02/20 - 12 pm - How You Gonna Hate?

The Day Shift
Tuesday, February 20th

We head out to Surprise to hear from Royals manager Ned Yost. Plus, Eric Hosmer has Royals fans all up in their feelings and Dayton Moore slams the door on fans' hope. 


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I mean when oil spill over here for manager Ned yell when I'm and just a few moments I've always been there for the right now. Instead I thought well I've only with the new rules Soledad you know you that's glad I am I incredible. Grizzlies this he's been in a mood here recently is actually it's quite funny because the other day. Doctor looked like he's got to burn a little bit burdensome walk that was ages. In Bern was I'm just awkward like I really got you didn't I heard. He knows we didn't know yeah I don't hit as the him smiling you don't have to Dover and oh yeah he loves her. Yeah let's go to mention a deals right now. The Fed does not in the past about hedging position as you back. They are about defense and any offense isn't as a bonus when you look at this battle for first base. I'm willing to sacrifice some defense or offense while now mainly. Yeah I I think dead at all everybody that we have for the most part and being controlled airfield over there are New Guinea has some pretty decent defense for the most part I think everybody's going to be a bit of work in progress defensively and over there and now she's you know little else claim played a lot of first and his governorship. He developed this is a deposition you guys please okay you know it's just something that will continue to work on and around. You know look at the combination of the new world where everybody all the no okay I didn't really mean that you're willing to let them. Go through that big glob. I mean I'm what do you know differently. Yeah yeah you discontinued if you do I'm getting better doesn't look. With the isn't pleasant and that is all right man yeah a little yeah. I love art and do you like OK okay I don't I don't really think that it makes much difference to me honestly I really don't I think what is going to be back. I think is gonna background and position players and catcher going now let him many times is gonna have to be an adjustment for them mom and who don't have team be a little more strategic call on the one yard catch your goes out to talk to the picture and we're really trying to heal lemonade song mildly out you know to third base short stop moves come an end. Mom and those those those all now. Mom but for the most part I don't forget it's like getting Alsthom was like when there's a replay came and and it was a bit of an. Yeah yeah a little something you're used to but yeah I don't think it's going to be that big adjustment yeah we're gonna it appears the clock me while I'm Dan you know you know I'm glad I think that. There's a lot of Smart people trying to figure these things out you know I'm going to try whatever anybody wants but yeah I'm glad there's not a mom you know I don't like to be pushed god. Get out there and I think they really did some Smart things up. You know starting the day ending Clark if there's a picture on base and I'll start a blog until he leaves the dugout I think that's really happy you know that's a really good common sense movement. I'll you know start the clock when the catcher gets into the dugout up these on base and I think that's I think that's a Smart move guys can have a global recorded and are used to let you know it's all it's like carrying out here just get him into that rhythm get an amendment that tempo and I think out. You know what then a couple of weeks or spring training went on and get another. Notre. And today failure you're looking at a court. Number the strike zone can from her playing days to now come playoff again and that's and that's a good question one I've played. I think dead calm as us as a hitter. Back then. You had to know the pitcher but every bit as much you have to know the umpire because each umpire had his own individuals own and you had to know dead zone you have to know we had to know that what that umpire. You know what he would give I I think he's umpire should they try to make it a more consistent zone. Tom so ominous change a little bit in that respect but I mean I think that you know throughout all Major League Baseball they're striving for consistency especially in their environment and you know they work real hard and it's smaller and elaborate on how Mansoor and Annie and I mean sometimes it just depends because. You don't even know they're they're striving for consistency still have umpires are smaller zones in some umpire who figures out. So while he got a lead on them understand who they are still a little bit as the seems like being called. Don't know usually they ask mammy as there I mean above the belt so Paul how Maine you know so Campbell who recruits and they're gone. Old school story strikes out I just think what they should do is just leave it alone don't do anything let's make it a seven inning game. And then everybody can take all the time they wanted in seven innings again so everybody goes almost. Thirty minutes. I realized that I did not really and it's. Gone I don't play