02/20 6pm - Real Story From KU OU Game, Hosmer and Ned, That Guy Gets The Show, Showstoppers, Does NASCAR Have The Next Tiger?

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Tuesday, February 20th

We bring you the real story from the KU-OU game like only we can before we address Ned Yost's comments on Eric Hosmer's departure. While many fans are disappointed in Hosmer, Ron actually finds fault with Ned. Tonight's "That Guy Gets The Show" features KFC. We hit Showstoppers before asking if NASCAR realizes they could have the next Tiger Woods. 


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You show. Then. And business show. Let's heroes run this show you. Dogs. Let's. Put both saying is this they ways salute to. Book allowing us to be a small part. And you're Tuesday evening would have saved radio Burnett and Dan Byrd Joseph does is as bad boy it's no. Is this true what I'm reading of the tax time. Last night was great out of the reach of the table and I may just not remote. Last night was great watching that case you game while listening to sort of mount Rushmore of eight U players. Big expanded the Rushmore to eight heads actually are as broke down his top eight favorite cases players involved. He did it now rush smaller. Like a double now Obama got you he knows that is that it be an absolute. Evil mind. Joseph. Host the next hour my goal at that Casey coming up that spot but means like its host a key line. So he didn't. Now. About things that would have that would head yes it may over the game. You know we're we would start this week but Paul Pierce's number one. Did you really did need it or don't like to be listeners people listen last night is it about rust bowl. Order a light fugitive listened to node. And you could hurt tooth right. I did listen to the 8 o'clock salary it. This week. If they'll let me go Obama go back through the great in it but I doubt that you have done. We as a real prop not quite sure yet what the problem. First off I've got Julio who started to a case that is around. 9 o'clock AM so we did not Wear a full hour he was it'd aired today yes I'm calling you Leo out. And now you are are doing the absolute. Geek thing that I just. Do you think he can. Name eight Kansas players past or present so what's it rated morning stove was on his not. Think sort of today. See his face he's thinking about it. As we do at this time every now being that it is 603. Let me bring somebody's guys the conservative state. Yeah. Mr. street 78 starts today is an argument here it. Like every two weeks like most black folks. Let's. A Mount Olympus. Kansas plays that amount last. That the so what's it testing I think that was in that serialized it that's it there and I didn't have any release of those voters will serve out of that you may have if I'm reading. Our man. You fan while a mount Rushmore of KU point but the night your line because you've always had that your kid you. I kinda. I identify myself that way but let's be realistic we now that I look at that but about in the bats well. I don't ask you both mean yes you argues that it is that's involved in I guess. That I didn't. Championship I'd be happy giant in on the celebration as I can ruin my day they had knocked out the second round of the tired of no lions you know your net bing and I don't even understated. I don't instead of what you just sit here. Is ready and I'll lie. Even bad users that I think you just walk backlog that. In seventies. And I mean I lost the game. I am and speaking of last night's day as if you've. Listen to me. I have told you like this regular season I'm trying to help Kansas fans to retrain themselves this regular season. It's not truly. About months. Of any. OK I know a lot of the core of fans understand you're looking for the fourteenth straight although some people think it's fifty as a reason but no it would just be fourteen. The fourteenth straight championship telling him and that is. It is I understand that it's not that. Because you don't. Win win and that's what you should be moving towards and that's what the planes should be. So really last night to be of importance was the outcome it was it was not that big. And it is not that big to be setting up for a showdown at Texas Tech because even if you lose that gave you probably steal one Tuesday. Really what should pull out yesterday's game was. Was descends adware that bill that came from and a guy who now looks like he can. Make post moves. I don't know anyone who shot free throws Coleen. All that's neat. I had seen spacesuit free throws as clean as this and it did yesterday so his minutes and ten and six cadets there at a time and it acting. Actually looking like someone who was just playing in high school two weeks ago which is very close. Then as the main important part. That's ID. The real story that we as this notes that brought. Led I've buys stuff. I sit down at six last night. It's third who needed to have confirmation at a photo of which I had to take. I know well there's certain things that can exercise ago. That's notes that its privacy because that is straight game in light but I kept noticing. On one particular side. Of the student section. There was a group of fellows who shot rit now that it starts. Salt it now. As fans cheering and jumping up and down but there was one particular fellow. Boomed through the heart of the letter Angel. If you if you look back in your mind remember that. He drew the car of the letter NL and yeah I'll just say it's. I would look better with ushered off and sent the plane you know come on now I feel like there is a rule first. I tell us that sticks out. I can't tell at this kid was in bowls eat. Good or all of the bad in the end a four but he's