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Friday, February 9th

Our Royals Insider Josh Vernier joins the guys to discuss the latest on Hot Stove news. Plus, we go through some over unders for the 2018 Royals & today is one of Fanning's favorite days of the year. 


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Coming up in fifteen minutes we'll plate give us prop Josh Byrne years we will give his opinion on some of the player crops involving the royals but right now we're honored. Please delighted and happy to have royal insider just very here in studio for the next thirty minutes the Fella. I'm not gonna get to look into your eyes for the next 678 weeks if you're gonna need those time. I'd definitely is not the same you know now I can keep you adapt you know I mean I cannot say it would ago. Are you get really up for seven weeks yeah start packing. I'm the dude it's. Would accidentally get like three pairs short she got about five. Follows with wing sauce things on. Yet that grows that he what are they together. Yes yet did you sail onto now. Okay throw a few of those okay and also at socks are good known that he would play catch with announced here unfortunately it means birdie seal play catch. Is that you ready for the season Edwards Edwards eyes that would give him an aunt who's going to get fatter and accidentally get a dead. So girlfriend now unlocked and are dating that's why we're out. Burned we we started the show at this that I wanna get your opinion. MLB trade rumors predicted that like we sockets was on a five year 85 million dollar deal at the end of the regular season. John aim RS at the end of the policies. John payment of being rec sports we all agree one of the most respected baseball voices out there insider we've all talked to avoid met him before. He is as plugged in when it comes to baseball's anybody else he birdied five years eighty billion dollars. Most exciting getting close to that number. What's happened what's changed most hasn't changed. It's not like we learn something between the end of the post season and today that now would scare you lost my sockets what is changed with his market. First off I would say V. Availability. Third baseman via trade. Evan Longoria. Echoes are it was a shortstop but he's going to be the third baseman for the angels. Flirting with Josh Donaldson. All three of those players are. Either batter. Or cheaper than signing my stock is I think that's a big part of it there because going into the off season the giants. And the angels made too much sense they able to acquire again Longoria and close respectively. Odd number two. That's. New CB day. Hat is the qualifying offer not only does it mean you have to part with any prospect. And and moos is case the contracts likely to be more than. Fifteen million dollars for the royals would reap the benefits and get a compensatory pick between rounds one and round two but also there's international pool money. Tied into it as well also the Yankees wanted to sign with stock has not only would they lose a draft pick they would also have to part with. Half a million dollars in international. Money. That there are able to spend. On. Top flight free agents outside of the United States like 5000 dollars like nine players when you really think about it yet I mean when you think about what you know and and so I'll be a lot of those guys sign for that would your down between granderson thinkers. That's the same thing with the New York Mets he Sudan of going with Todd Frazier I do think that that. Luxury tree tactful that's a big part of it is well as if the Yankees were to sign Mike the stock is that would push them even more so over. The luxury tax and they'd be penalized with international. Pool money at all a lot of nerdy reasons why moos is getting hurt. And right now moose and hounds they're just not many openings around Major League Baseball at third and first. Fame made this point yesterday about if they owner was aggressive in really wanted to be a big spender free agency become a team could construct. I kind of looked at it through the prism of and duking it a lot of really good role players who were may be desperate right now as the season has started a contract you never thought he'd Egypt for my sockets I told royals fans on April 1. You can lock like we stock as of right now to a three year 39 million dollar deal or to your 25 million dollar deal. Like that 90% approval assign my sockets while. That this loss if it's not gonna be close to the dollar amount all of us thought he was it. Because they're trying to get payroll right below 110 million dollars if you bring back Mike was doctors that means you are going to get rid of you are just going to lose. Chancellor copper or you're gonna try to trade him and get pennies on the dollar disease out of options he's. Not going in work opportunist than any kids in the back to the minors and that was retro. So if you bring those back not only do you say goodbye to chancellor copper but you also now. Say all right how are we going to