02/09 - 4pm - Would You Rather?

The Drive
Friday, February 9th

Mike Welch from Fescoe in the Morning joins us for one last round of Would You Rather. Plus, we whiparound the local college basketball teams & Why can't the Chiefs be the Eagles? 


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Flu relief products. Back in all the drive we have finally come to the conclusion of how would you rather see years. And today is where we separate the men from the boys. We have invited back in Michael Welch of vesco in the morning so far it has been known quite the journey. Yes that's found out that you were higher level homes that just about anybody I have ever had a conversation with in my entire life the higher high both up. But I thought there. The would you rather series is as follows do you think Patrick Holmes will have a better quarterback are a better career they quarterback and it's so far we're going through him do we won't do math right we've gotten bit Roethlisberger. We have gone through a lot of the young quarterbacks like Carson Winston to show Watson. You would take in. Patrick Holmes over everybody that we thrown out so far correct yes all right. We now come to the big boys. Aaron Rodgers. Do you think Patrick Holmes will be better and have a better career than they are Rogers. It is very tough to have a better career than Aaron Rodgers but air's been what two Super Bowls he's only won one. Is Alec air Roger's career has been untouchable and also for durability standpoint. And he's got some question marks there right. He won the Super Bowl improbably one of his worst statistical years his best statistical year was that fifteen and one season. Where they ended up losing to the giants and he was an NFC championship game giants went on to beat the patriots in the Super Bowl. Numbers wise. I'm back and tell Patrick he can't get to that level because I feel like that's just that's his many somebody without knowing you without seeing the actual limitations myself. But. The thing about air Rogers I think he is the prototypical NFL quarterback so. If it like this I think the ceiling and I said this when he was drafted I think the ceiling for Patrick Holmes is Aaron Rodgers. Cared to believe it or not this it was tougher that I thought it was going to be. (%expletive) The guts. I still think he's gonna have a career that Aaron Rodgers and outlook for two law not let me let me let me back my case appear for a second. You are rod Woodson the other guys are gonna talk about today Brady Rodgers Brees Eli drivers you'd those guys. All right in in terms of the numbers that they put over the course their career I think all of those guys should be in the hall of fame. Aaron Rodgers at the age of 34. Is twentieth all time passing yards writes if you look at that. That doesn't necessarily tell me that he's going to be a lot to be a hall of Famer now where. I think the argument should end is I mean essentially there Roger you're gonna get thirty touchdowns single digit interceptions every year. And that's a pretty high ceiling. You know and a musher pat homes in the so even though that this was difficult for me and top that I thought it was going to be I still got to say no on on an update animals can have the career. If we're talking about sheer ability of playing the position. I think that they're Rodgers is one of the five greatest human beings to ever play the quarterback position. I don't care that he's twentieth all time in passing stats I don't care that. Carson Palmer has more passing yards and air Rogers or you lied meaning I think is better. Aaron Rodgers at Cooley. It Aaron Rodgers is your quarterback and he's healthy thirty touchdown passes in single digit interceptions every single year. Rodgers had seven years where he had a hundred quarterback rating now. Save it as preposterous that Tom Brady even think about Holmes got a comes close to the level of excellence recede. Rogers' goal one dream would it comes to I'm not even willing to entertain the possibility. That he's Aaron Rodgers. Why would you entertain that possibility they'll lay it here's the thing I understand air Rodgers had a phenomenal career and any should Roger's. Slipped to 23 in the draft it wasn't like he was a first overall pick kind of guy. Same thing with the same thing with my homes in the sense that he's going to a team that was taking in its twenties SoHo I've bettered. Better people around him and say Andrew Luck and it's taken first overall. Outlet look at relative path from homes not gonna put that kind of ceiling on the say you can't be guy throws forty touchdowns or more twice in your career. Because it is also starting younger than air Rodgers does and it's on the bench for three years you've missed when we talked about this and after you at the bit Roethlisberger you came in here at. Odd hours ago. More people aside that all our side became a bit of an army quarterback the belt multiple seasons forty touchdown passes. I'm in history in history coming full. And other names. Peyton meaning your ovaries Dan Marino. And camera that Obama Aaron Rodgers not what rug on model Donna wants. Of audience once under the little ones. Are quite right so