mass of their time. Would you say that c.'s offense is better than the steals off the left field at La INS that point they were taught by. The water and patriots saints Steelers chargers team. I think they're anywhere near. Blow up. I. I kid this is why can't say it. Points a game six doubles last year. Where out Smith played like UNDP candidate. I'm gonna go to quiet on this one because wine is is saying that because you're assuming that. Bet it did bearing at least. That Patrick holds directly to the local Alex Smith did last year I can't say. I can't say I can't say it bet that's his old mark. We don't ask him or picks you to work he's gonna hate there's going to be some ups and downs with what Pat's home. So I can't sit here say that the office and be top spot based. Maybe it will be pretty will be 2019 years of big rude what's in the four year playing better. I don't think it's often it's going anywhere. The next three years a speaker of the quarterback play. That is something that we have to discuss because all these bulls are being made revolving around passage home. So what does that say about past the homes as the quarterback in this division the AFC west we address it now. Yeah. Yeah I'll I'll tomorrow is going to be able to bring Mac plus he's pragmatic. And passed which is 46. He was basically good for us. I mean what else all on bad boy records. Athlete last. I just didn't debate a fifteen minutes would mean it just went thousand dollars on national test test reminder join us. As winning streaks on me winning streaks out adherence. Thursday and Friday in being cleaning it out doing the show there. Six dollar and incidental specials. National hot wings cheeseburger and Fries helping the operative and it sees breakfast wrap dubbed the craft Beers. Eagle with house he's giving the out they're getting hammered and he doesn't even or button please say you're a few days. Great TV said seven of them being there recliner. So much as you know when a thousand dollars each day. So coming out doesn't get the terminal. Before. It'll be a lot of what now listed into this debate we're having this debate on it off here and into tomorrow. And I think that means lion on one side just debate in your in the up chuck. And at it and essentially what has to do with is. It feels is bill JP at least falling into the trap. All of coming up with expectations. For hacks at our homes. That may be just a tad bit unrealistic. On the impetus of this to this morning we were discussing. Why the chiefs didn't decide to spend money. On the defense side of the ball because I have been holed that Patrick Holmes is the type of quarterback who can take moderate Allen. And make inquiry. Adding people wanted to point Albert Wilson in week seventeen western Stacey this is what pat mark Holmes does. Or just marginal talent. And we are able to take those guys are gonna make him go. And I guess I'm left scratching my head when you go out and forty million dollars on a wide receiver. For quarterback who supposed be able to make it four million dollar wide receiver. Back in Sydney reached in homes actually give him it was that that being said. I I guess I'm just confused as to what our expectations aren't Jason it was too early to judge the defense. And I and I get what you're saying that it's been quite the year linebacker. I mean. Idea what you're saying when you see you cannot judge the defense because I still think that there are moves that going to be made you're going to have positions starting positions. That are still yet to be decided and determined where as on the offense the ball. Pretty much locked him like the addition of Sammy Watkins change things. But outside of that pretty locked him every starting position on the up and the side animals like you when you're saying from that standpoint yeah. Oh when I say that it's too early to judge when you say it's too early to judge the defense I would. Argue that it's still too early to judge the offense as well because while you know what you have and Kareem on and you know you haven't Travis calcium and and I repeal. You don't know what you have and those guys with pat my homes under so. And that's the big difference to me like you knew what you had those guys when it was Alex Smith trying to get the ball or not doubting whether or not pat homes can get it done. I just don't know how much stock I wanna put into into the let's face the first your quarterback he's not a rookie quarterback the first year quarterback. I'm not willing to put all of my eggs in the basket. This cheese aisle and is going to be. Just amazing we're coming off of statistically. The greatest offensive season the Kansas City Chiefs have ever seen. And that's typically lasts and it fell on to say that the floor or Patrick Holmes each year. Is going to be Alex and see exactly and so I'm not starting that is my baseline and when I asked you what you thought. A baseline good number I said would you be excited if pat homes per season. With James Winston's Bershard James what's at 4000 yards threw like twenty some odd argument or point to some market idea also a nice. I sedition on the Russian side. I would be satisfied with that any first year player Jay said