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You show. I'm confident show. When the new studio. It's almost like he's big time for an hour in Iceland will move on enemy. Fine if that. But Kraft. There's an accident 306. From recommending we try to is burger shack north land. We drown. Trying to we don't eat them bridges now we turn on the wrong from my. This takes than we have right. It is you could group. My here the mayor was up there you know stood as those of the bosses well he had me the yeah I mean the office guitar now allow. Xena and resolution and you know seem in some of the boss' problems Washington clock. Well as I get fifteen minutes. We're about. Into the Claude. Lets up though a number of friends I make eight outlets yesterday als the I was paying it down at. Updates we had a good. We did it hit Jack yeah. Owner under duress that if anyone was out it would peaks uses this was that your read them Al Borland and khaki shorts. The twin peaks they were accustomed to this was a different type of failure yesterday they'd. Real I. Like it felt like whatever Louisville had going on. There I'm Rick Katrina abruptly years is that like I woods. Blow. It is like that ball yet man I would have been it at that wasn't the that was my. This is Lakewood say gal. I would I'd be their hosted. That make up for nice before that how gorgeous here well that's a lot. So you can't tell you all let our dear let's. If you don't know if if you looked at twin peaks or quarters you can't help you solve these fits last night. All that's hello I guess and figure out creative and I can't do it. Aggressive I just had to be that it is a critter else offers it was a aggressive. Cesar Garcia how aggressive these gentlemen we're out there last night. Mean it was up in Iran they was aggressive. That make up for weakened as a local FEMA. It was if it was an eye opener. I'm glad to back on one piece. Yeah I was Asian whether the gunman opened nobody else out there benevolent the only one out there it is locked in the doers did. And in the right place. Meaning. You when no one thirst after ace Sosa also let me. But before we begin to the brackets and in the and that in the local teams what do you think of the actual like. The way it was unveiled did you like it to you because. All this mob bring it up is because it up at eagle I don't got to come across completing a complaint just a bit because. People complain so much and I didn't get the reason why they were complain. Any way did any way that he comes to unveiling the that a dual over the course of ninety minutes at two outlets to watch the upset with how they're doing. Imus necessarily upset about yesterday even. I thought it was late models like still watched but to meet that did beat complaining that people had a blast I 67 years David incensed him. Would you think you think yes it will be better in the way they had until it was better Mara. I think I tickets change element it's tough for a lot of us to do which means. I can see how can be effective I heard briefly was saying this they. I think the alphabetical order thing used to pay all doubts because none. It could work because you error closed city. They are I am and you're like okay ended your Oklahoma and Oklahoma State to let some weight to the Mike. They're used to being the drama win that would it was unveiled it was like all the way till the end everybody had a lot let all the way to the light. The only drama that was created with the album quarter was like UCLA and Syracuse just because their name is spelled late. Because Syracuse went so airs on this data out they considered he's bright big OK we didn't make. But they hung in there if they awarded to the at large beads and announce those not alphabetical order in just randomly. And have every bit the suspense thing would be better to me is more that way they yelled at the alphabetical order think that was that was that was stupid to be. Like that part one item like they're not you know holding it like Oklahoma OK problems that they weren't in. I like it that that that part was that that part was what I understand what they did think he'll do it two different times when you unveiled the brackets. It's not like that maybe if they changed it from being an alphabetical order. But my god doesn't it doesn't feel like they feel like they got to fill time or something. I've not got just make appropriate sure. That you got a field time like they it every year they're adding more segment to different ways I think it. The only combat obesity and the tiger that they don't worry about everything was nice to meet or doing too much you can steal a couple hours is the how illness it's a bit in the two girls listen to what their heels and not any. Those desperate people watched. Well as Charles. Breaks down and not that that's it out of him that night but he he doesn't know what he's kitty and