02/13 - 10 am - In A Vacuum

The Day Shift
Tuesday, February 13th

A Chiefs player finds himself in a situation that apparently can't be avoided. Plus, could baseball take another hit like this, what to watch for in Surprise, and Mizzou out here breaking rules.


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On the Tuesday morning starts right now you know six. Dot com all right and Syria. Hopefully everybody listening got an opportunity over the last week and a half. A week to be able to sign up for the the big east Belfast they bailout price tag. Hopefully everybody did that by 2 o'clock yesterday in. Gradually some goals folks along in the winning that. Fabulous prize I do what is going to. Good going real will be able. Full day of little things and also spring training starts manner training aides category expert and lost those Gerald generally. Hell burns our blog rovers. Saying it everybody's that people all the some people before Italy great visual vapors are what would you voters albeit although the site is. Little bit down right now because of all the available free agents but I'll digress on that 8:10 o'clock. On the dot your first processor and it could you cracked open here on the basis of but what did two baseball here in the next couple segments but we're gonna start with Ian itself was gonna start with the seized. Because. The new is that wrote yesterday in regards to disarm. The situation involving Karine hunt. It made a stink. On Oprah's. Specific perspective. It will we looked at this story a case. As it was reported on Cleveland dot com woman says our says it CC's player remind. Shelves and pushed her in downtown Cleveland police say we looked at. They'll lay out the story and we looked at the particulars. And it's essentially where rad is. He said she's it. She claims that she was shelved him placed in a weakened dispute. On he says he did not do any of those things. Beers reports of old hang it out it you know bar copying in people having drinks in one backed you com. A down tone was hotel. Residents or something and it. Being asked to leave in bin after the Dole's individuals or bulls look more asked to believe they were frustrated they were upset one thing led to another and we have you know this is back in four. Okay allegations both ways game you know. Racial slurs and we get a whole lot of stuff going on and we don't know what's what's true and we don't know what's Apple's okay. So we're not immediately to dive into that particular aspect of the sport because we got nothing we got an opinion we don't know. If Kareem Mike is innocent. We don't know if Cory mine is guilty of anything here today. All that goal will will see what their goals we'll see if charges are filed under courses situation. We asked our question. Or the question this morning as a shell. Almost a story is how to do athletes. Stop these situations. From happening. Okay. Because. I was listening to it to access to clean and to fast cold this morning it. A similar sentiment or fall initially. When it comes to add a weakling and mention that you know when you're an athlete in win year our main guy. And you know take your life under the microscope. Okay. You're not just an average Joseph you're just not an average person. You have to be Smart. You have to think through situations. You have to remove yourself from certain things okay. And you just can't do things away normal people do things that it and look I did it I agree what a lot of that. To a certain degree. To a certain degree is that I don't agree with that a 100%. Yes if you all are sombre yes if you LeBron James yes if you wore your cost whoever it is. You know when your professional athlete and you have a name even if your professional at senior Nat. The biggest name all round. You know that you have to watch yourself in what you do you conduct yourself. In a certain way. Right there's the one in from the but I think that there is all fought out the year. That we you are an athlete you're a celebrity. Whether you're an actor actress. Musician whatever. That when it comes to. Situations like this that they're always. Avoidable. And that is just not. Reality. That is not. The facts of life. Will we say. Give athletes stop these situations from happening. You can look at it and say what's a case by case basis on what. All the allegations and what has transpired. But what I think of it just on the surface signal. It it it hit it and the reason why I say no is. When we talk the ball on the after weeks. Okay thank you don't he had to be young we gonna say older so let's or celebrities or people with the name. In my gonna sit here to think that at that out Ryvon a travesty LC. A pastor while Holmes. At your house and liked it when you're young. And when you have a whole lot of money. Order or popular person. That you are not going to bar hop. That not that you are not going to entertain. Big surrounded by. Gorgeous women. Your not the one of the portals. The VIP life of course you off. Heck I told you got about one the Mega Millions tonight. We're going to party this weekend all real books. It would be pretty. Spectacular. One if it will be able to get the ones out we would have a lot of fun. We now project guy you might ask that makes it easier to teach this to your sponsors may have disabled. And have fun. My thing is they. I don't think that I think it's easy for us to look to say. That these situations are oh boy double what they're not man and I'm not sitting here saint extreme it is innocent I'm not saying he's guilty but to think that. If I put muscle that issue. Became an instant millionaire. Or