yeah arrive around forty I don't like my dad so yeah wrong. But I. Do all got a big. Down normal and we ought to get a lot you filled out. And its other counts of securities act and Alex Smith we talked about that ultimately. Art to this I would be until I got to the. You know you're gonna averaged thirty touchdowns in single digit interceptions that's why I'm like okay. Why you letting my home's gonna throw more at some. Our eyes and by the way I think Rogers is better than Eli rivers or three zoo. I mean that that's the main Brees put of the monster numbers but I was looking Drew Brees and wonder. You know how much of that is the offense and the inability to let your defense even get a chance like. You worlds is always and that's that mode we're going fast break it there fast break offense that you can have one in the NFL I feel like there's more that doesn't take I've but I outfitting all of incredibly better than Calgary I take him home because outlook new breeze is coming here but as the day we need every bit as amazing as he's been in a lot of it is because of that structure shot patent office because you put up those kind of numbers in San Diego when he was blamed for the charge he wasn't I agree that I got and we're into an office that very much that is skill set and nothing to take away from Drew Brees I just think you have to have a specialized offense to work this deal said. My hall would be a little stronger arms and we'll Holler it's the over the offensive line a lot easier than Drew Brees must step up in the pocket a lot I think he has higher ups. Politico did you grills and I don't know if we'll. Out Hillary's got taken drew had a homes on this one is that I don't think home's gonna play 1819 you're originally. Alec that's possibly that is in same engine can't eat Lizzie it's just this year seventeen and he still gul once I mean he can play. Another 23 years that. That's the biggest reason why I'm taking a breeze of Vermont like you know he's number three all time pass seniors Drew Brees all things scattering. I I don't think it's out of the round the to put pat bombs in the suit ruling quarterback categories I think that's a legitimate possibility for him but I don't think he's gonna play 17181920. Years later to breeze Ramones. You and how many years consecutively Drew Brees threw thirty touchdown passes eight. You an army times he spoke for 5000 yards and I ain't got you got pat Alex but Alabama and number mortality are the ones that you're not it's not on the odds on her brings a boat for five down the arts. Five stop it. I think that's saying that's and that's saying the impact is gonna put up those numbers are saying we're talk about who's the better. Who's a better quarterback. I don't know the Drew Brees is this untouchable quarterback his numbers would indicate that he hits but his office he plays in the disregards defense and every single turn. Facilitates those kind of numbers like most situations it takes the perfect intersection adding the perfect coach for the record I've been operating. I think he was snatched up the perfect coach Bill Belichick. Forge a robbery he was matched that with a perfect coaches shout patent and it's likely lying in Drew Brees were treated to a 27 so maybe the light just came more problem. He did athletic prime yet but I am looking at San Diego Drew Brees there was no residents think he was gonna entered into arguably price that's it with the greatest quarterback Alter it might not agree with Michael and was gonna argue. Number stamped wanna give you just looked at the regular season a body and it's not even close then electing him. Brady become those numbers and obviously Brady just. Blows by him when it comes to post season numbers that go with yes with. My homes over agrees yet in your well being not good but long he's at it every he had all his complaints when he carries and so mad. Right now we are doing arm would you rather serious mercifully it is coming to him and the what you read this is a very simple do you think factual holes have a better career than quarterback acts we have done this every day with Mike welts and Super Bowl. And the only quarterback you have taken these. Era writers that it yet are you took Matt Dillon won yet. Eli meaning. Up to the allied air pat your mom's. I'll take him homes on this from two in the reason why I'm taking him is it. You talked about forget the stats though the numbers out right. And that it is an honor Rogers washoe plays again I think problem's going to be better quarterback in Eli got the numbers structure that is. Detroit 34 interceptions poignant like six all time in passing yards and he's got two rings like that's the one thing Eli ads. You look at the fact that you get two rings and like that's the thing that puts him over the top. I think Matt Patrick ball's little better Caribbean better quarterback. And Eli meaning when he seven interceptions and aides there did you won T when he snapped and zero as they can credit you. And so to me number to me it's not even in. It's not even that much of the discussion on taking homes and don't know because I think if you say he's got to have a better career than Eli Manning you'd