02/13 6a - Kareem Hunt Story, Padres & Hoz, Self on KU Fans, Binkley Theory

Fescoe In The Morning
Tuesday, February 13th

Kareem Hunt finds himself in the headlines for the wrong reasons, the Padres are still interested in Hoz, Bill Self on the Big 12 title streak & the fans plus Binkley's Dave Toub theory 


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Tuesday morning might well result protesting me Peter Rabbit scandal that is going on in America right now he should be back. Five of them might today here on six dead Sports Radio. But I see Peter Rabbit in trouble with the law but apparently. He is alive well. They added that the law public opinion I thought that's ideologues the social media law yes that's right Peter Rabbit is. Trouble guess he had the hair and a second of that yeah we're not the negative ads you know Ravitch Peter cotton tail and you know Peter Peter pumpkin eater or anything like dappled we will get in the you Corey Bible talk about one cup that the cheese could make it about five minutes. They USA today says should be the number one roster moves made in the National Football League this offseason. But I gotta be honest with you floored me I'm sure it's gonna for you coming up at about five minutes here on 610 Sports Radio you ledger news there Josh with the Kareem hunt situation. That is going on and I think it's a situation right now obviously Korean hunt has not been arrested. But the last thing you wanna do is go through Twitter all the sudden cream hunt's name starts popping up as an incident occurred in Cleveland over the weekend involving him involving women involving allegedly alcohol party bus and all kinds of crazy things. And it's interesting to to read the story to read the account of everything that went on there. And here I am not ready to rush to judgment on prima because it'll needs to be played out in the law before we rush to judgment. In one of these one of these cases. But my biggest take away is it it it really is sad and I blame the teams for things like this when they happen. For not doing a good enough job in educating their players that no longer are UA 22 year old no longer are you a kid just one year removed from college. Hanging out Charlie who present important item on your first job. No longer take you act like you're 22. When you hit the NFL in you becoming player in the National Football League Major League Baseball the NBA or NHL or anything that may matter when you get into the public guy. Your age is thrown out the window and you need to mature faster than everybody else and went deal like that or not. Those are the rules of those are the rules that you have to follow. In order to assure that something like this hopefully does not occur in a situation during the offseason or during the race. Season that you're the one has something to lose that's the labs Ali Al it's. Not a nineteen year old Kent State University student right. She has nothing to lose nothing to lose you have everything to lose. He can't put yourself in those situations first and foremost. Route regardless of of what went down and who's to blame. On you you're you're the one it has to be. Even a point years old the adult working in a professional environment. Who's got everything to lose. And that's because you do have everything to lose you have every single thing to lose in a situation like this you have your career to lose money to lose you add your name to get ruined and and let's be honest man there are people out there. On all sides of the aisle that are trying to ruin lives I mean that's just the way it is that we see all the time people are trying to bring down powerful people. All the time I'm not saying this was a case of that at all because we clearly don't know anything that Britain really happened we got two separate cases that are going on right now could be you could be a you'd be facing a 464. To six game suspension right heat do you wanna do that via the at what's the other side right. Nothing and that's coming into that day they have nothing to lose you can't use can't put yourself in in those situations because. You're the one whose name is being. Being put out there. And that's interesting just you bring up the four to six game suspension because it really doesn't matter what the law yes CAL did you say you're embarrassed us off the field you're out yeah our enemies there's there's. That doesn't need to be charges there doesn't need an accusation can can can fit the bill right those things and you don't look your play raising on was was that was that worth it that's situation put yourself in. It didn't get resolved someway somehow. Cost you games right and money and money and your name forever on its wherever you Google it and oh this that this that the perfect example for the league and again I'm not saying he did. Necessarily anything wrong. This sounds like but you're out drinking it late at night and biting back to a party at his house right. And some kind of altercation happened whether they were the two women Grassley of whether they were forcefully. Asked to leave. I don't know I don't know it's gonna have to resolve itself. You know one way or another or not at all because it seems like that the police took two different ports like we get through to reports. If you guys on a file charges there's the office right so it might be nothing comes of this. But you put yourself in the situation at 345 on Saturday you know. The old term Doby and now that I'm on and a right you prayers of a situation being that