02/09 - 12 pm - Manufactured Excitement

The Day Shift
Friday, February 9th

It's noon, so naturally we crack into a 610 6-Pack. Plus, MLB could easily make this more exciting & this week's edition of That's News To Me. 


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There weights. It's noon here. Hot seat. Hide the final six back of the week. On there I know that. Ousted big we can and not 86 backpack actually benefit that the fire ball on the threat of make nonexistent if we can also fireballs. Cargo that left from the I could face to perform all right have a third brigade. It was stated that kind I feel overlooked in the Super Bowl as you know as far Walter. Here's some friends don't want to show you should have five week low he sneaks. Our school. More than five points I I am about ten left yeah. I expect government I got super heated. Right civil party invite different not forget he had to my friends of the formal review bowl. Very excited I was even addressing that part of it I wasn't. They even have a party was the night before we're all getting drunk together back in the day your friends bush showed up now right married couple kids exchanges and holding on only married with a kid the other little remorse. Well I mean were all married with children I met him before. Skip this. I get a quicker guys get to stick together. Incredible how I didn't call you. I was doing just fine. Who I don't like Portuguese people you know that they're probably waiting car. There are some rock controversy this morning on Twitter. Or your article on an back. This from Tom holly on Twitter. So I woke up my white Mercedes ML 350 stolen downtown Kansas City west or fifty specific. Well Tom. Saying though. I'm it'd give an update later the car was found in Orangeburg. He'd covered these Twitter I mean. If he got a bit addresses. This this was not the only with a kid this this was not the same as Mayweather going going it's what are yesterday's. That's just me I don't know if you got I think definitely but I don't I'm I don't think what would Tom but did was same is Floyd Mayweather yes. Talk about his kitchen being bigger than our house. Apartments almost it was announced its. Human ignorant lovely. Missiles or bulletin. And the meantime I was told I was aren't Smart Brand. Doctors gets into great movement Thomas just want this car back so arrogant I got guys coming in orbit. Baghdad I still believe it was important Mayweather was like walking around a Home Depot world lows like what it. They swatches of fabric samples. Organized violent one of the USU that's built their. Two million dollar in the Syrian border answered. As he said war expert that you six. Actually think of you see yeah ethnicity cats. I don't figure case at all or someone's never know what advice report these vehicles all of this thing is that still yet or if at all yet outlets trying to put him on Gaza which says only shortly. Ago. Did you like you pick someone steal the car in the head straight to the fantasy ranch. This. You liked it a bit but it's just crazy and every. It's road street actually considering your degenerate and BI teams have cut ties with cornerback Darrelle Revis yesterday Revis was due. Ten million dollars and 28 team. That's not what about it. Let let let's let's try to make sure that we did. As much under the cap as we possibly can before we get to free agency and of course you gotta makes you have money to sign a drastic so yet all this. This is make sense of when when you've got to the Fuller in the fold now. Because of the Al Smith. Trade. Absolutely despises he's going to be other. Kindle Fuller 647000. He'd better cool Revis this point guard brought that back in his heyday you know bureau Revis Revis island better. To Kindle but what I'm saying to Robert so all the glamour. I think so I think real silent doing bony he's gonna get all of it but 640 cities she should go with the chief right. If it together to act as it's yet. He won is one of civil debate but he's going to visit to eagle it has a bucket here you're doing is she. Yeah we're very nice when. For some people are on the attacks I think there's been. An NC branches closed at the moment. At the mercy and the like wells MCI cannot confirm nor deny I can however confirm that the prostitution sting at the F and it's great for her real in November. Six or rather than a few million dollar fans who arranged for it prostitution. Elective. Is terrible it's excellent means that have the there was a raid done pretty shocked by the Jackson county sheriff's department of Johnson county sheriff's department shot excellent news. Of course we are me and fantasy ranch sound growth. What a terrible press outlet plates put into Google labs. We're delighted for the likes Italian which he's famously rancher bill as soon show in lakes and look or me faith. We simply school. We're that. That it wouldn't if it is like like right right recommendations on restaurants that you have a big woods it was a lot of our core I never actually recommendations will serve well. I love how the show articles on find your next prostitute and got no money for strip world. Especially whether I guess I'll take it point. I talk to make you feel like Saturday night and pale little exactly. Night's other big point you. Also get to deliver an opinion on orbit point and I'm sorry. Your bill what you want. I'm so Brooke eighties but pizza coupons girl by your group on no word. There was sort of four hours it will all that is the pieces like of recent piece to this this February 5 British lieutenant rich and aids day. I've always been able to be extra hour concert Friday night. Men speak out. United there it took my good friends that scooter. Michael brewer executed around different stages of local prosecutor. So needless to run triple that there industries spears needs good round who would eat finds your pre like that watched the community pilgrim by the woods pulled into my view of export here its employee gets all that appears to be spent an hour we're just dropped analytics right we're going off the rails combined two for stomach getting Google check line you'll see it. Holding its in the Olympics Google it you'll find out the gonna do little or were we talked about Perot for us. It was fifth double A