02/09 - 2pm - Hurry Up Hot Stove

The Drive
Friday, February 9th

The guys discuss how the currently MLB Hot Stove period doesn't officially begin until these two players sign contracts. Plus, what has this current market done for Moose & the Chiefs are setting themselves up to make a significant push in 2018. 


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A great pride get ready for the storm its national bee today. Shockingly high seas out once again got here. I think it's the first bachelor party of the year I've read it and enjoy my ticket buyers and on the other side of the glass they Phillip price. None other than. Jason gets I guess against say the producer of the open in which he. No we cannot call it the history of the open because he did not produce an open so we are happy to have. Baby chads here with us today a fun show go to get into your getting you in the spring mood. Of the season with Josh Spurrier will be in with us coming up at 3 o'clock. You'll play a little give us props we could see. How high all of us are on the royals I guess in Tony eighteen plus. For the show Jeff if wedding will be on with us in the 5 o'clock hour. To get you ready for the start of baseball season. It is crazy to think that spring training and baseball. Starts next week yeah but that's where we are with the Kansas City royal that's how quickly this offseason hands. Kind of flown by in house what was also moved to as the royals. Have really been in a holding pattern. Since the start of free agency Mena. Willie all that is their biggest moves so I was slightly out it's even bigger than a tablet thus it is just Smart not let this happen this royals lost now. They have first baseman right now you know it's funny that reached out to an agent contact of mine. Earlier this afternoon and I essentially ask him. You know if you can describe in one word or sentence like what the feeling is between free. A free agents and agents right now what it's like I suggest you give your word and it sends any any text back he said that he has. I feel really bad for the third and fourth tier players who can't get work because of this match and I think we all agree. The third fourth tier guys are are are the ones that are probably screwed in this whole nest national. And then the name that. Is on the top of that list at least for me the royals fan and being Kansas city's drug Dyson there's a legitimate chance that he could have a contract. Or he has designed some sort of minor league deal for nothing this guy's a fifties around rapid it. Buses ask at six years in the bigs got to free agency thought it was gonna get paid and it's those guys that may be the one's left standing when the music stops and armchair. There was a sweet today from Jerry Krasner can be ESPN if you were a baseball fan Medina following you should be doing so. The tweet reads as follows a couple Major League Baseball executives think Logan Morrison a Kansas City native has his eye on the royals as the landing spot. If Eric Hosmer does not return honored those are currently tops the royals first base depth chart. Logan Morrison and Luke is due to an royals fans are very familiar with him are among the bad still available in. These reject president words not mine eight painfully slow free agent market. It does feel like Major League Baseball is a little bit in a holding pattern right now. Free agency in Major League Baseball at least four position players. Cannot start until Eric Hosmer or JD Martinez signs. Which one's gonna be the first to jump I don't know which is gonna be the first to put pen to paper and officially agreed to contract. But the royal. Not doing anything they're not making you move until Eric Oliver makes a decision they will hold out hope until the 49. Minute and 592 of the fifteenth minute the try to get air house to come back to Kansas City they're not a silo remorse and until they know what's gonna happen without. I don't think the royals. Are going to try to bully Eric Hosmer are priced Posner and we need to make a decision by February 15 or remove it on a little remorse. They've made it pretty clear I would say this entire process the guy they want most and free agency is Eric Hosmer. So free agency can't really start in Major League Baseball so those third of sports to your guys are talking about. -- remorse and I would count the third tier guy he's not signing a contract until we know what's gonna happen with Eric Hosmer that's at the state we're in right now I'm based. Yeah I just flag it for a mile royals icons can join us in a 5 o'clock hour tonight. If he tweeted got Il it was mailbag is Twitter mailbag yesterday. And you wanted questions from the fans and one of the questions to him was are there going to be any surprise signings for the royals these and I think there's going to be one or two. But all the way to be able to confirm on what that means. I've no idea what that means. Maybe it needs hogs. Maybe it doesn't mean it's moves into his Logan Morse and maybe Zach got a what you see dot. Top of Martinez shot I think that's when everything happened like those guys are the dam and once that dam breaks and all the other guys have a chance to side because they're gonna set the market I just don't know. No Albert does what would be a surprise signing for the royals I'll get a lot of credit maybe has been smoking beard maybe it's been kind of selling it to the fans to sell season tickets but the royals. Legitimately make me believe and they acted