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The Drive
Tuesday, February 20th

In Hour 1, the guys kicked off the show with their perspective on Eric Hosmer officially being introduced in San Diego and they also get into how it's never been more clear that Hosmer has been the Royals primary objective all offseason. They also get into KU's dominant win vs Oklahoma and despite all the ups and downs, they're still likely to be a 1-seed. They wrap the hour with a few thoughts on Fergie's national anthem and the new rule changes for baseball.


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Presented by Dick. The Padres over the weekend report telling me. Position is that mr. Eric eight years 100. Oh million dollars seven big league seasons all with the Kansas city of course a couple of pennants and a World Series. In 2015. Cool to put Kansas back on the to realize that a group of corporate guys that came up through the system and really just came baseball for the organization here could bit controversial. Wings and drives it. Did you know. Aaron I'm right. Bullpen. And the overall I don't. Have come up with a seven runs in the last. 96. It was awesome because. You know these guys when first god you visions we've. Would that do and that's who we talked about how special winning this. Broken bat one hopper to third. The first time renovated right. I've heard handling of The Today Show. On the throat of thirty days and the royals have tied the game. No matter where many of us and you know anytime we step back into the stadium. Whether or receiver another two. You know that ovation and I love what we're really different fans you'll never go away I think that's something that brought this extremely proud. Heard two other ships in this series. Of course sending my. I'll Wear reputation in these parts it's that stone. Eric Roberts of Kansas City much. And if you have anything. To say otherwise if you hear anyone say otherwise. These next few days it's just missed. You know I feel that guys over there that won the world championship and created. You know championship you know you never want us in just a lot on them apart from those guys and not rude or. Here in San Diego. And trinkets he would always. And if you. If you grew up. Guarantee Harrison. And then. And I. Let's do it as another day. Learn another. Even snubbed at the bit for the show. This show. The last three months. Casey it's like to be here Paula I'm Eric Hosmer decided to sign with the baseball team and I guess some people say sadly. Fervent on this residences and only good thing. And Eric Hosmer is not back the royals over the course of the next four ounces to drive. Cared to see here big nice producer of this thing creator of the open and feeling a little pollutants and they no pun intended the one the only branch and I don't think. Them. Got down a bit. Plus I cracked my skull on the doorway loves going to the bathroom last night moment and thought I needed stitches and has been a rough. 3648. Hours no enemy to pass concussion protocol for the out I didn't think I did not sure sounds. Actually dumb mistakes not childish thing I've got Jackson committed at one time you'd. Twisted your ankle. Baseball and you're on the fifteen day DL as a hybrid stated the that was that was a series of I got an emotionally more emotionally. Her today and physically. I got a feeling today is gonna be a good show one of the top text messages I see is. It's snowing here in Seattle I got away from Casey to avoid this note WTO. I'm not the geography major but I would imagine in the winter going north to get away but the snow is not really a course of action that you could bottle. Would be much action as edgy with the Miami and it was 41 degrees and equipment hell yeah. You close candidates shockingly it was called there's a big mounds around Seattle to Matt Glover had a bit there yeah. I have heard it yet so yeah I can't believe it's snowing. Closer to the Canadian border we got a lot to do it in Su in today's show obviously Eric Hosmer is the big topic we will get to that momentarily. Coming up at 230 last night was yet another addition into the big twelve Twilight Zone at 3 o'clock. The big fought all news of the day mark is pre Peters trade rumors will get to that. Prices compile all of our favorite non or on the field moments regarding air house. This will be the last time that we ever play highs is paired song big house Marines today you got a chance to hear that at 330 and I'm gonna be called hater inevitably at some point the show. Will get to that but where we have to start today show. We have finally figured out the destination for one Eric how it is not the Boston Red Sox it is not the Kansas City Royals he is going to the scene Diego Padre yeah. I just re tweeted a picture houses out of the field and Padres gear right now taking grounder to first base. What a night when I first found out about this. I mean my initial reaction was this it was right for all the size but the one of to me. Is still in the back LaMont Oz got paid which she's completely fair I'm happy form right. Bus dressed for six years to get free agency deserved to be able to choose where you wanna go and make it kind of money you earned the Padres to me. Are