got a terrible three hits in just put him out there on national TV to die. This guy was easily between the weight up to 95. And 307. And he was not six feet tall. I don't believe he was five Olympic so let's go 52. About the real four in the middle of that. And Ellen yeah he had a teacup fellas. I know he did he had me when those arms came down. Entry ways it's entered free throws that it keeps data that arms came down you sit old weighs about. Somebody cover the letter. LA based on the the grainy picture that you Sam I think he was even. Bigger than this. The bigoted but. That is like let's I'm not doing that I. Like I know as a paint look and I also wait I think I wanted to seventy. Up possibly that you're better in my late start I was at 330. And I know as if they had I will never be parts and takes his shirt off it draws a literal. I've never little. I never will be that first. But when you guys looked at the photo and just pick back in nearby. If you watched the game. Just pick a guy sort of bleeds into bigger and animals saves about 30459. And a half. With that jail and he was about a week. Is they're all good. Or palsy thing. I'm proud of that young man for having enough confidence in his body. To take that step out on national television now with our now with the net profit it's in your body. I'd say it's just because I'm league and I it would be big mile life. That I see that is a mistake. Seven and eight at six every every free throw my eyes gravitated behind the players did sex right at that pickle this it was. So big that guy who have it next to the attic. But it did you think so yeah because. That fellow was there. Jumping up and down and let everything sit and jiggle elegance of the picture now he would I mean it was a alone as jobless. This work. Just work it in Jacqueline like me it has to be about 500 women in their leader and haven't seen the I think you had a chance at tumble full. This is an opportunity yeah it under control. That's got it triggered it. They still could have maybe used that you'll ever. As a way to get it you better know thousand dollar. Out of your head in sports but it will. But I ever Rick Ross used to be real balls the income. Ed to have bits and just come out with a sword out at wreck and wreck was every bit at 330. Reckless Kelly was it was a right tackle. Let's just beyond. A former correctional officer and a right tackle he had no problem doing it ever thought he was like. It was cold it was like sort of like okay. It. They're made. Up. That property. Odds on it and confidence is that that is beyond comp I think that people will watch this and say. Stop. Your rights of lunatics like maybe was inspired by Sharon Collins as wet as it is. I. Bill Self release. Them back out in all it did. But that he would like sorry man I looked at that it knows like. Shirts is free and well. It's about it's. I've made it inserts odds that I. I have but afraid to be honest with the aren't in my ear and I'm the guy that volunteered to be skins and pick up game. Just what. Why is this is as it. I'll be day this it probably said it all yet hurt that a man they hear. Hey yet they're getting. A bit sick it is it going to be like the odd lots makes looks that are like yeah. It works to the point that he oh and they showed tonight. That's a. It then badly if it might ask Patrice to it's the Shalit's extends boards and it met him was move and so so hard. He had so many practices that remove it up down up that he had net debt. Us that they must be where the cutting its work at that third. As it. Any hope for eight does nothing worse than a group of raids would somebody knows they look bay. Advanced you. You know to confirm resident look that are not using all know that's terrible bunker now you lie. No you don't lie you lie. You know I don't that's terrible no I'll I don't lie baby I don't lie maybe maybe her. As some self esteem issues in this who has helped his friend's house don't you break out of his shell blowing you hurt going on national television. Went straight yeah. It's coming today when you know everybody watching the because. Right answer any. Okay wait a rope you think that's gonna help up next Kurt. Parents were like. What does he do. He isn't biting to be picked. Is inviting to people. He had hair all of the shoulders as who is actually is quickly that this that was scary to me that. Like like in Jersey don't miss it now hurt. Saturday at that's why I've never going to so until police had to depend don't do it who assert yeah outages let's. Wells the I think it was balls he beds or its idiot. Well out what is start out with a laugh because Kurt and meeker. And that's their hope for the exit but I don't. That this cosmic thing is still been a big storm we talk about the last two days but it. Man there's there's something here that is made me really uncomfortable. And I I I hope that this narrative changes in people get a hold themselves after they set Beckett thought about what. Yeah. Well Amanda and. Primitive slide it was involved with his grades decades hope that we'll at all. But it. I just pitcher going had just been through that may have had in some sort of jacket or sweater. That he continues we put on when the cameras were off because it was a I just think it was a suit jacket problem. That he wore when no shirt coming Chris Farley while he was with. A vision. He ever did stuff like this but then you got to look at that ahead this hour. Let's he's just in on the radio for against and be with you exceed your regular rip that would put the people to see you're out of here it was neat person. And at that. Time so let me jump in my opinion. Muddied in these waters. So it does what I think that we have attached