like it team that feels like they have a chi it's the sign or how I'm a red beginning of this process I thought it was a foregone conclusion. He was gonna sign a big market. Maybe the Red Sox are playing coy with Eric how they really want is wanted to lowers number but the Red Sox appear to want JD Martinez more. Then they want Eric house. I bought the Yankees could potentially be able with Greg bird they have really treated much of an interest in mission there hasn't really been much of an interest refers basement. The two teams we know or involved but the royals are scheduled for how the Padres in the oil's not necessarily the big giants we are now going to be creating a market for air out. The key is the surprise signing and I would be surprised that based on moves his surprise based on a guy like Jake area at this point I don't know how you can be surprised of the royals bring back here. I'll tell me in a dream big you are right and NC if we can figure out a deal towards a win win for the royals and for God's. And when I say that here's what I mean. If we were the reports that Osborne wants an eight or nine you're deal. This all though this out there. What is the royals at odds agree on let's say five at 135 almost like you Jimmy your copilot deal that we hear about yesterday. Right what do Wallace. It's five at 135 he gets 27 a year on average and then he's also going to be has the ability to be a free agent once again at 32. Oz gets his money. He'll have I think by the time that contracts of budget my math right about a 172 million in earnings over his Major League career. And at the same time he's like let's not get to five years you got over to any for the five. I'm I'll get a chance to come back we'll rebuild this thing let's try to win within this window and the same time I'll still be 32 on the tail and in my prime excellent chance to get paid again. I would wonder I wonder if possible agreed that dealer at least at least consider. Because to me he needs help a lot of money. More than he probably thought I was gonna make per year. And at the same time as a chance to bail be 32 and his free agency again I would say that's really he's. Ailing back only aired Hosmer and maybe not air Hosmer but Scott Boras who was the mouthpiece for dare not murdering think about it. It's not been very vocal and you see any shouldn't be U Penn Scott Moore the 10%. To go out there injection the big fishing ditching the big contract so the reports we are dating or the coming directly from clubs that are negotiating with air Cosmo or from the agency. We think Hosmer toward a nine year contract. For a nine year contract that's argued it's added 200 million that Boris body could potentially get its client but it is hoping started. I doubt you now signed a five year deal 435. Million dollars when it's reported a seven year 140 is on the table. And it was also reporting has been shut down now to Bob might yield that seven for 147. Haven't won forty is the starting point for Hosmer just for at least it seemed to be created the new benchmark for. If you wanna sign or how are you better come to disabled daughter forty million. Well you got a month you know what month and a half what's open ended march 31. To get a month and a half to get this thing figured out. And I don't. It they're they're played chicken with one another. Its owners. And its agents and who's gonna blink first and is as bad as it sounds of the owners have the they have little leverage in this thing. And you think fans are gonna go out and watch their team get excited for baseball if a handful of high priced free agents hold out don't play. And I think I think sooner or later the the players abdicated on this thing. And I think he'll have ramifications going forward on the downside on the contract that I just throughout their five years at 135. But the free agent markets gonna be like in five years maybe it's worse than it is now. And maybe that's why Oslo is the eight of the nine year deal. Because I'll guarantee that I get money and get it right now because I've no idea what the future of the game I'm wondering if that's why he tacked on the extra couple years because of that. The free. Mobile in my opinion is starting to burst. And there's no person that has been hurt more by the free agent mobile bursting them like we sockets. I was more so than rod guys that never thought Dyson was gonna get paid. My stock is we all thought was going to get healthy contract. I went back I looked it up this is what MLB trade rumors thought Mike was sockets was going to get in November. Five years 85 million dollars John payment in rec sports you agree one of the top baseball experts not baseball writers insiders out there he's like deal with the agents all over the place thought my sockets is gonna get five years eighty million dollars. Where's that he left for moves. What seems an arrest in moves as yesterday on the showed in the show you at a time assays. Tell me reports you read tell me that team that's went on the record with interest or my stock is legitimately don't know who it is. Most at the beginning afraid to nothing's changed between November and now. Like most got in trouble Ellen see it's a fix removes he's turned into Cecil Fielder like this what's happened over the last couple once at. In November would free agency first started. MOB trader was five years 85 million dollars Johnny Damon who I don't think it's someone that is randomly pick a number from my sockets in