seizing on an opportunity. To take control the sports star market philosophy NFL franchise. A date more at least it appears to be offered as much as he was allowed to offer to keep a franchise player. The frustrating thing for me is this and this is on the finale of at all said this is way and you know you hear the window closed the latches lie all right the frustrating thing for me to Kansas City you know lifelong royals fans will always beat us. It's when your team grown as a great player and that player out Croshere team to helpless feeling as a fan. But unfortunately it's reality for a so last Bailey really made the right decision OK I really hope that's what they did because sometimes. Deciding to not invest in caution more in the long run like what if here's what it right. What possibly the pod race to multiple World Series. What are the Padres. Instead of the royals are getting the best years of Oz his career and the royals were outed by another small market team. I would have at least been able to process and deal with this a little bit better you guys are much applause all right I want them kids and what available process and fuel is better. If you went to the Yankees the Red Sox Dodgers cubs in the angels' eighteen as much money Oprah right. But the royals essentially got outbid by team has just like. They got outbid by eighteen lab players outgrow it. Just like they outgrow. Kansas City in the royals. To me that's the most frustrating thing for me right now and improbable happen in my lifetime but I dream of the day this outscored right but I dream of the day when win win. Players don't outgrow Kansas City. You know that's what I want to happen because I don't. I wish Pozen is still in Kansas City I wish the royals and all with the dreamland here and maybe I was living. Not a real life when the royals were ordered back to back World Series and maybe I thought things were gonna change in Kansas City little bit financially. I actually they did and he spent more money they lost more games. But I dream of the day when players don't outgrow its that's the most frustrating thing for me I. Feel like Dayton Moore when he sat down with us Symbian fans gave us the answer to your house is going to come back. That in retrospect maybe we didn't see it at the time. We are a fan fest you remember I sat down and I asked him my biggest concern for the contract these. I don't think these contracts or good fourteen like the rule. In Dayton Moore looked at me and said probably not. Now based on what we know when I think more credible information. Vote oil's best offer was five years a hundred billion dollars that's like if you go to best buy you off from 300 dollars were new MacBook. Sure you all for something for the MacBook but you didn't come close to what it. What the retail value was and what it's worth on the street. Like you're 100 million dollars you're never that serious about resigning air house so I just think it's your way to go would have questioned the oil. Betting that he doesn't become because that you think how is everything that we had been told he was the last couple weeks. We heard a lot of fever eligible eatery was you'd think he's more than three most viable players and baseball. You offer more than five years 100 million dollar because we all knew. He was never signing that deal if we had known that number three weeks ago we never even entertain the possibility of coming eighteenth city. I don't know how you say notes the contract offer he got from the Padres he got the five years 100 million dollars the world's gonna offer you you little warmer climate. In fort valley conference that starts to heat up when it starts to get warmer I made it helps the first half numbers could become an all star or more frequent basis and what he's been so far. And then you get I would say a nest egg you get three years 39 million dollars sold something goes terribly wrong you break a leg you end up getting hurt. You got that 39 million dollars coming regardless of what happens to you. You can roll the dice get aids or three years old and roll the dice it shall get more than three years 49 million dollar contract. I see why I went to the San Diego Padres and I'm not Santa Auburn doesn't care about winning I'm not saying that his priorities is to win another championship. But I think free agency afforded the luxury of get the best deal that you can possibly get the Padres offer by fall far and away so they talked about prospects in this. Hot molten blob prospects know you went to the San Diego Padres because they offered you wave more money than any other team was willing offers yet understand why. Did I get it I guess you know like here it is is essentially this and he said this new numerous times to take this right. The deal it's got imperiled out. That increased payroll that live beyond their means and and it didn't turn into wind and didn't turn into playoff appearances after they went to the World Series and wanted in 2015 so the boss and says. Listen. There's not a lot of money got to live. Look at how you spend it but here's what you got and that's all you're getting. You know so. I think a hundred million boxes about all the could Muster. My idea of the contract for Oswalt