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The Drive
Wednesday, February 21st

It's the return of Hud's Hot Stove! Royals TV analyst Rex Hudler joined CDot & Fanning in-studio for some stories, perspective on Hosmer signing in San Diego, and welcommed on 25-year MLB pitcher & former teammate Jamie Moyer!


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I enhanced my. People would would you call that people again that Hud word sorry. Rex toddler cheese and crackers well off royals TV analyst thanks threw me it would. Love sharing the game with the fifteen year Major League veteran in that regard at all. We've got big league championship all therapy Thursday therapist. Here today to help the people. Rick's a blur much room. That we body slam you right here. On the drive. We've had like. And am always happy for fired up blood they like pitcher. Before. I doubt the pop quiz was ice tells the pop quiz was fired up ready to go to bed now ideas pop quiz today was Mister Rogers' Neighborhood fifty years ago this week. Spying program debuted on. Won't she be will she be my neighbor. That close no that's perfect that was the perfect what's like to be your name dale. Like to be I can tell you and I don't know this is if I should take it's personal or not but. But I can tell you that just recently this past summer both the neighbor to our left to right moved learn. I was like most small markets and in other did you ever he goes why well. What's all about well we're gonna kinda will probably. And that comes to find out. I got to the bottom of it. As it does hard mean they have accomplished both believe in the in the same like you're within two or three months. What was it well when they were to him that he'd been single ever just removed in their nice guy the F spreads his name Fred Fred's super super neighbor. Good guy. Got married. She had some kid's and ending you know. I gave different. A pool and backyard so his wife Soledad you're involved like how one of those. He's build one here but but so they moved there who do you yes we moved into this thing had a rule that and then than the other neighbors. They wanna raise their kids in different coolers school district so excited to get personal with the Tennessee is you know you're thinking so like that happens while you're there isn't just that derby and honest with. Try to be nice I don't know you know what look. We're all about love you know others who who some people maybe don't like love it too bad we're love you anyway a person doesn't like hello everyone loves love. Did you how did you dislike love I gave you my definition of love last week though you'll. This gaining would. Say as a human being disliked while yet so wasn't in any of that reason but but but really what we do like I bringing garbage cans. Because in some sense I'm kind of an a seasonal guy and I'm home during the day yeah. When the garbage cans or demy and my neighbors are work. I'd like most folks. Yeah I take their garbage cans in ample listening now if I had a bring their mail until but they're all we have a mailboxes that's a community publishing it won't be that lets us a federal say yeah yeah yeah out via. But I would but but yesterday take for example. Where neighbor across the street has a has about puppy. And lab has young dog won't lessen year old. And they have young kids and they are they have they worse they had left their skates in the front yard. In the dog. Grabbed him and was chewing on them that you know and I know how how expensive you know things are that add up so we pulled in the driver of course Howard David my son to get out. To get those things. So we grabbed the thing too late in our have been cute to be here comes the neighbor out of the house is you what apple throw met them we're trying to save your your equipment seed ought to go to on a wherever and buy some more skates too old Q oh and us are you personally or too little too late. What we can do for our neighbors. You do for yourself and you you don't and you hear your ice for them especially when when your home and they're not and you see something going on in the neighborhoods maybe not right that's when you step up let's say excuse me my neighbors my friend. What are you doing. We therefore yeah. So anything like that neighborhood watch programs I don't you sign in front yards and eight or watch him well that's just part of being a neighbor it was fun I love. Right now we are joined by hugs Rex Butler from a time still. So people with a special guest is that a. Wool man I am so excited now look I gotta tell you most the time wow well when I get opportunities like this is not very often. I love you guys for giving me a chance to come once a week. Would you share baseball and chair of the love I have for the game but my teammates all the most of them all teammates is guys still play in the no you know what he he he would as far as he could beat you he'd pitch still he was 49 years old trees yet Jamie Moyer is going to be on with us it's going to be awesome. He's he's fantastic what a what a great guy good friend for all these years. And we were teammates in 91 that's kind of when where and so you know. I had already been in since 78 so we had been a while on May have been a decade but I wasn't established major leaguer him and I both kind of got