five years eighty million dollars. Mostly get close to that the Shia most gonna sign a two year 25 million dollar deal most assigned three years 39 million dollar deal. That's how this market has changed. In. Was always gonna get paid Yu Darvish was always gonna get paid. And a few years ago for your Seve two million dollars in the blink your eyes at that for boost our five years ninety million dollars or close to what the 580 was most gonna sign a two or three year deal for less than forty million dollars this market has really hurt those guys more than in. Get me I say like at least most gonna get to 142 and 35 guys like Dyson are gonna get anything more than likely chance done. Not third fourth tier guys you meet those dues to win. You don't you eat those guys to go play for you and and contribute. And those guys are out there should rosters in my opinion there's going to be a little younger a lot cheaper and a lot more. A lot less experience out there most showed me we agree that most notably this year and those will be a multi millionaire based on what what he wouldn't sign yet. I would guess someone like Jerod Dyson sunstone and what are your options are real. Like go get regular nine to fives that tells me you'll take the 500000 you'll take the veteran minimum show up in camp. Prove yourself grind any injury happens because the sports and then work your way back to fly like you had like. I would say more than anything those guys are just vote does breast more than they've ever had before like guys got to ask don't prove himself once again we're most. I would say it would just gets that was such a monster contract with due to years 25 million dollars not chump changer set up for good timing eleven a good life. Guys like Dyson and not now at a baseball there's placed the dice at the team's fourth but outfielder we're just seeing everything you push stalled for bad. Hosmer back you know five years ago what do signed his contract in in November would assign as Patrick December. Now he's not signing until mid February yeah threatening everybody else deals didn't push and that's why I say. Free agency cannot start until Eric Hosmer JD Martinez side nobody else to move. The position players and sign it's really just children's cocaine and has been a couple is that close are those kind idea Todd Frazier got his deal. Those deals in those is then go small and yet at the kings on a small deal yet but chain. Was the biggest deals aren't yet I would suggest that those would have been somewhere in the ballpark of what king got. Younger doesn't have the health concern maybe that Lorenzo Cain has Tate older he plays a more speed position that you could certainly see his skills declining more than I got the please third base. Especially like what was gonna sign the American League has moved to DH and moved to another position. I'm surprised that it went from moves to five years 85 billion dollars to both you and I think he signed it to your point by new. In dollar deal to let's not forget that urge the royals too because that site for fifteen and that's the order. Coming up next. Coming up next. I did not got a case of the mine I even thought coming up next switching gears a football. The change that they are that is to make a big push it a deed we'll get to the minute they let us. The driver coming up could soon. 38. Think he could be good for kids it was the big twelve in the regular season sounds crazy that this case that. We'll get to that coming up at 230 plus. Yes I am aware of the Michael brewer press conference so don't worry we'll talk about it we'll talk about Michael porter's press conference where he said and I quote. There is a good chance I'd come back to play this season I feel like someone on the show has been saying that IKEA. I can't really remember who's been saying that this thing is damaging things to the backer not at added. No he did not definitively give a date he just said there was a good genes that he could come back this season and counsel mark is talking about how he would be inserted into the lineup. Something tells me just like when John say it was look at reclassified. It could say it was like a wink wink nudge nudge. I think we have a really good idea what's gonna happen when Michael Porter this season but. In due time we'll talk about that coming up. At 230. This put a ball on this. Free agency. What's happened with the market. I am curious to see what Major League Baseball does and how they counteract it. Because it seems impossible to me that it cannot affect the product. Maybe the argument going to be spring training is so long now. But even if you get a guy like Jerod Dyson in the early part of march or Hosmer doesn't sign until mid February late February. Now with training now diet now with the resources these guys have they keep themselves in shape 365. That Hosmer does it needs seven weeks of spring training did you show up. What it does seem a little crazy to me to keep pushing the baseball calendar back when guys are gonna get signed acclimated to their team. They did in game playing shape and acclimated with their teammates Ed think you'll have no effect on the first month or two months of the base. All's not listen. Spring training is too long we've talked about this before he comes down to it's it's a revenue generator for teams and for the cities where these teams play eyes are now. If you make some money off of what life short back in the day and these dudes who were in warehouses