offset. That money if indeed we're trying to get below 110 and while to bring in Mike the stock is means we get rid of copper means we get rid of Hammel and Herrera port Duffy or someone along those lines. Two years sure I don't know how you get upset at two years of my sockets. Four plus years that's where you start to worry. About what he's going to look. Let me ask you this question in this is the one that I can't quite figure out. So the royals. Our pitchers shouldn't Hawes and reportedly made and a seven year offer. In the range of 140 depending where your tour but this Saint John is Dayton is said and written in plain speech that he wrote on. Royals Collins talked about first base options do. The Dayton says if they sign guys like that they're gonna have to shed payroll so try to figure out like what they're really trying to do. You know so if they sign high as it sounds like the royals got to make you know a flurry of moves of trades to shed payroll. I don't I guess I'm a little bit confused on what they're actually trying to view. They drive they want us back to try to rebuild around evidently do that they got to get the payroll down solo which means you lose other guys are. Yet they're rebuilding they're not tanking tanking would mean you don't bring anybody back you don't even talked Eric house because all we're trying to do is just got everything at the big league level. And build up of farm system at two plans 1001 hour to I don't know. Well in in conversations were Dayton what I gather is. He doesn't subscribe to the just tanked just say yeah how what the season which all of them right. His desire and the organization's desire to bring back Eric Hosmer is a reflection of the intangibles of Hosmer what he could mean. To the minor leaguers what he could mean to that TC emblem around the country what he means to kids in the city what he how well we put it this. How he can still hold a B organization and putting good face on a 72 win season. I think that's the kind of investment that the make we're willing to lose. Now we may lose with or without Costner well we'd rather lose with back guys are phase that guy showing every other. Man inside that clubhouse here's how you shall open go to work. They don't believe and I think correctly they don't believe. That there is any. Better way. To groomed this new generation of royals. Players than by watching number 35. I don't know. I've asked you this question before and I have certainly apologize. Constraining makes that point Steve Stewart was here he made that point busy god made that point of fever made that. Does this team have guys like that on the roster like. It's not like it's 2014 you've had James Shields wouldn't go on your team at one at a high level Jane issue with the guy who pitched a World Series been to an all star game. He was we got to show you the ropes. I feel like we use that same argument for them to bring back to outscored him. Yes I mean raise I would say is one of those kind of guys Duffy was on a World Series team Guerrero was World Series game it's not like this team is devoid. And he went down to those guys are Hosmer look Korda to me he was brought back. Not only work ethic shore. But the royals thought they could win again in sixteen and thought they had a chance in 2017. You know what maybe will. Overpay for Alex Gordon in the back half but. Will overpay because we know that guys still going to put his best effort forward he's still going to work in lead by example other there's no one like Hosmer. But is it Salvi a tremendous ballplayer and a solid leader no doubt but. Selby can't reach across. Everyone you know Hosmer has away. Not only leading by example but being that verbal leader be an act diabetic. You know a younger player can complain too can cry too. I can turn to. For advice. Hosmer has a way to reach across not only pitchers and catchers in every day guys but also culturally. As a way of reaching across those lines while the. That's sort of things are brought up in the guys bilingual you know he any hint he can relate that to Latin players as well as as the American colors red green and highs I guess. Maybe make it look the way for you know. Johnny auto worker to look at it is. He's almost like a player manager but not a manager like he's he's in a management position but yet he still players that accurate. You act kind of police the clubhouse for the most rite oh yes OK you're going there yes yes I doubt that Tom like that's part of the job like yeah. She's not only is he is subordinate as a player yet at the same time management roles yes and in conversations with Whitner field. He says that when they're all in the clubhouse when Eric Hosmer walks through everybody looks. Everybody notices went Hosmer gets to the clubhouse everybody knows when Hosmer leaves his locker and goes to take. Whether it BP on the field or in the cage. They know what customers looking at video. Everyone inside that clubhouse knows Hosmer every move because that is the bar that's how we all are supposed to be working. And if you're