our careers going with the cardinals. It was off. But see most the time I try to line up a desk I guess like when I leave here for next week all start my own a remarkable guys by detail last night I was in desperate. Come we show you Jimmy Edmonds Bert Bert Blyleven Darren Erstad Scotty Rolen. Mark Langston Kirk Gibson Jim Abbott. All those guys more or bodies have been in touch with here the I want to come on unless it's still they all got back will be within ten minutes odds it's nice island relish your one you're you're gonna ask you bet you it's because we bonded we're friends we we we we appreciate each other. And they know that I'm not gonna sabotage him on radio. When I talk about good things and same with Jamie day. I'm looking forward to hopefully he'll call it. Hud's last week we talked about love and relationships and all that kind of stuff I'm excited talk about some big league ball with these day you're always excited what did you make of Eric got resigning with the San Diego about her out you know what I outline. I've run into a lot of people like you know. In the city which is wonderful. I said we said you Baidu and six months ago. The last game of the season was an emotional baseball game I've seen in along times proceed towards the end. Joseph the highlight video royals always do things up the right way very classy organization. They knew this was attacked. Dayton could've sold the house before the 34 of July he could've went ahead and today he says now we have a chance to win in at that particular time we are one game back of the lead millions. We're gonna win. Didn't happen heat held onto his guys we also Dubai I don't. So last Saturday to me was that Taylor good luck to you got a nice deal offered to him get chances to meet new people. And and go to a different place. It's new neighbors that he's earned it figure earned that right when you're when you're a free agent I remember leaving the I was a free agent with the angels. And they could offered me deal tort were talking about apples and oranges here between me and memory and cause I was you know economy especially. Super utility guy was so while not Datsyuk via the development yes the Phillies they paid me 400 bucks Mena that that was that was good price for me. But the but the angels and when I sign that they were the news general managers that. Well you know we thought he was loyal to drop that I was like wild little bit offended him look if you offered me floated behalf of half a million dollars. In the middle of the season for two years maybe give me a million for two I would take it yeah. You do or. The Phillies before bill well that got 2.3 point something Terry Francona. New manager Randy skipper. And WTO on heroes we have some fun unity he met me he exactly but I deserve to be back as I tried too hard. To fulfill the contract the pressure of being a free agent. And I try too hard to Miami before even join the team. And then it then for opening day is Veterans Stadium to 67000. I get a Jim shot off of sterling Hitchcock over the shortstop hit a dig in for two out of the box I blew my other hammy how many and I got booed by 67000. Fans at them and Veterans Stadium opening day in nineteen. When was that 1997. This many people can watch a baseball game yet healthy 67. And you'll you'll bet. Yeah look at. It's a state look at those 97 yeah that was 97. Are there to call tell me about it especially for a 35 year old man yes Blair and 67000. Football I guess what. Especially those those those stadiums back then were seventies bill cookie cutters yeah it's the same way all the citizens all the mail that round ball. And you know the opening days of big day for any baseball team so it's gonna sell out let me ask you this but I I found out what it was like to be brewed. Yeah I mean what all the way down to my gut. As I walked off the field with a blown hammy. Crawled up on underneath them the trainers table up underneath that. VS sync with a cockroaches were wrong and and I couldn't come out of of the trainers or odd I'd have about when America come out there really it's my Olympic team. Never been booed by 67000. I knew that feels like which you know that you may choose to love them. Even millions of absolutely that's all my bad. And look I'm gonna go and what do you want to do that now we moved on and win and when I when they fired me a couple of months later Euro yen a year later. I thought the opening pitch the next week you think that's the but let me ask you this you brought up like when you got that contract with the Phillies in the expectations in the pressure that comes along with the money. A 144 million not gonna change a player and what's it like to play. An Odyssey can't. Not many people on the planet can understand 144 million dollar contract feels like to feel like to play with expectations of Russia and I think positive and. And I know you. A lot of it depends on your upbringing and as far as if you're gonna change or not the fact that he was raised by great parents Ileana in my Oz Merck. Those people. Oh fabulous. They follow in his brother is is is within two you can tell what kind of guy he is. Obviously he's Kansas City born and bred player. Dayton Moore is known does not hire anybody that did it doesn't match those those criteria. So he's going to be fine. But