spoken darts and it fat in the offseason. Now they they would go to spring training to actually get shape. They'll need that now what they do need he brought the game shape part of seat. Is that one of the things that really whispering trading especially before games start is that she pitches. Hey guys will stand in either a cage the duel on the field and Duffy gets his bullpen working and he sees a lot batter batter doesn't swing. They wanna see pitches they would get their eyes. Back used to seeing fastballs and sliders curve balls change ups and all those types of things he can't just step dad and sell it. I need you need three days as the spring training and a couple of games on literal as well works and you can do that offensively I think he would if you're in shape obviously can probably. I think defensively and he's still going to be tough to but. You've got policy pitches and get used to that again if you haven't seen that while you get to step edited 94 on the outside part of the play. Or 98 or a nasty car you've got to be a policy of pitches he used to that again and we'll have them. So we'll get back into baseball in just a bit at 3 o'clock Josh turner will join us studios will talk baseball with our royals insider. Talk about this with the chiefs is. The cheese are on the costs I think of setting themselves up to make a big push into when he eighteen to solve our listeners I'll say all of them are discouraged by the fact though. At least on paper at the erratically that she would take a step back quarterback got a veteran quarterback who at his best season. There's going to be an adjustment period with Patrick more homes he steps and you take a little bit a step back at the most important position on the field in the NFL. The chiefs are one off season away. From drastically changing their defense about the cap space that she's had just opened in two moves. They got red zero Revis yesterday cleared up four and a half million dollars. They got word of Alex Smith off the books who was who's gonna save you seventeen million dollars. Let's see what happens when Tom Ali. I don't expect him to be on the team next year or if he is it's going to be at a severely reduced priced so I think the Tom holly gets cut this off season. I think that Derrick Johnson gets cut this offseason surgeons and big money back. If you can find a way to make you restructure the contract of a guy like Justin Houston to free up more cap space the chiefs could find themselves heading into free agency. With 4045. Million dollars in cap space they're not Cleveland or you're not San Francisco that has all the cap space in the world. Make you go out at you can pick up a free agent or two or find some good mid level free agents. For 567. Mil part that you can do good in a hurry in the NFL the one thing we see about the NFL is it takes years to turn things around. The Eagles didn't make the playoffs last year that the twelfth the last foresees that when the Sun Bowl this year and it takes one off season. Getting a guy like Eric Berry back healthy but she's doing it good defensively in awhile and I don't think are gonna take a step back big enough offensively that they're still not gonna be a contender in the AFC aside from the patriots the patriots have been the best in the SE plus seventeen years. Your genetic bringing in the the pat homes got a new quarterback and young quarterback like Bridget in new pair of jeans that you know the the other to be comfortable at some point. Break him at little. Nice broken Entergy to get out and Alex let negative item or who Levi's 50 one's back in the day guys that had to you know I'm talking about. They need to be watched it be warned before if they fit just right. We don't this edge. What percent of the chiefs they're 27% of that she salary cap right now is made up. By a linebacker left tackle of restatement talking about Justin Houston Erik Fisher and Eric Berry. Three guys they get to 47% of the chief salary cap which sounds like a lot the good news is not a quarterback. If that she's too good DJ and Thomas helps him another nineteen million dollars. Nineteen. So you're up to forty million right there after you working in cutting out or trading out Smith and cutting Darrelle Revis to go another name. Dustin Colquitt to free agent they'll bring him back for that or they get him at the root reduced salary or go out. And let Dave told do his thing if he doesn't take the job at Minneapolis street offered in an interview Ford leads geez. There's another four. I think you could potentially free up more than what you got close to fifty million dollars to play. And your right. That's a lot of money is seeking to draft picks and deceit into to free agency to better on a defense because it also actually pretty good shape paper align. You like your skill guys Chris Connelly should be back. You know I don't know what's gonna happen without Wilson but I. This as much as high as one out Wilson. I'm OK if if the Marcus Robinson as that guy this year and I think he's got a spot you can fill. But Iraq would have to cap space dot net on a cap space issue. Tax on six nods reserve's 61 I'd take some of that money and go ahead and resigning guy like mark is beaters and guys like Tyreke feel that we know we wanna keep for the future. And are gonna have to play big dollars in the future they can't pay tire resilient they have to wait until after his third season that conversation is certainly gonna come at the end of the Tony