you can't you can't regardless of whether that's your offseason 122 years old. Blah blah blah Europe professional representing. An NFL organization. And your name of should be already date yet you have to realize how much weight your name carries and Ed said settle that lesson learned to. Maybe the hard way for Kremlin. And may be the hard way Josh I wasn't really thinking of the punishment from the National Football League because. Wasn't that far along mice in my thought process yet on this because we still have two separate cases that the prosecutor now as impede they can decide whether or not to press charges it made me drop charges their but it moves on with their everyday life. But that that whole thing with the NFL in getting suspended in the NFL again as we've talked about over the years. The NFL doesn't need a legal document they don't need a guilty verdict to suspend you four games they and they need whatever they decide they embarrassed wanna do like the NFL operates as their own judge jury and executioner. And if the NFL's fuels that you embarrass them you've ruined the shields or something of that nature they are going to Levy a suspension on you when I had somebody asked me yesterday. On social media do you think we're headed for Ezekiel Elliott situations out now I don't think we're there yet but now the URL and who knows we may you know there you don't right now that's that's the that's the problem with these. These types of cases the NFL operates on its own right. Don't area well I am and I think that by thinking about this case and an and I look out to be honest with you guys tonight quilts 630 last night I don't remember much stacked and got a good for I'd nine and a half hours beauty sleep last night. Them trying to prevent everything that's going on in this world from getting to meet. But there are clearly two sides of the story obviously number like illness not not like. Alec issues at all. I don't know if there's a lot of actually we've. Jake out from best the world and and is an announcement and I don't wanna read it well that's what I got another that's on the borderline probably getting them so I'm I'm on the warranty you're so yeah I'm on a preventative my I ice slam the night quilt covered myself up and I locked the door and nobody was coming in last night because. That's the way I feel I'm trying to prevent all this stuff from going down inside my body so I I came up with a couple of thoughts on this earlier in the day before we got the full story really -- we still don't have the full story obviously with this but. I think if you're an NFL player. I don't care if you're 22 were 21 years old stopping and teenagers okay stop hanging out with people that are nineteen years old that are still in college and things of that majors we talked about to start the segment. You have to grow up faster you have to grow up quicker than everybody else you campy 22 year old. When you're an NFL player in Major League Baseball player hockey player in NBA star you have to sorry you you'd you'd shows that career path you gotta grow up faster they'll be hanging out with college teenagers can't stop doing that. Number two thing that I came to conclusion of players need chaperones I remember the sign filled episode where he dated the Miss America pageant one time contestant and Kramer served as chaperone that time went out on the date. I think NFL. Team should mandate that their players go where they shop around because there are so many talents and I'm. I've talked about that I can. There are so many things that are going on in this world right now where you I think you need it you're an NFL player baseball player whatever the case may be unique and independent third party there to stop the he said she said type the stuff that is going right now beat the chaperon. Used is there at the chaperones supervises the chaperon as an independent third party that is an employee of the den the National Football League you're somebody like that you've got to start having chaperones these things to prevent things like this from happening I chaperone Josh and then something like this go down or maybe Kareem and didn't do something that he didn't do something. But at least you can have an independent third party there to verify what went and and and the other thing is for me now it's up to the team to help. Korean hunt in this it's different than the Tyreke he'll matter that we saw because Tyree Gil was drafted after the team knew all this stuff Korean hunt is on this team so it's going to be up to this team to help Korean hunt it through this mess that has been created and hopefully it goes away today hopefully goes away sooner rather than later. But they've got a situation that they need to iron out right now and it's a situation I think that not just Corey months faces but a lot of prominent people in America today are facing and it's a situation that needs to be resolved that the situation. That needs to find any game and I think a chaperone for everybody lately the actor and athlete or politician for that matter. Give a damn chaperone to go out with the F and supervise these things have nothing like this can. Happened and we know what bull side of the story truly. Is Joe Schmo ransom a party bus and goes out and and recruits and people out at bars to to come back to a party right and then kicks to people out. At 3:45 in the morning and there's they're you there's millions and I'll leave this party clearly that's part now is party. And and their may be pushing