have had no idea about oh you're you're missing my point. I agree with you. They don't watch the hour fastball date Clark Kellogg is set Davis told him that you go to look bad now says in the coat they come in with which he did bounce that term NATO want. And it's a tough moment both of you look at with a map of outlook. Looked up to Charles it's good to Charles Barkley for our inside out basketball you'd. You've lost begin. But it buddies that this year and it is that there any one of the main piece has talking idiot what they're really talking about this alleged player. But you don't know the players. Don't look like he was struck with the names of the kids at all. And execute a person like hey. Economic video Oklahoma State but they don't. Make up later from Oklahoma State. And what's not and what. Not that that that's my age a sort of that this be up. About Major League Baseball when TBS all of us that gates the thought the playoffs. We haven't listened to TB is due any day though year and it. And Charles just comes out of nowhere it to our kitty secret wars. Katie just says stuff that he could say from the eighties to the ninety's to the to say that that's Dario. It's a coat from UNC drink products like these guys are about. Do you watch school closed and before you had the Internet and online X from the school you have to wait for your school. Where you were kids in school to be laid off in this figured out what is your initial reaction on the brightest and a like level the first things that you that you your first faults so I always. I committed to roadways as one which teams Gatti in in in and which teams. Got left out. I don't like to use the work deserving to India with of that epic at the bottom of the level it's not really deserve it. You know. Who's resonate was better so I am the first to things when I look at as a Kansas singled them Kansas Maine. But the other part is in and out and the part that throws me off is. The so called power of the number one conference didn't ring. Like if if the big twelve which it every metric is thought of as the number one conference. And it couldn't hear he either Baylor or Oklahoma State and Baylor at Oklahoma State had bigger Williams. The visa the sixth but fortunate Dick Dick addict and that it could pitch it about Oklahoma and Oklahoma State. My problem was not so much that it's it it's it's got out there like an analytical disagree I felt like body of work. Oklahoma desired negated with everything the idea that they are playing great demonstrates. And they also say they don't use the lasting gains at the metric eating more sop up that body of work they dessert. But I think. Almost they body of work they deserve to be big I mean look it's my easily come no. Syracuse got no way not a ticked at those two teams didn't what was considered weaker. And that. Alabama would struggle me the most is like there's safely in as the nine. In 1950. And are looking saying it will close they had fourteen loss. It is they did a bit tough leaked that got 32 teams in the ACC in the in the SEC. They play everybody twice at the big well. And they got weird kid just like the Deborah what seed they wanna get what they want all the road they hit that let people talk about. They're different vehicle ultimately be don't blow to update to throw at Texas early Texas Tech who ended up. I personally don't don't don't come out and works with I'm I'm shocked many of them bit. Highest. Strict as to what I mean they do at Oklahoma the second at the committee didn't use that be chucked it. For a second thought let's get. It it ended it in and and it's B one thing if they were a week this was the toughest conference. In the Tutsi but how did that the toughest conference not bring. It leads Baylor. Like you've. It's a secret that got more teams. They did have a team that was a double digits you why they're all. Up because Bob bulls beat the big twelve these sit back and get spank surrounding college football. College basketball is free and of the got a home in appears big twelve would need get a cheap you couldn't get the they could not get the playoff. The big twelve I think he'd make a case BAC is because I had the TV contracts you can read about in the team's the next level this bubble we. He's keep giving more money you can make your case but every metric did that make that case every metrics and that the picked well with the toughest copper. Like in the SE saw got more. And I just say it. But I understand their their nonconference wasn't great but they played Wichita State Texas they have implored state and Arkansas all those teams are all of the legal. Lucky and they beat Florida outcome it is that we had of getting out of the big twelve they got seven. So they got seven. SC got nominee eight any aces he got 899. Was not as searchers did of getting in as right and I and NBC. Was it important people around