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Friday, February 9th
We bring you the biggest stories of the day in The Hits. Plus, we check in with MLB's Jeffrey Flanagan about Spring Training & we end the show with Ask Us Anything. 

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Congratulations on getting denied the five thanks so much listening it is the drive music choices on the show have been very collected today we've gone fifty cent earlier in the show today. Two of rain each France it was this. This is Alan Jackson and Jimmy Buffett at 5 o'clock somewhere well I got is injects into the eleven where I know I don't I just think this song is it's 5 o'clock. Legend so to see got a mortgage and it's my friend. Make sure jets exit sports that comment and check out our spring baseball fly away a lot of great stuff on there. Get a chance to its used to sixteen sports that count in your email address you enter for your spring training fly away instead talking stick resort. Inside Scottsdale. You know baseball experience seek public concerts dostum lynch is one of them. Great stuff that they do a six and spores that come out negative about it is. Which you can check out that your your Valentine's Day is absolutely amazing but bigs Valentine's Day bail out Pryce back he's on there as well as held deal. Underdogs assault and stake out a hundred dollars to the knowledge chocolate cafe 800 dollars and trap and company usually some flowers. And he stayed the newly renovated Westin crown center. I've used to sixteen's were stuck common Olympic do it's easy man enter email address and had a chance to win. We will catch up we Jeffrey flaming gain in about ten minutes but. Get Steagall either of the biggest stories of the day teams that I've been waiting for that moment all my life. We talk about them every day and bottled. Earlier today. Jerry president that he is being sent out a sweet. The tweet read as follows. A couple of MLB executives think local mores and a Kansas City native has his idol on the royals in the waning spot if they're covered doesn't return. Under dozer currently tops first faith. Depth chart in Kansas City local mores it Lucas Judah are among the beds available in a painfully slow market. Do you think spring training in starts. Without air miles RJ Martinez signing deal. Absolutely I think it will mean there's there have a facility spring training free agent ebbs and Scott Boras and his guys will not be there. First and foremost point Freddy is way too long it's become a business of revenue generator for Townsend for teams doesn't need to be this long anymore I mean it was created. The fact guys that worked in warehouses and smoke darts and a donuts in the offseason get back to shape players that need it more. Right cause going to be by JD mark JD Martinis going to be by the time. I would start to work. Is that these guys aren't signed before games start to be play. You get to that point and then the start to be concerned a little. I think that the no free agency can move ahead without those guys I see in every market does not only hire or. And hierarchy hasn't really been established the top contracts of all of this offseason as a sign of the reds okay. What it was clear tier two free agent but certainly no one put them in the category of Yu Darvish no solid beginning of this evening he was like Jake Syriana. A couple of the big money guys like air hungry JD Martinez. I just think the royals wait until the final minute to see what happens to prosper ideas Casey given what date and said on the show and publicly and other places. That the royals are going to Eric Hosmer with the deadline. Hey if we don't know by February 20 what's gonna happen we're moving in another direction. The royals gave Eric Hosmer every possible opportunity all the time he needs to decide on a free agent contract with the royals sought. I just don't know prospering I don't I don't know how crazy can move forward at least not for the royals until they know where air cog in the well. Part of that is over the royals two at the back of plans they would run you know 400 closure over there they can certainly do that high traffic displayed a handful of games at that position. Named Jessica bird at third but those are first so it's not like the royals are a hurry. To get their first baseman so look divorce and says hey listen a lot of beer leveling an offer here to get an offer there they'll go. The royals was they don't have to hate to anybody until they file process. Makes it takes. Four to potentially create good things or chances to lose the big twelve regular season title. Gonna sound that's been out. But here via. All of them. Bill Self for whatever reason can't seem to get detention facilities talented players talked about Gerald that in particular. As crazy as this the public shame breaking the streak at thirteen consecutive big twelve titles might just be the thing that actually makes this team better. And I don't preach tanking outreach Luke Massa and I want it to happen. But you break tradition and a school like Kansas. Compares with this group would have. That was the scarlet letter attached to. Get the job for the rest of their lives in las of course they'd lose the big twelve regular season title. When the big twelve tourney and or make a run in the big dance and they can become that yeah but he added broke the streak but only the leading. Elegant example and I know this is apples and oranges before it lightly over the tax okay. But look at like these documents he had three reset button hit 2014. To twelve. Got the postseason without its Xbox fifteen RBIs it 303 the World Series that seemed to be to be the thing that really kind of jump started his career. Sometimes