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The Drive
Wednesday, February 21st

In Hour 1, the guys got into the biggest talker in KC sports: text-gate concerning Eric Hosmer and Ned Yost's "missing communication" that's somehow become a story. They also hear the local reaction in San Diego on the signing, talk to long time Padres analyst Mark Grant about Hosmer's new team, and wrap the hour by each taking a minute.


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Drives presented it to. Everyone's favorite sports agent Scott Boras spoke today about his client your house signing any contract and I just want. Anyway to explain to me what in the hell is Scott Boras is talking about. This is Eric Hosmer in my socks as agent Scott Boras talking about. Well again. The organization is one. Hartford due earlier this volcano. Of hot talent lava and head it's too. Turned out lovely to Major League rock. That's it's hard thing to do I got all the bespectacled. I things got worse as most powerful agent in Major League Baseball NBA team you know I had absolutely no. It's downpours and strong. It sounds like we were on the magic school plus and he was missed bristled trying to explain to what's about the center of the earth Lisa migrants out. That's legitimately you know he's not a life. Was talking about championship bracket line. DNA the Padres are volcano that's about rated okay that's what it did fair does. You can you talk about me. That's because doctor. This is not well there's a needle would she hope to go out publish solid colors something horrible that he's bill heist does not mean you. No no this isn't weird standing Valentine's Day by just talk about it means you the peaceful and relaxing. For the here are renewable diesel. Guarantee Harrison brand. Hope it. Disappointing Missouri Tigers lost. It's like some things never change it is the drive kids airs in your pin high some producer of this thing geologists. And also the one the only branch in how you do to get to actually had been seen out of you I've never been to a volcano ward you know look you know. Dances I have. But supply at a nearby temple had been. Dormant volcano thread climbed one in Washington these did you have any concern of hot lava eventually so hello I saw absolutely zero Major League lava on us. Do you think that the third base trees near the hot towel Lama and I think its claws away I think a lot of would ruin the tree and a better question for Scott I'm not sure which one. The third streets in me reminds me of the tree you know what was that. That's scifi movies that mother tree. What's the name about one movie with the tree and I see her assault. I was the only Weaver's ball solid avatar is that's and to try and sell today and I doubt one movie with the big story percent Tuesday James Cameron the Smart specific at this. This and it was right but it's early. Doesn't isn't a drive your coming up until thirty Mark Green. He has been that. The San Diego's Padres analysts fort twenties. Two years he will be all of this through thirty talk about the Padres picking a very Cabrera what these same Diego reaction is kind of it's a fifteen we listened in this scene Diego's sports talking I was very pleased to know that they are making fun of the hot championship a lot of the same way that the rest of work. Because it's funny I have no clue what he was talking about. At 3 o'clock we continue our hotspots though in this time Jamie Moyer will be on the show I am very happy to say that. This of the few people he's had all that I've actually played with on a video game before so Jamie Moyer will be on the show coming up at 315 I can't cut about Major League hotline will sought a hot about that would talks about the pace of play your rules will gay. In the who did thoughts of Rex elements the very dangerous and scary place but will find out what god thinks about aired Hauser and the rest of the dealings in baseball coming up at 3 o'clock. All in the social media today there was a lot of disrespect. That was thrown towards my favor royals player of all time will have to get into that Cinemark. Is trying to bait and large bags and somehow as an attempt to keep us from speaking and all our favorite foods. Awful strategy we set a mark but we'll get into that at some point in Missouri while they are Missouri. But I wanna start with the story that everyone is seemingly talking about with the royals text date I don't know why we that in gates is seemingly everything. People are trying to art to make this a serious topic. I don't really care that much about it. I do think it's a little bit weakened Osborn never reached out to Ned Yost given the health concern that that goes adding almost died so. Given some he's been allotted time what I could understand it feeling some kind of way of houses are not hitting Emma. But I think the drive is finally done the investigations. And we've gotten to the bottom of if you miss it this is what all started it Ned Yost on his offseason communications of their house. There are very good conversation with offices at all now. Don't you know they. You know I think he was advised not to. Not to communicate I texted him. How much time never really bad problem. That this is your ability to lose weight I don't know. Just I don't know I guess it was one of us. All right so that's what started it. And