02/20 - 1 pm - We're Impressed

The Day Shift
Tuesday, February 20th

In the final hour of the show, Bink says that he is already impressed by this guy. Plus, these have to be rumors, an uber driver goes the extra mile, and the Take 2 Before 2.


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I'm final hours on the days just south I think. No. We do worth as a matter how photo activist base early in the hands of their beautiful building now. Got hurt in. Some places and again if your wife at that come out of her mouth. You probably deserve. Really like or. Respond like. I'm going to be fine. Medium to get op fly a bit creative outlets that this might mean no injuries we have no way I don't. He said nobody deserves to be called that ever. I'd really like in the doghouse. Bit you absolutely knew it wrong I won't use that or three times a week. I got it and why Portland today its relationship. Now. Before. She. You give us. Our abate or half a bill in a big Jim back away decide on the B two letters he was good. News. Okay. Since the heavy picture. It's impossible obviously to back away unit over head coach in this UCL wide receiver coach you are in the yeah. All right. The markets Peter. People are. Thinking that the air and we don't know there's any truth to the rumors that may be that seats are sniffing around to see if somebody wants him. Trade for the services markets Peters. Woolsey ousting shakes out. But when you have to. National people. Have mentioned it clearly they're getting some information from somewhere. Okay bit there's there's some people talking about is what this. You get from Mike Florio from pro ball talking getting Jason locked in for. Some audience like the talk what some are the stuff comes somebody know something. Maybe it sis being leaked out here to see if they are seems old pick up the phone. And you engage with the prices for marketed to come from the chief commitment may be that's obvious thing to say you know maybe that got us on enemy made this is just. They are way all seeing what the market is more is Peters beast as we wanted to make their first room. Blood the idea. Bet you want to trade away. Any leaks quarterback would just hard to. That is as young as he has picked what do we say about Washington why take number one. Don't they like Kirk cousins. Number two why equity given this massive contract to Aleks Maric. Number three we said. Why are they trading away a really good quarterback Kindle for the if bush saying that about all bulls are reaping especially the full of stuff. Why would we be looking to trade away or is Peter Moore as it has. Is a phenomenal quarterback I know CNN is. Had his issues in terms those you know. Beat a hot here on the side eyes from time to time in an incoming Ellison dumb penalties in the any had the run in this year and he threw the flag in the stands. What he's not doing things away from the football field that sporting. This organization and a bass spot. Acting there are a lot of people are still upset with them because of the anthem stuff in the protest whatever I don't you're not in about it. Because I don't have anything against him or any of the other athletes up that are out their protests but I will say this. In terms of like. His message getting his message across make public a better job with the folks here in Kansas City a ball. What's bugging you and what a shoo in your life to what's going on in this country yes he's a better job with that. But in terms of you all this field. He has not done anything negative he has not been on the police blotter or anything like it all the stuff about your home and him being involved with. With all of course all the locals are hometown. Anybody should feel that way vague answers but but but what you're willing to go play for the raiders. He has never said that nobody from the organizations ever said that I think that a lot of time you read wait too much into something we puts a pocket that we don't. Chicken farm does little distinctive organ it's all right this record. That no. Is to me what they're doing is bill and in the lead second here. But this she secondary with Fuller markets are very. You can't make it is Daniel Jeremiah put up this morning I told you Bucky Brooks re tweeting in your mind set hey if my kid can play wide receiver quarterback. I'm wishing to quarterback there's about six foot wide receivers do a lot of work in Bucky Brooks is a short segment that shortage of quarter it has bit off the pine. That position that level and I like cheese or do and well with their second did you water. Three that's the best way to get a ring and have a defense but that's an elite defense in that area. We talked about this defense what good last year. And they have this leaped with them will pass rush mixed into it I still think find them pass rusher as the most difficult thing to do in the NFL. And you'll find in the shook the recorder right there with the morning one B. It is for your positions I was a little bit surprised. But it is big slow and opening up their regular Phil's been moved and shaken by the way I still