02/21 - Ned Yost

The Day Shift
Wednesday, February 21st

Royals manager Ned Yost address the media on Wednesday in Surprise. 


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That is a human being eaten. It I. Really nicely perfect compliment to Ross early in the morning church or. And it can you believe it's the biggest story now on campuses. Comes with the rules ban on visas. Tech's game between you and hurt I'm just happened and now that's some of the stuff gets a little ridiculous it is what it is me you know. Gays. One of the greatest players and I've ever read and around and you know he means a lot to Kansas City. He's gonna end up mean a lot to San Diego. I don't have enough to escape days ago. That's Smart I'm sure they want me Obama and Cameron. I'm I'm done answering questions and I mean you know it is what it isn't long offseason yeah a lot of pain through he was visiting. A course and any others a lot he I think there was a number change in their somewhere and so I mean there's something different things happen. Are we the I know still just hold hands you can throw a few names they do you have thoughts on individuals that you can just see hi yet you can't count. It just opens. Upon even the hell yeah that's something that is very interesting. Feels very interesting Hahn has been very interesting. I mean it's hard to stand there and and of course he has some of them. Older guys like cars it really generous to see how it's bouncing back. I mean you know who McCarthy is you know who menaces. You know we saw stout little bit flash is so you know who he is. So I mean the opportunity to impress they did that last year she if you understand arms and there today they did you know they opened my eyes. You know you know who Flynn insists the new guys that have the ability and you know to a man they've all been so far really really impressive. And you know I find myself a little surprised at that you know with a bunch of new names. I'm trying to figure out what exactly what we have than. You know to put faces with names and then see some of the stuff that's common out of their arms. Early in the camp been very excited about it now just wanna see if we do you know we take it to the next level and the competition. You know does that does that maintain what I've seen. We mentioned concert with what he showed immense. Operate last year he has a chance to take this rotation. To the next level. Do. Yes yeah coming I believe you know he could he definitely helped the rotation that's for sure because you know what he was on last year when he got hurt. You know was a pretty impressive stuff you know you look. Duffy to you know can have a starts here with a healthy year in Ian bouncing back LP and you know Hamels had success in the big leagues a lot of success before. So you know you get Nate mixed in there with some of the other guys we got it's going to be pretty innocent Bert Smith I think confuse people and hitting. Little rat I met with here be a good thing keeping guys well you know that. It's not okay and the thing that's kind of impressive to me a little bit is and I've only seen him like. At one guy and he didn't square miles which was good enough club for me if you got the young guys the first time in camp. Sensitive little nerve racking first timers on BP yet managers and coaches stand behind and be that your natural. Tendency is to try to be impressive right. And then here we go you drills somebody but I've always. Been very in tune to the next pitch what do you do the next bit. You know does it send you off the edge and make even more. Give you more anxiety here in London and every time he's come close to somebody is very next pick and strike. That's of this. We're supposed personhood what we're. The most impressive thing about what marriage feels to me as does. You know his work ethic and and how he has gone from just being an organizational player to. In very very solid. Com the Major League player and you know I don't think anybody three years ago with a projected. Wish to be the players hideous today immunize everybody that'd be a nice utility player in double and a nice utility player in. In Tripoli and I'm I'm not sure anybody really to project him. You know to be anything more than just. You know maybe a utility players the big league level maybe. And he's worked so hard and developed himself and much much more than that. Confidence is still live question number that was a surprising. Well I mean what was it thirty. And let him get on its. You know if it was seventy year radio ads say yeah it's pretty impressive. But I mean that's what we thought what was you know would tell what you know appointed former acting nod and think he was Tony homer guy. You know I that he might have been ten homer guys play you know completed positioned defense play on the field and steal 25 to thirty days. You know probably. You know be a solid 250 to sixty hitter. So source. Proven to be much more now. And him. Well. Well he hasn't really it's hard to tell right now since this is our third full day. But he's really hit the ball good and BP. And and and I don't mean that facetiously because terror score. Over the last three years has really gotten bigger and stronger and better he's worked really really hard. On his game plan. He was you know a guy that if he hit the ball out of the infield that was like Little League you know as I can also homered for parents. You know but now he's gotten the part where he's driving the ball out of the ballpark. And you just see him develop inning get him better and better and better each year's been really really impressive six not only is he better and stronger. Offensively but he's better defensively he's worked really hard in the outfield and now. You know it's and kind of fun to watch him there continue to get better Jermaine. He'll always. Have a job with that speed I mean that that speed is. You don't find that. A lot more you know everybody in the ballpark knows he's gonna steal a base steal steal it. But he's worked agrees taken that skill. And worked really hard on on the other aspects of his game two to continue to get better better better.