it was leaked again. Eric Andre and those of obvious he shared a lot of time together and a lot of memories together. I could understand Nick Young is feeling some kind of way that I reached out the hot maybe now trying to did you come back in the city but as a friend and someone that cares about you. In feeling spurred by the fact the odds didn't text them back. Yet here's the thing. I learned this being a married man. To pick up the fall and on and on a serious situation. You can't really interpret. Like attacks the weekend of phone conversation. Performance sent a text that you do and just pick just make a phone call. On that and all that. Is fine after that that it's all good because I can't say that overtimes that a wife and I'd set it to answer she's been as well she can't get it on what response or vice Versa. And everything it's weird. You know it's been fifteen minutes red amber out what's going on. Just about died entries in positive free agent. Or fall out of a tree stand. And now they've got this communication weirdo thing because they decided to text instead call and now he goes out the media when that says that some. This is the big difference between being 28 years old bull air Oliver isn't sixty something years old the way Ned Yost as we text we don't really call in talk all the vote. I understand your generation that he's heart to heart phone conversation. Capital or these days so I think it's it's easier it's more convenient detection can do multiple things at one time. Really gonna fall aired out and I think your opponent holding an idea like a text. Unlike illegal for dinner but it's not like texting like hey daddy okay I heard you felt almost died and that happens all the time. Let's think about yeah I don't. Congressman Apple's announcement saying like in that your generation should that war on serious stuff and there's not miscommunication. When we talk about that more than anything about how miscommunication leads to a bunch of different inefficiencies and all these different things. On serious stuff like that. It's probably wiser to pick up the phone and I don't really think there is a miscommunication here this Eric Hosmer had to say yesterday on MLB network because you respect. Someone asked him about what. Ned Yost said this was hot Summers response. All. Question is ability to use cell phone this has reached out to a magnet affect millions of iphones that have conversations with us. So we got the fire back from air house yet reached out to. And now and it is going back and saying all he reached out to me it just was at a different time frame don't that is that is why for your girlfriend how do you. In an argument with your life where your wives says that you do X all the time. Paid leave your shoes out all the time you don't put your dishes up all the time you always leave the live Dolan you always forget to Philip the call mark. And then you fire back. Win. Jim actually no answer when it happens well I five months ago identified as well that's not all the time. Don't talk about him or not unimportant that's what is. I think Ned Yost exaggerated. Naics and their talks about mile island is anybody's I don't know her well enough to know that yet. I think bear Kosovor. Has had some level communication when Ned Yost throughout the course of the offseason. Maybe it wasn't the level at which Ned wanted to be he exaggerated the extent of how much they taught. Hosmer was willing to pull receipts not hardest to show that you tax that was somebody it's a quick screen shot. Ned Yost name is that the top you can show your tax you consult their tax could've found out as possible really wanted to prove that he had texted Ned goes. I don't think that Ned or Hosmer is going through the extent to doctored text message screen shots between the two of Hosmer settled we're in a seat in showed up at your back. Ned like I'm never mind that we talk this offseason net as your wife. This argument has happened in every single household every single relationship in America soundings that big but there's more story this. There's more of the story and talked about it. Can you believe it's the biggest story are now on campus of the scores when it comes with the rules and none it is. Tech's game between you and your well on this job and now that's some of the stuff gets a little ridiculous it is what it is he you know. He's. One of the greatest players and I've ever written around and you know he means a lot to Kansas City. He's gonna end up mean and a lot to San Diego. I don't. Day ago. As Smart and I'm sure they want me on. You know. I'm I'm done answering questions and I mean you know it is what it isn't long offseason yeah a lot of pain through he was visiting. A course and any others a lot he I think there was a number change in there somewhere and so I mean there's something different things happen. It. Hi script if abroad and talked about like he was so hot applaud payments he was screaming at his wife about changing. To four blue chairs and he said he beat Purdue this chair is like a blue top yet so net net deal with the pain med. Thing to see your high end result he was tied on dame heads after he nearly died. Because Ney did is wrong. We've all been in arguments are situations before. Where your wife or your girlfriend says anti. You ask for evidence or you could prove that she's