02/13 7a - Headlines, Vern's 10, Kareem Hunt, Perreira, Hoz Resolution

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Tuesday, February 13th

Headlines, Vern's 10 players to watch, Kareem Hunt in trouble, Mike Pereira on "philly special" plus Fescoe wants a resolution with the Eric Hosmer signing 


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Hours talking about its attention disc related something yeah. Sure. When in doubt noticed that sometimes we're like a resolution on the I beholden to say the Olympic athletes of rusher for me to say that there from Russia. I mean it's like this is likely to like it here at the Olympic athletes of Brussels I got this like a federation thing I did it here to the federation and they're they're they're they're it's Russia is playing Russian you know MP HD get it because they wanted to penalize the Russians for swapping out yearns. And so they're now calling of the Olympic athletes of Russia instead of seeing Russia always at a penalty not only are the ban on this because that is a that high presenting you know who they I think if your only Oscar. Happy because. Maybe someone's making and only our reference on Twitter now may be cellmate underneath out there. A lot of the right if you someone's maybe someone's downloading your songs because of it so it's probably good for early garlands lessen your. Heard any of them I heard anything about them not an idol Atlantic county fair somewhere in it probably are the Westchester County fairs of them but I gotta love my iPad are my iPod I enjoyed listening to only I was sort of music really really good. Let's start with some of the fact cymbal goes through part of the story involving chiefs running back Karine client. He has been accused. Of quote shoving and pushing in nineteen year old rule over the weekend in Cleveland. But she also has been. Accused of assault as well no arrests have been made as of yet here's the story part. Over the weekend hunt and a bunch of friends were on a party bus going between borrowers in Cleveland black cream on that driving up nicely taken a bus. Very Smart. At some point everybody on the bus went back to hunts apartment in this hotel. He says or punts forty says that they pick these two girls out because they learned they were nineteen. Obviously under the Egypt when he wanted to drinking age. The two girls were kicked out. Said they were kicked out because they quote didn't want one of the men in the group she did not specify which person she was referring to. He woman and left the party were in the hallway trying to arrange a ride back to Kent State. Hon friend gave them twenty dollars or ride in on went to bed according to one report. These two women continued to pound on the door and kind of caused commotion for thirty minutes. And then another woman who was part of hunts group of friends said this will main hit her in the face when she went into the hallway. After this occurred allegedly. Punt came out of the apartment and quote shot and pushed her causing abrasions on her knee in hand and scratches on her chest. That according to the accuser the nineteen year old female applicable Abigail. I'm gonna go I actor. So that's what we know them. What we what we also know now this that this is going to be a lot of opinion based stuff Smart move giving the party bus totally agree with that. Number two I don't know of these were ray and those that they picked up on the eve party bus but the Kent State connection. The pile connection obviously there maybe he did know them you know from down malign or something I don't know. The the other thing is that at 22 years old you could say yet nineteen isn't that big of an age difference but it is when you're an NFL player not just an NFL player but an NFL superstar 22 doesn't mean 22. When you are in the limelight when you are in the spotlight you have to act older than 22 he can't be hanging out at nineteen year old college early. You have to find a way. To be hanging out with people of your age and there that are more mature obviously. And you should not be acting like 22 when you're an NFL player because he can't act like you're 22 when you're an NFL player because the spotlight is always on you. Sorry if you don't like to hear that. But careened hunt can't act like a 22 year old kid even though he is a 22 year old kid the bar has been set for athletes for people on the public guys you have to act all. That you really know as Google laying. Abigail. On injured today their name on the every knows agreement is right that's the point you're name's lights it's it's and you may have done nothing wrong. I don't know. But your name is part of the story today that's all over the country and all over the NFL it's not good man as I'm gonna do it he can't put yourself in that situation you're the one that has everything to lose right. You've got to act older than 22 films are the rules. If you kick someone out of a party at 3:45 AM in your apartment. Make sure the hotel security comes and it's critical call the cops call security called the concierge call somebody to make sure that they're up there and at that's the thing man. I mean I don't understand why folks don't wanna get