that yeah what's the difference. Now Sony got warning starters and he got a closer come seven yeah yeah ministry began marketing and go home 45 minutes early. Ali being able to compare you little cellular sleep on this one little bit this. I like I like to be able to compare generation dumb and oh yeah like this generation we could slide into second base on not being all right general catchall look at it from there I'll show you know games change and yeah you gotta be open minded to change America yeah Neil. And I'm Imus and I don't know Brookings sarcasm does the Obama. I'm thoroughly modern yeah. I. Could I hire anybody anywhere about this group where you guys I think you guys are just down there are black again and then I'm on the we've all these are women in any state officials say it's. You're okay. Go ahead and come with all these chains like that number ten is that a lot of switched on and around the clock and does. Patients and the new generation he's. Any future changes being into the game like these. Well I do you know another big game has always evolving how I really do come. You know the game as he ball so much from the time when I first came in back in the seventies so word word is now. And and you know it's little subtle. TV don't change is bad when I came in. The length of a ball. In the game goes like this game it's just yeah. Now I don't think Jim Ball last warmup pitch and a half if you go back and look at you know similar. It has I mean there's there's just all these all these changes before drifting pitch. The ball would develop subsonic guys understood what a scalp for us and they knew how to use it to their advantage now if it's just campus like going out time. There's there's no. You know they don't use it anymore. But the game is always change and I think that. You don't like several orders always Smart people in this game trying to make this game better. And always thinking about how they can make it better and I think you know I had this thing is going to be interesting to see. You know what happens here in the next 1012 years for this and see what other changes they make. And Sarah and all these changes your head like that yeah yeah all because it's it's a different generation has a different generation that when I came up. Hey you know it's a big big big players are different. Well yeah. You know side I think they're you don't change is good because the generations of kids or change them. The attitudes and change and you know when I grew up there is no such thing as Internet there is no such thing is video games there's no such thing as texting me there's no such thing as. Mom knows the cellphones there was no such thing is aluminum bats. So yeah you know this generation. You know lives life different than I live lives and I think you got to continue to adapt especially. So many older like me. They got to continue to adapt to stay. The lives Douglas what's happening now. It's. A bit yeah. I remember when you used to really get hurt come friend Mikell. I had come on man I hate Mittal is it eight fuels and a great mood today that. You'll have been a great mood today you've got to tomorrow have been ohm bar tab on what everybody seven inning game proposal yes that was dripping sarcasm. It Edinburgh called out but at least not call that is BF you don't really mean that had the hour time difference now. Follows herds. What's the Guinea mentions very killed the first base. If you get married to Lou that sacrifice in defense he keeps bringing up with very little the first base does it make. I mean he's bringing this up only to clear there these lights Muncie it's second. That's the first time he's part of with. Ed first base tonight here's the thing his seven inning game proposal public poured it will be network later. You know don't use it look good head Yost posing. Rob neighbors Rego who elective. He didn't mean that the way in hell we meant seven days old school and you play nine innings. He says he's a ball you know the Internet wasn't around he says he's a ball. He's he's evolving and he's he's getting better this audit because earlier this morning and want to back to Somalia are thousands of from earlier on here after the apple or in the next segment. But the viewers you are Boris taking a shot analytics. I do thank you again thanks Brad getting this good enough and I. I told him. Of course he did it Linux cost him money of course he hates it Olympics he hates the word Italy grades every word beginning with day. It cuts costs Scott Boras money. And of course she needs in the Olympics I would expect the beloved home. Angry he knows that. That is there for that gal. There's like big for us because. Normally we do the six back great have a Ned Yost then interfering with that plan this past. Weaker so bored and go and diamonds from the bigger stories that are going on right now in case you missed it throughout the day one of the bigger stories loop hole. I mean to vacate its when he thirteen NCAA. Title and also the 2012 final four after the NCAA denying its appeal. How they are the first he won keen affair after vacating national title during the final four error soap. So long when he thirteen NCAA title and I would like to take