wrong and that in the argument. Net and it pretty sure the first time he was talking about pain that he's event. I can play important I reached out odds were I haven't heard problem Hosmer. Than win it all MLB network and said I can show you the conversation. And then nets tone and attitude changed about it. Well was willing to use I've done this because. Agree it would have been a bad look for error not at this thing going on and we at least think that he would never reached out nagged him in the Aussie and given their relationship. Given the fact that net fell lot of luxury and had to be helicopter airlift it out there probably came off looking like a brick yeah and if we don't as one. That we know he cares about its public perception. Everything Eric Osborn is done since he has been a royal has been to impose themselves just gentle about it it's never again. This thing isn't it it's clearly an agent image build myself with a spark built myself as a leader that would have been installed leader light thing to do to not text them back. Congress got through Netflix I don't want talk about it more that you noticed that your arguments with the wives always in once you can provide evidence of partially wrong. Actually that's well buyback. Typically when you win an argument with your life that's where the argument begins again. They don't like losing those arguments he got to show you owed on the world war. I watched a lot of Kevin Hart specials on the museum of orbit Kevin aren't as this one special that everyone I know the once a year like are you done yet like what the woman like man she's analyst at offense are you done yet but as. You have. It munitions are ready to fire back via hot at any suggestion. That I have I done this before now never members and attacks I don't wanna talk about it more. On campus or broke off and vertically five. Put it over to skater that long it was 24 hours it is so I think it is over I think Eric Hosmer text them back I think Eric house it's just I. I cannot I don't think they had a long conversation. About it. But I believe that at some point between the end of the season and yesterday Ned Yost in Eric Hosmer has had a conversation in some capacity. Takes up I don't know. I think it's a trick move of Eric Hosmer didn't release reads shot make sure that Ned Yost was OK I think he did the situation is over they're done talking about it we're talking about it. We actually listen to San Diego's sports talk earlier today to hear what they're saying about their new first baseman. And I think you'll be mad when you hear. What now the expectations are for the San Diego Padres come an excellent draft. The drive presented by Scott may sixth and Sports Radio. This normally you like Casey drove motor sports celebrity 25 years PC turns dot com. Coming up in ten minutes. Mark Green former pitcher. He's also been in San Diego Padres analyst for the last 22 years. Catch up with a hit to learn what he San Diego perspective is on the signing of their house. Speaking at the San Diego respect that we was and so little San Diego sports thought. AN Hardaway and Richards on extra thirteen sixteen San Diego made a thing and fabulous point. About their house this morning. Now decided air cause were may be the most like athletes in the entirety of sports ever forever and ever and high indicating your more bad things about haircuts. Honestly I can't think of one athlete and as more positive things said about it you know on air quality tax. I'm sorry is boisterous tracks in his voice you know what put it makes huge brawny and even then or he's like still emotionally invested that. The an emotional did you I guess that's what she crying because he's the project now you know yeah that's exactly. I don't know of you've seen the pictures of Hosmer. By their various media pictures that they've put out there would possibly looks unhappy already. Looks like he knows they're going to be bad for the next three years he just added for the first of 58. Is added. That the checks gonna clear for the next couple looked happy to be in San Diego. It just looks happy well the one person in the top 1% of 1% of earners in America. That's how high the attitude I've been driven from odds of the last 24 hours about the signing with the body like. I got that vibe to guess you're from expressed to me that come. Did you really think that causes first choice when he hit free agency after he busted his ass for six years. One gold gloves water World Baseball Classic. A World Series an all star game MVP that all these different things do you think he wanted to end up in San Diego and another rebuilt. Absolutely not. Our 44 million so that's where he's act. I was thinking of what the guys said. Anything that's about her house and maybe people that have something bad to say about a model or how well enough to its. I've released before his character his personality and be done a couple of charity things together we see in the locker about no air out. I'd say at least speak for him as a person but. The baseball player and really many things bad to say about at least at relatively healthy he's going to be great for the community great city like the right. Many people that bad things to say about air house. I've never really really bad about the guys that film on around the team that I talked to absolutely local. You