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Wednesday, February 21st

We head out to Surprise to here from Royals manager Ned Yost. Plus, this is a terrible story to cover, some Royals fans need to get it together, and John Gruden is pissing people off already. 


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Freedom you. Do you get there in an update and I have a question for your history you can through Internet Youngstown you rise. Because Mac burn so that the because I am on C. You can correctly and I apologize. To our Belichick police correctly pronouncing things. Adam Vinatieri is close to signing. A deal with the Indianapolis hoping one year deal. Would make it his 23. In FL season. Does that embassy rescue doesn't impress the lady of upper quarter century president. But he's been picking up football reporter infantry he's got Marines got respect she stuck to just get that nice new deal and Tennessee. And this kicking things we've made but it kickers no time. If it a lot of money. They make it totally would permit youth. To join us with the text line if you techsters are weighing in on this Thursday night and from the text line and he won six of male or females as Thursday is laundered in my house which is more exciting matchup yes. But they're going to make the bad chips better Ned Yost walking up go to him in just the second here's Ned Yost. Does that give meaning. And I. It's really nicely perfect compliment to rose early in the morning church or. Men can you believe what's the biggest story now on campuses was when it comes with the rules and it is. Tech's game between you and hurt I'm just happened and now that some of the stuff gets a little ridiculous it is what it is indeed you know. Gays. One of the greatest players and I've ever read and around and you know he means a lot to Kansas City. He's gonna end up mean a lot to San Diego. I don't enough. Days ago. That's Smart I'm sure they want me Obama can I'm I'm done answering questions and I mean you know it is what it isn't long offseason yeah a lot of game two he was visiting. A course and saying there was a lot of heat I think there was a number change in their somewhere and so I mean there's something different things happen. Are we heard. I know still just hold patents can throw a few names they do you have thoughts on individuals like and Jesse hunt yet you can't count. It just opens. Upon even the hell yeah that's something that is very interesting. Feels variances in Hahn has been very interesting. I mean it's hard to stand there and and and accorsi some of the older guys like cars are right it really generous to see how it's bouncing back. I mean you know who McCarthy is you know who menaces. You know we saw stout little bit flash is so you know who he is. So I mean the opportunity to impress they did that last year she if you understand arms and there today they did you know they opened my eyes. You know I you know who Flynn insists the new guys that have the ability and you know to a man they've all been so far really really impressive. And you know I find myself a little surprised that you know with a bunch of new names up. I'm trying to figure out what exactly what we have then. You know to put faces with names and then see some of the stuff that's coming out of their arms. Early in the camp been very excited about it now I'm just wanna see if we do you know we take it to the next level and that competition. You know does that does that maintain what I've seen. I we mentioned cards with what he showed immense. Operate last year he has a chance to take this rotation. An excellent. Do. Yes yeah coming I believe you know he can he definitely helped the rotation that's for sure because you know what he was on last year when he got hurt. You know was a pretty impressive stuff you know you look. Duffy you know can have a search year with a healthy year in Ian bouncing back LP and you know Hamels had success in the big leagues a lot of success before and so you know you get Nate mixed in there with some of the other guys together it's going to be pretty interesting perch Smith I think that few people and hitting. Little red eye that would pair be a good thing keeping guys well you know that. It's not okay and the thing that's kind of impressive to me a little bit is in have only seen him like. Hit one guy and he didn't square miles which was. For me if you got the young guys the first time in camp. Sensitive little nerve racking first timers on BP yeah managers and coaches stand behind and be it your natural. Tendency is to try to be impressive right. And then here we go you drills somebody but I've always. Been very in tune to the next pitch what do you do the next bit. You know does it send you off the edge and make even more. Give you more anxiety here in London and every time he's come close to somebody is very next picture is gonna strike. That's of this. We're supposed personhood. With our group. The most impressive thing about what matters feels to me as well as. You know his work ethic and and how he has gone from just being an organizational player to. In very very solid. Com and Major League player and you know I don't think anybody three years ago with a projected. Where to be the players hideous today immunize everybody that'd be a nice utility player in double and a nice utility player and in Tripoli and I'm I'm not sure anybody really to project him. You know to be anything more than just. You know maybe a utility player at the big league level may be. And he's worked so hard and developed himself and much much more