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Friday, February 9th

In hour 2 we get things heated right out of the gate as the J & J production team has their biggest disagreement of all time and it has a lot to do with the Cavs moving IT to the Lakers. Also, Robert Kraft admitted that he had no idea the Patriots planned on sitting Malcolm Butler for the Super Bowl and The Show is convinced you can now say Belichik just didn't put his best effort into that game. As we do at the end of each and every show it's the segment that's sweeping the nation "Whatcha Watching"!


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I've been about 59 seconds. Joseph and all of a radio. Now. Well done and they don't water ruining their B 9:2 show I am heroes Stevens there's always causes are most certainly bending. San Francisco 49ers quarterback of the presence is officially their quarterback of the future. I using quarterback Jimmy grapple I agreed to a five year 137 and a half million dollar deal with ninety million guaranteed. In the first three years. Deal makes drop below 46 the league's highest paid player despite having just seven NFL stars Tuesday. I've raised an easy quite a bit the last couple of seasons and I didn't realize that there was actually. Doubters. I have I. The guys understand that he only has seven starts but that guy looks like he is a legitimate franchise quarterback. I would be happy to pay Jimmy drop below that money over a guy like Kirk cousins. Because he's on the vinegar Rob Lowe to win games with inferior talent out yet CNN playmakers. It. Should he do anything. And beat. And know how many incidents though we've euros to run the show you the league's. To all our listeners but those bankers sitting head because we salute to. For allowing us to be a small part. Did Thursday even name producing this bad boy JJ radio Burnett's kids is in the building at Stanford still Lille fans is. Valentin guys David Stern. This judge brown study is never going. Ever ever occur I think you've lately forgot about it it probably did you think about it until I just meant to. I've got two more episodes I told you that I was doing lineup a previous. I know you are now the last one was eight I've got nine in ten. In the back pocket for the right time by the way I had did not know this before we get into we have a little family did it. Did discuss it it is you that I'm just gonna let take over. But well why ticks me during the break he said. This did you want you need to know what's in these Olympics. Trusted them I know they started today I'd because I thought opening ceremonies was tomorrow and they are right yeah I just think that it kicked off like about. Like the opening ceremony is a big deal could imagine if you got injured to a to a point where you couldn't attend opening ceremonies you miss opening ceremony. The thing everybody is make a big deal because there's like a loser something that looks kind of like Andy Reid. Yes but curler I think in the like I say like what do you got hurt and you could make its opening ceremony. But while they deserve opening ceremony it might that be a bit start after. But another angle on both good you've got I make it a unit Taylor suddenly you give. You can't make it on rolling in my I just assumed that it was the stuff that people really care about that kicked off Kevin I don't know for a fact faith okay so. But I did I. And I just assumed it was the worst sports in the Winter Olympic thank you for the worse when it comes to seatbelt exhibit all the roundup of refusing to. I they would stay on until until we find out what's going on right out of riady and how it on our viewers bonded this is still probably could Telus. But it ethics he's fit he's they'll fix is that there earned. Yeah cascading into Hurley what does it doesn't start till tomorrow what the hill know she's she's she's watching it what is say no it's not a starter last night the other nine. I was watching it's I didn't. It's day and South Korea there right there so maybe I think there ahead of us so they could stick it still be February skating and curling. Well it could you be a little bit more stronger own citing figures gaining slowly exiting aiding likable and now announced speed skating are so we have families you there's something on the page and not gonna give go to. Because. I don't know what happened I'd is that this sort out as does that you've heard the famed. Sex line that we have here between the forward. Ed I think like Sergio was involved in this did duke are up to get a first. Or did soon. I I did all little threw it out while. Blew up I say yeah I disagreed with job they are about idea that Andy we sent him out there were talking about this Isiah Thomas the it pays to yes starting goalie to what you did on eight. Attacks group sex and you just wanna sit it out because your. Bulges keeps buzzing over and over you're not involved in the conversation. Out of date like they just get goalie Ed law all messages like. Paragraphs message. Thought this gonna let our two producers still would do they have this is they're taking over this night. They had what's the world one of the Gilmore Girls check in the first hour about bucket page. I'll let you guys go so what was the book is the AC what we're YouTube bothered about 'cause I will say this right now. I I I have the upset of the night may have been closer into. What are Julio say it's it's both brilliant. So I I sense of the got a group in response