think the pectoral go on to all of mainly just the odds with suggest that he is a I will agree with you vote if Eli Manning played for the Bengals he wouldn't be going to the thing I will say that the Eli Manning is Carsten ball great yet I am appalled I wouldn't think you go all the pay he's gonna have the numbers wise but we watch this era. Of course appalled I was never one of the league and great quarterbacks from the Sarah. Eli Manning does like about what you might expect right at the court the Ballmer now the injuries would certainly Tippett and Eli Manning's favorite he's been Carson Palmer with ratings but. We judge quarterbacks but when it's over all the playoff games Eli they resonate. In this era. The only people with the better policies resonate. Are they his brother baby's been more of them that he is now Brady. And but Albert let's that. Accounts for a lot as far as it did it take not a surprise to. Really neither me Osce and the ball is going to be better quarterback of these talented. And that CD army base that's what you that's who he is probably yeah Ali Halsey prompt an animal. That is better is that an analytic from penis yet. That is an analytic it's actually epic to Saber metrics invented for OP yeah yeah. Philip Rivers. Here's the thing you know whales at this point in. You take it over to not know Roy you have had this we've got the rivers and they've Brees rivers. There's you have had this discussion on the show before I think river's going Ulf and that's what that's the one thing is it that made this decision tough from. But when you look at what rivers does man he turned it over Blanche. But he turns the football over eight tonne. And for that simple reason. I'm taken moms. Overs. Rivers are great thrower and not a great quarterback. I mean. I've got to take the homes of I think Philip Rivers is the worst leader in the NFL. He's the leader no doubt he's the worst because he's that guy that liked. Everything has to be perfect form and if it's not that he has a total meltdown planes everybody else he screaming all the time I'll need that now that Jay Cutler but I. Okay are a give you Jay Cutler but it I don't argue with you too much propellers not much of we AJ that was a terrible leader to Greece also on the ease them played this year signal like rivers don't seem like. CD eight organs now lawsuit does it hurt to meet people. Really put down rivers the way that you did I like to. I like to wherever he plays like in the fire and he's a funny dude I mean if he was my teammate I think at eleven. I think the the biggest issue that I was out of the rivers is issued to dig himself a hole and he's got to dig himself out of it. Almost every athlete does we see a close ending at the end of a charger game happens all the time. And a lot of it has to do with the fact that he turned the football and it loans even though I think EEE will throw his share of picks I think you'll be better than rivers on that haunting moments. I'm gonna go no over rivers are big rivers eventually gets its at all they've I don't think he's gonna be a first ballot hall of fame guy but I do think rivers eventually gates and we just longevity mean Philip Rivers has been. I would say one of the ten best quarterbacks in the NFL since 2006. A long time record high school in 2006. Every year as governor at a high school for the rivers has been one of the ten best quarterbacks in the NFL. I just made a small old says that kind of long jedi I I doubt that we did see a lot of flash in the paint kind of guys rivers hasn't been that he's indicated he's been a consist in accounts. You can't really not the winds about that you buy into four quarterback they haven't had a lot of postseason success are really regular season success posed moving in Thompson. I just outlaw Holmes had a better career than Phil rivers. You wanted to wait incident Tom Brady. I'm not to come home he can't beat number on that now now he might not be that's like the exact same Vargas is well it's not like it's how we can't. You know that is lost that's like you tell a little spark YouTube kid. You can be president of the United States and he yeah you can't see what. Chances are Bair at FP. Welch nobody has been Tom Brady nobody. This is to me no brainer yet Tom Brady is quintessential best quarterback Todd I don't what breezes done. Let go what it's about gonna go in Action League arguments with little gal like athletic go to Patrick always say you can't beat Tom Brady. That's true. Now you've done might be hard. And it's extraordinarily. Unlikely. But this idea like try to put a ceiling on a guide it hasn't even had a chance to start entire season yet is ludicrous and I've put a ceiling on Patrick mar homes when I don't see something he does remind all that's terrible where he's not good enough that this this or this. He has all the tools. The has more tools and operating coming out of college clearly if you haven't seen the column by a picture. He has more tools of Tom Brady had come at a college you're more cut the Tom Brady knows when he came out today it's you might be too fan I don't know. Over that so like Jared Lorenzen coming out. I'm not said that Al same patch of