the authorities involved somebody just like banging on your door. All the cops it's very simple let them handle it you go to bed. So it seems you've baseball as guys began throwing baseballs and hitting out of the cage yesterday. Eric Hosmer still remains unsigned. And Scott forces client remains unsigned as well we have new video yet. Notes. That Jake Ariana throwing through Eric Hosmer and aid. In the backyard of Scott Boras we have not seen anything I'd watch that video there tweets don't instead grand nothing know nothing about when Eric Hosmer. As of late but Dennis land of the formally San Diego Tribune but now the athletic or maybe still the same gave. They gave to Tribune who really knows is reporting the Padres are still very much interested in signing Eric customer. But good I mean great I. Feigning my what was of them it is truth as the lies and posturing is pandering is it the auto industry that Billy. You know everybody that has talked to air costs were in the past probably checking in AF and vice Versa. They're checking into each other one another's going to be a deal or not do you sit around wait for the phone to ring. Don't know how your your your. It's it's an ongoing dialogue and the Padres after they wanna know what that's going on because their camps during this week ago. I don't they get it Leeds city thing one way or the other yeah I would expect all parties to be talking because he's outside. Buster only apparently thinks he's got a better chance of signing with the Padres right now that he does with the Kansas City Royals but again that's all speculation did you just don't know nobody knows the answer to this big quandary that is floating over Major League Baseball it'll all want at this point is. I want video. The unsigned players wearing Brando playing jerseys hats would know logos on it. And somebody hitting them Fung goes in forces driveway right something something I want some kind of like they're alone doing sit ups and ground why I've got a video like your. Nobody thought he goes we had to go to Scott's houses they're did some batting practice and yet I want something like that. TV he has a bank it in the south. Probably I would imagine I think it's a updating you from a story from yesterday Ruben Foster arrested over the weekend. In charged with domestic violence also has been accused of possessing an assault rifle we talked about this story about 24 hours ago at this time yesterday. But just a little upbeat. The Mercury news is reporting that the domestic violence allegation came after foster's corporate accused him. Of dragging her. During an argument between the teams this seems like bad news right leg I know we need a little legal system play out but just it's been arrested twice in the regular season ended I mean that that that does not signify a good person. On this efforts as the 49ers amounts out. Would deal with this he's gonna be suspended by the league anyway for you know it violating the bulls code whatever the hell they say. So I just update with the scattered on now. I'll find somebody else to tackle things. Why is that so hard to figure out who scored the goal in USA women's hockey I don't really know but they are leading one nothing as we now into the second period between USA and the Olympic athletes of Russian she oh you mean that they. It's just been hard to find it like a box score he literally don't put up who score or a final score or not why a lot team. Thelma scene at the Olympics so merely stored someone in a felony. Does that but I will blank and he was really good he is funny comedian and your Brothers yeah. Casey don't mean airy help at all but the Americans up one nothing but congratulations to team USA who apparently speeds. One to nothing on the power play now through the area next big open eyes there them. These are gonna run the triangle. The big they're gonna run to dump the puck it down below the line and play inside out. Reveals reaches down flying V yes all that stuff that I've got. Big games in college basketball tonight we'll start in the big twelve OK you look at Iowa states and the team they're fairly also an action Oklahoma. Is not traveling to act. Texas Tech. So a we have Mike Kansas they'd lost by Texas Tech and all will be right Lawrence again it'll be even gas and maybe K you can start thinking about those T shirts the Bill Self talked about we'll play those comments for you coming up around 8 o'clock this morning. Bill Self with some biting comments towards the hands of KU and about an hour from now I know it's fun to like. Don't like any. Like we'll take is weak at the time. Things change like massively massively this case you had a one game here when you get there ego so kudos won't be easy tonight at Iowa State you know they're always jazz to see the Jihad holy mosques. Tonight and then now OUN Texas Tech. Regular oh yeah you still like. And I pick it up right they're like a lot of sizzle. As state and then now a lot of stake right now they're they're a team living on there the wrath of tray of trade young ran down there's analogies there I don't opinion game another planet Oklahoma DE yeah I see that yes indeed Latin. Yet the lack of could be minus