to me. I think my homes rose more touch on the map I'm looking for him pro 25. To thirty touchdowns. This mercies of course wins this year for 33. And apple Apple's. Woods didn't come close to that in doubt when your speed of what it is still one. He had seventeen touchdown passes last year who had 33 that's got his second year pitcher pounds six idiots Asia. Exploded for twenty it still is is that. You'll you'll you'll. So it's insanity here is drastically different at home's actual or she. A specialist it plays by the way Carson when side sixteen touchdowns his first season with 33 in his six years I'm still under the is that here's a bit. I don't. Loans at this place up emea and that's all we. The point is they are not comparable one guy say year or the guy in his or. Doug Peterson LV Carson. Retired in the year that I was expected course. Get out of state those are respectable sixteen. But he had 33 in shortened season. Indium 33. MVP at this this is kingdom and in. Rivers in Ella. Bitter core. That's what about their card debit probable this year I think we all by their party below. Yeah those big problem we know that there's no question dear to me is that the cross for. Which quarterback of these or would you record builds team kingdom rivers corps ball. You'd rather be building it around that's my home that. But don't say it like AFC west. In the future the chaser in the best position of any team in this division I believe that the quarterback got a got a big samples well. I'm school off speculation like. I'm go if you gave me four quarterbacks they're rivers is is still bath. At best thing but he's able. They build your team future homes reverse or looking. Since she's in the best position of the division in my opinion. It will be able homes. But I tell you one. Difficult with some respect on your name to you that right now I think the waiters don't bounced back in the big. The difference I would like your car in any. Actor or order your card Betsy. I still come back to this expectation you have or what to pack pack my home that day to line I mean you're saying 25 to thirty touchdowns this on Watson did nineteen touchdowns in seven games this shown. On how suddenly. My mind and ask you. I got it man. You know how many quarterbacks in the rookie season in their first year under center were able to throw for more than 25 jet. It's a very very small very Somalia the numbers who. To and one of them is future hall of Famer Peyton Manning the other is Russell will differ gain 2008 it's it's it's horrible it's okay let's talk about guys had their first I'll expect with this year he'll he'll see is that the weapons of expect we've touchdowns but you can expect that on you what I don't think it's going to happen jail again guys in history of the NFL have done it I hit that it a different game now. Carson wince was they rookie. Indeed different game era he threw six Hume touched how did 26 this year. I expect it homes to matched that at least that of the intercepts between different. But it sure seems to me that you expect a first year quarterbacks absolute. Lore is to be my guess the only score. Out Alex this career at least the political and exceed 25 and fifteen I think that's unreasonable thinking. Of its. I think there is. Absolutely point five and fifty. I guess I just this the issue to save it is one thing to say that the pastor homes do that yet Brian sixteen touchdowns. But. You which are expecting it I don't expect it surprised me I look to do that I felt I'd probably get the party what to expect it. I can expect. When these weapons and expecting 25 that are Pro Bowl the time. Watson or what seemed Watkins a touchdown machine. I'm expecting this chief I. Did I will give the subject course which it 33 sect that typically these high these higher touted quarterback. Go to crap teams are first you like I will give you that jail like it is not very common where you get a guy in his first year. Beating these types of weapons to surround him. I still in. And look I know that history and nothing would suggest that you will be accurate yesterday. But like just to me I'm not going to set that is the expectation. I would be over the moon excited. If pat Holmes puts together the best first year quarterback. Of in NFL history of course we'd be excited about that. But to save about the bar that's low level of expected I shouldn't expect. That is an awful lot to expect from a guy I've seen play sixty minutes of an actual annual good today aired. They're going to air the LL right now it looks like the gonna have to score forty points to win a game 00. Till tenth. Camera. This coming from a guy that's expected to 850. For a rookie. Fifteen. I don't Watson at nineteen and realized we drafted Peyton Manning and I was excited that I didn't realize you're comparing quarterbacks who Tikrit situation. This is not a crowd situation he's walking. All right so renewal bought the the situation was Sean Smith added he's stubborn he did plead guilty. The message that read wade saw Smith was just sentenced to one year in prison fourth off felony assault charge we did know that that was gonna come down. Our that was being reported yesterday in his official today in the