keep it. Baton if I was the Redskins fans that would feel we did our regular quarterback position dozens if we give a third round pick and we got ridiculed for. It would be difficult to swallow. Paean of pain of that team with a straight I stool Kia read I figured you're crazy things have in the NFL. If you told me we're gonna send Alex Smith the Washington for not for third round pick. It's an outspent their NC sixty million dollars out of your crazy. Matt would even let me do mystery temperature by charred. You're not improving yours your your team. With moving Marcus Spears not in the short term because you got a window right now we team's gonna be good you gotta to event as a patsy homes before appeal money eventually down if you won't be as good as we think that he has bought speeders in ninety moments we get and it took years to control with. It will be if you're treating them as we do the two years of team control. Of the you know beach go to and say hey man you re sign here a couple years. That was organist ball movement I would just that he's that are very situation where it cost the franchise money. Did he do that the sideways with the injury sodium answer questions Rea I can't believe any reveal board. Would move in the top quarter ideas must get sideways. And gets his whipping things up they will be degree. But let's not cut you. Any move because I told you guys this morning I haven't and I've you know I've been in the locker room like you've been locker rafter games we don't receive the network like. I've never gotten the impression from anybody in that locker room. But they didn't like Marcus Spears I was there and immediately I was there when he gave that interview that I ever won immediately jumped all over worries that he wasn't on stuff today innings and go reload. Even then when he was off of this game. I I didn't get an impression from any of the players. That he didn't want to be here in Kansas City the matter of fact that Tennessee game. I would put Marcus Peters on a very short list. Of defensive players for the chiefs that acted like they cared about winning. A very short list. I put him up there with Derrick Johnson Reggie rag and and and that might yet. And so when I look at Marcus Peterson no number one. I've never seen anything that indicates that he doesn't want to either. I will acknowledge. Marcus Peters from being one of the more successful defense of players on your team and a guy who has given a lot and not a lot but I defense. Continues to hear from fans. Ian about his protest. Being about the way that he speaks. In interviews. Whatever the case may be there're a faction of fans who have decided for one reason or another that they will not like mark speakers. That it doesn't matter what he does in the community it doesn't matter what he does on the field and it doesn't matter what he says. They will never change their opinion Marcus Peters. You can draw your own conclusion as to why you think that maybe. But if I'm mark is Peters if I am a guy who knows damn good and well but there is a certain. Like action of people. I don't want me to be here that has to rest on mine in some way it has to sit there. Now will he have that in any other city more than likely. Let's not sit here and act like Kansas City is the only city. That's a football city that's complaining about National Anthem or complaining about protests during the national. Let's not sit here and and an act like Kansas City is the only city that would complain about players on the field in semantics. So he's going to get that wherever he goes I think Marcus Peters is Smart enough to note that. And when you tell me while he really wants to just play for the Oakland Raiders. By the time he could do that they will be the Las Vegas Reuters I don't know if that holds up to me actors so. If you believe that markets Peters doesn't want to be here I would ask you the question what have you seen that would indicate. Because I sure haven't seen Agassi. It as a matter of fact now. And I will say this I was a little bit upset because Marcus Peters left the locker room before. The media was allowed in their after the Tennessee Titans he's always able time so I and I didn't. I didn't like. You know what. Or as I can tell markets because at that nothing that would indicate to be that he doesn't want to be here. What he's indicated to me is he is a passionate player and he cares about winning. He was your best players injured in a playoff games sure you know what. On a team all the guys who I can't point to to say look like they actually cared about winning. And he's one of the few that I will usher tree that guy why and how serious about it they'll. How many elite players are getting cut for a protest. How many really good players are going to get cut over protests says I'm not Jenkins is not getting caught. From the Philadelphia Eagles Chris Long is not getting cut for the Philadelphia Eagles credit martial last year he get caught. From the Denver Broncos Eric Reed on the miners did not cut. So. Not all really good players. C'mon you. He needs a better job