Philadelphia audience and it. I was thinking. Hollis price is solid gold price is a good one yes who's that guy and Eduardo Najera Tara answer lies they know there. He knocked out Mateen cleaves right right but that massive collision he at elite eight I wanna say Griffin's brother. Still Eric Griffin frank Harrison tailor your friends still there Frank Griffin. Peters and I'm sure there is a thing as Frank Griffin of literally giving both Frank Griffin the Jeff Daniels character in the terrible Netflix here he doubts but that's probably for another time. To the FCC Missouri with a big one tonight in Colombia as the host number one. When he won Texas a and M who would have thought and buckets but text in and started the play au and five they're now six and six in the SEC in the obviously outraged when he first overall so some of bank of. Back in the rankings and they spent like three is Saturday afternoon is suspended there is Dade and they've been kind of a mess all season in that regard so. Big opportunity tonight or from Missouri to knock off a ranked team who may be sheltering. Right ace on the suspensions they've had but. At just keep stacking up like it's all you tell Missouri's he stacking up wins. Fourth right now I think in the end the SEC. Seven and five. Keep doing you're doing you're gonna find your cells in the tournament itself. There and Cassius Robertson again not not enough talk about this if I I think he's had an outstanding year back to back now player player of the week honors in the SEC on what a great. Graduate transfer acquisition or for the tigers southern actions by 6 o'clock on our sister station talk nanny. All right do you have Missouri Kansas bolts in action to Knight also action today for the first time pitchers and catchers their first work out down in surprise Arizona our Josh burn your is down there. Now he will be reporting live with video and all kinds of great stuff that our website at 610 sports dot com and as spring training starts at the coffees and a category that no one expected will tell you what it is next. My name. They I know. On June. Now. Now what America is about fifteen. Acetate. That is exactly what is going on in the Olympics hey Olympic athletes arrive soon you're down three nothing rotten. Greater than Dragan yeah. What happened it's been unbelievable. Stuff wasn't all jostling and Atlanta are road Davidson lautner like a hockey dad that I saw Darrow did passive. Ott scored. Scored a gold up two nothing right which are huge lead Hughes is a man on the face off she stole the faceoff. Went down dig the goalie the Deke was the best active radical cells within like fifteen SF get us. USA three US. AUS. War John clay as a in the second period a mother of us now. You're not winning today councilman lamb are row with back to back goals is there anything better in sports than beating the Russians and any thing I mean to be honest with yourself. You're driving around today winning the World Series is pretty sweet and it's always going to be up there but beat the Russians in Olympic competition especially an ice hockey. Really to me is like second to none from what if you're ranking all were all American sports. Things you want to do in sports as a country. Beating the Russians. Also more than it now more so than ever is number one I mean I mean like to be Canada degrade it. It doesn't it's not the feel of the rash right it's the field beating Russian gas. 1980 Olympic hockey victory over the Russians was the greatest sports spectacle in American history it always will go out. Like nothing will ever top I don't think anything will ever top. The Americans in 1980 Lake Placid New York beating the Russians do you believe in miracles yes it's the greatest sports moment that we had. And that kind of laid the ground work Josh I think for our generation and every generation after. That when you. We want we did nothing right now US LA US AUS. Today. This by pass rush you ass day yeah. Yes I have the roster who. Yeah Agee Marvin. Yes I mean like. That's the chant was created bats were patriotism. Really was established. Sports. I agree man its just nothing right now wrap it up roast in the Russian gold differentials left and right this is great man this is outstanding to kick the Russians ass and anything. That is good and he's a Marvin GG mark van I think his name probably about the fanatics Alex. All but but when you beat the Russians like that 1980 thing changed the way we use it at all only licenses switched their goal out putter in the group loss here it's it could get us him. Natalie. They've gone back up goalie for us dad's other up or nothing in the United States is the beating Russian anything is a spectacular just absolutely spectacular it's one thing is a country for most of us we can agree about beating Russia. Is he really really good things so birds and a spring training he he escape the cold winter doldrums. Of Kansas City or surprise Arizona him and he put a block out that is titled. Ten players and he's got a lot to whatever is from the pitching staff side of ethics and ethics in sports icon. Right and on that the guys on this list are a bunch of guys that have a lot the proof. But the