yet. In particular and I was on the day see if you can you can check the podcast. And yesterday that podcast also every day and sixties which radio. With lake and pink right levels on. Villain in all presidents day for the on the holiday for a for basically. And we talked about it just a taste. I say this that I'm real comfortable because. It's been a narrative that's been around a lot seen this a lot on the text line with fans people talking. About the city about this. And that is that. It that deal with that yields. And did you know came out the other day and he made the comments. About Eric Hosmer and him and the lack of communication during the offseason. You know and that's where are sol. Or saw it it was Jeffrey Flanagan you'd certainly is no Asian currencies and play it again. Have made the joke that. NAND hits in an in a joking way then is it even on his his fifth day. You know air it never reached out to. At the end this was actually the comments and over and of them were there when he was talking to some of the media guys as the comments he said about. Kosovor speak with him this is dead after being with them during the jobs. There are very good conversation with offices and now. So now they. You know I think he was advised not to. Not to communicate I texted him. How much time Clinton never really bad problem. That this is your ability to lose weight I don't know. Just I don't know if this it was what was. Aunt the narrative. The narrative that we have heard the news. We've weakness in this. Is that you know Eric Hosmer. What an game what a horrible person. I can easily get re yes for you know signing the contract with that this was like taking people. Are people say that they've lost respect for that loss. I really am re. With this fellas because we don't know anything that happened. Eric how has not spoken out about is a noble from Eric's camp as it is about Holland and a liar. I'm not saying that. I dissent. Comparable going to reach into is describing it believing this is air hot out. Character we've never seen anything hurt Eric Posner. Anything like this and evidently never hurt scenes are that this goes against everything he's ever show us why. He's good as with with charities countless things it into how he handled the Ventura it too late edge if any eight. Let's poking sit this is the best human being uniter better. It is not say that and its lie I'm not saying that. Not to say I it is hard for me to hold saying I have about Eric is that correct when this occurs when we don't. Bill. That we don't know reasons why this is speculates say oh it's his business and he was advised that no I don't nets at that. I am comfortable with not hearing anything from any other can't Eric's camp in this ain't Eric. This isn't something that Ayers ever shown. That week. Has anyone around the city believed there wasn't a standup guy until the side of the contract with the Padres and now. Are we would hear a story like this automatically believed that it is the king Richard me or heart diskettes that's what that. B but. Just because he didn't text mad back flat a that's not really that surprising to me to be honest say a guy who's. And the middle of negotiations. For a long term contract with probably the royals in the Padres like I would imagine that they say. Only talk like talk to the people that control your money like talk to the people that are going to pay you don't don't talk to. Net don't don't talk to the managers in the coaches likely just just talked to the people that are gonna sign the paychecks because I was the people that decide everything in the in the. I got to enact enact it would you argue you've got to that point obvious pain and evening and even if we don't even know it that is that is actually act if that is the case we don't even know that. It is just hard for me you know it is our army to speculate at. Appealing or difference of feeling about Eric Hosmer. Concerning something when he's never showed 88 probably like its and that does not Sony that's an earlier. What he showed us that the complete opposite that they it to determine I had this about him or he's changed that purchase coverage so that. And he has not spoken up permits anything about. You know I mean odds I'm really comfortable. With it. And you know I'll probably sit treads a wide. Outs late this. Knowing the situation. Of how the fan base is reacting and how people were going to react to Eric Posner as he left. And moved on in his life as we know now fans are and they've reacted some just the way we thought some would. I personally am a little disappointing. That it was put out the. Yeah I got add an and I know me that matters but discipline to the dilemma but I now. Really just disappointed. I'm really surprised how the royals gently business. That that that are in such detailed about that or what come out. Are because I I I just have a funny feeling sort of I don't know if we will hurt that. If you re sign. While I think. No matter lie. If he left under any circumstance. People were going to be upset about that Alley that that's why acting athlete should never let. The fans dictate that decisions that they're going to make like this is the biggest decision of their customers career choosing to lead Kansas City right now and take that contract. So people are going to get upset because that's that's the way sports fans work you know it's it is a little disappointing that this stuff was leaked and that. No way. And it's no leak is that nagged it since. Yes that's idolized that is put out not just surprised the way that the royals do business that it became that DT like generally. It's definitely have a hard time getting. Why did made a decision of the