credit for. Being the first to point out the Rick Pitino as the Pentagon back you did mention I look at Rick's Wikipedia page is still says 2013. National champion. I'll thank you NBC she goes to the bad break soon. I don't Wikipedia official it's just quick. What is crap man we have arguments coach stuck the 25 this conversation revealed to be good now. This facility once I'd say wait a minute stay in the vacate that fed should have been Michigan. Winning the national title the most central Florida's medically that's what do I don't know he had I'm not a mean look. Does. I mean did we go do something they should have done of course but you can't elevate the mice a year after the national unity AJ does it just knows if you have a parade. But I'm Michigan and Michigan I'm a little bit afraid like because they've reported the ball Cameron never afraid I'll be there and have a dinner he doesn't perform your players and everything after official Twitter dumpsters and they love it. I've learned shape it. For longer record. Here's what a bad tattooed shame now. Funny enough it looks Arizona's back to Leslie's give 96 honored to have that. 2013. So memories so yes don't worry about it how many people are gonna see Rick pitino's make it back I don't know. And a good few people have. I asked her forward. Come on Ricky. If I have that record of really did it's well together. I'll bigger out of the act of a cactus league today our guy Jeffrey Flanagan 610 royals contributor sometimes insider. Jesse Hong walls start the royals cactus league opener on Saturday. Can get Trevor oaks. To start on Sunday that game on Sunday to hear right here on 610 Sports Radio news. You can't afford to let get away. Jay Wright makes Jesse Johnson did these guys are looking good genes was good conversation burning it would be. And it's hot stove it's available the pockets of existence or its earliest to get beyond talking about you know the battle was Barbara let's talk about the struggle but be a major leaguer and just beyond was pretty refreshing. If he does very little that chip on the shoulder being treated smokeless. Like he does carry them winning this Jersey on very distinct but Trevor Olson got these girls guys they might need to replace just beyond well. Okay on the amount of wealthy of course because I don't think since we're pretty your website you can see which seems. We have broadcast there's a lot of them until 125. Of only 325 from remember that he's a look beaver or no idea that there at the best in the spring. He's huge he's six innings. It did he starts wandering off there and fills the with a bloody day or he's been a stories and boy do you think seventh inning home it's it's fresh when number 84 is batting and they're making dozens of substitutions. I'd more anatomy barely last year's free season because of or he feels. He gives fisheries. There and we'll Bieber does the same thing you've turned down there. Heard from my Eric Palmer earlier today you can check out podcast basics and spores back contact Ned Yost will be going up there shortly as well don't I don't run over there but. And Jimenez and I will get it up therefore is well so I don't August 3 while for all time because there's. Your final one for you guys the as you don't kind of wrapping up from the big news of the day Missouri today confirming terrorist fill ups. No longer being with the Missouri basketball program he had been suspended indefinitely I believe it was January 26 as the ad titled nine office didn't investigation. Here's a though they are. It's starting to wrap that up as they've parted ways with parents Phillips. Yeah. Look. Missouri in this end and the way this they've dealt with this when this stuff initially. Start to come out they dealt with it right away and more big league about conduct does a one point with a saucepan and and it. And I got to give him props for for the way they've handled this bomb with a chance builds situation. Did you just don't mess around with the with with these these. Allegations immediate dividends this stuff has come on in regards to results and all this stuff but until Martin who waited this team is pleased. In the midst of everything that's happened whether his disappearance Philip stuff whether it's the people leaving the program the Michael Porter injury. Puzzled Martin definitely should be SEC coaches here. The bush does the moves he's made it not oil off the field but there on the court but off the court as well. Because of he's won two I don't know I do everything coach wants from a clean program you never know in the political especially my lawyers that if I yeah. I don't know what they didn't affect this time they wanted to trusted. Actually I wanna throw us a few silly man that I repeat stable. Based jade. Bell. Stuff back. Screw it over the all the important stuff I had prayer I'll sort of reports that a General Mills announced today they will be adding magical unicorn. And to be our lucky charms the magical unicorn marshmallows we're replacing the hour glass. In the asset of eight marshmallow I don't know why they felt they couldn't have been nine marshmallows are you bust a life. I am about that life I don't know about the magical unicorn Howard will