02/13 8a - Bill Self, KC's Iconic Dishes, Vern's 10; Part II, Commercial Free

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Tuesday, February 13th

Bill Self shares his thoughts on KU fans and the conference championship streak, KC's most iconic food, Vern's 10 to watch in spring training plus we're commercial free talking Chiefs, Royals and the Big Story 


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Coming up in five minutes here on. Instead Sports Radio. We're gonna have a lot of fun we're gonna have you weigh in as well there's a video going around them. The interwebs right now and it's talking about the best cuisine in Kansas City and so we're gonna discuss with you guys what is Casey's iconic dish will discuss that coming up at about five minutes here on. 610 Sports Radio but Bill Self help court yesterday outside a wal littered with championship rings and there may be in addition to that war this year the arena BE 814 straight big twelve championship ring and it goes right against that wall there. For all of Kansas has raised for three days America I don't really look at all that much Josh to be honest with you I'm sure he did why would mean it's like you know I was looking at arrowhead the last time I was out there. And I'm looking at they're gone they're running out of room for where they can put names up there on the on the ring tomorrow they're gonna maybe shrink down names figure out on us that are act if they may have to do suck because they are running out of room but usually when you put a wall up like that. I you do see. The ability to add to Al we've got to the. On Olympic hockey sound the alarm police even we've got to being. From Yung Chang. With the Olympic women's team taking on the lessons over in that young Chang. I'm not believe Hannah brands with the goal here in Rio Grande Valley the fifth goal. Against the Olympic athletes of Russia Diego folks steal lie it's a rush they went down to the veterinarians it is 50. So. Bill Self spoke yesterday about. That's. And it was very interesting to hear and I gotta be honest with the iBook leaves and I agree. Would everything the Bill Self had to say because they have right now he was told are in panic mode. What are our fans are what do better not able to the real world I beat these guys that they do feel segue North Carolina feels that way. That's that's life. For thirteen years. It it. You know this is what's unbelievable to me with our fan base because I'd love movement and they're great for thirteen years we've got a T shirt and ultimately. The news that big deal we get a teacher and now that working behind its you know the heavens are falling. Because regained behind it I certainly understand it enough and I get there today. If we deserve to be gained behind that we've played well enough to be better but. I I I do believe there and a when a syndicate feature on talk about your teacher. But basically on that game that we get a teacher in in the if we're lucky we have enough to get to our family you know one of those type of things so so well are. Embrace it it's it's if if this is how they're feeling that they should they should understand the things they should appreciate all the emotions changed it to go through. Because it it it's a struggle this year and but it means it's over but it's still it's definitely a struggle on Nintendo Wii Wii price needs him more than. We ever have needed element and a and and you know they got a rally around that as well. So let's Bill Self yesterday holding court outside the championship ring mural out at death Allen fieldhouse this spot left potentially for fourteen straight championship. But Bill Self Leslie basically what the reality Kansas fans it doesn't happen every year we looked it up and and duke in the last time they when he regular season ACC championship. Was 2010. It's eight years ago I the last time duke won two titles since and I and they let it go right to titles instead Steven Wright or 2010 birdie titles since then. Fifth 2001 note to 2010 as a three titles are two titles since they last won an ACC regular season basketball championship and for Kansas fans out there that are freaking out like I gotta be honest who the hell cares its like I said with the cheese back in May. The success and failure of the chiefs' season will be determined by what you do in the post season they lost a home game in the first round without having a bye failed season. The Kansas Jayhawks are in the same boat as the Kansas City Chiefs we do as good enough as the chiefs and the jayhawks are every single year and I'll at least since. Andy has taken over that situation with the chiefs and since Bhutto's been in charge of the situation AKU. Every year your expectations now are just to do well in the regular season and win a regular season championship and cut down a net because you won the big twelve won the AFC west. At the end of the day to meet those titles are irrelevant and Josh I said that for awhile I don't care about the big twelve championship. I wanna see this team do well in the post season they're nice to have. Our status throughout the fourteenth. And that streak has been great right. More for the streak that I like it for the actual winning champion and facts and understand the freak out and like when the streets over what does that mean. I think by the footnote right. Footnote it if this team which I don't think they will but if this team ends up going to and a final four and a remember that it with a big twelve championship him this is an over right in it there's a lot of time there could pay. All tied again tonight. I think over the course of this streak at this point of the season I saw a stat yesterday either three or four times. Kansas trailed by a game. In in at this point in time during this thirteen year straight winning streak of big twelve championship so big trailed this late in the sees it happen before. They can continue to win the big twelve championships if they figure out they've got that tough three game stretch coming after this game and Iowa State tonight. And they can kind of figure this thing they can still win or high. For the big twelve championship so I think for folks that are freaking out right now. Don't worry about it and the