02/09 - Gary Amble

The Day Shift
Friday, February 9th

KC meteorologists haven’t been knocking it out of the park lately. KCTV 5's Gary Amble joined Lake & Bink to tell us why. 


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We wanted to get to the bottom of some feel confident we had a lot of questions. I could hurt Dallas was sometimes less that takes time last literal as baseball. We needed Gary Campbell from JC CB five in studio with us today is but don't go for. Amateur stuff I've been doing this is actually if you know the other guy on this show okay period amble over KC TV five ignites on Twitter at Geary Kimball KC TV five. The trigger your forecast big year reunion and second the Bill Walker show hey thanks a lot guys yes I do cash a check every other week Erica. I don't know sometimes a stolen Obama professional fitfully Modesto last week was interesting period and the dead this is old time all the time. It was since he's gonna Roland I needed and an almost you know how it is the only game we you know I don't live well quit and went went on yeah I mean everybody makes sports tradition but we're all be all talking on a sports station so we do it all the time when little time in last week. Is those talking during breaks so few snowflakes at least one Cecil didn't end up my drive and it also wouldn't. What Gary I don't think I've beat me you don't think you know guys I did I did anybody predict in this move around did you do you call for beg your. We actually had a light snow come in and you know the thing about snow is it's very telling. In a rain is a different story we can say yeah it's gonna rain tonight's gonna rain the third of an inch let's say. Well if it rains a tenth of an inch then ever goes well it rained. Right it's not very telling snows a different story so if you miss it by that much with snow. It's horrible. What does he think because that is that's a telling deal if people freak out about it configure the world and I would I be when they were people buy it could lose snowstorm last year's ice storm though Tbilisi Milliken Brett had a better so he definitely yeah that'd she's been like I said she's thought like in two whistle that snowstorm this week of a couple inches and it didn't happen and all of a sudden. You know some people and whether taken offense but it never like usually wrecked. Well I tell you what I've got to give the National Weather Service credit because. The area where you sit right here was not included in that winter weather advisory. Why that Connie was not included Jackson County was that clearly included Clay County was not included Johnson Kenny was not included. So they had it absolutely spot on. And at the later model runs obviously been the closer you get to the event the more accurate they're going to be there are actually right on the money and that eventually believe. Came to terms and said no it is not going to snow in Kansas City and we knew that. The morning. Now the day before. We thought we get a least a half inch of snow around this area and not not a big deal but maybe happened just don't immunize their right NM prior to that of course they're rude all this speculation that the you know all heck was gonna break loose and you know we would be up to our knees in snow but obviously that didn't happen. You have to look take the longer range now I don't wanna get all weather geek he. Although although I know I know the jays got away occasionally our lives better and I want a WOK. Well the long range models when we called GFS model. And and I caller good for and then you can substitute BS it's. So looking out about three days what that typically doesn't what it's been doing lately. Is it's being going crazy on snow for example yesterday I got into work I looked at the old GF that's ran it. And it said that by Sunday morning we would have nine and a half inches of snow. Now if you took that word then you would be going crazy over that because that would shut the city down should realize that may well you know it would if it would be a good little bump on Twitter. And FaceBook would get a lot of responses in and day and shares but it doesn't do you any good when it doesn't verify. So what they do is they take that GFS model I cut it in half and then I trim that in about a half. And that would come up to about two inches and that's what both the Euro. The ma'am. The Canadian and the RPM Merle saying right now. Which are just Akron and you don't need to know it all that means that but what it what is telling me is that we're probably gonna get about an inch of snow. Maybe as much as two and here's the other trick with the weather. You know he used to be we would cover the entire viewing area which right now could be anywhere from about one to four inches when you say one to four. Everybody here's four. Only get four is like no you're not you're gonna get maybe one and somebody up in Maryville might get four. So that's the old mistake we used to make it and you remember those days right up anywhere from one to four inches and of course now we don't do what. The weather forecast McComb Larry. These is the negative means he's got Thursday's that's horrible thing is if we never ever get a forecast right. We here's here's the kicker owner of this throughout it it won't we've forecast no and it's those guess what. That's an accurate forecast isn't a cure for guess your your call for six or seven inches and dust are you still Rite Aid Dave snow. No no we're not. At the when we wake up the next day and we say okay it's gonna snow an inch we wanted to be an inch I mean we really do and and in