Kabul in the war. I did I just on ideas. It's not that big of a deal I'll get over it but it's just like if you Oklahoma State. At some apple even if it didn't play sold a nice conference but they beat Florida State and ninth seeded the field. Like that so polite. Three Kansas twice in Allen breeding West Virginia on the road beating Oklahoma two out of three times on a neutral floor one of them. Pretty Texas Tech a three speed of the term it. At this point that's got it. The ghetto where you're led nineteen to fifteen teams in as nine seats comfortably at saint Bonaventure outsell. You know in body here. With the audience. Environment I don't think it's even richer they just I mean. It's not like Oklahoma State has three wins. I'm not gonna knock the dignity I understand they don't have a chance to split you get eight wins over the field that the tournament. For a moment its top four seeds come. I'd coming up next I do wanna get to the specifics. Ingrid Dawson the locals. When it comes a Kansas case state Missouri neither would stall state would do it. Yeah. Do you see. Yeah. And I back and on the basis. Sleep agent which now you want to show you will be joining us is to Monday's 1 o'clock hour. If you missed all the news from our release on the tennis that he sees and according to sources from Manchester Tom Hollywood's deals that it is ready for the sixth year. He's going to be movies it's going to be released policies. This week from bomb. Chris Jones. A ball on Parker. And more is Peters says wrong they were real ones since day one. Salute. When John Ortiz and I'm a little confused about this other big news Ron I I don't know how the slipped past you. Or Sudanese haven't told me I lean on you for all WWE. Information. Is John seemed really leaving WB. I don't believe that extra they won six says John scenes of mostly WW after wrestle mania I don't believe it. Deliberately the rockets left. Broxton goes they never leave Arizona you don't leave this. You just seen a relief addition for blues clues to finish it. It. If you're a single guy by the way that has to be one of the better gigs to have it is you do realize how many moms probably. I NG remotely attractive over at least with our excited that you keep their children are. In my view to. I think that we're different Fred Rogers. You mister Rogers who can play. You're. A beautiful day a neighbor we'll see there's a film coming out story time Linksys or register pharmacy. Maybe Quincy Jones know some things will be okay maybe they'll the droughts nugget. Our Wallace take a stab at it when you source salt they Kansas with a Wii music is gonna be the one after they wanna be twelve turn over the we kennels on Saturday. We knew they'd be a one C. In the midwest or your first boss. Before we get to that do you think they have it is to get to have an of Wheeler has now saying extreme you're not really gonna stay on this field no noted an American this debate but it. Let me admit it say that yes they have a chance but the two of the five teams that I stated that one. Let me say this they have. Take their local played. All quiet and not in the last two to three weeks I'm not gonna sit here and ignored trying to play dominant light the Kansas team that was sealed right now dipped in a best bass all the season. Seoul. Doesn't that Oklahoma State. That was useless we look at what the they're playing their best basketball aired the game of the season. And this also went really well he's giving you forgot to minister to me was the revelation though the entire big twelve tournament but the way he played. Emily Newman is it ultimately doom that we don't waiting for. The majority of the season with that being said. Yes they have a chance to get here I don't anticipate that they won't get here because I have stated all along. That they were. Five teams that. What to local market and our bracket but let's let's stick to the two there in the midwest I believe that the wonder of duke Michigan State comes up the midwest but yeah I'm not. Michigan State is not up fearful as much to me beat just because they're just not gonna run away from cute and they're they're just not it they won't I don't think failed in terms of score reports get away from so Kansas can do what they do will make threes and still. The in the game they will struggle and. But what they're not they're not they're not only to. They're not only just hit it close reads he has missed his safety and that's I mean they hit fifteen gets West Virginia was one of the Vista fits into the league Mr. President I always put your team at a time when it comes to defense. OK I did I mean Michigan State struggled with was cuts. Well what can I got into what I guess it was on the local his estate. Defensively that there one of the debt that agency as a team they are that defensively that defensively yes I think West Virginians. The year in year