turn out that seems like us. A difficult color combination for them to pull off. I'm assuming the unicorn will be white and in the horn will be. There are rainbow color of Wimbledon title problem was found that we have borne by the way out according to came is either they coyotes problems in the city so. Powerful voice as booking your cat. Two of so I am sure we'll just feel more jobs in the mail that's for rolled out a list. I don't know but first see them but are you kidding. Burton has the fuel from. Identity gets according to one mark to avoid. Artists get around we'll be six venison or six back here on the basis someone also pointed out you can deter coyotes by. Painting a tunnel on the side of wall we'll just run right into it but roadrunner they doubled that your guys. People whether the results. Anything yet via I don't hit home try to be aware of suspicious Acme Packet just on your doorstep do you see any of those. Please notify authorities. Declared house per press conference. Was earlier this morning. And now the we have a little bit more information it inside and on the possible deal but he got to always go to received from the royals. We did single defeat and discussed next please do their loved his kids. By distill started. We here at constant press conference being introduced as the newest member of the city of hot race and sitting up here with. Jima the Padres. And his agent. Scott forest user right. Arnott got talent lava hypnotist doubles is a good year that's making its way on Twitter but. It's a volcano. Potato love. That was really leader is moost part of that. Lava. That sensor and none of these same Diego Padres ORE volcano. Of hot talent lava. Ready to erupt in the worst place team divisions seemed to use their molten hot talent all over San Diego. Filthy. Thoughts weird and it was we've seen him we'd always go when they're in the never. I always thought Hosmer. It was all season and he weighed by and we are offered with Osborn was weird though and we know he's here but to see him that treasures these little weird. Axiom that input that Jersey and it was it was weird there woman's name throw my amounts of Internet for the cardinals Jersey element. What was that doubtless do Amer royals that I and eventually with the St. Louis Cardinals people with 10389 is it is. I mean the Padres right admitted to me this morning about the law about him wearing amateur. To members of your dog can you talk about and stuck it around so that number I mean it does Dodd admitted they asked him a little bit later other guy's been retired bloggers with. By different number. L but that's which is not the best and also jester but he shouldn't sixteen for illegal. What yesterday kitty agreed to. Yesterday. Towels on the year with one to show. And being one of the things that. Just really. Surprised me was some of the comments. On the text line some of the house where hate is what I'll call. I understand being frustrated. About it's not no longer being here I understand being a little bit down and said. The street hatred. That was being displayed by some not not not I'm not saying you did it was. It'll over the top bubble I thought it was I thought I am talking about hope that he. Tops in the ocean and an an a short bites is it all that he can't play anymore nights and commitment that that may be that person was was joking. It's really descriptive amid what Texas which are you can sure why I'd bed I'd Adam dating to specific undershirt. Emirate but just. Sarah Siegel. Blake Hosmer and did some negativity. On the Angeles today. I remember the text rural through went to the press conference in a lot of balls and I wish you well does know this guy sucks when you explain. What did it for closure. It's your guys were obviously easterly hot topic is now in this town I'm just saying and I think because keep city royals were floated out here. You know what teaching at the Dayton Moore was after him and look like the royals made an offer that change things people but we actually the team doable. Reason at all this thing took if the price was coming down the royals could have board. Erica for Jesus vitriol with Cain you're not seeing the stuff with moos. Right now I just think people continuously lose their jobs back and play it Kauffman Stadium at some point. Dyson just gets the job he has been with the Diamondbacks and bore him two years a seven and had not Dallas ice that is a nice yet he's gonna play out for nineteen yards of Hussein's team you know puts money guys spot. All we talked about it earlier and I think it's it's just interesting because. You're right. That was rumored to have. Both my mutual interest from the club and possibly themselves to return like we haven't heard about Eric Ers are we have heard about. My new stock has and the royals being linked in the royals pursuing magna stock has been here about the royals pursuing Lorenzo Cain may be they did. Maybe they did. But a win win Lorenzo Cain signed a five year eighty million dollar deal I didn't see royals fans saying and I'm take negated exist but. I didn't see many or any royals and saying boy I'll tell you what Lorenzo Cain just greedy and he walked away from Kansas City and he's got no loyalty. I