02/09 6pm - Serda's First Date on Valentine's Day, Madder Than Andy, That Guy Gets The Show, Showstoppers, You Can't Be Serious

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Friday, February 9th

We have to scrap our plans and have a debate about Serda's love life - is it acceptable for his first date with a girl to be on Valentine's Day? Then, we discuss whether it's rational for fans to be more upset about sports than the players and coaches themselves before "That Guy Gets The Show" features a bloody frappaccino. We elect a new member into the You Can't Be Serious Hall of Pain...Jason Kelce, come on down!


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It showed. And that this who was your host run as you. Out through let's is. But those they used to because we salute you for allowing them to be a small part. Me being his pride. Am I alive baby JJ radio. But it's but it isn't as bad boy I. Who Leo's aids is Stanford zero in the building of this Friday Google has Monday night. I don't know we're about eight. But he went six we better get to answer those today you'll get. What I did you. You can't be serious coming up at the bottom of the hour today and I. I need to be convinced on this. So we'll we'll we'll figure that out looks like people inaudible. It and and looks like at the it looks like Saturday at r.s that it may be to beat those miss. You know we'll get to that. A little bit later I thought I need to be convinced notables. But being that it is 601 as we do at this time. Every night. An agreement guys Steve inserted in the states measures that. I. This. If my air like every two weeks this except that it's today on the flip that around live oddly enough. Let's good buddy. Did have a couple takes less than it looked like it used fresh cut. This is with a part. I had. So what's accidents and that it reignite you. Took. That it is that it's there I mean they're right. Golden State Warriors. And that's. That's my B Adrian do. I. Let's let's let's let's get right here at this is a full game we need everybody. We need everybody. I hear today is national this year boss a day so I'm going to do. Is senator Nazis I feel like you just made that. And I was national. It. So else. You've. We're less exact day it you heard this David Saturday at a real dilemma that we discussed. Upon date. I would ask that you are right now Australia it's. Balls pay. The people early. That's that is. Get back on the votes as as a good Britain aren't so what's it from the votes. He's trying to put himself back out there at its outbreak that we LL. Sarah's put itself back out. It's those certain. Opportunity. To meet somebody on a blind date is set him up. There remember it was a good day at its it was a blind applied meaty. But they got Smart about it was young lady who he knows as pepper. Pepper pants out of it so it's. He's. My life's no. No don't go and now. Now now. Now that like to say. Well. This week of Monday or as you update your leadership. We got an update here we have just been alone time we have a dilemma on aids. Sosa and participated in this. You know you can't. That's fine. We hang out anything and we are doll just kind of collectively hanging out watching the football game we're talking about sports what you. And worked in dictate what's ahead of it and put it is wrong in these days. And it's and I. Enabled our way there as you stated. Now let me tell you what this idiot is said to be as we were sitting in here with a big news that was voted for to get. This debt and noted and change the legal. Bit of this at you know we do they. But that's. I'm excited this is. If it. I talk to him talk about next week and he's talking about. Okay all makes it has again you know your dates with they were. You know Valentine's Day he's all on top. I have bull and stance groh would Angela you know are known that they. All day but it adds. Those are our own eyes is that I. I just I always zip line is that the day that I would put any emphasis on their members. Does not sit well isn't that big of a deal. I'll just ask her to go out of three. All hands on it where. It. I does sell. I think he needs to Alan I think. This stupid idea because I. You plug your life you and I did she agree C agree at g.s are watching is not well I'd she's busy or both busy this weekend there's a today ops Intel Wednesday. Which I did not even think about the fact that that was Valentine's Day so. At least that I keep going sort of but that lady's help but it. May be. May lead his luggage or maybe like. You get some friends together who just wanna go out and you know have a view drinks or something and so maybe that'll make it a little more appropriate bird you understated. The press if you're sitting up I. Go on President's. Day so apart states. What oh worst day of the year that. Like I. The expectation. That Nazis they equally. As picketed spectacle and it's. You'd think dvd you can't beat it. We re randomly be on Wednesday night. Counterpoint. Opel. Subject. Let me lead this I think you should go on day with their Wednesday night. See me get this is presumably. Would