02/20 7pm - Peters Fan Glasses, Backlash If Peters Is Traded, Trae Young ESPN Coverage, Showstoppers, Fans Can't Add

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Tuesday, February 20th

After the Serda Show, Ron feels that Serda & Joe's fan glasses came out last night attacking the Marcus Peters trade rumors. We discuss the legitimacy of the rumors and what the backlash would be if the Chiefs did trade him. People are complaining about ESPN's coverage of Trae Young and we don't get it before Showstoppers. Finally, some are arguing that the Royals offer to Eric Hosmer was the same as the Padres and we address this blatant lie. 


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I've been about 592. Show and all of radio. And welcome. Water and 59 seconds I am and us even served as well as sponsors must certainly bending. NFL players can have junior senior or in the third on the back of their jerseys. Like Hitler. Larry do a grenade charities that envy. That's at the dizzy she slide in once and out. He's got to take his medical exam in May after studying medicine at McGill University to become a physician slash NFL and had this to say. I want to put different age charities and beyond my Jersey I've already started a conversation with the league office and they say that anything is possible. It does give us advancing opportunity where I would hope players pounce on the idea as are sending all kinds of big names a knack for dad's dad's in the back of their jerseys. I'll believe justice against one was named request because let's be real. He showed. It would be house. It's also reckless to say anything is possible. When it comes us. This no win heroes runs this show you who age out. Too low on listeners put those vendors that because he's so soon. For allowing us to be a small part. You're Tuesday evening one half of JJ radio production Stanford joke produced this bad boy. The Marlins to a guy who's pushing it stevens' services in the building. But we'll get back to this NASCAR conversation of magazines of people of fixed line and going and pretty good I'm just telling you man. Like. I can I can't believe available what we hear Osce were Reggie said like. But people at NASCAR for what we hear are not happy with the ratings and are trying to improve. The the the interest in their sport. I and and and and I think they had this is a way to think what he's doing. This is a way that they can possibly. Do that if they handled this more because to be yet. I think deep down a few minutes and they they probably couldn't handle the Danica Patrick. Situation bit uneasy could have been a much bigger store and let us issued a wind thing. But seriously if a ball players can risk brain injury they should be able to vote whenever they want on the back of their Jersey. Are you finished. You know. There's no other time and no better way to set waited this and then to do this right now. Outline how I'd listen to. You guys yesterday speaking about Mark Peters. I had I called so this morning and then I. And they get text view we talked text earlier in the day about this. Listen. We know were a lot of you have this news show we are fans of market speeders as you sit yesterday. And I'm a fan of markets Peter Wright I think a lot of the thought process for a lot of people especially sir I remember is reacts to lose so. Is. The stupid this is not true like this is that is manic. And I ever talk we talk about briefly yesterday at the base if I said and I said that it did to Joseph today. They opt I'd darkness. I it's I because I don't blame it anyway inhaled that trademark speed. Ready is he is arguably is your best defender and I Tiki is arguably your best bullet. And I'll island no parts of the treaty the and I got nervous that. Mike Florio. Came out and had that. That article that he wrote about is saying that his rump and they adjacent lot and for. Backs it up and did other people but that makes me know that those two people as much people hate Jason welcome floor in the city they are addicted. They have sources and Wednesday they generally don't just pull stuff out of their hands if they haven't heard anything so I was a little nervous or concerned that this is actually check. But I would like to be clear and I did a good job remained clear last night no one else has backed up Bloch and four on this like everyone else is saying. That they've they've reached out to sources and have have not. Big confirmed in any way that the teaser interest and trying to market speak. I'd say there have been their their ability that if now it's set these guys used I did say these guys have. And I know like terrain is has it come out with a now they'll be somebody be really you know. But these guys are connected you would say right you'd you'd think that these guys are just pull out masochistic and I really think this is the case. Yeah let yeah I'll let you know a fan of of Marcus Peters I believe but circulate its itself it here on. Like to take it gets. You'll just missed this but it was not they had just started talking greats like literally what I you all the rails is would you say Ed. What what Marcus is worth. It is going to. Both rounds and my. Let's apex Russert it would be all ought to let it last year at other multiple first round picks okay. Some move that Ali yeah it. I think that's the allotment more is okay mark just that is at exit wore black just meters eight word that typical rock little just got to sit. Every now. I'll he's just an auto balancing act is a quarterback that's because Bill Belichick decided to give him so that. Two of these Everett went a 49ers not because he can get more than if you wanna take your faith at all which I don't I don't like OK and typical