to. Something dead broke with Isiah Thomas basically saying that he wanted to either start or had a contract bought out. And to me that was is not a Margo Miller that's not a good look for him for everything that's gone on in Cleveland. His last day of versatility and its first move before leaving gift LA is. Being that demanding to me that just came off as a bad luck for him. You know what's your first thanks to a video is about you round and beat the. Although I. Had to pull it up. Always and I he's about to be irrelevant and you'll be doing fairway I came from a was. Isaiah literally had not said a single thing unbelievable and so you know this comment from the crowd got so I think what what what happened was that his agent was facing with a Rachel Nichols and said. They would rather have him be bought out. Then to come off the bench which is what agents do all the time when they're trying to position in their players on the team as best as possible especially ones that are on contract years. And I wasn't disputing that Isiah believes that I would Mort is disputing the idea that this put paid him in a bad lie because I think Isaiah has every right. Too bad they're bad and all NBA player every on a contract year this day. I wanna start. Especially since you're not a team debating for the playoffs that's right if you don't start. And just go ahead and release me because I never asked to be here anyway I got traded C at oblivion at fourteen foot monument that is that should be decibels I did my thing is look it. This is not is not a good business decision by his by his agent to comment at this way he's he's. You know he's been painted as as a bad locker room guy already as far as creating device in this within the within Cleveland's locker room. Right and then a no argument you will and then and then you wanna command before you can read if not his fault that that he got treated and the what you could've approach this without. Without having to make demands like this yeah you're the contract year. I may be LeBron sort of you have a battery locker room don't have no let you you read that I day it needed to show more class when he had knee and elbow to publicly yet you're coming in my guys there and and and how about it because Isaiah go ahead from. Two days ago he'd waited about how much he missed his sister that passed away and that's not in this netzero hi I'm O all you know. Well done that well the oh Wimbledon yeah he'll tell. Us kids. Trick though does it just remind my heart and I do not timeline the time of year for Isiah Thomas. Yeah he has one other best seasons in Boston Celtics history and you could take their seats on that that's true. And that is sister dies. Tragically. The next day he plays a playoff game on a bad hit. And one of the main reasons that he's having such a bad year and missed all this time is because he played on that bad hip and made his injury worse to try to help the Celtics. The Celtics kicked into the curb. Dennehy is obviously a little disgruntled. Had problems in Cleveland they kick into the curb. And you think you need this help or 'cause. Just because your going into a contract year I do not it's me. How well you know here's my thing is he has no leverage knowledge does he have no leverage so you have come in their one they just spent. Us then. Second traffic in you know love you all on the is not going anywhere months total right so is it the right that I there will be starting to get a lot though not played very well. I'm gonna keep that job and he hasn't shown any productivity this year whatsoever will always show you voting age it was me more than just as well there's until a gag lines of get back. Shortstop Julio. That makes it his sister die but go unnoticed and old are you me that's similar relevant. If you're at how is that relevant to this until you pulled heads dreaming she's dead she's fit all of. Can't be at the very few law that would bet I don't live until I didn't that didn't fit it isn't this thing headed back. There are a lot so I feel bad for the guys didn't even know I had Thomas who you. Did saying that. Like that's not a shocking thing to stay in the NBA where we say the players have all the power in the players have control. I FOM I write I thought is Isiah I don't know I got Levy frustrated he's a guy that last year. We all he does that came to the Ford everybody loved him he is on the feel good stories of the season. And he thought he was going to be playing for a Max contract and he's had a horrible season playing through injury probably isn't how I get it newly assertive but that it did you think this year is average at. What yeah for me lately but. Yeah I just about oh god because he went from being one also a player not being disbarred that if I understand that but that's still does that mean they you go to the lakers and start dumb bit. It ignore and you. Don't put us over the age do you what position are you had to go to they think they. Give good effort you have. Being on you better start because two years ago the L I matters to what he died the alternative he's saying start me or release me. And if they release him. Speaking go to do it every once you would much rather them just release him because he doesn't want to be on the lakers center and they're that I didn't know he did just say that not only what he's putting and the demand of wanting to start well it's not a possibility but I know it's so ridiculous for him to come out it's say there. We are