number one guy on his list of guys that he's watching. He's Diddy don't see any says this he have enough belief in himself to become that leader in the clubhouse if he gives a spring training. Does he deferred to others and I think. Just from Nolan median personal level a professional level this guy does happen and of itself I I don't think I'd ever come across an athlete guys. That believes in themselves and their team more. And what Gainey got he doesn't himself in this Williams as an organization. I think Gainey Duffy is the ultimate believer that the ultimate guy. In self confidence right now and I think he should be the leader of that pitching staff I think he's going to be the ace and I think he's going to be guided every fifth day takes the hill. He goes out there and amazes everybody we don't yet and that's worth go to the price the ballpark. To watch skating Duffy every fifth day. Well I think for the first time though he might be called upon to be built the lead dog in that regard I think you've got belief in himself and but how do you. Be that guy that everybody feeds off of I think that that's that's a legitimate. Quick question for me he's been he's been a guy and it's kind of an up and coming. Experiment the lead guy. Right right now easily gone well yeah it should be in order for this city for this. Staff to take that that next step right yes he has to be the lead dog so. I think it's at the ballot. Question as to whether or not he's ready to do that willing to do that and I thought I heard burned. Say before he left last week that they should do something something to the extent of our support now but police sent out. I don't know if he knows how big his voice can be in that clubhouse. Well that night he's he's a the big boys but you can be that take that I'm the leader right follow my lead. Type voice in that clubhouse and and I think that you know that would go a long way feasibility of that. I was excited with the royals made the trading Jessie on his part of the deal that sent Brandon Moss to the Oakland Athletics and Byrd has him as number two on the list. As a guy that he wants a seat pitch angry angry at Oakland gave up on him. It angry about how the injuries have kind of hinder his career he says triceps injury or shoulder injury forearm strain. In 1716. And fifteen I mean this guy has been banged up. But a healthy Jesse Holland is a guy that I know from talking to people inside the royals organization. They think you do a lot for this ball club either in the bullpen silently injury confirming a potential starter is well but he wants to see that guy angry pitch angry at being great Monica. Right yes so I did the teacher yeah. Yes good teachers school. I'd take the Judas number three on this list enter camp with an attitude to the number five spot is it is Byrd says I want. To see him carry himself as if the job is his and he's going to show us why we saw flashes of Judas last year we saw some nice performances for man. You obviously saw some ups and downs with that kid but anytime you're making your big league debut in your first year in the big leagues gonna see some ups and downs. I think that's the great attitude at that I'm in this rotation somebody better take it away and he that be awesome seeing this. I see that and that tale of the rotation to me is kind of up for grabs right he wants me to win the job right. He's an opportunity when it does Trevor old civil war on Christmas bird says I would like seem to keep eager to showcase his ability and eager to talk about his ability. And intra worlds that guy again that they acquired from the Dodgers can hit home runs as we saw it to a lot of different things potentially could be in the rotation for the royals. Does have a lot to prove kind of a guy with a with a with a prove it type of mentality hopefully he goes out there publicity should be for the for the guys in the rotation hurt once and be Gregg coaches have. Nobody here to talk about his guilty right there and the fifth guy on his list Eric scope looks. He's developed enough to get big league hitters out when he falls behind in the count as he been able to do that. When he doesn't have his best stuff is able to get big league hitters out. Ed Scopes is another guy who's gonna have every opportunity to compete for a spot in this rotation. But let's have a lot of options down in surprise Arizona right now a lot of guys that are able to compete. A lot of guys that can head. We'll see if they haven't enough guys that are capable of winning when it goes by yes yeah I don't wanna job handed to somebody that I wanna see guys go out there and win the those jobs in spring training we'll get to the other five guys on his list coming up about an hour or so here on 610 Sports Radio coming up. Let's start chief could be in hot water with the law. We'll tell you it. And I Tuesday morning miles down the bomb is enjoying Ireland alive right now as the world's birds here in Kansas City the United States leads the Russians for nothing in hockey today over in Yung Chang in the Winter Olympics the women's side of things fort nothing the United States leads the. Olympic athletes of Russia oh a law or taking a break in and our