shoving and and the media locking the door there may somebody else pounding on the door. It's not news right. It's handled right. It's news because it's cream hunt that's right. And that's what they have to learn that this did becomes different itself sorry guys in and feel the ball don't play baseball player Kareem hunt right now. And look what comes out not good all this all this stuff comes up and edit public opinion people and everybody's opinion on it. And everybody's making judgments right now on cream is he got a BC got to be smarter sorry to do he just did you're not you're not just no right. You're the NFL's here leading rusher Kareem hunt you don't sell jerseys with your name on them right. They don't sell jerseys of Joe Schmo who just ran the party bust a Freddie now if they really don't man that Baghran in the party doesn't Friday night probably has a nice job and everything like that but nobody's buying his Jersey nobody's buying Shimon and then they're at their enters and there may be an incident mission there shouldn't never even there may be that it has an evolving just know where that. Where there's. An assault accusation to different directions from 3:45 AM police report right guess what. Banning an newspaper nobody cares about that's on on the Internet right. That's not requiring as a requiring a comment from your employer right. Doug sorry and I got a man got to learn near the public got you have to. All right Justin Houston has been listed as the number one move that needs to be made this offseason in the NFL by USA today they won in the cut in the now by the in the NFL the enemy number one the number one move in the NFL the NFL and the NFL cut Justin Houston and and I thought about that yesterday a lot believe me and it's hard to argue it really is with the money that just in Houston makes with the production that Justin Houston gives you. Is are you really getting your bang for your buck with Justin Houston and the answers a 100% now if they cut him after June 1. He'll have five point six million dollars in debt cap money this year seven point one million dollars in debt cap money next year but overall this year in this year alone. They will say fifteen million dollars on the salary cap. By cutting Justin Houston after June 1. And if this is an organization that is truly talking about getting younger and willing to take that one step back before they take who steps forward. Is just in Houston really gonna be party your plans in two years is just in using going to be impact player in a couple of years. In the NFL the answer that question I would say is Nell because he really hasn't been an impact player fellow since. 2014. I mean that was really the price that was the area deterrent to sex right we have not seen really Justin Houston as a true impact player for the for an entire season. Since 2014. We saw a huge tax year 2014 right when he won the sent six combined fifteen and 161617. So in three years he has not equal what he did in 2014 her. OK and we've seen a gay days before. Those three years so far SaaS yeah I mean he's not giving a news is he's is not so sews it in terms of you know bang for your buck and now now he says he he's not getting it done and and I think if you're looking truly to save money and you're gonna have to make some tough decisions. And you're gonna have to try to change the shape of this team which were seeing a lot of right now a lot of people talking about the chiefs wanted to get younger and chief to cut salary. Well you're looking to cut salary and to move forward and get younger and to get better. Justin Houston quite honestly is a legit cap casualty. For the Kansas City Chiefs when USA today brought that up as the number one cut of the offseason. I looked at and what I I I have a hard time really defending this because I'd love to keep just in Houston on paper looks great. But then you look at the production level of what he's done and he's only getting older folks he's not getting younger as we move along and he's not getting quicker he's getting slower. That the move to cut Justin Houston after June 1 say fifteen million dollars against her salary cap this year. May be the best move for the Kansas City cheese when it would it would you talk about fiscal responsibility the movie Super Bowl. Com I don't think it would happen. I think that that would he would be picked up by somebody immediately immediately pass rushers are hard to to come by sure. That would that would surprise me because it was the NFL's number one moved out right chiefs' number one Lou as they. That would be the movie bake like if you had the magic won the entire league yeah. I don't think that I don't think they're going there I think that. I think the also brings you know kind of that locker room stuff I think that would shake that locker room yeah I think it probably will issue if if they did this so. I I understand he hasn't. Lived up to the value of his. His contract and but this would be this would be moved this would be an absolute wild move I think will be plenty of other ways I could trim. A money and fat off this roster before I got to just abuse and I'm shocked that they've listened as a number one movie make in the NFL. When you think about it and you look at it trim money fifteen million dollars is a big say I'm surprised we haven't seen any players file an age discrimination lawsuit all these teams talk about getting younger makeup these older guys in America is the company says were trying to get younger and you start whack in