out like one of the best of but late today that they have to check duke. I would think that it's C I think the way you do before the term that's at his last night. Of the the turning show where the target there were three teams about it what's I would know partners. I don't know parts of the country and now I think there's nothing we can do with him Michigan that monarchy had nothing to do when he part to that and do. So what do you want to do one deficit and I have to coming out of that region as much as I McCain at this Fayette I. I. Kansas can pick them because that's what's again Kansas. That the team that duke has struggled with this Carolina they can't just plays very similar to live. And dukes gonna run his own which invites Keynes is the do what they do this and that they make double digit threes which they averaged over eleven in the gate. And they got a shot. I just took note who's guarding Bentley. Who's guarding Carter who's going to keep people off the boards do consortium. So that's the that's. That's where I feel like idiots they let that topic at what you need to worry about Allah I. I say if they all the top after this golf retains I love it. And idol that I loved it's I said the last time I loved it's I think it's it to choke job but they don't get to the lead. Yeah I playing in Wichita on Ohio law it's the choke job of they don't do it to another. These teams scare me at all based just based just crawls through into the second weekend. I guess the thing that I look at what I wanna look at Michigan State and is a listen to you guys just now that's I was here at the station. Out went home now watch brackets Knology. And her every single pundit. Game two Eagles is my favorite guy take a listen. Jarrett Jack every year zero Jerry Jackson is the best player in the country nobody's talking about. Post player probably be a top 58. I would hate to see him 88 match up against case. But he he but he if they played him at the five they would be Smart to do it but sometimes they don't. And he he he he he's he's got it done that would mean he's he gave he some speed macondo would be really odd match for a mobile. Think it able. Syrian Jackson going now they have to only only the four who will who was he goes oh miles bridges somebody guarding a a much titled duopoly and dad what then was Derek gonna go to the terror the Max the Max will be shipped Jarrius Jackson horses. Did you don't that doesn't best with the master they played knew the play nick where they play. Mika nuke war you tie it. Don't all those guys are they play four and five they do but they start the game I did that I can't pixels to him. Yet. That's what I did that acclaim at the five top it'll stop letting him out on on on on on the count that imitates a starting line. What I. That's not saying like he's the odd backs. Speed is not met for the I did it pay it back on that change their match RAZR line up that that helps them but I am what I don't think exit out of the XVP guard Jackson. But I don't think I know I know what 33 adds that more to yeah and I don't and I don't think jazz can guard him I just don't. They could be equipped to be edited to guard 3.3 point line like. If they're gonna change Carolina. That helps kids it's Rita Bender that helped Kansas overall better at the Imus admits it's that he just does not school war. An upward they've runaway front. And they scared you kit is has played its place gets good defensive team but man. They hit that they hit the curtain. Although the way to brackets are sick south with a now paid to act out love the way the bright it's a south for Kansas all right well let's let's talk about to Nazi state. They take trait and it's the markets authored and I hope these acts. I don't forget them. OK state the opus disciplined accordingly does not now here's a look at point 88 to meet a team late date it's some about this injury. I must say anybody's downplayed it. Clearly Bruce Weber is concerned about a legacy he hasn't yet he he's he's saying. Look their brows gonna go we're not sure Bob team way they don't think they'd be great but ultimately. I know out. What's great the couple to be too bad that they. That they would they get up. Like when they played Xavier innately a Villanova they had to get the what are you get the inkling it was going to beat James uncle is on a U Thomas. Are out. That the three point shooter making bloody year break ago like end. What's it like it's weird this case state we've also seen we case they get so they can play well and have very brown is right. And that Mickey and just dominated Kansas and those would be you know that's a different thing that they don't have any dean like dean weighed that very odd matchup with will. That they got it that's a blip blip. Select markets fosters the and he is of course it is going to be off the place is going to bring. But lately for the one that will be guarding Macau that best bet I think that football from the way they slaves short. 