score more goals in the third that's an eraser is at halftime to an area of the event now so there ego so we're taking a little bit of a breather over there and I will keep you updated on the Olympic hockey. And everything is going on with the five Olympic event here on sixteen and Sports Radio about five minutes out one NFL former NFL official says something happen in the Super Bowl that was illegal and never should've counted we'll tell you what that is about five minutes. But justice scream hunt's story continues to evolve and continues to bring us more information of course scream hunt. Eight what wasn't arrested or anything like that is involved in kind of a he said she said right now in Cleveland Ohio. No charges filed against hunter as of 3 o'clock on Monday that she did not return any kind of phone call for comment or anything like that but the other Cleveland. Tribune reports that a middle board heights woman. Told police that she's running back Rima quote shoved and pushed her in a weekend dispute at the metropolitan. At the nine in the downtown Cleveland area according to a police report. Abigail got injured in nineteen told police the hunt assaulted her around 3:45 AM on Saturday outside of hunts hotel apartment. But another woman who was with hunts friends said that on passenger assaulted her police reports say so there's a he said she said going on right now. Between Korean hunt inning nineteen year old. And the first thing I thought of was I don't care that you're 22 years old your professional athlete you should not be hanging out with nineteen year old girls. Or nineteen year old people you need to act older. Then you are and not put yourself in a situation. That you shouldn't be in when you become an athlete when you become in the public guy. Ages no longer a discussion ages no longer any excuse you have to be older you have to act older you have to be more mature than what your age says because that's kind of where you aren't life you're making a lot of money you're playing a professional sport you were in the public guy. And the defense of what I'm only 22 and she's nineteen that's three years' difference that's not that big a deal. It is a pretty big deal when you're professional athlete in the public guy you don't need to be hanging out with teenagers I don't care how old you are. You have to surround yourself with better company and Kareem what made that mistake by hanging out people who were to a younger. To be involved in in drinking and alcohol. And now he's facing you know a situation where would you Google his name not good things come up about half an athlete you're. Eat your name is the one in the headlines. Yes and then if you click on the story is you can see the rest of it. Okay you see there's say there's another side. That there's and there's another report that there are there are conflicting reports. There are their assault reports each direction right. I get to dig deep for that. The headline says. Corey mock right accused of shoving and pushing in nineteen Euro that's the headline right. That's can be headline everywhere. And it's Korean hunt not the other person at all the nineteen year old who has filed this report. Her name. Isn't front page news room. Freeman says why because you're in the spotlight have to be smarter about that I don't know that he did anything I he looks like this was a a late night. Party and get out. No get out no. Something happened right. Thanks. Not the situation wanna put yourself then you can't can't media did find out they're nineteen to about your party right. Good move good move right. Pirated it don't don't you're seven Charles for. Serving alcohol to minors like that's not a good looking guy. Move along. But however the the exit accident happen. Orderly right for some ways you perform whether you didn't call hotel security early is Avaya a the apartment slash hotel and I think I'm in call security hadn't it these people out. Something happened some kind of altercation happened. But you're the one whose name is being like that aren't exactly. Not her name not somebody else's name that was in the apartment or game is being late of their support was that. The other report was the accuser. Is nineteen year old was the aggressor who used racial slurs after she became agitated and asked to leave the party. You have to get into the story to define yes and and again this is. This is the way the world and wishing you'd like reversing the entire story is what's that if this right. For from the headline perspective. Kareem hunt's name is associated with shoving and pushing a nineteen year old girl. Why in that that's where we live now Josh we live in a world courts is all about the headline and of people don't like headline they're gonna repeat forty even if they don't read the story I mean there there's so many people out there that it is very lazy that will click on the story won't read what you have won't even listen to the audio that we put up all the time I mean people say things all the time. About headlines that Specter writes or something like that on faced carefully set did you listen to it now while the Mets on you mean so you you do need to read the entire story. And