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The Drive
Tuesday, February 20th

Hour 2 started with the guys' take on the trade rumors surrounding Marcus Peters and why Carrington thinks even though they shouldn't trade him, he at least understands why they'd consider it now. CDot also has a Space Jam analogy for Trae Young and the guys bring back Eric Hosmer pick-a-player and Heis' "Big Hosmah" parody song for the final time before attempting to figure out what the hell Scott Boras was saying at the Hosmer press conference today.


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Please assist in advising Chrysler she plants with the TV show ice what was. It is not quit as well as the Simpsons it's one year anniversary of one of the most famous episodes since history is the former act act. On February 20 1992 so this is according that's been. More American homes tune into the Simpsons and added that Cosby show or the Winter Olympics from a Albert was Alpert bill France spanning. President Al does. Actually jumped out of like Albert like Albert and her. But time was that was a fourth place network. And it beat out the Cosby Show in the Olympics is its first ever prime time victory for the fox. BP I thought that's the most popular Simpson's episode radium treatment but I feel it that's what are certainly out there yeah I don't I don't watch the Simpsons and I'm very familiar but I feel like that's the one. Bird or back in the day acknowledgment that was must see TV news the Simpson's house on. It's sort of leave it still. Meet at the Simpsons was a big deal they've always seem to be just had a liquor yeah yeah and we're so that it turning around a controversy. And topics satire and a eventually Sarah South Park sort of became that go to Carlyle. But the fact of the Simpsons cartoon art up an early ninety's still around today is from mark we you guys you guys let's just remember being used by and he each. Of that to me was one of the funniest thing I've ever seen. Because about it to me dollars. I'm a lot of abuse in but it was economize Simpsons like I've never really big in the Simpsons I never really watched the only guy. I never watched future Ramo are a lot of those shows by Dubai visa but it's on everyone kind of has their show when that inundated drama that they kind of follow on that was one the one that leaves about but it was widget. Your favorite she's player markets Peters is in the news this time mechanism that many did in Jay's a lot of four friend of the station of CBS sports tweet Atlanta. And I think while you. Continues stay here shatter that mark is Peters might not be long sports Kansas City. A lot of cheese fans at least during the season were in favor of getting remark as Peter but I felt like as the season progressed. And Peters kind of stop being in the news is much after the jets game. Came back played really well I think. Fans started to see the value of having mark is Peters and at least he'd trade conversation. Had died until the last couple days when it is certainly picked back up. And I expect just given the fact the pro football focus she's in probable talk is written about it and Jason lock them for a has also. Talked about it we won't hear more about it apt to come by and as the count by pixel. This work I'm and will this argues is gonna springboard to conversation. I don't want them to trademark Peters I don't think it's good business trademark is Peter's. I also am not behind the scenes with the chiefs and maybe more going on behind the scenes and I would guess. I would say if you have someone as talented as mark is Peters who was eight under point five year old war only rookie contract. I do seemingly everything in my power to make it work. But maybe that's the point that the chiefs Iraq. If the chiefs are going to look actual rating markets Peters did I do not want in the trademark dispute that allow anyone to say it. I don't want it to America's Peters I think you do everything in your power to make it work. But if you are going to trademark is Peters this is the only time to do. Still two years left on his contract he's still under club control or team control for any team for four more seasons before you have to make a decision on paying them. If you're going to trademark is Peters in any offseason. This is the one to do. We ask you this so that. After years three of the rookie deal you can renegotiated contract right until there's a where to pay. I'm what's your long term I'm wondering how would you. Start to get contract information out of that she's what's going on by this that's pretty levels. Ian Peters sales and our would be here you know I'm not sign a larger deal with. So that I have. And if that's the case which wouldn't surprise me. I settled law and I think he wants to be a raider whether you're in Vegas or Oakland and I think that's when you move because the last thing you want is a guy you're team that doesn't wanna be on your team. No matter how talented he has right I don't listen imperfect world markets Peters to beat Kansas City Chiefs because he's a playmaker he's phenomenal player but. The team can't make or he doesn't want the hear that you got to move. That goes all sorts of problems. If he doesn't wanna be here he's got issues with the