forecasting is much is out. People may not believe this is actually getting much much more accurate than it used to be I I used to forecast back in the 1980s and I'm telling you what that was that was difficult I mean back then it was a blown forecast. You know before this latest though that we had on Tuesday. It was known to be demand in St. Joe it was snowing in at least partially in the north planned. At Justin picked up some snow out of that so it was there. I've back in the eighties man it can be blue skies if you're calling for six inches of snow so the things have definitely changed. I would expect some snow again tomorrow and in the city it's not gonna be a whopper. In some areas a broom might take care your driveway in others amid actually have to break up the shovel but it's not going to be a back breaking snow. Get your editor. Re different variable in play you guys so completely into this video not number more details Minnesota. Where'd I mean it's those are all the time I grew up in a Nokia dot CNET CR I I I he's and one unhappy lefties are. I wonder eSATA Jews who was I don't know if you do that would enough. But you know it's interesting because no I have not by doing so I'd I'd. I was a long time ago and I live their side letting it get you there live there well I I would move to southeast Kansas in 1975. Graduate from Iowa high school OLIOC's. Decision live their law. Latif second grade to the ninth grade okay. Yeah it is you're just a kid if it did the kid that let me ask you this doll. Wit when it comes to bomb you know trying to predict it in the waited this stuff kind of plays out because there were. Big we had got I think a lot more snow does he lose in the north land around the body you know on the part denied got. When eventually it's almost got it coming over the weekend in the big you look at various areas in Missouri and across the you know the state and I remember seeing a video. Message such as video but from Conway Missouri which I know is is is what you don't always Al. Well Nassau Thomas Knoll hit beyond the interstate it. And now the CD CB accidentally while there always Alice pretty dolls pretty remarkable and amazing I guess my point is. When it comes to trying to predict how much snow you're going to get Powell when he comes circumference of the area how far out do you guys don't. We basically do our viewing area. So we go as far as thousand just through high knowing I I kind of go a little bit beyond -- goes far south as US highway 54 because that's right Jolie is in for Scott it was pretty specific help if as a candidate gets a visit here ideas out these gay as he can illegally way back in those days but that he had I go as far south as that we go about as far west and actually we do includes a peek at even though too because their own television market. And I'll go as Far East is about and Marshall. And then civilian. We really don't cover Colombia but I will definitely mentioned Columbia if something is heading in that direction that we go all the way to the Iowa State line. I'm agreeable KC TV five they're agreeable Casey viewed takes a look by the way to live your forecast. Oh yeah I live now they're our future brings him in the early Dubya is fixed life goes a text I Mike Hsu. So does whom we did it long we your body we we will always are all on occasion but a lot of times we'll get things right in and wolf will have faulted on the Sony entertainment beat got a bottle whenever. How much hate mail do you get them. You know any more I think have been name in Kansas City long enough that I don't really get a lot I mean if nobody between three and no I mean most of that is tries most of its let's make fun tweets we'll check John totally cool with you know honest to goodness and and what I do is physics. And but it's physics in the future. And it's the the atmosphere is so complex and complicated. That are rudimentary physics to try to forecasted. Isn't quite there yet. It's better than it was but it's not quite there yet so I totally get it. We are not gonna be a 100% perfect but we're running in the loan 90% range. Which means that things still don't always turn out the way we wanted to. On Sundays but it's getting much much good especially created tutor one before actually I'm gonna go one to two in Kansas City wanted to do you I think if we go a little bit farther north. Now on how it's time premier timeframe is probably we you know we could pick up a flurry even in the morning and then maybe a little bit of light snow or maybe a few flurries early in the afternoon on Saturday. But that's just about the time you say those guys blew it and it's not gonna happen. Along comes sunset. And then it starts to snow went all out war it's probably not heavily but then just like on Sunday having it will be similar to that they'll be bands of snow that moved through that would be pretty moderate. Maybe even slightly heavy at times I did I don't really wanna bowl go into the heavy stuff but I think moderate bands of snow will work through and we should end up by Sunday morning. Was somewhere around one just one to two inches and then if you get into a heavy band and lasts an extra 1520 minutes which is certainly possible. Then maybe there could be a little bit more than two inches of snow he's accountable. Poses prediction on there we like it. Don't have a don't have him on Twitter. You don't you don't need to know if that's the follow along the border at Gary Campbell cctv five onto what is then you have we will talk if you would twister season or something paid that would be awesome I'll be happy to talking guys anytime.