you just need to clear the stats please the he could move on I'm not saying it's the best thing. This can happen again you but it might be the only thing they can get their attention because social is is coaching effort right now. He said certain guys don't try hard mich light what is his starter where that January. Of this basketball season itself is saying these things now instead of the November. Maybe this is the only thing they could actually propelled his team to make a big twelve tournament champion and potentially make a run in the NCAA. The final hit of the day. Michael Porter junior. Met with the media today at Ole that shows that one does not talk burial. Jets he could face the music down Michael Porter junior met with the media today in all it was good news to the ears of every Missouri tiger fan. Idea. Of you know get better every day we goes ago. Just. Mike I know coach kind of says he wouldn't be shocked to see you back I guess you just kind of said last night that there's still possibility and the word where you stand as far as the possibility of being able to play him. We'll all of those well reason comes into play but also a great Tom Watson. That you lose focus. Of those good for us that she's going to win every game you know we've ever since she twenty. Once six. We're looking bird flu. And Washington will look to America. Is there a date by which you kind of need to you know you're going to be able to or not like I mean if you can play by the end of the regular season basically what would you come back just for post season games. We don't look at the games or so before it's. Both of them to do it I'm doing everything worked harder and popular. Just open the doctor since. When is the next of kind of plummeted cleared by doctors. It was six weeks for the last. Reserves from. What would blow that clearance to. Are we have their business and go practice so. Process. Hope that doctor visited here. Lived here. You sort of world. But it's. The ball. It's positive answer pretty it is there possibility. What they've told. Good news conference. Did it look guys are open this week that it doesn't. Historic boulevards excellent home for. That was that was Missouri freshman Michael Porter junior. We all can agree with this. If Michael Porter practices again with the Missouri basketball team is with the intentions of him playing in a basketball game and when he eighteen in misery there what would he prides to a that's. He says is next week. Next two weeks I assume it's gonna happen next week. He will get clearance or not cleared to practice I think that's when the conversation. It beat the doctor and they don't clear him for physical. Contact and that's apprentice is over there's no more up next statement that no it's done. That's it. I got all my hopes and prayers and doctor's orders. In god knows this this not that it's super religious Google who like the zoo is Missouri Kansas. All the pain he's put just ruined my entire life yeah. He knows us. So that's what some so Michael port of a woman I didn't want to I want ideally I want reporters vertebrae that's all I want to give mr. he's got to Columbia maybe he can run like you know but his. It together and you know and Robert relatives final who would situation whatever needs to happen for Michael border to get back on the court and play basketball we'll get back to the zoo basketball and a little college basketball after our congress which got after it went and got those losing fans have you been following Missouri athletics and all the stuff that has been taken away for Missouri I see we deserve one good thing to happen. Port or coming back to play in seven basketball games would be a great resume and I endured enough. He owes us this right now he had that I hot right now to catch up Jeffrey Flanagan of mlb.com. Who always. About to head to surprise Arizona planning united meant. Malls. I think on merit sums present. It isn't since well Michael Porter I mean I can't believe that spring training is about to start next week I mean. You're gonna go on for nine weeks. Active we'll be sure that the your new book 77. Active the news the VA. Pre K so we start in 29 the march though. That's good news that bank. Ladies and have some sort of like semi cryptic tweet when you answered a question yesterday when you know the ol' mailbag. But the day before whatever was when somebody. Was well. Let's would you say. Well because that I was mega. Well I was just you know I mean I was dollar college product you're gonna Wear your hair and he got yet to get this. You know as are gonna be surprised sign that you said yeah. And you said but I can't confirm right now I think it's a perfect time just between me you'd see got nobody else is listening the. They're gonna have a couple. I think the prices of things that work around from. Whatever comes out that I can't confirm anything right now with the look I'm not you know. Talking about you know. Signing Barry Bonds as well like but it'll be a you know I've Rory. Like the skill it's inflates can be in the biggest eyebrow raiser giving it like where is he said. Between five in a probably. It OK so I would say is that not air 'cause what chances would you put on Hosmer signing now at this point in key you give us any update on what's happening is built like it's been really quiet from borrowers in Oslo. The last two and a half weeks. I think it's that the name have been saying for months and it reform but I still think of all this percent and as the weeks go by the days go by. Law and not sign with someone now you know obviously. No shocker bounces that change the oil getting him back for better. Com and it's it's been their main target in the off season. I wouldn't say there