team he wants to go and they're not gonna sign a long term deal because you could you could look at from mark is Peter's production on the field. Strictly on the field not the all the field stuff where he's irritated a lot of fans. He says listen I got deserves to be pay. And be paid well after your three. If you look at the entire package if you're the chiefs like this and we'll pay at that's the case that Marcus Peterson I don't wanna be. And so if that's really the situation there right now and I think you have to move addicts the best thing for the team and he's got tremendous value right now. There's absolutely no responsible lead that he doesn't wanna be on the team we haven't seen those reports and I guess I would argue. And high speeds it is and because NBA guy. Look at like the kind of urban situation. I think the way Cleveland played the carrier ring situation is terrible and that was before even knowing what the compensation was. I think it was in the cast best interest to bring tightly back and blunt talk to see if they can fix but the cats management decided. Hey we don't wanna get to that point we got a trade Calgary Irving today and now he's even got absolutely least for the deal. You have all the leverage markets Peter doesn't want to play for you. What is his options is options is sitting out. He's calling out for new Contra. Public sentiment has not decided market beaters ads are elect a top flight corner. No winning teams and cities beating down the door for you to pay more what he's settled on the Marcus theatres as security and he thinks. About it I think mark I think there's about this team thinks. I don't think he cares about what you think I think when I stinks I think he cares about what I think there's the public's needs a public sentiment runs out of sync I think part of public sentiment in getting the contract he's. The chiefs have no incentive to pay a market leader right now yet so I think it would Jamaal Charles the public sentiment was formally decide if the deal done I think that plays in terms of we agree with sub present a different financial situation. Public perception was on hate hate Saudi pays out he pays out beat the royals I think eventually said hey we wanna stand by you you've done everything forced the bank. It's like that she's going to be publicly pressured by the fans the pay market Peter. Think they should get marked to market. A market Peters the season. I see how season for plays itself out heading into the season five before his contract goes up. As a rough estimate of what it's going to be CJ Mosley was the pick before mark is Peter's. The year before so picks seventeen is picked eighteen Doherty of the lead in the year before. So CJ Mosley he seventeen got one point six million dollars and one point 17. Signing bonus. His fifth year option the next season so this is at seventeen the year before eight point seven million dollars. That's what I would really start the conversation about your contracts are got a good eight million dollars fully guarantee. Let's do something with the cat to make your cat number four and a half we want you along terrible turn this into signing bonus. In this upcoming season is the odds are sick doubt Mark Peters and negotiate when you have one more year club control. And two years of franchise tag you don't wanna franchise tag Marcus Spears. But there's no reason that they Mark Peters today if you don't want to. You got updates I retail at the end of this upcoming season you gotta start to look at the rest of your roster what you gonna do that is don't think there's any pressure from the fan base. I just don't think there's any pressure internally to pay a market and what we were talking about this before the show you think a high second round pick is what you give for a is that good enough. You get a second round draft pick plus something else I don't think you get a first round draft pick because I think that Jimmy drop lowest kind of messed up the compensation package like. Teammate this Jimmy Barack low cost why did you view more than what San Francisco gave it to get a franchise quarterback. I think mark is the place he's not quarterbacks on the compensation going to be the same. Alex Smith whose country he played quarterback a third round pick in establish better play and I know younger than him yet I think they're gonna use the framework of what the quarterback position. Trademark is Peter as you get like a forty something pick and you get up in a conditional pick. Later on the second of it I don't that you're upper front graphic from our beat. The fair for me if they had a trading market beaters this. I think is best years are ahead of them I think he's gonna grow up I think he's going to be a really really good player. And if you. You've got to got to go through those growing pains if you're the chief of markets beaters right now and they got the point because we're here all the smoke about a potential Peters straight. Got the play like this he's not gonna change its not gonna work here we got to move on its best forever and that's the case on the favorite trade. I don't wanna trade a guy that's that talented for sure I mean the guy I mean. You know he can make hits when he needs to our right he can make plays when