otherwise be alone on Valentine's Day and I. Think you can slide and today it into the turn so to speak and the irony of a first date being on Valentine's Day it's got. Yeah it's. Anyway this. You can this late last. The numbers don't match with the parents and Super Bowl party so yeah. Federal and iron if you're playing it as a lady and you're pleased. That someone could I don't take calls the first hours yesterday. I mean is there a certain but it certainly ended he's probably walking you know maybe like to start and. If you're fine with duty as it's ever realized. It pretty well. That the war on earth you are ready. To go hopeful. Tried to do that. With that. Day and says OK I am unblocked and let's make this the eagle areas and now why does. No let's say your iPod you is that you said that it would that I could it currently eligible. Single day yet. And we aired no way that a big city lets you know used you say it's not seeing what I eat a hot. He wants to go out with him. On a first date not saying. That's the symbolism and and thoughts are people getting beat this is being setup where for early in the air beginning. The first party meter meter. Parents now are part of the day is about. That's the whole both the bulls are you. All on good. This is my age that's that's about what I like to rub. This. Is. Saw. May I think that the PL is going around as you think women don't lets do X reality eight. First day of ballot got it. It and don't tell me how silly it and I know album Arctic I don't look at how women they acted up you went. It would be like. Okay blood he's asking me out on Valentine's Day to. Although it's still oblivious that you didn't know it was Valentine's Day the ticket's going to X media so that does set up. For the rest of the relate to which he's going to be true with you that's big that's just completely. I. I am. That is true. It's true. And it knocks out and I. I was in the and I you'd IAA got my balance. It's just two wins away and leave it. That I in my view that like Ed if you like no mention it. I would have rolled right and do it. Taking about it frankly I'm. Like tonight what you said it the light bulb went off and I was like oh man so I doubt that he considered that for a second that fly. Salinas knows it's bad guy. And I. Oh we got a development advance. Rachael. All terrific idea what to tell about it. Rentals bit and let them know that he respected if there's like a mad that you on the birthday on Valentine's Day let up. Oh. If you put. The girls still ahead in the count her. You met her you cannot count on Wednesday on them and. Like that now. That it. If he was at Rachel if he really sees something I don't know how he and after. The readout that talked to Eddie runs. Out of his odds of ballistic missiles rates or that it's got out of but like. Right and how does it. And thank you Valerie utopian it's just goes in and out of me. At a rate but sound bites back out. One in college and it was the work. Out. In the port. Eight. Light and yet but I need to act on day. He cooked dinner but actually even more care. I'm confident that. I just it he has to know what he's setting up he has to know what you say. When he acts on the first eight on Valentine's Day. The outside thank you Valerie. X I guessed. Now I'm busy I don't have a lot of free time I got a lot of things going on in my life this this is romantic comedy Friday a much. Alex it will Smith's characters Alex it would not say go do this is a okay this is that. You're do we do not need these. Tired and I hope peppers listening to right now. I'll. Text six 306. Should serve all the first date and it's this young lady. Out on Valentine's Day it's an old notes well. Yet why do it and a particular way where you play out hired. That was the obvious move my. There's no playing of any irony in this entire situation does so to picket every day. Eighth. But to bring up at night every night that's the late blog have a few drinks it doesn't have to be all right saying this idiots in what I just asked rates. What's the alternative. Outlets that what I'm making my parents have aged like I get 200 dollar dinner. And it is all about he's gonna just he's gonna do it is. He's gonna do this at this Valerie Rachel this you know this is so she gave you sound advice related delays up and down you're saying it's. Today's. If you it does I think I'm not eyes that he's aims if peppers as I. You don't honor if you don't know don't Wear it peppers isn't this odd this age you made it you'll. Feel like you wanna go all away with this you'd think this could be and reveals here is the league. I would go. But it use it but but don't fair well out of combat it is to feel like you've got to staged while I claim that your aunts which laughter. It. It. There's some of these people. Please people on the 913 sort of just go. Crawl around on balance. Part of it there and lie and my signal lights we have apparently just decided that we go to top about everything got the at its ultimate in nearly a week. Looked up when we talk about it. I I'll make it clear. I did not. Actually asked