sixty year old. There all suing in cashing in I'm surprised we had not seen a player do that. And then he. Or or get to the point were. The employer that is coming back and saying well we can we can make it performance case against you know right hasn't been taken to netstat which yeah you're right it's kind of scratch me lately I would fall ball Katz reports that looked. Reports are the teams think about getting younger right. And I well I'm you know Dana and 29 yeah the irony here though so it's. What does that mean saudis. Maybe so maybe so maybe it'll save in the future coming up here on sixteen Sports Radio some infill and Eric Hosmer surfaced yesterday that he sure to make royals fans nervous we'll tell you what it is next. I'm Baghdad Tuesday morning here on six did Sports Radio Mike Welch is all he's not very happy with Paddington bear so he has taken a couple of days off you'll be back next week. Your odds extends sports radio and about fifteen minutes. Bill Self said something about KU fans and they're going to be yet not happy to hear with the head coaching against basketball team had to say about am I mean I heard yes there's like all all. There's going to be some people out Hayes Americans that are not happy with their basketball coach today. Based on what he had shut it by teachers and they fix what isn't there a lot. My god so bills sell we'll hear from him coming up at about fifteen minutes here. On 610 Sports Radio in about five minutes up that happened in the Super Bowl that shouldn't have. Tell you what that wasn't about five minutes or so here on 610 sport treaty also tomorrow is Valentine's date Stephen did you get a gift for years for your live in and out. Adjusted to get a gift for your partially and stared death guy that's better than the two of us Stephen the guy is better than the two on Amazon store all case of a zero does that drop stuff off the bed the doorstep that my parents had that election thing right and so they had the grand kids over a couple weeks ago in my in my sister's kids. And all of a sudden my parents are dealing thirty day trials I don't know what. Things are coming and again these trials thanks so we're going to be on FaceBook live tomorrow so we wanna help you guys celebrate Valentine's Day tomorrow. Send us you know messages that you want us to give your significant other and will do it during FaceBook live tomorrow line. Valentine's Day says 69306. On the tech slide off for all that the Eric Hosmer situation continues to be the biggest soap opera in. I wanna say Kansas City but now also apparently again in San Diego and mean I signed up for subscription to that athletic dock on the athletic very good stuff. I think it I think it's phenomenal they were hired every reporter in the country's air bags at some point your. If your sportswriter products. Yeah it's really good stuff I mean it it it's really legit and right now the the athletic is reporting from either reporter. I who covers the Padres who flatly last week was with the San Diego union Tribune has now they've they've stolen. Newspaper you'll from our gas of this guy who was covered in the the Padres Dennis Lim last week for the San Diego union Tribune is now working for the athletic. And he says that the the Padres having gay had been engaged in regular dialogue with Hosmer agent Scott Boras over the last couple of days. The source told the athletic this followed a period in which neither side seemed to feel much urgency the royals meanwhile have continued their quest to retain their homegrown star. And so now the Padres are. In the mix a little bit when it comes to Eric Hosmer and what is going on right there they're saying that. 140 million dollar amount is not true that the Padres may have offered air costs about seven weeks ago or whatever it's been right now. But I just thought that was very interesting whether that's Boris putting it out there whether it's the Padres putting it out there. Somebody's putting it out there to maybe get the oils to outcome to the table with a little bit of a better offer because for the last couple of days or weeks guys that seem like the wells in the bidding against themselves so reporter. While working at San Diego union Tribune write reports Padres aren't talking to Hosmer bright goes and works for another. Media entity and suddenly they're talking to the odds are against debts router yet that it dentist and it the IC where this is going right. You either make a splash at his new employer Hobbs at a club the story that under is talking Anheuser right not believe the rest exact now he is he has. He has reported the that the initial reported number was lower. Than the 140 yet them than the 140 with with San Diego and it would be surprised it talks have resumed I mean jerk that. You know it probably are checking it probably checking rails are checking in Rego you email. In any any we hope you'll feel right if we believe is best seller I'm not. I'm not freaked out by this on because I think that that's how you would do that you're gonna sit back and wait for the foundering now especially now you're. Both both sides of prodding pretty proactive with whoever they've been talking to. About potentially working something out because. Camps are opening right now exactly they. He opened today with pitchers and catchers reporting any any also goes on to say that the royals and the Padres are bowl making Hosmer a big priority for them. This offseason and the Padres have hosted possible for multiple visits and push their own