in five and in the once 45 to 130 range because again that offers and the chance to be. A free agent again at 35 there also forces the royalist eagle hyper space rebuild mode. To get it done inside of that five year window now completely moved on from and I understand that. I fully understand. And why not with the Padres I fully understand why the royals couldn't match that offer and didn't wanna match that offer I get it. I just hope the glass and made the right decision on this because. You'll look at what the royals and while I don't think the covered as his bears everybody seems to think it is with the guys are gonna field on this team. And it's a much different look you know there are still important roles hold out hope it and if you get a bill. Johnson making that pillar like San Diego is doing the he's got a chance to get better quicker. I just locate. What I thought was. I thought this was going to be a weakness for Dayton Moore. They clearly have built themselves on family and community and all the other things. I question the Dayton Moore or management was going to be able to tell Eric Hosmer no. We're not willing to jump but are our future to have you around we'd love to have you here. I think if you set a hard line at 500 million dollars and we want to make you highs pay royal it will offer you legacy in the chase they have a statue and it seems to be the next door Brett era games city. I think Dayton Moore played about as realistic as humanly possible. My biggest argument this entire time was going to be show me examples of contracts like that that worked for the I love five years 100 million dollars I don't think that would have been crippling. There's a 0% chance that the royals could of ever offer the 7147. That was rumored the 7140. That recruitment for the Padres or what the pod raise the offer right now because the absolute worst case scenario would have been for the it's hot and ends up being a player that you think he's going to be and then he hits you over the head five years later in the same contract negotiation. And then where you could about a for the seven for 140 he hit you for essentially hated 200 million dollars over the lifetime in over the lifetime of the deal. So why I genuinely think the royals play it right and I applaud anymore. For thinking yeah business over sentiment because I think it would have been very easy. To overpay for all the intangibles the same way that I think the Padres overpaid sport and I'm happy that the wells looked at Eric house Merck. Like a business is not good business for the royals the sign the concert a pod resign. Terrible bit as a sign of bikers were 100. But it certainly more manageable and the five years one of five contract he does got the Padres with a three year 39 dollar contract in case anything goes wrong. In the silver lining in all this right now if any could be better actually right now the royals have three picks. Inside the top 33 in this year's draft so you essentially have 31 round picks right now. You've got the eighteenth overall pay the other 31 pick. A compensation for Lorenzo Cain and I hit number 33. With compensation for Kirk Osborn of moves into a big deal over fifty. Over fifty name and you're gonna have four picks inside the top forty more than likely so I mean there is somewhat of a silver lining to a blood. Yeah which is the banality of today and the finality of it today means another really good player outgrew can't. City coming up next the royals made it very clear from the beginning that they were set on Hosmer. But they weren't settled their other top tier free agent in Dayton Moore said that will get to it necks on the draft yeah. The electric heat into the studio the drive past an eclectic. Back in on the dry. I last night with another addition the latest installment of the big twelve Twilight Zone and one of the more popular and talked about teams in college basketball is all one of the above will gets of that coming up two thirds. Rate does not everything over the weekend and see that I came across some audio from CJ and ask you former. Big league pitcher he was on MLB network radio on series at Sam. And there's a couple of things in here and played for them react cabinet table at the office. He's been a really fascinating creates a case this year he's been talked about by so many people. And there's been so many varying opinions about it which has been kind of an arrest that when you look that are prospering. And a guy coming off a career year. Not everybody completely sold Nazis good players council to good player he's a difference maker but it the question McCain to what level. To what level are you gonna pay him what class you really put him in. The last two years the whole month that they can offer him a little bit or is it back to back years the 25 that was new for him and never been a huge power guy pretty steady hitter over the course of his career guy who get on base a specialist he gets settled in after those first couple years. I'm in Kansas City the Kansas City Royals. Who saw him first hand for all those years in his career so far really liked him and Steve Phillips talks about that'll time how's the team that just had this free agent treating him. In free agency and