he's gonna have feel some pressure there especially with all the new guys gonna wanna impress and what happens you know when you try to impress you try to do too much it takes yadier game. Hoss typically a slow starter anyway even with his own you know guys. It's not going to be easy. We know Alice's IP guest Alex Alison tell you probably. No we will now littering he may will when he's over it's been a lot of pressure on him hearing in this year is going to be here we can relaxes and he can go out and play and in and really be himself and have some fun and enjoy baseball I I I hope that that's the outs we see this year for him. For him and his family he's totally due for a year a good season to hit 300. It's just contribute to do what he can do I love him I love a spam them I'm I hurt for him that he lost his father. That's justice crushes me but he's back he's got a good attitude he's. This is going to be here for him. I gotta get a place where I told a judge you got mugged yeah I I love look at what it is nice okay we're gonna side I talked to mark grant the Padres. TV analyst and I talk to him I said he got hunt stories that's just in some good stuff he had some we knew we were in teammate yeah I don't city get to know. Happened baseball little bit more book you'll hear from from marker at the the Padres analysts about ratchet about a outlook we come back home run. The drive. Presented by Dick got 8610. Sports Radio. They upon commercial break with the bill baseball round. Edwards and I've been looking up Al hunt did against certain pitchers we'll tell you how you went against our next guest we're kind of laughed it. Because at the top of it is says Tom black. It used that you love my. All holes are you kidding me. I knew I found out there was a lot of pitchers that came to the ballpark whom they saw my name in the lineup it through small party. Because they're like yeah bats an easy out there not so aggressive that's when limit the ball up there and Eric this is easy. Many also find this Angela we went up against Tim Wakefield ten times as noted it's old act. Like. Yeah us. Our way out you know what got lucky sometimes when he was punitive pay can commander do our next guest I just sent our women our next guest our only guest. I am so thrilled. In my friend and former teammate. Pitched over 25. Years in the major weeks cubs Rangers cards o's Red Sox Seattle. Phillies Rockies. He was inducted in the Mariners hall of fame too by the way in 2015. And that the time. This day ago all 2012. When he was the oldest player in Major League Baseball. In history. Have the most wins and losses. Of any active player. He was fabulous. Became the oldest pitcher in Major League history. To win it in. Hand to hit the oldest to get an RBI. Jamie moyers my my buddy. And he holds a Major League record for most home runs a lot of relatives want to deprive are not proud of that. If you hold and record in the major leagues yet she'd done something and now unfortunately for him three of those 500 Torre to warm warm me. I got in but let. The thing that I admire most about my guest my outstanding teammate. There he it was his Philanthropic. And community service work this guy in 03 was. Voted. And received the most coveted award of player can give Roberto Clemente award. For all the what you do off the field he was an all star that year 03. Plus. He was a world champion with the Phillies in no way. Ladies and gentlemen of Kansas City please welcome my guess Jaime Moore your great friend and I'll tell you what one heck of a teammate Jamie even though was short and anyone how you do an a but. What a question I I told you your lowest sovereignty and we were having you on. 25 years in the big leagues javy is an incredible feat. What do you have to say for yourself. Well I enjoyed every bit. Meeting people still experience and being. Horry and putting out the dream that a lot of us some sort of at the fortune reportedly based all prepare. Young boy. You know I could actually be better. Jamie. We were teammates and. Tune in 1991 we were teammates. The cardinals you know you're young guy like I was out I think I'm a little bit older than you would have been that we were kind of I was I was probably. Ten years ten plus years and in my career or so's in my earlier for a long time. And you weren't just starting your careers it looks like it what what was it like to Wear those. The birds on the bat. You know. Every Major League uniform on special. Appoint or from your organization that played former cardinal thing one of them are great country. What rely on. And some guys through that that should. That's pretty special group of its its life experiences. Experts in Beverly to gain on the field but off the field. Are very very important election you can a lot of experts that you. That you wrote a baseball player really cute. In turn helped fuel the feel that any Internet that are out there probably but he your votes out there late to being inner city and the light whether. What the situation of losing situation. But their total lots that you can call it record all the partners terrible like their quality country you have to risks. Jamie but you know what. I've faced guys like Randy Johnson a face guys like you and and and the whole objective is to get the hitter off balance and get him