selling points with a payroll that projects to start the season around seventy million. They have to shed payroll and making it slide him in right away and they feel the Padres are a little bit further their quote unquote rebuilding process. Then the ad in the Kansas City Royals are so that is a story that continues to develop legs it would just burn your down and Arizona if anything happens. It will be heard here first and only on 610 sports parody it is as San Diego and that's who I absolutely when he degrees here and air it's stupid weather here right now going to take a look a little user batting cage terrorism were and then I'll sign of the oil that's exactly right that's exactly what you should have done. On the decent special remember that play that was run last week and a Super Bowl Andy is causing everybody to talk about. The best play ever the best player ever well apparently it was in the legal plate Mike Pereira appearing on a podcast with a thick for a cheap. Says probably should have been flagged. You know finally came around so that the two judgment call which it is in the army and the down judge who was the one that was on his side of the field. You know the date felt that it was his judgment and he was quote about well. He wasn't I mean they they lined up wrong not only that it's a trick play and if you're demoted you're gonna run a trick type play that then you have to be lined up properly. Yeah. You know you could either have. Six men on the line are you could have been ineligible number lined up on the end of a line which was the case. I know what the league is said. But they would have been a lot more comfortable if they would have called that. An illegal formation these. You know we always used that yard. You know main AD BA yard to have but that's two that's two in and even a little bit beyond to and so. Yeah yeah that it's kind of looked and has no effect on the play it I'd give it. But they didn't line up properly and that David did really that should have been called. So there's Mike Pereira former rules official for the National Football League on the up podcast with Vic Richey and you can catch that on the walk of fame network whatever that is but there you are saying that should have been flagged that's an illegal stock. He can you run to the very first part of the clip where he says is judgment call. You know I know the league came around so bigoted judgment call which it is. Okay it's it has on it is all you need a judgment call judgment call. And you can diagnose and after the fact all he wants a judgment call it a his schedule wasn't that that the formations on real good to me. And maybe somebody else calls it differently about what time I'm sure Boston's running at this all they can't stand they can't stand that this is gone on. I saw a budget win doing that attacked you came out you know that yes where the person is ahead tattoo. Of of Doug the play party done Eagles fan like the reaction of course from neglect. That's an illegal formation now like god stop. Stop the play wasn't called it was like the information it's it's a judgment call and even he's saying in that it which it is so it's a judgment call. It's not illegal formation now a look at it and call. If the place stands as all right touchdown touchdown Eagles yes John Dunne and Merrill Reese could celebrate with a Super Bowl ring. Coming up will shouted out you tax topic 69306. On the text line today. And Bill Self has a message for KU fans that they don't wanna hear will play for next. Sports Radio whatever is on your mind 69306. On the text line today we'll talk about it he texted and and we'll discuss what Everett is on your mind don't forget tomorrow we will be on FaceBook. I have for Valentine's Day so make sure you join us on FaceBook libel lots just. And all of the frivolity that we're going to have that's even a word here on 610 Sports Radio so the very get go join us live on FaceBook tomorrow here on 610 sports. And sixth in sports dot com FaceBook dot com slash 610 sports five minutes or shouted out but man. Bill Self yesterday basically go and all in I thought anyway. I'd Kansas Banzer seems to be this sense of entitlement from a lot of Kansas fans may be a little included Matt why are we gonna win our fourteenth straight big twelve championship what's gonna happen here with his Kansas basketball team pins are very nervous right now. But much like I thought it. Every practice at the irate and maybe including me these it eight this team no idea gas I do but I still wanna with a fourteen straight to Sharjah at the end to prizes and were you still want is still want to win now but much like the chiefs I mean Kansas basketball. Your success and failure as he sees it is determined in the month of march and as we saw yesterday this election committee had Kansas says the two seat of the season had ended yesterday that's a pretty good seed for a team that lost six games and so. You're gonna be judged based on what you do for three weeks in March while Kansas fans are freaking out right now and Bill Self as a message forum. Whether our fans are what do better not able to the real world I beat you guys that they do feel segue North Carolina feels that way. That's that's life. For thirteen years. If it. You know this is what's unbelievable to me with our fan base because I'd love men and they're great but for thirteen years we've got a T shirt never went the week. The news that big deal we get a teacher and now that working behind its you know the heavens are falling. Because