success and failure of the Kansas season will be determined in the month of march. If they don't make it out of the first weekend or if they don't play the seed that it will be looked at as a failed season I mean that's just the way you have to look at it. Regular seasons aren't nice regular seasons are fun. But it's different when your Kansas when you were duke when your North Carolina and what you're touchy matter where the patriots when you were the Steelers. You don't know your domain nice of the cubs the Dodgers the rake the season doesn't matter the regular season is a tour now for what you're gonna do in the post season and that's the way it is for Kansas they played well enough. For long enough to be on that level of the regular season is just there. It's what matters in March and. There's mostly gives you an opportunity to to be in a position to be higher seed. And name a critical more favorable draw sure. I guarantee anything no not at all and and certainly finishing runner up. What tour threes I mean yeah now. Whether you're a mile one seed line for not winning a league maybe maybe maybe maybe maybe not maybe not in May be in the same seam line you're going to be. And Susan over. Or twelve games ahead of him. That means how many games left which is ask together. Six. That's a third of the season three weeks and a third of the see things can be different tonight at like. 83012 hour should be tied could be tied for the lead or leave it at all be right with your world again. It's fine visit Casey put out a tweet yesterday asking what is Kansas city's iconic game should they went around and they talk to folks gates barbecue plaza three and grows those for chickens Dini and I think it's very interesting when they when they rolled out these three things because to me he. The only thing that is iconic of that matters when it comes to food in Kansas City actions it only in its iconic that's a bad choice awards but the most iconic piece the dish but the fine Kansas City that most of me. Is the born dead and the reason I say that guys is because the park and is something that you can't get anywhere else and anywhere else you go they don't know what the birth and is if you want a Borg and you have got to come to Kansas City. To acquire that dish you can find chicken speedy the other places you can find the Casey strip other places. You can't Feinberg pens and Carolina you can't Feinberg pins in Memphis you can't Feinberg Denton Texas. In fact you can't even find a Texan decided gene Watson head scout for the royals the tell you what a Borg and is because they don't know and to me. That's what makes the borrower and the most iconic BH. In Kansas City and the dish that best represents Kansas City. When it comes to describing food in this town and I think when when you look at things. That make you like comic it has to be something that's different you meet you can't find anywhere else like the statue of liberty iconic to New York City the arts iconic the saint Louis the Golden Gate Bridge night comic to Sanford Cisco. Those are things that you can't get anywhere else and for Kansas City the most iconic thing about Kansas City may beat the board and not just food. But the most iconic thing about university could be the burn to. Currently sell and and then you can argue over which one has the best ones right perfect for everything I mean I think the Bert and I think disease man's got a got to wrap them. That I think that that's been on enough like food. Show loses your publications or whatever that that that sandwich as become an iconic. Sandwich in Kansas City right. Busy man from Joseph sure again that when as. Every oh yeah Joe's a disease and he gets like synonymous with a not just here for probably around the country aggressor Alyssa is pretty good. And I find a stake right. Casey strip of gas pains at TC in the name right circle that kind of and the the chicken spitting I don't know where LC and so I was out I heard it was started here are known to portray or chicken speedy speedy B began right. Okay I've had those are seeing is a wonderful thing is are you guys if maybe America had a outlook or sounds. Does like an iconic brand for Kansas City I guess a 69306. On the excellent today what is the most iconic bishop Kansas City. Here's Raymond from gates talking about the Bertans. Berrian go all the trimmings from the brisket. It's yeah. All we hit bad risky for anywhere from eight to twelve hours. And the background that from the back side of the brisket is the very. There ain't no he knows that anywhere else in this country like what the backside of the brisket is called what you do with that part of the meat in Kansas City. We servant as part and is like to do with smoke house barbecue which is a nominal or you can chop it up like gates doesn't have a board and chops at what conservative in and that kind of style as well absolutely and you now you're getting hungry but to me and it stars that the two of which guys others. Bright child and let's. Tab and play devil's advocate rail yeah you can do whatever you want so you said San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge New York. As the statue of liberty that's sure people recognize right coming in to New York in into San Francisco for sure. If you've never been to Kansas City. You're coming for Barbeque but you're probably starting with the ribs. What you've never heard of Barnett was it when you get here and you hero of that you understand what they are now yeah but I would say a I almost they would say there's two different answers for Kansas City and it's it's bird ends. But if you're coming to Kansas City for barbecue you're starting with red cars of the regardless of what her keys and as well as the evil little door and asking the locals that you get to the Vernon and then on around you when you go to your second Barbeque restaurant of the weekend you're getting burnt ends. Boy what gets people in the door and indeed in the city Iraqis are risks. AB. But I mean. But I I don't think ribs are iconic for Kansas City is you can get rid anywhere else. You could still get our ends in others I say I just feel them anywhere else down in Texas now they don't do nearly as well as Austin in. Kansas City started burnt ends. But