not working like that you better be looking internal. A lot of brook which downside of it because you got it on. I'll listen Dan Patrick show this morning there at Pebble Beach for the pro am and they were doing an interview with the Clint Eastwood. And they are laughing after the fact it's like Coca clincher when we can't the issue in this water like everybody is like they were worried about what he thought. And I feel like maybe Hosmer sort of has that sort of presence that like you don't want to disappoint you did you know you care what he thinks of you as accurate no doubt. No doubt I would. I mean I can I was there on pudge Rodriguez in Detroit yet that kind of effect on these younger tiger teammates. Brett Favre had that presence when he would walk through. The locker room in Green Bay yet those guys are few and far between shields had a little bit of that with the pitching staff when he first came in but yet not many guys. A man that kind. Respect and that kind of aura in the locker room right now. We're talking to Josh burn your royals insider as he joins us in studio for the last time at least. Prior to the regular season you're gonna be a surprise or heading there on Sundays or catch I would just are up next. We wouldn't give us props we will get burns opinion on some player props regarding the royals taught him baseball adjust for your right here on the drive. Back in on the drive. Catching up with our guys just burner as he prepares to head to surprise Arizona sheriff Lanny will likely be on the show today at odds and we catch above him after the hits. They can accurate summer it was before the international. Money I was talking about it and that's not tied to the qualifying offer that's going luxury tax. I know nobody cares but I would be able to sleep. Yet if that would stand. In noticed that some black got some black. Actor now I need to look at this weird thing on my face and a man who knows. It says to get into this and we'll get to the player proper claim cures or you stand on some player provinces. Do you think free agency can start with now Hosmer or JD Martinez signing a dealer Jake present attitude I'm sure you saw today about low remorse. How the royals kind of had a continues to play in case how does sign. I don't think there is a way that the royals go to Hosmer and say we need to know by February 20 the recital remorse and they will wait until. Eric Hosmer is in a another teams uniform before they give up but don't like free tickets are in baseball until hot JD Martinez but in the pad. Yeah I agree because moves and Holland. Are. Slaves to. Hosmer JD because they are all represented by Boras just like. I think area right now is isolated you'd garbage because until the army assigns that's gonna be sent the market for Jake here yet another team could comment and polyps. Logan Morrison but the royals yeah they're not doing anything at first base until laws make that decision I completely seated unease this question how much you think Jake here. Area I still think he'll get five years. Twenties some odd her I was gonna ask of the royals to steal in the news at five years and I realized they were asked eulogy there and that's why apologize for even thinking I was just a question like I was joking yesterday for a few like Al Davis or Mark Cuban and a Major League Baseball team. It is forty mile an open of the pocket book like this that you think the additions that they can. It and get this money. Owners are willing to hand out to 125. Million. But they're just Leary and GM of the luxury tax earlier that year four year five years six. Three years at 245. Per. I'm sure that's fair for JD Martinez he could get 27 over three years 27 per but. Justifiably so they want the years they want. More money blame. I just can't imagine being guaranteed 75 million dollars to eighty million dollars of play baseball going back and saying hey I need more like that's just. The dollar and the mindset is just so crazy to me that it's it's it's part of myself that I can't you can't. And that's why you never compare professional sport in real life too geeky you think it's so what this'll backfire on the players and fan base. Oh if if it comes to a head the players always lose because I know how much air counselors made in his career. I don't know how much mr. glass made off with the royals last year. Right for some reason. Fans. Now in this case it is the players' fault credit they signed a CD I it's on them so I'm not trying to defend them right now normally on the players side but but in this case. The players always Wear it because. You're playing a kids game yeah making millions of dollars. Forgetting apparently the fact that the guy that signs that deal has enough money to pay them millions of dollars in baseball has made money. Set revenue records for now. Fifteenth straight seasons as senator much fan backlash yet and I'm wondering when that starts and I think right now the people that are truly into the disagreements between the union and baseball. Are pretty diehard baseball into it I think