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The Drive
Wednesday, February 21st

CBS Sports' Jason La Canfora followed up on his story that the Chiefs are considering trading Marcus Peters but Fanning & CDot want to know why it's only coming from him. They also take their daily three point play, and hear the national perspective on the Eric Hosmer story before wrapping the hour on the Zach Greinke ranking from the #Royals50.


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Back in on the drive is as highs just alluded to. Friend of the show Jason lock him for. And lose. Has written a story CBS sports that like you write what happened. It was jury I believe that was the 2014. Playoffs. Maybe it was when he Phillies to ease the Orioles stand right yeah. I think it was my 125 in Seattle remember what one of the two times the royals made the playoffs. A point at CNET he was coming on this station he was coming on our show. And it was during the royals playoff rounds are really talking anything other than royals baseball but we had to still keep our you know contract obligation was the pain of every month of that are on the show. And dumb. Gaining hung up on that's really the slower. Haiti hung up on him and we've never had Jason Lott and for a on the station again and I've. There. Are you guys that what it would actually thought that. Analysts yet there he goes Jason locked in for he's off. Oh yeah. And we gotta you know little talking to for them but you know in trouble from the boss man I mean you know they allege they still had to continue paying Jason Lott and floor even though he was doing no and so I mean the easiest. Money is a lot of four has probably ever receive in his entire life. This sort of CBS sports Docomo have ice put it on our Twitter page if FaceBook page if you wanna read it. This is summarized as quickly as McCain. From what I am hearing meaning Jason like before from other NFL teams that she's had made an overture towards trading markets Peter to this point. Other clubs anticipate that his name is coming up next week at the column by this is where Spain maybe will write about it. All Clark con has some concerns with Peter's actions last season as I hear it and some of his usual behavior during games. A may not be long for Kansas City he'd been kind of goes into teams don't maybe interested brings up team like Seattle which we know has clearly centric locker room would that be a potential trading partner in a fit for Marcus Peters. This the port that is kind of questionable to me it will get into momentarily. Peters is a player that other front office exacts are talking about right now regardless what the chiefs trying to fortify our they are fortifying the corner position already. Well before the start of the new league year in free agency perhaps there ends up being smoke are asking their ends up being fired at the smoke. Two things here. The only person creating these smoke around the cheese potentially trading markets Peters is it. Schaffler is it Jay Glazer is Ian Rapoport is at all now. Work is it. Field Yates is PA is Louis Riddick a price all talks started right of the story about wood she's considered trading markets and may that's where it's and they had a story that was basically centered around Jason Lockett forced tweet about trading markets Peters. It just doesn't sound right to me this to people who cover the NFL to me for only one person to be talking about that. And that is suggesting that the chiefs would trade mark is Peters one person that's not what a four. Accusing is locked up for a making anything up everybody has their own source. But we blow in the media over the last. It's that you are double and triple check your sources before you feel comfortable running and again there are many people in the NFL. Let's be honest they're too many people higher up the chain of information. And Jason locket or no considered in the NFL insider not even takes a lot of four. Who else is talking about this but I am so it talks about there and being there ends up being fired to the smoke. The only person creating. Yeah well I think we'll find out more brightly when Tom line it's it's as if he's gonna be let's magician is stupid not to listen. At least gauge value I will say this and to whom Clark is new markets Peters is that you couldn't five probably two more different individuals. And he is a buttoned up cap. The very. I don't know book movies of say conservatively dressed you know the way he expects things to being. And mark is Peters is the exact opposite of that so if Clark had had enough. And you're gonna trade that you set yourself yesterday this would be the perfect time to do if you're going to do. Would lean towards and let's figure this thing right. Your top ten quarter in the league rookie contract terrific route we're starting to do here with a great young quarterback relics of football games here. Let's figure this thing Alice you were here co