know he's done all those things you when he was. Gosh I had to been when any Apollo still the B writer for the Kansas City Star and and I said I'd sort of admire this from laws and and Hawes made some comment about. To Andy about and they give you wrote a story about this he said you know I get married to around on planes and Anderson can I write that house as you better write it. Mean not like has all planned out hey listen I'm not to marital dumb play baseball you know on the to do things right on the field to take your body. I would be in the community and to be a leader this baseball team I'm did you like best to go win. And no bad headlines about the guy straight up here's what is there is a really bad at least so far. Also on extra third scenes sixty on the marked enrich show they went into why the Padres needed to sign aired Cosmo. This deal with about everything by. Odd numbers numbers now doesn't mean the plotters don't care goes out it's two point. But if he had 310 or PX 280. I'm OK either way. Because this deal was about the three holes legitimacy. Leadership. And landmark. And we can explain all three legitimacy as the obvious remittances just vitally needed I don't know they needed to win. And as you point out it advocate makes people take the more insular. This is the park bench as confused me and I've why have been. Opposed to them signing area Hosmer long term for the dollar amount that we obviously be seated it was gonna take. Listen to what he says in the very beginning the first ten seconds in this this deal with about everything. Are numbered and. About everything but the numbers are under forty announced it's got to be about the numbers that's why would you when I guess we kept them right back and fort. I just didn't wanna pay house like these are great baseball player because he's not a great baseball player. Shame in being good there's no shame in being really good a lot of players are really good and it pains are really good baseball player when he got eighty million dollar we're talking about Hosmer getting. Sixty million dollars more than Lorenzo Cain obviously junger saw a note factors in a little bit differently. Doesn't want all star game and really had one and a half great. Seasoned and had to be about that we're never gonna give him that much money. And I would say bend over backwards for what the Padres did we agree to contract the Padres gave Eric Hosmer. Benefits are possible way more than it benefits the Padres five years 105 and in its three years 39 million dollars if something goes terribly wrong. And he still gets the option to opt out of that deal and then go get another hundred million dollar deal he wants to that contract is really slain in or congress favor. Listen I think Osgood got San Diego on terror. You know he gets off to a tough start in. Kansas City every single year comes back from spring training where it's warm and Arizona's starting to heat up and then you come back here and it's cold. Andy always has a crummy April. He's go to a smaller ballpark you stay on the West Coast with a whether it be great ball flies out there. You talked about that one all star game with the NDP and again he feels comfortable in San Diego a smaller part I I firmly believe. That on his best years are ahead. You know I think he's gonna go out there absolutely Tara opens and. Well they're not that optimistic about the scenes airing it out listen to what now the expectation is when you just signed a guy to eight years a 144. Million dollars in year one. For them. Hosmer as a mission well. But it's not. On the considered it ponders you don't win the west and in 500 record. Wouldn't. Shock. And Richard. Eric Hosmer just signed with the team. That they are optimistic about finishing 81 and 81. That's there that's being optimistic about the same Diego Padres in 2018 is no waiting 81 games. It's crazy and pick a wind of it according to their fan base at this rate is crazy to think big win there to visit and they are. Optimistic. On it that's out. Apart yesterday when you're talking about the people outgrowing he had seen being frustrated that's a part has been that you're frustrated as well. Like he signed with the Red Sox arguably have the best team in the American League in inside the Yankee since I want the Astros. Silent the San Diego. Padres this thank. Well and here's the thing though I think when you talk about winning the division. Three playoff teams that came out of the NL west and you're the Dodgers are 104 games the 193. You have the Rockies the 187 of the potter is in fourth place there and the giants had a awful year they've got a lot better in the offseason. I don't there's no way the Padres when the division. In in in that there's no it's not it's impossible for them to win the division I'm not arguing that I'm just saying alleged kidnapper the NL west the Ailes said. Agreed on this thing is at the beginning you thought how was gonna sign with a team the best chance to win that he signed with the team you think has no chance to win again in a team that. Their own fan base would consider winning 81 games optimistic that hasn't been a little rebuild it. He's being laughed that buys other close to them winning 81 of that's the team that there as solid a team that is. Right now they are essentially the royals do agree yeah you thought yesterday optimistic