our homes is better than Tom Brady or that you will be better than Tom Brady but I'm sure as hell like Tennessee here until Patrick my home team beat Tom Brady you can be whatever you want. Yes he came. This is the one guy you see god that I can even doing homework on them and it's thanks slopes and where you go and all of Mohammed stayed there longer. Stated joke. About Britney anyway who's gonna come down to the Caribbean do Google basketball tournaments I hang out here are seeing that I. I don't wanna see our analysts say hello it's a good god you're getting on the show already come down there the island it's going to be fun times right. Grip on top as the I'll watch him as a basketball I don't really know how these talk about breeze on the patch of homes coming off this are leading to his first Super Bowl victory I don't know how we're gonna move for from this it's the draft. I say maybe he's would you rather series there is still serving hopefully you enjoyed it has now come to a conclusion. The text line has been the best part of the entire series and it. The text line painted on the viewer watching and I didn't lose that quality until after the site though our. He's. The text line was actually Owen Wilson's son. And on your side for most of the conversation yet. Until number eight in the the text line just preceded this to you might well. What has been funny about the series if you have been listening to we have done a would you rather series all week at 4 o'clock it's been very simple. Do you think detachable homes will have a better careers and quarterback. Some moments excellent says. We'll see dot do you think homes would be better than anybody yes. I've said from day one. I think Holmes is in a great situation to become a good NFL quarterback. I just think what happens a lot of times in comparisons news. Think home ceiling. I know what you think it is everybody has determine what their ceiling is for Patrick well. I will then ask you this how many athletes truly reached the ceiling you'd think they and I. Your entire time watching sports my entire town watch sport to excellence the callers cats. When you saw a college player how many times do they truly reach said Siegel. It just doesn't happen in the elevens are always says the odds in this and expect. It's more likely you moved to Super Bowl that went 31 teams are going to lose suitable only one team got away so it's always. A better bet to be on the side of you not doing something and you do. I think Holmes is in a ideal situation for young quarterback. Veteran team veteran coach a city that is prepared to wrap its arms around you. A top flight running back one of the best deep brought up in the NFL the second best tied in the NFL and I think next you're you'll have an adequate defense. I think the realistic. Comparison or ceiling perpetual homes. Is Matthew Stafford while look at hole I've seen a plane a look at Stafford bats went into use and he can be a slightly better version and Matthew Stafford. I think that's a realistic expectation. And I think that's good enough I think Matthew Stafford is a really good player that is in a situation that is not ideal edit anything. Learned over the last reports isn't days. It quarterback is a lot about being in the right situation. Nick's fault was a great situation. Case key it was a great situation. So it's all about situation. I think Holmes and a great situation that to him having a lot of success or anyone to hear these series over the last four days and think I'm down normal homes. Don't think he's got to be a hall of Famer because the odds was just he's not going to be a hall they you can be good quarterback about being all of favorite dog man. I'd be really good quarterback without being a hall of fame. With the the break Anthony's over the top it is only guys that were on so. I I just stick any part of Kansas City. In home I'll keep sane guys is that we have gone through this year like you know you eat yet they act like you've been there before all we have. You're 83 you pretty quick to Todd black it was an act guy. So therefore when you see young talented quarterback like that holds you think of all the good he'll think about the bad don't think about the limits because we really haven't seen enough of I give or Welch is a little bit with the exception of Brady. I if I. I guess the the really fun part about it. When it comes to that homes that we really don't know these ceiling. Therefore it's tough to predict what he Willer when he won't be what he I think we can say. And be right about. Is that he's gonna be really exciting quarterback with a big armed and appears to be afraid afraid of much and those are. Those are qualities that you want in a young starting quarterback you know I there's not a whole he's he's mobile enough. Gotta can't and not scared willing to make big plays so those are all qualities you can work with Dick can lead to believe that the ceilings pretty high for. Tax on 69 preserves succeed out it's definitely scarred by being a Missouri I'm with them anything it seemed like it's going to be good you have to temper your expectations so you not let down you have been billions on before. That's