they want him back and I think that to tell you everything. That you need to know. Yeah exactly mean that to me. Tells you everything you needed now I just re tweet tweet from Bill James the Saber metrics guy all right talk and Annie had sort of a cryptic tweet about it. Al Hosmer blew up analytics and got a 144 million when the analyst community thinks that he's not that great baseball players at least defense. I would see genachowski said it was really interesting in the Steve Phillips party's former general manager of the New York Mets believe it works in in candidate now for TSA. Talked about the way. What the way she could find out about how good of a ball players and how much people want in his how his current team treat him. Once he hits free agency and the royals were willing to give him a contract worth twenty million dollars more than the largest contract if they've ever given anybody which was outscored deal. For 72 million I think that says a lot but. Also says I also think it says a lot about moose and Cain and with the royals thought about them here's state more. We have just recover to we like a great deal. It's played well for us. We feel that it's his opportunity his time. To become that consistent producing Major League player. We also homered closure and we selected as the first round talent who we like a great deal as well. And he has some versatility as we know but he's somebody that that we drafted as a shortstop knowing that he would play third base is complacent first. He's he's developed into all the winning outfielder left field right field so. You wish like we have some options there there are still players that are available. Depending on what the acquisition cost isn't in terms of contracts that what we'll continue to look at. You know right now that's were prepared to do internally. So Dayton Moore basically saying. No one moves not gonna happen so for the for the factional royals fans out there that think while they didn't get they get odds. So nice to spend that money on booze and have been right there look at Jessica opera goes back to it. He genachowski was was paraphrasing that was Steve phils once said which how does the team think of the guy that just went free it's got a big group and they got it they raised. Royals lower house back they made virtually no effort to get moose had to go after Cain. I think there's two park way to look at. What CJ Newt how's he says. I would say number one. I had been arguing from the beginning. I Osborn is a really good baseball player. I think he was going to get paid like a great baseball player. The pod race paid aired out like he's a great baseball player they gave more money up front in the royals date and they are willing to have that insurance clause in there really that only benefits Eric out of the player option for the 339 not a option. So it ever goes up there and he kills the next five years we agree he's not resigning with he's got he's an opt out. If he's bad and something happens is you're still going to be stuck paying overboard so this deal for Eric Osborn the Padres is very slanted towards their odds were not very beneficial for the Padres. Let's end up being able league baseball team. It like a good baseball player five years a hundred million dollars which you paid good baseball players. Great baseball players get more than that I'm happy that the royals at least in my estimation properly attributed what kind of baseball player he was and that. Willing to pay Hosmer for the off the field stuff. Be in the face of the team all of us thought they were not gonna over extend themselves. Paying a good two really good baseball player like he was a great baseball than what is it moves that they're ready to go after. I guess that's that's got a I got does he Phillips that my secular parties at the advantage. Now openly telling you they're going to be bad next year. Mean any reasonable they're gonna go out and spend this extra money now for agency to bring back moves the goal at the moment free agent market Logan mores and they are opening week telling you they're gonna state next year. You were not complete and this year we're not compete this year this year is about seeing what we got with all these other guys. Talk about being active in free agency now been talked about other options I think that's really what it says I don't know necessarily it's a negative begins boosting Cain. I think it's more what. There are laws we now see what their plane was built plant was the only person that we wanna do it is error we're fine it was starting over regarding everybody else. Could it up barges back onto your sixteen million dollars itself like if you want it moved you can go get a right now because most about to go for chump change on the dollar. I don't think that one McCain's contract and I can't really blame him five years eighty million dollar. Especially when you outscored in forty million over the next couple seasons Saudi gets a raise Duffy contracts released Gore's camp have a Kennedy made it 20 yeah. The pod race wanna pay out like he's great the royals only look at him like he's good in the second parties. And that cut you just played he's openly telling you are going to be bad image you like you