03/12 7pm – Mid-Major Change, Dayton & LeBron comparison, Tiger’s Back, Showstoppers, Whatcha Watchin’?

Monday, March 12th
After the award-winning Serda Show, Ron has an idea on how to help mid-majors bolster their resumes for March Madness. He believes Dayton Moore has similarities to LeBron James and Kansas City hit the jackpot. Tiger Woods is BACK before Showstoppers and the segment that’s sweeping the nation, “Whatcha Watchin’?”

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I've been about 592. Show and all of radio. Even furniture. Now. Man's AL winning 59 seconds you know I am in a Stephenson has always bounces and certainly Pandit. But Kevin Ollie was fired after guiding the Huskies their consecutively using seasons is not especially surprising. That he was tired as part of aids and disciplinary. Procedures in for just guys registered as interest. But the assistance of his union Kevin Ollie will fight to retain his job and can test you God's decision to fire him brought the school said Saturday is just costs. Program is subject of an ongoing NCAA inquiry Ollie says. He intends this beat the university's decision decision which athletic director David Benedict called unfortunate but necessary. Did tell there's a chance Kevin Ollie can just keep this job. Because I am on board with this why I am tuned in to this I wanna see him win this and then have the awkwardness of returning to his position you'd show. This show was zero. Run of this you know you always sad. All a lot of listeners. Put those figures that they had because we salute you. For allowing us to be a small part. Your Monday. Named David Kay radio productions Stanford Joel Julio stated as. Produces is bad lay and violence. These serve is that the building. Because it's about that Stephen service is in the building. When it gets out and I typified this page is you know it's a fascinating articles is to be the number one podcast. And all of you to CB radio. Not just sports but in all cases you radios all of the station all of us guys are really good job of putting stuff out you can. Year. What we talked about is we've we've given Silvio a new nickname apparently the big he would go. Check out the first hour. We've had a lot of so far and programming note we are all on its way to clothe the royals will take on. The Rangers. Alice surprise stadium which had just left. The rose at ticker tape or the Rangers at 808 o'clock in a file letter rate so will be will be done eight. So stay tuned for that. Com. Are so like I think generally. The biggest thing here at least or de and I think this is the only day we can discuss this because after that. People just forget it. Is the who's eight innings that pain and the mid majors especially the mid majors who don't give me that they've really rise to the tough. And at least a topic conversation. So a lot about my alma mater Middle Tennessee State. University who that are really really good year over 2526. Years. A 26 wins excuse me hermit. Did a hell of a job gains and the best coach in the school's history. And that he Gideon and some other teams that are mid majors didn't idiot. That loss in their conference started. It and I think is this. I I don't think we should equal it be equal and it should be fair because Oklahoma State. Plays it more difficult schedule didn't middle Tennessee expect it and that it is because of the conference they're in. But I can't but I do think there's a way that we keep in. Contained fair and it aired the two reasons why. I think there should be a bigger and end and amateurs here with thoughts this should be a aid bigger way. In terms of but in terms of however it's graded out that mid major teams if they go all of the road. Or play. Neutral court against power by teens. I think even if they lol they lose it should it should have a greater. To that are. To their reds have so it even if if you're Middle Tennessee State because they have a problem with team play in the manhole. Teams that like Tennessee is not gonna play a hormonal wood Middle Tennessee State. Like what you talked kids just go play a mobile which does state and Wichita State is scheduled final hole. All right Missouri doesn't like hormonal wood Missouri State. I think it's I think to be fair to put these two teams that put these these teams and eight. Mid majors are. The closest thing. I at eight. It should be way happier even if you lose it you played road games at home games it's to be way happier because bin I think that would push. These other teams to have to play these teams. In home and home situation. Because that's the only way that you can come and make it leaning in close to paired. Because they're never gonna get chance to play them at home. It's a problem to take it's that good for people and people started to really go to their GM they claim it's Seattle. How long does it take for them to start thinking the plate. I've been trying since Matamoros and it and now that I would have the last five yours though but it got so I think. You got it does get hormonal. I. It should just be a bigger weight to the schedule even if they'd lose these game. Even if they lose. So usually do I think you should get points for playing the Saint Mary's does not lay anyone. And a cup. And they don't play anyone