senate. Or the fifth but this year there Bernard conversation with offseason and now. Now surely that would just stop right there right. And I think he was advised not to. Not to communicate I text them. About time. But like I mean that. You know it just feels like. It just feels like that's that's generally how the royals do business and I'm not gonna be calling on man or anyone I just it is just I feel really uncomfortable. Passing judgment about Eric Hosmer the Eric Hosmer has been. Nothing but the stand up now. Right it's a bit like nothing nothing has owned. That he would be this type Richard. And it feels like that that could change it but they like people just heard it it would just like. All. Now we get to see I saw this will be tough. Now we it's the air at odds with true colors are really. Willing to bet that type of thing isn't that uncommon when he players trying to negotiate contract a lot of times. Those guys will cut off communication with a lot of people in the organizations alike. That doesn't make me think any differently if there osment the fact that he just didn't communicate would that be able to bet it. There's going to be some communication now that this has been talked about and that and that Ned floated that out there like I'm about the gonna have a conversation at some point. Why. Why does it count as paid if they do have respect for each other's professionals like. They were a part of each other's lives for a long period of time like I'm willing to bet they're going to have a conversation somewhere down. Let's say. I'm Melanie who's gonna lead. I arrows say this like I listen I'm all for me and bringing it out all awarded giving us a little bit more. I've just I just surprised the way that the royals generally operate they don't generally gives up like this and hey. Admits gonna do that that's great for us but I'm just surprised that this was the point were you decided. To add more to. At that to me was like kerosene to a they. And I near salt in this in his voice. The frustration and it's quite threw it out what and understand I understand a typically understated yet you completely understand it I'm just saying the way the rules generally operate do business. I've yeah surprised that it came out right the because you I mean you. I'm not shocked at all from the the move like they're people who odd. I've done this is the real aired we see I've lost respect for it he's done. It it Erica has David spoke about it yet. And he changed number. But service does get to the point of it so like hey this is this is not a comment I hear you it's not a comma but. I did and it didn't go get to a point where I say. In every bit that he never even try to contact them without speaking of of throat from here prepare specially when nick throws in the of identity it. Like that that's that that's that will act. They gag is is a topic of the day coming up with a headline reads what. Feathers fly. As checked exhorted shuts KFC. Across Britain. Yeah. Well Amanda. This certainly gets indignant baiting them. A dozen big news. If you all of the station paid petition is a Twitter sixth in which case he you beat him and the FaceBook page. Man. And I can't wait like. More exciting for us that we do agility Julio never experienced today I think more exciting that we do. Is that better for me to be will we or remote around with the folks the people. Why did you did this saws like those civilly ladies we'll never forget especially would sort of lie to them and told them. People have accused him of looking like Bruno Mars and know what is their right minds believes even sort of looks like Bruno hormone. But that's happened it's not. Yeah I and they did agree it is making and a I tell you I can't I can't wait wait wait until we have a really good time of its outlook remote we estimates on an uncle these. And we latest. Just. Old time. Race Hillary breast and yet that's what we had to stick a number up first ever 28. We don't be out and it mean eight saint we win eight out and independents. Have been out there. I accurately about the people at twin peaks. It's called that you're not see this event that the photo that we have missed it adds yes. Tennessee called dream week and you get to hang out would burn. It actually be maybe possibly big bird. If a went up to four premium seats for Casey burst Detroit may fifth at six. Six did Saturday I'm telling you man you get to stay up there were burned B would burn during the on Dick show. A B with burn. Up in the the the press box all you have to do is come and join us so yes cut out. Two to twit seeks an independent spurs wondering we're about his whereabouts every 28. It details out there favorite what DA come hang with us and I got to do is give us your best. Play by play. Voice. Any kind of being a girl Lil sister I mean it could be added RD exit date and it is not out would win if guys buying it. I mean maybe we can tenant or you. You go first to I don't example. I was a lot of what they need to break into the tank I was gonna start the game like tonight stagnant temperature is brought to the parking spot it's easy to park. ID DH yeah. Shields an adult and it's in their for a strike line. That's up to become an eighty moments out these all tell it. Get out there Frederick went eight peppery February 28 the first time as the winds they will be out there six to nine. You get to be better. Aren't as the man in this city you hit eight iron. Take it down there. Act it out what is going all happening is that our public. Is not what will what's. Button couples are fired up but it. Yeah tired of just started shaking that idea is this topic of the day apparently opens wouldn't go to it would be this and still show. I'm