tropical let's go to the browns get multiple first round picks Ed miles here OK he was getting the doubts that us. Okay. Out. Like. I. I said miles there or like you know instead miles here today it I was in bag this morning after on called me you said miles Garrett and multiple first round picks and you can disagree with his values if you want what's wrong. I was and exactly. What. And that's why. I say you pay them is give act as though it did but let certain. It's a sort it was good times were so it is a but you just rush are you didn't think about it. Like yes you got that tip Florio this guy is connected in the sport where you haven't seen it is true. But it isn't just some guy from Maryland and not that it's been kind of an odd isn't it BJ at it isn't just let it. Yes I'd take in the black and. It's its warts GAO I know what I would trust it from B day. Lot is Mike Florio are both so I think under a quick on that each it's tied for the disease it's important to note. That Florio. All he says in that piece in a dead time of the NFL news cycle that. The jays are making quarterback news could that suggests in his remarks he never says it is there listings averages says yes the question. Lock and four DC yours at a but that's the only source that shattered came from which Benjamin Albright immediately shut down so there is nothing to it so that's I was going off of by dismiss. That's why that's all reds generally pretty accurate. Or gays are his bank and a just floating stuff out there for a coma. Like you know the east. Of Lori. Differently and he's writing a piece like this. He may not have said that I would you be lowered especially now when you hear a lot of floor. Four come out what do you think that made their stance. Like I you know I I think would happen is it would come from other teams trying to see if he's available what it is I've decided. Let's just not just literally delay. I went in bed another case Jerry exit. Off and about it knowingly went on them and I another case eyes you know I don't think it's. And did I. Say this I don't think it's. I don't want to head. Are out will be. Well. We got two major guys like if they were so bad they missed so many times they wouldn't have the high profile jobs that they had a right. At it and I say it. It's like what what it might not certain which he sounded like. Was he possessed royals and who just believed in their hearts that it was signing year. Oh lead in their hearts that the royals offered 147. Million though which will get. I. Felt like you're brilliant and so. Lutz got in the late this stupid like you could say it's you that's what would that somebody these. What does it. But he would do the right guy would trade a player of this bad that this other rookie deal so that's why did. Actual time when it happened. What Jim Jones at just can't eat at that's not it worked. Let's say I've got good about he's hit it he would do that it didn't. Jet set up. So well Belichick traded. It's never jolt for all of our okay. This is unprecedented. In south that you need to. But you just said it would ever be happy about it that you sit at least to lose some. Fitness is. That. But activists at certain. I got out like liked it when you started the chip it took a sort of started it that's the first thing the odd about it OK Taylor jumped at a premium position. Belichick did not. I've been. A professor and he does have funny itself but it's sort of sit not to go with outs with a I said my god so they're certain it's about what you. Does well abroad today I lied to myself all the time I've lied to muzzle the entire series against the man. Then he was not checking out at peak zone are a lot of us that it took me allow. I instantly a devoted to us about. That was like you're afraid you would not sleep eating. Other news of this ilk that you've heard this away if it wasn't involving more SP yeah probably but you. Ella as part of that was out of frustration I do love mark is feeders he's probably my favorite player on the team. I am rooting for the guy I want the guy to be like a hall of fame caliber player because I think he has that type of potential I. Does it. Like you used. Let if I would say it's. And at the two of you need one of UK sport just. Absolutely yes the virus like. Yeah could you is out of the realm of possibility that think that market Peterson may have had some issues where people. In the locker room or in the organization may have. Some issues or may he may have worn out his welcome with them. But that's not out of the realm of possibility at least 91 his important enough for them betrayed them. Except for people who suspended him last. Which would be people important enough to tree and came backing thank the best player let's read like you can't like it's not out of the realm of possibility that they all right. One he may not signed years and I think Joseph brought into it may not want to sign here that's now I got hurt not her blatant lies. Up around the day of people say. They heat shield and signs that things of not one to play here is that. And you could keep reminders. Under the chief control offered thirty deformed this year's if they really wanted to go to that means they had to pay a ton of money and money that they can't move around they have to pay the lumps on. Right off the bat. Ed that you could see like duke it I don't want him to leave and I figured they got three to four years to try to make it work. I don't what happened but I'm not gonna sit here and say acting at CE. It any possibility where each eagle they are annoyed with how he's acted they're annoyed with with that they don't know if he's going to sign here that are. Could I hit multiple picks they get the first round if