into and there are complaint. Edit and then the second they vote is the second thing is. I think that they should have done on somebody's not like five nonconference games. In February. In late January and they've. Right because the only time that he's mid majors get a chance to play big teams add to the resonate is at the start of the season and their teams that even. A hunter or sit. The best that they're going to be. So why not allowed them to play some of these non conference games in February. And in late January when they're actually their team is actually at its bet. On and like for like a Saint Mary's late. A team that is going to win its conference majority of the time that is generally a pretty good basketball team. I am playing. Kentucky or something in the nonconference schedule and losing to Kentucky's not going to be a huge blow to. Like like them participating games like that isn't going to hurt their overall. No no estimate. I doubt it hurts a bit they don't if they don't win the game it and they don't let them hit it hurts the Lott saying gays. They should do it it's it. It should be weight because I don't get a chance to play the mental. Oklahoma State got to like it is well they got to play you all got to play a lot of these teams at home. The only way ticket to display on the road or on a neutral court and I feel like there. If they're playing our pot. All on the road into what's even if they lose it should be way. Yes like we talk about. Bad losses now you essentially have good losses on your eyes yeah I think those schools small schools rewarded for good loss. Yet and yet got to find the balance because you wouldn't wanna have a team that. Goes like and into one you're looking at anybody else rioting and then you take him through much credit to depart about I would be down to have like a good losses section on a prism is the show you that that power. For teams that are Arafat because is the only way and to complain how close that should help you. Let's suck up because if you look at sit mayors like if you look Saint Mary's schedule. They eat the place not in that Wichita State the third place where they can play teams. They had to go on the road to play a bit of a place for the complete team. And doesn't have to be you late blue chip programs were just talking about like. A power five teams aren't like other tournament teams other teams that are going to be in LA gay. I got for us there on nine seed in the NCAA tournament IE view is that team by you it's a one possession game and heads down to the wire it's not going to hurt you his bat. Because it's it is just as no other way can be fair because these other teams are not gonna play home and home where they have a realistic shot at winning but what if you look at missed. Middle Tennessee State. This year that play Belmont is generally pretty good and at a tournament team and of one Ed they play Vanderbilt who they'd meet. The Vanderbilt had a bad year in the SEC this year they play all this they'd be. Who had a bad here in the SEC this year that they lost all 76 to set Auburn to force the. They added they they lost to US it was a bubble team and that they lost 8481. The Miami. I lost my eighth or one loss aid united forty USC's 767. To offer. Took those teams are six seeds or higher. They didn't need any of them but I did get to play any of amid all of Jia. Payroll wrote in a Ed to me I feel like it should be white war because that's the only way that you're going to be able to make it. And I use. Middle Tennessee State would have loved to played any of those schools. February 25. Where their team was added to bet. But I feel like that's a way that you get you can wait. It's all right you lost it lost games to me. That those three games on the road like that. Took me out though I would be OK at that weighed as much as power on teams that get. Oklahoma had. Sports. Well chances to face started acting to get wins fourteen chances out but like its deal with it better I. I think I think that they assert that the committees that look at. You pretty fought if we just had in the middle of conferences and a weaker two weeks of essentially prove it games these teams that would have established themselves and take a break. And then you'll still start the arguments about ours has even earlier and be able to. So you actually that effect of yeah but they used to do bracket busters. What is it like I just think it does get to say except wood middle Tennessee played Miami instead of playing them. And. Eight December. They played them January. Like it's an uphill they played him in November instead of playing in November plant where there at the bet. I'm I'm way you know on that lake with the these smaller teams they ilk has every year wants to turn it comes around your soul and I your brackets up there's always you know. A bunch of teams that you've never heard of the you've never seen play before like this could build up anticipation even more because you get a preview of some of these teams. There's from smaller conferences that are really good you just don't know who they are because you're never gonna see him on TV. But like like I just read off those teams that. That they played. Like so it matters doesn't have a team besides guns that go on their