with eighty wins for the royals and I yeah it's big I in four at the ceiling for me and this this same conversation we just had was about the Padres who just gave Eric Hosmer waterboarding or million dollar. Terrorism. Hosmer as a mission well. But it's not. On the considered that it monitors to win the west. In 500 record. Wouldn't. Shock. I mean I. Rick your. Bet. That's ten more wins they had last that's the same Diego version of the drive. Is that guy that says optimistic 81 wins not uniform yesterday and the guy do you like a nice calm down a little that's our showed done in San Diego. It's ten more wins for the next year that's all that there's ten more wins. We got will liars to better team and you think it is topology and guys that are going to be a year older. I don't know what they're gonna do you all know that the divisions brutal out there with the Dodgers. I don't know a whole lot about the San Diego tiger is not gonna painting myself with someone wants a lot of San Diego Padres they never give me regional watching. I do is take the pulse of the fan base and Darryl fans basic 81 wins and optimistic and you looked so holes slowdown as a 175 when baseball team you know it sounds like the role setting five win baseball team come and up. He has been the analyst for the Padres the last two years Mark Green joins us to discuss the Padres picking up Eric house next on the drive yeah. MVP electric heat into the studio the drive presented by think. Listen to what sandy or work vice won't seem so bad that's when a morning sixty and Sports Radio. Coming up in San minutes we'll get to give us a minute where it. National broadcaster is calling it quits as an enhanced training feeling all installed its of that coming up at. To quote but today's heat got a chance to catch up with mark grant the analyst Donna San Diego Padres television broadcast he also pitched in the big leagues for eight years I started the conversation up with. What's the feeling around San Diego and now you've booked Eric Hosmer. Excitement from everybody everybody's optimistic the piece of the puzzle. That is maybe getting the lottery organization little bit closer chew. Being a perennial contender in the NL west in it we all know the NL west the top division yeah Arizona's server just go away Colorado Ebert you know what to talk to their console operators trying to make moves you know everybody participating maybe next year the year after that young talent but. When you add a piece let Eric Hosmer the puzzle. That left handed bat in his slick fielding over first grade I think everybody is just so excited for air QB in poverty uniform and that and I think the partridge in a Rick well ticket this year content but you never know this game of baseball but. They put everybody that just made great things American weird. Definitely it beat being one of them very very excited to call pottery baseball pitcher with Eric how are quite. They're talking to mark Graham launch on TV analyst for the San Diego Padres spent eight years in the big picture and mark does like to ask guys about cause that actually played the game because there seems to be divide. Between the analytic community and the guys that actually play the game on what they think of Haas like as a former pitcher what do you think of them. I think it and it electorate player I think of him as when you throw the numbers are out there are big guys Brad too. I look at a lawyer his presence. In the club house in the dugout what he does on the field that you know. I'm not a Saber metrics guy I think there are some that are very Allard that I liked that kept our war kid Ed bell. That options valued but Eric Hosmer has yet factors which I've always admired about him. As Kansas City Royals and I know you know what I'm talking yeah I know it you know a lot of baseball here. About talking about you. You can pick the number you can dissect that anyway you want but what you have a guy like Eric well who wrote off but as he made a certain way. The way go to by the business you know offer a former you know you don't have to be special athlete George street but she make like that to happen that the amateur level. You got it high school got to college that one guy that part of guys in that can make a root for Jamaica. If you make better I think that's what Eric Robert possessions. I'm beyond what brought that up because everybody on the show makes bottoming iPod play managed. A lot of 45 and over men's senior baseball league here in Kansas City and economy and our. Well my hamstrings are fine but you know I had little me hyper extension last season sidelined me but. I try to make that same point like you can. Good teammates who leaders it's not just in pro sports it's in business it's at work it's on your amateur team it's everywhere I go somebody made that point. Would you personally copper and eat at unit which you're talking about in that you don't baseball brigade of failure. How how they present themselves and how they handle themselves. When things aren't going their way are they kicking an extreme and thrown equipment or they stay positive good. Beijing may have struck out the bases loaded but yet he's got the next guy and a rare in hey you pick it up you pick up so now it's your turn I didn't do this are we collect chart. I think after a long way. Would you look at that