than. Confidence is still the bush stepped over that was a surprising. Well I mean what was it thirty. Him. Let him get on its. You know if it was seven dear lady I'd say yeah. It's pretty impressive. But I'm and that's what we thought what was you know would tell what you know Tony Palmer I am not continues Tony homer guy. You know I that he might have been a ten home organically. You know complaining position defense they on the field and steals 2530 day basis. You know probably. You know be a solid 250 to sixty hitter but. So far is proving to be much more and campus it. Well he hasn't really it's hard to tell right now since this is our third full day but he's really hit the ball good and BP. And and and I don't mean that facetiously because terror score. Over the last three years has really gotten bigger and stronger and better he's worked really really hard. On his game plan. He was you know a guy that if he hit the ball out of the infield that was like Little League you know I can't that's a homer for parents. You know but now he's gotten the part where he's driving the ball out of the ballpark. And you just see him develop inning get him better and better and better each year's been really really impressive six not only is he better and stronger. Offensively but he's better defensively he's worked really hard in the outfield and now he's. You know it's and kind of fun to watch him there continue to get better Jermaine. He'll always. Have a job with that speed I mean that that speed is. You don't find that. A lot more you know everybody in the ballpark knows he's gonna steal basically steal steal. But he's worked really taken that skill. And worked really hard on on the other aspects into his game. To continue to get better better better. It goes. For its return the most interesting beginning. So when as the Texans going in there a lot of questions to burn burn hazard pork. He is a skirt and off scope was scooped villagers to was there and I think that was Marine Corps is actually well before the role. Going to do protect the heated when it gives them done about it Byrd speaking uses of people are talking about kids that. And it's starts off these nuggets to a it's this there in the east of these flowing trader talk it took hitting a player that I needed square couple about. It people. Which I respect. Big fan of rule five. Birds in a bit from the Mets I. I can be alone in rooting for when he said what's the most impressive thing about win battles with police say there. Is there. At a press. These cards are seeds as. Bert I feel bad for Bernard Burton was really. That each whose stock watchable Bill Gates leaves out if you Burt was a tough spot he undersea or berms come from there. In yes in the headlights burden that affects sues over he'd he jokes seem like I really get you good they're burned and but he did the other day that he will screw. With one judge for. Jew or anything their own. Not a particular. Reverts bit of guy. That that's her answer. It's our guy it's for guys to destroy people. The man that I got back I found out that actually somewhat involved in the whole text gate cares about a last the night. And with two. I'm with you and we wanna put a bow on this. He's 64250s. So with one being people. But it in the fight up there. In general people I don't know. Mean you get to this point but games the games are going to be starting yours and some of the stuff would they use that people questions for Matt and I actually think there's actually a lot of legitimate questions. Courteous and Ralph for space there just wasn't our there's actually competition differences. I don't know people are actually interested in this air odds Merck and Ned Yost thing as much as they're just interested in seeing the end of the targeting an example my wife really liked the show lost it's like kind of got suckered into watching the series lost. And she was like I don't season or two ahead of me and after that like we just went up watching it every night. I hated like half of season four in the entirety of season five. And yet I had to sit around race season and a half of a show but I didn't really care for all because I just wanted to see how it ended. I've done that on several different occasions several different shows and I feel like we have gotten that level with Eric Hosmer an idea we don't really care. Equity set the service we immediately said well that's a juicy story let's talk about it. And now we've got the poor like I did to Kerry or I just was seated I was suspended. It realizes he's the one startled. He's started and he turned fictional take you back you might have been a bit realizes. Those words he used that there will be that works text begat a proof of its. That's fault that he started this opening. Always feel that interest thing about him. And yes Vern ask the questions that they're doing his job don't forget to check out six in sports that hurdle had videos we'll have that Ned Yost. On there as well and daily notes the things the musings one Josh Berger. Fines coming up next somebody in a different sport commented about making baseball better make your baseball gradient actually find it interesting it'll portable. On this air caused Merck X debacle joke. Just put it or is it. Can talk about this whole. Deal with this seller's remorse at 1230 right now. Is it safe to say this text gate at that store. More toward. You moving past this and it's moved vested. Baas were clearly said his piece I doubt he'll be talked about this in probably gives the Bryce Harper yes we again I'm not going to talk about it. In a move