he needs to be can Alter a game we see that countless times ought to be here. No player for the cheese which could be the case you don't then you've got a movement right because that's not good for your locker and that's not good for any. Gets back to attack everything don't you think it's work to try to continue to see what happens over the next couple weeks. Shall seek trade and now a great deal for a any get not listen my guess would be this. Peter is. What of the leeward and top ten top seven core urgently need someone look at so. And he probably thinks he deserves to be paid now and it's not to start talking about that deal based only on the field and I think that's fair and asked that. All the other stuff the comes along with him though cheese like yeah we're ready to go. We're ready to pay right now we have to we're not ready and I understand that part of it too so Peters is sour about. And doesn't wanna be here because of that they start to get into problem. You know player vs team issues. Then you got problems and then again it it's like any relationship you go after girl you watch it be with he would stop trying. Just accept it move on and I'm wondering if the chiefs and user that point. I just don't know Marc spears really has levered with any team. I don't know markets Peters is an holdout situation with the meeting so they traded him as the Olympic team interest rates amid the jets' Mark Peters and are willing to trade. The seventeenth pick I don't know that yet gentle. Yeah I mean and if I mean this. I think you think it's yet it does not like that she's the CNET that your gonna get the argument trademark of god who sings about saying it doesn't. It feels like we'll be here. It doesn't want to be here is what I guess I guess I don't understand why you would think that never seen a report that was Jesse doesn't play until he wants to curator I feel like he wants to go home knows deep ties to Oakland. And the community and it was to be like Marchand did you agree yeah I mean. There's no way that she's trading under the radar of course is gonna have to wait a time to do it yet yield edged. Everything that's gone on Kansas City and some of the backlash he's got fair not fair. I don't think he wants to beat Kansas City I've felt that way for a long time you know so I think he's a great player these terrific play. You know I would love to have that order on my team for a long long time but he doesn't would be here that she's don't want and they got a movement roster asked for problem. Coming up next. The fall on my favorite players a lot this season is being catastrophic and the case you gain yesterday and I had an shifting its Hollywood it is an excellent. The electric costs to the drive. By. Tax lines declined freezer since. You sure a lot of JU games for not being BK vein I'm pretty sure sure I saw you wearing blue well no I was not wearing blue yesterday that you can't. Also said that we need to sort of funny it's the idea of the cave Texas that games I'm doesn't go they went. I've never seen K you've announced you're about four I segment like a lot of people but I've. They've never played competitive game one on the I've always blown the other team goes again I am the worst law pressing ahead of him at the on my bucket list of things that need to CK you lose and Allen fieldhouse idled this this in my season this exchange of see them lose this email I'll I'll I'll never see him now they're the margin of victory their highest margin victory in big twelve play. Eight points at home yeah coming into last night in there like it was an Oklahoma. Like just for January. Once like we realized trio is as good. I called my god like there's only one game I wanna be and I always go to one game a year I wanna see trails and wait for the day for months. The seed straight young player downfield out hope and his buddies yield like. Orbits yesterday. It was terrible I opened up. Remotely terrible. Over the into the bathroom when he it is 13 pointer I mean it happened but no it was absolutely 15 you know it reminded me evidently there's losses watching tray you know yesterday. Spaced him before I seem like parts that he needs are what there's this scene and space museum. Where in the months hordes of take in the NBA stars power. And it's been so it's like Larry Johnson can't play basketball bar. Shot grant still no class John Brantley was interpret it so yeah. Shocking and Shawn Bradley was in Spanish to him. Charles Barkley goes to play basketball with these kits and all your Charles Barkley. And in the eyes that he might partly because a player like Barkley who mourn and this little girl looks up to Charles Barkley is she says that's not our aren't. Certain. It's. Like yeah. This is I thought yesterday about trio. Not the national player of the year this is not the unanimous. All American not on I was pay in the seat. This is not the best player in the big oil. Not even close. So wanna beat looks like straight on straight young was one of the five best players on the court jester whose mission like the better than Sylvia the social played better than in the league Newman played better than him the Gerald bit. Take Graeme do just about everything you wanted to do on the floor as the Oklahoma vote helpless