the average sports fans still. I've peaked about Patrick my homes in and talent to a. To get into a couple player props with you is we get you out of here just to kind of put something on record put pen to paper some I'm curious where you are on certain individual players. Let's start with the team. The first vague is over under I've seen for the team is at 786. And a half. Taken over or under for the royals I think that is about right for the royals. I'll say. I like that rotation but I have questions about the injuries also under. Are there rotation I think is that this team if they say how Andy's hamstring. And in the cards can stay healthy that's the other part. It's a good rotate I've got a healthy I get a sale under I get a sand and ultimately a question yet here I mean. I would say over and I think this team wins like 7779. Games like I think they're better than what people give them credit for. But I think. It's 76 and a half I think is perfect for the rose that's about what I want they are. They want eighty with the injury plagued rotation but it. On paper good looking off. Did you go to begin the twins are soon going to be. Now I commented like the way. To go on right now Allen scored at home runs fifteen and a half. Tell me that he's gonna break Lou's record this year so utterly need to ask you how big difference though as they honor under 'cause hopefully he's more of the ball fields in this year and don't think you'd trying to pull that many were you I know you I know you're optimistic whom gore. Like Welch when it comes to borrow. Gore does is is is Welch is alms but I'm. If if he gets fifteen home runs he's gonna back to two line. So I want to go to the other problem go away owned the truck stop trying to be China much easier three here. Yeah well for him I hope he's under that because that means getting on base more. I kind of regret my 79 winds of Alex Gordon is three hitter like if that's or Howard bat in the middle your line up is Alex Gordon. Yeah yikes port isolated to only four and a half. And I didn't know how to four and a half home runs runs to Vegas right now this under 24 and apple loans and or is this on some money instead put them down and he does all art is it does is this is Kansas City Hall runs 24. And a half I mean. Arnold runs for any royal. Ever so now on sale and that getting on I what confuses me about put code and maybe horn is a layer is the one player that breaks the system. There is really doubt on the royals. Tigers system QB really down on the royals the team but then really Ohio more easily or often. I as you said 45 the big number for any royal. And me ticket wanna I wanna hold a 21 home runs this year were all hat horn is a layers. Season any finishes under based on the go to player projects in 24 and a half home runs or god it was a borderline. Major League player last year's crazy I'm with him. Let me let me read this year to light when the code came out of the Rosalie and 66 games attacks planned the only way his reaction that is. And ease of Plant City is they base everything on offense is starting pitching. Not speeder defense or ball pins they always misjudged the royals right it's accurate that is back yet so like you know. It's gonna. And lately they haven't been able to factor bullpen and now defense right and again at 66 is this current team yet you know. That that that I looked at him and that has Miguel El Monte making ESP. And look I hope the best for meego but I don't see any major now speaking of big league start of Bubba starling at nineteen and half. This year in games played over or under for bubbles are under. All in for him but he's been through so much in the east questioned his love for the game so many times. A bull in form but if he kicked another field this year when it's getting on the view on sale over on this I think he hits a shot. I think they did say doesn't yeah eighteen starts yet. Imus radio run as his they didn't seven and a half million bucks and guys that are first round picks like that he got the perfect time before. Insert slot though the draft picks I think it's a shot this year he got promoted all this really deserve it still. That's a nice months I summer yes I give the shot I think he'll run well. I think he. I think he hits the over this year for the point I just made of if you can't play on the 28 team royals team at saint say you're not gonna make like I would expect Hauser Murti get a chance I would expect honored soldier to get it chains like. Those guys if you can't crack the lineup on this team that clearly is not their number one focus is not to put a competitive Major League playoff when he roster on the team. A winner you ever going to play because I mean. Review for other ways of Egypt when he 181920. Tony expectations in the fan base is going to be. Hey you told us those were the those were the lean years you need to start getting back to win and you can't didn't play bubbly if he's not ready and so. If you ready now he's never going to be ready my tail just believe it or not. 25. That's her obviate