65. Stewardess and it is six with a who's gonna Clark duke this kid does run he's got to go to the Borger let me at least. What I assume. All for him because got a couple it's what it's not like these and opposed to these products and now dogs and I don't know how that goes by who's gonna guard that they're gonna put Jackson merger when it way ahead of ourselves in you is that it's. Might be miscue beta might be due but. That is going to be an interesting game to watch between K state great. An eight to mere bulls go you better keep your brackets not in eons who's who's in Lou jump up like eight. Deet deet wade. People make him do that call namely the way their dogs I thought that if I thought I was sort I've heard that it is 8888 if he does not play. Yeah yeah trouble yeah trouble and that's adult that they are talking with a double that a lot more against Kansas in the down. India and India accomplished army without beard brown because there Braga are likable guy and we if he's either stepping up his game might. Mosul were what do you think about Mosul were Missouri's faces off or Tuesday and then we were we were talking in. About this last night with Kerry did and that's it meant. You know I luck of the draw for losers. I do's and and the jet into the lives of Barnett situation is really unfortunate that looks like a missed that they've gained such elite school but as asset to Carrington last night. This this makes it even more evident with the seasons at the bit about for the story and that is. Colby agree. Michael Gobi agree pick it up. Why not let us up well I don't artist is settling the score fourteen. But dammit this guy I hurt regional play in country are you right to say this is Kevin Durant Texas. That that's unheard of say it again a year about it okay Barnett took her to bring it is 610 guy whose deal like this who's gotta get. Go be great Ingle win the game against Florida State that's what I that's what it that's to me it's about and I and I think they've got the best one seed they get Megan had been Xavier. And therein Nash Vegas and then first of Kevin period whatever is Davis ticket with the rules Russa I'd love his comments I'm so glad we did that to go to which to cook what Dana was there to do with it. If we talked. Mum which you on them. And I love the gas. Not fit to which to well outfits to which it was a time do anything. You helmeted. Don't time they have enough putts to do it broadly in Nashville a bit today but I looked at odds I'd love it there. And I loved to draw there and I picked. They could lose to Florida State that they've lost to enforce them I mean Ole miss at home but. They hit that ticket to the sweet sixty. If Michael Porter as I said this is Williams said they war are getting sweet innocent I sit this on our on this the Sunday morning so we do. I founded our models wondering what that that the committee would do. With Missouri seeding because I feel like the once he should do it. Advantage and not like putting a team like Missouri you went there are different team with Michael Porter and that's kind of screwy Khaled Wichita State gets screwed copiers to look into a. It is opened with canes. He's back but are you buying in we'll ask Ron in two minutes you're nexus win a thousand dollars in two minutes net. DC. It's not a major rain. Justice something to do is staying at her and was handed over to be make it rain. Desks. Somebody's gonna win a 1000000 national test on sleeping room hold under the desk after all things are worth. Last year. And it's. It is thousand on the thirties like text the word shelf. To shelf. SH he L half shelf. Text shelf that's SHL. A shelf to 728817. Situated one you. Are you you could be the national. 30000 dollar cash winner in the national contest message and data rates may apply. Six and Sports Radio where the only Sports Radio station in Kansas City giving you a chance. And up to 121000. Dollars each week day my friend JP include call that dealing in facts just listen on the thirtieth from six to six your next chance to win coming out. At 230 on the drive the dirty where will have the Colbert were even complete rules where you at six sports. Also a quick reminder that the fantasy called dream weekend at. That is coming out here this rain. When you get an opportunity to spend the weekend at the ballpark which Josh cornered him in pregame field axis of toward the press box to meet. Broadcasting cruelty joint forum on a year to be on Beck's show. In the weight issue gold bowel. Trying to make the play to win that thing. Is had your best play about Utley and it is gonna comparable coal. Classic hit the city baseball moment which got a Jolene Rhonda shows you've league. And it starts this Wednesday. At twin peaks in a late. Join the show. Giggle. He'll be out there. Coming