eighteenth when he nineteen season. I can't imagine Tyreke still playing his fourth season under the current contract that he signed by now he's clearly outperformed his deal. I think they exercise this is your optional markets Peter that you could do with a guy that was threats the first round. I just don't know why you'd be breast assigned markets Peter is this offseason given everything that happened during the season. Let's see what happens next year nobody's pressing you if mark is Peter holds out he's gonna get any sympathy for fans if you holds out like that's how you win the whole game. Either the team can't coexist without you they won when he didn't play this year when you every suspended. Or there's enough public sentiment on your side that maybe makes that organization changed course. The public sentiment is not going to be our markets Peter's favorite he holds out this year it's not in any clothes on his side this year. Given all the stuff that happened view of the chase what would you wanna Marcus Peter yet. So continue to keep Peters has rookie deal is still got tired he killed his rookie deal or get back all this cap space. This team needs to make a concerted effort on defense. And I would say it through the draft and free agency. It sort re impact players defensively. You added Kindle Fuller you get Eric Berry back and try to get as defense near the upper half of the NFL and you've got a chance to make some noise next season. That is the highest paid player on the Philadelphia Eagles usual champions this Fletcher Cox which is defense tackle at a Chris Long in the offseason that was huge. Impact player for them so I'm with you they've got cap space port on defense. Coming up next you'd think losing the big twelve could be a good thing for KU. And Michael Porter junior spoke with the Missouri media for the third time this season we will bring you the best of that excellent drive. Yeah. Spinning election. It's. Gonna start my border. Who sent cold there is a good chance that he comes back to play basketball this season. Are you were take that it could be good we're seeing this to not win the big. So at this like to choose your own adventure yet it's a settlement and it's a. And I understand that. Maltego. I do think that there's a chance of the best thing for K you would follow me on this before he circular. The best thing for K might actually be losing the big twelve regular season here's like say. They've also can't seem to get detention of some of the most talented players right we agree on a division debating. When Gerald bit because Azubuike he calls out he has been happy with the week Newman at times. Sammy Sosa has played all that great is narrated ago. Problems and it's a crazy it sounds. The public shame of breaking the streak of thirteen consecutive big twelve titles might be the thing that actually makes this team better. Breaking tradition at a school at Kansas would be so embarrassing. And we'll stick to this group like a scarlet letter. We tattooed on the legacy forever analysts that when the big twelve tourney and make a run the big in the in the big dance this stock took them. What's the fact they end up losing the big twelve they get the reset button on this thing and they can potentially on the yet but Kate. They they broke that they broke the streak and when the big twelve. What did you see what they do the big twelve tournament and she repeated the big gains in a good example. Like the stock is in 2014. Was an example of a player that is needed had to reset button. And that what happened it he had to twelve with a regular season at six bombs fifteen RBIs in the post season at 303 in the World Series is to get that part out of there. I'm wondering is for for you if that's exactly what they need I don't remember a time when it took this long for Bill Self to be able to get through his team when he's talked about effort. And trying power even set it last week and he talked about as we got a coach effort he can't even get to the x.s and I was right. So I'm wondering if for a guy like Juqua Gerald Vick for a group like this. If they get embarrassed by the fact that they are the team that broke the streak beat Kansas if that fact doesn't help them going forward in the post. This is what's a little bit confusing to me a tip they don't preach losing alike taking only losing only a list. Maybe you can help clear this up from. I kind of feel like you've plays Kate you and a no win situation. If case you when's the big twelve jurors the it is still don't think this team is good it's a down year a lack of problems. You certainly will applaud that if they end up losing the big well now a parasite not a pack with a lot of back and they made you came in third in the big twelve great season. You still about you winning the big twelve because. I still think the big twelve is a great basketball conference we can all have our debates on whether it's the best conference or not. I certainly agree a conference that's going to scene 67 teams in the NCAA conference. Is a good conference. Is it better to win their conference or is it better have a better seed oral RC. We all agreed battered once you gonna Tennessee lineup that much of a difference it's better to be once he admitted to recede a bit easier first round game extender. It's not going to come in third in the big twelve artist innocence. I certainly wouldn't say fourteenth is it's better to be in third place in the big twelve in first place in the big