you start with barbecue is kind of one of the identity is and when the first thing you think a barbecue is ribs may. Maybe sell but I think with you're talking iconic dished to Kansas City. The ribs on the iconic the ice the borrower ends are it's what Kansas City is known for its what started here at Kansas City and what everybody around though the world that you say you been to Kansas City all you gotta have the barn dance like there's not a person who walks away and says. The bird dads aren't good enough let's talk and sausage on a talk import a darkened the real beef and like legitimate burnt ends not. Not some kind of chicken born dancer Fishburne bends or something like that. We're talking about the legitimate burnt ends from the bees. Up from the brisket that Raman there and I gates' comment talked about. That's what you have to look at and and that to meet what makes iconic is what's different what's unique in what separates it from everybody else in my opinion. Ribs you can find anywhere ally every chain restaurant as a side ribs you can order a blitzer something like that so to me it's not the ribs. That make Kansas City iconic it's the board and does that make Kansas City iconic as that is one has actually ground right now if you can hear it and it should be because we're talking about some of the greatest food. In all of the world's a 69306. On the tech slide today what do you think. Is Kansas city's most iconic ditch coming up pitchers and catchers are reporting. In our Josh burn your has five guys on the mound that could have a big impact on 28 team. One guy you've never heard of before will tell you who it is next. Oh. Commercial free half. About fifteen minutes or so. I'm sad since Sports Radio don't forget. Tomorrow is Valentine's Day and for Valentine's Day. 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On FaceBook live tomorrow and you can watch TV shows extent sports FaceBook page at FaceBook dot com slash sixteen sports major news from the yes. Dubbed camp that's going on in Major League Baseball so Bradenton Florida apparently is where in the the Major League Baseball Players Association is holding their free agent camp right. For baseball players. This is from nick a fart joke other covers. Is a for the Boston Globe and the unions not allowing the media at their free agent camp in Bradenton. Wonder what they're afraid of or turn out perhaps our Major League scouts also not allowed really odd decision the players haven't had a good offseason. And it continues anybody else so Nobel showing his scab camp in well Brady's that you can't you can't cover it right so you don't know it gets out of Indonesia but I. To me it's on every gives I'm guessing this can't this can't isn't for the Hosmer and whose stock is in the Syriana right. It is it's for the the guy it's. Trying to get a job trying to get a gig bag the last guy in on on a bullpen or something so that this is an. Camp where the big names are going to to stick to teams right so some bad. Not that big deal kind of interest thing like where we're gonna all this came over here trusses. Orchid outs can't work out teens but when I don't like to look at what ever it is down a surprise Arizona where the the real thing is going on for. Kansas City Royals and you can check out his blogs is nearly videos and interviews and whatnot at six did sports dot com. His first blog went up yesterday about ten guys that he's looking forward to. To try to make an impact on the pitching staff we went through five of the guys the 7 o'clock hour a look at other five guys that are on his list right now and we started off. With Kevin McCarthy and Burton wants to know. We'll see Perry himself as a member of this bullpen will need the the way in team drills war will eat beef or two others so Kevin McCarthy. He is a guy that bird is looking forward to to see how he carries himself the sport Berkeley you've everybody's jogged out front right. Who's gonna Jeff who's gonna leave the jogging in the stretching. A lot of it maybe it's Kevin McCarthy next guy Boston Griffin. This there are enough earlier. He's got its way to the middle brother that is yes it's late brother. 22 year old former first round pick. He wants to see how he handles his first venture in the big league clubhouse what does that mean. How does he handled himself in the big league clubhouse does he deferred to the veterans at the buffet table. Does he take B quietly go to his bag with a quarter wait to be assigned a locker right does that does he speak only when spoken to doesn't make eye contact they see this momentary snapshot for the older guys inside this about carries bats and helmets. Again what does that mean how he handles his first venture brings in donuts inside the big league club that looks tee times his as. Ass and taking me up like Santa charges that the 22 year old they're supposed to do. Richard a love lady that's our guys Baby Richard love lady. Number three on the list. He's among the rest of the big leaguers for the first time. How does he carry himself does he act like he belongs. How do you tell what somebody belongs. Here's how you tell in my opinion. Just my opinion on this when they're wearing a load number. While that too yes you're not wearing and yeah see. It outward 62 a New Jersey Piaf here's it's eligible long if you go out there and you strike dudes out. And now you go out there don't let. He. Names on the back of the Jersey have an impact and outdoor pitching on the man. You just go out there play baseball like that for the entire life. That's how you act like you belong Josh still months to be forgettable 27 teams get to the 24 year old's head obviously attack this break. That's key for a lot of guys in baseball playing. You've got to forget the bad moments fast and the guys have the most success. Are the ones who minimize the thought about the bad moments and maximize the thought about the good moments and realize how to duplicate and replicate the quadruple looking. That type of success he had. This time last year right yeah I think he did. Not so much this is nothing much left but hasn't but that's the time where you put it right. And finally the guy on his list. I'll defer to view this guy to ever heard of either. Eduardo roach