you know tremendously upbeat optimistic but it's still there and it could happen. We were there. Wade you know two years ago without Gordon music like not many people give him a chance to sign him and he they would you thought about that signed by. At that point it felt there was no chance then a lot of little it was a chance right now Brett built but a world where are in the ballpark now. Right now we it's not gonna Geoffrey plank of mlb.com all right let's say toddlers off the board. Let's say he signs with rain and team you pick the team. And I gave you look remorse and or the field for opening day first baseman who are you take. Hundred notre. At that. If they're gonna commit to. On rebuild here was eight they'd only our. I don't they cannot say they won't sign of divorce than in offices there's interest a ball well. But it doesn't make a common sense. If so my amplitude. Why would you spend that kind of money for someone like you know we need to have your own. Developmental guy. Do that position on. And and go forward from there. He's he's the guy. Local guy that was the only had two good years eight in the big leagues and last year what was the monster year for him in extra time to get him. We have been. Prior to last year's there. You know black eyes and I mean buy low sell high. Not now not after he you know had that big breakthrough year with 38 Oman. So I. They'll go with what an internal solution at that point. This and I I was read your story about who could play first base for the royals in. You and I got on the same page I think it is possible does it signed an inaudible depth there and I think it'll be Dozier is well against me and UN has been played above double leg. I don't think he's got a shot to make the big league club either but the added an it was a quote in this them in the bottom part of your piece and Andy was talking about. If you're gonna add more if you're gonna add a player for example like hos or somebody they got to shed payroll. Let's just play and fantasy land right now and say Oz does come back to the royals. What to do to shed payroll and not that makes me believe there's going to be a much trades. Well. He did pretty did you actually need it to analogue right now owed an eleven million dollar. You got killed her who they've got up on to call on a person's we're meeting our. And he. Was owed eight million last year gonna make more through arbitration so. If you're limited a unit happy we get some money back if we're someone like Al the year the but. You get rid of both of those guys you played some animals feel. And you back loaded. I would feel pretty good to come up with fourteen or fifteen off the payroll right there so. I don't think that the major major concern for them right now. She and others. We'll look at that is my initial thought was especially Duffy it was eleven trade talks that may be Duffy. Would be one of those guys that would that would be targeted but it that it but he saved 1415 mil by by trading handler rare look at that answers my question that's different than what I thought. Yet in any heat here you know once starter. In the rotation. My biggest concern about this team going forward. Is the bullpen I mean they've had it shut down all went or how many years now I mean if you didn't even win. Eight was rebuilding back in 2000. Back then walking sort it was a really really good solid as a great back in the bullpen and you look now going forward this team. Who's gonna close the who are those 789. Any guys. You know Alexander is not there and we're not might not be there and sort of not there who's going to be those guys and you that they concern. Jeff earlier on the show we were talking about like this August contract. John Lehman at the end of the post season thought that loose was gonna give a five year eighty million dollar contract very safe to say that is not simply removes what. Happened with him that is now caused him to be from a guy we thought could maybe get that nine figure deal and now it looks like a 23 year contract and a. It's not over yet I mean would you want them under pre right now some more because only you know or at my record it bring. Training camp. I think the market is correcting itself a little bit from what was seen in past years where. You know apology forgetting 567 year deals were under fifty million dollars. I hope it wouldn't be that. Going forward but on the tainted it but for eighty. Would be shocked if they'll lose that opened her three or were you know 6070 million going forward. All. I don't know for fact that's gonna happen when. I think that they'll possibly go possibly go forward. It's it is looking well although it. Crazy agent market. And it was an important music career now but. I still think. Of the market is sort of correcting itself from some bad deals in past years though. I think those guys this doesn't it hey look there's some pretty with the zone. Up what was her so it's not like it totally dried up is that these guys and at the navy. Take that deal you know. It's not going to be nine years or 200 million. Deal move forward. Not letting your right I guess I just I bring it up with a moose is. I just don't know where that deals coming from because I haven't heard any rumors I haven't heard or or you haven't tweeted about it. Payment as it's waited about a bus isn't it about at least with Cain there was some smoke. With moves there's some are with with odds there's some smoke where is that smoke from my stock is. They're all at the minute routine that comes up out of nowhere. It is in that to be honest with got a true Lauren McCain and that we get here a lot about the brewers. And walking guys were not tweeting about that either and also let you know and connect