oil came I was so happy for the royals' fifty what you guys want at all I like you know so comic reds and into that whole lineup. In air top European partners. Their their personality their enthusiasm abrupt ought to the other players in I think that made them better at a special that year not all it. And what you know about horse of the trophy and that relationship and so. This gives me goose bumps even just thinking about that it felt like yesterday at least in Kansas City the window officially shot. What do you think made the Padres go all in on Hamas and they paid him a heck of a lot of money. Get I think regional what it is Eric is because they wanted that one better present guy who has won a championship before a guy who has put together could resonate ideas but it apparently can still relatively young at 28 where. They can put him on the team and maybe a little bit of pitching they have an abundance of youngsters now the minor leagues they got a great minor league system. Date April are told me last year Easter you know ought ordered a pay cut or younger guy is gonna take some years. But Bethel that being we're not gonna spent some money out of created here and there at an air copper maybe the first piece of that. Region puzzle where at least talking about now if he'd look at any successful team pitching defense would you be happy chips and it got some young pitchers but that doesn't mean that AG crawler isn't gonna stop that air Byrd bought say hey we need a pitcher. That has no control ability to him. And that's a popular word these days dual. Edged out Hillary got it up to where he's got the big leaguer. Experience so that help up the rotation so you know little by little I think AJ crawler in the arteries organization the world spent a little bit of money at it it would Eric. And then it take it from there and then baker pitching help lead you know get them through and in which a mob pockets this year. Auto Margaret TV analyst for the San Diego Padres. How much did it factor in with the chargers go to LA for the Padres you know spent a ton of money to try to bring somebody like pause instances the only game in town right now. I honestly tell you that I don't think picture the border with echo park except you know what we no longer have a medical franchise let's try to make. This city let's try to put the bit of this city as. The loan. Cheap and it make a splash. I think you were just they can we are the pod race we know we're capable of doing yogurt Capel spending and let's just go what do we can't. And you know mr. Seidler Peter Seidler wanted to order truck Boller. HA probably got together and said you know what we have the ability to engage. Or how it felt all let's put in a could offer let's work on this. I don't think you know there's a lot of diehard charger and you're not sure you read up on that you bread as far as you know the the negativity into the chargers leading travel. We don't think that while the potter separates they're you know what number the charge of our work we really gonna happen you know. That a little extra effort to make people realize that you would only trade with China we're gonna make a huge move like that I think it would happen regardless. Just because the situation the ball we'll try to make that move. Give themselves a little bit better make the next step. In a couple of years ago mark the you're the Padres will announce a free agent Maria marker or a Mac can't excuse me. Well I'm James Shields. All will like what's different about like like this. Era Padres baseball that starts with the year congress signing vs Baghdad whenever trying to go in and sign a much free agent guys. I think the last shall wait a free agents. And you know as well anybody Bradstreet brother gave a lot you know personality. Challenged we'll say the personality of our current. Now I've never spent a lot of time with about one or seven with teammates like operation like I going to do my work advocates note got a little bit but. It just wasn't the right fit personally or a personality like for the pottery. I don't know if there were negativity in that club ouster what. But when you look at the players that were ought to fight big required concessions they just didn't gel. And this time around I think with Eric Hosmer. That the created shining. Of Eric you know Internet permit to earlier his personality his track record what you mean. You know I talked to some electorate that Kansas City is that you know you're a good luck he'd get through it. He's gonna make your achieve better he's great the media is great young players. Ed in oh when you look at the last wave that came through. There was a certain there you know captured really didn't work out and for whatever reason it was well there was in the club bouncer there are personalities. It just didn't work out the potter set to take your chance that it moved up from that. But from our grip TV analyst for the Padres market sometimes players change. When they get that big contract. And Hodges got a 144 million box how do you know when a guy is gonna change or not game changer even know at all. I don't think you know what I think there are not out there are no people who talk in this in the the other offer turner yeah. You know people electrocuted there probably was our site here and I got to vote electorate we can't sitting