against the Montenegrin yesterday speed was better than yesterday. I've assured trailer the buzz is last night out they've played I didn't want the old stray young back and I am fearful. That we have broken straight you don't confidence wise and saying he doesn't seem to have that swagger to portray young. Good two month run of seeing what maybe the most exciting college players and Kevin Durant. But it does is no longer trading on its just not our. So yeah it's like I'm. And human hair. The straight and come back. So what's your school yet and no chains. Even after even after all this when those things are as dry dock one lap I was. I was sitting next to our our body CJ mourn over bleacher career covering the game and I was asking how much is this gonna changes asked. Arab unnecessarily believer but he he still thinks so go honor. In a top seven to thirteen tree on the. Selfish part of the see him. Would love to see him come back to anybody to leave it is almost it's eight or some. Stay for years look see try and play in the big twelve that he's fun to watch like that this version bullet. Yeah when he's role he's watching the reason looks likes that area there and told me that's your favorite thing to watch the shooters was straight is not. Cash it is better than tray right like the guys all basketball for Oklahoma is not the best in the country night at an argument about player in the country yesterday. I know what's happened I wonder if it's just the weight of happy Carrey's teammates all the time with Oklahoma because I mean IC herbal there. If he touched the ball they help is often the guys a little guys that can create their own shot. Guys can seemingly do anything if you generate offence I wonder it's the pressure and expectations. Up. Just being hired Mike. He's not due to the Vatican says he didn't jump shots anymore he's three of his last 53. Winners like. Is broken right now around like a team that is on the bubble of the NCAA term being the fourth seed what we can. A week ago Sunday a weekend. We'll go being a foresee means double A tournament. I would not be shocked if Oklahoma is in the playing game that's how bad it is god that it's Randy Johnson now and it's and that's. Mean if there's an outside this at least becomes back Alice in public college basketball. I don't know why this is the trio. You come out a statement of days ago I mean I tried for one year. Like next surgery young's gonna magically grow or just the bigger next like I think we see enough for you know which like about what you just like about it. I would say now staying for him only hurts doesn't help at this point he's turned to get paid I. Nicholson that you said during the game yesterday between the stuff agreement that the greatest effect and basketballs played than anyone we've seen in the last forty years. That's part of the reason the trail and even if he wanted to come back. Couldn't come back because you have general managers who see what you read see what they did with train young over the first couple months of the season. And think if we just get him and train him the way in which nutrients that are because the outside shot and come back at work on his handles certainly he gets somewhat better on as defense. We might have this the second coming of curry but he dangerous weapon and how the game is evolving. That's a reason and of itself and to come back. Basketball is changing here is the definition of how basketball's changing mean plus my fear. My biggest fear I was in India general manager would be. He looks like his body is courting the breakdown after 25 college game. But looking game fifty avenue BAC the incident happened occur. Her it was one of those guys that broke down a little bit too he had injury problems is first couple years in the league people still thought it was going to be. A good player certainly not start here three they start to get used to the Indy scheduled to console back track. That's part of the deal for trail in the comparisons to step carry them to keep that carry the entire team and being in an eighteen year old freshman. It's too much. Now leaving him for nobody heard of staff furry insult against Italy are apparently in ray young once hyped up from the very beginning of this. The point I mean he's playing like someone that's bogged down by the expectation on the that's playing betray young. Is not one of the fifteen best players today in the big twelve. Adam Kennedy leads in scoring and assists the same entry that was playing the first time they played case you does not exist right now that he's testing company is not that same swagger like. That he's he just comes off as being really broken right now and I was picked image yesterday. And as they did issue on college street view and everybody's yellen and during the opening ceremony and I'll watch the video for the first time yesterday the person the game to take it said the qualification debated tickets what. Add to watch the video never seen before I had never in on him. It's a great video sort of taking in the experience it's a it's a mind. Brainwashing and really is it wasn't. It will raise about widgets or not it's excellent column but no the video was very overrated it was it was. President Bush or highlights in the more solid