her he had done it yet. I just that I was I was planning on it because I knew Wednesday sort of adding that we haven't had time actually hang out yet we just that topic. Service and she knows you do is right what are the odds it's easy listening you know segment Lackey that she was last night for the first time and cut Gilmore Girls and thought it was really. Oh what is it does and I I don't know I didn't texture and tell her solicited it and dumped into the into that I'll I'll I'll get I have been yes he knows it's he's known as. I mean I don't know if she bid I don't exile. She likes the idea of being jogging about as others. It goes about what's isn't it relates to it yet that it was he gets the relationship did he gets dibs on whether we could regular. But right now peppered with it and it. Before we wait people who currently. Hurt its bills that was tweeted something eight formerly. I do plan on before sort of came in with a at a talk about. So that I was listening to early this week on the. On the on the path of fiscal in the morning. There was some that klink said that kind of stuff would be. And it is kind of drives this top. And check out this in the morning comes on Monday through Friday. 558. At the dot we'll check about. But. He said that they were there conversations about. How they were upset they feel like Andy Reid should have 8888. Fire in his putt after watch the don't eaters in it and and nick polls when a championship. Ended. Coleen says it is to finish these it also because I feel like. I'm more mad. At how the season ended that Andy Reid the. There or that Andy Reid it. Any was like that's a concern because I should be more met. And it. I do wanna settle on the is that stuck would be an end it brought the thought of like Obama. Is the same but he is the most insane things that fans do. That situation right there at the expectation. That people who are on the field that paper who have direct. Impact in what happened and gain that day. Feel they should be. Reacting to a certain way. But up like that's incredibly its say and what walks of life do we do negative things to negative things occur to where. A dance or something really bad at your job at it's something happens with your kids. To where you tell another part to. Act like this. That doesn't bet that it doesn't matter like did it because it's at saint. But it's like they should. We understand or feel like they should know how a certain persons react so. To me is insane to many it is all the hours they put it sort of how many hours ED reads there on how much what he's doing. I plays everything he's putting in how many hours he's been spinning their way from his family you know how important this job is to him because that helps them provide for his family. How much he wants to win and I say this. If it you'll think that you are upset that Andy Reid. About how the season is certain. That's illness. That's killed him well. You improper because this man he is that we now that he is that he has heard about. What do you think he did he went home re watched the fourth quarter in the second half of it I gave. Overdo overdo it you're it'd be used prop. It eats that stuff to get to get as part of the problem. With sports in general though is that it's. Fans and members of the media and personalities and things like that. Everybody thinks that they can do when Andy Reid does that rate thinks that they know. The ins and out of of his job when they really don't like you really had no idea how much work he puts in every day you really have no idea. How light of his understanding of football and so does say that he doesn't get upset enough. Is ridiculous I got that's like saying the players don't care let it like this this is everything that they work for their lives just just like. You work if you work your butt off to succeed in your career this is their career this is what they did and I. Don't mean to say that to put them clean because I think there are a lot of people out there who feel that way. What I'm telling you is do. There ain't no way that you are more upset about the outcome than AD re they beat. Yeah I just added to what people believe they are but the late and I'm telling fans across the city and you. Off. That is only you. That is a problem. I don't. Think they cling is more outs at about the way the season did it that it. Right so like any. It. Actually more upset about it and Andy can now would be saying they cling is more upset about I. Hobby of it is it does not impact his livelihood. Mold it and he cares about his actual livelihood what's I don't think it's true I'd just like maybe we just we just don't they. We just don't believe in the way shields but but it's also it's also. Because there's a lot of people who would say. Well you know he also makes millions of dollars to coach a game but again and that's a lot of it's always comes back tomorrow and went with the players and what the code is well. Yeah they make millions of dollars so why would they can they go home at the end of the day to their mansion it's. Yet but that but that means they're not