not what I'm doing here. I'm sitting there telling you I think that'll home to your mobile quarterback and I think it to be good I think he has potential to be the best player in a spell at some point. I just don't know how we can be so I just. Stay out boats can be so in bad about it. Especially when yes they get the congress they've dwelt and he was saying is heading is addressed I wanted to shout Watson over at. Like we start that you thought you could potentially at. The and the bet was I mean. Wanted to see that that's the got a lot of that I sharply the recently okay. But again it you know and I mention this in the pre season it looked like what do play broke down. Any game announcement was trying to make something happen at least leading up to the disease when he had his best years career I was like oh god. Well that this is gonna end badly with holds out the feeling that it's good and well liked he can make something happen I saw that pre season we saw the Denver. Agree but I'm saying is you say you felt that way in the pre season we've also seen Watson do it for now it was a long time yet but it put together six. Really good NFL games not against backups. So like that feeling that you had about shell Watson. It should only beached in her. So if you really I don't wanting coming into the league eBay beginning lot of people were I was kinda show a lot yeah now do we think his ceiling is Tom Brady to be solemn and six games like yeah. Now we have seen how up and down it is a quarterback mean two years ago Marcus burial was on the verge of being a store two years ago Derek Karr was on the verge of being scored when I Bo Derek is gonna take this lead to being a 35 touchdown got. It's all are playing quarterback in the NFL. So I'm more than anything I just tempered my expectation by watts a lot of NFL is made every top flight quarterback prospect you've got doesn't organ to be in the next big thing. And being a good quarterback. Nothing's been a good quarterback Matt Ryan's been a good quarterback you can win what those guys cutting Flacco had a good career and a lot of guys that had good careers. It's just hard to be consistent at quarterback in the NFL and it's really hard to be great in the NFL at quarter end were. Factor in injuries and crazy things that happened too as well I mean Watson goes out and on contact. In practice you know so. On the different factors in there I just think you will get what Kiki do at least have a great foundation. Of what he can potentially be coming up speaking of more homes in his rookie year I think there is a key to getting the she's team to the Super Bowl that is right there before eyes. Up they would is an excellent draft. Back in on the drive the Vegas line is Al. Fourteen this against Baylor. We'll tell you what it is coming up in about ten minutes we'll get back into a little college basketball I was surprised to see what it was here is out of it you're you're. Are we did that coming up in ten minutes. I was sick about this is when you're doing the would you rather Hughes was well. I don't think getting to the Super Bowl in 2018 is as unrealistic. As people maybe think that it is. Certainly not thinking that she's who's going to lead you know how keen interest given that change at quarterback and how bad defense was last year. And the patriots still. Vomit you can pick and goes I don't think it's crazy. And I can't inclusion of why can't the chiefs beat the Eagles are what's stopping that she's from being the Eagles. Go. Agreed in the regular season they had Carson wince if you're gonna have the second best quarterback in the NFL he's certainly got a chance to noticeable but it was certainly much deeper than. The Eagles this season or fourth in the NFL in total defense they have the best rush defense in the NFL and they were fourth internal market. So I'm sitting here to myself pumping. The chiefs' offense is good enough you can win a Super Bowl with the offense I think the chiefs are going to have in 2018. In the 20182019. Seat. So the question really is Q and you get your defense up to par to give yourself a change its. I bring that up is because. All cap space the chiefs. Here often just the last what seven days. Alex Smith off the books he was gonna make twenty million dollars. He's now off the books you get X seventeen billion dollars by not having Allen spent on the team and that's when he eighteenth season. They cut it well we expect them to cut grow released but it still money back on the books or point five million dollars in cap space. Tom holly we agree coming off the books they're that out his contract his base salary next year it's six million dollars. How was not going to be on the team at least not at that salary they're Johnson is out in his contract to get him out of that contract. So there is enough cap space in enough wiggle room for you to create something similar to the eagles' defense. I'm not saying you gotta create the second best defense in the NFL behind Jacksonville or top three defense up there with Minnesota. But there's nothing stopping that she's from making a couple of moves I think the key actually Eric Bayer. I was on Arab pride today I was watching on