forty. Demanding for them to do so with the TVs that metaplayer yet ready that's meant anything no lay it. OK everything's okay they had then model series age difference. They know how you actually know walking back so his millions dead that they want him to restart or be bought out that's not like a domain and those shirt if I think it will probably won't wait till what is what is it felt like the concedes she's Smart and up to big leads about it just what is the option to give them. Yet he's been this putt and they're hesitant quite a he's going to do play they come all the big it's a bit demanding jobs. It does I'm just I just find it hard to believe that it texts to Rachel Nichols is some Allah demands of the entire lakers organization. The text the with a bit the text was. Straight well our our view is if I'm not starting I'd rather you buy me out is coming out telling basically coming out. And he's not met a player on the tees they. I need to be starting at about start hundreds rather not be owned the team with you. And if that's is obviously that's fine I just say that's probably another strong look. We're especially coming off a big if any knows it's yes it's the Cleveland locker room that any Helen may be the brunt of the week so I understand how let's face it. And I just say it coming up that's probably not the best look. Tickets are reports. That anyone of the cannot give you that I. I don't agree that it's not a good look if and Charlie's old image goes through delays that saying the girls did go to the end zone or what my dad that's a visit to Oslo live dungeon if I'm that is not him then his agent. Either way though is I hate him aren't paid agents don't have class that's their job at age it's Ortiz that the money also behavior without it say without his is not walked a bad. Know that comeback gets them out my age it was a little sparrow. It's his agency has hasn't said anything publicly I would like to wait to the Aisling I believe before bed and Isaiah is. Becoming irrelevant and is class lists and all these and all and I don't agree with it. I don't agree that he's he's class. Now it is just. It's just not Smart to me like here it's not a good business ought to be that as hot. And it is for me that fine. Isiah Thomas is not classified as Asian is that because it's it's his responsibility as an agent. To know the narrative that's going on with in the media of how he's being portrayed as it will approach the situation in the way that he's approached it. It just shows how Tom got his agent is. What houses being pretty thin days but he's big he's with it if his age it is saying you know they had in the last season liquidation of Isiah Thomas. I feel bad for the and Palin because I knew that I do exams ever you don't know like those. If you look so bad then. Just may be few retired teams that wanna sign into a Max deal but that no exact number I didn't I did exactly exactly up there he's already not gonna get a Max deal to be just sits on the bench to the lakers it's gonna hurt it. He's probably better off. Not playing basketball at all than to play ten minutes a game for the lakers I am always in favor of the players trying to seize the power and trying to do the best thing. It's available for them might I don't have a problem when Eric Hosmer saying he wants an eight or nine years dealer what ever it's up to you now because I think. I think that's Smart he wants the EU as a player you should do what's best for you because the end of the day the organization doesn't have your best interest and are OK you just made his. That was a bad is not a particularly how the Isiah Thomas drama impact Patrick Holmes now. She's no we will not go yeah a way and by the way let's do this the patriots. I thought about this the other day. They have pulled this off they're not only Jesus on the field they just pulled this wool over our eyes. But again energy use is not only on and off is ridiculous with a page of their. Yeah. Oh okay. I could've done better Mac that statement would put fit. Listen to do show would run the show sixteen Sports Radio broadcasting live from the MVP electric heating and Cooley studios well. Amanda. And yeah we all are. Have a good time tonight from the subject of five KS page we are trying to have the number one. Podcasts. In Kansas City radio. Not just sports. But the number one DM. As they Kansas City radio that is our goal at 2008 T so help us get our goal. The guys who are really good job and get it out. So follow any of those and the station and they'll put it up for you not telling you share this woods sweet this one. Whatever. Regionally the one today our first hour. Was and was us. Does use our monster. At stake saved by the show in your net if you roll with those you know that's the highest honor you are say. We are if we go down in a flame of fire. By ourselves we talked about that in the first couple segments tonight check that out at 6 o'clock hour. First hour we are we are meeting our monsters they've votes. Still the page feature is definitely geniuses but I don't even know what the patriots are geniuses or just. The rest of us and a if you've heard me talk about. This in. In other things that do and I train. I train. Restraint stuff let's just say that I've done that I've done training for restraints of one of the things we talk about. It is stimulus trains per we talked about this before where you create a diversion. In try to take. Someone's mind that is going on right here but make them