twelve. I still think there is a lot of value in winning a very very difficult conference go to make a point that is the hardest koppers wood because you got to play every team Altman wrote. I guess maybe what's confusing to me is. You seem to diminish baby defeats this team would accomplish if they go through would give it all the same flaw that you got a question. I mean this if this team wins the big twelve. Depressed. About it because I think this might be. I think you make an argument this is big this Bill Self worst Kansas teams she's legally legitimate argument that. So. It if he's able to coach this team to a big twelve championship with this crew in this roster that's been roster that he has been. Listen I give credit for by the USD KE Fannie and honestly. The choice. It runs into doubly term when the big twelve championship. You know they tell you. Been there done that thirteen times macaroni instantly turn. Of course but I don't know if it's an either or situation is saying like Mike I hear is. Losing would be such a bad thing because teams individuals. That matter played sports if your business and your family whatever. I mean we're all notably motivated by different things liberal reason Bill Self can't figure out a way to motivate this group the way he's been able to do the past. And maybe. What you. Happy with the ski team at least aren't regular season and it just saying about when march but you can't when a march on February. Like. What makes you impressed with this take you to winning West Virginia you won't believe that impressed with that way. Present that way and it's all media. Mean I'd look the Gerald apple has had a Adams asked those guys put your hips and his somebody blocking out and out rebounding teams for one thing. Winning at home winning we're supposed to win that would impress me. You know mich light would go back to a sixth or seventh man right mark is Garrett stepping out. Like to see some progress from Silvia two so so I think that's a guy you need. It you know so they've got major debt that you guys have not progressed the way. We expect him to do that and about Billy Preston thing that's gone. But when you got its third year in your program like that we Gerald Vick and he gets benched with the ability. That he has he's on the bench because he doesn't put that effort that's a problem not good so that's why that's what I would like deceit that's really get my attention. Right kid graduates like you Bill Self Curtis Townsend and and that crew try to figure out how you motivate his squad because I am able to do. And more and word February 9 right now you've got seven games left in the big twelve schedule so that's why I'm saying it's the only thing that does get their attention. Is up to where the tattoo of knowing that you're the team that broke the streak. This audio is courtesy of the Kansas City Star is they were in Colombia today as a Michael Porter junior who has met with the media three times this year he met with them after the Kansas game. That didn't really happen because can you played a player that should have been playing now we see he received a lot of in eligible a legal benefits and Billy Preston. He then spoke one time at the beginning of the new year and he spoke today it is what Michael Porter junior had to say about a potential return this year to the hardwood. You. You know get better than they were goes ago. This. Mike I know coach kind of that he wouldn't be shocked to see you back I guess you just kind of said last night and there's still a possibility in me where it where you stand as far as the possibility of being able to play him. We'll all of those hello recently come into play. Until a great time wasn't. Did you lose focus. Of those that were that she's doing what every you know week or send me one seamless. Summer records are what's six. A little bit player. And Washington look to America. Deserved a date by which you kind of need to no you're going to be able to or not like I mean. You can play by the end of the regular season basically what would you come back just for postseason games. I'm sure we don't look at the games or so before yeah. Let's do it I'm doing everything here we're the art and popular. Just open the doctor since. When is the next of kind of plummeted cleared by enough to. It was six weeks two. Preserves them. What would blow that clearance to you. Why are we have their business and individual purchases of or. Hope that doctor. Lived here. To be some good work. I know it's. The fall. Into the tiny cancer pretty. Is there a possibility. What they've told them. Good news conference. It's. That are open this week dozens. The store full of our excellent home for. That was Michael Porter junior as he met with the media today to talk about a potential return to the hard. We all can agree and Michael or practice this year he's going to play for Missouri should have known there's no reason that it doesn't mean he's not planning on coming back he's been doing ever. Everything that would indicate to me he's coming back to play. He's been on the bench for every single game he's been on the road every single game since the first of the years he's been on the roads every SEC gate. He's doing everything that a player that is still invested in this year is college basketball season would do. I don't think anybody will fall Michael Porter if he just said hey. It is not work the risk I don't wanna come back this season I wanna withdraw from classes and go