came to a lot of money always super popular. And dumping it out at the grammys on out the poll Bullock SP and you think did not want to the parties on the whenever. In Albion surrounded by people. Then how much women and am attracted to. I'm gonna be able to make every single correct decision. I'm pretty level head not think that I am gonna make a lot of right decisions about the I'm gonna try to muscle on asserted equations. But you know it into the day some of the stuff is it's unavoidable best is how it's some sometimes things. Pat in and things is go back because of people all the air cooled when they're hanging out with you their intentions are good at. And sometimes when people hanging out with you their teachers are good will see how this thing plays out but I distinctive from my perspective I don't think that all these ways are on a board. Really age starting here at the one thing is about which reports his and I do think this is worth at least coupled trapped. They're targets if you say in the are first to guys don't Wear the jewelry out civil state and the among awareness out because the comport. There were a jewelry that the other people don't I've seen athletes that don't on the weren't so this club that I want. And it shall be like it or. These guys are targets. They're clearly targets agreement to target to superstar. In the NFL you've just got to take precautions we you can't avoid going out. You we can't do is do the things that mean. Are you scream on his exit right there there's people with immediate drive. He's got people with a man who knows what happens because anybody can file please report that's the big danger. Because you never know it's true or not you can't let it demon somebody's character is anybody can put the police report. Would every want any person can do whatever they want in that's the police work and be true. It means it is but because. This makes these guys targets the fact no matter what they're doing there can be people there on the I don't know what to say. He's too good a NDP know what the group that can verify and back it up that's not always the case is less than what was gonna happen ones as a single game don't have that luxury. I don't want you don't drive that big teams make that clear taken to overtake live don't drive. Always have someone to back at your case because they delivered for life and we. If they have to understand that they're living their lives they should be able to live their life or what young twenties. Going around doing things that's just reality but unfortunately these guys do become targets when people find out who and what they do. Yet but I'm not even not even talking about just what to target prospective they'll bet that that's come talk about. Did the talking about from a does it have any facts like we have stacked right now. These allegations on both saw it is not so avenue that. Is there any ways for. Individuals like this to look to it to a little lies. With the year. They're essentially. Like eat you can't walk and live in like bubble. But that doesn't mean it's it's not possible like I need help people look at Ezekiel LE right now right but yet to sit wasting. Last summer or actually was a it was a W as it was before when it's his rookie season. Any any it is missing six games last season. After all that stuff transpired. There was some pictures oh Zito LA. Elliott at. USC event or boxing matches of the like that and he was a run about like. For like courts is down at people icy look Aziz added a game look at. Is the delegates smoltz for the wrestlers like not your run attractive women. It's possible to be any bar so the rest I don't adds he thinks the bugs me building he's rumored by the unit though I guess that's my point. I did you got an example this morning that. Let's say they meet you would why Ian. This summer go to power and light. Unless somebody recognizes Ryan in sake. You don't tell us he's bloody 88 but he but he walks of wind says it tells your flooding down on the radio but I don't like to thank you see what your your your baseball cap to the back. And they did it to be Matt. What is weird stuff happens at times a spare 8888 and a guy sent a couple of drinks too many. We all sit near we've had drinks as well and line. Sometimes can be a Smart ass everybody knows that it's old Ryan says something Smart to be died in big guy wants to start you know. Mild and altered my idiot I try to step it SA right moment and you know what the atlas is clear the tat. Let's get ready to get out here tonight it seems like this they just went haywire in him because I did you write it wouldn't admit the guy just to tease agitate. That would be a simple sits aways and they'll meet trying to extract client and you got you in all of us in the situation. But the elicit the guy continues to add states wanting leased to another in implicit what's the next thing and that happens. In the paper quietly tells you producer yells yelled it at eight and an aunt and talk show personality or six of Sports Radio as done. Whatever happens from major Bernadette toolbar and say it's easy for things like that tool wise and happened with essentially the way the story plays out it's hard to. Take yourself on our. It is interesting how Al a lot of people one to believe that these types of scenarios could be easily avoid it and I always I just. I mean I think back to what I was doing in my mid twenties and how many situations like this I found myself in. Where we were either out of a bar we were out having good time people or meeting other people we decided to go back to someone else's apartment. And