schedule it's in the field. Except for San Jose state. Of San Jose states that it is that South Dakota State they don't have anybody that's in that that they've played it's in the field besides goods that. I don't have any price I don't feel bad as you could schedule and go on the road you're choosing not. I don't know man I just. I just think it is never going to be there between the tower five schools in the mid major. But this is the way you can do. Our hearts that over the weekend that made me think that date war. You ready for it. As these LeBron James did that it's okay. I'm being told from young and. And and and and I. And cold and. And being old and. Yeah. Like David Warren has been pulling these bribes and and it is it comes so that her this is where things I was that airs on. And I'd download and listen to some of the the podcast. Which you detect the pocket it very easy for me with this extent to which the garments that the pocket and a mean. It was in his name and this was and don't know if it yeah it was this or else this is secondary. We can't this this this was something that I her. Play any say on. On on with the day each and Alice is it's not very long at all. It is it is in his quick but it just grabbed my attention. For Kansas City fans to real is. How lucky. Lucky you'll. Even with this small deal that probably gonna have to do a little bit of true meaning they're they're rolled back down where they want. That was Lanny talking about. After. The royals signed boobs is this all worked. Even with this small deal that probably gonna have to do a little bit of trimming their hero back down where they want. Complicit they gave moos has some until. Violent though. That likes that have million dollars that was much. Your sixth one and five they have been unloading money. Offices happy they put on loading money off this team for story that rated laws. To not. Not having Cano of the books that having Hosmer on the books. And not having what his doctors was making less of the books through this six and a half he's making now. Mine didn't Dayton even say like we were operating well above our means. I as and so we have to we have to dump money I hit it but it feels like they have. The body that they needed to drop. And now they side. Moves that is they still have to. Things down is planning to sit. Even with this small deal that probably gonna have to do a little bit of trimming their payroll back down where they want. Reading. This is the last day date more as he's abroad. Kansas City is lucky is in the first so he's. They more hesitant affinity for Kansas City the way that LeBron desperately. Cleveland has gotten lucky is all get out because the most gifted basketball player ever. And arguably the best but the most gifted. Basketball player ever was born less than a hundred miles away blow part of their city and that this person. Feels some sort of need to give this idiots it creates. Its old LeBron James. It's from Cleveland and sees Cleveland is a beautiful place unlike other people did. And we here at Kansas City are bit lucky that date more. Who's from the Wichita area and looks at Kansas City as a destination place. That many people would look at a destination place with the resources that he. Has literally. I've said this before. And I said don't look at what happens with a high as McCain the person. Where were royals and should really think they're in trouble is if something happens to word. Date Morley. Because he's the guy that is the architect and if he goes that you really prop. And Maine I'll be honest with you did on. The royals and a lot of it is not the fault of their own. It's just the way baseball is set up as probably 7580%. Of the reason why they're in these situations. What. Honestly just asked what is Dayton thing. But it legacy. Like can't let till. It's is one of the team probably any other team that would sell out to get but what is the. And he has happened to create miracle. Why kids like Gus Johnson in a close date or in a blowout where he's got to create miracles. Or stuff like this like. Recently buried very fortunate that he sees this as a destination place even when. The resource is that they lack. Eric it's city when you look at Atlanta who they have resources is bid was arts estimates are better. Or they've got young players that they can play. I mean may be it it's also just about the fact that. He was given his opportunity here and that initial vote of confidence he's he gave us that extends into. To build up the franchise to make a run any candidate there's an opportunity in Atlanta but but he was give it but he was given. Control here he was given the opportunity. To build something from nothing without any question. And everybody just except today he was going in the right direction and it worked so maybe he respects that enough to say I will continue to try and do that here I don't think he does he do in this. I don't think if he was in. Other. Other cities Pittsburgh he would just stay with. It I mean if you if you would just think it near Dayton and you've had the success that you pay and the money has come did. At least that its arms of what you been able to do it post seasons the they pay you still had to deal in this place to where you side Michael's doctors