hurt. Golf that that out eight and. Everything adds I've their entire professional lives for but I'm just saying this man like Leo or somebody gives it. If your brother or sister lost their job. You'll. Go up to them and say you should people upset. Upset enough. Why that's insane. That's just able les. No would do it goes out on well I'll tell you you spoke. But it supports. I'm designated beat you don't David Kay are you okay. It is Robin. Eight hours a day. Do you think Andy did after that loss. I got just like it I just think people because I think a lot of people feel. And a lot of people feel not about it right now excellent read how many you out there you are driving you can onkyo we do this allot up. Well I think that you're more upset about the way deceit but honestly feel that you get more upset about half of the season ended inane. But aren't you kind of contradicting yourself ads in just stating that packed. If you're fit into a race you can be more to stop the needy pet if that's how. I don't know I'd opens and who are you to tell them that they can't be that pissed off and saying you can be on to saint Uga. You have a prop was not a problem though you issued a problem for you if you. Ask. If you're. Fundamentally if you're. Happy stopped about is that is why is it. That's you problem that they take it too much of your life. I am telling you the percentage of people out here who you think you're more bothered about the chiefs' season ended. It AMD is below 1%. But lol what are sick pitches they show different. But. Optimal muscle parts but badly. About why this has been any trouble it's broke it's we did get a lot Bentley. We get yet I've been told a lot family at funerals are we don't rock. We don't cry we don't get emotional we stepped up its stay strong that you stay strong that you perceive yourself. In a manner where you are showing strength are old and Graham. Nobody crop under and get a start at one of his Brothers hitting and and sit stop putting yourself to get. But it ought to act saying they. But that don't mean. That it hurt. Other people who worked his heated it hurt other people wore it hurt them. And there's no damn way inhaled it anybody there will go to any of his kids who want to cry of it's they use it people are sick. Or I'm more ups that that you. There's no way the percentage is minimal. Because how much meat and those who think you do. He's not out here who maybe have been depressed it's that he's it'd that's that you that you. You that's your. That's a problem you sort of get. Actually I just got a got enough. Here and keep how did you become an ethanol a couple. Back. Abby is sent here to hook up. Like you forgot you forgot Jurgensen did you yeah I but he's gonna keep. I don't I don't know that I. It's as like you know if you if you all. Are banking on a remote users at the at your career eighty doubt I of course they're going to be upset about that you're going to take it harder than somebody else would who doesn't. With the this is it goes way in Iowa through what about James Harden would strip club yet he went to a strip club I'm telling you man. James hard you do not take that loss suffered the James Harden did. The people of Houston did not take that loss tougher than Jane taller and you ever tried takes up and up your mind when you're pissed off. When it is appalling manner upset I mean a lot of people go out and in a drink. By. That it's so topic of the day and headline reads LA families whose. A Starbucks. It's as they serve them bloodstained. For a pitching. I think it here on the show runs as who viewed the we've had a lot of fun. So far on K. Friday night July. We do this every day it's that guy gets soaked up the day it will leave it. A topic that is abusing hoods. And this grows beyond this with it this when his. This was tough. And feel a bit of ground sites I can be funny. I think it's. Anything but I kept left again Tonya Harding and her mother. Says it. That gag is is just out. If I'm to act like you fear this is it that aspect I used the show topic of today. This match that is what. It's time to act like you fear this is. Used to show. Today. It's. Yeah its. So topic of the day's wanted. To know when someone that's the that's what's coming to you about it people from somewhere in California. And headline reads LA families closets as Starbucks they're bloodstained. Rapidly freedom freedom and rapper geno. A little battle is really between Starbucks and in California and Lee claiming that they were looking cuts. Rapid change up he's. Ice says that in a lawsuit against the copies tick up insane. Bet Brett Regina was she confident in that state network. Rapid Sina I don't know lines coming out lenders like they. She older or herself and her toddler daughter and her toddler. Brown. Came with a ghastly ingredients that typically found on their bit. She's sick person noticed the red stains on that rate he purchases with her daughter Paige who was two at the time. He was lifting the wit Marines and where it had been sitting on the top I still CBS plus it was describing the moment she's