call. Went. In years past we'd rather trade for me I get a court I talked to the announcer why I try to get as much Intel. These certain guys and from all accounts that people I've talked to. This is one that you know there's no guarantee nobody got crystal ball and at least the chances are greater air out of the great things here. In a hundred uniform this environment this young team and what the mood but focused and what what the public can what you do down the future and go in winning ever had a great. I was gonna ask you to be brought up the debris bought put up of the big numbers and do it in San Diego. Though it is slow starter you know eat it usually takes until May before he gets college come to Kansas writes about. Five below you know your freezer and they are here and you're coming up from Arizona. I think that part fits him perfect man and it's going to be warm right out of the gate. I hear in California the majority I I like I think it is much as I hate to say is that felt like any of my big you know blanket. You know I found out what gonna be a royal but I think it's a great part for him do you think that. That revision speaks highly as far as Bert guy which traditionally starting out in the American League central they're yet he's. The other reason that you were still going to be you know fool in April and early may but you're right starting out at Diego. Actually lashed. Arizona is as great weather. Share purchase should get a little cool but generally good weather. Los Angeles sole suspect they Diego so hopefully that tragically. Air proper and up to a hot start they had opera she's. Last question for in market you know I'd get a lot of really deep dig and an in depth research before. I did this interview. And I and I found out I think was on Wikipedia so I know it's true. They did you have that you do Harry Carrey impersonation is that right. You don't huge start aggregate Chicago area Joliet Illinois to be. It fat kid this year or last year Larry guerrilla. Yet. A member Larry I remember Larry back at the seventy's now the getting started playoff game goes given school. Yeah and Eric Terry was what should you like it or where the cubs. If everybody treasury every area there are pressured. And I would you know the laps wound. Sure did feel a bit more holy cow. Average Larry. Larry actually. Are our first shaft and bird. Because kids' stuff mentality of taking a perfect yet mega bus double hairy carry on all possibilities in San Diego or now. Might be a bad idea it out fortune of about three years ago that the church in Chicago a lot like flat rate extort them. Idea grab the Mike and kind of wait and by Kerry Kerry it straight out of the ball game and that got a pretty good applause that met a ballot what like. Assured you'll cattle like I believe that I'd like to think in the seventh that stricter release is that a system. Ordinary that it did get a highlight to have though let me tell you man. They mark thank you very much it's marker at the TV analyst for the San Diego Padres eight years of the big battle on time analyst for the Padres. And we certainly appreciate your time thank you mark. I. Those marker ahead from the San Diego ponders its study actually had Zia Hud Stewart there we're gonna share with the when Hud joins us for his hot stove coming up at 3 o'clock I do think the big question Oz goes like how he responds to get a 144 million bucks. At a care who you are. Majority that the league changes there's expectations expressions a lot of different things. Auditors is the only response that Yemen there's no real way to know how someone's gonna handle giving them money until they get that money they always say that money just highlight more of the person you are. We'll certainly see what happens of their house once the gates. Life changing generational money could make good money is baseball career this is the next level of good money in your NFL are skewed your Major League Baseball career. Up next inning and I take a minute plus. Well Missouri it was one of the most Missouri things I've ever seen in my entire life will get into an excellent draft. That drives presented by sixty Sports Radio. I. Rick we're joined in studio Rex it's ET all the articles of clothing. This time and easy that anything any team plans. We can you missed it. I really like the shirt. Told him that I like seizure in need. Then proceeded to take his shirt off in did it to me and that in my house right now. I didn't really want a shirt that much that it wanted to walk out of here shirtless. And ally in the proud early game war and rec solar interview button down shirt it gets it in the frame eventually Jersey. You know say into it and I don't know in my apartment I'd like code. Just regular standard Gordon shirt designed by its other. It's a Gordon and I hit the vintage are likely that things that would distill the washer. Is nice would it look at what's it like it. Eight and Anthony who's gonna leave you some cash. So you you don't frankly in the shared you wanted to make he had enough cash I Rex toddler game war. Just regular should not paying enough not many people to hear the none not many people have that kind of shirt going all us and I AM I am very very appreciative. On Hud giving me shirt we'll talk to rec solar coming up at 3 o'clock but then take a minute. Is this guy I'm about