with the breaking news under please. He really got to give me a little more heads up in the land of. This front gone that Clinton. Now while since we've. Apparently. And I got to be active. This I don't wanna spread they argue that there. Essentially I'm happier race. A felony charges. For Demetris heiress of the seats who is going to spin a couple of days in jail. And beat look at for to a suspension. Prediction chiefs will be looked. For idea. In my balked at one point oh I have a draft and I didn't. At a Notre Dame right to be the breaking news. Tim red. In kids decide they Arizona friend shipped our sources tell ESP. Assume they told him. Here it is yet she is tied in to be too serious it is to jail for felony possession. Who has been two days in jail and might be suspended by the league or. Teams he is reporting it as well. So Dmitry terrorists again I think she's what I didn't. Late. Late and this is much. It. When asked what Aron Rodgers did his first full season under center that was in his fourth year in the NFL. When he touched down thirteen interceptions or. Greener these burn. Expectations. That tied in it she's getting for its money and some. With the girls I've read this mock though the oath to legislate them out as a win. Als does Nash asked. By the way some of those. Henry Ryan need to put your money where your mouth is of pat gross for 25 touchdowns and agreed to the following Henry you go back to Minnesota and Ryan shot. Now let's. Go. Which everybody about it and what does the what does this got with also text or you should put money out the door. All right tell you Dexia is to win a thousand dollars and on NASA test on this it would continue to make fun obliquely next. He doesn't being even somebody on the pulled. It's everybody acts. There's somebody ends up going to select people here yeah thousand dollars NASA as a student leave him. Right leg is thousand on the thirties text the word. A light it. Blanket. BL a in a ET polite. ELA. In K. TE blanket. As meaning like as and text the word blanket is 72881. You. That's right you. The B 80000 dollar cash winner. In the national consciousness and data rates may apply 610 Sports Radio we are the only Sports Radio station in town. Giving you a chance to win up to well. How was in the dollars. Each and every week day. It's really easy Jane are you like easy things check this out all you gotta do is listen on the thirties pay camera from six to six. Liberties that. Your next chance to win coming up at who thirty. When the dirty where will you go to drive that we have about. Complete rules and ethics in sport that counts. I asked where it comes to cast being built or did it to us. On it take to start. You linked to pass needed Triggs man that's my ultimate spotlight by that works through unseasonably. Give me one of those dividend by the way. I haven't tried a five hour energy and several was years so wired right now. And why do some record more eyes and I think this is probably why you can't sleep at night. Probably if you're ingesting way too much of Saturday all its treats them damn water and he agrees personal. You'll agree it is odd though. You showed 3 in the morning. You'll let him alive. And you guys are responding with so mad that we hadn't read as the Mel's public round. Settled down all right. You sent them who I was and a deep slumber. Chris the media. Reached out. Where you are right. Us. This via the opportunity and apparently I'm not escalate the war guardedly currently and the spoke the word blanket by the way it's like AT yes. Well now. Nadal hole ELA NK ET. And TV at the at the olde English spelling and blankets everybody's. Eyes as well as. He spelled. Now and the end of team. So it's on for the nine threes is basically has been eating pizza with old dale you all the time that bill. It's brutal if you eyes which you. He's in a hotel room Biden talked in the ball I doubt look at dealt with his brand while he's doing co. Yeah and it it looks nice doesn't like is it. Down differed though offseason when mark kind of argue that all public digital video this he had cocaine everybody says that I didn't know Grant Hill. Nobody parties like you you know you know it's bad when people like Chris Carter if he's mr. YouTube executives because he was given a second chance. When he essentially is like that or through fall back yet if you import of I don't know. We got on assign a fire and I and that sound bite. The other day in KT. Each of you did you. Got to read the first time. Difficult word we have decks like crap earlier for an unknown which are open for bleed instantly in Easter. The LA. NK. TE. There are confident I said at the liked it. And I use the old English pronunciation of things than politics the way and say it right. Goods there missed I missed it I'm as it did. A couple of women and you go to school text like let's move these come back on the show I agree. All yes Fred is welcome any time. It is more community. You know we should have done as Fred Smith last time is on the side of the speaks so highly of Kansas City barbecue. We should have got a month just to have his opinion on Brooklyn are you. Until it is O Fred thinks it's often been locked in repeal. Of Fred's. He