yeah that's sick and Florida a little rosy. Debris is a Loria. Okay. Twenty year old Colombian now on the forty man roster in the big league clubhouse how does he react. I don't know by introducing yourself everybody I think. And five I've made breeze Gloria I'm happy to be here. I don't know whose diets I wish him well. Who this guy had no lines no idea. The birds may be opening by the I think burn all the Pasco. You think he did his native name and Steve are gonna vitamins. I have no idea who he you better nobody ever. Steve do you remember. It's this big guy did Sports Illustrated created. That one year and in baseball JAM what was the guys that attention civilians deaths is nice that your game is these birds have been striving where he is creating a guy. And he's giving us to talk about and Melvin reasonable they think guy. I think the prospect of him looks every year that the one has been mailed to me yet they said at the end of the month that you gave here. And down. I don't know that I've ever seen this guy's name before on the list catcher. He's a catcher definitely studied the pitcher is on Colombia's. 4017 WDC team. Most of these guys journalist it was a was pitcher on this list. So he there was curve ball was Knowles Marines villain so he is a real value ultimately I'd sure. Sure they're catchers and melt three sound like those retirement community. Florida it really does yeah Alfred I. Sun blowing the sunshine little breeze blowing in at the belfry is glorious days. Hanging out by the pool. At the might freeze Gloria. Sounds like a great place. Assessment then don't cocktail there it's really you do what's apparel and cool breeze I have no idea. Well I think that's the first question we ask you what is for joining Michelle. How does my degrees galore a look at go to valid right out of the chute by breeze the Loria the latest why aren't the best he's scouring the love all the names that are camp and he's intrigued by young catcher that's cool that's good one year old catcher are. He's on the forty man roster so you know probably has some talent as well. So that's a look at what is it earned is predicting Lexington. Congratulations. Coming up to give you an opportunity to win a four pack of Casey golf show tickets by a listing for this straw. During the commercial break caller number. Eleven we'll win that Casey golf shell passes when you hear the all crude dropped during the commercial break. Coming up we go commercial free and we started off with the latest data chief who may be in some hot water. Presented by Mercedes-Benz. And Kansas City. Commercial free till 9 o'clock don't forget tomorrow we will be on FaceBook lies all day in about ten minutes we can tell you. You can join us on FaceBook live tomorrow. Part of the shows will be listening for that about ten minutes or so here on 610 Sports Radio with a big news of the day that everybody is talking about around him. A city in one form or another is the Kareem punt situation in his legal troubles if you will. That are occurring right now in Cleveland and Josh is kind of update everybody on the story of what's going on yeah the act Cleveland is favors for some great physically one dot com that. A woman in Cleveland told police that cream hot quote shoved and pushed her in a weekend dispute. And a a hotels slash apartment where he's currently living apparently there was a party group went out. Got a party bus. Came back to the to the apartment. According to this woman around 345. This woman says on assault that your. Pushed her down jogger. The other side and at other witnesses say. They found out this girl some and elsewhere nineteen. They were students at Kent State University there in nineteen years old and decided they needed to leave the party. And that she was the aggressor so we have to. Two different reports and two police. Each alleging assault. One of two cream putts 12 this nineteen year old Abigail on injure. That she was the one that was the aggressor in the situation so it's at it's it's a bit said he said she said no charges have been filed. The Cleveland police. Sergeant to the newspaper said the incident appears to be a cross complaint. Meaning each person who said they were assaulted would be directed the prosecutor's office if they wanted to pursue charges. Now it sounds like. They are all party together. And for some reason. This. Girl and her friend Grassley the party and then something happened. Then something happens well they are told believe it didn't and it got into an altercation or it didn't get into an altercation. What have you it's on the happened around 3:45 AM at this apartment complex. That. Somebody didn't leave after being. Told you some of the reports that came out of that she was nineteen years old is as mentioned and she was asked to leave because they realize that she was nineteen years old when they wouldn't wanna get trouble for serving a minor and I I think what this is is is whether and I Kareem and gates prosecuted for this story charged with anything or anything like that. I think what this has to be is a wake up call matches for Kareem on but for every single person out there. Who is in the public guide number one your 22 years old that you are in the public guy and when you're in the public guy when you're an athlete when you're an actor and you're somebody that is famous like bad. You cannot act like 822 year old that's just the part of the deal that comes along with a if you wanna act like a 22 year old. Then you go find yourself another nine to five job or nobody's gonna recognize and act like a 22 year old and I'm good with that but once you decide that you're going to be a superstar what you decide that you're going to be football player hockey player baseball player actor or a politician or somebody that is in the public guy. Then you do not get a pass for being a 22 year old you have to grow up faster than everybody else that's part of the deal you're making more money than every 22 year old out there you've got more fame than other 22 year old is out there you've got life differently than most 22 year old and 99.9 9% of 22 year old out there. So when your life is different you have to act differently and if you're 22 years old and you're a guy like Kareem and