say hey listen these other guys saying he's bracing for the fact that they're gonna went seven games but they're gonna get valuable experience for the young guy yeah. And my ceiling for this team is between 75 anyway and if they get to that does say a man held a job. All right if you get to 758 wins in that division within improving team twins team and a really good Indians team. Then you're smoking right now they have a legitimate first baseman or tweeted earlier today from spring training that led talk more about putting wit. The first thing if this if this team wins eighty games like if this team win as many give us like failures to seal net when Baylor review your mind. That this is not an eighty when roster to. Since day I think it's more likely this team moves the hundred games in finishes over 500 like it. I think I think I think you're. I think based on what we saw last year I agree with you because you wanna get more basal layer is year to this year absolutely if you are plug and outscored each year to this year. Absolutely you know I mean those guys have got to have bigger years that's the bottom line end. We solid copper filled in for Lucy got playing time every single day after most lose the Chicago and when that with that collision with Cordero. Was pretty good. So there's a lot of questions that need to be answered on this team I don't think so layers as bad as I've. I'd said he was especially offensively I shall we don't think Gordon is that bad so I mean if these dudes actually have the type of years that they're capable of or at least. Slightly below what they're capable of out to gonna be as bad as we think they are now I'm going to play. I didn't know how liquid ice and I know Europe consumer. I write this down that tell me where you think they'll be better this season than they were last year I guess. At the 25 man roster they'll be worse at seventeen of the spots. First base. I would desperately works at second base just 'cause I mean last year Witten airfield without stating if he takes a step forward and Tony 180 my goodness. You gonna Chase Utley if he gets better at second base shortstop I assume will be about the same third base I assume the worst left field maybe available to better Satterfield will agree W worst bullpen it's going to be worked like where they better I think. The rotation Kabila that aroused at this conversation you know in it didn't text chat with a bunch of my buddies last night like where's the pitching this'll make our relief until I got hurt had ever riverboat. So if it Kennedy was hurt with a hamstring Duffy couldn't stay healthy. You know so hard as lead humans like that that stretch of fact it's a fair point. You know who moved first half of the season wasn't all yet your eye with you on that I can't see Hammel Kennedy cards being bad. All three of those guys and the dove he's gonna have a better year you know her interview with the this morning Duffy had all those abolish it clean out of his arms and he's been dealing with two bad years. Think going to be as bad as everybody thought I certainly don't think they're playoff. Coming up next last night was the latest installment of the big twelve Twilight Zone plus. One of the big teams in college basketball is all won the bubble we tell you who's next on the drop. I don't like when something bad happens the show with the sea ice skates whenever something happens there though. Offering Tiki gets kind of makes it worth the three secondly if you instantly show. Did you see what happened at three seconds he is waiting on the music to play on the hill like yeah man get like a deejay trying to mix a record and if it's going back and forth. College until we guinier had heard I saw you when your. Actually saw him and his wife and answer and they were celebrating something and he like and like fried zucchini for the first time. Guys know essentially Niger well no you you went up the album I'll tell you exactly and I wrote about it we went out for our. Like mob belated dinner from my wife's dad Brent join us them. And she decided at the restaurant there whereas if you wanted to try black and that call. Themselves off the same thing that not mean why's that yeah. Like socialist or cauliflower that he call yummy too and that's the group is like this really helps you it's his life. He was nice I am feeling they'll listen to my next movie. Is that true this is a young guys and I'll be absolutely missing young don't go check. I'm gonna check and see what was posted you know that you put that it's the face he puts that phase in he put his young lives with with with the tongue emotional dusty disk. The only thing I like it uses lasers like like golf course of all. It does does and I have yet. I wasn't it you wanna know woods not my cup but see what's that. Price. It's time. For another edition of the big twelve Twilight Zone. Hearing how. Team was from everybody. Pay any of the fans. From the tax line for the callers months I've heard every one tell me how this case you'd seemed doesn't measure wrote to all the other room. This is the dune can you year. All my goodness case is about to go once he got all of us this was much ado about nothing. I'm at and trying to tell you for months. Does the same