it together pretty quickly so. He could never go on the. He could be that you guys who are elderly and The Who knows at least some gonna pop. All would be that good ball players. That great years the past and I think it has not happened. And Apatow is returns. Like Jeff Flanagan royals insider mlb.com for Eddie. Do you think it did the age of the players not see this coming carriage or have an hour have a conversation earlier today about. Bit of most knows gonna be this why did he accepted the qualifying offer seventeen point four at the age of the players not see this coming at all. Well it's 1174. Actually a big a lot of guys that it. It what do we take it offline releases. You know it come march 15 on the if we certainly were. One year yields were working there that he my. I think you want an idea that. It could very well happen this year. Politics that is the market that correct itself a little bit yeah the next year to learn. A lot of these guys. Like tone down there. Ambition little and we're gonna see that possibly. Although. I got to do with that if they're very busy February and march with. Was siding then in guys that he didn't mean renegade scientist Jeanne unique or interested. Rustling in the come forward. We're looking like in the world in the world might out of nowhere you know make an offer they expect you just don't know right now. The leverage when the owners of the players. It. That means just what that was a play check in the right now. Mean I don't remember an all season going this late in the free agency were silly guys roadside. So mean. Not his right now feel like they haven't seen going forward that that compete with though I you know. Would be better with Judy Martinez would be better of their effort there but live out of looser but it kind of feel it go forward. We'll repeat these so I was they'll say advantage owner. Well last question force for the GO blood. At what point do you think we see some fan backlash to the players if they're like me gets seven for 147 and and that's not good enough and you think we're on the verge of that or not. Well I. The seventh or one point seven. Was never actor. Yeah I'm just saying like these big offers that are out there and we know the as a seven years on the table at least from the Padres right and in Dayton I was he doesn't talk about his offers that he goes out there but there's a. The money for that we know it was seven years yeah if you falls while rumors of what that. I don't know I think the fans are all the music this side of the owners because that we can these guys are making an average of four million a year. What are they complaining yeah I hope I mean and I. I can't sit right down middle SP from the players simply are acutely art and quite. So what everybody making money. In. Like certificate never go down. Ever so. You discovered less but the fans via. They flatly thanks a bunch and I appreciated and be safe value dole and blood early Sunday morning and not a surprise. Very erroneous. Yeah say M. Who will be safe and we'll talk T touchy when you're down there about okay. You gotta managed just flat again. Royals insider from mlb.com gets stuffed him and always enjoy talking to Jeffrey Flanagan negotiates. I just I just love that stuff you know a play doesn't tweet anything out their put into the counted it's not. Based in fact you know and and when he comes out he says hey here's going to be a couple of surprise signings. And when I ask him. You know to ranked that there's that level of surprise from one to ten tending highs he said he could be in the five to eight re so. That gets me extremely curious about what could happen at spring training this year. We will talk more about what Jeffrey Flanagan had to say in give back to a save very important weekend for all through local schools and college basketball is to drive. Backhand on the drive go ahead and texting your questions excellent 69306. We will get to them. Coming up in about fifteen minutes Wendy's. Do our ritual ask us anything. We just said just slamming it on the show of mlb.com. He is is plugged in with the Kansas City Royals as any human being walking the face of the earth. This was his update or the free agent situation regarding Eric house. I think it that the name have been saying for months and it reform but I still think that all this percent and it is that we provide the days go by. All I did not sign with someone now you know obviously. Don't shocker about is the chances of the oil getting him back better. And it's it's been their main target in the off season. I wouldn't say there you know tremendously upbeat optimistic but it's still there and it could happen. I'll leave that. Wade you know two years ago Orton music and not many people get a chance on him he they would you talk about that signed by. At that point. Chances in a little it was a chance right now Brett built but the world or in the ballpark now. I don't think landing Ginn would say a percentage chance like that if he did not believe it again I think she is as plugged into the royals as anyone out there. It is certainly been a shift in transition in terms of how I've approached the year however free agency. I remember thinking basically my entire life ever since I knew aired out was that I realized he would become a free agent. They would not be on the team and when he eighteen I certainly don't know how anyone could have that opinion now is definitely a change in its. For Eric Hosmer to be on the team. What's at least a little more interesting to me and I know you and I are on different sides when it comes my stock has yet. I'm surprised it held the bubble. Has burst in for Mike was sockets and how much the money is dried up we are just talking a