I've brought to corners over here like it's not out of the realm of possible. You're too yesterday it up. That it sits in jail and he's not that stupid is if it was a bully. And LaMont stupid tree out of office. Did you think of the backlash. Like do you think there will be serious backlash if mark is Peters street. I. I. I think so because if he's traded. Or disciplinary step. If people look at 87. I think there will be bad. Yeah. Well a man. I just think it's. You'd general. Alleged think about this question that I that I put forth that you missed on the other side. Put. Out Brad Underwood has lost Illinois the lord looks but it. He is absolutely going insane. If it's at a site that has requested. If Marcus theatres where trade. Do you think that was the bet we'll be back and I think there will be major bad. But that made. That enough backlash that would call I think it like like say if we see we saw the backlash that it was. When he. Protest it. Bet the backlash. Of Marcus Peters being traded. Wouldn't be nearly as they are no word here is the as the backlash was of him protesting. But really if you care about winning it's. But what exactly like there will be people who with a hell of a hill would you trade him because you had discipline problems. But continue to keep 87 Petit. I how like how like how can that. The that the opera. But it took me it's not even about that. Took me it is about this. The raised Bill Belichick soda can get away with letting it ride and letting Chandler Jones rod guard that he never even had the the next year. Because bills want. Bill Belichick has well. Ed. In my opinion is every once in Kansas City should be outraged. Because no one here as well it and now repeat. The Kansas City Chiefs have only been to the AFC championship game wants. Since 1960 now. What's since 1960 and a only wants. Eddie you made that LB. That you which raid. Ed potential hall of Famer. Who was younger. Because you could get along with them to be that would not beat. But this case of Whitney took me used to be focused on winning it to be. Bet to me is that solid B did you going to be focused on winning Ed that should be why there should be back but it well sadly enough it won't be enough. Actually it is not enough back lancet they would care about. Our acting are there he's not a so dismissive of it chair has a lot to do with my phantom and my love of mark is beaters but it's also because. You've made the moves. Getting Kendall's Fuller's signing David Emerson because you were addressing needs in depth at a position where you only had one guy. Who was a real playmaker last season so by getting rid of mark is beaters or deny it in no way really makes this team better. Right now like markets speeders is the best player on that defense and I don't think it's that close at an eye on if we ever see Justin Houston do anything. It's not even just right now sort of minutes to. Like he's. He's in his third year as best as third and his forces as it is right now like so be it. It hand not. Like to be at your trademark is Peter's. You have a lot of damn thing here. Don't you all have one thing anyway. This took me would not spill. We're trying to we are asked what boarded waiting. If it trademark is leaders. It would do to make this work you've got to figure is up now. I I think I bet that to me is why there should be an outrage. That you let me get this fall. And unless you've got some kind of king's grandson. Perhaps not the level sort of was talking about yesterday but something similar. To a king's ransom. Did it would just be gutting your football team. For the sake of public image or. Disciplinary action that you couldn't control. They make you reevaluate things as it sees things it would seem that they didn't have their best fit for well. Right when he says you can't say it would you say. Ethical issue of people say king's ransom like. Even when news breaking right king's ransom. A lot of that is going to be like unknown. Did that hit it you have to have a guy who literally. Has 2000. Did not get to the whole thing I why stooges did you test to just turn into. More helpful. If I could not make it to the hall is what he's got better not that some people better. He's he's more valuable than a first round pick because you already know how special it is no way this is unlike the royals' situation. If the royals add to it. That's the way the game is set up. That there's not even as uneven playing field and an even playing field. I took me I don't know how you could look at this as big a group that has never won. Is it is going to trade. Besides. Patrick Holmes their best ass. Who's got it paid yet. Like who hasn't even hit the prime of his carrier is just about to. Ed and has been suspended for throwing a flag. And any and that it be another eight. If you had put up with players if you have footed this thing to say you know what. We we are aid zero tolerance. Type of organization nobly you know its own to be. Because you bet. Other people the field who have done as bad or worse. I bet that that to me whether even even bigger than the old there's other players. You just can't you can't tell me that winning is what it's about. If you're trading market. Can't tell me that. I do edges ahead in that. I'm not saying it's inconceivable. I can see that it can happen. I mean. May be a day inside as some type of move did get made may be it is Yasser some type of discord and disconnect within the organization with the you know most powerful people in the organization but it would also feel to me like it was. Something like based are a upon the fan base or something like Danica said yesterday like I don't care what the fans think of mark is beaters like. This team is