in and is it a did his best deal. But it if you just wanna. More ball and treat them just because the back. To me it has to be more Beers in the locker room says we've had a golf in the organization says we've had enough and dump on what debt but. You you got it. Gotta do it recent. Murphy you read the nugget side is what he had yet there's a team thing ticking he can personable. Getting rid of the league put him Geist is Drupal they want it are still good that we cut. It's only when your skills diminish in the U act outside the box you geek. You rarely see it happen when someone is produced. One guy Kansas city's really impressing all of us at the moment would tell you who next often don't love it. DC. And. Type news fair warning zoo on. Depressed and just. In the wake of this ports. Here receives a Sports Radio said after our show baiting since. Zero watts didn't seed us as we're being leeson's dissolve Fannie I am being honest Jon Hamm. Not telemetry to switch your lips around my. Some germs. Putting your putting your lips while Israel Israeli mutual closed minds. By the way speaking breadth inning. Appearance and are given to the breaking news sounder. He's got an injury. He comes walking and talking could be in the originals or. So what happened in the you gotta take a lead blues darkness. Didn't hit his head on the doorknob which. Relief or English or be well. Wasn't the knob apple. As the door frame the door jamb urging him. Here reported reported accurately. Now we had a very tall you are rated in the really hurt himself. It blood gushing from the sport it is indeed the blows or it. Gerber flash. And something. Google housed what's a good thing Jane never lost dog runs into the act as editors. Differ since it's good that you've never heard yourself. Are. You a couple weeks ago and you better not to mention that Indians lived to tell because it was from a door actually. I think the funny is injuries when it comes as a big league is this let's go back like five years. Is big assault or. With the sorts on. Well liked and they went up its year let aches and Iran serve he had mud on his knee and he said no it's right there so drive fell over. Yeah totally open up a. I. I didn't. Lose the birth. Or were you doing artwork at its role in India has come on Monday in the big. Lashes you so there. And with it with the we here how about Monday I did it ain't like rebuttal we've year. So it works and my. We. All boss I was there we'd like. To. It is all of the week even my leg. Well ma. It was. O. Oh excellent equal it was awesome. To. Oh it'll hurt. Our abate there's one person Kansas City as we talked earlier. About now's the time were a lot of people might be transitioning from being. Oh it's a baseball town back into being it's a football town because of the roster. Of that sees. And and I got to got to give credit to right now this make it moves and he's oppressing us right now is bred beats. The Brett beach effective manner early results. Are results the mean words it's too early to. All like we do in politics we will all states but Brett beach he continues to impress. And as David Emerson deal might look at is an insignificant or with young I don't know what Emerson bring chiefs I have no idea. But this debt that the position you like that you like what he's thinking that's the hole like that this whole market street if it is confusing me because these were built. He really nice secondary and always work on the inside linebackers with KP oh bringing Reggie rag and do on defense but Brett beach doing the moves he's made camera being. That would. Q it's it's hard it's not Ellis nodded at that got to do mobile game but he tried portrait rates definitely opens lie and steal words it was completely guard or tackle. I'm Christie wouldn't do want. But there are some payment while. But they're Simba after you bringing in kickers that's a franchise record for field goals as a rookie guy that was on their radar. The hoping to build the secondary builders like excited to see this guy and addressed yet. He was in summer time he's article moves he knows what yet. Yet limited by the now it's got a bunch. Is Alex Smith dare Johnson those moves freed up dust and coal what's gonna free money tumble week he's got money to play. Dorsey did when he got here he would get free that always lost. He's just lost it was at first you know against the free agents we took care people to legally blow. Got that money right away from John Dorsey but he wanted to build team through draft. That was his wing greens bake that's the Green Bay Green Bay that really bring in pre heated with Woodson. They didn't Jeff Saturday a little bit the big they try to draft from within and I think when I was really surprised at Cincinnati in the most players. If they drafted on the roster this point homegrown talent is for his being the bagels and what do they really proved that talent we don't know is what you get drafted. In this intrigues me. Is that like what he's doing so far it looks at weaknesses in the addresses the weaknesses in her biggest problem jarred or to a we knew