prepare myself for the NBA draft. I would have no problem when my four it's a good luck and hope that you the number one overall pick connection Brad and hope you come back to get the applause deserved for at least being a catalyst to turning a Missouri team around. It even though he's not on the team is still one of the biggest reasons why they can make target this year because he helped bring this team a lot of town. I believe that more once the play this season he's not talking like someone if if he gets cleared to play by the doctors he is going to decline plane yet oddly. Porter is going to be healthy enough to like he says next week or the next two weeks. He's got to go meet with the doctor he's cleared enough to do everything except practice we agree. In a week or the next ten days if he meets with the doctor gets cleared to practice and he practices with the Missouri Tigers. The expectation is going to be the Michael Porter is going to play basketball Missouri this year. Andy and I itself immune if there's no chance he's going to be out there of the back of the news is bad regarding his injury put them up there. He's not talking like you said he's on the bench he's traveling and that's a really really good sign if he thinks he's gonna get. If you think she's gonna get approved by the doctors and cleared by the doctors and next week sometime. So you're looking at. What maybe next Saturday at LSU. If that's the case and the I think you're pinpointing the Kentucky game that be the third the last game of the season. I think that would makes the most sense. I could see if he wants to come back the game before that the little miss at home. And non tournament team at. At home you'll be shower with all the love they can work you win will you be to play 1520 minutes just kind of get your. It's a basketball legs back on the back under you before you play on the road I can tell you a February 24. But I am now anticipating and maybe I am falling for the I think that Michael Porter will be on the court when they play at Vanderbilt and home against Arkansas two in the regular season. It makes all the sense in the world if you wanna come back yet. That you would play before the SEC tournament but it won't get as many games that they would like for Michael Porter played for the target. Hard to believe you could not play all season only played two minutes in your first game is going to be in the first round of the SEC tournament. I said this for now you've been here I've said this for three months I think Michael Porter got to play basketball this isn't everything. Is in the direction of him coming back the. I would I would agree with you now I'm with you on your side on that you know the two things I think you have to you have to think about right. He said he's got to be approved for contact that's the other thing. Right. I would really guard against because that's the thing that'll cost you money. If you get re injured when he come back that's gonna cost you money get a setback right think to is got a a couple of games before the SEC tournament. Do you think Michael port can legitimately handle gain you know what three days general played basketball games and you've got to be careful but I agree with likely back at some point. Regular season coming up next we continue our Olympic minutes feigning tells us everything that's been going on in the Winter Olympics next on the drive. Coming in this ten minutes we'll catch up just burn your royals insider is this is the last day that burn is going to be. In studio with us in a long time bird is heading to surprise Arizona. Hold spring training home you're Kansas City Royals so Vern will be joining us in studio at 3 o'clock talks on for a lot will play give us props with some royals player props. Coming up at 315. For most Americans and most of the world the Olympics starts tonight you can catch the opening ceremonies. Today on NBC. But they have already started for burial branching. That's nice but that's again a team gets that for the music while the clock right now for sixty consecutive Olympics but in the year ago. Lost my spot already lose in times CNET. Is that I hit my mouse. All right first headlines stay ready so you never got it under 101000 college in Canada at the Olympics and fortune that's 340000. Fewer rubbed off anyway. In Rio this summer games headline number two Donald propaganda job impersonators. Were kicked out of the Olympics opening ceremonies after taking self is with fans impersonators were American musician gets out some Australians is named our. Jamaica the women's bobsled team it's the first and the Jamaican women that bobsled team the men went to the winter games in 1988 were coached by John Candy. And finally the two degree weather didn't stop to get black bear eat it too hopeful to flop. For reprise his shirt was oiled up entrance from the real Olympics he did or didn't. Switch from Taekwondo cross country skiing FYI the average temperature at target is seventy Judy you're. Yeah I did mention the opening ceremonies are tonight on channel. He sounds like you play safety for the Pittsburgh Steelers could very well say is able to data to love the flip flops from behind her by him and I was he's the shirtless oiled tong and that was the flag bearer of from the real Olympics he switched from Taekwondo. To cross country skiing that is too hot file full of law can you imagine being that athletic immense skilled that you can go from Taekwondo. And now being an