who's an athlete. He should never be hanging around with nineteen year old I don't care that she's three years younger than him now -- thing is about big deal. It is a maturity thing it becomes a maturity thing and we door and NFL player in the public guy. 22 was not 2010 you have to act like thirty you have to act like you've been there before golds. All are kind of the rules that come along with that job cream hot may have done nothing wrong I don't make may not done according. Coretta story when he spoke to police. He said he asked the women believe told his friend of the pair could not stay real hot said he went to bed and later told some of the call security when he could still hear the women on the hallway. Hotel security escorted the women downstairs and ask Cleveland police for help in handling the complaint according to the report. The email outage or also called police reports say so both the ledger was an assault took place. Both allege they are both called police right. And it seems like there's there's there's there's two different stories right and that according to her she told police she was assaulted quote by a player and from. I don't know who else is in that room or who else was there anything like dampened. You know the the so a lot of and it's like. Corey hunt got the biggest name and whoever whoever was there cream until the biggest name in that room right and and again and can suspend two and if it's apparently where he lives. Like like you're the one that's getting the headlines at this right or wrong right. And you're different you're at a different spot than everyone else's in you have to understand that's kind of the oath you take we Angel football player being in the National Football League working for a major employer. Jerseys sold with your name of the backtracked a different billboard yep it's a different spotlight and it doesn't matter that. You're only 22 and she's nineteen. You you got to voids that you you just got to avoid situations like this an end to put yourself in a bad spot 3:45 AM usually may have been trying to do the right thing and saying. App these these these. These women are too young they got Ali will. You're the one in the headline today no one else other than this this nineteen year old Abigail on your. Who you're gonna terminate your American Mercury not eagle creek hot right now somebody text in earlier I'm does. There like they Google her and everything comes of cream cream not related yes that that's that's how that's. Unfortunately the BB fact of the matter you have to be. An adult you have to be a represented of of yourself. First off yourself self as your names your things right. And your team in your league no one's asking for comment of of this person's employer say she's got a part time job. We Jesus not taking classes at Kent State no one's asking for comment from her player. Why does nobody cares right there asking for comment for the chiefs to this report so. I don't I don't know they just read you what the story as with the reports of bad conflicting reports he's not been arrested he has not been charged. But his name is. Out there for all the wrong reasons right. And edits being kind of dragged through the mud right now because of of what allegedly has gone on in and we will know anything until it is obviously there's all resolved in this whole thing plays itself out. But again the NFL too when it comes to suspensions guys doesn't need. An arrest doesn't need a charge doesn't need anything to suspend a player if you embarrass the shield that's going to suspend use that I use the referral log time out it. They're only criteria is embarrassment Wright and and that in the gates is this embarrassment. I mean it's not a good thing right now for Kareem on the remains you don't solve the you put yourself you put yourself in a position where. The league might have to take a look at your. At shore activity right that's a good even if it's even as it is a minor thing is you'd you'd take the names out of this smooth. And is as of Friday night right. President and an after party that's right once told to leave them. They don't leave right you try to get him believe they only if you may be jostling. It's different though it's Kareem hunt right. It's got a different connotations and and you just have to act different when you are an NFL player and in if you don't like those rules and you don't think those rules are fair then you don't have to be an NFL players different rules apply to different people for what they do for a living and who they are different people get away with certain things that other people don't get away with paste on their startup. And different players different people have to act differently than the normal working past the due because of who they are in in Korean hunt. Happens to be one of those players and I was thinking about it last night and then again I don't team should should offer chaperones for these guys to beat air or an independent third party to be with these guys. So things like this don't get out of here and things like this don't gold Leo astray things like his don't get taken out of context because. Right now we got he said she said and in in the in the world which we live. I would guarantee you more people are siding with. Her side of things and they are siding with his side of things even though she should be in the right I was assaulted by a player right I I was I was pushed by a player. I know who bright boy with light what. Stuff going on me he went out and anywhere near this I don't know and he's at and look at it he's 22 it's not using the judgment of a 22 year old or whatever like if he's easy to use the judgment of 22 year old comes just thirty and if he had no involvement was is there was literally saying these people right. Like if you sit in the back and everybody else has been as fall guys -- how to get it about it until his slice it these people out here on someone's whose names in the right it's it's his name that's in the nose in the NFL's gonna look at it and I'm sure Roger Goodell scouted already on his desk right now and they're talking about it and we'll continue to bring you more information as we have it here on this Kareem hunt situation commercial free half hour