this team any weakness to stop the run. If it took Brett beach geeky PO Greg went which they kill a magical last year without keep hill and Wragge. All you would be an immediate to the back and you got to go before the playoffs I mean imagine going Soledad this doesn't blow with. That broke the he would defense was bad in didn't address. He didn't really address in the draft directive in the past you know in the second round. It gets accumulated weight guys didn't contribute to this thing I think I think this is going to be good player in the future but it was about. Last year is about that last year last window with Al Smith the decree that surprised them to some extent how good he was early on. But the draft is more about the future then and now in the NFL you have to draft and you have to win now nothing is geared he'd be next year. The year after that so many teams make the playoffs what happens actually. They don't like the playoffs again there's going to be team this year multiple teams to make the playoffs and didn't do. But it's by mid day turnaround of seven and nine this year could happen. The dominant he lectured picture on the Chicago seven and I don't think it surprise you that much maybe a little bit it's it's the only right. But he's looking at the the areas of weakness on this team he's trying to address them. That's what with the second is also confused that like the Fuller I agree and Emerson productive pushed the guys like Eckerd Mitchell. Push him a little bit in heaven more summits and they're very into combat I like the makeup of the secondary I'm like what do you Lehman approached draft. In I think he'll take that same approach to Dorsey did any receivers and asks us to help him in the draft to with the traffic data democrats' cash to go out spend money toward improve this team. I still think this team has to go our way offense. The party page Schwartz and Fisher your book and get them paid. But he'll move around guys in the middle. Gives that full of money bringing him back sooner gore party seems to be a fine player for the cheese's point left guard still a mystery. Working on his defensive line overall on the linebackers which he's been doing. It he's doing this without the draft. Think he can really dress edge rusher. Second round and beyond making this stick around he can get somebody Merrill like her killings at a Washington State. But addressing bill I have no doubt in my mind he will find a way. To find pass rusher for the team he's found weaknesses he's tried to address of I've been very impressed Rabito for. With the limited time that you think again he's never gone to come by as the man he's never drafted as the man. I'm curious what he can do. I think there's a reason why orca. Eighty read these guys wanted him to be GM they saw all the promised that he dealt with the end date when using either. In order losing like Chris Ballard. Going way not to lose the most elevating this which you what so forcefully in. I like is approaching tuck they're Johnson personally handed you're not coming back. Eleven know right away. He had no problems the phone calls or sending text here. Whatever he didn't do what he told you personally to do what I'm just impressed the way this guy goes about his business. You can't do much and there are just and he mentioned he pointed that out he he was appreciative of the fact of red -- Leno we stood at the in the disease in regular scrutiny draft I don't know he has had an opportunity to script. But he has a chance to succeed either Indian soldier. But so far so good I'd like them I'm excited he can't always had a margin ever in the dome. I'm excited people would dig more with the poor showing a lot of promise he is still ahead new bond. It easy showed a lot of promise being the museum he really status is such a short time. He's re making the roster as they live here year exactly make you moves every life. The only able to look at natural muscle does that cement not in like that was cam orbit just Emery hasn't. Hasn't done anything. But even at that time was met at the time now in hindsight you wish yet at the duel with that he would probably scattered camera and it's all. And Z was the southeast regions or SEC scout who's with Philly. It probably venture ran different places in the south and in on camera babies become buy in like we could do we like the potential. It's up to Kim are going to be the guy he's not the only time we really remember camera that Lester restore the past two. They're still care about them. That it has. They may sell prosecute every conceivable that did happen. It's still camp leader of that camera which take a look at your team you look at your weaknesses in eagle at the dress and he's he wouldn't address moved. Without spending a lot of money in these jails in its foot for keep he'll. Is that what we had this misguided makes the Pro Bowl on special teams we had the guys. They can tackle on special teams would bring somebody in the can help or defense and it's the first movie did. You know are coming up next. Think we have a story for you bottomless