to act like you fear. This bit that threat got it gives the show topic a today. There's not yet is what. It's time to act like you can hear it. Show. Today blue. I'm back and the Netherlands them when it's been a good floods coming today. American people. Look. There had nine birdies owner's home alive. It's a chicken sordid sex can't see across Britain. Fast food handler and a letter Monday after boats that that in. 900 KFC outlets in the UK and I lived were forced to close because of the sort of check it. And now. The company apologized to customers blaming and I backed getting your votes teething problems with its new delivery partner DH. ANC first apologized for the problems on Saturday an update on Monday it was almost every. As I said it did not say but the rest night joint. It's that those branches that remained open were operating it and you and sorted out in. We know this might have inconvenience some of us and some of you over the last few days you'd think. It disappointed you would you want it you're right ticket that bill is running public relations that. Released a statement about the ticket if we're really sorry about them. The company said in his statement. Which recently took over tapes contact for a bit this linguistics sit there and after the operates delays in a number of deliveries in the recent days have been incomplete or delay. List of 78 issue is. I mean. This that it poisons. I can understand that the what you probably don't wanna say that some place at the I don't know who loves playing the cubs back of the ticket is poised eight. As a McCain's seat I'm glad it happened Atlanta. I feel like at the like it is and other places across the world that my have been real look. All right. This might be the time that pop flies it's urgent need to take advantage it is about a plot lines that surge is not nearly two to three days or dollar bid. This did and it got so it's not offense edit this Diddy leaves you well. Biscuit a happy black. That does detected but it's the problem at no it's. Big Connecticut Tuesday at ticket. Don't like. That is that some Moscow and they'll assist and that's about it. It is that time. If you show. Stop smokers like. Show host. You shouldn't be available for did you run into my car can be. A lot that this is not that I was knocked it over the world movement Lugar. And it certainly. At that I don't expect it. NCAA announced Tuesday that Lillie Belle. But after vacated Sony thirteen national championship in 2012 final four appearance stemming from the escort recruiting scandal. The rolling in the first vacated national title in men's final four Errol Louis at all also need to take down Sony thirteen championship banner. Tell made for an incredibly awkward subplot is former head coach Rick Pitino. May need to reevaluate. A tattoo that he got after that particular season Rick and got to reevaluate and us. Rick K given up every in Ricky given of that money that he GAAP. They'll all take that bitter. I'll take that K stick. I mean I would worry about it a tester man so only went six does that take you fan wearing that don't AFC daily now minister. I've. Obviously we also think that Louisville one that pointed to national championship that's ever gonna change my Mac. Shouldn't change with Tina Tina. Tony Betty and I lost it now measured. Another question. For Obama city thunder players Stephen Adam. Would you go to a lot school prom with me. Loren Meyer is even included a promise to get a thousand read tweets to back up her costs and a very good photo shot. Now more than thirty years later. Adams answered saying absolutely though it might be a little bit too late now as of right now Meyer said she hadn't heard anything else. For many lines of son she's gonna give. Right. I then add to reach out very sold two but then that's his nickname she's given it and get get them get them set. What maybe from a party happened. I don't cares and and is odds dinner if he's a nice night out of town plays a much better rebounder now and is offensive skills that picked up from those three years shooters you've. Seen on credit him more personality from the Gholston. That's what they call it. Dell's mavericks owner Mark Cuban told members of his roster. Losing is the team's best option for the remainder of the Tory seventeenth when he eighteen NBA season. I know this has to be tough for him to not be in the midst of nothing. Like I don't know what he's about these that I have to but it's a divided team is making it trip is gonna have to do some. Why. It will be destination place and everybody has loved playing important. Is it gonna take Dirk leaving for them to actually. And he won't give that he's just an ace is very clear that he. Out of the map it's weird I feel like they should be a couple of they're not talked about at the clippers cleared out everything. And the beverage would be a place that LeBron would go. If we can bring multiple players with that Mark Cuban the LeBron probably. Of wonder what LeBron and mark let's think about that NASCAR has a chance. And I can't believe this is a great at it this show's about to do resentment of NASCAR NASCAR has a chance. So really help itself out and bring itself back out into the forefront. Like at least the forefront for national. But I don't even think they even realize. Yeah. Oh well man. Could this. It was a desperate and the mystery. I was watching this this week it's a Daytona 500 it's. This is a grievances and I honestly I wanna keep an eye on this delicate and are with you by the disease so it is Daytona 500. What do Danica Patrick who was lobbed him before the the race Brian Rogers and good luck. See her career in writing these. And raise. And I said this on Monday