exist. Tax on 69306. Dude is probably going to the hall of fame it should take multiple number one's. Is he talking about markets Peters Jerusalem and for an elegant four I'm not sure who the guy that's going to the hall of fate is it to take multiple number ones who have not just Peters Peters he's not. Hall of fame trajectory right now. That's not seeing right now for more disputed. At first team all isn't vocal and go to the hall of all of this we're talking about. I'll say they sure veteran players are never as valuable as you'd think they all are. I would do something good for mark is Peter's that he still has rookie contract. Writing first round draft pick I don't believe for Marquez bureau. The first round wrapper for a for a young quarter of its top ten guy you could potentially control for what the next three years the four years I bet if we looked it up. I would bet. There hasn't been a young players treated for a first round draft pick of the veteran player ten years it was a quarterback. The only players that NFL teams are given up quarterbacks we look it up via nurture is an oath. Tell me the last time that established veteran player was traded for a first round draft pick that was not a quarterback Bradford was straight at one Carson Palmer was trader want. It's always quarterback that is straight. This is somebody noticing your anti mark disputed desperately is only different side. Which you trade a first round draft pick a market because it just stick to what you yet any given the attitude and I would say also given the fact that you don't think. He wants to be on the sheet you think he wants the play broke. But trading of its openly yet so if if the jets on the UN. You have to concede to take into it to account like to bring on your team just for some of the same reasons why people think causes valuable some of the is that the opposite reason they would they Peters is not valuable to them. You know because Peters Peters. You know and that's really comes down to so I think if you're gonna be a good trade forgot you've got to be willing to accept New Year's and I think you know. Is it disappointing part of this but man I mean what's the things it he read all he says when it comes to play an aging guy you can beat who you war. Because is gone beyond that of the poor Andy Reid had to suspend. So Reid is willing to let those guys be themselves. But here's what's so far beyond that that he had to be suspended by. So if you're playing for coach that is is willing to give you what your role to be who you are. And not gonna put a fence around you and you get suspended by the coach that's somewhat of a red flag is some of the teams that they wanted a trade for. Sex line actually brings a really good plans forgotten about the compensation for those who think he's a tax on. Brad cooks was actually trigger for first round draft pick he was traded for the 32 overall pick. They also had to trade one of their own pics of the trade for brain cooks was the patriots traded the 32 overall pick. And they had to trade pick 103. They got back take 118. In reining cooks. If you're telling me that the draft pick compensation for Mark Peters of the 32 overall pick I'm all right. Market Peters is greater than the 32 overall pick your team out of I'm not in arrested in the thirties second overall it's like a Solomon did the only team I think is trading at first round draft pick Marcus theatres. Is a team that feels like he gets them over the hump. Trading at a Minnesota. I just that it is that would like okay now saying hey I'd take the morning ninth overall pick for market Peter other market Peters is greater than that to the cheat it's not worth the 29 overall pick to not. Either because that was the biggest. The biggest concern as your as the secondary bit of an average of gore it seems like with the addition of Emerson which you just got over the weekend you've got kennel Fuller. Mark is Peter's. At least from a talent standpoint could shape the secondary right now he got there Erica. I just read this story in a gain. There are too many people in the National Football League that report comes out or reader Adam shaft or. Jason Lockett for right there's cool many people. That report all on the NFL. Tell me individual that is reporting the chiefs are shopping mark is Peter's. Other than Jason Lott before. Honestly don't know what is the summits are heard on series radio or talking about. Sports talk radio bands are where the going out topics and ideas aren't we can we can do that then. Omar on the showed you wanna start though. This team considering not starting Patrick Holmes we can be the ones to do it also is talking about the only NFL insider or Porter. That is clocking about this is Jason Lockett for. That means it's fishy to me. Tell me at a shelter residents at one tweet about this. It Rappaport at the same one tweet about this Jay Glazer at this at one tweet about this Albert bring this in one week the