driver. That was doing what we see too much. I'll explain that this volcano. Of ha tell lava. My back on the basis. On six just where does this not being here yesterday I'm assuming which tells you know he knows not at all it will you pummeled. News. Doubled not not really bad Sunday was worse things that are. Saturday night was a little worse Sunday they'll Sunday morning was probably what. Porn goes but if they hung over I've got to ritual. Did you like seared to titled big as class water before bed. Works every time we get that memo also man. Was sack up fallen almost not complain about a like a little girl you mean can relate I'm. What ever complain about drinks. Tonight as it is spread say no I've heard him. It does is just stay. You can complain about not feeling 100% that's. I haven't had anything to threaten to drink and I'm not feeling well because it's over and I think them. No I think you got the brown while before you know the stock plummeted the CC. You're going to need what you planes they think we did to you know. Turnabout for now line. You got food poisoning that was stolen I don't know was home and angered the Q I'm a bit serious. Basically sick to me at least five times. Are you okay commercial breaks and I'm pacing and a walk right now that he's the rest from a how many times this morning the amateurish in two or four times bill bill bill I thought all. I'm good package which can do. It'll be must appreciate you. In this. I understand the case that bubble got stuck on Christmas night spread lies. So it has to secure a site you're clenched when your run of the restaurant earlier. Leaks. And I thought it was going to be a photo finish me you you got me with guided real and they somebody look here. Co own anger. Now. Wilson has orders it's weird I mean it's best. I wish more recently opened as there are a lot of them presence in August it was for president's big resales can buy them. An iceberg to correct I was looking for an immoral position looked on line that Clinton's Tylenol now calls bad combination hasn't. Like Hutus heaters and told they'll be out here I mean it's true I'd have to do this and sporting and I'd say the right aspirin but usually he's eateries that war. A special company. That red. As it is this. Stores obvious oh. What's online. As mayor and act. At its best wide six point eight per share. A young Lee left their keys behind doing her lift. She just wanted them back of course swung back loser teased them in a you know a list ran losses so opposed you'd you'd like for the day and at a no government I. And subtle here. I don't know that. So she wanted to keys back. Wasn't looking for any extra details. But her pervert lift driver went way too for. After the ride. A text came from the driver asking it. Her name. Or names not wrote it is stored if she lost her cheeks. She asked for. And our drivers and the portal the missing keys. And it speaks. She EU's ban micro Herbert he's on the payments. Or next to the pin in this story or just it was a picture of the keys and then also. Let's be careful off our head hit greens are that bosses I have I have been out of the medical or I'd. Medical or I have been I have been clicking on all the added it's flipping the pages here on the story. I'm reading the story in and reading some of the tweets about the story if it on what I on American. At this letter pictures like a pig you're missing something but. It. Halt. I just. This business. It's your problem that's been more right. To what would that gets out you you are not lift as to let him go when an Israeli. You can it's all you can't do that mean. You cannot do that. You can't do which company no matter how good injury news. I mean. He was being nice and trying to return her keys he went to four maybe he you know how like when you go to at like multiple pictures on your phone. And don't like lets you select them maybe he clicked one too many actually accidentally set the Cynthia that all Richard picked on and an all right. Sells well I got out that's. Right it it's it's a little bit the photograph the sensor but essentially he stayed in the bath and eighties got. This big this self boulder camera down showing her knees and I distance. Also with the same picture. Let's just went off. You realize is in the picture. Of seats we did that lives he says I just one Mikey snoop or mad and ask a all eyes you do it too must a man. Two point eight. Get expert who trichet idol bad about this goings on ridiculous stalwarts to something really really serious damage gonna do march and June. You do. Talk office who died slash Null committed a crime dollars dollars on to kill me it does have to do crime no. 8888. By the way I do will this whole alcohol in Iowa and apparently and doing irreparable damage from a kid he really no problem with that we've. Works so well suited up all like to liver to feel like it's probably doing the exact same damage done. Amaral and I've cell. That this is the bed this serious. Story don't want to get too and it it just touches and our well being. Rachel. Former wide receiver with the Carolina Panthers