on the days I said. I don't think she was the biggest star as she that'd be an I think part of it is on her own I think part of it I don't think NASCAR. New had a handle bet and I don't think they. Put it out the best that it could be. And and because this Sheikh this car ability was purchased compete. Okay it do we accept people texted just because she didn't win it dealt with by you know and a man Tim Tebow can't hit. He might be that anybody it's not what he's still aren't baseball. It about it tot when he parts and talked about a baseball and he's back at us at the majors he would at the bit with Smart. But neither does that make that it was enough for her to be a part of this. I'll see how they handle what's coming down the pot because. If you notice the person of the dissect it was. Bubble long list of he is. And I like outlaw. Like Jill I think he gets out outlawed you know don't want to look him up on Twitter. And look. What he is his pin Tweety. Did sit does that tell you what he's about like this guy has come out but he's the first is of mixed kid first basically African American. To really. He is the only one right now to be. A a racer in NASCAR right now consistent. And full time that. And he's about it I wanna be the Tiger Woods. A Mascoll like he is about the ease and racing days he's not kidding around Lackey what's. And I I'll watts are NASCAR handle Danica Patrick and I don't think. That they handle a potential thing that could bring in outside viewers that yes there and its viewers in the sports I don't think they have that will. I want your. Because NASCAR star like there's no other way to put like they struggle and ratings they stronger it and override like people don't care about NASCAR. I've talked about Daytona 500. And there are bad remark that that they're damn. And they got a chance a golden gloves that just claimed it did in 2008 feet. This kid is a Britain does is what is is that in two weeks. I bubble Wallace. There's only one driver from an African American background at the top level of our sport. I and the one. You're not gonna stop hearing about the black driver three years embrace it accept it and enjoy the journey he's ready to go. The numbers of tiger all of golf before tiger. This is the numbers at the different audience at the bigger audience that he brought in bit strange that sport. Now let's say that automatically do the same but NASCAR is struggle. And they've got. It is they that would Danica Patrick I don't think they handled that Lil. Heater and this guy but quit now he finished second. In Daytona their biggest race. Like they've got to hear how this guy change. Next call this could bring in. Outside viewers if they handled this right that they handled this correctly now golf was helped because tiger was just the greatest we've ever seek. There needs some help. To help this but they got a chance to bring in what is what you want to do. In a sport and that is to our right away. To hit casual viewers to give viewers outside of your base at bid to somehow turned that into you debate. And that is what you wanna do at NASCAR had an opportunity would bubble Wallace this guys and racing at this. God is want to be out about it and you've got it's it's an I don't know if NASCAR. We'll know how to handle it or even think that they have an opportunity to change this while. I it's shocking to me at this point to that they all have people. Who can look at something like that and say. This is something that we can capitalize on because we've seen them struggle and struggle and struggle and struggle over the years and they can't figure out why but it's like. Like they pay celebrities. To come to of these races and just hang out and I give them sponsorships. They're gonna hang out of these things because they think the battle help attract viewers and their ratings just continue to decline. I just but I just think that they are still in track entrenched in their base right. Their mark that like their guys did they don't want to mess that there. I think that's where it is but this this guy. And how much he's one to embrace it. On saying he's like he's out front about heat what's to bring this apparently did that they'll curb our car was the other a few weeks ago. Where he was talking about a loan any young we don't need to be pushing these young drives to help. Don't at a plus this guy and they have to look for them and think Danica Patrick could have been a bigger star than what you will they shouldn't have to win a Diem rates they committed she she could have been a bigger stock they got it. Learn from them. And capitalize on this is this it could be. Something that rains cats will people to your sport and that hasn't story lines and listing and. A firm needs. Ted Ted pay attention to these town I visit that probably watch her race but I would pay attention to it. It's 24 he's young the first African American full time driver in the top Ceres and over forty years so once it here listening. And peddling. And turning isn't a sport. Let it say before Tiger Woods start talking about golf there's a lot of people in here who didn't think grabbed the stick and hitting a white ball was something. Some things about baseball to be frank Reich did like this could this could be something it now ask all our. Knew how to Ed thought it looked at this to attack this. It could be some. It could be something. There's a couple of quest do they see it and do they want. That audience they can come with. Beaubois level while. Let me let me get your own coming up at two minutes that's it to that sick soon sport. Yeah. This show would run the show you glean from the MVP electric heating and cooling them you fix these Sports Radio print.