presented by Mercedes-Benz of Kansas City here on sixth and Sports Radio the Eagles owner is Jeffrey Laurie writes I'd say is named Jeffrey Loria and I think some people say Lori Gloria how every wanna say. I love this guy. And yesterday proved an Eagles is Laurie floor a body or the old Marlins. Owner was Lori Gloria this yet yeah all right so people just for glories the owner of the Philadelphia Eagles. Is a guy that I became very very very much in love with yesterday and the reason why is because I was reading again on the athletic which again is a very very very good website. And they had basically the inside look at that final play are now the final play but of the Philly special and everything that went on. Throughout the game and an all the brass you know what moves the Doug Peterson made throughout the apple game and this was an interesting story that they had about Jeffrey Loria and of our warrior about what happened and why they decided to go for it on multiple fourth down situations. Early September before the season started Jeffrey Laurie decided that he wanted to hold a press conference or he's the owner this football team and he tells his. Media henchmen it let's go have a press conference I have something I need distaste for the media gathered in Jeffrey glory gives a a speech in talks about something and something that was on his mind was. Analytics and you may think you're on why isn't owner holding a press conference about analytics the reason is is because he's got the back of his head coach. He heard people in the media talking he urged fans talking and questioning some of Peterson's decisions. In 2016. And before 2017 really got started he wanted to get out ahead of this as the owner of the franchise and basically say. Doug Peterson is going forward on fort down and doing nonconventional things because that's what we came up with as an organization. And me is the owner I got the backs of these guys because I know how close games are in the NFL. And if you play things down the middle and you playthings conservatively. We're gonna lose more games and we're going to win and so the owner of the Philadelphia Eagles has given the okay. Did to Doug. Peterson and his coaching staff to do things a little bit unconventional. He says quote sometimes people try to critique coaches on fourth down decisions and things like that. I explained you have these decisions get made because it should really take some of the burden off the criticism of any coach in any league a lot of teams all hours as one. Where it's all done in the all season with match. It's not based on any form or instinct if it's going to be 5050 year 4852. That a coach is going to have their instinctual. Predilection right but what we found there's been in other words got guts feel yes. But what we found there's been so many decisions overtime. That are too conservative for the odds of maximizing your chance to win the bat opportunity. I mean you've seen certain coaches that are deemed more aggressive because the math leads them here. That's all it is so any decision hopefully any coach of ours makes is based on maximizing the chances to win. We live television commentators and reporters for whatever many years kinda say wow very conservative approach in decisions is the right way. Maybe it was a some of the players that were for the color commentators of the coaches when you do. You really want to try to be a lot more aggressive in the public would normally anticipate. So I think the smarter teams do that. And you can fail when you have a 42%. To 58% and you choose the 50%. It seems like. He's message was clear the decision to be aggressive on port that was an organizational one. All probably would be Peterson's decision. Or is always in sees the Eagles a forward thinking franchise. The Mathis said for years that coaches are too conservative on fourth down he wanted Peterson to buck the trend now. About involvement how about act like Smart involvement. Right from that standpoint. And every time now over the last ten days but I've read something about that Super Bowl or about that playing or how bad decision. I keep coming back to Andy Reid and I believe right now where we sick. If any re doesn't adapt and doesn't change and doesn't get out of that conservative mindset. He will never win a Super Bowl and I'm thinking to myself right now and I thought to myself yesterday about this. We may be any situation. Where everything has advanced in the NFL they get it past the Indy Reebok. He may be a very good x.s and those football coach he may be a very good motivate or get the most out of your talent. And that's great for the regular season that's great to be in attendance six it's great to get into eleven and five to win a fourteen AFC west. But if you really want to wean and be at the next level. I don't know that Andy Reid is in two and enough. With what's going on with a lot of these young coaches which is what we talked about it earlier in the shell all of these organizations hiring young coaches with fresh minds and fresh ideas. Indy every may be stuck in his ways and his ways maybe betting the chiefs from advancing in the post season to where they need to speak. You'll see guys doing different things and wild and crazy things in zany things in the play I just am Super Bowl. And they're paying off and they're doing things that are outside the box and that's the way you win now in the NFL. Not being conservative and Andy Reid may be too conservative for this day and age in the NF. Yeah probably needs probably needs a ballot catamounts and I think that's what we've seen in baseball right I ads kind of an example of that. He's got he's got he's got as I write but he's also at the map people serve. Any balances those two things out and comes up and make decisions based on that read your little faster. Decision making process in the in the NFL and nine months and had as a write in and he does wrong. Under saying I think we're seeing a little bit how well that championship and Indy has I think we're seeing that Lebow football. Yeah you're you're getting you're getting an early every sport I mean the NBA is doing it for quite awhile. You're getting the I know you've done this this way you Lloyd's of this web is but here's