out. You were out ending you you Jamie did did. I mean there were times I go how could I not hit that and it's like you know what will what was your velocity. In it with the Colorado Rockies in 2012 when you were 49 years old. It was rarity. That it oh our combat child John surgery. Yeah I just want to articulate and I can get back. Probably I thought I would honor sir I think looking back on it probably need help like a political on the percent. Or Mort that probably was not so but you know what. I support itself here and I figured that I'd attribute it to quote quick moment appear. Yet Jamie which is at a higher calling no question about it some guys yet you know everyone whenever you leave the game is always a hot. You know what's next door. Or you know for me I didn't have any day any time to I had one weaken and I was offered to do of the angels of broadcasting job so I went right from the field to the who with but for a lot of guys. This is tough to see it's tough to. Turn in life in new for you Jamie you you went into the broadcast Booth for Philly and then you were there for a year but with eight kids you you almost demand. I'm here this father more than I am as a broadcaster is that right. You're you're going to be all right here in college are difficult to look it's an electric fool. It and you know I realized at that point and those answers are related there's a lot. With the older children. And I didn't wanna beat that should be bothered anymore. And I realize that as being almost probable that more than being more port to meet. It was to be a broadcaster I didn't feel protest anyway so. You know it's hard in the order Kendrick for me in Allman indeed dead and really it took Cho. Lot of rewards of that on. You are you're not alone for 22 years of my offseason. I dedicated to my children and to be a good father. You have to it's not an easy job anybody can be a father but to be a good father you leftist you have to sacrifice at least not go to the golf club but you know every day. You know not do what you wanna do when you're hunting trips because you're gone all summer so for me I'd try to get my wife a break but investing in your family to me is is this is my legacy. Jamie I think you you kind of feel the same way but. Men what was it like for you as a broadcaster did you enjoy that day you're with the Phillies. I ditto in the broadcasting had no experience whatsoever as a broadcaster on that side that it's. You know go work for it's it's an exceptional broadcaster in the name Tom are you. In mile one way my partner in crime would match letters. Many. Elected to a guy that were Byrd green in the broadcasting their useful or one you'd professional on our feet. You look toward the end we're good people in the truck in the you'll be where you'll never get a credit. We're openness as well here and a yard a lot of it would be great experience. It was a lot on why yeah. But that was you know it's kind of global perspective. Is totally different sitting in the food. I do I do know that I never forgot how or what do. And inside you know being the player. He says seeing it from several hundred feet away not figured while also every Tuesday. Not being part of baseball. They're effective from the you know from the media side to his players. Guided Jamie Moyer on hugs iPods still Jamie's Brad fan and we appreciate being on the show today. We are looking up some hard numbers vs pitchers man shoot three times. The hole to take you deep three times Jamie Europe that does he blocked him from your brain. Moral fight that. Believe. I'll be out there he goes there quite a guy IQ probable wired. It into that be with her ball let me sort Booker followed right on. You know one on one particular over armory there was a Camden yards you with the Orioles and it was early in the game you. You tried to sneak a piece of keys we'll go there on we were and I pulled my answer Ireland. And it went over the foul pole it candidate I am and the next time I got to defense cal cal Ripken junior got a second base he goes. It is did something no one's ever done a year ago and you're you hit the first. So that look at stood about ten years that was my only home run claim to fame ever. And then finally a real man Mark Reynolds at one out. In the deck is that movement or are there to guide you always tough it was a it was very tough competing against you. I knew did you changeup all great lefties have changeup so I would belly up to the dish I would move up on the plate and try to get your changeup and forget about the the the fastballs in I always under the change who listened to your toughest hitters to face. Believe or not more conflict. And I you on the planet I'm not a very sick to work ethic is mark I think it's great for liberal senator actionable actually have owned him. But I didn't there was one guy I just couldn't get out and he knows you and I do Bernie Williams o.s and other thought well me. And wanna hear what your ex partner recurrent. Two chilly day all don't know I've played its web but he gives chili Davis early in my career as a giant. You agree blood and it they would have temperature it. But as the keep some experience and learn out of the fact we'll open it when he came into the Kansas City. It and especially when he was an Anaheim. Of the lot days when he wore