shot I've seen them are shot before this that's not that cool music behind and that I was five. My life was deathly not enhanced by seeing the video yesterday. In this I was like sitting in there and I was going like one maybe two out about games a year I don't know how they ever lose a recruit. Now if you're seventeen or sixteen years old and they bring you win for an official visit. And they take you around. And you get to see all the statues you could see all the NBA players that played well you could see the fan base he gives yup people line up. For the games to sit inside or game. And they take the rules of basketball they take to the door and that is it fifteen million dollars on the basketball court a barbershop on the inside. Know how it did at the end of when bill says we want you to play Kansas. How he ever says no you. I assume Duquette the same stuff that Kentucky yet the same stuff so maybe that's the only team that human occurrence to I don't understand how if your Kansas. As a recruit to anybody other than. Duchardt conduct does it happened. It's Saturday Andy Reid was there rob riddles there you have the 2008 national championship team that which unit NBA guys there. What I. I don't get it I don't understand how you can lose a retreat can't singed there's too much history. It's it's it's too amazing of a field house you've got everything you possibly want to even halting coach. I mean those condos like you could put that building on the plaza right and that's how sweet economists are right. So I'm with another San whose greed. It's almost as if you could do that are if you could do it over using train young chooses to it is over Oklahoma and trails a little different exe from Norman Oklahoma Saito. I understand and that's scenario the ability to stay home in the ability to be the big man on campus and I do understand that component for obviously not everybody situations it's aimed at different. So there I'm like in about seventeen years old now I realize of basketball from one. Why would I go anywhere oh god here now. He actually got what happens or you. You come and they rip the newspaper. Everybody's emotion and all this up that's happening this ignorant think in my. Oh. They know you know my son you better. Sun better go to Missouri currently considering anywhere else always knocking on the board yeah. We conceived as he he's not even somebody else he's considering in looking at other options that its inception adapt and always known and he's not even looking at other options but. Options don't go to take you somewhere like hey you can. I got Kentucky that same thing loud and it's almost up just decay is that Hogan the daughter and she's a golfer. An enemy in what some broker for articles or what's not to be a cheerleader to be on the bay atheist scientist is someone else they have an education really that concerned about what she has the do. Coming up next we get into our favorite non baseball moments regarding air out. We need for all the 9135767610. We found every pick a plan that we've ever got Erica has to do pick the play without. And excellent. It's in baseball Sunday at 216 and Sports Radio. One categories. In movies it's the tee and second time today didn't you got through running backs. How you handle the pressure confident there's Roger. Julius used to play your yeses slider for help on the drive. Back at all you need to mark caller to 91357676. Stint. We have Eric Hosmer take the player all the pick the players we've ever gotten air guys would do and after today. They're gone deleted will never hear from them again there's also a song. The will never hear from again back in the old days aiming. We had a contest on the show. Where I had to come up with my original royals song. And hikes had to cope with the original royals on. I handle like second bonds no I like big but by certain excellent she said it sacrificed Bosnia the candidate didn't win the competition did not. But. Ice made is old song. That. I think that it shorted on iTunes that's how popular was these Kansas City streets. Are different things. Aaron prize winner. Eighties and today without angry allow me. To move into the rocks but then they moved back to them. The fate in the revered rat them out the back of. There is behind the press conference we had seven pass it adds. We just because. Oh wow that's why why get on the phone we know that. Not saying I've got more speed at this moment. We'll meet these days it doesn't object greens noting that means he's got humbled and proud rest. No one ever jump into the it's hot and now this. I'm out of units. And. Yeah Hanson. Okay. Voters. And Obama's history. The mission statement I crave and pray today. And that's it. That with this movie sounds a big I'm telling you it was. The most request that this was there I was puzzled I was listen 031 day it was the number one song and not alienate I mean. It was at Drake beyoncé I mean I knew there was that was. The timing of the city that big was the hottest songs. On the charts do you think the guys who did done a better job of the National Anthem. And you know that Fergie. We actually had icing the National Anthem before really yes guys are just like mix that up to me it's like down moments that are challenging the kind of