better with mark is Peters on it like it. Let Reggie sit in right here this sounds great. It was start with 21 round picks may have. Those are unproven commodities that says it is X as you are all proven to be a potential generational player that is still hollered. Bettis still like I mean you would mean you'd let its color. Like you I wouldn't do it for cheaper strike they start to rolled down that she's first round picks and terribly. And a year. Up the last of his last night a player. That gets to 80%. Of what mark is Peters is would be considered a first round success just given the history of first round picks. I'm not trading. Guy Marcus is level hoping I get someone 80% of that. The dolphins is pleas for incest and the on jobless claims it's sixty point two. And I tell it Jarvis lay it has it that he's a guy who's had issues with the golf until they do this the guys at issue of the gulf. They'll they said we're gonna figure it out. And wounded. And the. There's a lot of people who say allowing outs you can land Kyle Fuller like counselors going to be. I Koppel looks like he's going to be a free agent and less than bears decide to tag him. And counselor while he is a very solid corner. And the idea of people have in their head day general Fuller and counselor because they're Brothers wanna play together like they they never flat out said that to my knowledge. But counselor is not as good of the players marked his peers as a downgraded the position. Let's trademark is Peterson gained and believe we're gonna guarantee its fullest it aside here. And Poehler has eight career interceptions. That Mikey he is a solid player but he is not marked as Peter you use you. Let Marcus Peters is one of your only first round picks that. That you've really hit well. They youth yes they he would say he is a flat out superstar. I got its act like to meet my essay I there'll be a lot it'll go about it it would be like okay what is the reason. Died for me like this we'll people would have an issue would be saying this. Even if it market beaters egg got to a place where he didn't wanna be here I blame it on the T. Another assay part of an eight market where you gotta make that work. You'll you'll got to make that work. You've gotta you gotta trigger a subway as you've got control of ought to make it work. And it it Ed Ed that's not what. An opt. I did it you just can't sell me on the fact that Whitney is the priority. If you're letting emerald unit pulled beautiful brown made the relates to get as bad as you do the big debts that's moral view you've got to make it work. Bill doesn't care about a lot people know builds it really makes it work with one person. Horry to grade nine when three making a pretty good point. You imagine if mark is Peters had the accusation lobbed against an extreme hunt I was talking about. There's no chatter about. That I saw it. I mean he. Yeah Russell. If he hasn't even thank isn't yet he has not yet even get to places. Edit and allegations thrown it. Piece that limit those lies effort and we'll get into more fan of lies acute city. He's shown multiple times that he doesn't wanna be here. When bills he done it. Well because that fans because that several people that live to Kansas City. Mean how would be here. So from the Nile at three you both cores. Okay. Yes I would put it on this ilk don't let you know Mensa. Like to be. LeBron can be hard to deal with it. I put that'll Cleveland the first time that that that they let. Put it on him. I come and people are. Who get really upset about how ESPN is covering trade young I'd just honestly don't hear. Think that they key. How people try to do things that people try to market the exit what people. Our interests it'd sometimes it's sports or in unity. Yeah. Man. I. Yeah yeah. Wouldn't. It's a nice. He just let me know red you're gonna be there around that music not. On the east. An eight Craig got. If you guys just like to know that's down on it. Give. I guess I just crushed like I. Let's talk about this and that's very young thing if you missile on the others the as we been the scene of I just below. I think I can understand. Some people's anger I can understand K state people's anger RK UK UK state in case you people's anger from last night at particular. All like from the ballot three on Twitter is mostly K you finance that I see getting upset about trillion. I can't understate it. You getting out there. As a Fey like I'd gotten that no. Sicilian and knowing. If he's been his staff lie is just up there it is that let it. Yet it only specially if he's going to get your T. But I don't. People who don't understated. Like. This is 2008 seed. Like. You got a a for your sport a big time talent. Any person that is it attention grabber Ernie is gains have been some of the most watched game at least three of his games have been the most watched games. In college basketball on the network. We've never had anybody in college history to lead the league. In the nation in points and assists. And he is doing that and he needs like the first step curry Cologne. Psyches and that's a bad game two he was in withdraw last night. Admits let Louis you know get it but it blocked the view is that I'm good at that this guy this guy is routinely. Over thirty. And over forty multiple times and biking is just doing so would never seen before and I can see what you do it I know I've going to get stem. Eight. Understand have. People don't understand. What ESP it is doing and why they're doing. I like his worst two games of the season against Kansas no one of his that his best season. Probably was cute and fists that the first onions or nine point 27 like. Nine it. Over doubled this. Relative to scoring average that is a below