case you'd seen as always. Put everybody can tell me how wrong and wounds because he's used to from. What's different about it and we're now one game away and gave way in the big twelve game are the big twelve regular season title. In one game away from the beginning once it. Yeah. Dame and Texas Tech suffered a major T forgot about key players. It's a one game playoff oral one seed this is the same. KU team. I've always seen their hit threes now they're playing with confidence. They got swagger back hole yesterday they beat up Oklahoma. I just can't believe so many of you fell for another edition of big time. Goes back to Jonas did screw up everything. I'm all. Do you think that K you will shoot 55%. From three point and the rest of the way no probably. Oh god it's sixteen its point I K you. Looks like a once he'd donate it to three and Oklahoma guard and one of the crazy things happen even more crazy than shooting 55% from three last. Actually rebounded and the re all last night would say much but he's out rebounded. I think we took every single player. Our person here at sixth and sports and played Oklahoma yesterday I think we score sixty but you think that alleged intent I have a new ad like this is not rebound I give you. I like 148 yes well I think that fortunately and absolutely could add 148 yesterday. Here's here's the other thing too now. He's stooges are easily for the team's best game. And I throw out the worst game that's pretty much that what they are in between K you shoot 55% from three like rock stars. And they look like a once he'd have like the national champion when they do that. Shooting 68 point nine egg and happen very often. All right it'll happen against Oklahoma maybe part of that too is well. Awards on Saturday 2008 national title. That's like. You know and god father to I think it was and frank and angelenos get credited you know testify in front accountant congress and Michael Corleone brought in his brother from Sicily. You know to sit back there are also frightening and deadly turn into a different person. That's what that is the case you. You got Josh Jackson yesterday. You had the 2018 there. On Saturday you major college getting his Jersey retired last night you've got all these other factors in both of those games were well. And on top of that we those two. As the PIs like the big thing college that's right that's the way. You know that the top sixteen essentially came out in the committee that a last a week ago Sunday. UB three teams in the top ten right now other not and can't. Xavier third in the RP Rhode Island eight. In the or Ireland and you know once I'm sick and they are just Nevada is and they all marvel at the moment teams don't or thirteen thirteenth in college basketball. I have a better RP or equal RPI Kansas. So what Katie looked great last night and phenomenal last night like thirty over Oklahoma get it all I get that. Play with Allen fieldhouse referees. Love that I'm playing well field rep freeze its spread said margin and losing in Texas I don't know what to find out what he had Evans injuries data it would tell injury. But he's gonna get really typical. Also let's not only am I you're not bolt stretched. Three inch ultra grant date so yeah. Business and true but it is now you're telling me and I think you wouldn't even wave to you that I. If they win on Saturday they are eating it once NCAA bottle that and that once it depends on what they do they're gonna wind picked twelfth tournament if they go red let's see if they do it. So when the big twelve and I would say yeah boring a first round exit in the big twelve target which on the tap into your. I think they're good enough to win one game in the tournament case he was getting a one seed means finding a week or two seed. You you. Think they're a one C last week didn't they were getting antsy I can tell you there when the conference coming. You can get ones how many free throws in West Virginia shoot on Saturday orientation do you shut 35 I was given him an extra one yeah. So. Bulky stuff that happens now if you prosecute you look great last night phenomenal what the KG once yelled to the blocked shots get rebounds. And there are ready to answer for. Missouri. Is up. Is it happens Alan I. I he other. The play Texas Tech and Allen fieldhouse and all okay that's what he's going to be much more typical all right listen if you look at that eighteen last night that looks like a one C. I don't think they are easy they just want our. So I don't. Once you're not getting the once you of course elected he wants to shank is the case you if you don't want to see it it's because there today you it's now because the really really good. It's even at work they're doing it to see yeah I would normally played. Ashley little war based on the latest latest last week I would agree with you on that and I it has been sitting here Alan you. All season we've known this is going to happen to people believe their team can you patent. Attacks on dual mode or have argued the 2018 with them in Lubbock. Ensure a better show up to judge Jackson. And Elijah and all of a better show up with a letter jackets sit in the front row right. On the bench and got it that they're gonna win the big twelve I just again