only person tweeting about it is a lot of more. That just doesn't add up to me here's. Wrote for for those that have hurt our already. Here's a lock in for a from what I'm hearing from other NFL teams the G-7 made an overture toward trading Marcus Spears at this point but other clubs anticipate. Is named coming up next we get to come by owner Clark not. Hasn't concerns with Peter's actions last season as I hear it. And so does a usual behavior during games and he might not be long for Kansas City there's nothing whatsoever concrete in what he said. No that's absolutely not and I brought about because and you pretty emphatic about Clark Hunt being turned off by the actions of markets Peter. I don't know that sure I don't know if it's incorrect I'd park on this hasn't really spoken about it. Does like to hear this from someone else yeah honestly does not afford not cedar king yet it can't. At all. Level of credibility to me you've been Monday Morning Quarterback. Peter King wrote the Clark on his tired a mark is Peter's actions. We leave the show that the market art Peter King I think its terms of history are the greatest NFL report that's ever lived before. Georgia is a lot of four is I'd ideas need I need more meat I need more substance behind this. Then his quick notes segment where it's in between. Did franchise tag for Jarvis silly injury in a story about baker remains fueled. I could understand. The reason I thought I'd sorted personalities here I am looking at Clark looking at Peter's a look at any theory. Are right Clarkson but the owner. Does like his business look at that I don't know anybody that does get a read its way to let players be themselves. Right reportedly got into an argument on applause with a assistant coach after the jets game. You know after game that he walked out when he was kicked out quality shoes on the wrong for our attic Clark an injury to the point where like listen. We're getting kind of tired it's whether that means that they wanna trade him or not I have no idea but I guarantee if the phone rings and selling once asked who take the call. Coming up next he gets the three point play three takes of each of the local college basketball teams plus one of the biggest stories in sports today will touch an excellent draft. The prize presented by age sixty and Sports Radio. Fourth birdie. We gave the national perspective when Eric Hosmer. We'll get some of that moment here as we do every day at 415. Now that the NFL season is over it makes me cry. We pitcher ready for the start of the NCAA tournament with our very own three point play ice taking away. I gentlemen we will start as always the University of Kansas. After mich light and enlightening experience and compared to what Dwight Howard the other thing for the real. Stress in the first man. Like Dwight Howard blocks to. His plan would. Would then. I said the Majlis but in Soviet Sosa impressed in their home rout of Oklahoma on Monday night. Do you guys anticipated Bill Self giving both of them more minutes heading towards the season finale in the big twelve tournament. I don't think that there's anything wrong with me it's like what in the term giving him more minutes I certainly don't think that Bill Self looks at it that way. Let's slow down Silvio episodes. You're not me points still get to Sosa has this season it was a guest seven he is big. Tina points and hit it. So outscored tree young they'll be let's talk. Little bit let's see outlooks on Saturday sex tech and maybe cable maybe he's turning the corner but still you Sosa went. Eight straight games without scoring and big twelve play let's all dealt him getting more minutes. You're in the on deck circle to get don't understand you actually get. Did you take the doorknob and open the it is illegal to feared that note talking about. I think that's kind of the only place local homeless after playing West Virginia and got breast. That was a tough hard fought and played Tina didn't defended all. In Oklahoma in icy jets he's actually got to Washington against Oklahoma and I still believe that yes so I mean listen the difference between playing West Virginia and Oklahoma is not dead. I felt like KUN that. Hell bloody sport I get a shot song that's actually an adult Dexter the tech and Tibet related to. They might get more minutes I think a lot depends on what happens tonight in Texas Tech loses to Oklahoma State they concede. Lightfoot this shows that those guys did some more minutes depending on the big wheel race plays out. They still like to do that for sure the more guys you got the better especially the big twelve tournament coming up but I think it depends what I'm not the Texas Tech that. It depends on what happened Saturday against it. I mean it's like foot averages fourteen minutes again how many more minutes do you think he should play emits light but we start to get exposed for the limitation that he has we talked minded at twenty minutes. I mean maybe you're