their videos in the agent of aired period. Posted a video of him running in saying that he's feeling good. These are the possible additions make it and Kindle Fuller top flight quarterback one of the best and I nickel quarter slot corners in the NFL. Eric Bayer safety I'm not sure I was diminished returns is going to be able we agree Eric Berry is one of the ten best safeties I'm maybe being too well while talk about it in the NFL. If he had a mark is Peter's you got a chance to have an elite secondary in the NFL. Shares have a great defense if you have an elite secondary or chance to be elite secondary. That straighten your pass rush that's written that the line restaurant as your run defense in with. A couple of draft picks a couple of moves in free agency it's not realistic that this team puts together a top twelve deep instantly. You would think you mean. But again what they have put the other side of of Justin Houston and I think that's maybe the bigger question on the chiefs' defense for him because. Right eye yet for example that the majority of the year deep Ford can't stay healthy and I'll pass you know is a project it's not ready to go. Get get the quarterback and he can't stop the run up problems because somebody's gonna car via. Passing I mean that's just gonna happen in this week's passing league so he's gonna get you. You know somebody's gonna get it for 300 plus may happen multiple times during the course of the season. So with the I think the defense with you about cap space they have. They got a legitimate opportunity Dustin Colquitt more than likely not to be back on this team that's another four and a million bucks or say. Right so I'm I take eagle out there you go deal line. You go outside linebacker again you can't have enough of those guys held the highest paid player of the Philadelphia Eagles Fletcher Cox for good reason. Note those guys get after the quarterback and what happened what would make that defense absolutely 100% needed to make a play to win the Super Bowl what do they do. They got to Tom Brady. You know so and that the cheese were doing that this year not for what their painful. When you got hobbled the other side was in office frank some nice NFL player and a good career he's not a starting outside linebacker 34 he got millions of quarterback and and Tom posse is not there yet and I'm not sold on before I have essentially given up so if you've got that cap space. And evil got a handful of draft picks this year you've got a chance. You know because a look at the projected cap space. This offseason browns at least right now 110 million Kohl 77. And the tenth. The tenth best team with cap space right now the lines of 44 million and the chiefs are on that list but they will be. Because doubts that they can't go to trade can't go public until mid march so third to have the money. They're gonna have a picks I talked about for the top. Ten defensive lineman in the national football this year National Football League this year were drafted after the first round the second round or later so you can go get it. You know what you got until he got to get right. And the better get right Bob Sutton two that's the other factor or keep it Bob Sutton. So is is it personnel which is what you read seems to think it was was a personnel issue was the coordinator issue if that's the case that no Morse uses for Bob Sutton I just look at. They available resource is that they have jobs he traded their first round pick to acquire Patrick Holmes so that's all the books. They got a second round pick they got to third round picks. I would say you're adding passing you know as a draft pick who didn't give you anything last year who told was a project and look to the future. I know they entrapment when he eighteen if you got the from mid 20s17 he'd told me was a project. He kept the draft pick to be this year that the expectation is gonna be he'd better be on the and he better be a productive player. Talk about the pass rush and I'm the past is what a great next last year. But we also talk about the chicken or the egg and catch 22 are also going to be much better quarter. Rhetoric Mark Peters I think as the top twelve quarter quarterbacks in the NFL general Fuller at least pro football focus tells us. He's the top quarter in his position and you are adding a piece like aired bigger. I don't know what's gonna happen but the course of the year with injuries were not. But the goal in the NFL. I would say is if you're not gonna be a league quarterback the way the the way the patriots are the way Green Bay is a couple of the teams in the NFL are. He really good in a couple of different areas I think she's going to be good enough offensively and it was a quarterback at. There's often not is not gonna struggle I think holds a town that enough I think that any can scheme I think they'll find a way for him to be successful. They can run the football they've got all the weapons in the world you can not placed into a better situation in the one home's gonna be placed into and we agree they're not asked while homes to carry him next year. But never Alex care. And I asked him hold next year to go until forty touchdown passes. Five