average score again but but he was so if this he scored 27 points like ninths. I mean he's doing we have never seen anyone we have the country in points in assist them. And when I look at Oklahoma games the first thing that I do the first thing that third as we were talking about the games of going on last night was. How many forestry and what's is that line I'll look at the box were to see what he's got put up on the screen for me because that's what I'm looking forward this game anyway. This is this person right here who is a die hard Kansas made. And I'm gonna tell you right now. There are really this year only tuned roles. That make. People wanna watch games that don't have to do with their own team. They're two. That people watch that don't have to do with their own team that is duke. And that is right yeah. Like there are people really watching kids on the table right now. Kansas had something to do it but the most watched game they had this year. Was that game it'll in Norman that Kansas lost Oklahoma. And I'm telling you the biggest reason they watched it was because. Of tree yeah it wasn't and I'm a Kansas may. Trey young in duke or the only games that I feel like that is really did show that other people watch. I mean and because EU it's over to see a player in college you can it's consistently go out there and just drop like 35. So yes managers and watching back right. In those tires there. Up but it is it's the night. And it with injuries this gore did and we've had guys skoler is the way. I might even be that he looks likes it's like step. I get to stats you know being at Davidson took him making a run in the NCAA tournament for people realize like how great that it ones. Evidently that it's that was that like. Staff was not the it's become not not great. The gay straight youngest closer to what Steffi is in the NBA I'd like straight young does what's that does that they're. Bangkok it would ever seen before. I get the data they had no its let me you understand marquis people who. We see LeBron. It every gave that the NBA is play. Young eight was six young is more important. In this whole KU team combined in terms of viewing yet. Now the target starts everyone what started right now the regular season duke in straight you know. If people just hate dukes of just. It is that time it hit showroom stock. Us. I. Cash stock. I. He does need because of the floods Adrian day. It about take. Giddy after the success of the Tony eighteen also a game and seemingly convinced that the connection between the format changes in competitive spirit of the contest. Adams pressure makes it sound like it's a foregone conclusion that next year's dolls are draft will be televised. And you're excited about that Eddie is now mark LaMarcus Aldridge and Al Horford for a what's what they say was deadlines. I know those the last two picks it's got to be out work right. Even though Joseph earlier this year and him as serious and BP I said he was gonna go off the map but at that soggy. Other. I said he would go off the map but at that time he was a legitimate and get out and Ottawa are people being so it would be what success just like it was who was plagued with ordering its use. In a real game the nation would would watch reporter. Maybe. Yeah quarter would have the effect that that. That this is because this kid didn't have the pick it back at first is this Easter put up just at state numbers it. I don't think border would be putting them these. Every joining a team that's already. Add in stride that you'll need to lead the country in points necessities expense of eighty. Cormorants algae damning caring ESPN insider Bill Polian has added to his portfolio of sports takes a charge included Randy must TOR hall of famers. And also he's the only one who knew Tom Brady was gun. Yesterday he kept out way out spicy one as NFL draft prospect Lamar Jackson. It was six but thirty is not well enough to play quarterback in the NFL according to bill bowl. Baker scored in the first round. I've really starting in sports hate. They'll pull. Agreed that. Racist draft takes three years at this guys thanks Lamar Jackson submitted the wonders if he isn't he's there he's becoming a real. And he's just fire them off. And at a loss to Google I just don't think Bill Polian even. Tries to like watch film and evaluate anymore I think he just cabinet strolls out there and says stuff on TV but a lot of and people will act like this that the time. That Ryan leaf in eighth inning that was not the court because he wanted to trade Peyton Manning. They got overruled by Jim Irsay and I came out over the weekend as well. That wasn't that ordinance. And he inherited him. When he was it. And he. He claims that he and a first round grade on Tom Brady went no one else but it didn't draft in the end you know and seat belt but he's six feet bliss who made staged. Coming up. See it coming up. This is absolutely the worst I've ever seen. In terms of craziness for me literally literally. I I. Concerned about some people who think this to be true like just a yeah. A man. Yeah. Yet it is all of this over Ron that shows you the if those in the building that is in his Stephenson doesn't lose. Like this. I know. That Eric Pozen was really special in this. I know that people thought he would be the next George Brit. They like this was a guy I don't Meguid 35 jerseys are but he is of the news at 35 jerseys this was an emotional thing. But I had net. And I had needed never. Senior a good bill like this. People had just gotten so big in the Fayette days. Edit and if you believe this you have to be considered a thing like you have to be considered a payable. People today. And days of war. A couple of. And stay even though