don't peace I don't see people saying that about a guy who stock as when he inevitably will sign somewhere else you think people are gonna run out by the season tickets applause Versailles and all the season tickets I don't think so we saw the game anyway we saw he's here and why we saw a decline in attendance last year for the royals. They're declining attendance at by percentage wise was the highest percentage of decline of any team in baseball. So you have a declining attendance and a declining fan base in a waning interest for your fan base. Already when you had guys like moves and Haas and Cain all on your payroll. So I mean if you're you're speaking from a business standpoint why would why would that just put a jolt of rejuvenation into a fan basal already leaving. Yeah it would got a couple comments here you guys talked about Ned not calling laws are responding with respect. Here's the thing it's a bad look when special units are beyond that that he would back when but. If he reports that I don't want you contacting. It would HD we have Austin hedges audio. From. The radio station at San Diego. What was he talking about is he supports. In question the was the view if you talk the odds. He had Boris cut off contact with everybody. I don't understood unique spit the bid to his house ways glow yet Apple's secrecy he always did. In the dugout so I am surprised but maybe changed I totally do it I totally get. The Mike Trout or some positives that occurred fix my round. Electronics we're going to opponent I he's changer number I don't I asked burned too before we talk reporter heard from Ned Yost and asked for us it was. Was Ned upset about that is that now not at all like most of it was sarcastic I was having your own ideas and say. This was our audio from what eighteen yet he's he's so two days ago here's an idea. There conversation with offseason and now. You know they. You know I think he was advised not to. Not to communicate I texted him. How much time never really had that problem. That this is your ability to persuade I don't know. Does that I don't know if this what was. Put on a couple things number one what they tell who is best the business side of banks that not that that's what was it wasn't. Think it that it was personal. Between Eric Hosmer a nag you also as Brent of course not it was a personal. That's the business side that is the side that we talk about a lot of times but a lot of people don't really wanna discuss. Any basic now as best the business side of things now in terms of was nit salty. Or was he upset well. I liked it's. I don't think he was happy and I'll say this about the comment right here Ned didn't have all the data. It. Okay he offered up the heel player needs that even when I was on my death but he was asked memory but you're right he did not have to do when he was only answering your question really he was asked about his communication with Aubrey said he hadn't communicated with the debate out there he he you have to say about Texas that never got back to. This is. Not met him when he is always in contact I don't want her to make up like they're like that just set an applicable to go out. Just wants her husband ever talk to you as being transparent about all he didn't have all up if you want to know that I mean he wanted to know that people could understand. Yet now he don't let. It's like Boris in short this there's a thing. Give me. And it's not this not what I would ever admitted he I don't think it is transferred via news I know what customers on the talk about drugs they take that my commute takes me back whenever. But Mike it's willing to me to exit the number of these guys these illegals who sing in the harbor didn't change that he might have with a bowl. But wouldn't heads as the death bed all means it if you if you add it to place a mental what Steve is number with some pieces number I don't. Did you know it's a certain point three people were caught and these guys teams and Emeril thought it. I mean Jack all O'Leary that you had mega. New girlfriend he changed the number all the get a new girls and I definitely got two phones. I didn't. Osborn got too far I didn't he's gotten Buddy Guy he never changed in them well. Tiger denial and getting neutral. I didn't know I think tiger won the game out by. What's that were on the sub Donald that you and you know I feel like he was much it cost him a feel like you're like a bank robber like a serial killer at the end of it just like that's not even fun anymore is wanna you know what I saw I think some of the anger that it reads and comments on FaceBook. Beat the anger started to subside a little bit by the rules were by 100. Yeah it at 7140 sevens in papers that Whitman he's getting by guarantee for world five with the Padres by 400 but the Dodgers had three war. You enact a net plays into what we're gonna talk about next because initially the reaction to the air costs reduced. Actually surprised me until you watch next. Do you see. I. The tax time it's basically fired up from time to. I tried a multi I'm Tony respond if it's a lovely and so so when you get really bad. Text back from the city to distance lines like if you're if there's a batboy just a vaguely. I