Olympic levels year has got way too many ability that's what I want to work in the nice little fact that the average temperature in Tonga is 72 degrees meaning. L scandal and so on and so I would assume that the competition the other cross country ski team. Is not that difficult. You also qualified media like in Jamaica me an idea and the bobsled do you read it in a movie about it since they did a warm weather place now that you signed up for the bobsled team that's got it just didn't of the Olympics is an accomplishment so congratulations. Hit 2 o'clock to two law -- is equal and the Eagles jumper from Britain OK I got it. From item and I did I really impressed that she game announcer guy I don't think your pronouncing his name correctly does that settlement aren't you know based on how many syllable. Limited. I this has got to protect dude I have no way to say if it's right or wrong like you can try to sounded out the best the durability and get close I don't. I would just the law of averages insulting and a seventeen. Syllables and. I've never seen more tees and guy's name and more he's an ass in the guy's name before his name is it. A lot of lot of flaw tough. So you're saying it would confidence may be pages and it correctly you know you're not seen it with the confidence. I think it would what's the L what's on the agenda for this week I see a lot of people yeah you beat you don't like what I got. No response from the last night when I say you the still shot when I was watching the Olympic. Men's downhill training runs I got no response from your ice. If it's not the gold medal Olympic game yet for hockey. Or the figure skating you're out I'm not watching I'm not that interested in the Winter Olympics they've really for me. I think the most awkward event that there is the two man luge. And have you seen any of that stuff very awkward doubled its land on each other known eighty miles an hour to customize. Eighty jets if you can hit you with five minute. I saw this or not today but some hotly was in a little bit of a crisis. I'm holly at some holly 91 so I woke up to my wife. Mercedes ML 350 stolen downtown Kansas City and Westport to be specific. If you seat please report thanks. So Kansas City was actively on the hunt for Tom Holly's car. He then gave us an update thank the lord. Update that car is it warns Burton Missouri the embrace aunt came to. Shattered occurred hours later thanks everyone for the car has been found by the police. He's worried about Thomas Anderson I was worried about debt Mercedes in bill read fifty I think it get. Maybe that is all I work out lift them Z so it was gonna do as someone who. Too many times has come back outside. And seeing my car missing I know this year that he lived with now. How was your are missing that's the entrance it was stolen I have got my card told so many times is not bonded like him to the ballpark numbers. 78. Like a hundred bucks to get it out of all all hundred bucks an hour. Colleges and I don't know. 300 or. The city so. I don't. And hope they can hook it up to your car if you could be stuck in a ditch right now. Coming out so hook your car. For less than a hundred dollar and yes. Duck out here and there's not too bright and hit anywhere with a hundred dollars now and stuff you don't have done. You can conclude the minute today but I've admired Clark told the more times you can imagine. I've got my card so because part mystery in my tag we're expire in I got my card so one time heading into the show. I got a flat tire on highway. One. The show was about this there was like 130 I was like five minutes away. Hurry up get to the show so I had our promotions guy men come pick via he'd that we do the show. Like a dummy I wasn't trying to do with my car I didn't go back after the show to try to get my goggles on there so I wrote gone. So exciting fun. Got my masters in my car Toyota here. It is much city did you spend on that. If it's 3300 bucks here three grand in the hole and got my reform idea someone in my entire life a lot as my carved until late this month. Yeah but had to find a way I make away at the time I get my card so it. I was I was coming back from those are getting it was late night. In the big dance like anymore. Obviously I was terrified. Sold like an idiot I am I excited rot like you know like in the middle it's like grass and stuff like it's like the highway and it's like oh. So I tried like to a huge sir and drive through it's like like get all the other side is that going the extra mile to get to the gas station we are not historians got stuck didn't. And at a car got stuck. It gets stuck between I'll get it out then. Lot of times what happens is if you gas liquid it's like the quarter and it marked it and that's a good way to avoid that. I'm just telling me I'm just telling you guys that Mike I've just I've lived terrible lives and I'm happy that some got a target and basically. I assume there was no damage he seems happy that he got his car back. But he woke up his car was bought and I just know that you put on about our car was stolen but now. This city edit. I'm going to win today's five points at present about victory Chrysler dodge Jeep grand today's pop quiz is they move. Leads regularly gets. And grew. She knew the TP. We go to refuse to leave off. It. I thought it. If you know a move that is all of jets right out of 913576. Of its extent. Coming up in two minutes we catch up with the royals insider Josh bird you're next it's the drives.