them low canes started figured out. Last wanna I wanna get into his with mayor field at his home runs in any half. Ultimate battleground I mean to me out pointed out that's so I'm spreading its colonial run. Yeah what you may nineteenth last year but he's cardinal law. I guess the question would be was Whitman air field lose. Was last year an anomaly season last year he had nineteen home runs he never showed that power at any professional level before alas he's taller develops. I'm guessing is a code at least they're projecting it's not like Vegas here now go to projections. They're projecting that he comes back to the little bit that I mean I would still take fourteen home runs air of the season. But just we talked about it during the course of the season he just never show that I mean he had two home runs in 81 games and only sixteen. Any hit nineteen. Season like any committed himself. To putting on more muscle heading into last season and that obviously bore fruit with those those nineteen bombs to me he's just. Too Smart of a hitter. And he doesn't throw away at bats to Wear just doing that I think will give him ten homer. Yeah I think he'll I think you'll get it I think you'll get there and when we talk to advances to recent listen. Much out of running away and good I'm trying to maintain right now that's worries that so. Burke thanks man thank you have a safe trip accurately as she apply. City and lecture honoraria. How many unique look at the industries have been into it's I try to go like one per week you know one. Pair of underwear per day per weeks I would go down like seven pairs and that's about any other tips on yet some. We'll do thanks guys I meant that I heard yet they today's issue of my favorite Casey I don't know if you knew this but it is and I'll take what we come back on the ground. Good. Would. But other about ten minutes. Got my. Game standings Valentine's Day tip yesterday. Provided for the fellas and and I just love letter template EU finance sixth in sports dot com today I've got another great tips he got to make sure that your Valentine's Day. Those wonderful wonderful. They'll work wonderfully I think wonderfully as lower. I just follow the lead on this thing and I'll take care you guys in and make sure this Wednesday and Valentine's Day. Were shut the way wanted to keep on saying I think you do when they. At times video today is. Today's national pizza days of my favorite days of the year. And they also happens to be. A day that accuses an excuse. That averages national pizza today gives me the reason to play when my favorite audio cuts and this is from I think it's a boyfriend. At a girlfriend I think they might both be liquor up. They're definitely both from Britain and they're talking about pizza and the size of. You're telling me that you order a large hole loyalties and you gotta calm pace slows it is because you couldn't be twelve. I. It all until today presenting judge that he could say that would let. How would this and it's terrible but is that really base load these be the same social drugs motions. On its common sense and it would everything's all. Right. A. She makes a valid point is boasting twelve slices in the giddy. But any twelfth Shia and I would just say common sense would tell you that yeah that it's it's the same pizza so I mean. If you just because in the two really big slices of possible same pizza sauce and chicken to slice it though. She can't well no very very tired I mean about the boy different explained it about as well he could explain NC. For some reason exists it just wasn't working with whatever you deal breaker for you if you had this conversation like say eight to. And you had this pizza slice conversation that would that be it. I wouldn't have your phone number anymore my poor if you could have figured out yet very simple math I didn't know that we reached our limit though where we can go in this relationship. Now let's say that along with the that's not something wrong with me sure it's just not a good fit for us ball. Yet it's on regular separate way gotta go yeah. All right this a good opportunity and national bee today cared to give you might and stuff like Keith pizza joints in Kansas City. So we know number one yeah absolutely it's not a close old Johnny B let's just give us through through the good old show you already know one bike got really big really locker room there. They grow up on the stuff that shoddy plus my wife's as the had a great gluten free. Men's tees another solid great keys to city joined right right down the street from my house. Never disappoints. And once again my wife loves the food free which plays a factor in all got to get the price cut. Yeah Italian delight balloons tied the light fantastic. Write your mission close to the station. My guy John over there moved here from New York he's dead and his brother started in his place classic New York style apply number three number four. Regional beats another New York, New York style pizzas that are out for a long time and he insisted he did at the mall. Oak