touchdown pass next year we can live with twelve interceptions that is gonna happen when being young got which you got to get better defensively. And you've got to use this team's resources of sit around looking at the Eagles. And the Eagles miss the playoffs last year you can put together 34 players whether it's in the draft pinprick are appropriate and seek. Add into the piece that you got. There's no reason why the chiefs can be Eagles and 2018 with all the resources that they you can argue that you. That that the G-7 better quarterback situation going into this year than in the Eagles did last year I mean Carson Wentz was originally North Dakota standing. You know pat bombs a year in the system in the same room when Alex Smith and an eerie. So yes he is going to be essentially his rookie year playing but he's been in the system were Carson went was. What I think she's a really good opportunity. I I'm picking his team at least right now. I discipline. At the chiefs are playoff team. Coming up next I'll tell you what Vegas has to say about tomorrow's KU Baylor game as we transition talking college buckets right here on the drive. Coming up and sit minutes it's the biggest stories of the day he would city coming up in twenty minutes we'll catch up which Jeffrey Flanagan and mlb.com. Before he heads to his surprise Arizona we ever earlier check out the podcast page six in sports dot com. Also available on iTunes we had to say goodbye to burn. And you're done. Everybody's guys are deflating it would join us coming up at 510 right after the gets to a we gotta say the body into. Yeah flick it down on early Sunday morning and at a surprise I. Got a text from a lot of my contacts that surprised any doubt he's already there till we re aired on their put in work. No ads RD down there what you do is already delegate after stuff he's doing everything in his power and I did treaties like and working harder than. Everybody right now Doug had a bad stretch and he's doing every day yeah. Did that he had. Fell asleep in the Burger King drive through my daily he was pretty active on social media when his name was eleven straight touched. At 65 million guarantee he needed to get there early you know to get stuck. I just saw this pop up oil in my time line I want to share with you guys that I can't believe it. Kansas. And Baylor tomorrow. Is they pick them. If you're not too familiar with gambling terminology I understand he gambles lives in shambles but it is a very simple up pick. Is no points a lot of times what happened with gambling spreads is it's a Pulitzer K you'll be a minus five point favorite. Got a break that down for you minus five means you're betting that case you will win the game by five or more points plus I would mean. If you're taking Baylor in the scenario plus five means kids went about four you win money or obviously Baylor with out right you obviously when money. Baylor is the ninth place team in the big twelve. They are four and seven in conference play and there are fourteen and an overall they are in I T down. Kansas has got to be a two seed probably in the midwest. They're eight brewery in the big twelve and nineteen and five overall. And they have been a far better road team their home team so far this season their only home loss was on the road to Oklahoma who in my opinion I think bill I won't say through the game owls they purposely lost the game. I think was willing to lose the game for the greater good in in my work with bill got the book without he shot free throws. If you're going to tell me. Given the dominance I've seen in case you in the big well specially wrote in a stork. You're going to tell me Jewish trade up mortal I think is going to win Kansas or fill in the blank big twelve team. Just picking kid has to win the big twelve game has been in your favor. I would say I would pick Kansas it was Bill Self against any team that's got through coaches and means Dodgers threw into iTunes can you at Baylor. April 11 straight over Baylor now the one thing where Vegas has this right here a little bit. The last five games gave Baylor played have been decided by six points four points five points two and three. So I think Kansas wins this game strictly because of the coaching. And I've seen Baylor teams and a dollar mortality but he can't Kansas. The fact that it to pick him. The total Vegas thinks about KU I think Vegas is count on board with me on hundreds of basketball team that is the side Britain and is severely flawed team but it was pitched really good. To be fair though it's also the opening line excellence at Simon's point I was gonna make you case you was only one point favored the day of the Oklahoma State game obviously lost that they were one point favorite yeah did they got that's so heavily that's seven and an. Am sure so right now it opens up a heck of I'm one and that it is not going to be a bit of a very long and people like me like Al yeah since I am running into the casino to battle in Kansas with no points against one the second worst teams in the big twelve. A team it's not making means it it would turn so why wouldn't Jess about the timing goes up to use a three and a half and you'll fort app what