selection show. Big time a year you know this march is just around the corner the selection show though which has shown on CBS. Annually. Now moving to TBS. Does anyone actually care. I have no issue with this there'll be some people that will be so with the because they're saying and what's going on which used to be a CBS who cares. We were used to be is to go late term it's strictly being on CBS and removed all the different platforms different channels so. I have no issue with a two hour show on TVS none what's. If we're talking about. Here's Vince what if the twentieth. And Time Warner Cable or spectrum I just consider channel three it's 14. That's what we're number one and or put on three when you. Every bar you have departed. There will be some and here's this little sub prime wants to know if you're selection show we've been on the air. Thanks wants to know if you put fantasy ranch on your mash potatoes. But didn't fixed line I emit putting ketchup on me as fit as I said some people like I did actually I did this. Toronto excellence of the newer guy who paid a fantasy race stripper with a gift card the gift card was empty. May I guess we do that mr. wow the people to kind of try to work their way through medical a lot of local school. Saudi good way to start trying to be in her system and noble. Doctor. It starts of one. I cycle I'm not saying that's never happened but I don't know if there's. Been a lot of doctors that are former strippers. And pulled the ads in the Olympics international sports federation considered. Are you say in the Washington Post gazette if you are stripper you just. You can't. Mobile in the world someone understand they would you be tee but that the he can slip on them because just this week too far right quick. If she's seventeen gallons of milk and all of a jewel and did you see striptease is that they anymore. Aria that's totally accurate. Jolly well let me just let me just. Took the outset it was the party they. Are out there. She's almost like a doctor. Jeffrey Flanagan this morning on Twitter app for any MLB. He put out a tweet asking for royals inbox questions. Before you headed off surprise or. Michael Smith responds odds of a surprise signing and who might that be. When he responds odds are high actually. Let you know when I can confirm. That's the way bomb explodes bombs play. Think about their faith clearly on the drive at 5 o'clock and awarding. After beating will be investigated. I don't know what to make of that. Does it mean that there he didn't fill things out there either that's been about it no he doesn't Alter ego now now not speculate. That's there's substance to his sweet kisses him LB network between appeared what does it mean that's taken tweet is. That's just as desperate party very pretty should have stripped only musical. You provide case does not solve their ideas they are not safe to say the outlook by human rights do you safer. Yeah arriving on running here on you seals are the stripper member of that death 42 seconds your gold but no I don't play much. Boston Herald reporter rob urges body had one hell of scoops. He reported that Tom Brady was this stop he was gonna hold out if he wasn't paid. Along the likes that the former backup Jimmy G. Of turns out that was a perfect Callahan caller named nick and fox he actually had. Do roosters but due to rob Burgess by half inning ending he was Brady's agent Don Yee he sent in my text. And then he ran with it may story. You get here good group called wizards are what built around. Did general Richard coop play caller GAAP Johnny Parker and Eliot. Brewster duke but one of our home. But I don't know literature texts like body duped by rooster. Or crazy race. APB out Angelique where she batted around. What's the old Italy. And Italy just lucky year. Basically and she's a bit and Oakland with you don't know much about if you if you. Because like earth manner latent. But it's. Permissible. Because I thought that we're blacked out. He did sick. And solved it I thought I got for you guys they fiction six back national pizza today. To compete. He militarism I'm not making recommendations. A little shiny gold or sonic. Did that Peter he's. It's officially on the minions get it open. What are if I've ever bribery I wanted to try that that's adequate idea for a ball to the board at one. That's what I wanted to Carol I guess they're denied the suggestion. I was gonna rebel BC stands force expect coming up next though. What our favorite league still learn something else when it comes to marketing their product. In making the game more exciting for the fan base. I'll take what that. They think. He's doubtful the side I ran into reader than Hillary Hillary tells it he had he has balls like the sample does done sample size packed. Dallas witness if you gonna target up in Beverly we did earlier this week I'd absolute bottoms up. Absolutely and then I crunch and ladies elect fronts right. Which we did to read or speak to burn. I would. Our currency related chips and there's a white fronts. You asked about this right copied to remove from your bird. But. You know so. It is timely banquet. You're damn good. She said that she thought it was stupid but he actually since I got the life you don't actually think about how loud crunch. I was I was the experts are an art major weight you know you build one days of my sister hand. Her and somebody else's I'm just it was if it was god humorless it was. Why smacked. I don't think ought to when he fooled you Arlen Specter we just have this moment out right now I'd take it I've been suffering for years and silence. New oriental out Peter. What's or you are allowed your god you are. You pre rockets that you do. We have guys I play due to we've been be nice to you we haven't said anything about. Sorry. No he's the you don't care now and Ali is right there definitely are bigger notre barrel I'd take much and you'll. But it beat that week. I don't usually full. Mr. it was worst. The inhalation of the slapping. Sound like that is exact you ordered it. This is voter records or. You read them below meals the worst way. When the bull hill and back they're used to bring all of the on Thomas yeah yeah it was the worst that it doesn't happen frequently confessional. Would always has an answer but