wedding about he says I still think there's a four year five year deal out here. If from whom I just can't I can't think of a single story that happened this offseason. That has linked to Mike we sockets to a team we thought the giants were the team. Weaken the free agency they were already out of it without the angels were one of those teams they are quickly. Out of the race and the angels have a ton of money men and it was that it 215 then here in TV money so and that's Hormuz what ego like bush what is socal guy. You don't think that that's where he grew up so I would he would want his perplexing him so I. I looked this up today because I was really curious because I was trying to go back to when we were talking about most the very beginning of the free agency process and what everyone else was sent MLB trade rumors. Predict in my sock as we'll get a five year 85 million. Dollar deal. Johnny Damon who I think is as plugged in as anybody in baseball. He predicted five years eighty million dollars for my sockets. Remember arguing that time energy and it moves at F five years eighty I much rather have that view over the air content I still feel that way. Does don't think Microsoft is even gonna get close to the five years eight. I think whenever we hear moves side with the team he gets like a two year 25 million dollar deal like true for authority like a three for 39 Connie year. I'd be surprised at this point if he got over that fifty million dollar threshold which the royals was it was so important to them. At least in the trade deadline and not training people because they thought that you get that back in compensation. It is a feel like the bubble burst that for my sock. And I think a lot of it is the market the way it is a lot of races you know the other part of it is is the things that touchdown here you know since the season ended and worried about hey authority of like the stock is five years and that much money what's he gonna be like in your 2345. No because you know Roberts reports of loose in great shape right now. Lester it was a mean I think fitness is a legitimate concern health is a legitimate concern going for idols and I in my forties the man. Aches and pains or help a lot more now they used to and I ever played a pro sport. Ever problem all my ankle in the big leagues that had a lot play five consecutive game to kind of do you cut it up. You've got to and as I did lose is a good idea because I do play in the infield position in my old man. Europe on an ideal understand you're basically like Julio Franco you know they'll lose and the count is my knee hurts too. So I can relate to that with moos that's about it but it all seriousness I mean I. I think that's part of it. And we've seen owners tightening up it's they who works. Haven't eat a bunch of money in the back in the contract we have to overpay for these guys. Most of these greens like you guide you would have overpaid again as a potential that he breaks down. I think that's part of it those. McCracken on those I'd love to have a love for everything to stay the same in Kansas City we have positive first lucid third. Escude short and Whitner feel the second sound on addition all's good. In Kansas City I got to pick one it's still always going to be that he's the guy you build around at the same time that's a lot of money. That's a lot a lot of money there or work from John Hayman. And I don't know many people saw the astronauts or read the quote to you. My sockets doesn't have a readily apparent market but word is he isn't about to give him. Moves hit 38 home runs in his walk your word is Jake air Rihanna is too. The players were described by the age of and other star free agent as these are the words of Jon came and they are not my words. Disillusion. And you've been angry. I understand it your Mike whose stock is why you be angry with this process. I think moos has done everything Major League Baseball asked them to do. He got injured in 2016. There was a camp like the stock is too big and hit a good year in 2015 bounce back and when he fifteen. They got injured Tony seventeen it was a it's a lock your guard approved that's what we tell everybody gets their free agency year paid prove you work the money. Moost goes out there and puts together one of the ten best off to our offensive seasons in the history of the royals. 38 home runs hit for high average made an all star team moves they really good 12070. And other doesn't appear to be a club that once I assume your age is having talks I assume you there was it seemed like I assume like you said he. He wanted the giants giants what interested in you they made another decision I assume you want to go the angels. Eight has made a different move the Mets we thought it was going to be a potential team they signed Todd Frazier I just don't know where the team is like understand feeling disillusioned angry. Especially win. A club offered you a one year seventeen point four million dollar deal. You declined. I understood why you Clyde you thought it was bigger money out there we all thought it was bigger money out. As my stocks. As bigger money out there are always going to turn it down Kane was always gonna turned out they were always gonna get bigger deal. I thought moves was in the same boat. I don't know he Mormon. I don't either and I think between he and Yunel Escobar and those are probably the two top third baseman still available that are up there. So aid. To really. It's a little bit perplexing Eddie I will say this I mean I think one of the common denominator between. The best players is not signing is the guys the rage so I would be I would love to go that would be a fly on the wall and got Boris is obvious and nobody is asking for. I think