then things escalated like a bee's have been situations that have happened a lot of people's lives and I don't think. Number one when we talk about. Innocence or guilt than I see a lot of people on the tax lines some siding with on some siding with accused her acting and it's important you understand side that. The presumption of innocence works both ways you know I I presume the cream on his innocent and tell you. On the evidence that says he's guilty. I also believe that this that the accuser the young lady. Is innocent her accusation and she's not doing it from the ill will she's doing it because she feels. And Intel she has proven to be a liar I'm not going to color a liar as many people already are doing. You'll say you know I may be. You know these these people are that's and these women are to blame not hunt that was someone out and nine when three. I don't disagree and I understand their or people in this world. Oh after professional athletes because they are organs because of their money when we talk about wee bit we talked about Venezuelan athletes and and then go home. In the offseason and they have extra security around them because they know that they can be mugged or they could be kidnapped and held for ransom that is an actual thing that happens so. I think at this point. Much like those Venezuelan players they go back home and know they have to have added security I think. Players here in the United States also need to recognize that there needs to be something around and we always kind of poked fun about the Cris Carter football guy in the group. I think you do need to have someone. Who was always who has the wits to them who can help you out in these situations that I look I know it's incredibly hard to wrap your brain around having Micah. A chaperone go everywhere with you. But if that's what needs to be done to keep them these guys out of trouble then so be it because right now the problem is when you say who's gonna corroborate three months story. It's a bunch of his friends and people are immediately going to say. Of course what also. That's what they're supposed to say that there to have his back if they're to be the fall guy for and the problem is that. You're a 100% rightly. You can't just bubble wrap people yesterday and a bubble wrap society. And we can't expect Korean content is mid twenties to do anything different than what you're we're doing our mid twenties and we were finding ourselves in the situation as well. The differences. I don't have million dollars and I'm not high profile person. It's probably the making is tonight a problem all our do you think that I'm gonna be at home. Continuously all the top now it might be a little bit more amazing is it also would needs to happen. Is much stiffer penalties. For those that lie those that make up the image the character. Of a player that separate. Ones to make it we never hear the ramifications. People make things up big story couldn't be corroborated either. I always feel it to be issued by stiffer penalties on those that make things up coming up next is another key. ED scandal about to break out a Major League Baseball. And stand to gain take another hit we'll get to that next. When you think it was nice stage now sweeping goes. Delicious chocolate you think you'll see wow we think you'll club. A nice hotel room you think it's a big leagues right what. That's too big to be because they basically. Be listening to dwell in the days we'll have our three winners. Of the bigs fouled us they tail off ice pack twelve Ian right after the six fact all revealed word the into this. That will reveal the three winners and we actually took those little ping pong balls wrote everybody's name on a ping pong ball we've borrowed that powerball thing's just pops up there. All the time. You get it turned my complete beer pong looks just like she looked like. This line shall and so nicely lit it kept talking you do it right away so quickly beer pong would that if we'd be Leonid beer the first one. Spectrum when I don't know if you get the flu shot bankers think scanned first. They mace you go to sixes Forsyth County right now as well we still have the this spring baseball national fly away. Flights and hotel to talking ski resort Scott Steele a spring training experience tickets to Dustin Lance in concert and Old Dominion in concert. Take care that the entire week here six has forced a Tom all you need is an email address to Old Dominion homes. Or demean. It's a popular name Scott school. Got a billion in truck line. Like say it's. Been popular than. And there are perjury and trucking company annals doubles as a win you'll I'd buy equities. And who's going to a food and other. The if you I think it's gamer not a since the end and I salute your phrase that might work for some out of this. And died from the flu this year ABC is about people who wanna get the push to get the flu to see and basically put the flu in your system I don't know. I don't get. I'm not recommending with the dude and I don't care I just don't do it. A lot of the excellence reaching out you forum medical advisor to find that I might do given medical buys a she's advised medical that is a better than your forecasting about. Audio. They'll look at the west by the way he's slam my forecast or you want I was the most accurate and uses that he feels they buy that. Yes I see your stick. The Stevie I Simmons can have I can't always say that we look at the couple steals but he doable in my arms and as. Tim based. All take another he would. And and I bring this up because they areas report from the New York Daily News blockbusters