some science behind it right here's some math behind. And you can factor this into higher making decisions Turk and sounds like. Doug Peterson and then to his credit the freaking owner of the team who's like sitting down sit Galileo first forked out charts right now they. I was like wow this guys super involved well I'll tell you how it happened and Josh and and Ed and I and others to be back I I can probably say it's act. The order goes what the hell you do uncle in fort on fourth down and they go well here's why they presented the owner all the latest album which comes in and what are meeting right. Basically that's what why because I'm sure. After Doug Peterson went for early on in 2016 or whatever was on fourth down. The owners listen and our sister station de BIT here's chirping here is complaining about this guy going forward on fourth down. It's him all ticked off his dander goes up what he's alien as there what are you doing art what's on top here's why we're doing the ominous. All right I got your back and so that's interesting what you're saying is any means a math guy idealists and threw well but elite elite Indian Amy younger people on his staff. Because that's the way the younger generation of coaches thanks. It's the way the younger guys are doing. You need that youth the willingness to go out there and follow the slogan the bold people eat dairy. I mean Indy needs to take that kind of thinking and that kind of philosophy. Into the weight that he's coaching on game day and calling plays on game day because. You know they say slow and steady wins the race not anymore the conservative approach. Is not going to win a Super Bowl here in Kansas City Andy Reid needs to evolve as a head coach and become more aggressive. Otherwise he's going to be ten in six and be left when he retires with bill Lombardi trophy no rings to show for it. Where are commercial free half hour here on 610 Sports Radio brought you buy a Mercedes-Benz A Kansas City and the San Diego Padres Josh are now. In the mix or Eric Hosmer I guess right is that safe the senator. And I I don't ever think they were not in the mix but I think now it's now it's the circle back around time. Cancer opening this week certain pitchers and catchers report today for the royals their first everybody worked out comes next Monday. In clocks take it so yeah the report out of San Diego yesterday that while the Padres. You know he's the DG and a few weeks ago rights and weekly game are we gave a great offer around Boras thinks that's casement but I'm about and may cited were kind of their Canada and talking. We never believe they're done talking now. When somebody's not sign somewhere else you're gonna you're eventually circle back around go way anymore it is very. When you think it immediately oyster you know dots on the ice and the other thing I've got fully believe they sweetness dearly care that the royals. And that the Padres and then whoever else. Yeah us. They've seen that hopper's outside anywhere so of course if a tossup and there was report yesterday that the Padres have. Have a bend in communication once again with the Haas for people about not coming to San Diego on and I expect him to he's not signed anywhere else so. Why wouldn't that. Yet says right now the Padres have hosted Eric Hosmer form multiple visits. And push their own selling points for the tabled a project to start the season around seventy million they don't have the shed. To get Eric Hosmer under payroll which is what the royals are having to do and this was damaged or by a selling point Hauser who. The care is care guys Hamlet. I'm Mike pitched it would be that color Hispanics having. Seven million bright but they think the Padres in a building process is a long further than the royals at building process which the player and and that and that's probably true women or as a kind of just restarting the rebuilding process but this is a story written by Dennis within the athletic who used to be. With the San Diego Tribune like last week and had a report that the Padres were not in discussions really when their house would have been no movement in the right now so now they're involved in it again. And people are wondering you know if this is going to be a situation were Eric Hosmer ends up in San Diego. Welcome back to Kansas so buster said San Diego's looking more and more like the unlikely destination now for Eric Hosmer. But here we sick I resolution to this issue I don't care how we get there I don't care where he ends up going. I just want a resolution to this issue so we can all move forward and as of Anna Anderson I can figure out who the hell's in my lineup I don't understand I'm getting a little game of words for it. Well you endorse it that's fine. I I am I am in the call ms. de category I have no idea like that may not usually is when it alike. Royals may you rest offer I think you have the best offer on the table. I think you have plans in place that it becomes great it fine if he doesn't. Great find Logan Morrison's out there apparently turning down offers right wait no wait a call from the royals. A look at decent enough plan B. Or you you've played in house you've you've got a plan. You've given him your number. I think you've given him the I believe then. No actual base of the I believe they have the best offer on the table right I believe the royals made him the best offer and it's just not good enough right now well you've thrown at all Eric Hauser is court told there. Or start camp you're here you're not. We we made that we made our offer we like you to come when your when your ready come in Mikey you're good you're choosing to come here to make it as soon as possible but. You know what. We have teamed her on. I'm good I'm out I'm good I'm good at how they went about this thing I'm confident they have the best offer. And I like that they have alternative plan and I don't think anybody's gonna be disappointed with the world's air cause were doesn't sign your I think everybody will say man we gave it our best effort and he just chose to go somewhere it's if the reports are you were close to true. And their and their and the royals and offer the most money and someone comes over the top. I'm still good at that you still go with I am yes