figured out that's clam up and rushed to make a judgment on the Korean hunt I saw some people yesterday who were on social media demanding that the chiefs cut him right now. He can't demand that the chiefs cut him right now because you don't know what happened a legal system does need to play itself out. It's different Tyreke chill because Harry you'll have these allegations and charges against them before it was brought the or. You say that though qualities by its us out. But the NFL does it doesn't add that I religious event and you put yourself in a position where you're leaving it up to the league to make a decision about. You're playing stepped right in what put yourself in a position not at all I'll ever wish you reform it came about. Put this thing in the hands of the movie. At this point title because you see what the league does they've always been analyzed all six games or somebody maybe you need to do right. So it's it's it's the bad spots a bad spot to put yourself in as an athlete you you're not at 42 year old your professional. Working for a major corporation right now. If you're just. Joe Schmo. Who who did this no one's going in seeking comment from your employer about right. You are because you're in the NFL the lights are brighter the names bigger you gotta be careful. And an eight if you don't want that responsibility and it is the responsibility of playing in the NFL protect and shield then don't play in the NFL don't play in Major League to play in the NHL don't play in the NBA you don't have to play those sports if you don't like the rules that come along with and what comes associated with being 88 professional athlete in the United States you have to act. Act differently. And everybody else is there really is I mean no room for error you can't go out there and make a mistake. Because it will come back to bite you so the scoring hunt's story is gonna continue to developing continued to evolve and continued to have different layers to it and have them all you'll back him. We just have the tennis or might not or right or not they still have to learn your lesson right in this needs to be a lesson that yet or Kareem hunt you gotta. You got there's nothing hanging of these kids can't click apple at a bar and go back to a party. If nothing more comes of this other than some accusations. Consider yourself lucky right. And don't don't put yourself in that position against a Smart it's not mean it and only use their their people are gonna say is twenty years old who has gone out. Dallas doesn't matter nine around it it's different here you're 22 year old professional David and I think you're rushing they're not they're not you who just goes to work and five right. It's it's a it's a public. As a she can't you can't do that he averaged about this you have to understand the responsibility that comes with that if you don't wanna accept that responsibility Goldfein in nine to five job nobody knows Leo and that's what I would tell everybody who's complaining and saying qualities of 22 year old kid yet but he's not a 22. Year old kid the biggest play in the Super Bowl the Phillies special should have been the I guess illegal at least according to Mike Pereira. You know I know the league came around so vivid and judgment call which it is in the army and the down judge who was the one that was on his side of the field. You know he they felt that it was his judgment and he was quote about well he wasn't I mean bit. They lined up wrong not only that it's a trick play and a few demos if you're gonna run they trick type play that than you have to be lined up properly. Yeah it you know you could either have. Six men on the line or you can have an ineligible number lines up on the end of line which was the case. I know what the league is said. But they would have been a lot more comfortable if they would have called that. An illegal formation of these you know we always used that yard. You know may. Be a yard and a half but that's two that's two and an even a little bit beyond to so. Yeah yeah that it's kind of looked at has no effect on the play I give it. But they didn't line up properly and that David did really. Should have been called. And so that's what my prayer was telling Vic Richey of the talk of fame podcast network that it should have been an illegal play it should have seen god. But it's also a judgment call but the referee determined at the time the judgment that he used was you know what it's not. A situation where I feel that he's wind up illegally I feel like it's a situation where he's lined up fine. And it and it wasn't called and they went on and executed and they scored the touchdown. Did that make a difference in the play where he was lined up no absolutely not doing whenever covered the. That baton these sorts gray area this in this officiating like stop. Stop a little bit better data called legal formation one yard game the yard and a half that's too well let's hold on a gray area there. And it's a judgment call he said he yourself to judgment call yet with a touchdown it's touched Eagles the plate stands as called. I like the fact that they talked about the gray area yard maybe yard pass a regular gas now