for six point five million dollars a huge hit. Brad boss off the books in its story off the books you don't have to pay Hosmer anymore you don't have to pay. McCain anymore Ed. You just deal. Operating at a place where you gotta trim some fat. But to me I think it just hit it only thing that makes it's is. He really loves it here. And this is a destination a whole type place. Like not debates it's about LeBron going back to Cleveland after what did Gilbert sit. It does place. And it is up there ain't like I'm sorry man. Understand there are people who like analogies. But this is this is this is aboard this so what's it had to deal. Ed someone's messing it Dayton's been as successful as he has it made you wonder man there are places. I bet that. Better better situation that he could take over and it just that's it I'm telling you it's like Oprah Eads is bills. This is a destination any pills. Some sort of responsibility it almost feels like ticking NC. And I can understand I would agree that there probably are better places for him to go. But I think that. I think he likes it here he'd probably feel secure in his job like like no one's no one's ever going to question anything that he does yearly he's bought himself as the anchor actually people are questioning him now okay yeah you'll get a little bit of question. Of people question a little bit from the fan base but as far as David Glass goes I think Dayton Moore. Runs the show out the key questions a lot of the moves he makes into and must start spiraling out of control. He's got a lot of security. Assert if he went to Atlanta. He wouldn't be on the clock. If he went to Atlanta with a relations he says it Atlanta he would have ample time. To do what you wanted to do. Yeah and I mean I mean. Janzen baseball too it's not like there it's only teams are getting rid GM's after a couple years like it like in the on now I hit it and they are given they are given much more time. To progress and to make things happen now is that. Like for me outlook that I could never orders ability Woodley. And if you ever saw money ball that the Red Sox gave them. A huge offer. Of Billy Reid is just dealing with resources with that stupid. That really release stupid ball park there and and the money situation that hasn't changed. And never left and I'd never understood. And I've just ain't Kansas City should be very fort. Because I mean they they just happen to have the perfect person take over the perfect person to head. Eight personal connection with this city it is speed. His visit wasn't he or that wasn't a Dayton said in 85 he remembers just being on I seventy. And looking out of watching that the World Series in 85. Very fortunate. Very fortunate to have that guy here because. Real talk of the Johnson's I don't know what he's. And I had a personal connection with this city. After actor allow. My ass with a bit in Atlanta so thing. Out of that are just undecided on it like I I. When you look at this the resource studies haven't deal with arms or I just. We got to do bitterness. I think 95%. Of people would be in planner right now I think he's he's just a different day it lightly at that he is just. I think he holds loyalty really high and he understands and in this particular job he can always show that loyalty but I think that he feels that for the organization against those dealing with is the date more and LeBron being two Ivica overseas would build where he's just felt like he wanted to be here in key it's a city. Instead of being. Out of the list goes on with at least they can put the B and out the the Bay Area there are some of the circumstances but I but I. I guess you know of like I like people listen to us about the long least that he has that he would have a long leash in many ways because. But lovely. Les is is it's only go too far you'll get a 109. Million dollars it'll. I mean I understand a culture bull family man not wanting to leave like is individual person obviously have their reasons I'd come back here not in the Bay Area New York or something like that. Like I can fully understand Los or prefer to be. In the midwest he might view it as a better placed races and we can't allow all of those things and I think we're very fortunate here. That that happen. That he is he is the perfect guy because I just don't know people who visit. Because in Atlanta if he was at Atlanta. He could Reese on all of mean he doesn't porn. An ally and bring the relevant. Talent to have. Is that is that relevant at all talent to avoid independence that coming. Something about it. I think it was a blessing from god. I was on vacation. What was that like the summit it is an anti porn seminar on your. Hostilities how does this witness. Jesus is with the fitness was that you think it. I wanna all I can I wanna check it out I kind of sit there is just to see little map. You're blind answers your life. I mean it's not going to change. My point of view learn how to go about life I just adage is it to see what it's about. I feel like it's opens we maturities. And aussies. That's an analogy doesn't I just that the team. And in actors that you look at talkative did you guess I'll about a list we did. Speaking of sport tigers. There has to be some sort. Sixty. And anybody ansari and all those. All