talking about seventy minutes I do think the waiting in the mission life would welcome to be nice Sylvia of the social development to a radical confident put on the court but I got to see him do it against a team that I think can stop somebody united Oklahoma let's transition to Kansas State. So what a road game vs Baylor. Go for the wildcats as a whole win tonight or sex in your right here starting at 7 o'clock concerts and Sports Radio. Get the wildcats firmly. Into the NCAA turns I'd have to do this as it is the talk right now of college basketball. But. To get into the NCAA tournament and that pretty concrete or Kansas State. Take care of business in these two home games you have coming up and I think safely in the NCAA germs it's one game there in the next game around. As for games at home against Texas and Oklahoma. TCU homing instinct if they go to sue and they conclude the regular season at it and not in their candidate the big twelve. I think their. NCAA tournament is important anybody at Charlotte NC NCAA tournament. Bawling just they get it bears in the city so it's excellent to down the stretch of your games. Essentially based there. Top sixteen on a week ago aside and they base a lot of the art yet right up. I kept thinking boy case it's a lock in the instantly turn it that would look a little bit deeper. I looked at the the two K State's nonconference schedule their strength of schedule. His face 339. In nonconference strength of schedule. That's what it says Taylor yeah right. A three hole. Against Oklahoma or TCU on the road to get him because to me that's the biggest thing would. With the case they are not comfort is so weak right now. I think the reported. He's silent. Introductions that Sox aren't is that they don't they don't deserve to be X wrote after how they played incidents that I really doubt you even get music IP well. The delta. The bikes all met to learn the Missouri Waltz when you was home to a tee and a lost seven games in a row and fired their coach. You don't start cheered you don't let the men are Waltz none of it. Two shot affect for missing free throws is like I like quite a monster we have that. I have and on and we should be playing I mean Chrysler probably played dared rose missed some free throws and and aside would really go off the rails. Your game I was all right I'm doesn't go ahead and I don't you need to on did you know got tossed at him in your question is exhorting guys getting unfairly blamed for Missouri's loss yes. I am more man it comes apart is the first time I didn't edit their head coach all season. It is your job to coach effort and energy. In Missouri didn't come out with the energy and effort at a tournament team does they let old miss or 42 points in the first half. Is all basketball team walked in the Missouri and scored 42 points. Now some stuff that's not his fault he's got out there missing free throws. That's why and that happens throughout the course of the game put in my opinion at some point you gotta save jordin guys from themselves. Any age don't need time and time again. That is added soon is fearless attitude is a great benefit for Missouri I think you need that dog you need that's rapper bedecked Grunin enforcer like a hockey terror. And I said let's say mentality into the game. They hit the ball down one at eleven seconds ago. You guys would pass the ball to LeBron Kobe Jordan lord Jesus of rural Missouri team he once they got out I. I am going to go down the court and shoot the ball myself. A console market there second at the end up. I don't know why Missouri's constant playing at the end of these games is that had Jordan guys pass the ball to somebody else just kept up all the person you want taking the last shot in the beginning. I trust catcher Robinson to take the last shot I trust Jordan. Well I trust John Warner or stop letting shorting guys make decision that the end of the game. At some point it's got to be shame what you as the adult in the person make it three and a half million dollars the goat day and why did you guys that man you ever mattered players may. That the adults in college basketball you sure I. Have is that. I think they should have been in this situation at the guy that makes three and a half million dollar was better as Doug talked a pro basketball team. I'd be more addict Jordan guys we talk about a pro basketball whittled the AT and it's warning like the world to. They didn't pay. So I'm gonna be met with a group and hey I got mad at coach in the situation must get this ball under an adult in the situation. I'd go more jobs to protect players vote themselves. Do jobs that yesterday they deserve that lost. Missouri's not good enough that missed eleven free throw the way they did yesterday and throw the ball over time. Can't wait almost a home you've got to play sharper and crisper basketball in this and now. Missouri. Well it pains me to say they are trending in the wrong direction as we get closer