suit. Alleges Brooklyn based aces sports agency provided steroids to major league baseball players. An individual by the name of wanna. Cardinals Nunez who work for the powerful Brooklyn based aces sports agency before he was caught up in two doping scandals today told him. The 2012. Nokia to birth take web sites can and he was also. If at all really about. Loss that was going to you know I went to remain there wasn't brilliant that it worked out it was a good thought though. And also beyond the bio Genesis performance enhancing drug case. A home. He has filed a bomb sealed complaint in new York State Supreme Court I yesterday naming aces in sports agent Brothers set. And Sam Levinson. As descendants. The explosive vest on describe complaint alleges that afternoon yes signed a contract award for ace is beginning in 2006. Quote he was told that he had to do what ever it tilt to recruit and retain ace up players. Is aces clients that's an option for an agent when it. Do whatever takes plaintiff came to lower that what ever it took. Mitt violating criminal law in addition to the rules of Major League Baseball as bulls players union including. Making under the table payments to players in their friends of family. Hoping players opt to paint and use of form it's enhancing drugs to get bigger context and ultimately engaging in a Lambert told rough to hide the misconduct from MLB. And it's players. Bake a forced thing that I thought oh. What Nassau the story is. Man this is not good because the timing of this you have so many players. Better free agents when it comes a Major League Baseball that are trying to get big contracts. And we're talking a ball with living in an aids were where we're critical of everything that takes place. When it comes to Major League Baseball. Which line they. Get away Islam the steroid era. We're trying to get away from what Clemens it was trying to get away from what bonds it would try to get. Get up away from with Sammy Sosa did what wired to all those guys write a ride the and now. We have this. I'm not sure that baseball. Can take another negative. I'm not saying that shut down Major League baseball's done if it's another major star. On ends up getting caught up in a scandal that's not what I'm saying. What how dealing with dead beat and by the way. You can you can say let this is a conspiracy theory by you. What I often think. Bet let's say that rock and for it does. Did a lowered it. Always tip off that you know what we might have a major. Superstar. Mega star in the water Major League Baseball that is tested positive. Deep think it is possible that robbed him for that look the other way. I think he would that not all I think you spots I think it is because he kept going after people go after things this kind of list or in baseball typical and after. What why why did he keep going after they did and it's been that Angel was not a superstar innocent people were talking about played and actually commit here and playing. He resurrected his career he was a talking point or lose your people were talking basically kept testing going to have their names is not going after trot out big afterward. Or that the testers away after about it. Britain mosques all you guys are back again you know talking about that Jon Heyman says that he has won by big these agencies in baseball. Instead they're successful recent recruitment of rocky star Charlie Black men raised I bear browse the rub is it it skinny guy. Hit it until run. Charlie Black I like Charlie Black would say. His name is thrown around here just accuses the agency did mean Charlie Black does it. It opens in baseball are describing inference of this you know what guys I'm gonna make it easier on you and Jews baseball so you're not using. Ought to put on I'll put on this agency has his first eight CS tag guys get caught up in this agency hasn't taken any flack for remembered Nelson Cruz. Yeah this was addicted to games. He was a he's part of his aides say that this agency has had guys that have gotten caught up all of say it is is I'm not sure that if a major name on a mega star. Was to get caught up now days. I'm not sure that Major League Baseball would look the other. I don't know baseball when after two its biggest stories in its history bonds and Clemens won't even put him on the all the things. These are two of the biggest stores in Major League Baseball history that a hall of fame bid and any problem going after them. I think Mark Sanford baseball Jews the ball so the players don't. How many games it spears commoner how many games are very bonds are so that's occurred when. How many games have been bonds is that a good when a you know we have a lot of these guys it's used ball schools they offered this. Not only these reports we ought to save baseball gets everybody Basel test. No art to it. Coming into the dating miss. I'm like I'm saying is in all but not it's that well no he's not why not why not is not people are still many did exactly what he's not in exact that's what I hate to see the switch and we average baseball. Other sports have gotten used to it. You busted the ball we say okay. Big baseball obviously we beat new climate change people been looking for the edge in the sport forever. With a team that means with a screenings would ever was people. Spree appeared ready always been looking for the next. It spring training is under way as surprising result what are some things to look for what it comes to spring training for the royals we get to that next. Yeah. PE and. Yeah. Yeah. I don't know rambling online first thirty minutes of this of the show today. You