long after you as they please Canada in the gold medal team tonight in Woodstock. If you reported that mattered much of the bobsled right now the bobsled is actually my fears were the war. Got the NHL players are playing hockey the bobsled has my full attention. I never realized this and tell you told me about your deep love of Bob sled wealth since the trip censored future child you know always liked. You like it. Dad. Says yep for the idea of sharing your deep rooted love Bob's idea I'd like that. Two of sports was on wanted what is the what is the person in the back of the two men box would do. To sort of push right of the bush. Usually they're very strong. Quick. And he Herschel Walker legal these kind of guys are pretty it would suck to be good at the end you'd just like they just jump in and they put their heads down Beatles anything special for me about what three guys that are doing anything but it. The drivers who won this off. The driver also one point to break. Mr. in his rectum is right Rick Smith and I think the other guys by responsible for the break could be driver. I don't know field who's actually performed very critical really boring thing to do ever wanna go into the driver's pulled it pushed to slip as well. They're very strong individuals I realize how this is gonna say it but wouldn't say it anyway. Seems like they're getting their gold medal or another medal for what the drug. Out there. But it's legit. The rest of the team it's I know that's what I'm saying you get the gold medal all or do you get the gold not the only one of you really had anything to do. What gives them to do with the push it through Zemin is part of this deal it's like twenty feet from the jump and which is still have to be better pusher derivatives through stronger and faster and quicker and that's the difference between winning and losing in the sports have any good pusher and. Do it Skelton of the go. Head first down and android most urgent interpret our mental part of several hoosiers have died lets the Olympics and trading around and skeleton and they're going head first down towards the war on luge. Good question. Push to get people are dying to lose workers but the bobsleigh rich Eisen who had in studio here. You actually opened the show of force one day the years ago the raiders here. In in a film here advertisements here he'll show is it time. Excellent citing cool running as their source of knowledge for the back guy being the break. The driver does. For me I don't know who I'm ever does basic all of their opinions of Bob slightly on the movie cool running. Well writers are popular movie to really spotlight in the sport. Okay. Read about what. I mean I would read about slick yes would be awesome. These summits with the help of around Bible by it earned by leaning into the turns OK I get it back. Now you're earning your gold medal they memorize the hole for a single track and they need them leaning the right direction very crucial blow slug goes in the wrong direction. In the correct I mean of the biggest thing is just fitting in the bobsled and weighing a lot. I feel like you advocate with you would be a great. Rear man on the on the bobsled you've been great front bobsled policy and and I very quick or it played it horrible and spiritual wail on and that's important. Yeah most guys like 63 to a point to a report about obviously at least 384 pounds when empty. Maximum of 860 pounds with group its whereabouts right person to bobsled peek at our team and you don't shave and him. To sit at this hour. Yes well look jones' in the bobsleigh yes she's a great app heavier slugs go faster. Difference institute is the Jamaican members coach for the Jamaican ladies team she left. Red stripe actually bought the misled slips the bigger him. Cool routing. My entire knowledge base of youth football is all around movie little giants. I thought every youth football team ran the annexation of Puerto Rico I've. It Joseph if you don't have people have been partners led you can Alsthom to get to certainly is you again you have for thirteen 189 pounds maximum. With crude equivalent performance of not quite up there you can make the solidity. It is a sport for the AC three or 400 pounders on the street you get he'll push slipped. You have a slip it would fly. Milan Tex and also stated they base their entire knowledge about jamaicans from corporate. I digress rich guys who joined this program has showed average guys jail. He threw this up for baseball watching here right before talking about this I've got the audio for. Rich Eisen has an idea of the ninth inning. I think it's a crazy idea. That you hear what he football guy. Says makes sport of baseball better baseball. Is truly the only sport. Where game on the line. Final inning and the other sports final seconds. Baseball is the only sport where by mere randomness and happenstance because of the batting order. The best players are not out on the field with the game on the line. Potentially. You're down by 29. Inning you've got 79 out. And that's the way it's gotta go with Matt Wright and you can pinch hit but sometimes your best hitters are not coming off the bench. Because your best hitters are your 34 hitters who because of randomness. Are not up with the game on the line. Here's the rule change. In the ninth inning ninth inning only not a dating not seven not extras ninth inning only. You are allowed to send up to the plate as your first three hitters whoever you want who. Whether they are just played it's 345. Goes out and order in the eighth inning ninth inning. Your manager sends 