often get always laid on the on the public dole I certainly let him know. You can tell because it's spelled correctly and punctuated right that I got to throw me. Like sciences. I sidelined from Brinkley just smashes those soft that it's a keyboard. When you when you don't win. I am just frozen the computer at the whole. By the way did you did you see we got an email about her credentials for the royals. I guess you know on the list I am going to knock. I just opened the royals credential. Sick analyst and burn I don't know what you're talking about. What you are talking to gamble right here. It goes the burden of basket. It. They used him. So make of the street even though the boss and I mean Millar said you've got what you still have to go back and check that we're going what I wrote look this. The world's here and that makes me happy. But. That we don't need to have anymore conversation about the I was just try to trick you that they keep you working to get to go to. It increases. Yeah I know. Where else would you be. All of that there was one by us and left one person immediate negative images they thought the food is free. Just grab the budget would set down. You can say with the dirty werewolf. The painful. Yeah yes he did the people. He paid for the admin of course he'd that now he edits cease rules she's rules shall there guilt free some stuff for about dogs and in pretzels and stuff like that but the high end stuff we. Can sit in and Alia a legacy inning and clearly. I don't Carol brother where wolf or with Abbas I would point. Yeah I realized I said medium don't tarnish the name of one dusty likens in the city. Good fellow at added to muscle the other I don't know what's going on. They'll Julio Lugo I don't know as the bubble gets better known all it is Ivan Ivan eat anything had it's true. The on the ball they'll still bubble to bet that. That I can deal with it in terms of justice. On coming headache and it snapped in the mosque summit is not feeling really well someone. And I don't know mentally ill. I don't know a lot like my wife she gets headaches on Tuesday's new interest. During. Mine through my head edit for sixty year. The of the list let's get to the real to all year little yellow new. River has brought that ever happened in Newport. Carrying a bottle of aspirin my dream heels with his new Princeton. And try to. It was due to the real tall in regards the royals and it has to do wit. Dayton Moore just landed out for everybody the last couple days and everybody know almost in news broke. That costs. More would we are all in Oz in hostels a cynical pod so now we're looking tea or with the guys and yet. Were the guys of course moves in the name that's been brought up quite a bit by the way John morose he just put out the White Sox are one possibility for our. This afternoon Olson. The Whiteside and I faced who's thinking and hear analysts he won't be in good. If that's his only job which at this point it might easily up at least is out San Diego what it's. Most C nineteen times a year but it certainly the royals ingredient of the moves that is that they that we the White Sox or the team to beat the vision or not this year. Going forward after that I feel like after that Eric Hosmer band aid got ripped bronze whatever. Big prepare for trades now. Prepare for trades you have two guys that think the day extremely marketable Major League Baseball. Those two names of the lead up in cell corporate. President so much value to now he's he's barely reach our potential and the way he worked for the pitching government urgency on. It was opera's sketchy even bark and step out good it's fired him up that's what he does it seems that. But he deserves a lot of credit forty do it beats the eight. But marketable as if you're called the royals for anybody lake we called. Because of a new called dossier of the power of doles of the two bills have too but the Dayton Moore the Saudi needle Bol the world's at this point. Right now the way we look at it I mean is that as I've been very clear this offseason I mean what are our two main objectives are we have to build our farm system back to level it was seen in 20102011. We also need to get our payroll at a level that gives us more flexibility going forward. We went way above our means the last two years primarily because of mr. glasses commitment to winning with this group players. We appreciate that that. Period of time that phase of who we are is over. And so we need to it to move forward with that in mind and that's what we'll begin to focus on on doing. That phase is over. That phase is over. Of spending money. S faces all of eight they let no man. They let me he everybody tell me you guys. Odds are moves and Jessica are based in Dubai with a low remorse which do. I'm guilty borne little remorse and from a sport and because derby equation but that the corresponding moves well. That thing moves it would have some deals that jettisoned. Contrary wise if you brought those guys that are not even gonna play this full clip I'm gonna start this clip as we actually cut that Dayton Moore right. A yen and he says we need to move on. It continued and this is what it's. We have just we're comfort food we like a great