rial. Andy out. While those guys that you know. Early on he just couldn't figure out later actually. Since Bloomberg problem in some murder flew with a with all doubts. He's a former royal exit BP they're beat if you can get chili Davis to breakthrough there over me. Apply your stick there. Lol people vote they would do that I got a self respect. So any. The road Jamie Moyer Jamie it and they should take some time out your father schedule and are you get ready go pick up kids out on the West Coast. But man thanks for for being gracious enough to come on the show here on our flagship station mighty. You know sixty in Sports Radio here in Kansas City and and continued success. Doing what's the most important thing. An ex baseball player can do is be a great father way to go Jamie your pardon me I can't wait to see you buddy come out to that would over the roles come from news to mere yeah. And say hi. All right David thanks Jamie. Everybody. Thank you record there. Thanks Jamie. That was Jamie Moyer for 25 years he was a pitcher in the major leagues we'll take a break and we continue hunts Scott still coming up next mark grant had a hug stored will play one excellent draft. MVP electric heat into the studio the drive presented by economy. Spring baseball Sunday at 216 and Sports Radio. Back in on the drive hunts Scott still is halfway hole he's fired up right now we just had Jamie Moyer on the show. It pretty decent novelty it was a bullet here. I looked this up well in the pro baseball reference started 636. Major League experience. Phenomenal you know what he's got a book out to begin to do chances skull just tell me I can't. Good book. You actually read it felt really you know it's it's my kind of book had a lot of pictures of it yeah yeah that's Mike Abbott was still I like the fact that when people tell you made. When you do something else you'll never make it all okay well that's your opinion and thank you and move on. Don't know the law on that fire believe it gets. At least four pitched at least forty AL. Shall we had mark Graham who's the gap television television analyst for the San Diego pub and had a mother talked about all. Oz knew that state years in the big league in the big leagues so I ask you this question did you or face the as he does is hot stove on that on a show it is every Wednesday it is so did you drill and here's what he said. I don't know neighbor facial Rick harper because you don't shut unit jets got that you know all right here in bad. That you want. Labor advocate Mark Green it. But that notre relativity Lester feel like people to be a double. But I structure in triple I would start at first third base for triple. Out there etiquette are. It. Storm Boris like everybody's got hot story seamless. You go and have a little connection you out of it was up syndrome you know that you'll all talk about that in big fat advocate I also have a son who is autistic and as a should Durham as far as what Richard 1 June book. We have kind of connected played against each other a little bit. I can look that up baseball reference to the wrecks a bigger story but yet you know it's it's not like that the field that. It's great game of baseball you meet players and they shared experiences are something we're here are your children that can't it is common view that direction election I actually came butter brands. After playing better than what we've got very airplane base so we're very fortunate. Just to know one another change you know actually straight notes and just keep tabs on our current leader Gil is a good and it got great art. That was a Mark Bryant on ha I actually looked it up for you but on pro baseball reference you face Mark Green three times. Yeah bloody hit three Mariel Margaret but you did RBIs so that when you had driven around. That's gotten shock. Oil and if but can't sorry about that I was a darker yet it was darker as you know flirted not their favorite. This is we're tells Joyce Littel broadcasters who doesn't about yea you know Anaheim in between booze. In Anaheim. There is an Angel Stadium. It's a glass partition. So the fans you know you it's just blast you can't tell so I went down into and told them that they the guys who operate the scoreboard. In the sixth inning where every due to kiss cam. Put me on put me in my get on. So I told what gets McKay can't or and beyond and beyond him and so I suggest is just follow me. So sure enough six thing here is issue a show Booth he stands up. And I went over to the glass and I put my lips up on the glass that's a couple of duplicate recast and he is he kissed me through the glass. And defense couldn't tell you could hear or are you are up for our. And I and I pull up the glass house. There may look like. It was really so anyway. It was it was a moment that we had fun with the people of the people we tricked him totally we we do to be governor dissident but it is you know is right on the glass there it was fun and we'll let you know he's got personality wise yeah character. And you know the grand game. It's all about entertainment. Who. The guy I guess outsider Randy Johnson that you had the most battles with Joseph it's those Randy Johnson stores sure there was another pitcher that you had some epic seventeen pitches. There Arabs Al Leiter gave me fits he had a hard