out. In and have your chance to win that awesome for. Demand Byrd demanding relative response meal these guys possibly so hopefully get the night. That I think that to be if you're in the press that you do things you do it you're usually not being. You can you can do a lot do you go not shall I go soft pretzel while. Why stop with this off threats now I'd heard of him and that's it's just a he's guided it to me that the and soft serve ice cream is don't you go toppings on soft server just are not that I'd buy this now artists to and it the things too much. You've got the Eldorado of them. Wrong. Our run. Yesterday. There were several people like myself that as much as we vote counts basketball. Found themselves. Flippant over. The possible golf's and we talk a major. We doubled the bells far. Tiger Tiger Woods all. Are you buying and Eddie's they'll be to make his way back now I would say make its way back to being the Tiger Woods from. You know a decade ago which saw the ball being relegated being winning. If you listen to me I have medals. About the Internet with LeBron is the gold medals older. Guides Q does this now Watson's Seubert. And and tigers the brow and I am going to come into this right now telling you and I and rational when it comes to Tiger Woods. I I still hear that he's got a pitched yet we got four more. All right we got formal written over majors we're gonna catch Jack. I don't give a rip when he would say is I think he's gonna win the masters put it right now what is right here right now that's exactly he's not on the bribes to. Well he he used to be up there he took couple takes I don't like his his two it is you know lawful house. Slutskaya won it you know. While and attract. And I couldn't answer I mean there there has to be. Today for these are well there's got to be first watch I think it's a matter at all when he did that stuff but really I think he's doing it again but anyway that you know point he's gotten used to group mend some notes but anyway what. I was invest. All week that I was at best like I came back a detailed Saturday I was getting myself angry. Like when he was missing putts and like I was right they are like it was a major like I I mean. I was that would he hit that putt I almost got to twin peaks of 117. Almost got to twin peaks later. You don't even know how fast I drove to get from where we lived to twenty weeks that I stayed to the seventeenth. And then I was frantically binding gate in my car to try to locate tumors that fall I I have invested at the but but but for real though he he looks he played it yesterday and that is sick like he did you watch it couldn't hit a like he couldn't get a putt but everything like the water's gonna coat everything else. He listed fairways for the most part the it was everything else seems to be back. You know to form no injury no pain. I I'm all about I believe I believe it where it gets Jack let's go. How would you I'm really excited about that tigers on my feet were there we told terminal C this. What he means the sport is nobody's even in comparison to golf thing the ratings on TV we're the best since 2006. The online streaming. Went up 600. In 81%. It was plus what 8181%. Just TV viewing he means everything that's sporting Brees is the first if tiger's good. The advertisers feeding it works its cost them more to hear the tournament until you CBS was worried about NBC. What tiger did digit Szilard all the balls on that did you see it. It was like old time did you see what he did to Brit Snedeker. Who I play well on the island. Other brits that occurred just fell off the bat. Lackey came in tied it around him yet he gave anti for the lead at the first hole. Edited and Sunday at like fox five bogeys Sunday and if taxi contention they melt down that Connors kid made the he melted early. You know like in the big twelve. Tiger Woods. For Kansas. Teams will be altered down the stretch every loss the Argentines he had lost that there wasn't a fear did theirs isn't like you. I like I I can't wait for the men I want a bill to cut back if you ever just that idea. If you come back completely this. Based or I'd like he's inspired thrill to come back I act it out wait for these these majors. At least it gives you know if there's anyone. Like like tiger's been unhealthy. In competed at the masters like even like even although those bad like those men and they've been bad years since probably 2009. He's still like competed at the masters of it that courses built for him know that I the bag it was tea. Let's go. If people ask me what's different it is different as he competed tech has been back that he withdrawals with a back injury gets guy. We actually compete in this which makes this completely different this whole month for golf is so these golfers turner back and Tiger Woods. It is that none of it didn't understand he's the one that personally made their