favored the which. Right it does say maybe right now where public confidence our biggest confident in Kansas which I don't. Really understand given the road component. It has been a good team and they have found a way to grind out victories whether it was that West Virginia whether it was that case state edges. It sounds weird is given how inconsistent with cage he was going to be I'm not sure if Baylor is the team that trips this case you team. History says no that that that's not gonna happen but you have to remember that in Lawrence we Baylor had a lead late to get a job on officially get the the boards Kansas zebras got Baylor that you're ridiculous that drove into the lane. But I mean he got it all cavity search when he went up for lab no call only in the does that scores you'd never looked back late so. You're telling me that at home and Allen field house yeah it was a questionable decision that went against the road team yesterday helped the home he went against exactly what I saying I mean that's shocking here I believe I have had to take my my case you glasses off. And the light my crimson colored glasses off when I'm looking at the officiating. In out field that was the first time that's ever happened in the history in that building and that's all ability it can tell you a lot of hours at this fecal against K state was right on. You know I mean that was what I was told by the book so you know. But also a eBay legitimate chance to decade when Lawrence and other at Baylor I think everybody the big twelve. At least right now there is the teams that are facing kids I think the Philippine got a shot. You know if they can go that medal hurdle like they were playing Kansas. Mean the political mistake did that in Lawrence I mean like. But if if you can is if you can just come away all the history and all stuff with K you when you play him this year this team is not the kid his team that we typically see. It's weird to say. That Kansas State in Missouri are really in the exact same place for the rest of the season. Missouri is over 500 in the SEC now would there winning its Mississippi. Kansas State is over 500 they're winning its taxes both teams have the same path I think to get to the tournament to take your home court. I don't think the expectation for Missouri at this point is to witty more road games you don't need to win more road if you can finish with a winning record in SEC play and you go went potentially one game in Saint Louis I think your firmly in the NCAA term. The exact same thing for Kansas State all you've got to do now let's take care home you got Texas Tech tomorrow night you win that game. Articulate case it winds and they don't that you elements favor. I mean that's like also should send Bruce in Manhattan Frieden thank you know of cases to the extent that this tech is really good. So Texas sect travels to Kansas State tomorrow. You're remaining road games for Kansas State is at Oklahoma State at Oklahoma. At TCU. I don't know of the expectation is for you to go on the road and win the Oklahoma State who I think is pretty pesky winked at Oklahoma why I think it's gonna be a five succeed in the NCAA tournament. It TCU what the case is better than but pass you on the road still trying to fight for their own internal lives themselves. And wrote a simple if you and seeing games in the big twelve I think you get into the tournament there's gotta take your your home games remaining home games against Texas Tech. I was state. Texas and Baylor if you've finally went home games and maybe you'd win one in Kansas City just like Missouri I think you make the NCAA tournament you just can't afford a problem he's home games because they knew were forced in my opinion to have to steal one of those games on the road. Than gonna have to win at Oklahoma or win at TCU. Which I think it's feasible at least when it comes TC US is not a position you wanna be into insure yourself on the right. Side of the ball I would think that if K state beats Texas Tech. And if you got off the number seventeen in the country. Decent chance to get men like that like get him off the ball that they can and have seen it lose the remaining games after that but I mean they would on the road to be taxes. And if they can beat the seventh ranked team in the country at home on Saturday you don't think that locks him in. I mean at this thing and they say it's an app. Average team did Padilla is going to be strong it was given the fact of anything can happen resulting in a forty on the messaging at the height to predict anything with them. Honestly don't look at their schedule if you take care home court they get you to gain in eight and big twelve play I think that's good enough there. Another wrote in the rest you don't want another game with Graham would retain the city the big twelve tournament. Has got to take care home court that you got a tough test against Texas Tech. Who's one of the ten best teams in the country but that's the situation you put yourself in just take care home court coming up in two minutes. The top stories of the day gave the city plus we are joined by Jeffrey planning coming up in about all the at ten minutes or so its drive.