Carter. Terry Mulholland out Connor I hated the lefties and had voters. In on your hands because it looked on the left is and look at the release point is going to be an inside here like I could turn on those within the last second it would cut in two inches it would break my bat. So I I had fits within a sometimes I would get a little broken bat bounced over the third baseman had to they played me and I was among active run. And I remember doing that awful awful lighter. Given little weir broke my bat in a bounce over in our and I get a second base and he's stand their revenue up the ball looking at me going huh. See I've made my pitch that you like eight. You know with but it was it was not easy battled these guys lighter mall and I did have a go Wilson Alvarez you've checked him out because it's it's us against them thank you you know one time I got will you've got to base it director he was going over cover first base. He and he goes. In broken English he was. Everything that W you hit for a base hit lol what what the blank what Michael what do I do and I said hey Luke Wilson next time take your chances to look right on the metal. Give me a cookie. Or we could you want backed militia units it was beautiful when you can get inside your opponent's head. That's the greatest part of the game especially when you're compete against the world's greatest players. House this year when that would we Cuba in between commercials about how much fun it was too. Two to be on the guy who came in hard on the base and would slide hard into guys and have those middle infielders look over their don't know areas to see him uneasy and uncomfortable. I loved it I miss that. Right now we're talking a rec solar on Hud's hot stove coming up. We wanna talk to you about a potential rule changes in baseball and get your thoughts on him plus hot stove for fifteen more minutes overdrive. The drive presented by 286. And Sports Radio yeah. Information about season intensively. Shopping. Said Brad during the course of the season that would certainly explain if the chief trademarks Peters this offseason will be. It's do that at 4 o'clock A Brad has bid Bigelow pace of play after like what the new commissioner bud. Every single off season pace of play in some rule change to the game is going to be at the top of his agenda. Remember last year it was the walks in getting rid of the intentional walks that did that. Now they're trying to I think severely changed mound visits this offseason. What the good thing about the commissioner is. He has games. Importance. He has he has that the importance of the game had in mind he's trying to he's not there in that position to destroy it. He wants to make the game better even though. People argue that the revenue has been never been better you know the games goes by. He just wants to continue to improve the game and he's trying to make little tankers and when you have a union and you're working against sets of it can be hard times. But I I got to know the commissioner a little bit over the last few years. As he comes to decay a lot and I see him in the down time you know he's for the game tilt toward my former manager he's one of the greatest. Ambassadors of the game you could have. Frank Robinson. You know and then on the other side you have Dave Winfield you know so that the with the progress of the greatest names in our game and in and people who care about the game the most. Our are taking care of it so we just have to get behind it do the best we can I think you know the they can they can make some takers here and there salsa making me really fundamental change to the game. And he wrote that he's awfully Somalia for rich guys who are the NFL network as podcasts and just about everything matches I know rich yet and so one thing that came up was potentially. The place which a new idea for baseball potentially in 1910 which they are there. Baseball. Is truly the only sport. Where game on line. Final inning. And the other sports final seconds. Baseball is the only sport we're by mere randomness and happenstance because of the batting order. The best players are not out on the field with the game on the line. Potentially. You're down by 29. Inning you've got 79. And that's the way it's goes man right and you can pinch hit but sometimes your best hitters are not coming off the bench. Because your past hitters are your 34 hitters who because of randomness. Are not up with the game on the line. Here's the rule change. In the ninth inning ninth inning only eight dating not seven not extras ninth inning only. You'll are allowed to send up to the plate as your first three hitters who ever you looked. Whether they just played. Sort of 345. Goes out and order in the eighth inning ninth inning. Your manager sends 345. Right back out there that's rich guy. Isn't that's him just making anything up he said this is a conversation. That he had with a Major League Baseball executive or idea that's being tossed around to be able to throw you want. In the ninth inning only if you're trailing I absolutely hate this site. That's. Takes away from the strategy or game agency you let me on this. I mean look now. If you're gonna guarantee a certain percentage of. Audience that we're gaining if you're gonna tell these guys you're you're you know we're gonna increase our