money or they're going and putt on seventeen. I thought there was no chance in hell that was when it well I used to stop this perfect role the perfect amount JE judge agreeing. Perfectly. And got it has. I was the most out of the motion like I was at a pace. I was pacing let out actually this is an even mention this is an even a big term. And I was emotionally invested in like like people think about what else bar let what you think about like. Sporting events that really get you going like to a map and like. The NCAA tournament selection Sunday is one I'm up for favorite days Thursday and Friday. AFC and NFC championship Sunday. Like tiger. On a major on a Sunday on the back nine. Like that is that is right up there for me is like sports days that I look what he's got that Richard on means that there animated actually admits that the there's some under the to excellence in the penalty tiger's gonna make the cut at the right. Have you guys gotten of this texted you know I love a good conspiracy. Theories. This out of the 816 Tiger Woods was on steroids. And the reason they never came out with the fact. But he was on steroids because it would have shut golf down. Tiger Woods was for golf what Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa worked for baseball. It's all down this lead you showed there. I couldn't hit it close of this. Yeah feels like steroids and released excerpts at least Lori. Now when they confirm that's tiger has been having sex with Waffle House waitresses to clear. Quickly steroids story and not even in Jupiter worries prohibited Fort Lauderdale which. There are different caliber of a whole house is. Well the only market. That it's got to Jupiter Florida Fort Lauderdale the last time you little Perkins. They kept me tickets it. You do not know that we're back hate duke Perkins is always I have never had anything but an omelet and a muffin at Perkins that's it and you know that's typical. It's due out at their tickets. Are waffle house with our partners yes bottom weekend's ice recent market Kate. It's the art good. Late night when you know odd that a old game is definitely. Are to spot the cardinal was. I have a little port zero worse than yours acts well there's one and independents than I used to work in an. It's still thereby doing what else does this still there yeah store with it didn't sound masters all a Tuesday. And there's nobody else close to a guest Georgia's law allows both sides of the street. Loaded. That's his spot. Supple ball finds out just don't get. And I can tell right now that Tampa Bay Buccaneers are one of them but with the traffic kicker this a program according to Jenna lane. From ES PX dollars bucks and just keep in Nikko and source tells me that the boss and tidy Cameron rate of agree to a new deal for six years 41 million dollars eighteen guarantee. Why would you do that they're also bringing Brent Grimes back by the way I don't know what you're just. Like you're dull that a coach. NC. Explain. To them. And some on the Texas that the Perkins and I'm an artist I know this morning our IP tokens and Larry temp. They said the Perkins and Lawrence county fire this move this terrible demon and the technique that they they get a heavily. Food trip maybe then I blame the banana nut muffins are off change. I have to tell you get as Matt Ryan the fevered bathroom story of fear and ultimately case. How good is if you tell us next. He tells he tells audience despite for a final socket activity in the I spent. That and it's something to love this tennis has omitted ms. Clinton helping make a suitable. Ironically named in them it doesn't sound like you want to it would mud because then yeah it is obvious that it. Of them a stay up later. I ran out there like it. IE somebody that every bit dessert. Exec to show what he's gonna be a deal late the twin peaks this domino Wednesday night. Check him out six to nine Reynolds act in Sports Radio we got to take tea before two that would done on the days. And that's all I have to say about that. I thank you. On the spaceship one dollars beats. How big cities and now. Have heard this and I think you know one to shoot you for joining us. In Studio. One o'clock hour on Monday as. Final reminder on this show these about the tornado watch court. Seven guys one on our official headquarters is winning streak since out of here associated city casino. Will be broadcasted live Thursday and Friday starting at 10 AM somebody both days will win 1000. Doubts. Yet these six dollar intensive food specials the national hot wings. Cheeseburgers Fries salsa you cooperative. Tendencies breakfast wrap. And dozens. A repeat dozens of craft Beers. Disaster tells that can be confirmed what Chelsea king opponent for you because he sample for muscle. I keep trying to sample all of them in and they had board which is awesome and terrible in front of the but if no complaints