to march 3. Good shape for the term though but the any down the stretch they get Arkansas Kentucky and Mandy. And if they can get markets Argus is at home right yeah and and and Kentucky on the road to be itself on but. It looks in better shape to beating K state is to get in term despite those last losses last that was it. I knew exactly what was gonna happen so he text me last night at a spreadsheet channel five's agreed on so I'm watching Missouri bullied on stretch. I was with Alex again last night didn't go out and any energy but it can completely. And then they couldn't hold it. Like that's not bullets are on the team does that instead I still think if they can win one or two of the next three that I think they're good changed on the term. Sex on 69306. The Missouri Tigers are curse because of their position on slavery. Mean dot is really punishing the University of Alabama because we all know that back and those time out. Alabama was at the forefront of racial while ever Freescale and then they work yeah they absolutely or army and the yeah I mean and they see how it was like three there I mean there. In the heat of the civil rights movement little or no state that we shall look towards more as a pillar of inclusiveness and. Yeah. It. So that's what it is with the university of certain. I don't think it's because of the State's position on slavery to their workers I would agree with you don't make a lot of sense but it's not uniform and it's all states that approved a slavery that are forced I mean Virginia right now is really good basketball they seem to be doing just fine I don't think that's a very valid point on tax no I don't think that's sick. Up on the other side will get to the biggest story in the country right now these loans are priced sports perspective and we'll get the national perception in. All went Eric Hosmer signing with the Padres we do all that an excellent draft wrong. MVP electorate he can. He told the drive presented by think. BC sports live on six and sports dot com in the sixty and Sports Radio act. The national perception of your house for momentarily put. Sports Illustrated did a very. Long extensive and powerful beings or in the front office of the Dallas Mavericks. Today. I knew last night whenever before the store had actually been released by Sports Illustrated and then I read the statement from the Dallas Mavericks. Preemptively before the Stoller was released by a Sports Illustrated I realized that the mavericks were in trouble. Ever release a statement before the story gets published if it's good. The bad happened if you read the story it talked about a cold serve. That was pretty disgusting I would say around the Dallas Mavericks the port that I wanna highlight the most days. Mark Cuban is an incredibly Smart individual met a lot of people don't know how Mark Cuban got his start and why he needs so wealthy. Mark Cuban is on the first people that invest in HD television that's how Mark Cuban became a billionaire. He saw the television was going to be how it is now he invested the money that he had and obviously blew up and Mark Cuban is incredibly wealthy that is a one point 81 of the by the cubs in on the Dallas Mavericks are obviously is very wealthy he cannot be this stupid outer regions quote. This is him talking to is Ian quote. Talking about an employee who had who had multiple allegations noses it was a the CEO doesn't come quote so when the second time came around the way out that it was any game it was they kind spike in missed it was. In and I size in the it was a mistake. But I didn't just wanna fire him because Dana he would go out there and get hired a gain in do we somewhere else Mark Cuban told ESPN. That's what I was truly afraid of and the discussion we had internally. It was a choice between just firing him and making sure we had control of him. So I made that decision it was my decision any gain in hindsight I would probably do it differently I made that the decision that we continue to go to make him go to domestic abuse counseling as a requirement. To his continued employment. But he was not allowed to be alone with that show up Rome in the presence of any woman in the organization or any woman in a business setting an all he was not allowed to date anyone from the organization. This might be the dumbest logic I've ever heard in my entire life for a person who was a billionaire. So I think is routes more. Mark Cuban is an incredibly Smart individual. This was the logic to keep somebody would add multiple allegations out in shockingly enough. The person that it had multiple allegations at the third time. Any organizations or your logic for not wanting to fire the guys you thought he would do so big. But it was appropriate to be under your watch that it that maybe go work for the bulls were somewhere else is that you firing it in and telling all organizations not to hire him. Because of XYZ. Can't be the stupidest remark you while. The guy