noticed the sprinklers. Bullet blood. If you then consider it to oh last bit based arrangements Alex. This doesn't like. Spits you notice that now. Those inside of the rim of the brick it is it by saying her first instinct was to see if her daughter was bleeding. They were. This report. That the incident at the start books that she had just discovered that it had been sent home for bleeding before being removed from the states. Hurt her attorneys at the base loves groups in the statement. The experience still leaves a bad taste in my mouth I says it's did not like they drink someone club. Lewis I still KT LA it was bad really bad. As governor and this started with a man and a threat to settle things by not read through the week. But it did about face. Law firm. I'd go back there Starbucks later ordered 1008. Dollars to each band immigrant as compensate the cooling to the statement that the family. Attorney stand pickle are told to AT LA the sun does not begin to compensate the Bentley I have suffered injuries in Athens. But let's start let's just. How they've proved that was plus. Obviously had you look at there are trying to pay them off and thousand dollars I mean it's this hot that's not yet answered so that he does opening huge gaps in the we can't they sit they sit and work. Because it seems. He's leading. Equipment at the song itself. An analyst I'm not confident about it but the odd club I. Debate about is it already is turning them in the vampire it's a normal ports world. Don't give us as a country macabre puppet because. That's not appropriate and I liked the first thing that I do that but you've got a better than three broad margin of victory that was I these ignorance that there was a two year. Stay with the superheroes it's drinking. I think people are as bad certain. And now all slip that thicker and wondered about. Also predicted. Also the pirates he's. Just a bit that was thousand dollars that they can do about that this is you're asking to be soon. This is our. Tickets and but I. The rich. Shows them. It is that time didn't show stockpiles. As showstopper. You. Heat president pat. Pat Riley is reuniting with Dwyane Wade thanks to a deal Miami made a deal before the trade deadline on Thursday. Riley also had a message for her way about his die. From Greg tell you the Miami Herald the coveted takes its. App is nasty stuff he might not be in Miami Heat condition I told him. You just ate your last meal with pancakes and syrups and Strawberry's your back on veggies. Then he basically called Dwyane Wade that. Yeah he'd have a legend dairy I worked out in dietary regiment that their players they think that the most bit players in the entire league and its. The big deal for my game and Dion Waiters XTO. Yeah maybe that's it. In other terror heroes. And their two euros dreamed up. About that all I copy you're probably right. Well that's. Not he's not the only woman can't lose that they've become the word out is there. They're bros is metric copy all stood silently. That can get recruited going to miss him if I've not say it that third that we've. You but it's gonna come back better than ever. Freeze geared just ten worthy and figure skater at emirates and others. The first two openly gay men to represent the US in the Olympics didn't see that pose for a picture at the opening ceremony. The barrel powerful photo for what it represents and he'd barriers that you manner break. Also added the caption opening ceremony is a rapidly Tony eighteen winner Olympic Games are officially underway. I feel incredibly honored to be here in Korea competing for the US and I'm so proud regret beer at presenting the LG BTQ community along side. This amazing guy eat your heart out pants hash tag team USA hash tag team US game. You that this. Does this where you and you. I mean anti I aunts and affecting your last day. I delegating out and it's. At least you know that we and I apparently it with a reading in this. I press that. Oh oh and some. Extra calories especially the end. The emphasis in the league. I feel like that's the problem we know I. Got a well. It needs to give us. This is going week in oh but we did in the event you could just get to it that we. That was yes I. I'm less upset about it at least does that mean the generally you'll just be outages beads and everyone's lost interest it was as it does on the Quran not that we. They ran all I don't Graham yeah. You know it's you know as you're asked if yet it's as good lord I hope peppers not listening now. The Graham I'm when they're out. There and make all. But it doesn't mean you should the senator. No no no I don't answer your question die and they look. Now I am the Graham. Now I'm not and I do. It's it's that death. If that time of the night it's Friday. That sound that we we induct our newest member. It's a that you can't be serious all the pain and listen I'd like I need to beat him. I need to be giving its limitless. Ultimately Al anonymous if I can find them. I've been getting here where. Little bit here on the first hour that is made as of it is a salute. We did this give me 8 