we all. Raise an eyebrow Oz. Got offered seven years and ended we heard once eight or nine years so I don't know what I mean abortion played a pretty big time game of chicken. Because. This essentially is a labor dispute. In a non in a year when when the labor contracts not up that's essentially what it is in these two are squared off right now. You know I think the players are already pissed off about the pitch clock and some of the other things that Major League Baseball to change the game and now. They're the freeagent moneys dried up for you consider Moses at the tier one higher tier two. Army's iron close to a tier one and has a tier one as Yu Darvish air Haz Virginia Martinez. I mean I guess BC Cain with a tiered you got a saying how hot was clearly a tier three got I thought it was gonna be adhered to and that same category is. Lorenzo Cain he's not. Well I live radio when you quote that I got from Asian body mind and reached out to today. And I ask don't like you awards and sentenced to describe. You know what's really going on how players and agents field is what he told me quote. That's a really bad for the third and fourth tier players who can't get work because of its. For your players to me like Jerod Dyson guys like that. You know on. Most of these elected tier two guys it is may be asking for too much. Because is not Frazier with the other guys that ozark and that I was. Those guys have deals and moos doesn't. I just love to know Boris is trying to get for for for my stock is at what point he say why agents are. Because it's not just he's just got bourses got wars he's won he's got a lot of money and in a lot of big time contracts for a lot of players doesn't mean I can't make a mistake and judge a mark on either. We say that the Levine. Whose clients is like what age is getting their cut their player great deals right now it's okay that's that's the only way on davis'. It's ninety available creativity are all represented by Scott boards others that what you're saying is. This ain't a week just look and say may indeed Boras guys kind of dragging their feet a little bit those are the only guys that are unsigned. Everybody is unsigned right now Yu Darvish is onside kick Arie yet is on site right now moves odds it's it's sold meanie talented players out there that are unsigned right now it's more of a Major League Baseball. Players' union problem right now in my mind many Scott Boris problem. And and and Boris is. Is sort of insinuating is starting to say they're colluding needs the free agents and I think that's obvious I think I think it's pretty obvious to beaches. And it is guys retarded and qualifying offers an agent players don't know I don't know about this is that pretty good gauge of the market before it free agency I don't know about this. And also the market's completely giver than they projected. Then. That tummies greens. Not just good business by a handful of voters asked Angela political collusion by others. Yesterday. Before the North Carolina duke game. And I'm sure many of you were locked into your televisions or has store college basketball arrived they talked about something even more important duke and North Carolina. Or ESPN's college game day. Potentially the marquee showed discussing college basketball you know what they discuss OK Michael Porter junior they stay here is the conversation. But they're starting the rumblings that maybe Michael Porter is going to come back. Play I know it's different subject by. If you work to come back and why would like thirty guys Cleveland I was while he ever come is that maybe they want anyway I don't know what plus it doesn't do anything for Michael board to come back they don't want. I think they do like what they think that he should fire his agent because of exactly. I I I don't know why I think they're good now. It depends on how good he is titled nobody can come back to be the Michael Porter junior we expected out of the gate. Babies come back at this stage of the season and it beats tentative at all and if your child so Martin how much do you play him. Like that that that's not that's such tricky deal I don't know if I'd do it if I were approached them just because I wouldn't want to I would want to live with the consequences of those are the third time. I think there and it's got like terms gave it my way to game. I agree do you think there's no reason for him to come back the risk is not worth the potential reward. But in this desert heat it really bargain they turn it over as hot air raid as any team in the country go like three. It turned over to send this. There's no reason for the comeback that I. I've given no reasons were and how did that much whether it makes it okay fine I agree with the holiday gift was quite good for him. If he's healthy and able to play Joseph Gibbs wants to play. I appreciate reached Davis Ayers. We standing up for the Missouri Tigers. I'm gonna look at the subject we and it's tough time fan of Missouri Tigers are also ordered season ticket holder because of my boy lots. The objective as I can. I'm surprised. That Jay Williams and is emphatic win because Jay Williams won a national championship as they saw more duke. Was a first team all American and decided to come back to school. I had a lot of people or tell them why why continue to play college basketball referee. But he decided I wanna come back because my education was important it I enjoy playing college basketball I'm surprised the energy Williams adds emphatically saying there's no value playing college basketball when she determined there is about to play college basketball. Jacob was the lawyer. I used in his perspective. And understand the argument for Michael Porter not coming back and re injuring