was the guy and you're right you can't do I think I think you make a mistake. You figured out. Give the guy a second chance. Do it again you're done. I mean I think I think people. Deserve a second chance in a lot of different situations. But you can't be this dumb and that it's not especially in the environment we have today there's no way mean that. And it's what was that does the show that was on ANC. That all that advertising that got mad men yet that's not that's not the way. Professional work involved and operates and that's not the way it is back then that's not the way it works right now. If you can't do that you can't be that spark and it wasn't surprised. Surprise it is the first sports franchises and caught up you know in the peace in the Sports Illustrated piece you know the woman did. Is that spoke in this deal in Asia it was a pleasure it. Are you any of the players. It was in the office like the culture in the office with the creepy part missile. So you can't you can't have you can have this in the workplace you certainly can't happen when year professional sports franchise your business is more up front and out. And for Mark Cuban who is as hands Owen of an older you can't possibly be. I don't wanna hear this he didn't know about it he obviously knew about it. And I think we are seeing time and time again whether it's in pro sports franchise is whether it's in Hollywood whether it is in college. Administrations. They know they just don't care and it and the mall it affects their bottom line is when they start to care about. This was a twelve year colts were in the Dallas Mavericks this is not new is tell the owner of the team. He knew about it. It was just easier for the controlling keep it in house. Bid for everyone else to find out about it because that's bad for business we see that same thing happening colleges which it will come. Mine why Penn State would protect someone that was abusing children. But we just see it time and time again it's easier for them to try to keep it house and control it meant for them to have to openly talk about. Pace some a staff with a shout which it seems to me. Now we have enough examples that they would know the public would be on your side if you came out when you found out and you find that person and you tried to distance herself as quickly as possible. We continue to see that these organizations want to roll the dice with secrecy which in the air of social media there is no secrets anymore we will eventually find all this stuff out. We wonder Utley. Basically cover something up right companies politicians celeb think she covered stuff up it makes you wonder how much they do get away with. That makes them think that they can keep something like this private. And that nobody's gonna find out about it. I have a hard time believing that they're that stupid. You know and it makes you or how much they've covered before how much they've got away with before I think that they keep doing and doing it doing. No real way to transitions of this but I wanted to get to the national reaction about Eric -- we have the San Diego prospective earlier from our grand. Long time pitcher in 22 year broadcaster with the San Diego Padres also played dozens of calls from San Diego this is bluster all the all Eric Hosmer signed with the San Diego podger. What is the significance. Of this deal. Skeptics are saying that it even within the organization the Padres organization it was debate about whether or not signing Hosmer at this point. Was the right thing is a pottery dish still rebuilding Hotspur 28 years old it's conceivable by the time he gets done these prime years. The Padres will just start to grow as he starts to decline. But the Padres in the end decided to advance on the leadership now with cots were coming off the board. He could lead to other dominoes in the free agent free agent market first baseman Mike Lucas Dudack. Like Logan Morrison like Mark Reynolds could be a better position now. To make deals in recent days who seek to stop boards clients come off the board. Scott also represents JD Martinez Jake Gary edit Carlos Gonzales and others we might see those guys fall here in the days ahead. That's boss or old me. On his reactions to air houses are signing with the San Diego Padres this is Jim duque and Dan no doubt MLB network also Brian Kinney for the show. I MA because of Tammy industry and have to win a war player two years ago. When they won the world's I still remember the base running played instinctual play that he made in the World Series they'll have fun that's yet you know and he brought that how he represented the organization. Win Ventura passed away in a when he was there he was or go to guy I mean. If you wanna spend money it may be you can say it's an overpaid democracy do you go but if you're gonna do it he's the type of guy that's. I don't I don't think it's an over pay and what are the Padres gonna be in a position in this type of market