settled who's now Abbott is probably isn't about the chiefs offense right now deference with some are thinking about Samuel October cares about all these thing about in oh. Vikings above. Captain Smoot better smooth it's a joke. I mean if it. It's digital radio and in in Minnesota right now he'd asked ought to be talking Mark Kirk cousins Greg Evans and a lot merry band of vikings can't this agency the picture last night oh see who was listening and now. Last night it was. It was a answer Allen Iverson. Angel indeed as well I love my guys. In my little guys. I can't say I came up to like a foot below that and I don't do it did you dudes man. I leveled it was belly by a number of. But load suits. All men are in my little guys. I don't forget bear were to be had you doubted. And winning streaks aside here as Thursday and Friday. Will be broadcasting lives starting at 10 AM somebody each day each day is gonna win a thousand dollars. And that does not include. The opportunities that you have. And she has to win a thousand dollars and NASA test aren't you can be banked. Did you banking exactly. 103811301230. In 130 those opportunities to win in the national tests contest but if you're at heroes. And you stuck it to winning streaks in your hand I'll just for the for the watch party determine watch party. You have somebody might win some cash. And take a record in the casino and even more I sold the other team has to be going on while we're there is they have dozens of craft Beers basically you'll view. Yeah I doubt there you hear that you you outlined in ballots would have put the crack your nuts in the or looking for minors they care about the region Beers. They actually put a lot of plotted and Ryan has stated for the longest time that a lot of times when Eagles here to try to. Finish up the list of craft Beers a lot of times EET get finished up because they added. A difference election of craft Beers of this election is really good at an amazing set up with the televisions idol is going to be a better spot in Kansas City to watch. The that the target missile coming on what does Thursday and Friday. For the Tony watch party that would do one at winning streaks it's out here is also. On just so you are aware of the six double intensive food specials the national hot wings. It's he's portrait Fries now penal operative in Beck ham and cheese breakfast wrap those of the specials. Me I'm deathly starting with the national hot. Cornell big operative it. A hospital watching Stanley Cup when street both the east I do it. Screwed him editors if we did not know to get away from me is on the TVs by means. It's five others just TV I don't. And I can do what's in the blues play off the has at a field. At one point talked all asked this every four points and it's nice West Coast swing filling in Anaheim 21 point out of the wild you know elected. The egg beaten when better I am going to game. Released in August with us atlas that's the awaits this. Gordon's political cranky and he beauties. Field he's cast you look at a online where I thought you knew it makes life where you into as bacon or to help the reality man. It's been guilty of serious ground Indian Saint Louis Matt bacon go on this deal Saint Louis tell me all about it tells Allbaugh. So is poised ignorance but making thirteen where you're going over the history of it I do I do. Tonioli says he'll he'll for. What are you going to be there for X reality that. They basically that was the joke. The next time that I have to go to symbols for anything has to be out of visit relatives that really love being with. Is that she's loans than they. I don't I don't go to Saint Louis just ago. The you're going to go to watch hockey and eat bacon yet but which actually you're the only reason I liked him unions and you know repeatedly. Games Vietnam and now. Did you know an idea. I. Just learned lately says well wait. It is if you're linked to saint lawless. How did you not think legal to that high point rise. And best play it's almost and we started that. And we are now there's no bounce thirty. I. Have never been to display ad sales what are. I'm surprised ought to be able to make treatment beer and global game that's volcanos. Of hot how outlawed. Venus all the Saint Louis have excellent that was gonna go to crown Kimi in Saint Louis can be a got to tell a little late and on the one I was going to go to read an armed robbery anchor perfect. All of this this. Port experience. Good lord this is. The atlas of the exit. This is called their states walker. It is loving uncle or ports state pork belly. Most of its law. Pretzel blind. Or. Him. So about it and blow us. Or you know it's the war that was odd and at one time you please activities with the big we got excited talking about this is there. It. That is all I love it is they use audio that you played every day. Again audio in the last year's success portrait eagle is stalled at one time. Bidder that Reagan was. Auto segment we United States imports do they were done on the days him. Football league. My suspension at last night. Fortunately it was an almost team needs at quarterback. They gonna sign Sam Bradford will be one year deal worth twenty million sounds