seems like that's the only way that those gadget play on the level that we think the kid. KU since problems are emerging absolute. With a wood and a mix of an epic yeah you. Were all as you don't say you would you saw continued guitar yeah blog this. You are always the first one I saw. Saying there was some Muddy Waters for Oklahoma Oklahoma is on the ball like there is no other way to put it out eight at eleven now I don't care. What the committee said last week or two weeks ago now when they adamant the foresee. Oklahoma now finds themselves six and eight in the big well they're not one game the entire month of February and the last Oklahoma and was January 30 against Baylor they are now in session one of the big twelve tournament. Oklahoma is in danger of missing the NCAA tournament I don't care act trio he's got the best player in the country today. Maybe he was five weeks ago maybe he was in November the best in the country is not for young right now I saw yesterday. Of the five best players among residents feel about it. I'll still be. This looked better than tracing his socialist and yesterday heated mix like at a stretch yesterday that Tyson I was there like Dwight Howard it. Jim Leach would he look like it should block White House yesterday then. It was incredible. I just can't believe you're gonna continue to fall for the latest installment. Of the big twelve. And it happened you took. An annual gala. You know. On a problem that. May shoot 5055%. From three and when they go all the little public they're not gonna. Have 35. Three free throws and have Texas Tech issued two well known as double fault things that happened in the last two games for you. As for Oklahoma yeah other mess right now they're absolute train wreck which is why pay no attention. And it's sweet sixteen that the committee for about a week ago Sunday it's at Oklahoma was a foresee that the battle over on all of the Kansas wrong. Well I mean they're they're gonna get Kansas right it's going to be a one seed in the NCAA turner they keep on senator Collins in the last night. Coming up next an awful lot of stuff we missed while we were off for President's Day yesterday including. One of the most moving rendition of the National Anthem that America had ever heard we didn't do it next on the ground. Indeed the electric yeah studio the drive past an eclectic. Back in on the drive something. Less than ten minutes we'll get to the pop pleasing to you which is to reprise of the 3 o'clock. We'll get it soon Marcus Peters trade rumors there's been a lot of smoke. About them cheese potentially moving on from there in my opinion storm water mark Peter talked about that coming up at 3 o'clock. But. Maybe you heard it he did maybe Watson may be added. But. Alexis. Did the National Anthem at the NBA all star game this Sunday. And for some reason unbeknownst to me. She decided to have her own rendition of the National Anthem song that we have all heard. Thousands of times in our lifetime may join me when you're birdied decided. You know what. They've never heard my edition of the National Anthem before if you have not heard it I'm sorry to ruin your day. This is Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas in her rendition of the National Anthem. On. I heard the news that. Days. We want so yeah. Ahead. At the good to. It's men's. OK. Okay. Perk is singing the National Anthem like she was in a speech. Was it Celek male literacy and had Hebert dated JFK what. It was a birdies hurled a huge you have sometimes you get a curtain. You know sometimes you don't highs in us from making fun of you for being old a lot of Maryland Rhode JFK referendum and you've got to confirm all the jokes we've ever thrown your way it's it's a big part of history maybe you should it's not just on it's not sampled some reference from you I'll point not insurers like that's big like that's what it satellites and I could figure out what she's trying to do there. The National Anthem to me. Don't mess with that you know. She remakes is all the time right. She remixes all the time amusing as. We. Try to remakes the National Anthem sing. Seeing it get that I just don't understand why use felt the need to change yes. Because that you think about it like this you'll never be criticized for singing the National Anthem I you're supposed to signal and the wind. It up there is a business transaction we got a doable or at sporting event go out there. Maybe you know to hold them bring a good that a little bit. Asking you to change the melodies and changed the rhythm. And words this an easy song to signal works again and to view the help you say a law just peace solid piece daddy don't. Let me ask you this did Austrians the pack and they pack in their seniors in the National Anthem. It's good to see the best basketball players of the world play again basketball right to write that the Fergie needs to understand. What her role in that whole situation was and adds to sing the National Anthem and get. A place we can watch LeBron vs staff Christine if you wanna remake she's the Galilee. For a jolly good. Are happy birthday in our twinkle twinkle little dog to do that economics that that's the itsy bitsy spider. If you are seeing. Those. Funky too well the