345. Right back out there. Like rich Eisen a lot Brian. This notion. Again featured in May be more fun you can hit your 345 regardless of the batting war. This changes everything else about the sport it's fun senior seventh eighth ninth hitter. Get on base your hope to get on base so they can be driven in by your top your order. Rich is saying in the night getting you can hit whoever you want. It's about a hot does it take is there is a technique that changes. The whole complete sport that's the beauty of baseball birds we start the beauty of the game. Rich I doubt low average guys and this. Insane. Eager big baseball guy can even talk. Mean the guy. I'm all for people trying to. Spice up the game. I don't think baseball needs icing up but it. It needs to reach more people than bile means votes do something about it and Ned Yost last year when my quote that is. Theory on eleven inning games that they should just all in and a home run derby. Among mocking the suggestion that we just and everything. And we gotta tie in elections in the with a home run derby I. And then Ned Yost were news asked about net just like the cool that we did you know bear on a tricycle and some clowns those two are just. Re doing here what are we don't. And I get it now I've got a lot of respect for its size and I'd. I love the outside the box thinking of it by you have to book that's what you start and we'll let it Alter the approach. A lot of teams after that 789 like no longer is it just. You know trying to close it out down the stretch have a setup man because it's a wild card and that in that later so. I don't necessarily see a downfall to it aside from the fact that. You're just bad guys I don't know it's as out of order doesn't help a lot of sense to me and foreign nuisance but. That's one of the things that makes baseball. I think one of the best. Sports all around is that everybody gets their fair and equal chance like each team has 27 outs. The batting order always has to go 19 he can jump the order like everybody gets a fair shake against one of the things that's great about baseball language right now. Grew up in just say you know what while at the end of it if you're trailing let's just rob the eat the equality of baseball what's your back whoever the hell you want I'm sorry. I guess we would like to see your star closer against star athlete like. Coming out and have the face of 123 the 345 hitters like them into the lineup yet that's more exciting and more interesting. Archer fate of the team that's winning. You hundred others slam the door. Wanna have to have that over yeah. Closers they. The limits of any time. Don't wanna play you pay close a lot of money you know what the Wii speeds and 345 picks line here is their reaction. From 816 love the idea. From a sixty will agree with them we would have moments like Kristi Cologne. Another one riches starts only to make their rule the XBO. I mean you're getting everything from so stupid to I think it would be awesome. And so. I'm saying affair shaken or not our yes. No let me them out but only has there been hired Major League Baseball things are going well for belief. But the whole notion they're in the minor little minor leagues but again second extra innings. Because it's a little bit put some of the second. I don't like that they did that more than I do. Anyway it's richer and walk and I and as that extra points out do them there's logic based on the fact there's always a 789 in the ninth inning and that's not true. That's a very rarely true. Meg very rarely do we have that match reports like OK we're just gonna got here and punched through this end of the order. Well usually it's the top your lineup coming up usually it's right there in the heart of the order. We always say the last re out of the most difficult to get and that you're going to make them even more difficult to get 679. Hitters. Are still Major League players. They're still Major League caliber hitters I don't like that's part of but you see these guys make plays guys that don't normally make big plays make big plays and that is if the deal that. It's just order it's just beginning you'll you'll change what each team's thinking too much. In the game is actually buying right now. Pick ever more revenue they are right now the game is far and their rewards the tinker with it and I get his philosophy is like a football the other games you know what you have Tom Brady would put. You have your Rodgers with the football. That is what makes football great. Defected to the end of games you have a chance for the great players to goad on the field and make great plays the plays they will remember. Baseball's just not set it this way. It's set up for the Christian clones of the world to come out and make big plays for the team. It's not footballers in affable mentality won't see the great players at the end of the game do great things I get it Tom Brady take him team down 02 minutes or Big Ben. Yeah Bettis on the walked. Coming up next seller's remorse for the key in city royals sued they've sold or not discuss that next. DC. They have looked. Solve the problem one time one bright house. And with the right to write an operative. Of the spectrum. Called pitches which I don't think it's accurate. He's been a hater today. Brought. It is no. Burton says it's because I in non CA. It shortly pretentious. If you activity in your place what are best them. He committee head backwards. Or teachers here like it's it. Click if picture of Casey quote the victory. Look at you city do you. I am it's couple I have noticed a lot of husky men with