know obviously gets when he doesn't. But get a chance of talks on an electric that hey you don't have a Brinkley talk a little bit. Go to sixty is force dot com. Bond is in surprise. As we speak competed for the entire spring training. Phones notes. Is spring training and no book. He's already putting together some things that. That intrigues him. And of course. Wanted to go and sign in on some things that injury do you. I feel like he's trying to one up firm estimate or I do follow up Terkel report actually like his stuff from us returning. I'm just intrigued by different guys and Burton. For less you're the sixth in sports that account you can see who. Intrigues burn. I agree with him on this is stats don't matter the most port would be Kennedy postal one point 19 you rate. There's cactus league starts but he's an egg in April was or was little forced agree with Vern. On stuff like that. Did he got featured in the most. I can get with the money and I understand they USC he's an ace but doesn't beauty deputy chemicals that category. Is Ian Kennedy yes is if he goes out there and post a one point 19 ER rate which he can do these. And eases number one guide intrigues me but aides say they've Kennedy is this wage when duty deputy there's well. Other names Jesse on Judas oaks school and Corky. Griffin love lady stop month. In bill re SE oaks I think we've kind of been Jonas. In scope and kind of fall I don't know how Richard love lady didn't land on your list Dick lovely. I thought we have the basis for all pulling for their lovely to be a success. Met Jesus on here and I respect affected the homeowners being its expect cheese could end up. As a 73 and eat god in your. Evidence to the intensity rabies and buried it again yeah pretty pretty. McEntee. You had a chance to talk to. Mac and she's you're a man crush him. And you chose to talk baseball. And we talked about what he's doing in New York to new York and ask him a beer. It's in which are their elders talk at whether what does deedrick to be in the shower. Did asset. He's the opportunity and an offseason talked about the weather. Do not. The net but our team last year but the Jews balls well how long you have appeal organized in the home runs how long was the conversation before it turned to baseball. It's an escalator ride so. Ten seconds the house organ is compliment just what he's doing and I don't. Didn't care. Or history of baseball Albuquerque to pretty good lectured me bone in a bone now. The McCourt had a pretty good let's hear now you ask Arianna I leverage situation. I did. He's he wants to be situations semi craves that as a Boller is also number six on burns less than three players. I'm with you when that might this be different for different reasons. It starts indians' number one or he's a year but that's that's the big me. That's to get treated for a week before. That's the guy you expect the power from solar power to get you kits and back to triple A he's got to be on the roster. We've read the stories you plight insult me off he's in great shape it Torre. Yeah through the first we heard Greg should I don't care community I don't care expected to hit the baseball that's number one I care you don't care respect. You did this stuff as he showed the spring training fact I don't care he says he's lost weight to begin who cares keep the baseball. That's we care about or solar if it. Is a guy that the royals have been natural for awhile he studies drop them all. What to me or solar again spring tree numbers what are they really good for because if you did exactly have a good. Raul Mondesi did rule in the job in new Pete definitely is in diseases are. Rule minus who'd hit Whitman if the you can never without score grates. It translate to the regular season it bit. Are there any talk about the yesterday. Towards the end of the soul and he he he put some stock into that is he says it. He wants to Cecil layer have a good spring training because. He wouldn't have faith in NBC had a bad spring training in eighty try to dole faced Major League pitching. You've done the opposite if it's been rough. Of course yes. He's a little rough ask Bob it has been a lot Roy it's not in I don't get a peek at one speed you don't get I didn't. We'll try it is you want something did to come back to you disk and a war got in a wait industry. I mean rule matters what that uttered socialist your four nines. Rule Muncie at 330. Outscored it 333 as well will Bubba starling 300. I mean he's seeking here guys but Peter O'Brien oh Peter O'Brien hit that tune any 67 bombs big fly and O'Brien put the team in home runs. So beat them one with a winnable. Only because you're count on you lost a lot of power. In this is assuming were Ambac moves doesn't come back if a lot of power there Cain had moderate power. Up with these three number one multiple points to me he's the most three. In spring training there's nobody treats anymore and Maurice solar when he does. Wanna see and it will begin will translate these leagues we don't know what he well at all. I he hits well in other places he just doesn't do it. You're the Major League level so I'm more intrigued what's season started did you want to his whip I'm cures a witness. You know which would add this mostly keeps doing this is he'd become a Major League player we think he can be big title last year. Let the American League in stolen bases. I think which provides several things he's finally lead after he's fills two roles for the team but they haven't had before he fills your legal position. Which they've been looking for that in this hole as more experiment that didn't make