makes an opening sentence sound we don't know that was that was like. In the production studio. Okay it wasn't any Reeve Berber anything that was hours. Ago we had we had Toby recent audio before. A pricing in the national into the truck as you begin to. To reach out that so we have an idea. That one of its tool on the sense that in here I'm gonna guess. In July and August they're going to be struggling for attendance. I am noting it and I will pass it along. I'm gonna guess that not a lot of people are gonna be excited to watch is losing baseball team at the royals an appeal this year. If they could give us our own drive data create our promotion and we have like emailed contests and a phone contest for promotion. And see if we can make that happen at Kauffman Stadium I still like they're gonna beat each trying to do to the ballpark right now yeah trying to dribble. Now those are great ideas guaranteed and. I heard someone tell me yesterday and I can someone tell me that right now on the website and ten dollar tickets to see the Yankees on the weakness and that's not a hero. Cold War secrets on the royals dot com. And not take this to watch the but with all yesterday from. So who's the guy. These goods or some dude just. Object to tell you saw me if that's. Attendants. Meet this idea we're gonna give birth rate the. It's right by that would warm like that what you guys that's perfectly set yeah is regular content that about Brazil. Is that we GAAP we. Enacted today it will delete them and average year from here as a player. Every game we go to Tony Casey Kate's own you know. All right we got 12 or number. All right we. Reality TV shows different reality TV shows and game in 152 Tony the remark it's. Real world road rules are pure. Real housewives rolled out ever there. But I see. You know people. Is real husbands is Alicia I. Never I think that's a shelf I'm an adult show I think their real husbands as the show I mean they have real just about everything you could have said would lead. Real you realized as a Hollywood as a show on C actually like a Tony for sentenced. I am now a real old man baseball players Johnny that would be held in Korea know that is. That sits alone tax on says I don't care how bad they think it will be the royals will be the second wild card mark my words. Can we. American currency I had a I'm loved to send your information Booth that six guns or stock common we will be in about some Baikal in Iowa. I'm related whenever you ambiguous about Canadian currency dollar out you'd like to see the Canadian bills like plastic yeah they are not I've seen rob been to Toronto before yes I've seen the American currency. I get this ice reality TV. Survivors. Maybe bachelor. A couple. The voice. No idea that the. Who smoked plus fall for. Casey. Eric Hosmer not watching holes held it in his free time. Tonight it's now. 212. Are all. New war. In reference to a new mark. It's set. Up. Also lowered this rate payers. QB. Bananas. Celery. Tomatoes. Cherie. Strawberry. The opera are Al. So the salary. The price of a fruit though. I didn't look at which you. I got nines are we got nine are right let's see of Eisner is eating well balanced in a real well nutritious meal with his fruits and veggies. Mango pineapple. Orange and watermelons. Kiwi. Cantaloupe. Great. Who that nine out of nine we got nine had in our Alley in raids and you've been eliminated from the game Colin Italy some that you are up next. You got two or full or take it. Are things on a golf course how many different things we got the perfect judge in this in we read fanning. Things on the golf course college got fifteen seconds remark did sic go. Cities. Flag. Who wrote it. Armored offered it. Golf balls and dressed. To do we got him for steps Rihanna for rodents was that. That is good I mean it was a good when it wasn't I mean it was if you're gonna go on geez man if Oregon that was a half court poll when you wrote and don't like that that's not that's got a good shot but it's not a good shot because they accepted gators. Yeah I would have a dance floor of their all over the place Florida South Carolina flew in the south our house is rich so I assume he's played golf pretty frequently let's hear Basra noses things on the golf course. If golf bag driver partnership for clean the cleaning the clubs with the in the game that. It fills in the dirt aggressive to be fitted golf cards. Pencils and school are. And important and spike and what is the what is the thing that you fill in the Davids with this award is that typically what they haven't golf color it's I think it's mixed with like stand. And and in grassy so when you make him give it a golf ball and he has served pour that back in there helps you know plant grass and kills all what's the name. I guess that's an English is divot replacement dinner stuff I just know again not just like dot I assumed it at a name as well I don't know what is I just noticed made it's like sandy grassy price for. All right let's see year. We've done it yet nine all right so long hot one album by three arm about it I confuse myself. Our answer endless brings you have. Cartoons or cartoon characters are going up against Eric house of these the last aired how has her pick players. You've got fifteen seconds