Park mall is that number five this mildly chain seat I'd. Papa Murphy's elected taken I could well. You know. So that's number five I got a problem honorable mention to my friend grinder is always good. Is a grinder and OP there's one down in the crossroads terrific impeach a 51 also gets honorable mention. She slices and they've taken owns gas stations. I feel like provides this did you have to Bronx on your list I did not but I do like to Bronx did you have walled those pizza battle is an illness have been there if you have all our team goes speeds have not he and I talked about this break did you have a caddie shack pizza I don't know where that is did you have a fund announced pizza down there a salute to rate now I'd feel like it. Last closing out on an expo that you yeah. Since I've been all just give him my best and such CC's on the again this season. I think he's every damn accurate frozen pizzas appearance. Whatever until these pizza for enemies in the phones and tablet sauerkraut shrimpers. My guys. No disrespect towards top summer. Brilliantly should be invalid if you had pop homered and I'm never had Bob over I've had problems like Bob there wasn't one of advanced pizza plus scenes. I control. Smile reaching out there and control like that just before it's don't. Crosses little rubbery you can't say you're city is a good pizza city a popular thing your top us it's like my field. Imagine telling someone from Chicago you know it's in my top five little popular over here Heidi imagine being in the NYC in poplar mirth honestly without pause at the same thing I tell my life over in week. It's early to tell you what I tell my life but five cents on the earth and. Comes a little disappointing but I'll ads and as someone that's like me I love taco bells in my favor who graduated idea when I graduate has LaMont said. Ever food you more eyes that you Nolan. I want tacos. So. I would never have Taco Bell and my top five tackle played an engine is we did you agree to Google's pretty good though it's. The five dollar as oddball plays again it's an. It's amazing tacos are arrogant can you all the Harvey's thing that I really like it's it's like the spirits of the day to day. I got ripped the pepperoni is up the top four though there'll little bit of cheese. Couple other toppings like eat them raw you know fourth though in there like the experience do you think Papa Murphy's is is better than usual in arms. I do yet but it does your aspirin I just doesn't actually really yeah it's really too. A region this quote very quickly when it's your tip coming up momentarily this from John came in yesterday European exports that count. Quote Mike stock this doesn't have a readily apparent market. But word is he isn't about to giving it moves it 38 home runs in his walk year were birdies Jake area and it is too. The players were described by the agent of and others are free agent as this is the kicker dis allusion and even paying. Understand loosened jacares at a being anger remember when taker that was in the country negotiate with the cubs anybody was more like a 150 million dollars in that signed that deal. We saw the beginning of the show we talked about it but Josh Berger at the end of the post season. We believe that moos was gonna get a five year eighty million dollar deal. Well she's robbing a bank he is not giving it eighty million dollar contract from anybody out here. I understand that you would be quote disillusioned and even anger. What was stuck at had the opportunity to signing a one year fifteen million dollar console seventeen point four actually 71 or skewed you declined to seventeen point four. There's no way in when he eighteen he makes more than that no. He makes more than seventeen point four maybe he's playing the long game and at the short game with Baltimore met. But it is not without the realm is not let it ramble possibility that Mike we stock is signed a two year when he five million dollar deal or two year thirty million dollar deal. That seems very much and play for Mike. This like I think there's a hint of collusion out there I don't understand how players and their agents have missed so badly as a group. That's the part that's confusing to. Like how they all like no no age knew this was Gelman no player. Was aware that this was coming all the sudden they freeze out big money contracts and an end in their sick and tired of paying for the for the second. Second to last and last contract last year on a contract. Everybody this month's. Players and agents they Ole not console has come. Text on 69306. Lotta people are asking if you would incorporate Chucky cheese and fewer top fives on the phone a few days since you did put problem you had to Bronx on their man to change. That's a national chain that is in the that in to brought about a Oak Hill and no it's not decayed city it's the Bronx. It's thought it was like somebody here locally just started on the wrong and they just I didn't know this is an honest about it I know what it is really I learned something today and I'm always