the beard than backwards hats. It'll Edwards I was out eating in and independence genocide and my neck of the woods with them school. And couldn't help but notice the prevalence of the. Husky man backwards cap while. Is that the matter is that is that just like forty in the and then a little bits in I I typically words and words are. While muskie in the appeared in a don't have four. Will be different. But same premise. They said the bolt ahead in the goatee is new bull these that a couple years ago. But I would concede it's bullet. I don't think he I think he bald head with the duties is she saying you know what I don't have here without my head. I at least going to grow it on my face this last time out I admire resume my wife cuts my hair because I'm I'm an old man like that so Obama. I almost took it home. Almost as had a buzzer right down to. She gets my hair my wife Kutcher her well what did come here it could win. But clippers get her to a hospital automotive markets are of wheat. You know who's better coat who that was but who really care would mean honestly who who cares. At what point did you decide it was time taken on Rome. As I've seen pictures of you back when you won the most underrated athlete in America obvious in the magazine. And your hair is longer. Not really. And would hear bits of feedback. But the point now it's like who gives a crap. Michael Geist from the point here along Spears'. Cut it off and when did you know point were they yards shave it off. Hitter he's made the decision. Even though I think he can grow hair. But the choice I absolutely know they can act her. Really well you see on the back is that like there's no Arabic grows and as a certain spot similar. Patch of the top if these like Rasheed Wallace with that with that one weird spot. And it's receding in the back of running from side so Henry as the modern day more. He does he doesn't like a thirty dollar Hooper writes from his eyebrows too as thorough beating these dinners twenties and impeach him. We all do but support you know make the decision shake it off for not. -- city royals in the what they brutalized over the last couple days. In I don't agree with that. There's a lot of buyers remorse from Q2 zero Spain's workers not happy with the situation. We're in rebuilds we're going to be tough people. To swallow that concept. Thing is they've done before it became a bit dynasty in the form system's not like Hosmer it Duffy and moves in Peru is. If these guys were in a minor leagues I'll be honest with you when I got in this profession. Those are the only interviews I went out for an. And Rachel wasn't about the current Kansas City Royals. It was about going on getting Dini Duffy at northwest Arkansas getting those interviews as I felt that's where the interest was. The problem is now. There's a lot of interest in the royals' minor leaks I don't think there's that guide last year you were talking about going up to wall. I forgot who can we talked about since school watches what they francs when bill would watch him hit the rules to work partner of the year. But there's not that I poppy guides I need to go to north was or cancel what's this guy I need to go to all the hall on washed discussed may may Bubba starling if you're huge biography informs these. It Gardner aged and but there's not that big pictures. If so would you would you would you holding onto that you've got out of all these pieces again two and 37 millions spent on oil's free agents. There were part of it 2015. Core. Didn't pay is not getting paid right here. It won't what we have to show for couple picks this draft we could have five picks the top 45. Two of them right now from Hoss was going to be picked 33 I believe destroyed after the first down first round. You're getting picked for king to the side of fifty million dollars. It would move signs under fifty you're still going to get to pick probably after the second round. Even though he's not going to sign for fifty million if he does pay which by the way you're gonna be 100% right on WB and get their fifty million dollar concert as we swear that he would. It doesn't look like at this point he has which makes you right see I'm willing to admit when you're right Ryan. And unlike the other way around so we'll give you full credit well on these days or whatever whatever you're actually right all the time Hubert and I mine after it. Illegal airman. You're right cast he and I. We met either. In spring training started Bruce is still wherever who says. I heard boos in great shape actually be seen but moves the shape of select increasing moves lately the moose sightings. I haven't heard from those I've seen Bruce have you seen any moose video. The guys what could be what it's shaped like is it reason why teams are backing away from getting I don't know. I do not know the answer that. This dad's in the all star game in the home run derby hit thirty home runs for the royals I don't know removes it. I've not seen most in any Skype bourses want him to disappear off the face of your what you did house where I have no idea if that's he's two of moves. Maybe things would thirty no points to eighty Martinez and their cause signed Scott Boras clients. Is most and have a job. Just got worse the rate at getting one or not. Arnold he's been too picky though every other team is moving in different direction third base. And not Mike stock sure there was the talked about the Yankees still ought to for the cardinals cardinals wanna watch. For Mike was darkness but we have left the size or Chrysler. In a couple picks you don't have much of