himself if he comes out there are file. All our fault. Even cost themselves millions of dollars. I would say he's cost himself a little bit of money at this point about the substantial he went from being maybe the number one overall pick I. There's no ordered is now the top five in my opinion he's still two bit of a prospect he 610611. To shoot into everything on the floor he's gonna get drafted really. My argument would be in this case if you don't think there's any benefit Michael Porter playing this season. What was the benefit in the beginning of the season and how has it changed. If your stance wasn't. That guys like Michael Porter guys like trade young guys like Morton back we should just sit out their freshman year college and not play basketball all because the risk of getting injured is too great. And they can't help their draft stock by doing it. What's different about the risk now. Is it the injury thing okay that's a fair point. I think that's the only argument. It's an argument is if you worry bonafide. Lottery pick we agree Michael Porter whether he went to Missouri with you know Casey went apple. He was going to be atop my ticket agent NBA we didn't need to go out. A lot of people saying the Michael Porter should just stay home and work out they don't get injured don't our budget injured work on your body. I assume the argument was played against high level competition exposure. All the benefits that do exist for playing college basketball. What's changed about that. Say is the same. Let me ask you this in the you know this better than I do some legitimately ask you question. The thing is he went to like last year to figure out he's gonna get tracked like reporter did go to that it can't anybody can so so I guess what amassed in his. Is like. Because it. NBA scouts probably wanna see the god you know play bank get knocked down get up shoot perform and I think that's. I think that's the plus for border along with the other player whose brother and having his dad is an assistant coach and he's still. The fill that by not playing any still show scouts and NBA teams that he can handle playing any game. After the college seasons over the evaluate and that way instilled in insulin a lot of great someplace in three. You know I jumped point three can't see a terrific he's getting pretty well mission to cut and still accomplish the mission went up but it. Basically what happened was he was in speed he actually declare for the draft they allow you to declare one time. You go to the come by to all the stuff in the not irony is Google let's go to games though. It's so that's can declare for the draft did not hire an agent he can't do would gain which I'm that he would add soft yet like. There's no way he's there for junior I would say there's always come back for sophomore year. I would tell Michael Porter go to the NBA NBA millionaire yet. As I guess I'm asking is. Everybody is saying there's no benefit for Portland college best one yet I understand the advocates are re came back with congaree was injured broke his foot came back it means doubly term. I firmly believe that Joseph OMB was going to come back and play in the target date loss. What is the benefit of Michael Porter ever play college basketball if that was the case he was a top five pick whether he went to Missouri or not. What is not the same benefit if he decides to come back now I would assume everything you thought was a benefit to him playing in November they'll benefit now. A sneak in and let's again take longer he'll still play those games and scouts Ian that's on set but it goes back against her that because of its excellent put Michael Porter can only hurt his draft stock. He's not coming back in game shape. That was always the case they. From a date Michael Porter committed to play it is only something bad could happen. You can't go higher the number one overall worker be the number one overall pick what was the benefit of Marvin that they're going to school just sit out worked out. NBA scouts dumbing me NBA scouts was drafted you. A couple of years ago are now tenure at the point senior playing at high school kids in you you're in great. Mean if Michael Porter has decided he want to stay home as your nobly basketball Missouri he still would attract top spot. So I did my question just as I didn't have the answer what was the benefit of him playing basketball in November. If you thought it was a benefit him going to college replaying is PA exposure all those kind of things how is that still not the case if he's healthy. If he's 75% don't come out like now if your 85% don't come back and play if you get cleared by the doctor to do everything that you can do with the very beginning of the season. Vivid use you back into what what the minutes gave when I don't think he's playing forty minutes the first day that he comes back in your health you know play basketball what's changed. And nothing else. If he wants to play he's healthy he'll play. As we end every Friday texted insects like 69306. It's time for ask us anything is this the segment that you control axle drive. Yes. Even in he's going to go and easy as you can have sex with men your future. Okay. That's a very right. Who go to war text line. 6906. Segment is very easy it is called ask us anything. You ask the question. We answered the question. Very simple. Meaning you Mansfield. Who do you think wins and a fight to Chelsea Brothers with a more just BC basketball player's life. I have the old fiber optic to the Chelsea runs he hit me. Juice and Kelsey often department. Travis Kelsey Travis got one well he's got and I don't everybody else he's just he literally is in the trenches and he pushes people around announcing in football players