those brides knocked off those waffle houses did you know the following cities tested it probably spend a lot of money ten. Gather Ramallah Fort Lauderdale. Jupiter. Fort Wayne. I I mean of all those that they're asked to be one he might have been taking. Eight I think he he was a list you know I said this earlier on liquidation if you want them on everybody of one. I said this earlier. You know he is the bronze. Level. Holders migrate my favorite at all. And I was there this week. Off I was this year. And I am telling you right now I've got to make the claim I was I Sydor I was almost late to the root remote. Yesterday fooling around with tiger of the seventies. I was all mostly. And I was pissed because he missed sixteen and I just Bruce just walked out. But they're not frantically founded. In my car. On satellite radio it's a dream cheese. And and I I mean almost wrecked all those. Like it's any about this drive to twit peaks in Dan there was late. And full make this claim right now. Tiger's gonna win the man's. And we're right back at your team failed to act we got back. It is open season again we're gonna picked up fifteen at the drive to eighteen is back open Jack gold blue well. Because RR RRI. I brighter day. Beat not any it's okay. If you and I mean and that's about it. Yes I rational would it the LeBron. Not yet he's got lots of it tiger Ed tiger is going to win the masters. On CBS I captured British. Well I had no yeah that way about LeBron I realize tiger was the same way for US I've seen and I have seen you do this to yourself. Multiple times now where you let him give you a little glimmer of hope this winter I. We'll let that year right back at all until now this all the ballots borrow at depth that they had competition it. He played it gets elected Justin Rose speech he didn't make the cut. Night. Oh come with a nickname. Speaking of those codes would speak. I Tiger Woods now by the way roadster is. Odds on paper with Arnold Palmer tournament bay. And he's third in the masters nods yeah that's always that's a legitimate bet. I mean of course it's it's good for all of it based don't entertaining I don't care about good for golf. Market down. T puzzle is ready to rule or an idiot did you hear what did you do the time. We are you actually were over again this all wrong. Royal. Court Saturday at some. Like it's like act I could not say this blasphemy 62 world you know he's going to have a back injury no. Stop it. I am ready to go and those young ladies. Rumbles lawful houses need to go into. What they need to do take any back on track I've eaten thousands died. And they've got to go do their pork they know what their party is. They've got a good with the pork. I'm ready target rate growth is Philip asked we're back yet we're back yet yet the real it was a nasty. Let that boy with a masters you will not in the end it. Just let him quit. It is that time didn't show you stop. So. Cash stock in children. Don't give me they went six tigers and tigers Venezuela okay is a whip it is. He's that's just our second baseman Jose out to me. Always gets discount for his height. There's nothing that made him anon prospects in the eyes of value is even though he won the MVP award that season. Fair enough now to base height is listed at 56 was a topic during the team's trip to meet president Donald Trump at the White House. And who could forget the amazing. Jose Al to a day race. Unbelievable it tickets talented team. Congratulations. That's really what you've done some incredible. And taking steps the president by the way I think the president's going to be in Saint Louis world. I'd really. See the look on Jose ounces space when you're saying. He also he went in for the handshake and and that and like patted him on the shoulder. I just think there's a stock or I think the critics just happy that the team king CN. But Carlos turn it did not go out. After he proposed they gently heat. A little. Bit was he telling him. It's a series blight a half hour on. It just add in the NFL getting on each others' errors aren't. And our report from these sports business journal outlines a slow boil of escalating feuds which could eventually and the partnership of the two sports giants. Each side is that some bruised feelings the NFL appears to get annoyed whenever ESPN covers off the field stories. Andyaat ESPN seems to be upset with the NFL draft moving to fox. So these guys aren't that it's like they're good understanding the right. Yeah on those are not going to be. I mean ABC I say I sent that to you guys earlier today there's not ABC pulled an episode of black finish because it was about NFL players taking any. Mostly used to it. You still can't. Way to go sir. I realize as well. It's going to continue to have issues like NFL can't be upset they ABC which is a part of Disney which ESPN is also part of they can't be upset and want them to pull contact and they also. ESPN as a journalism entity should not be afraid to upset the NFL I understand that they are. Partners but they also have to report the new site was certain things. Feel like I can hijacked your own show stopper there. Immediately bringing up the blackest episodes. I had just not that I have that is again these neglected to solicit over the schedule let's hear