anything. In short the royals have done things differently in hindsight hindsight is always easy to look at. But I'm looking to move still go for job kaine signs Olympian that's pods were just signed in San Diego. If these guys are so coveted white was just two teams but supposedly wanted possible. It was the Padres and the royals without meaning there'd be a mystery team out there is always is. Did you see mr. team I think it came down to Indian city of San Diego. We thought one Hosmer. Did is kept at the K against the Diamondbacks he was done beat Kansas City royal. But he was getting your team just throwing money his direction. Everybody wants house leadership guys leader he's a winner. He's got four gold gloves got a silver slugger this guy won gold medal push Paul Goldschmidt out of the starting job teen USA. We got the teams can flood nods and they didn't so what the trade deadline last year. If you can make the argument that may be beaten should have looked at making these moves before last year started. Which bet is that how we as I was wired. Big guy doesn't give up that's one thing about being more he doesn't give up is he wrong at times absolutely is most GMs or. But he stuck to his gut intuition 2014 when everyone treating trait. CS stuck with a lot of nothing but we are stuck with stuck with a banner from 2015. They'll never come down. We're stuck with a feeling of 800000 view at the parade. In Kansas City making memories forever 201450. In the city with some surveys howdy likely but it gives the all of love. You guys like possible. Because everybody was in a good mood for the royals it was a surprise they'd been bad for so long and also in the became good and we get acclimated to we get used to it. So what is it would rather have competitive baseball right now where you were you willing to sacrifice for the cheap chip that you got. I was. I was willing to sacrifice and it's it's okay give me a ring in 00 takes in mediocrity. All's well on board that. Just give me that championship teams don't win cheap chips and small market teams don't win change your lowest TV contract they did see stuck here. Would honor Dozier and tough burden Paulo Orlando and Sydor who knows where the royals go. Because the farm system is second to last the baseball. But how to get the point we treated by platoon pitchers results quite you took a hit their you took a hit we treated. The most valuable your number one prospect of what Myers we traded him to Tampa but it. Deterred him what give James Shields become a change the attitude. People vote for the Kansas City Royals held the other guys around so for you back on there was a good move. He got you to the World Series and fourteenth he held guys like beanie Duffy become a Perot healed to other players around her as well he brought that leadership. Was a workable Mars yeah I don't think we look back like stray incidents bad. Usually the one ring in its most important thing these guys governor not treat it like nobody wanted to. Net effect nobody still wants moves. So what they gonna get you don't like Allard Baird move of just giving people away what you did and Carlos Beltran is that would want. I didn't see a lot of real painful off floating in it Simone Souza gets traded for some good prospect cup and prospects. From the Yankees in. Which suitor will soon as three years morals contract he's under team control over three years. That is different in the royals at the trade deadline we're only getting for a couple months it's brutal players. So yeah we see these other route like what can we get those kind of moves and keep the city. Was reason. He's three point seven war guy hit thirty home runs twenty years old a mixed report by a million. Under team control for the next three years that is more attractive than ridding the player for the next few years. So I sit here I want what do we actually want. Are we happy we actually wanna ring. You knew those things and come down kids these small market you knew that this thing was going to come down and crash at some point. You can't pay everybody big Morse is issue the payroll received the payroll. What are we left with what we're left with the Boehner applies to return to Germany seventy you can see that their world champions. That's what they want coming up next John gruden is already pissed off the city of Oakland and what he did next. So cheery gasping for. Vietnam's. So are playing very soon do they do into multiple wins I don't overdo on the promotion period I have heard a commercial. And there was a pretentious guy down there appears telling meego doesn't and on been used as an awesome. God about it here Google and it's better than in the seat metal elements and the women coached. If the league MVP quarterback. Duke city now broker he got his office or in his office coordinator. You're. Just lost over that like it's totally normal. We repeat which agents that. There as a team and duke city. Their quarterback was the MVP. Of this league last year. The phantoms went and signed their quarterback. His entire offensive line. And they're offensive coordinator. All higher office about the wide receiver you know like it or animal. Posted as of payments to do it in football you. A quarterback. That's what it's all imagine that happening in the well. The chiefs assigned Aaron Rodgers. And the entire Packers offensive line. Mike McCarthy's gym and by the way Mike McCarthy's tires and against Vonage you wake me. For the sixteenth home opener of their prepare for that. Perfect take off named a point but Brian Carroll's. Jon Gruden just get a