remember he had the situation back in 2001. And celebrity died a committed a crime in this one. I know whose uncles it's the attributed to any funny leading up until obviously he's not truckers he was wanted to talk yes. All right I've done that to get new drive in movie before Rachel Ruth is set to be released. From prison on October 20 sat. And if you if you don't nervous or he was a one had his ex girlfriend murder she was pregnant he had wanted to have the baby she's having a baby. So he ate some guys to. The shooter. A bomb. She ended up dying they were in order to. To. To get the baby arm. But the bay his son has so much physical damage he's got a report damaged because of injury sustained. Because they were trying to save the baby's life in the war to save his life. This son chancellor who is to I think he's he's he's eighteen according to stored. The victim's mother. Has raised that he would is entitled life. Mean the victims that. But there was killed and the mother was still up about the noble don't come out that the grandmother. That that that's who raised exceeded. He has stated now he wrote a fifteen page letter to rule the victim's mother. And also we sit to to a television station in Charlotte. He wants. Custody. Also sought. He wants custody of his son. I have old old real problem. I'm trying to process how he feels like. He has the right. After he took this this woman's daughter. NS Coles haunted his son I understate it's his son. Or grandson and he thinks that all the sudden he's gonna walk out of prison. He just gets. Custody of chance or when he's released this is the poll from. I should be raising my son. His mother should be raising her son. Miss Adams should not be doing this now want that responsibility. Bat where if you just say his mother should be raised him. A woman and the answer to hire you down yeah that he hired deal. And I feel like he might not ever had his mother in his life. Okay idiot. Or five but he did steal that he and not to steal make a difference and I don't think that anyone's responsibility. Went down steal him. What young man I know it's our growing up about a father but. And your mom's not around for summaries and that's why you. And I I may or may not have tried to kill you by. Hog but he eighteen years among bring in and get into the time it took about eight. It's unbelievable to me. That he. He can think like it's. This not that Sandra Adams actually track seniors that that that that's that's the grandmother this is our statement he says I've forgiven re already. Looked at any type of relationship with him. There does have to be some repair. And I think this opens at the war but actors they definitely. He's not ever going to have custody of chance you know I asked him what that does he never the national security guard Rudy don't obesity problem vehement. I think is kinsey teaming dude wants yet legally. It he. He can't do anything like I had seen hadn't seen us no he can't walk to Hitler she can't function. It just. Acting re regulate and more homeowner. You cost number. I'll start you take somebody's life. You attended Tucson you'd think they'd use to get custody of his son when you get out of jail. For me and I'll bring you do is don't gas could be tougher in court you listen to. It's going to be interesting is still this is possible. Will be and it indicates it's a mess and he's getting on October 22. I hope the courts do not take weight stance of on newsroom I'm really of the Obama because he stamp at its new mega visitation. Says the all right oh with arms. We really did kill the balls I didn't mean from the driver and we got here we get this yourself penis in season and right Rick rude typically fashion and expect a force of federal death now with. Version did you bring in the room down like that artery divert. Sunshine. Oscars seem Diego snow and icing and another parade Cameron about 230 more rain on. Take two to fourteen and what it is a bigger balls killed them balls Killington. Do you know why a WS Gilbert was frequently drunk on his transatlantic. Crossings. Noon. Because. He was quoted on the port side to. DC. Site you. I don't man not enough feel pretty good even it's even even the boss yeah I got to the fiasco that. Even the ball samples like you miles. You look like if he's I've. It rebounds. Your problem authorities I have a heater in my core. The race faster. When you're hurried to go do this same. X ten minutes to warm my truck. I hear that they'd be nation's best at. Halftime. It attendance Karl I do a good time to spend. And or is there such a busy man that you. Like he's mighty nice. Speaking get home. They certainly wherever your wife is yelling your. Call you names that you probably deserved to be called mr. stickler. Only hours you know the slate when Juno that's basically told me this morning music called me very implement. He told me about and I started what did she call you when he told me. And I said what did you do to deserve it and his response to realize nothing really. Nothing. You mean tell me your wife called you that name that we can't utter on the air