look this way. And I said it that night that the just mcdaniels thing when he backed out on the colts as sort SA SA then. I wouldn't put anything past the patriots where they have to have gone. To Josh McDaniels and say look we need to take this with hootie. This Malcolm Butler didn't come out welcome Butler did came right out and just basically with chick. To the patriots and Belichick saying hey I go to no concert I'm. I bring you know we don't know plain idiot this stuff that they said any these activities they say that I would late from a curfew Beth did anything today said. That is is inappropriate I did not do. I just did play. And I was healthy. The ball was put in his court and the thought of what the hell's going on to Bill Belichick just broke the Super Bowl which would have been talked about. What have they done. Now all of the last two days. The conversation is no longer at all about Malcolm Butler. Who is a top five player of importance to give it plays a position that directly affected they're losing the game defensively. No one's talking about that anymore they're talking about just beginning and they have done a hell of a job. No those talking about the move they have just. Created the diversion over here. They don't talk about this day now that apple well they did that but let's. Talk about does make good. I hope that doesn't go away. But I feel like they're not even gonna come back around to talking about it but the patriots have done a hell of a job and no let's talk about. Which I think is they've berries serious they. This about the book that they is unexplainable. Don't let it upset as I said the other night started just took it a step further. I think it. I don't think it's a hot take a video what to say that Bill Belichick did not put with his best effort. It try to win the Super Bowl. I said it on the day see if they'd said out of things so this does not help the cause. If there's a big questions and answers that Bill Belichick is anyone had bet it's a question about. Okay this and will not go butler's they had. What sale. What alien played O. Isn't shown Robert Kraft he really wears the pants in the relationship. Whatever added muscle but he's asked about it but I also. The mother I may be Malcolm Butler all open up about it. Because he's about to be a free agent he's gonna go sign somewhere else some may be eventually down the road somebody bring it up Jim again he'll put up about what do they have so little about it opened up about eight. But it would it was put to be the biggest story it was going to be the biggest story until. Josh McDaniels did it. Like they can't I'd I'd swear they just created this. Perfect this diversion or has acknowledged stimulus strains are. To take that the war the guys that they did it. Ed it's ridiculous and I hope. But I have a funny feeling that this there is gonna keep at it was I hope now people I talk about relative what the hell was that about. People are talking about eighty military's don't believe in a couple of years how to heal and get that neared sweet. They are G is. Now and I invigorated he just extrapolate ten more years just ridiculous though the offensive coordinator but do you like. What do you think of off. Do you pick up on base to think that there was some some bit of purpose dud here. Now I'd say I can't say like the patriots are one of the best teams in the NFL at dealing with this stuff like did they know how to play the media. They don't have these things work they do they they do all the time even. It even when they're surrounded with controversies. They still keep everything under wraps legally we always see stuff like this. Lead and there's people within the organization who leak things to reporters and things like that you don't see it happen very often with. The patriots and that's why that's that's quicker sham report about. Turmoil inside blocker that's why ever so many did more challenging in saying there was false and they didn't know what he was talking about even though he is a pretty credible report. Oh we have talked about this right like. With everything and happy and as he's talked about the report these. All that came out. Do you think we know the patriots are really good this but it but do you think. They they should be allowed. To allow that to just let this go through why do you think the media should be played by that I should immediacy. Does that do you think. Then eat Malcolm Butler re spot. Should be taking over in. Bigger news the judgment day was pulling out from the colts. They both are pretty huge news but both should be dominating me they got a visual you shouldn't just put the Malcolm but Butler bench seeing that this guy did it lives up like this happen like I don't need that they don't even talk about I mean especially from a media perspective like. That's the bad thing it impacts the patriots and it's. Pretty interesting to have. This great. Heighten patriots organization has some grads did especially this magnitude but we we CA here locally a lot to those dikes. These organizations and their PR departments and things like that they know they can control the narrative within the media because they only give years. Little slivers of stuff here and there to run. I just I I I I I I would love to know. What happened when exactly when John Dorsey got fired like I would love to know what those conversations were like what the conversation door leading up to it. But we never really went yeah you're right like the chiefs