viewership where we I mean maybe maybe that would work you know money talks in all sports. But when you're when that's a that's a major fundamental. Change yeah and so. You know what you thought oh well. Yeah since the events that you brought to you and and I don't see it I don't see that happen innocent it's it's fun to be able to to think about things that you can do it but that's the lead to bigger hurdles to try to overcome we. Baseball would be more interesting if they did it would be it would be interesting but the strategy of the game. Is that way I mean so you know the the 79 eatery. He's got a chance to be a hero or he's gonna just hurt you work or how many times you see that seven main that guys come through the end of the game and and when. I mean that's just the way the games in any ball he at the bullpen to get those of that's too much to change from its cubic I agree with the public and when it you know it's. Tinker with some of the things is they're trying to do but put the major the major strategy of baseball. In his beautiful. I would say more so than anything the babies that this needs to be you can re enter a baseball game. I think that's a fair compromise I think there's even as someone that is for radical change in baseball this is too much or radical change because of the saying. The same reason you guys does change the strategy game like that's part the unfortunate thing up that's a lot of Portuguese to him once every nine times aren't even against this before if you pinch hit. A guy in the eighth inning I'm excited. That I should be able to come back in if the game goes to extras in my opinion because we also happens in the sixteenth and seventeenth inning. Bullpen to get shorter bench is getting shorter and then having. It is it it really hurts the in product of the game by not allowing people. And what's extra innings at the open a listen to that point. But today that adds to the intriguing again. You know what the the management style the manager's gotta be able to manage his team and if it doesn't happen he's run out of guys. You know there was we know you know it is has broadcast we go he's used up everybody so we get you next to me that's exciting element of baseball. Wouldn't feel as such and so cubs catcher Wilson contreras. Talked about the fact that you only have six mound his players coaches meant whatever eagle at six per game. Here's what he said this is quote. Quote I don't even care contreras said if I had to go out there again and pay the price for my team women do. So he says he doesn't care on the mound visits they said I can't can't go out there if I think I need to in the ninth inning to close in the talk to my pitcher. My feeling is. Well I could top brighten my plea deal for six miles over some might not need think that's the way all player council endless six mound. Well I think the umpires gonna have discretion whether there is across of signers something went wrong with a pitcher that's gonna be easy get over yet you you Antonio Barca go party want to get hit by pitch yet as we shoe that's about your calls are still have a hard time my dilemma sign him there's ways are going to be able to get around that focus of that dance around the six mound is yeah. Enjoyed while it's just comply just be complying with the law whatever the law is okay look at him one of the in one habit posture and around hitters get the box you know you'd get them against the bucks play what what we're gonna be like debt. This post play the game you know let's just so you know comply with the rules of the game that's out having respect for the game but as you scroll with the pitcher that the two strategy involved step that's within China those yeah about half. Happens that's part of the cat and mouse part of it yeah you what if hopefully they'll continue to allow that. But you know. The game has changed so much you know what comes of that mean usually if you didn't get the box when you were supposed to pick you just really Edmund and they would ever say anything about it. In the than you know the other team would retaliate and you know it's gonna how they. They police the game it's it's it's like that at times but Erica. Just do the best weekend to comply and see how you're the game's moving forward it's all of the good of the game. All of us are just passing through not one of us is again gonna stop when when Rickey Henderson retires or when Willie Mays is out of the game didn't stop. It kept going there's not one player in the game's gonna stop for let's for the good of the game continue to work together try to improve it. But it always pains me to say this to you. You don't. That's rec solar hot. Though that's the podcasts page Jamie Moyer joined us at 315 for twenty. I use yours or grant thing years not fifteen years for what he's five years Jamie Moyer was a pitcher in the mail I blows my mind. And indeed three times like he said. Blind squirrel finds that acorn once in awhile and that's what happened in and you know until that one home right three it was for my fifth hit my only five hit game. You came in relief for the from the Red Sox and I booked and on the left field line PO. Yeah that was our direct seller always appreciate him coming up until minutes fanning was may be right about mark is Peters I'll tell you what next drive.