like. Fifteen million that is guaranteed. It looks like Tom Brady has lost the white now. Here's beanie and and Dolan is leaving New England for one don't. My name is serious mental help will account. That no. I was I think it was almost like this month outlook. Also funny took it just it lines that was supposed does Obama love them. What is going on with out Wilson love an argument I McDonald's did for game I don't know what's going on with the public schools. Zell. Album is the it reported one place but it sounds like if there's nothing done yet. But it sounds like that you yet. They're right out there in the big move all of this is all the big game quarterbacks that's the only bright lights big that is exactly it sounds like they are going to make a play for Teddy Bridgewater. I always like Teddy I just don't I don't view Teddy Bridgewater to friends afford what Kabul especially after the games. Both because. Yeah more more people are reportedly now plan that is the latest source W that you are just finalizing the deal Tikrit water. That's factory patrolman died of a stupid stupid statements that the former dice all of that may be stupid enough to take to court. To. Hardly hear his take home good they like and what you do. Bible almost our minds. But it gyms as well. They don't believe in tragic moments or anybody else who you know series. The snow soft Greenfield do you teach you know rebuild little bit windows been pushed wide open and readers for use on his contract it's about winning and winning now. They assembled the dream team in Philadelphia there for a while we're Nnamdi Asomugha you know it worked out so well for the Eagles. Pool threaten beaches who is making on this and the ability to build confidence. It even need to better Cindy walked in with type feel spreading to defense vertically. Safeties would support. Can open up the field trips dolce and Corey mark I can't wait for the season this offenses and to get a beer when they're out there now. But today when they're on defense just don't believe they have time to fix the bizarre foods can be no joke beard giving Patrick Holmes the weapons he needs. To be successful even more success. Senior Watkins really hasn't lived up how good he would be in the NFL and a big pitch at home's a push them through different look different guys that went by folks you know. In 51 crew starts and by the end zone pretty cool things about effectively break for the office round little bit he'd led team in touchdowns last year. He's also will result for sprawl you can stop admitted he was selfish in buffalo it was brought me befall you as always as we were able to listed in LA. To be spread the ball around city works and state that's big with a player hits that maturity level easily with Ford's old you realized you know for sure we're in he's not selfish now. More the better meet that he hit on the what privy to that we need to stop the run is lot of big Chris Jones for the life. I think that's who she's making that many will be on it for life what it's for sure here berries have in fact it and then just use them but stopping. That run sideline intends to finish second in pro football focuses or stopping the run their review right. Yes I'm here. Escaped a Starbucks it's. With the Baghdad a lot who will listen to before segment and but while wolf the team makes a man. It is it to you when it comes all the stuff of sorts this and like I am not the eight. Thought like I think this saint like it's a good com. Wide receiver in the national football. I am concerned. Any time that you spend big money on a god sad. Is due to injuries and has missed significant time because of injuries you gonna be to talk about that. Politically also how much to analysts say blocking tax. Is extremely modest town and you got fly. Past the homes that his own talent. This could be the best offense. In the AFC for many many years to plug the don't know everything you could do Travis Chelsea entering behind. To be in the Davis unhappy that we have us that you want to see them just to sort of Bachmann and the second thing I want to bring up his job because of because I think he is a good player but I think it it's another situation increments. Overpaying. At times it's opening overpaid players to get them to your situation but to me. I just told you right now adding to overpay to come to kids city is the wise has been to do. And the reason is pretty simple. I think when you have a quarterback a young quarterback is touted as Patrick Holmes is you don't have all OK guys to have them come to your city. To meet as a lot of guys out there in the NFL when he hit free agency basically look at it going to play it read in place quit. That's the homes as affable pot. Think it's not a calm down. I Casilla right now we're just give him think we've expecting. Forty touchdown pass from Patrick. Homes around the world and they look all right here. It's. Still gonna go over water and NFL confidence. That's just. Below the image are important for all of this. Kurt Warner. Our auto immune Feller. Or back is it Amal DNA you know Thursday or Friday where winning streaks. Talk to you tomorrow and to to run this through. The day. James what sort it squeaks urge.