do this the chiefs try to slip out Maclin a release on a Friday evening. But we did just caught it on the knees up talking about it in unit they tracked because that thick as the mat with a happening Dorsey did happen that or what we should have thrown that all one. The bad burn my thing is I like I know I think the bull big stores like like Stamford Joseph. Obviously. I think. I think that this now the book birthday is way bigger we have potential of the best coach in the league. This should be questioned if he tried his best to win those Super Bowl but it set up soaring. I don't judgment Ailes just gave the middle finger to the COLT. I get that but we have Bill Belichick who possibly do not try his best to whip so horrible. You why did you get a book did you got Bill Belichick. If you gave him ten minutes anyone of the coaching staff. Anyone they kick this can explain away and make any sense a bit old why not the Butler didn't play. A circuit. Of sorry he played a special teams that. Even more that lets you know and the bigger part about it would pick did talk about is. If not only did not go Butler came out and say anything they say it was BS Tom Brady eat cold the idea. Which is also big chill out. All along we know there's been this stupid wigs off credit to Belichick said that. Does this to collective Belichick they've also added this and now. Just met Josh McDaniels comes to what is. Squeegee he had room to check tiptoe work edited out. I don't know I can't quite make it out they don't look I do. All of the top pretty able to limit what took up its output about a well look I cannot believe they have swept the sort of the rug. I I do feel like them dislike him play one special teams that there's a bigger slap in the hey is there pages that resentment at Columbia Brady in it. It's Tom Brady calls signing this. It is something he did I look to speak even those sort of hates it so evidence that they can make you got about thirty seconds let Iraq there. I am in our requires broad out there and they think it would more about Robert Kraft you don't want to stick it to the colts. They cannot actually want to keep just think being a target that shape our about a mile apart from. He's got a contract here yet think they're out there to interview broke Wilfork they swoop being decided to keep in. You think he would have you know they're they're not you can't go. Interview you know like most place to be like with the royals aren't in there like I'm not being more you can not go interview with the Braves but they let me Daniel interviewed twice so their job and in swooping in how they look like on how we want to back and I attacked felt like they were like yeah now in a cult we can't forget about the play gay. Die I did you have I think they wanna stick it to the colts would have. And that's fine too. Whatever they could to do to change the narrative and change the I don't look at I would not put it past about Robert Kraft at the camp was that you've got take that's when the thing. But my thing is still the media should let it off the hook that immediate evil even with the correct it the media should let it off the hook. To the greatest coach and possibly. Team sports. This head FBI. It leaves all his moves look like you said F it. To the Super Bowl. Coming up man I sent out to be done this earlier. Thank you think Travis Kelsey has got to the point where he's looked at his brother Jason and said okay. Thank you do a little too much. Yeah. Oh okay. If you get this show put the news to good media it's the show will run the show you three seats teen book radio. Broadcasting live from the MVP electric heating and cooling studios well Amanda and I. Make dinner and dinner just him there. Yeah. Hope I don't think supplement that is back. Getting here. June. Like dessert duke Carolina game is being produced. Some. Then adds is the basic skills again. Jason kills these. The other one hour forward here do I have a longer want you. Including fluke. That Pelosi is like his trip. Thank you don't. But I think we all have relationship with the forum this week at tea leg up I do certain we utilities and Amy you do it. I I would love that outfit that used grant that there was too much that was it for the beat it like what they had a spectacular what they will look at this and he looked like highlights Chris Long spurt out to I'd take it out messing with the fur coat like it but Jason kills it looked like a human. I think it was six I think at some like tonight a model you wrong wanna I feel like as does somebody tweet that insight. There's some might daily band or something addresses like that sells and nod and then it looks like a bouncy so it. Like kids would run and that'd jump up and down that he was like up and assaulting. This like a balanced sees it. But the but it does the sale yeah we're. But if they think is it really that I've let play at this look at the Al that was ridiculous and out because he came all of it is blatantly stealing the rocky condition. May get his own but you have more is it clean yes. Please defensiveness of the drive folder so I don't. Good executive talked coupon on the notes. I know made Bruce talked about as relevant that it's been re home no problem. At all. Yeah. De Beers was hired. He was rated the worst coaching hire a lot of freaking guy analysts out there in the media. Sound very much we'll pull our lead. Oh yeah how did you put everything apart pick coach David. Don't they visited. Yeah. More than it