CI battles it out and Hamas is wiggle room the entire time right is just. This nonsense keep people think these games are officiated vary vary succinctly and very very honestly and ultimately at the end of the day. You're still dealing with the human element that comes along whether and if somebody's looking down plunge on at all and looks at them like it's the art must continue looking at something right now in Tellme in my yard how far my away from you right now just look at a yard a yard or are you sure. Now okay. Mean it could be too I mean I've I we are probably asked upstairs through anyway. He added that that was a bad math rather than bright but Ari Ari are you sure I mean if if if you if you at a major route a yard my what do you think is a yard away from you right operative that right about how about that you have got shore panel looks like he art immediately got you chain in there and two sticks enterprise they probably figured out but for the most part you're you're guessing in year and you and your estimating and I think that's what these officials did the estimated in and you move on I think now Warren. Kind of a a revisionist history about the people are trying to poke bullies we need a national parks across the field the entire way to use that we distract the field. With a bunch of boxes one yard boxes the whole the whole Olympia fields or is it checkerboard yes okay so there are bodies make sure that line or right I mean they were getting into a situation now where it's getting a little bit over a male and a plus it just makes me like let's provide fodder to debaters had to be upset at an exit he still gave up 41 ounce the the Eagles scored on eight of their ten possessions in the final five. How about you go out their new place of defense that's why when people are coming back complained in the ref for reason they're gonna complain about this. 80% of the time the Philadelphia had the football Mac game. They scored points that is a free big number if you ask me and they scored points on a 100% of their final five possessions. Go out there and play defense that we would even be having. This conversation today down and why don't wanna blame ourselves as the referees it's easier to blame us. The holding ourselves accountable. Coming up here on 610 Sports Radio the royals aren't the only team that has a shot at Eric Hosmer we'll tell you who welts deals they are close to signing this locker next. So Bill Self has words for Kate fans that they don't. Want to hear. But need these things come your way in about ten minutes here on 610 Sports Radio. For Valentine's Day that's tomorrow we're going to be on FaceBook live all day long here on sixteen and Sports Radio we're going to be on idiots who Brinkley looks like I'm sorry for that girls have to get the seat. The guys on the drive and it will roll all through the night as well with the show so we've got ourselves the opportunity be on FaceBook live all day tomorrow so make sure you tune in to FaceBook live watch a celebrate Valentine's Day with us we'll have some special things going on in between the commercial breaks for FaceBook live only viewers you wanna check that out as well. And Morgan asked for your help in what we do in between. Other commercial breaks on FaceBook live at have you guys I kinda send messages to your loved ones to get them to. Check this out on Facebook's about a league giving tomorrow. At about 6 o'clock on FaceBook dot com slash 610 sports. What do you want for Valentine's Day Josh is there anything you particularly want for bound and down and Stephen is there anything you won for Valentine's Day but it cupcake okay very necessary very nice what I want is a resolution to the air cost sought that's what I want for Valentine's Day. Whether he's gonna end up in San Diego whether he ends up in Timbuktu what he ends up back here in Kansas City. I want this thing to get resolved I want this thing to get resolved on getting to the point Josh where it's like I'm I'm tired of dealing with this because right now I look at it as his non signing his holding out if you will whatever you wanna call it. Is kind of hindering the ability for teams to do other things that somebody sent me a message yesterday and I remember who was or even if it's true Bob and thrown out there anyway that the it's pretty good talking point. But somebody said that Logan Morrison turned down an opportunity to go sign with the Cleveland Indians because he's holding out any what Kansas City see if any if is guns and I noted Wendy Wright and in so like so I I look at the guys that are you know that the mid level free agents the guys that aren't the top tier free agents probably the second tier free agents. Who were now being penalized by this because Scott or his clients can't figure out what they wanna do or make up their minds. With what they wanna go after and that the latest comes in the athletic. And and it's interesting because. The guy who used to write for the San Diego union Tribune is now writing for the athletic in about a week or so ago he said that there really wasn't much going on with Eric Hosmer and the Padres the guy's name is Dennis Lian. And now he's running for the