to take advance and try to sign a player that they're gambling on. To better days were in front of him understanding that they've got the wave of young players. Coming through the only argument you can make it's that spending at that position on the field if it precludes you from spending and other positions on the field. He'll then maybe that's not a great this weekend. A right now that's that's where the judgment we may just for for Scott forced the sake I adjustment was made today that judgment then will be made. Down the road and there have been I'd mentioned yesterday have been. Odd deals made that have gone against the modern economic Saber metric methods. And they have worked James Shields for Wellemeyer is right with wade Davis Cup so certain things can work out even if it goes against the percentages. I would say. A conversation about did you overpay if that's the conversation that you were having about signing a free agent you wobbled we overpaid percent freeagent. I mean they get 444 million bucks whose only other offer it was a hundred million. So I I think the Padres were willing to overpay that's a bad water. So again I think I think they're overpaid frauds based on Marc last one kept them all are also of MLB network. You know what at some point the Padres got to start making some moves whether right or wrong but I know one thing he's got a Mac cannot make everybody around him better. And what I say that just might go what with the royals team and you look at this club that won the World Series there are. But just grab first and fourteen they got back got beat by Bob Barr come back and they've seen him do it. I'm pissed I'd like this kid I only speak from experience you know sometimes players are better than the numbers. It's sometimes numbers the player about that we call eight good players roughly half bird a better player than the numbers. At times even knowing it three point glad you're with point five not yet ready. I just I like him. And it and it declined to start somewhere. Ya know they got Myers and now you're looking at a Hosmer sign I think it's a nice scene to start some foundation for the future I think seven. The law are there may be encapsulated the difference in how you and I feel in Eric Hosmer when he talked about some players are better than the numbers and pay good players. We agree. Now that you are going to recede possibly eight years 444. Million dollars you need to be able to do ball it was cool to just be the intangible guy. When you were making the real money. The Padres are on the hook for a lot of money. Mean tip stuff equal for the first year people might equal for the second year we agree if I'm paying you twenty million dollars a year. And the number is better be either you better be hit 280 better hit 300 you better be consistently hit twenty plus home runs driving in eighty. So on RBIs that needs to be the new norm the year the hopper put together a 2017. That should be the norm you're now for Eric Hosmer given his country. It will be for him again he's on the front end of his time is go to mobile park where. I know it's a little bit tough to it'll runs and I think at night when the fog comes off the ocean but during the game he can even rockets that are iPods were loves that ballpark. He's not hitting at the K it's 45 the K how many executing at you know last. Mean warm weather is get an extra month a warm weather I'll always start slowly April when he comes back to Kansas City from being down and Arizona. I think. Listen. I tended to decide on this where guys to play the games are on a listen them on the deferred then. Vs Johnny analytic when it comes to that are right. We edmark rounds the Padres analysts said the same thing Ozzy got yet factly don't seal. So. I'm with the ones that we've seen not play for six years in Kansas City to great baseball players a lot of things that he does don't show up in the stat line. And he still has 25 bombs ninety RBIs and Abacha gold gloves so I'll take that I. I think the biggest question that I have for us in San Diego is our right now you're not fighting for that big contract now you have how are you get a handle the expectations of the pressures. Outscored hasn't handled it all well you know he's more of a veteran they nozzle was when he got this deal to me that's the question I have for Andrei. And are coming up next the royals have been going through their all fifty seem fifty years. They've been given their best of that top fifty players in today's player was readily undervalued. And I got beef with the we get into an excellent round. The drive presented by 286. And Sports Radio. If you play. I'm not sure what it means but I am going to assume that in. Make lots of me and I think we all know who the number one players going to be. Birdie putts but I am interested. To find out who to contain is going to be. I I'm curious of Salvador ray is going to be second to I would vote and in some reprise the better