we're game behind it I certainly understand it enough and I get that done. If we deserve to be gained behind that we've played well enough to be better if but. I I I do believe there and a can I say we get a teacher I'm talking about your teacher that. But basically own that and treatment beginning teachers in in the if we're lucky we have enough to get to a fan you know one of those type things so so. Are. Embrace it it's it's if if this is how they're feeling that they should they should understand the things they should appreciate all the emotions things you have to go through. Because it it it's a struggle this year and a but it means it's over but it's still it's definitely a struggle and a Wii Wii price needs him more than. We ever have needed a man and a in and you know they get a rally around it as well. I've got a good. I agree. A 100% welcome to reality dance teacher get on the high banks welcome to reality body nobody discrete for my teacher yak yak. Welcome to reality I've said this for years by the time I haven't been warning Kansas fans for years. Sometimes you don't win the leak right and there will be a day we you don't legally yes. And it will be OK. It's going to be just fine. It doesn't signify it's it's it's a nice it's nice thing to have it doesn't signify a successful. Alternate results your season well at all would you take if you're cancer would you take not winning the league for getting to a final four L yes. Hell yeah pass an elite eight right need to be stuck yet in most years right. I think the answer is yes that also losing Lee doesn't guarantee that no. Buddy but he can have access successful result without winning league rushing count basketball because everybody when we got everybody was Hadley and you're going to play in the terming it. You find out from there wells last night duke in the league Stephen. The regular season it. Even melted the snow I got these are essential that just I you know there on the ICG pertinent last year but I don't know when they wanna. The regulars but well nice to have so they're really nice to have yes absolutely and end the streak. You know I'm a Kansas fan I would want the street and by somebody winning it ha and that you blowing it. If Texas Tech was that they've won it yeah absolutely because there's still the sort of a play each other again if our beaten them once in all of like if Texas Tech wins as we expect one this a translation you guys at the teacher. That that that you dated there's penalties against bill Selby that are presented with entertainers and the blue whether it's or even made sense to have some Farley country over the patriots are true right right so. There will be here you don't in the league it might this year right. And like it is here. And that's OK it's like the people get excited for the chiefs winning the AFC west and back to back years what does that really lead to. Who cares doesn't matter what you do in the regular season to flush out of this a nice footnote to that bright they won the AFC west of Baghdad great nice footnote that. What is their results and at the end the same as it always results and. And you know if this Kansas basketball team makes a nice little run in March. Nobody will remember that they did in the league nobody will care that they didn't win the league Kansas basketball chiefs football it only matters what you do in the postseason exit nothing else these teams are good enough to make the post season everywhere. Every year and they should perform in the postseason every year and for sorry Kansas sorry chief you guys have set the bar that high. The regular season doesn't mean diddly do it matters what you do in the postseason if you failed in the post season that it's a failed season let shouted out 69306. On the text like today are brought to buy lady james' talents extend cents a. Housekeeping notes due one and there are ACC regulars. He chipped in 2010. And I don't think wealth and is AS bless her. Championship teacher team the comical sense of 2002. To eight years they haven't won any of C&A CC championship and in eight years regulars regularly sees in eight years wow okay. Three year anniversary of my vasectomy. Oh congratulations man it's always good to do that I hope you're happy with the new year lending and a lot of people who have undergone these things obviously Jenner did yeah. And hopefully you you're feeling good about so recreation. He did it pre tournament. It has and if you did that doesn't give all our second denied that out of those who like march 12 right. Get ready for battle thanks yes. And I. There isn't youth basketball wraps sock. At that somebody was my game on Friday night they are absolutely right about this we had one guy that. Could barely make it up and down the lord didn't want to be fair it was it was consumer ads and advance I mean it was really like a psychic he's some. Do with the policy and remember it's not easy. Because kids are not good at the sport that's true to add at. A lot of meat just probably on the way up and you can either call everything you did well nothing. It's harder to call things in between there all travel. Every kids traveling the state. Not easy job you'll see like USA when nothing IBM was nothing right now he got the Olympics hockey is going on right as a team that. Think Angeles right now USA's beating war gap old one not only aren't great group in the early 2000. There are around that's right on the good news is that the IOC did loudly Olympic goaltenders to the statue of liberty