for you say no one should ever be called she called you that. For no reason. Might it yes you what did you do I was just walking around BJ basically. And here she come on inside me with this profane language or you're out there are humans as much as. It's really is the biggest and by the way I felt most professionals moments did not know about it though. You elect that was something I thought he was sitting on the go. I found they have Patton whom senior baseball card as I was thinking through cards as we can. Anybody wants the former one. You he's wearing a jacket in the cards I don't know. Typically reserved for the bench players before Jack. It could go fumble cars but until then was that it takes. We'll just start right off him who had that set the hospital stuff. To the side with the royals in the direction they went to vitriol. He went towards her has heard today was kind of the the final with their house web press conference put that Jersey on it was just a different look good feeling though you know he's going through Diego. Are they were at the royals signed here 'cause I think you're conflicted. In what they want to do it won't bring back here. Or do you wanna do the rebuilt or did you view Eric like Scott Boras said the prestige value America or have him around we'll. Christina McCallum well. We'll just get help these guys before oh. We like your kind of Republicans before the scenes look lots of jerseys but into the day. A lot of people called down a little bit when this report came out to the royals were offered 5100. CD you listened to a 5415. But once he hit the whole thing is that extra three years at thirteen million per. They can opt out of that he can get a better go if but when was that he's grateful that he can opt out of it a lot more money. What he's not he's still beard. 39. After the five years what really makes a lot of sense. What he chose to. Second one of the great beach in even those this Emerson moved very small move by the leaders who knows what he's got left it was seasoned young guy. Because he'll come around 2015 pro football focus will be the most improved corner they arrived here. In the evenings. He had a rough you're the year before. But the one they gave its depth and position him get that. And one thing I've seen as is but another talk about trade markets which are not buying at this point at all because the secondary is finally coming together. Something pretty respectable well I think you look she should say hey we don't worry about secondary. Reports Fuller their very coming back. It's very big. But I like to be to god he recognized the weakness of the job Dorsey wasn't able to do his witty lines that would you stop the run. He would immediately addressed this game hadn't had a draft yet. But I loved the movie making. And I guess just to round out the when conversation. And I mentioned this yesterday with on this show. Number one I'm not gonna be mad at or copper for. Doing what he did before before exiting in. Did the city and going on to San Diego starting a new adventure in his in his baseball life. It in the breeze on not upset is because. At the end of this conversation. The reality is. The royals did not offer him as much money as the San Diego pod created Natalee was the money not the same. It was saved because of the years. That they were all. Now many people look at notes on a breakdown disable. The world's offerings by year's. 400 billion dollar in invested able pots of offering. You don't just those five years 405. But it's not just above the five year is also on oxygen is also bought these additional three years. That was also another 44 billion dollars. Behalf the fact that it. Eight and you can't leave that out. It into the air possibly walk to Kansas City. He leaves your World Series champion and it's something again the city and should never ever forget the I don't have any small lead. Feelings what was care cost battle until you know any animosity towards him what's what in the second take that happens in regards to Libya. Those rumors and speculation in the fall could shatter. The conversation revolving around is there a possibility. That it is the agencies are looking to want more speed. Well. At this point in time that's not something now wanna be apart because right now he is an only quarterback. But if there is more to the story in Marcus fetus does want out of Kansas City then beats is the guy that I absolutely want. It's going to make that call them. I. Looking forward Blake Carrington in theory ginger bread innings. Being vetoes or explain it. I'm into right now that is oil spill in people's. Business patterns can actually I have a move in instead. What does faith elastic about. I know equities. He's off to spit out some knocks right now and a hit there again with some truth on that stage did. We're done here. Pray for me we don't Arnold don't we hear one more time they've more back. Period of time that things that we hour is over and so we need it to move forward and move on people. What got you got demolished in him to drop. Yeah. This volcano. Of hot talent lover.