over basketball players and sex lines 693. Zeros six legalize marijuana yes or no. And expect me. Ella. My biggest question always becomes the legalization of marijuana I'm on the same side you don't really care one way or the other Maryland's not really part of life so I don't really care in the other it's. I assume a lot of people for the legalization of alcohol. What's the difference. Like it if you are drinking yet in your probe being able to block out cocktail and have wanted to ounce glass of line why are you against the legalization of marijuana and what makes them different and you got to. Strong scientific answer all right cool. Second smoke in your lunch probably the best thing but. The injury he's brought out the best that you liberties. So I'm just saying it's nice to meet people or for your ability to make the decision if you wanna breaker not so critical I wanted for a pitcher for the decision making of it why is against this when you are for smoke cigarettes Ali it just it's that. That parks as always good to these people that are obviously pro drinking a lot of people appropriate to make that choice as an adult. But they Soledad people smoking marijuana in their casual top I'm always just a very simple love. I don't really care in my free time which you do when you're frequently hurt nobody your money your own business I got no issues with what I'm with the tax the tax breaks and every they're the tax revenue you can get his pretty substantial. Tex lines 69306. Cancer what are your Valentine's Day. I have absolutely no idea saving money I would say right now is my Valentine's Day and so what it's like a system needs to get you. Rides on the day colleague dazzling tips delegate Alexis. Nolan actually know what your plan. I've got to work I got to work so probably and I standard that she's actually. Next weekend for girls we probably by big dividend Mellencamp. At the Midland on Valentine's Day a couple of years I was testing attacks on six countries are six what is your best advice to a college student my advice would be a very very simple. You can have all the fun you'll. Just make sure you get to go to him half of the battle in college is actually attending more than classes. The smartest guy now but if that teachers see that you're trying to make an effort and you attain class you will not stay. My advice would be this. The majors it's gonna make some money because right now he's got a good college athletes point 530 grand a year get a degree and it paid that off. So again if you think you'd agree it's not gonna make any cash at least right now it's different that's the one thing we're right back off on the list it was a little bit I had a lot easier. When it came days student loans and student debt and yet. Sex on 69 reserve's six what's that I get my husband Valentine's asked if it is like people ask what's this incident and asked him. She and her husband lives. It's gorgeous ass I'm not I'm certainly never gonna get mad at someone asked me what I want you to I mean they what are you well. Tell you right now one of your behind you gets you averages it's that's a very very he's big. It's excellent six these are sixty I would be buying season tickets for Missouri thank you know. It's just I know wasn't a Smart financial investment I knew I was gonna make many games during the week it. I wanted to support losers got Larry what I don't ever let. Among do. Sex lies in the 69306. Gaining what is your favorite. Olympic. Sport. I mean that's a tough one I would probably say a ski jumping are the downhill Olympic Alpine downhill like the fact that these days at the stones enough to. To go eighty miles an hour down a hill or fly get a jump and fly almost half the length of a football field that. I'd immediately began alone does forming and that's why watch this alleged training runs on eleven. Sex on 690s or six I just got married in my wife doesn't enjoy watching football what I do. You didn't know that before you got married out check you guys to talk before this I just like you already have dealt with this problem as sometimes mental hide. My dad's stuff you know before you admit that when you get married next thing you know. Trying to cheese and let you watch football. That happens in the sun didn't I just I mean I'd never been married I don't know. I'd is fighting hard to believe that she knew you enjoy watching football then you never asked her at some point did you wanna watch the cheap skate. And then you've got mayor didn't know how would this big revelation that he doesn't like watching all I can I bought huge Detroit Tigers fan. I love baseball this much of an element according. He was hiding it from. Tex on six countries or six are you interested in the upcoming to pocket big show unsolved yes. No one doubts about that will be that we know who killed 2 o'clock in big yet think we have a really good idea like. It's sold to me. That took odd thing is that it's still it's. Obviously Orlando Anderson he got an A flight with a gang member and an hour later was shot deal. I'm I'm no detective but I am going to guess that the gang member that I got the fight which was heavily involved in the assassination of two by gore and then. I think it should not. Hired to police officers I think it's like David summoned Iran's up and I think big field big east that's why I think app. I think it's obvious who killed billions hoopla so it's not unsolved anymore it's all I know have a good idea it was gonna solve it and trying to figure out. You know this television show is not gonna uncover the mystery of what happened we biggies balls into block. Check the podcast basics and sports dot com also available I'd say the gang is back together again on Monday we out.