does but yeah I didn't even drool. More step towards Internet. Long wait judge you can't nails. The. Thought about that he is doing better and I'd love a guy who goes that a person. He went a third person that blank he'd just listen up another person's name he also said Wayne Johnson can't lay off the juice myself would you get inflection when you get it do it like the failure alcohol say you're still. He's fit. Take care nothing was closed well of good. They're all over done it. Oh yeah we're. That he's doing to. And so and this comes from somebody. I mean court's comment was the third string running back with the think anybody was heavily criticized as it is right and then goes to the Iraqi. This goes from a guy who I think his energy is a mixed. If the city M system. Phil and hear from you once they've you guys Haiti this is getting me hype hype to do what it. Cut toenails. To hide it had a big salad what does this do you like to do. It. I like what does a what does this game behind your net Eagles fan. I don't think you know I'm an email in another five months Steve staffed until I don't give what will let what is it like what is this you're there tight to do. Go save souls. But he was third bringing people to price kept saying let's don't and that's what it's it's getting you might do. Got it discussed artistry but I and a good man but you can get them. Admit this is go postal heavy drinkers that meant. I noticed Travis leg ending Travis has led them like the first I gave it their rocky day. No man this was playing like how cool would it come off the cuff I believe he wrote it. Are not getting these cities into the GO both. You know I listen to announce that the deal today that do just that. That give me much more big disability but upstate new Vince McMahon terrible way to look at it killed we've I have some here. Because he's got to got to shape of both looking up he's got to get the shape of. Great why it. Look at these kind of got a look of Ray Wise he's guilty they're whatever of shields up because it looks like he could he could be. As issues but you look at Clinton to beat the. It is that time if you show stopped us. Those. Shows. One man apparently why news. Tony Snow. One man apparently went to extraordinarily. Crazy Langston being among the people cheering on the Eagles. They're ESPN broadcast of the Super Bowl parade radio personality and former Eagles player Michael called in and shared a ridiculous. Story about a Philadelphia fan according to gullah can Eagles fan intentionally broke his own fingers in order to obtain a doctor's note to get up for work. Well then so we don't go. There's more you want it's action if they aren't. Believe. Today it's. Very very good doctor golden yeah. Okay. Fingers. To get the doctor's notes you can go to the weighted I had to go look today data that we're better off. A local Philadelphia. Reporter. Was reporting that they knew the person who broke three. Up to figure out are they gonna get a guy or are they gonna get fired. I can't laugh anybody about that because I told you know the story for two consecutive years of IG is one year I gave myself I think guys like in this. The first two days because he's very yourself and I just started rubbing on Saturday but one thing. And then I got to hit tonight getting close. Did you ever Wear contacts you can just get inside out contact drought I can't put them but I just dirt road in late Saturday and Sunday you can say a do you struggle I have put but it him I. No I broke three fingers slid into one vineyard and off enough is a it's evident that the death at a at an Internet and certainly I. Julio his blood line good and I had that Jason Kelsey speech that he does so Heidi broke another on believes bloodline of pets irrelevant. Their. Fortunately for Bob Pearson Isiah Thomas is no longer Campbell and this was a part of the lakers are ready made there's single trip to Boston this season. Does says the you know two years old now receive a 100% in the spotlight as these Celtics missed their opportunity to play the Isiah Thomas tribute video I think polls man I think always is using this as a ploy to keep himself in. In the NBA soon. I think Paul I felt like Paul might try to run to him make a run to help somebody laid. There on the streets this year. And that's because without them having the death. You get that somebody's gotta say you know I may may notice they got that hit a couple of outside jumpers he's good. I knew Cleveland take him now. One LeBron would take him to just go any every day in practice to just play as hard as he threw it. They use him as a motivate her for LeBron take a show like keep that number one Z. Doesn't he seem like eats sleeps and snores are just with his nose but there's a way it goes dark again and I get a look at falters knows how it. I don't know the answer worked under the doesn't look as bad but this knows. There's always going to be a real Mukasey snore and it's a terrible thing and a I hope he doesn't have it. And I'm pretty sure I had quite like it just looks like a guy on the way his nose it's turned to this green sleep and coming up but a lot of them. The text like 69306. What you watch in what shows you watch him Netflix Hulu. Amazon. Network TV whatever it is what to watch them yeah. Oh okay. The show with a run the show you glean from the MVP addicting TV and who's the New York. Sixteen Sports Radio. The man had done. Okay. That's now moved here. The only OK okay yeah. Yeah there. Battlestar