lackeys right now. That's pretty good I've got some thought. DR into. Not almost want to sit your papers. Except. If he gets tonight's last set them up. Anyone know what movie itself or politics. Coming up the segment that sweeping the nation remember not here today as the rules take on the Rangers coming up behind it. That stayed six 306 what you watch what shows that watching Netflix or Hulu whatever it is your watch it right. Some of the game. That not movies yeah. There. It's Battlestar Galactica what commitment you'll want. Indeed what it's totally catch weight touchdown a Super Bowl fly first class plane. Mark mark electors. I'd like to remake movies example. I'm not superstitious but. That game. That they get. And the sirens are. It works and missed games what a rather be feared or loved. People. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me. Yeah. Sponsored by Lou you know lets them when it's that. Tex lines 69306. That there what you Watson was you want to Netflix who lives on crime network television. Whatever it is you watch and I did everything because you know the turn it. Sort of starts tomorrow. The risk we pretty much. What's it by the way it is at you for those. What are we got a lot of publicity that is the next step and it's. Eight months since last that would sex tape right there that that is now. That's not what the re. There are many folks who have come to this. Want to know how to videos that doesn't slowly turning into my dad get excited and hold people enjoy a beer would have to do it do it every sport again it. And nice shout out there Mount Hood it's them hates. It. Oh. All I need now is actually at us and it could be a suburban day. Puck. And significant others. Adverse about it but I doubt. If it's open and that's exactly you know I could do that if it just right certificate put the well letters. I'll submit ideas Jordan that's the only zionists say that I can't join. It's a lot of subvert and so on a letter. He committed to suburban and working against SD. But he does it's it. Set to be a standard for. I'll believe. Along that really bought on gas that is great as it so about basic football I think once. Rental place is if a ball and socket when addressed those guys like nick role addict. Is it via the Sheba on aids malaria what is it double. John Affleck it's actually color or not that's it they got canceled last year that but it was on FX and then again. It's a good job that does not sell it to constant were well they did all the scenes are improper. And actors and actors do really well it's funny did it bring in a lot of NFL players. It's it's really knowing that am proud aspect great Disney World is the only game. Nothing gets its threat grassy spots and then there. I'd rather be. Got a little on the field. The Stephen circus next. Eight. Throw them about these net and one of them and if it just did this it's blackbeard yeah now. So relax here and author of maybe he lives in the the but a closer it is blackmail her due. Again that recent season in ally in game at all like I loved. You. I think everyone's logical I mean they would feature looked like I'd like today the that it. I don't I don't know that when life forgetting Sarah Marshall didn't see three billboards now on Google great Ottawa. And he should go hmmm I spent task. It I thought you gotta be right boot let's that. I mean heads. And there's some really like. Kinda dark stuff and the president sent the bad and it's also really funny sometimes though has some really funny scene that's not alienate its complicate. Other billboards that come right answer our. Apparently it's the risk. Rating it hundred demanded. The best thing I agree that there that is paid X. I've really gets that deal. Really enjoyed my eating in it Phoenix lit kitchen if you ever go to. Eight X. I I'm almost done with the second season Jessica Jones and not been a big man to be honest that was as what goalies I was. A huge fan of the first season needed to be honest but I I just watch all of the marvel Netflix years because its they're all intertwined. Brian Jordan the first he's the second season is really slow and it's. It's hard doesn't apply it's hard to skip one of those. When you're really into a different one and still keep up with that because a lot of the story lines. And it inner inner we'd probably like something that he's talked about witness of course it's western world and. Knowledge it's coming back present these cities it's just been exes in a minute. Because there their production level is like on scale with game of their own so it just it just takes a while it. A day out on the streets Super Bowl Sunday and AM they released the trailer for the sexy closed at its use it to us as a trailer. They kick him from Atlanta and give them all of those that movie looks hilarious I heard did you look at Sundance yeah. It was hi I'm sorry qualities yeah. Add that does that movie looks. The telemarketer that takes the white boys and it's a hits via. It that loose though. Those scenes that they get relating loses blood. Elevating here on power rag in Iraq she does this issue since it was the war when Anderson with them. I've been a lot of fun tonight remember the royals and Rangers fall was. We'll be back here tomorrow we. How. Headed home.