0221 Dr. Dan Clemens

The Day Shift
Wednesday, February 21st

Bink talks football & snow days with superintendent of the NKC School District, Dr. Dan Clemens, on The Day Shift. 


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He's got superintendent. Of the north Houston school booster. Being in Clemens but he's really doctor and you Clemens greeted him the winner by a doctor good afternoon. I'm sorry you see that the board of party party chiefs. He's going to it is MD wants to National League to do indeed. On the back of his Jersey I think you should at least put in Europe where by. I. AD and one reason I brought Joseph to get the football here and the second one thing yeah. And I applaud you and soul and ski you hopeful of be just the school district did didn't call school. On this. Streets cleared perfect day. Yeah they're you've student look at that that means paper there they made it with school work or just part. How did you look at these these kids. Urban IBM and they look at the website to look at Twitter they're seeing what they've packed Internet live TV yeah see when the names called the get text alerts. That makes you pretty unpopular today. Yeah outgrow him pop art they are kids are really creative they're a threat yep and cartoon character than. And he really interest in Tom meant to try to convince me to became a lot who'll let. You know let's get a clear big bank dark grew into on this that he came that he against. Took this week at devastating march and yet we will. Yeah that's what they're saying DNA here's my question. What do you make that decision. Pete for 5 in the morning driver and the neighborhoods how do you come to conclusion I'm going to call school and thousands of kids happy. Well generally I try to rock you like county liberty and ArQule superintendent as well. But I easily get about 330 jump in the truck run among our more difficult but throughout the I'm try to make it could visit check in those votes in you know misery loves company so it. Join hands and make it that it meant and that time it looked like we we want. So I got another style because nowadays everyone always complain every time school gets canceled. At Roland burros be back in my day we didn't have this many snow days but is there any. Like validity to that is is it easier now to call off schools are more snow is now or we just like this remembering where you. I think remittance remember argued. You know you're right though whether we called cool opera avid they're going to be about it in called one that. Give me a little bit for would've been as we make but that come out territory. You know now days we though well all we know but he and countless other get these days. Now we make every one of them up and beat kids' enjoyment February hate him in the act. Sure they do to doctor dean of Clemens super into the north in city school digit rise in the just talk their his wife's an educator independent school district they had to be off. My life's it educator in the northeast city school district being and she's at work and I appreciate. You doing that trust me but the reason a virtual on its open adjusting you're doing. And we've talked about this but the state of California. Is trying to abolish tackle football. In till you get the high school. In Illinois is on the same thing I'm sure you keep an eye on this. You started last year. Football in your for middle schools that you have in the district in I know it's done little bit around Kansas City. But but it's quite rare to be honest with you. Yet you know I'm legally be cute and have the opportunity. To wait for ball one way or are we like make sure there with our coaches. And there with a putt and that they look forward. And so on our education had mentioned to me about couple years ago they want to give you a little more compete in the river for high school daily felt pretty important event. We start doing the research we note that a lot of our kids can afford plate you really well. And down and until we start thinking about how we and the local when he built. And adding middle school football back in 2% and eight graders something that we start look at. Well obviously there have been concerns for parents I've been there and we've started to see that burly gaining steam over the last couple years. What are you guys do it as administrators to kind of you know. He needs some of those concerns and kind of put those the bad. He gathered there to plot these they're warrant it that the kid can't afford the plate when they reach high school. Under are not prepared to be on high school too ill repute that weight normal life. And we start note the united at pumpkin Nortel particularly. That the freshman class would only have bull 3040 kit opera ball ball. And he hit the members that well all the war eagle flight I'm and a strong teams around the area meet cute marketing part numb they they didn't know the rules but he. At want to oats down here it is being act on lap ad market and cute in that mark was as fresh. And so bad that the problem in the seat occupant getting hurt just as they did know gain that level. And then the other arm slot B just around. Take care of them is that we have the ability to hire on coaches via bat but he trainers ball we bought the very equipment for kids. So we feel like now if we level that building and I'm trying to control the environment for the kids who worked so well. What is occurring today accused the hands on how involved via the coaches the high school I don't know of fill lights Corning in work with some of middle school that is paid coaches daily but. Like this because. I think there's some education to be done with proper football techniques at that age I do see the value in what that is you guys are doing something different. In other states or are you afraid to do but one thing to doctors defected. You you make sports a priority it we've seen sports not the priority in district you'll are you looking you have. Other schools share stadiums you share stating steely no pork plea when stadium Nortel and wanna talk complete another. But you've added lights it and were found in a pork in I think your vision is eventually to have their. And eighty get a box veto power player of its currently in what according to team in its core players who want to Kansas so. Is athletics. Kind of lead kind of lost with a lot of school booster seat you obviously see the value it. The other a lot of priority you come across the table one of the things that that I mentioned to the Portland they hired me is that we effectively that play them. How important is I. And dumb that I about that our numbers are down and that are broken struck and down the late on on that one of Michael's two athletic. And activities within district in at a course started it the result now you know you talked about a park will be 22 Nortel unit agreed to of their lot. So mark. Wonderful park lot that the nor can. And we got down number one's state right now nor cutesy girl. So worked started the. It's Jose's obviously he made a priority in. In a nobody gets lost the show awful lot in people always ask well does it bring revenue into schools in the sports do it never ever ruled good he answered that the united ever. And guess gate receipts of football and basketball I don't know the amount of money you get from sports but obviously you see the value worth more than the money. Absolutely you know we have donors step forward this year and commit that they doubt dollars over the next five years. Because of something that were seen in school and you want them money and we are just that late in Pol Pot that pot of the equipment that. It implement those who I think the real value it's a dollar and sent it kid being engaged in this school. Kids don't like that whole warrant that they have ownership in what goes on and school and we find that. In middle school this year when kids are part he they aren't a whole lot trouble. Rather eager who will be eager to do well they wanted to be great for them to. You know number ten great Veba or pull it out there we had a 184 kids come out for football this year. Or do. Then he had a cheerleader then and the like Earl and and everything else and so we ended up. With over 15100 students participating in all elected beat her for middle school. What you've seen results she's set up for. Yeah owner of this via love which are doing all of your beacon of its part icing his way to keep kids off the count get in the plea sports and seems like. In the last couple of years this is really worked out for you since super and I appreciate that. Well being the kids for school tomorrow so I don't know what you gonna do read it cold it is I Edsel. Commit and you. On that docked in U Clemens the superintendent working city school that your lot of great things going. I don't know if I have fifty green to give edu and for the district but there. Is it is alumni of the district I'd love to go that. You continue club injury their.