02/09 - The War Continues

The Day Shift
Friday, February 9th

One state has reached a new level in the war on football, and Bink is having NONE of it! 


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Let's kill the other. Based reporting here it says. It's an attack on oh boy yeah it has done you know no agenda whatsoever. Sports goes through. It and Jenna and so they could headline new California bill would bait and tackle football before high school. Hong. But two of mudslides my tires the big curable rebook for football California. If bill introduced Thursday would bait and tackle football before high school in California. According to ventured preview the only times. The safe youth football act was introduced by Kevin McCarty. Well good thing that's Kevin McCarty back Kevin McCarthy owed. And problems your Mac and cheese by guys in the league. If I'm portals. The nonindependence McCarty and born Gonzales splintered to beat the bills to curb any long term bring the image. There has been linked to the repetitive it's. I last month in Illinois. Lawmakers propose the builds bin tackle football for children. Under twelve years old. So Californian. Does not want YouTube playing. Tackle football Intel you're in high school. And Kansas City. You can irbe playing tackle football in third grade the better bet there's some school district what North Kansas City. Where there's tackle football available in seventh grade and if you saw this will do middle school global now is great. For middle school programs seventh and anchored in the youth football league's name for the best when north on suburban football league. They spurred tackle football in third grade. Why old kids that I think this is dangerous to sport. Because if you have kids aren't allowed to play tackle football. I understand you won't play in the fifth grade him play if likable whatever the seventh and a few norm play removable there might buy another sport. That is being robbed of planes or school sport but the foot poll numbers go down as California's biggest producers. Of college football that's what does your. I don't think I don't think it if if there is precedent for ball. They'll be interest and a football they're not gonna get on they're not gonna I was little boys if they try other things earlier this is the lifeline says. Well when it comes to sports typically when you go to what Jim I know how you're Jim is that a bit like. Like when I go to lights on there are for the most part little kids on my floor Mikey you don't go and play like you don't lift weights only on in life. But additionally if you get older you lift weights sold so how is that any different you get introduced a lifting weights when you get the high school. Again I think you don't try to see you've been introduced to craft clearly lead was an on your radar before it also feel like if what if you would never put what's your brain surgery. Surgery was he was. Would say that you've always been doing whiskey won't trade beer and feels almost couldn't. Lately you charted few Beers lately in what seat all I always try again I'll always a lot of beating back the whiskey can you really like the Kraft bear arms is. If your introduced always other sports you complete your soccer everything else. You might find did you like that New York won't back the football I think he's dangerous public kids do what they want. A young age was let's face it there's not exactly a lot of I would collisions. In sixth seventh and eighth grade I think it's great people kids can learn how to tackle but learn how to play a sport I think injuries would go up but if you didn't they'll play tackle global health. Brush that bet I don't think I don't think you can pierce and I'll be did holds up because that's the decision I made light giving myself the option to gold and try out other. You know drinks beverages of my best while they try not just for sports is one thing if I choose to let the stable the sport or to go back was just old Leon. At least I've given the other. Our people opportunities it be one thing you're fighting gear box today in opportunity it be different body gives beer an opportunity be different if I didn't get to keep an opportunity. No gigabyte opportunity. I think that you could approaches to from this thing won then would be you know that I'm one of the one of the people who. I I agree with the sentiment about the fact I don't think children should be playing tackle football before the age of high school how I think you're king occasionally pop Warner announced via I'm aware like I am Steve people aren't actually my. With the help of the kindergarten or need to be doing playing tackle football and I know that you don't like in our backyard we used to play tackle football but I. I don't think I would do what is the age of five now. I'd honestly I the way I approach this is this. While I agree in principle with what the state of California want to try to do I don't agree with the fact that the states should be allowed to tell you what you can and cannot make decisions with your children yup. I think at this point. There is enough evidence out there for people to make their own decisions and if you're going to say that and so am I was gonna put us out there but what pathetic California saying is that parents are Smart enough. To make their own decisions they're own educated decisions are just they're not and that's that's ridiculous to me. I think as parents and by and large most parents I know announcing the start cranky parents in this world but by and large most of the parents that I know. Take every everything they can't learn about what's going on in their child's life and how things in their child's life. Can affect whether it's mom or whether it's Matt weather is bad or you know single household by no lag that I have with parents are making sure. That they have. All of all of the information before they make these decisions and I'm seeing on the tax thing right now on you people say I'm not I chose to not let my son played football ever. I've chose to to not allow my kid to play before high school I've chose to do that. I want addressed more of those and you know I and I I saw someone attacks literally not talking about my kid to karate like I think. Even in karate they're taking measures to make sure that there is no impacts the go on like. If you've ever been 25 year old karate class it's essentially like thirty minutes the gym like they're just running around getting some energy out of all there really doing so. I just don't like the idea. Of making my choices for me because what you're saying to meet the state of California is as a parent you're not Smart enough to make the. Don't know what you were gonna mail before you and I'm not good I'm not with that I'm I'm not only outlet that out until we would all quit our I agree others it was a final that because I don't play hasn't come around my arguably don't know what I'm saying is cowboys doing too much in America aren't gonna cameras into your minds out Nigel DiMaggio argument until it around to the Baghdad. I think California is no way to get out of this sector write your Estrada went three I don't need to stay to tell when my son shouldn't play. I've already made the decision he won't play well I would jurist is when you read is not a choice myself in the political borders thing you're the parent a first picture. There are opinions due to re want. My question is this though. What if you were so on. Could pay his college education but playing football in you're not spinning. The 100000 dollars I don't know you get into football in high school okay no no he said. For my son played football ever did that ever apologize addressing missed I got you I'm Tuesday is that right do we what do fewer kids. Say this how many NFL players do great things for money. A lot of them do. JJ wants parents that you're never play in the ball again but when he made 37 million dollars for Houston. Got a free education. He didn't hit their and is waiting in the beginning and finally got a scholarship. Paid for school geeks that money get. All sorts of stuff the NFL or guys give back the community did with the money that they made any wouldn't have this opportunity now played the sport and we forgive here. I hate to see a class system. Bid for a lot accuses the way out is your only way to go to college is playing sports. So I disputed you're right is to never go play football move whims of the good. I think another oft cited this argument as well mannered guy Chris coffin and they learn so forth. And you know coast conference as innocent little accounts due to meet flag it's also a great tackle a third boy teaches at the right way. I and I brought this up you guys I think that by and large there is and I think most parents who wouldn't be you know it's so in tune to it. Would think that our high school coach knows how to teach proper tackling that things better than. It pop or are you football coach I'm not saying I believe that either or I'm not saying I think that's true as a matter of fact I know plenty. Of people like coach of the youth level who are well versed. In proper tackling technique and that's been a big focus of youth football to teach their coaches how to teach their kids. How to appropriately or properly tackle and to avoid injury so but I think the by and large I think there's clearly a lot of parents they just assume. That's injury coach at a school you probably know more than a coach of a youth football team is most likely is one of the kids bad habits like. I'm not saying that's true but I think that there is an assumption by parents and that might also be playing a back yards telecommute if your kids don't learn applicable earlier beauty going to is a freshman. They're gonna be stuck with the cross country coach. Or heard the women's basketball coach coach impression fumbled that they are. That's where they get their coaches for freshman football in the heat coach from all over they don't know exactly how did you stay the pop Warner youth goes Torvalds wrote coach would know more about football. Then when your kid needs to be a freshman in high school they stick whatever dame coach. Ku freshman.