deal. It's played well for us. We feel that it's his opportunity his time. To become a consistent producing Major League player we also homered closure and we selected as the first round talent. I mean I feel like that's all you need to know when I was driving and I did hear conversation about. Is Mike whose stock is a possibility for the royals and and I heard Pasco in the guise of talking about possibly moving in the first base which were allowed. You know what any time anybody has anything to ask about that particular set of royals might answer will be best. That period of time that phase of who we are is over and so we need to it to move forward we got to move forward that time is over. Stop trying to go back in and relive it over so well as a featured Selby are done well here's the thing. If you want to least forms is the which took me that we treat it will Myers. James Shields. It took a hit when he treated five let peace it bill o's wanna call Tuesday. As the marketing aspect will. How much the people's kids love it's obvious place all that I just think it's a fine line to Michael built for system it is a fine line because let's face it like. And I do think it's governor prayers might be. A bad exam because he is a guy that can transition to maybe be a designated hitter or something like that space like you could transition a guy likes opera press however Danny Duffy. Is going to be Danny Duffy he's going to be a starting pitcher the only thing that he could possibly become a burden at. Is a reliever and you're not going to get what you could for a reliever unless your name's Wade Davis. And it turned out you got Aureus a liar. I you're not going to get which you could for a starting pitcher if you're gonna make trades your orders are doing it now and the tax claim pointed out we have to keep some big names to sell tickets. I'm not 100% certain but the royals. Have that same mindset we talked about last year like a fan base and already begin to dwindle when the team wasn't playing well. They had error cost they had might not as they had all of these guys. And yet you still have the largest percentage in all of baseball the decline in attendance now granted when you're at the top you only have one way to go. But the royals started seeing that decline last year with those guys on the team. So I can only imagine how the decline will continue to go and if you say they have to keep wall at least ones so that way people show up. I think that's flawed logic. Because if you trade a guy did he get two or three stars that are up and comers maybe you get someone who will be putting butts into the seats in years ahead. And we had the same conversation about Jamaal Charles clinic attacks are actually said that to me the other day and it makes a lot of sense now. I when Jamaal Charles was let go by the chiefs a lot of fans were upset. Well that paved the way for you drafting Korean high. I know that an injury helped him get Ross in the starting role but that. At pave the way for you do we if you never cut Jamaal Charles have you held on personal reasons you would never have. A guy like three months let's just pause for a second we think about Eric Hosmer and everything we're losing. And that error of royals baseball being over and realized that you might be ushering in the the beginning of something new. And while we wanna sit here and think so fondly about it not go ahead and do because those with a I was did a study the greatest time. In my life as a baseball fan like I'll say that unequivocally that was as they baseball and the most the the best thing that's ever. It's time to move on it's time to to put that in the past and we've been in the past and move forward because you never know what it might pave the road for in my. It does nick product it's the truth. May be just a copper demand. Maybe these guys your move and on earth moving up 400 dozer a first round draft it may be those guys develop and things may be that maybe the pixie you've got for Eric Hosmer going and signing elsewhere where a lot of days to move on turning into somebody else like. I know it's difficult and I know it's a trust the process moment. But we trust in the process a little bit you'll see some really good results. This evening there's going to be a topic and there's going to be a story that a lot of people will be talking about Russell's immediate there are starting to in the in and when you're watching television and I. But I wonder if Spain's truly sports fans truly do this year. A Bol. The ramifications of what takes place with the Saber school or college in university I'll explain next. Step towards seniors still bad. Yeah now. Hi Becky and on the base. Of the seeds here at the top of the hour. And won't cause any alarm. But the royals are currently auctioning off a hot dog derby Constance. The owner what they royals auctions. In the LB dot com twenty by the coach bear all currently sitting at 250. Dollars for the top. These pseudo legal system. And also of the children's costumes on there as well for tunes that the dollars that ends failing in fourteen days. Dibs on relish. Here's an issue that. That was Lucy shall we were constant in my relish hot dog the elite do it too I