on their bully hell let's. Only the data decided that was a political statement but an even otherwise of the goaltenders can Wear. The statue that love the red white blue striped. Would've that would've added that he had called Google where's the eagles' chances. Should they go to guards at all hurtling death tax bill as a red light was strapped they're they're pretty sweet and I used was a kid when the Olympics and go and I played goalie and I signed in street hockey human. News to paint my helmet red white blue stars and I loved it. Surprising my wife for Valentine's Day is hard because we had the same bank account yeah it then that is very difficult you need to have a earth you know like I mean what. You need to play creative. She's place you could you please give me don't check you know you don't check you know to check your menu. I don't check the bank account right around this time you don't be surprised. Let yourself be surprised I'm buying Texas what he hacked big twelve championship shirt and wearing patrol came to stand LO well they'll resume. What a waste of money. Think it's pretty hilarious. But it but it isn't because Missouri fans care so much about in dislike of Missouri. Was like up to that level and didn't like when Kansas lost to Bucknell Bradley as you fans bought out those T shirts ridiculous. Missouri lost who was at North Dakota State or north all Stater winning was. I don't know how many Kansas fans went like Missouri into just overly obsessed with Kansas it's unbelievable tech. I would market to Columbia Wesley woods somehow and somehow find some email dated it's. I'm sending it would probably sell more in Colombia than they would have been a nice. The fantastic charity they might it and he should Wear to the big twelve tournament. Appear Texas Tech fans or your resume fan you should just walk round. Downtown adopting Texas that adopting taxes Stecker. Why and politely can I. Sports rivalries. That's what sports is I I guess I just I don't wanna waste time like Missouri lost something divide assured of like maybe I'm too cheap maybe I don't care about I don't know old but. I mean Missouri fans that is a little bit over so obsessed with Kansas if you buy Texas Tech big twelve champion united in the league anymore I don't think they're making those yet. Recession may now. Not it's not notice it's not out throw it definitely is coming up. Think he may be wrong we'll discuss next. Places you can see it. On FaceBook will be broadcast on FaceBook. I FaceBook dot com slash sixty and sports could see Steven dance to the song tomorrow on. Valentine's Day. So that's on it and play tomorrow and and I disagree I think it's a very good song in fact I I explained Steven you're gonna hate me for this but I claim that I introduced the song Kansas City back in the day because. It came out when I was in college I believe and I remember hearing it on a New York radio station remember coming back and telling people. That this was one of the best songs ever and there is it is now on the radio and most people believe it is. One of the best songs of all time here we go our key play Khloe Kim last night dominating in snowboard. Yeah. The. Yeah. 900 no he can't. There so there it is goalie Jim courtesy of NBC in the Olympics and Khloe Kim is the perfect example of how stars are created at the Olympic Games he started the event with 151000. Twitter followers and ended up why after the event was over with 155000. Twitter followers I opened Twitter this morning. And I had a notification of how many people on my feet started following her I'd never seen that before but like Sports Illustrated and all these places started following Khloe Kim last 9017 years old and she's your typical kids you know she's candidates to grab a cab she loves taken self species like shopping weather grandmother and she gets angry so I can identify with that as well so. Congratulations are. A star is boy gas leak at really likable great personality. NBC asked people to follow her on so they did until they nearly a year apparently asking on television works. And then also she had already wrapped up the gold medal before she had to take her last round so basically she could've got under snowboard and just went straight right. And and practical nabbed about chew out pose a higher score highlight. She'd already know jump I five are really excited how would you not be like overwhelmed. Before he ever started your belt she's went down. Nailed a higher score to double gold see everybody and she's gonna be like a marketing. That. Actually has some congratulations to her coming up at about ten minutes the latest on T star running back Korean hunt and his dealings with the law that comes up in about ten minutes here on 610 Sports Radio. 