locations at around yeah look around the country out of the bunch I did not I did not notice. It's meant to you that you'll learn something new every. Day coming up next you give a short daily tips for men everywhere as we get closer and closer to Valentine's Day and I will help Chrysler Rouse and he is gone. And I'll give you Valentine's big tip and Missouri maybe it's a college basketball game date kind of I'll explain excellent draft. Coming up. 4 o'clock we put a good. Rather series would you rather a series been a very simple we have placed Patrick Holmes of begins. Other quarterbacks playing today we've asked a very simple question. Do you think Patrick Holmes will have a better career than quarterback yet. Someone like Matt running someone like Eli Manning is today someone like Tom great. We have done this series with Mike Welch with its own Patrick Holmes is any person I've ever talked to in my entire life so far he is taken Patrick Holmes over every quarterback we have thrown it. But today we get to the big always today we get sent a bonafide hall of famers we will see. We're a world statins on those guys coming up in a bad old four minutes or so. Missouri was actually on college game day yesterday Missouri has got to the point out that that's that's set before and Carol I'm talking about Missouri basketball. All NE as you know we have made it. Doesn't make you feel and all we made it yeah that's it's that it would get to that momentarily but as we do everyday at this time it's time to give you. Some tips for. That's right carrots in my standings Valentine's Day tips are. Here to help you last couple days out some solid and I think. First donated thirty eligible it revived eagle baked potato knock back seven game is better to do that we'll be able to get her done later that night. You'll get a sleeves that it got a sexy town that's not good I wouldn't advocate I wouldn't advocate you drinking seven Guinness is any need to let you know I don't get a team's awful so the thing is. Eat light drink to god you being did you. All right yesterday to check this out six in sports that com Obama Valentine's Day tips I gave him I love live and love letter template. Right it's basically plug and play nearly eleven beautiful handwritten note from a man he snag a sixty and sports dot com understandings bounds I state it. I'm here to help and today's dip is crucial. What's most important things that women want in the mayors to note that. You've taken care for others Arrington most women don't wanna self consumed our sister Gail loves self more than any details of the plan. Plus of course Rich's. In the put up so Alicia Bill Gates Warren Buffett on that level. You need to listen here goes. Go get against I understand that you're gonna wind died but before you do that do this. If she has a pet. Bring that had a small Valentine's. Bring little scraps and heart shaped dog. Is she's got a cat yet little smoky till. That way every time she Cesar pets she sees you. And this is next level so listen up if she's got a roommate it's date lets him down in the dumps. A friend will be home go to town on puck out of pocket Hoggan DOS. That are PGA she's watching an old book on Valentine's Day in her little something to do. If you bottle want to spend a lot of money though the goal here is for her to know that you care about those in need. And that's my tip for the days you can check politics tips on Valentine's Day on sixteen sports back. I just want to understand fully. It cued the music of can't I just wanna understand fully what you're typing is for the day you're tip. He's you have to bide her gifts and wine and dine her and made her feel important yeah and now we're treating Valentine's Day like Christmas. Ever it is out here spread out. They cheered everybody you got about her pet if you fly her whole girls just now if you are ever. But did you both. You don't want the other but she's got those wraps it all associates is that she loves you know and inform you that your dated a girl doll. Yes they love that tell me I never given their dog gift well before mines and down relationship and you don't understand it and if you just go above the B has been three bucks a PetSmart get a little. Generally it does perhaps a little heart shaped dog as yourself like that or getter calculus while you toy into that at the grocery store man. As she's got that roof made me get it's it's de list. This doesn't have anybody to life. She's worried about that person you took the time out of your day to give her a little bit a little something to make her friends feel good. So therefore you're not just that you yourself ever you're thinking of others man that'll pay dividends way to maligned program. Again all my wonderful Valentine's Day tips on sixteen sports that I would file. Isn't that what love letter to little handwritten notes your lady that and help and to be the perfect templates like a lot Microsoft Word. It invoiced to resonate is up like that they got templates not to tip of. For you and Valentine's Day note much that he's