I am too yeah I I I feel great about what the royals. Offered right. Promised whatever. And they're not. They're not panicky right when we got we got what's your decision we gotta have you got and I would expect it more do that's usually my role. On the fifth but I I feel like I'm channeling my energy more like. Hey it's part of the process right. You know I mean we don't can't start and we know prime wants to be a camp he's got a decision to make OK so yeah. Our big story coming up about a minute and involve something that was said about Justin Houston that you might think is ridiculous on the surface. But really when you think about it may be the right decision for the Kansas City Chiefs. But spring training has officially arrived Goose Gossage sounded off again yesterday third year in a row that the former Major League Baseball closer. Is sounding off and this time it's against that GM Brian Cashman of the New York Yankees. Who Goose Gossage called in F being 88 and safety as no you know lights in an interview with the New York Daily News. On Monday. He would be 910 years ago George Steinbrenner was still around he to being done when he jumped out of that anything airplane do you think he's a good thing baseball guy really. He doesn't believe that nothing coaching. Cashman did not return a message after air on this. I do is the kind of left that as it is well with power is that what happens you turning to and I think 88 is that I don't know gusted said. Gossip said he has cashed in last year what he ever done to him. And Cashman wouldn't give them an answer. I'd during spring training of course you remember Goose Gossage ripping everybody and anybody. That played baseball currently and saying that everybody is soft now in this generation. And all and then went on this year also to say this. It's a joke that game is becoming a freaking joke because of the nerds who were running Assad said. A bunch of anything nerds are running the game and so that's Goose Gossage sounding off this year you may recall goose gossip sounding off. Last year. Can't fight in certain race can't pick up catcher. We changed all the rules championship inciting more like the knobs. The zone in essence he noted that in him faith based pitchers in the old. Throwing bats in this. Mysteries to regain. He embarrassing. To all the Latin players that are played before him. Thrown his bat and acting like a bootleg called guys. And access to the same thing yeah. I'm Brock. Is that can. Steroid user he gets is standing ovation. Opening day in Milwaukee are you kidding me Tea Party explaining that he. There also needs a hero after throwing guy. Reliant there through and keep these people. 8080 wonders why he didn't get an invite to spring training this year. Yeah big story there. Big story yeah. Wouldn't seven. Well that does sound big. My voice is just the big story just that used to USA today says is that number one player in the NFL that should be cut. Click on the stories you know really all the time. But it was a list of players around the NFL. Stars around the NFL that should be cut I can't take a look at this quick on it. Number one not for like the number one she's that would be good enough team and say. Picket guy to cut the number one guy they had in the NFL stars. Should be cut movement needs to meet Dave this offseason putting Justin Houston. Yeah. I was like wow. That would be a massively bold move for the trees well. What. Yes I mean yes he's the highest paid player I'd get. He's had. 21 sacks in three seasons since he had the 22 sacks these life and then got paid yes you pay him based on. The point two sacks and expect expectation of that kind of productivity moving forward. You had to when he won in the three years since hasn't exactly lived up to the contract. I would be shocked if he was cut. Idea by the chiefs even though can say to a fifteen million this year yet you have five point six million dead cat money this year seven point one million in debt cap money next year. But he would save you fifteen million dollars in cap space this year alone that's a lot if we were moved on from just abuse it's also a position of a B and granted. Nine and a half sacks doesn't while you like one too right. But for the chase that was. Three dollar and god what it was for me it's not about the it's it's not about the production marketing and it just in Houston. It's the lack of health we're getting it adjusted used. Has he been healthy while they play 1009 play fifty games every we've debated itself that was or any factual evidence that he was. Not healthy could play well Johnston beginning slowed down he played any playoffs that he played every game except for the one it didn't matter yeah. The last few regular season so he played in all those games but the BIQ I doubt if you remember much after what he did very. Plays here and there I mean the chiefs are looking to shed payroll there are getting younger they're looking for gaps. Just confused in the paint an ideological little anybody that Saxby well if you take a step back to try to take two steps blower I'd be bold move I'd be shocked if they did it this could be yet. That would. That would throw some money and he the other team tomorrow and assure you that element of our business fourteenth of early on March yes. And yes a day after day after you know they're being along addition something would pick him up and offered me what you can kind of go after June 1 for those big caps it's not like you can kind of today. And reap the benefits of the Pepsi you have to wait. From June 1 do but if you moving forward you're trying to get younger you're willing to take a step back before you take two steps forward. That may be the right move to make because in two years is just in Houston gonna really be party ballclub. When you're ready to really truly win and take advantage of everything on your roster I think the answer to that. Is now that is our commercial free half hour here on 610 Sports Radio coming up the 9 o'clock hour. Our guy Brad fanning from the drive is gonna join us in studio beginning at 915 but since Welch's away wearing his AFC west championship T shirts in the Bahamas. So spec replaces what's up well to get a two suspect two minutes and then asked yes.