injured when your mark get set go move. Yeah me now. Nick Micky mouse Donald to be. And you get more in the market and we vehicle third. By quality. Over. Not. A pulpit into account. No novel is great but not a and I count him as they've ever diner. I got him down for a nines by his well he was a big legions guy you can tell you a whole lot of Nickelodeon a whole lot of Cartoon Network cartoons that are missed that there but nine. Might be good enough to win and he needs Eric Hosmer to get five or less for his. Chance to go see. Boom operator on March the seventh that Alamo draft house Eric Hosmer let's see how well he does is cartoons or cartoon characters had a nice. Those that have regrets. On packet data there. Two feet. Alone. Arnold. What's Arnold. That cartoon on Nickelodeon called hey beautiful boat you know. I don't four plus I need to have been or forty plus five count bugs but you really complete its own either way he's in the and he says by the way usual answer is. March 2. Alamo draft house don't coming up next to and tell us what the hell's Scott Boras was talking about what played audio next immigrant yeah. MVP electric heat in. You open the drive presented by think. Coming up at 4 o'clock. They said without that Moses. Call yeah eight. But you don't want that there's somewhat asking the bear that it is an excellent sellers on the show is aware that what I'm aware that on. I'm ready for coming up at 4 o'clock but. Today. Everyone's favorite sports agent Scott Orr spoke today about his client your house resigning a new contract I just want. Anyone to explain to me what in the hell Scott Boras is talking about. This is Eric Hosmer in my socks his agent Scott Boras talking about. Well here you go the organization is one that. I referred to earlier about it's it's. It's volcano. Of hot. Talent lava. Had. Two. Turned out lava in the Major League rock. That's that's a hard thing to do. It is these are very very difficult thing to do there's many men in many people in baseball who work. Who spent so much time and effort and drive to do it. We take it for granted we hear so much about many many great young athletes that come. And the prospect. Deceit turned into. A franchise. Player and what Eric Hosmer brings is that he's went through all that kansas'. He along with you know many people were all prospects they were too that. That Major League lava. And they turned into championship rocks and when you have a young veteran champion. I think your chances of guiding loved it and it rocks are pretty good and I think that's the the destiny that. And the play and then. I think Peter Rodman. HA. Are you. Do you all credit comes the time you put in do. Knowing who Eric Hosmer is about his family and what he is a teammate. Who is a person is I think it's going to instilled with a lot of players here. A real spy line. Two he can't find a baseball and to find a man that it's this accomplished. This young. This disciplined and and has so many attributes. In addition to his playing skills. And I'm so pleased that. Our modern day analytics. Our proven wrong by the fact that we sit here today. And well they don't reward great players like Eric Hosmer. The prestige that he brings to game was recognized by ownership. By AJ. Who slightly in the Atlantic's. And ahead here who is. Who who bring to a game of completeness. And I think that in our industry we add prestige in the value whatever player can do. I think as we go forward you know Eric Hosmer will be an example of why we need to do a little bit more beyond. Algorithms. And a little bit more in the human appraisal. To really show what value players and bring different shots. I got all the respect in the world for Scott Boras and things up boards is the most powerful agent in Major League Baseball the NBA in the NFL. I had absolutely no clue what's couple hours was talking about. It sounds like we were on the magic school plus and he was missed for those trying to explain to us about the center of the peace like rexrodt. That's legitimately you know he sounded like. Talking about championship bracket lock up. And that's what he was talking about. These drugs is it the Padres are volcano that's about ready to burst. It very easy. Today let me let it was it a lot of OK you know would rush out how she polar capital Kabul that he's able. Heist is Majorly home now this isn't weird. Banning Valentine's Day advice and just talk about Major League lump don't know what's dust or incident that we was hawking. Right right apps it. He explained to me what Scott Boras has to the logging fourteen and 2015 we experienced. Major League lob Kansas City. He's saying that the about to get in San Diego OK and then it was the turn in the Chiat usually rock. And I think he made Eric how does sound like he was billed the science guy. I don't think outline how do you think mountains are built and you're like the volcanoes erupt in the mountain anomalous I didn't know what was the line app in the and I just I'd still text on 69306. You're calling it one I just. I wanna know something was happening what Scott Boras trying to communicate its us. Coming to manage all I'm ready for its time a new addition is caring saying I hater coming up on the drive. The drive presented by 610 Sports Radio.