going to be bears and this includes efforts to go to foods that. Maybe your girlfriend isn't beatings and he doesn't. Solve this soon she eats cared so you know where you can get or cares that. Chain company. Over 135 and tenth. Also old line state code icon and they've got something for everybody in every single price range in the got a free Tom Ward's. That yields gonna expire those flowers are gonna die apple what you give her seeing company will last but out. Go see the great people though they are seeing something that's my Valentine's Day tip I don't have any other Valentine they'd set other than to go. Seeing them. Excellent 7875. And that's genius. When that I went three. Fanny who names that little smoky. It's of that is that looked a popular cat and that's where it came that I can. Coming up at 4 o'clock we will get into our conversation multiple Cummins studio we will continue our would you rather game yesterday. If you miss the and I don't know why you missed it because it was a great college basketball game going yesterday but both are great college basketball game. They are talking about Missouri basketball on college game lead it. But they're starting the rumblings that maybe Michael Porter is going to come back and play. I know it's different subject by. If you work to come back and why would like thirty guys Cleveland I was following you ever come is that maybe they want any like I don't much like that they do anything for Michael board to come back they don't want. I think they do I what is ailing for them he should fire his agent because it's happened. I I I don't know why I think they're good now. It depends on how good is I don't know that he can come back to be the Michael Porter junior we expected out of the gate. Babies come back at this stage of the season and it beats tentative at all that if you're Tonto Martin. How much do you play him. Like that that that's not that's such tricky deal I don't know if I'd do it if I were coaching them just because I wouldn't want to I would want to live with the consequences Novak about George the third time. I think there and it's got like terms gave it my way to game. I agree with the is that there's no reason for him to come back the list is not worth the potential reward. But it's certainly they would target they turn it over as higher rate as any team in the country like three. Internal dissent. Did he has no reason for the comeback that I. I didn't no reason to look at how did that much whether it makes it okay fine I agree with the holiday gift was quite good for him. If he's healthy and able analyst Joseph Gibbs wants to play. Did. Did Seth Greenberg. Who used to be a division one basketball coach would say I don't know how much Michael Porter junior could help loser. They start. Re. In the lineup he's telling me he doesn't know Michael Porter makes them a better in place people on the eve. What they had little walk on point guard because they didn't have anybody in Europe foul trouble. He doesn't know if Michael Porter would make them a better team this is the argument I don't understand about the why should he come back. If we're making he could injure himself again. Fair point every Irving came back the plate was though the number one overall pick. I believe Jolie and B was gonna play in case you had beat Stanford and I think you would've played the sweet sixteen. If that's the argument if you were fully healthy why did you ever go to college in the beginning. Something bad could happen is going to come out like if you. If you were barred him back. Always something that happened you get. So why not why. Why play college basketball that's the point if you're guaranteed top five pick like. Michael Porter was like Marvin Baddeley was like Honda bobbled dropped and picked what's the argument ends up like college basketball in the beginning. I assume it's experience exposure get better all that kind of stuck to those same things still plot a Michael. Yeah he needs to be it if he's healthy enough to play the apply. Get out there and help your team or this would not factored into be part of it and maybe I'm wrong seat that you don't know this better than odd bit. And his dad's assistant coaches Brothers on the team missile at times cameo at the chance to happen in the zoo right. Yeah me and he's also from Colombia last edited yet it's a lot of different things going I'd get but I think Michael was gonna play basketball this season the arguments for not playing a Phillip Davis always existed if your top flight first the only thing I can happen as you get hurt. Port with a top five pick without ever attending college yeah like. What was the benefits of going to lose or other than make money for adults. Let's say it was did experience play on national TV you can still get that same exposure now even though just a little bit later. Coming up next in two minutes we'll continue incomplete or would you rather series. Now it's time to get to the future hall of famers we see where we all stay at all Patrick Holmes we're coming up on the drive.