reports that may. That the royals and Ellen and off for five years and a hundred billion. So now state. That so I yields offered. Those same thing. The Padres the. Now listen I understand the pain. That this Haas everything his puts. Some of these but those of you out here. Who are acting like you have no ability to a. Please excuse my dear aunt Sally. The aunt is for it. Come on now. He got offered. Eight years a 144. Billion dollars who gives a damn if there is. I dale opt out it's just isn't it it's still cared any. They pick up that erected the forty or it is because he's decided to do something else. Right. How we get here I. But here the world we act like we're confused about. What a hyper Ed what but it looking for. A tip about an opt out. I've ever seen anything like like that idea there was going to be paying like up not contradict what do you hear other operatives say they did not. We know how baseball contracts were I don't know why everyone's all the side nothing like they don't know how they worked us pretty you don't have to get that deeply to we know what a 144. At 100. Some people have. Troublesome relationship with accuracy Arnott get a lead basic that this isn't a way that this. How did he but he didn't wanna be here that it does I think we got a basically. So basically did against I think in the Padres added two more years it didn't. They added three years that 44 more million. Supper all that extra stuff it's the exact. And some people is joining the right now of the original report of like the seven for 147 that was unverified and and we got me there if I report saying they offered him 500 really. And so that things that we should not that I that disputing it you did what am I not disputing that you should pay or not. But some people are out here saying that the royals off at the same thing for the Padres did you know when a player he did not. I was into the days yet. And outlets that you. Did neatly and like I could. It was edited it better. Finally got to a point. Where they were as confused as we are right now and they just got to play where they just had to say this. Some sort. 144. And 100. I don't I don't get what the confusion. There's no confusion. People just blatantly spreading great news for the sake of bring in homer to the royals but I've seen is I see is for all kinds of they had it all a Twitter all kinds of people all this puts this. That that the rough. I have I wouldn't allowed me to respond. Like what are you talking about the contract with what wolf was what what we're what 44. Ed the rock let's. All doubt we'll ever Sunday at a senate let us even if the royals offer what what he said that doesn't mean it's the best deal and. We've got it it was 100. To what 44. Like I don't know how we have people who are going to lie to themselves. All light. It sells it say well he got an opt out which means basically it was a safe. Well but we have people saying they he's not going to last three seasons. Would the projects like they that he's not going to play out back Contra. I don't I don't need in go at it today I'm just going into I'd never seen anything like Saturday. So what does openly looking at numbers a bit acting like numbers are the same he would numbers are now let's say. Even if you took the first five years ahead they opt out. It's a 1052. Olympic. I. It's maybe the ads I mean it. It was only five billion dollars well it's yeah. At five dollars as they did just enough that I advocate app that lets other people are making others confused on what not to meet true but apple. What's up or make people think it opt out. Beats the. But the Padres can just pull topple the reason why they opt out code that was apparent decides. Trust beat the royals when people opt out repeated Kennedy. I don't give it up that's it. Made a mistake I just took it out how we have some people who have gotten themselves old. Are you know the word I would use so just fair and based it related to the owners they can't look at what. A hundred and did that numbers 144. It says I got up at Belmont line. I've seen people sake at the royals offered the same thing I just it would be year he's lighted city love aides that he really it would appear. I used it about. Technically. I could have an act that is set. I'm sore 144100. Feet. Lucky. Us the weekly lows and a joked a big I've got today we're just seeing stuff up I doubt that Tex Vlad let waits eight. Today was just like them soar 144100. Race. It's like rot they sit. Rob was a letter does it put that every time what forty school hours but people aren't. It. And I. All of us out not let think I don't understand. Why we're sitting like us. That's exactly it's up some anger about people live he said. I was irrational would Roy Williams decided to leave kids. I added just up to. They. It's house. I only see. What is expected ice. Surprisingly. We see all the tied especially at sports that people as well today or in the facts. Just as manipulate the narrative stick with it though it cost stop this is not only with the mark dispute that started this is app works in a gallery. This is worse than the bark eaters parties. We'll start off this isn't looking at a sheet of paper that says what she. Well you could hit. The actual paper contracts in your hands and you're staring get them and lie debates one that says why I yeah years what. Ul ul. And another that says hey Ed one or or let's say days to. Say. At the source of never say. As a people it needs to go see if there if you're really pushing it. Will talk about it really mattered last night. For Kansas and had nothing to do with the way it yeah. The show would run the show you glean from the MVP addicting TV and coups don't yield six million Sports Radio.