athletic and he said the Padres are involved again. With Eric cost and talking to Erica Ali that the story for his new employer probably when there's talking all along it right so there at the Padres fan I say back in the mix to settle in Viet left the mixed. But they're now in open dialogue again with Eric Hosmer. And so for me if you're gonna go to scene vehicle Maine that's going to go ahead go to San Diego take whatever San Diego's can offer and enjoy the rest of your baseball career. Or you're gonna come back to Kansas City that's great I want Hosmer back I'd be willing to give the eighth year here in Kansas City that's what's gonna take to get a mere. But also to the point now where enough is enough and what pitchers and catchers officially reporting today and video surfacing yesterday of some teams throwing the baseball around. I'm ready for the got to make up his mind so we as fans can move on and kind of have an idea of what our ball clubs it'll look like for the first for basal or 52 days away from opening day an opening day Kauffman Stadium isn't 52 days and we still don't know it had. Any idea what are. Shields it'll look like how I don't know why I am like totally at peace with this one. He'd take as much time as he wants Anna and that's why don't care I firmly believe the royals have the best offer on the table so teleglobe what are you waiting for yeah. And again I masses event of the royals don't. Don't biggest selves. Might you put him you game and obvious felt like was good I think you've done your part sir I'm not gonna and I'd be mad if he doesn't take it. Maybe met you he doesn't take right I I think the best cover out there is Kansas City do you want it or not. And if you're you're dragging your feet about a waiting for that final offer I guess that's your prerogative to me it's like we're rated moderate either way here it is it's here. Am I gonna give you deadline that you know the deadline that sees about starts retains upstart so and I'll join you on again I'm there or not. Right yet what he what he won a dude you won you wanna sign a deal you know assigned to deal because as of right now as a as a pitchers and kept reporting and he said that you'd just we talked about it months ago. If he's not in camp by the time pitchers and catchers report. I've got to move and I got to find a different. Avenue and in what would be very interesting I don't I I I play I played at camp. Along a different avenue because obviously he can this league first base open not to be hundred knows that he's your guy but I am but I'm not Freddie it. I'm I don't know I think I'm in the Dayton Moore mode right now Mike really column like it. Ways businesses. And this was not freaking me out at all. Show up or down. Like what are you what you want we gave you great offer. Yet and I don't say I'm freaking out but I how I wanted to let teams look at and I'm talking from a fan's perspective now from an organization's perspective is that I don't I don't complete a different planet and I think I I think again I think that no matter how birds ports going to be going Resident Evil and forces can be hundred -- unity you know statements that at some in the minors you know bad for Logan Morrison's good for the royals sure. Think it's if if he's. Kind of holding out he's like seemingly holding out hope for you bright in yours isn't lost yeah. In a good spot so he is they're brigade first baseman consented to a shorter term deal still do some things that you wanna do. Or you get your franchise cornerstone back and I I just like where their city right now and I'm not panic by the time frame of it. Should be maybe maybe eat but but I'm not. Near a cell ally you're browser a good spot don't. Just this anti this anti dumping these clothes got to make the decision. And when he does you have a plan B yeah and give a guy apparently is waiting for you look if you wanna go that direction or you wanna stay in house you got to figure out you gotta you've got to plan. Now working without a plan or without. Without a an option I got options. So I figured your habits yet it will see ultimately what what happens but I I would hope rather sooner rather than later it happens because essentially you're holding up the progress of I got a ball club I now entering the weekend the weekend is win. The you know official arriving time has yet while players are always there are we always says Boise stragglers like that but every like next Monday next Monday. The entire royals team is practicing together for the first time yet officially. A week from yesterday. Are you gonna be part of a team that are not of probably not kind of in your court it's probably not going to be part of a team so that's got to latest on Hosmer and obviously Josh burgers down in surprise Arizona. And we will have the latest from him throughout the day here on 610s portrait you can also check out as blogs and as videos and whatnot at 610 sports dot com. And anything that happens with the royals will re reported first and only here on 610 Sports Radio coming up here on this year OK you fans. Are not going to be happy with the Bill Self when they hear what he has to say about exam we tell you what it is next.