sense but it worked for a while royals. Any Phil's second base which has been an absolute mystery for the Kansas City Royals turn figure out that position. So we fills those two roles in space which field might be one of your sports this year. On the this forced into the stores and office right so opera's. And who's probably gonna be a better war Wizner fails with Mary. Is there outscored in who's a better hitter in the in the winner. At CUNY. So Whitner fields to India Paul and three in only because Paulo Orlando to me. When he's he's shown flashes. What gets a lot of opportunity it's not as good last year he had that unfortunate accident. It in the minor leagues but they might be count on him to play center field for this team he has over thirty but he spat this felt so that intrigues me. In just his fourth top five comfort because what he's gotten pepper. As we salty tears go last year you didn't see anything from just covered sounds like they're going to be relying on him either way. At third base orchid to do this which route 500 soldiers go back to third in at Kessler if they like at first base as well. In the last 100 Hoosier it's for the top five only because of the expectations. On our own utter delusion was the first round pick or remind people they pick the shaman I am 34 pick and many people considered benign. Actually did the world's first for a practices and ability issue in the treatment and when the team went out in record bins over. If for no question it's forty solar at this point top bottom whatever it was sooty and. I know you only with the Utah outside of that but definitely I guy is gonna be in the top stand. And you've got to near. Al score. Because I know this year three of the contract last year we all thought he was gonna bounce back it didn't happen. And now you just wondering what yes. And interest is more important bit of lady were outscored you paid twenty million dollars in the year without court. He's more important than anybody else that's what he's got to be. Now. It would get a bid because it 333 last year the insurance if you of the opinion that. Collegiate athletes shouldn't be paying in are being exploited. Think again. Waiting until you hear what the University of Missouri is about to do we get to that. That. DC and. I'm back to you know stay tuned. At the top of the hour. Will be given away appear tickets. So that some lucky listener out there dolce and assorted tigers played tonight. 6 PM against. Texas a and amp. Yeah it's going to be a nice little basketball game who was now ranks 21 in the country Missouri also are getting votes this week. This is pleasant a basketball court now the fight in Congo's. It plans to bass excellent atop the outlook people way Texas Stadium Missouri tiger tickets for tonight's game. Night game tips off. And it six email Google's way it look claw I know is had a little conversation put things back on the Martin's name by. All isn't on the up and down so far actually happened I'd have to article. Six sports town of well all week and a half ago he is viewed with that. He is enrollments. It was very important for zoo people buying into what about season tickets. Their goalie school there either excited about where the programs though. Definitely teaching typical for the best will be peaceful change in the culture of the school when the good of others well. I don't want this Obama like a good bit Michael Porter junior got injured take. But I do think that it was. Good to be able to see what comes of Martin is able to do with out a guy like Michael Porter junior went and looked but now. That's okay spousal Marcus told oh absolutely absolutely and the fact that they had to make that adjustment. In season in the first game of the season like that says something about the guy you have. Right there so it's twofold he showed one he can get those guys. In Q he can coach without me it's mystery. Right there who are we always talk but he got to be able to make adjustments and that's what all of sports are about the football basketball baseball whatever the case may be. At every level if you wanna be successful you have to be able to adjust when people adjust to you well. Martin made drastic adjustment losing guy who has. Probably going to be the minutes leader points leader assist leader a lot of different things he was no leads statistically for you when you lose something like that you replace that. The mourns them damn good job. Speaking of Mosul. How well this. Case. Missouri athletics they. Bait we did this now. Renew all requests Simmons who football tickets by April 14. Today it trying to get people on board to support to Missouri tiger football program. Day renew your 2018. Season tickets or joint request list to purchase new season tickets by April 14. And receipt. All three. Draw blocked Bobble it figure. You'll be directly. To entice people to renew their 2018. Season tickets. And to get tickets. They are trying to entice you bought offering up a three. Drool lock bobbled the weights. I am not anti Bobble heads idled at that Ryan what else he collects. All I love bigger bubble I plugged into all right so it Arab only Janet with John Carlos the into the click wheel titles you Bobble it transgenic protecting. She had a genetic clues. Let us all this on the big lead. I don't know about you that seems like it might be using someone's likeness to make money. There. A student athletes terrorism. Our. Money from the university and the easily gotten like as Truman Bobble head. So or bury Odom Bobble head I don't like to bear arms maybe a little bit random John Reid. When he used yeah uses