to. Biggest names in the history of broadcasting but. Mike Patrick to leave was one of the best play by play guys because if it did feel like the big deal like that. It is retiring started yes he had a 1982. He was the voice of the study that football from 1987 to 2005 he's not on the level of Al Michaels Ricky Jackson. Brett must for any anybody like that happened to me when Mike Patrick all the game. It was a big game. Good evening everybody I'm Mike Patrick and it's great to have you weather's. Like Patrick to me was a little bit of a Gus Johnson. You know like you would go zero to sixty. They don't heartbeat and I just I always felt like again he's not an Al Michaels that Keith Jackson who might Patrick was the call was just a typical random dude. EC college anyone of 58 games on the air right Allen back in in the day when he started on Sunday Night Football so all the deal. It was. Not football back in the nineties and a sad to see him go. Moment. Mike Patrick. I'm I hope whenever they fired me from this job that I have like a little better ending to a like my packers' last game your guy. Was the Iowa State Memphis Otto zone Liberty Bowl but does hope they sit me out a little better than that in all. He's said he's Gillick duke North Carolina in Iraq and what he he's just doing a second he's not gonna be on the call yeah it's gonna be Dan Schulman NJ villas on the call he's gonna join them foresight he's not calling the game but I'll call and get it so tell me is you -- you don't want to be like community calendar I don't want to get to whose day in July when the royals are seventeen games out of first place and no one cares. So now we want the NFL season you know like I wanna go I. Mike Patrick overshot Madonna any time I think like Patrick having at a summit on about a fire I don't think there's nothing to me special lunch on the done at least what Mike Patrick. And he had to Jews every single time yeah I don't think this John McDonough is going to be much longer for Monday Night Football and not take any music today for my minute. I was on the Internet earlier today and I think what the kids in Portland Florida. And students what they are doing across the country has been pretty remarkable. And I ate there and disappointed in really all of us as a collective nation I think for not talking really as much about the efforts. Just a bit not a politician is just what we scene of students. The last week since the shooting that took place. There was a story today on in BC news. In it saddens me to think this is where we've gotten to prevent school shooting. Southwestern high school at Indiana the kids thrilled but here they go high tech to the classroom doors are bullet resistant. And camera so many cameras everywhere. And it's not to school officials watching either. They're connected live with the sheriff's department ten miles away authorities contracted intruder in real time every teacher here you have Iran. Panic button yet we are where father in case there's security breach we can push this button and the entire alarm system goes off and the school. This is what we have to do to protect our children is what we have to install in schools bullet proof doors. Obviously it's radius like you show it to you but they had edged world at their practice once a month. Where they would put it's in the back of their class room it's red tape and the students in case the number deceit or an inch rain to grab their desk. Set up a barrier. In god we all lost. Their books. Over there are nice. And it's so that tells me that you are history book is not gonna stop the assault rifle from killing. I just will you visit or work at as the country where a school Indiana. Hands. Bullet proof dole urged installed. It's crazy. He's sent out to be back in the fifties. They're gas masks for kids in the when when he atomic age game there were bomb shelters. There were you know duck and cover rules. I mean this. It is to a different level and for a different reason little stuff is being gone we have a head. Deal with in modern times call for modern changes. You know so bulletproof doors Ol all in favor. It's awful that is it that what else is supposed to do he can't you can't our kindergarten teacher and you can't expect it to be some great marksman you know to be. So what it'd do you got it to schools safer somehow. No you're right and I guess the big difference between mrs. at least when they were doing the nuclear bomb testing obviously mean sitting on your desk during nuclear bomb is not going to say yeah it was at least. Protection from your enemies does protection against Russia it was protection against a pain is protecting its other countries. But protecting kids from us this is protecting kids and adults for more or the former students from domestic terrorists has won and which is. Absolutely insane. We can't stop my. I'm going to win. Today's hot places presented by victory Chrysler dodge Jeep grand plot ways into a television. Show vein he color number six the highs of 91357676. Thin ice take it away from. If you know what TV show theme song that is called ice right now because it was 691357676. Stand. And two medics and you'll hear the glorious voice of Rex Butler Jamie Moyer set to join us at 315. But tots go right here on sixth and Sports Radio. VD electric heat. He told the drive presented by think.