o'clock hour yesterday we got it and now. And the guys without sick that it's you know which do they view this every night. You can be saved by the soon. He treads a variant which could say it's idiot Steve's Steve came to the rescue so got podcast the last thing. That's an up tick of the black in his last night and again. It does that soon because our goal is. To be the number one but kids. In all of Kansas City radio not just sports but all the key is in radio. That's Argo in 2018 by. Are so we do this on Fridays that you are not familiar with the show. Welcome don't know what's excuse alone but tell a friend or seven. And we do this would find the best round of the week. And we find out our best parts that your your job tax line or whatever is to. Given what you're best party is and this is you can't be here. Everybody knows she's written calorie and high you can tell deep and serious. You take that but yeah. You're good I don't know I can't have you and I would act and talk while I have no idea Ivins thought about the Bible but there's always say he's he's been. The whole hearted game. Yes. All right doesn't see like I. This was this has not. Giving me as much as is beginning a lot of people out I think it's because it was such threat that I was over. Its version this. I've listened to it was a comment this would open ears. Accuracy of this Israeli wars. This is Jason scales losing. He like like you list does anything racial. Very much yes. 40 god here we go this I. That this case goes in a hopeless and I hope it's. I can talk coupon underdogs but yet until late actress talked about this now that it's been beautiful enough. The goal. De Beers was hired was right the worst coaching hire a lot of African analysts out there now my speed. These kids the analyst didn't jump on it already done. Oh yeah it's called the coach and he did Michael my socks the and if it. So stop within it does not stop with the it was cool didn't happen anymore afterwards and executed them. Well my job to clearly helped your. Branden grace of the things I think it's well done. Yeah. Look at you at the third 2000. Brett it's. OJ yeah yeah. The start. This shouldn't be too. What does lovers who beat everybody wanted to Philadelphia Eagles. Or did not experience the I. All. I'm not to give it my daddy practice in the. Like this blaze likely started it. Which we had a camera on the blazers. It's so good. Let's. His criticism of Brandon Brooks and his example of that criticism. But I think that's exciting. You can feel as a couple of them. He didn't really have. A pig is a handsome like. Mike Barnicle is. He was there at erratic back it was Eddie as a third say grading Magda is gone it is began and that those that you didn't really had them than me. Well they all have. Really don't ever gonna tell him anything personal and that's not personal. Statement that two. He's Asa. Dress like Norwegian. It's all sinners of I sit there at the players all line. And just like it. Florida. Echoing criticisms. Raised about those. Any ditty had this written there. I like Johnson has been suspended a couple of biggest. I don't I was just really that's what we should point out. I didn't. That was. Record is this the ugly and is at Dallas yeah I didn't see this animal kitchen skills. Let me out yet yeah it's kind of funny. They just do it. I'll take a second dog coupon underdogs. I know my address is talk to August now that it's been beautiful enough. You don't think do you guys all went out that dumb man with a burglaries straight or. Which I still believe it's been B Holmes. I was that in their view of the lane Johnson today and it was image ads ID and it Jai you said that Wayne Johnson. It's just been walking around wearing that dog masks to. How many like I get to the floor we just the players probably players do you think relate. Like happy about this speech really good the bad you just don't put my anxiety but let. Don't know he was hired it was rated the worst coaching hire a lot of African analysts out there I read this Google. And residency what the hell out. Any says its visuals. And let's force the damn. He. Yeah. Yeah yeah yeah me and don't put him. Let's let's it is not pumped up let's let it come to the players and let's how many players. We can figure out that he really didn't have anything on any given generic aids. Oh and that's when war debts to tutor. Not enough and that the that it does he would there's law. And my health. And the big bulls still got it at the at that dad engineer. Yeah. I'm diminutive remembrance as anxiety throughout its yeah and that the object yet afterwards it's Brett oh. Read cellist we will that it is but it's accurate I love attackers not be able to block is the biggest criticism of the idea about average Brent Celek is even on the Eagles I'm Bret sounds but there for like seventeen years I did it in Italy. That's it that's in there. Really carrying. The Nellis member you can't be serious at this he was. Stratus skills he's brother Jason deals of exits and see it's here. Coming up at two minutes the best at that second so it's what's rate.