like SP two it. He's in the program that will do rebuild that at least via an opponent like a recruiting you. Actual pro. It was I know. This guy's still snippets they use his image. And you get to entice people to buy tickets issued men and Heisman candidate. And I'd be more. When people say that at these athletes shouldn't get anything. To Joseph. All actually you who like this you think it's I will see this situation indeed they had to that. You probably don't like The Who what it would wanna Bob I understand that it's still wrong. Let me ask that SS. Dots. As Forsett. If you can't sell certain number you get it's also numbers went to the jerseys. Fort institutions. How did giveaway Bobble head. If you Ohio State. And you try to purchase said Jersey kid did a specific Jersey. No they should be able to use this ticket percentage of the tickets they get. Percent of that money give it to drew was an implantable may but he can't do that would make the most of give drew percentage of people are renewed season tickets and give it to drew block Kabul and its. Would be the best answer. Think the proceeds it percentage say 50% the group always people signed up he gets at what he's done player that makes the most sense that I mean do it. I am not anti drew lock him in a Bobble it okayed it that's the point of almost talking about accidental I. I'm I'm not I'm not. I am not anti. I think he should get something. I think he should get paid yet what senate yeah. They're making money off this deal with his likeness. He probably when we went along with because they're like major you're bobbled today what they're flipping his life. It's like so totally using him yes I think to use it's the bird were have these gold medal swimmers. How gorgeous they are pretty victories that on billboards quarts they are part of the front of the media guide to us what stall. It's actually. Think they did it well it's Al sport. Did you call ahead of people also breast. This is a college aptly. And they're using it to entice people applied seed. Judo schools are doing so worried about this like Ohio State. Joseph you can't bijur Google Earth they. I want to Ottawa and on bass and what's the other one the year like this would be eighteen by one if you'd like eighteen his 2000 team. Who's who offered this like this dessert they're mortal end. They're solid thriller about what I wanna. This from the 816. He's getting educated he's using their platform to set himself off or multi million dollar to Patrick and the guys. I don't think he needs to be paid for Bobble head course he does he's being shocked right now. Are you kidding me. Yes yes it's all right now. Making money we did on back he's gonna help Missouri made money this is fully 816. Asking him is still not right he has no agent Iraq and which which did it detects it did he get any good he did have an agent. So there. This is so rates but as far as the hold true block and school money keep in mind the kind of money and exposure these rigs are. One he will be at the bovine you know he's not even ruling listed his eyes in her lead he led eligible touchdown pass lectured visual. Missouri will chart selling. It they start the season hot they will start promoting him prize. Be on the website they'll get and actually his talk about it SEC network. Talk drew. It companies in college game drew law school kids that exposure. For drew a lot being that they're using the guy this point but he probably agreed to its of. Right yet. I think they should pay him after this case. I have no issue with him agreeing to this in the nine at 3COM on captain sensitive because the kid agreed to this it was no problem them agree to the situation. They continue they are not selling the bobbled it. Ball so locked. Mr. Sherlock if you if you are paying attention they're selling its attached to the bobbled it. Don't get it was so yes they all essentially selling what they need it has ever I season tickets drew rubble alive. Is that might entice and that's pretty cool move blob and click on to what even. Big for re. Be that they'll. Do it ticket just heard this season tickets but well. Come get a drew not bubbles having it for free tickets are attached to it could ask for season tickets without the Bobble heads if you really knew exactly. This. Instead. To put two went together and understand it the rest of the latest sell tickets. And what are profiting off like that. Like at a abandonment of some Minnesota about it and I remember a big court case about us. The reason why we don't have NCAA football anymore but went on the PlayStation did that and it's twofold. Lot of guys excited about it you know the understated like wanna be an. They wanna be sit in the ones pulling themselves in the ice because he's basically just say that college football player and he said in the dorms and of itself. Yeah now that. He's your readers and for those inappropriate. Thank you council expert. Who was going to be the ball for Kansas. They Beatty. And promote the player. Billy maples. Between Naples. For a walk. And of I got a new site is it that they got a said he thought you could bench press. 300 pounds and Ireland. Who was that. An impromptu all that they'd be kid that was you know we're done it though. No the you say in interviews that he's been he's gathered Thompson called Hilton. Actually I do Bill Snyder votes if they hole. All right coming up in two minutes your chance to win the Missouri tiger basketball tickets for tonight's game and Dayton Moore is doing something that boils fans might not necessarily liked in the moment may love later we get to that next. Do you see.