610 Sports Radio. He he made the comment yesterday that he thinks that that date totaled special teams coach for the Kansas City Chiefs. His only chance to become a head coach is after India is finished here in Kansas City and you know it's it's interesting because Dave told I don't know has been interviewed for jobs has been passed up for jobs whatever the case may be. There's been a lot of jobs open that have not happened in the NFL over the last couple years. And Dave told a really has been a prominent I mean I think the last time Josh the Dave told. Was really prominent in a job search was when Chicago made two hires ago Wright and and they were like asking about Dave told before they hired. Whoever that John Fox I think it maybe was even before the company hired the guy wears mascara who's now on the Canadian Pressman to Pressman yet like I get in in that kind of error. That was the last time we gave told was really thrown out there to be candidate. Fourth head coach he did some interviewing I mean I don't even know that he got an interview in Indianapolis where Chris Ballard the former chiefs assistant GM is now. The general manager as though is mainly a result is nameless was thrown around there and certainly certainly. You know maybe they came back around your home when they are searching the second time at. There hasn't been any real published reports that amount nothing not nothing is Amazon is linked to him because they work together that that it kind of that same shore yeah. But I I I think what's holding Dave tailback I don't think he's going to be the new head coach intensity when and he decides to quit I think I think what's holding Dave told back. And and I think this is is something that is starting to and best sports a lot more. That we've ever seen in the past I think being told is too old to be head coach in the NFL and he's approaching what fifty to 5555. Right there so by the time Andy's done here in Kansas City and another four years Dave Toby is going to be pushing sixty Andy Reid is going to be pushing but sixty by the time that he's done. You know with his almost sixty or so basically I think wants these 59 now so he'd be. He be middle middle sixties by tennis contracts over okay so that that that's fairly old I I think obviously what we've seen in the National Football League. Has been a trend of hiring young guys and the more young guys have success IE Doug Peterson and then we had what we saw Sean McVeigh due out in Los Angeles with the rams and obviously Mike Shanahan skid is taking over San Francisco with the way that they finished the season in the acquisition of Jimmy. Rob Lowe. The more we see these younger guys have success. The more were going to see NFL teams hire younger guys who obviously don't have the same experience that Dave told as but may be boring a different attitude and a different style of football in a different style of coaching. To the National Football League that we haven't seen before. And may be guys who were little more analytical if you will and willing to look at the analytics of things like we're seeing in baseball right now. But we have seen guys a drastic shift not only baseball but also in football now in who they are hiring as head coaches were seeing a lot of guys. With not a lot of experience UT's head coaching jobs in the NFL Matt Nagy in game in Chicago as the bears head coach right now. Has about ten years of experience out of coaching in the NFL and what. One or two just two seasons. As the offensive coordinator here in Kansas City Sean McVeigh was it was wet behind the ears when Andy Reid was coaching in the Philadelphia Eagles organization he's a head coach now in Los Angeles the same goes for Sean McDermott up in buffalo mean. Guys all are getting opportunities that are in their mid to early thirties right now and guys who were 55 guys who were approaching sixty. Are not getting those opportunities down the NFL. I think right now the biggest thing holding Dave told back from being a head coach in the NFL. It's not be read retiring or anything like that the fact that he's 55 years old and save the New York Giants going after. The coach that they hired him patch armor all do Josh or giving opportunities now an NFL and legal due to get opportunities in Major League Baseball but he's tired or. And I just wonder if you know special teams guy and will make a great head coach. Narrative works either there are no coordinators they are and special teams coordinators and why I think it does make sense because you deal with both sides of the football here you're kind of you know you you you can work the offense and defense of guys on your specialty there is some of that I understand. But why isn't that been like the rage right it really hasn't other than John Harbaugh who. And that was how many years ago now that he had a decade exactly right so it seems like that that's not where the firings are coming from. Now they're coming from the offensive side of the football because this still is an offensively and I think what what's also interesting to about Dave told. Is that winning is let's say and he completes this four year deal they tilts 59 years old. If you're the Kansas City Chiefs do you want to hire a guy that's 59 years old to take over your organization or Sam had 'cause the first time head coach or do you wanna have a young guy you things can be here for a while before. He decides he wants to retire. It I suppose it depends where your hat that he do you wanna keep the keep the band together. What am I mean on the same method as sandy Reid takes. You know continues to do what he's doing which is surety a playoff teams what area like a cat on a rock the boat got got a veteran you know. Maybe maybe. But I doubt it because Bob's going to be along for the ride out much longer maybe you're like OK well let's keep fail let's keep it naturally to to the injury tree in and stay with Dave maybe I don't know. That's that's several years away yeah I I I don't know the Dave told is holding out for the Kansas City Chiefs job for years I just don't think he's getting an opportunity. Based on the fact that he is 55 years old trend is now at a higher younger guys in the NFL coming up in two minutes Korean hunt is in the news for all the wrong reasons we'll explain next.