Galactica. Well amid my you'll look. Great look at Phillippe had great personality Super Bowl fly first class complain. One in my lectures. Like a remake a movie there. The only place you can make it's. And the. Running home. A triple. All critical need. A good. What I may rather be feared your love. Being felt. I want people to be afraid of how much they loved me. I. Okay. This is. Once you watch you sponsored by. Absolutely no one someone good stepped up. Big ticket six six 306 sticks did what you wanted Netflix Hulu. Yeah. As sick as city did that. Yeah I was listening this thing as it takes like six lines that it did that. Pixel 69306. States then what you what to Netflix Hulu. They either Louis or whatever message that builds upon the as we always do we get. Drum roll too much computers are ever going to work. It out. And I. From the 816 I'm watching do you wait highlights congratulations. That would there's bolstered by the way did anybody else I was watching the joke today. And into this deal. Who has a very urban tone. But this film he was on the job I thought for sure at any moment LeBron James was going to orchestrate. Great towns own Tyrod lose their right about that in these deals could be that they do. At any point I thought that was good happy that that's still there. Yeah bigger. In Miami and also. This was it your guys will ounces. 806 DC legends of tomorrow is phenomenal. I have a watch that. And then that link on the CWR's son then I try to launch the ozone is still. Yeah legends of tomorrow I tried to lines the flash pundits like I think on the CW it's kind of that's like a younger audience as can get India and because they did. How about about this IOC I've heard this video. Now I cannot lots. Solicited just plus the video that was just released a Uma Thurman is. Car brands and I am I designed kill bill. Yeah he's scared about that I don't want any sports. I would say a cyclone relief grass in right gates is basically it's saying. But there's a camera mounted like right behind your seat in fear driving an agency that car lose control and then she takes its three year guardrail or something like that. Somalia on analyst they do everything I think you're by the league to just went down to Carolina. Comes within lost and in the last two days Villanova loss to saint John's at home was filled out of Purdue lost at home Ohio State Duke's loss to a room. What would happen this column that are you guys interested in to Lil white movie 1517. Affairs but what is the bit. So little light little doubt that. He's acting in I know he would is one guy that is hard to shake his beard right is it all went to the table. It's the wrong my chips at the table and clothes to offer it to shape their character too little light of Steve Burke. But who I think George just stands them. Blocked okay that's not a bad when I think I think that borders is in that real rides from friends I think I must say that I look at how. Hello I'm David I'm finally Garnett who has yet you guys going to ask you when I see him. It's funny you mention that you could I just watch it later he was in Atlanta and one of episodes. It is. By the late last night I was is going through watch the program called on teen mom and the good doctor. Can't Williams does have the news this. On. Dash scene and over Iran's. Among them I thought it was really funny other villas I want to Jacksonville all of them I finish what clues that would have posted this desert diamond streets is that ability to pull them loose then. These. Good good good good areas. Cell leg like good us. Six are good six ounces knows scary sick dogs. Coming in on why did tonight. The idea behind this. Delay did he says Jackson. That does it my name is Kelly since I lost exactly. I finished altered carbon. End. Our I deserve oh I love it played W you today aren't really like. Think the idea is good but for me it was just like too easy to figure out my I had it all figured out before and I three episodes for the season was over than I was suspended disappointed by hand and sometimes I and shot would. Sticks off we have Muslims really and stick save save. I son Aaron we want to anti Jewish community just in Tennessee spectacular analysis. Oh you said. They're waiting for another event for him into breakdowns so yeah we're gonna surprise Stephen with a Stephen. These are usually better when I know it's going on the sand and look there now is generally you don't know what good. So where does this team but I am like yeah. Wow that would print out that I did you really are no idea what was going on anyone heard of black sliding. Is gay with hurled a live Exelixis in how does when he nineteen add up close and their ability like Atlanta really lit a loyal. Don't boycotting bush to Washington so I was stricken Maury I've seen all of rake in more days stop boycotting miss Ivins incineration. He's not blatantly bad guys there every night and I dearly in the cup this defeat hurt regular morning great. I never was. My car on regularly gets his salary and more I used to and almost started watching. Ozark last night minutes that's slid indicated was. I believe the latest thirty for her the first marsh first he had no there's no middle earlier this guy three watched the whole first episode and they released a venom trailer that's okay. I guess you a lot of fun tonight check out the five kids page the first hour we challenged the city. Brazilian taser gun run this two week. Bond. On the show you good. You know.