baseball player than frank if I had a career yet but it's. Starting I think by the end of it several threads gonna be the second best player rose. One and my apologies. So they're chatting down. 38 they had Gainey Duffy. Any Duffy. Seems a really had me but other guys you know reasons he buys all of its slide 37 they had Billie about. Who thought has been a great royal. And then we got a 36. And it 36 today and Zack. Greinke at 36. All of fame Zack Greinke at 36 in terms of fifty. Greatest. Some would you maybe say well Zack Greinke went on to do great things outside the organization what about his timing Kansas City. Not as they allow you new money they have they don't remember back before when he thirteen. War late when he fourteen what in September you still more negative to the royals because Ned was complaining about it Indians in September of winning four gain. But some of us that watched the team back in the day. Row remember win that the only reason you went out to the ballpark was because it was a nice day and you wanted to be outside. There was one player. That gave you hope and reason to go to the ballpark you know was who has standing who was it was sat. Greinke. I think there's a very safe argument to make. That Zack Greinke has put together the best whales individuals season that we've seen since George Brett in 2000. Zack Greinke went sixteen. In eight. With 8216. ERA. In pitched 201. In the Cy Young. And started the all star game. Tell me a season that a royals players at government individual stamp with not talking team's success. From an individual standpoint that was greater than what Zack Greinke did in 2009. Fitting you're here was he not the only reason I go to the ballpark back in 2009. Why else where you're going to watch the 2000 and not royals that when 65. Games that season. It's a hot start that you're too they went nuts are like eighteen and Nader something crazy are glad to see Greinke in June they say here. Because I just wanted to see hand Ellis fooled into believing that it was going to be decent season for. Listen great keeping 36. I want to see who they put in front of them are right because he is some of the greatest pitchers in royals Israeli you know argue this season that he put together. But it is talking about the greatest players in the history of the franchise. And he Dennis Leonard had a 103 complete games. Paul split north. Who heist goes well. The all time winner for the Roy is under 66 wins. You know I mean if you look at it it wins. And I know some people don't count on you know look at wins when it comes to pit I. Argue he should be ahead of those those guys had better royals to re also ahead of and let's let's get to Atlantic to say 36 I mean let's beyond that it just seems low for a Cy Young award won yes if it. That had 35 better players and Zack Greinke they would have been an awful baseball team for eighteen years yeah. Awful most of our childhood if they get 35 guys that are better than him they would have a much greater history in the really good history they cannot say to gold and errors too great heiress. They were warned years apart but the golden bears had about thirty yeah. Zack Greinke put together. I would say post George Brett. The greatest individual season that we've seen in royals uniform. I don't understand the disrespect towards that Greinke. I have a 35 and I love dated a friend that should friend this ancient Amy Duffy. So let me is that it is just two spots headed Amy Duffy that we took the careers they've had so far. It's very close between drinking you indeed you know I think Evan. Well look I just staggering. I use real Google just to see a Google like greatest royals players in rank or popped up which I don't agree with a lot of this stuff but they've got Greinke at number seventeen they got some more fair. Place to put in the and that's that's the cancer a peer moose came Beltran Sweeney Otis Gordon McRae Oz. Salvi Bo Jackson Jennings way to fight six frank like quiz Willie Wilson's agent Brad. Those the guys ahead as accurate you get that. Yeah no issues that that seems about right I would say top when he seems about right where Zack Greinke is based off his ability and based on the individual season where you had where he's won Cy Young yet. You feel like the Cy Young should carry a little bit more weight than thirty minutes and 36 in two spots ahead of Dini LP. Who was never come close to winning this idea I just let you know. I don't know me and I would. I think the daughter overall career and maybe because greet you as if you're that law they traded him. Maybe that's part of it I have no idea what you got to remove feelings and you gotta look at the numbers here and zag grief he's career definitely deserves higher than 36 on the list. Of greatest royals over the last fifty years coming up to a minute we get to the biggest story is the danger of the city it's it's on the draft will. The electric. Studio the prize. Fight.