problem of faults you. Literally no one has ever asked requested. A personal rendition of the National Anthem. I. It is that. Me. We want so. Ahead. At the good to. It's men's. Okay. Okay. I don't know if you still got the the poker for the solar Brad Pitt and is stoked the flames a little bit scissors bush and it is the first of news at this point. Seemed Delhi's. No not for the dog to cancel out here I mean fanning added that a misery apparently one week I had a bit of misery. Just take on the that a misery you now have your own prefer. I like America or. You have to release a statement after singing it to him and then bill. But it says I teach my best. To stay high school kid I did my best. And the like try to skim some of the social media backlash. You are multi platinum recording. Artists that two point grade or. Eight classic records ever single human being that doesn't love I got a feeling. I got to appeal and argue I'm gonna ask this in this nationally at. And so it's excellent excellent excellent group of sexy guy you that's your risk taker yeah true artist that's what you did all talk. Cutting an Al. We're talking about singing the national can't go and just go out there and sing the same song that same rendition we've. We've heard this song thousands nobody. Alive it's ever been like in here. Yeah leader. Of urged world screen on the national into Nolan is now. Now I love that I love that text that you just ritzy because he got a theorist known to build it down side. Speaking Everest yeah see you rob Manfred has decided on I was. I was shocked that we came in today and a Major League Baseball is not there on your misery with the new rule well we're gonna we're gonna have a that a misery tomorrow. Is Hillary it's a holiday weekend it's weird yet. Don't the ones no pitch clock so that's not gonna happen so that kid but the that really stood out to me on this whole deal. Ice which I think would have. Which is great is a great way to deal right. Major League baseball's actually short commercial breaks. Right so regular season games are gonna go from 2.5 to 205. Nationally televised games to 45 to 2.5 postseason games stand at 255 so basically you're saving forty seconds you're live in the commercial. Which is good. Other than that I don't really see any changes here. Nothing else is really gonna change its gotta be enforced by the players of the umpire pitch I mean I would say bill mound visits and having some kind of limitations on again someone to change I think he gave the true meaning if you want my honest I agree with you six mound as it seems like a lot to me. Active players or coaches that's a lot in an IE gaining its six mound visit him. Seems like a lot to me there's no reason for totaled 12 am visits between the two teams throughout the course of days how many timeouts are in in college asked walking. Other than the time she got off OK so each in its upper half. Or not until five told art okay see you look at that what ten. Eighteen potential gains stoppages not completing like it's the same thing I think there's too many that are too great yet steaming so a lot of comical she touted change I think the players want on this public rob Manfred got much out of this I think this is the first step though I think I well that's who said last year to mean. I think they're trying to. Make to be able to speed game up bit by an. If if umpires is Dave Matthews says they're the ones are that enforces. The whole plate umpire in the monster egos decided they don't wanna speed up the process and in order enforced. Whatever is twenty seconds for hitter walked up to home plate in nothing's changing. Rob me and for distorting the condition you for like last year that's for example on the show. You did like though intentional walk than it does serve and you agree that was a very small thing that you didn't really notice now me not once during the season you complain about seeing the intentional walk. Now they're doing a small thing about commercial breaks let's take eight let's not what he's I thought let's limit mountains it's they're going to have another one next year. And then eventually I think they'll hit you with a big one. I think what they're doing right now is little by the way. Fifteen seconds your 22 see your little things that you are not noticing that in the end top off two minutes of the baseball game for stuff that we get in the video hits with a big here's the other. Apart before either the puck was the other guy negative force automatic balls or strikes two penalties for time violation so essentially doing nothing. We can spot my. I'm going to wait. Today's pop quizzes presented by victory Chrysler dodge Jeep brand today's pop quiz is ATV show it ice. That's who this week. If I took the Palin McCain likes to witness means this he believes that the. Possible it and understand a word you say easy way to immediately and in bed. And we so it's homeless speak very good pit speed chips. It's a just. And he's got you a third. If you know what TV show that as well eyes right now and I won 35767610. Coming up in two minutes. There's some smoke around mark is Peter's him potentially being traded to give your thoughts an excellent job. Presented by two got 8610. Sports Radio.