from you. And an amazing. Television so. It's going to be. A nice watch sport. Will be there. Before. I don't think we support to people for so called people squares. Absolutely not being cool. If you will get full. Supporters. You all nodes. What really is not a sound. And jungles race. I don't know. Our neighbor to the we is that the east over there Janie. Middays with Jamie and wickedness and publisher in terms of. What bunting she tweeted four minutes ago whatever is happening in the 610 sports studio right now we can hear it through the soundproof wall and it always. Someone tell me it was when. Journalist on your feet. Same region. As it is too late for. It tumbled and officially gone for the Houston conferred about seven. Dollars. While pork in there around six million dollars of when when did you do you think these things were. But what. Think Tom all the things which could change harmlessly to coupled with. Wait for the John Dorsey kept giving contracts. Because he Ford wasn't ready to handle the job. I think in the draft before it was going to be to place fumble. Grifter couple more contracts use it on the roster plucked from a lot of money for the teams and seized. The 89 had sex period and did you can't go would be forgotten because you were big port what if you sit teams were spores into the quarterback. Carlson was like I'm well read he's always willing to share information. He was a good pass rusher he knew the moves but he was more than happy to share these moves. With some of the younger players like before it from under wings chosen won't do it if you can't learn from Justin Houston come awfully. That's an indictment on its voice that about the report if you can't learn from two guys just you did that come only always willing to share information. His or her teachers couldn't have expected more at this point comfort from. Before because he had it as far as Tiger Woods I'm extremely happy if you had the kind of success he did this week he means everything to the sport go. Ratings were good since 2006. In the third round of golf tournaments. Online was up six. 681%. But amount of people happy driving around big mystery that's what sports is going street. No matter where you were you keep up contact your he says they're related to seventy. In every putt like Tiger Woods putting stroke back before he left with when pigs but Tiger Woods kept the beach ball. What is good involved in the sport would tech world it is if you do bench. Cavs this week Tiger Woods who could give me though is to be any thing he needs to do more stretched and show the Beaconsfield. But that would make the majors. Much more it would tack. Well I don't talk I didn't I. And then we're almost bought another NCAA. And when you look at so many of them all angles here is the real plot to dive into and a lot of talk about it a lot to pay attention to all the wars. Tournament. And you know you look at specifically. Kansas and the type of team they've added the course of the season and all the all the criticism that ahead about the Seahawks. In the deficiencies. Flaws. Everything that's happened with bill. But what an exodus of flat out there apple looked after. Appreciate is that this team with a good line pass all of those issues to overcome all ovals obstacles and of course the it went and another Big 12 Conference title as well as winning the conference. Championship again. That is props too to build and sell. It's everything and he set forth when it comes to. Advance sale. So we'll see how it ends up or down his cabinet number one seed. When I look at the brackets as they initially. Best case airs at this team was actually able to get to a final four at the bit it's. Public run so you can they should get to an elite eight. In the second take I had as regards to you don't look at it maybe some think the impact the scenes there will be focused in on the watch over the course of the NCAA tournament. I. You don't Azubuike has to be healthy is he wants to. To play at the level that they expect to play deep way it has to be available for K state fans that big bucket getting out of a slump in getting out the fourth week. And last but not least it was more fans in short Barnett being suspended. Its gonna have to beat. A dull old Michael Porter junior playing. His best basketball. In only his second game back to get them out of the horse from into the site. Yeah. So it gets big he's a local industry it is just waiting for a strike. Agreement it fails dorks. Bribe to delete that now. Now you know probably. You'd figure. Reminder everybody check this out the ad winning streaks it's out of here is on Thursday. And Friday 10 AM with a base here. Come join us. Plots among NCAA basketball we got the Gaza in the drive. He got any old wooden dirty world their names. Attacked again. Now now now food nobody called anyone OGT. Jack Turkey's a little. I'm a man.