job in Oakland. Now makes saves US interest in. What does he fall do you think he needs who was coaching mistake he makes the age of US interest and absolutely does. Two years ago are talking about to be the best of visited all of the ball OK it's not at this point we admit that mark the mighty of all. It's chiefs right now on the GC in my opinion are the favored when. Jay gruden raises. The level of expectations about her biggest rival the Oakland Raiders. I don't know if you like the package Chuckie came back in the coaching I find it interesting. But also visit did you feel Indy Reid's best coaches division and I know chuck he's wondering which he's been out for awhile he's been doom and football so still go with the agree. Those were Patrick Holmes falls and at this point. It's still Philip Rivers the best quarterback in the division big picture in my home ski and conceding that your caller still lingers at their bad seasons the way the probable group that was. In who knows what Denver's gonna do the talking about. Do keep in excellence in him and threw two quarterbacks and with the draft in one through free agency Jon Gruden. Is back in Oakland in he didn't interview with Sports Illustrated. When the team now that their move to Las Vegas be reasonable laws Vegas. They're going to be there the 2020 season why they're staying in an Oakland dynasty and there's been there for via. To play their stadiums not ready in Las Vegas. I get there I think it's a mistake I think would you say you're going to go. Is that their buddies go in the game the democracy and the team although you've oak olympians credit they're still going and get crazy in there getting loud but he says this. What they have now it's we go. This is gruden does have got to Oakland opened on what all they have once we ego. It's like George Zain once we leave what do they would of the budget. The athletics. Responded on Twitter. They were role happy with when Jon Gruden so again these teams play in the same stadium not like each other not getting along with a double play. The Oakland Athletics we got open we'll have the athletics. The club with the third most championships in Major League Baseball. Has stayed rooted in oak so there's the Oakland Athletics responding. 21 Jon Gruden in what he said about not having nothing. Is John long. What are the eighties done lately aren't we go back and look cheap chips through the years in Oakland's been I've been testing franchises once your kids city. The key cities with Oakland yeah they were successful seventy wondering what Tony La Russa. But it's been Billy being built these teams up just have these teams fall that team he built the know on the play the royals. In 2014 in the locker game that was tremendous team. Sort of find it funny John greens party make it fun or make in the making friends with the Oakland Athletics at age needs to go. I'm sorry gauntlet where you know he plays whatever it is get out of oak. Yeah I'm sure Oakland's great town near passionate fans and he wouldn't team is ripped from its talent he'd in the Cleveland Browns moved the Baltimore first. Then he would rule football fans although early don't care of Saint Louis. Lost their team and generally supported the rams if they support cheese one Saint Louis but they did the rams. Jon Gruden argue. Outlook for this year. Given any reader friends checked it real pain you read an icy relationship we saw what they handshakes like after the game. It's arrival Jon Gruden embraces the fact that's arrival cheese they Hinske gruden a hard time in the playoffs or broaden. But haven't Chucky back in the vision I think makes the US extremely interest. Chargers still fall over themselves the Broncos who knows what direction they go to is John Elway actually is the work now. It looks like John Elway had the magic touch. As an executive he would a Super Bowl. He would pay me and it's hard to win games we needed Peyton Manning now he's on the war. Brock costs one. X the lights they like excellence that I may go Josh Allen who knows which strictly go in the draft. Purdue quarterback but that's expected from Elway we expected greatness we expect it and do something in Denver. What do I think Evan Jon Gruden Chucky back in the division with the Oakland. I think there's still going to be a major rival chief senior the Las Vegas I don't think we care about agree carefully what Los Angeles. And moved back to Oakland we still did like the raiders the good news is they are still the race. Every sport means arrival. And a lot of people think the Broncos have got overtaken that which in essence they have because they've been Mora viable then the raiders. But I haven't Chucky back in his division is a perfect thing to me I'm happy to see didn't pissed off the Oakland Athletics not easy to do Jon Gruden. But I for 1 am glad this guy's back in the coaching I was gonna do he was successfully built team. The raiders. The bill Callahan kind of took over in got to the Super Bowl Chuckie didn't build the box he just finish the job that Tony Dungy couldn't do. India the Tony Dungy obviously with the Indianapolis. In completed the deal. But I'm glad to get left bright we see more more guys leave the Booth to go back in the Coach Edwards cited sooty visitors on the state. Even the boost going out there see what he could you. Amidst these broadcasters turn people John Lynch executive in San Francisco see what they can do. Coming up next the biggest lightning rod for the can city chiefs more is Peters right McCaskey did some homework this morning we'll tell you what he found out next.