would. Kindle Rogers you government. To him. It definitely in bone jurors since he's been taken in by the way a human rights and his players should be voted out lords the party toward beef. You got this should be in the building and indeed to the back of yours the Jersey I'd and personal 76ers beat those two were that indeed on the back. But it would I don't know doctors would be called doctor he's already told doctor party. I agree. It's a doctor that he should he shouldn't when a lot of medical schools that. The royals to clarify however they're not doing away with the hot dog derby they're just having new her new costumes they ordered new costumes are on the way. Wonder how long these have been used. Sweat built but from them first team on moos has a hot dog derby and I hear each hit it that way. There's nothing sacred anymore we treat hot dog 'cause. C and Diego. It. Addresses throw quick because. One of the stories that will be talked about a lot this evening. Nationally. Is going to be V Louisville. Getting stripped of their national champs and a fear of the following the final full OK because they went to file for 2012 and anyone in 2013 thirteen and one yup. Soul they're getting stripped of their national chain which. This is just this one man. Duke famous here. Win the team that they support that they watched that the bulk. When they have to vacate a national chick is a good I don't know it out here as much I depart for example. Remember. Bombed. Gold golfers made it will final four. In the late ninety's. They eventually ended up having to vacate OK they took the banner down and all of us will be was a year that the jurors don't know all wildcats. Won the nationals into doubles Mike babies. I saw it happen like I know day. Bobby Jackson was the Big Ten player of the year and he was phenomenal and took the team to a final four so I. Solve it like I saw Reggie Bush win a Heisman Trophy and in people talk about what he had to vacating give him aside. On the assault Reggie Bush that was not a better player in college ball the idea so meet parsley big big what would not answer my own question. I don't sneer at Whitman when these teams have the wood and utility so you don't know take it back. Of course it's embarrassing for the colleges and universities. We saw it. They don't get the old people old people can look back added it's a dull is it like many years and now they'll say all they had to give a bid to get their tips about. For me is just an asterisk. What I saw what a hard ass all happen. Speaking of bastards removals that Wikipedia page its final or 2012. After 2013. After the bottom says after beans baked even. By the NCAA that was quick listen to this sweetness from Kevin remember him he he liberty got a blizzard. If he was one that he messed messed up his last work everywhere points out that Rick Pitino tattoo that that this is this two week. Still dot the is bad ass ring which means my guys definitely one at ship if I'm not mistaken of sin. It has it has been briefed. Almost 3000 times over 5000 lights. It is now. Kevin ware knows damn well he got that read I. They get an answer scar on Latino you know doctor. I wouldn't I says there is a few quarters and if you want to go back to you know what happened. What is org. Of winning cheap should schools. The balls by the wayside rig at a since Simone was good point that we get to vacate that. You have to vacate their final four appearance and there's really alternate Wichita State and pointing out that they lost a final Portland. The rules you. Bit assuming that he. Thought that it really supports. Lots is sort of what we have that men in black flashy but let me follow them Esther. In asked in the past it's we've got to eat and while this coming from the guys that all year last year that we need to put at experts are fantasy football. Owes you guys owner about would you who said we needed to put asked Turks on the season and a big difference had he don't LS. You just said you're not a big fan of bastards. Yeah you did say that but I look for them prepared as a global something streaking both grow a fan of anything suits your agenda Lleyton accused the idol. I'm not vacate Nelson. I want eclipse that's a sore loser I know and you've reminds that day. Every day out he's never won I've only won you won one have missed like three times which is dead and adjustments and I want one you want one counts he's. When's the how we know how your addition works I always that. Record revenue and seventeen increasing more than 500 billion at the trillion and billion. 500 million aperture I Lovelace that for you editing. Mean at the it was created that they should you be the dominant creative editing by U. We built man with some of those might drop in at the end by the way at the trillion. Billion. Who. Look at the trillion. Trillion tree which which which. At the trillion. Or drop a Mike on that with inaccurate figure. In that billion. Dollar net. You know and yet and I don't know what you do doubt that. If I go at it. Old man all right coming up in two minutes. What that saves as the conversation is that's being had right now. But should we even entertain we get to that and two and 500. Million at the trillion.