notice that we I mean let's just doesn't let it out now and it. Like brutally beat me next. Us all blasts. No you didn't want to from the newsroom. Epic. Account. A time that I crop dusting and tomorrow I walked off I wanna put you like this if I am moving in a hasty speed Internet in the direction. Just just or anywhere just just around follow me. If I'm running or walking quickly just go the same direction I don't walk faster run for much look the status get in front of you. That just. You should it on the same direction or why the hell you hadn't it must 44 years of life. That has the one of the worst parts of members on pose the question that's that's what we call banner to I mean debt and atlas. Atlas that's one of those here. I'd put routinely I mass because this is lately taking my eyebrow at the I can't move outlets like. The airline by far there was that many people in the newsroom old enough to feel left. I don't think it was anybody but Lavoy. And avoidance say anything to me about it. It's been just you to knuckle heads. We only to set. And each one in England produced. Like I told you to follow me. In a column on why all week. You sure as it's legal studies. Should it spot obesity let me go to the back. Should have been times how he thinks that he's a quick. I stunt you figure is going to be Tamer than it is that was one of those instances. You've heard it more in the elevator and some options yes because it had to be used as well have just just over here. Basically does it on purpose or go into the small recording Booth like her or. Birds and their right now I guarantee you basically has thought about going in their party. I guarantee you he's thought about doing this is going to. Stay. I. Eager I think it it's like two years ago that your and are committed to Rio earth. So it is you look at your face him like you what it's an entire. Look at look at ago. Good to last drop on our birth prefer don't think it's easy anything cheesy. Operate the equipment. But that was the whole team to waste bells Eddie. Rowdy meeting. Debris of the rule at. Record but the ruler right miserable. Old like there are no rules. Baked Major League Baseball I think would do themselves a great service if they did their trade deadline the same way that the National Football League. In the NBA does entry deadlines the NBA we have. We have in NBA team here. But people still talk about the Indy trade deadline yesterday because of LeBron James and all the traffic of people leaving Cleveland going to Cleveland don't want to you to all the went to Orlando going to. New York to a lot of different trade things were going on Boris Sacramento. It was exciting for Indy fans to watch he did matters you lived in the BC your night it was exciting to see you know people talk about today is get a court this time. Of this year's sports at a quick metabolism but it is 31 and 22 ended three seed in the east. Can they be much better after all the trades and well. Would Major League Baseball there isn't any urgency. At the in the July to get stuff done because you know what. They have the waiver if not waiver to a trade deadlines that happened after that enacts. It's it's it's gets a weight did you get improved a team but it does it doesn't really mean he beat for the app. Actual trade deadline at the end of July. It's done are what are we try to dump some salary old later in a couple weeks biggest wind. Lights up. Alec defected NBA is more site needs separates you clearly be in the news it was very read the news will but now there. I get that old bomb. But this kind of separates the leafs can of something special about that are still things peaceful right now. That wavered headlines it's the old new moves even treat them like what effect the third in line. We were technically anybody tackling anybody if they don't they've agreement late in team's perspective in the back off. The way they made him a small market team like the boils. Adjustable lender counter. For the royals it was cool they went out got quite a risk to get these pieces turgeon. It is made of but they'll be able balls or actual shrink at a ultra exact exact moves which school did that acting real treat for trumpet. I get in a filtered Elin was interest in this your opponent typically is not interesting. I think he sold the NBA did it kind of separate steam yet. Everything's off the board those. LB NHL has been. I think that's one thing separates the BA. Major League Baseball I think in the below more instinctive or line you and treated as deadline and also you're able to report. In the last couple years will will what do you think was the biggest mobile made in the last two years what do you think was the biggest bull made when it comes to. Major League Baseball at the actual trade deadline forget the bill waiver not waiver the actual trade at one week it was the biggest foe. That the abort hawking. Good question I mean obviously the Verlander was after the actual doubles afternoon that as a town. Would talk to actually portrayed it quick silver for pretty tree did that last couple of years. Now including fifteen no. Sixty to seventy. There's not really been that many Dem deal reef day. This move propelled somebody in the post convert those aren't the you know let down classical close fifteenth the last three years Sobel say quail ranger Miller. Well let's say Quayle will say it will say so Chris will wolf back to those able will include the fifty. Just want to be that stands out obvious ones there's a lot chairman. Rose shipment. Guess not the one on me to respect the Yankees that was big move that was a big bowl so so so will say sadly mostly Quayle will sizzle grist on you say Andrew Miller. But there's another obvious one. I did you hear it national week. Mets. Oh George Hebert. Says it is always the tigers SS it's yeah he's had the argued could have been the MVP exactly double the big titles. And bolstered the Mets in a major to win back the fifteenth SSA as a sober squid us as it was going back today OK fair. Social it's. I don't know viewpoint snub to tell them really suck some molds do wore out in that way a lot of the great autumn they'll. But what I'm saying is if if we have a definitive trade deadline. I think you see more of those power animals being me as opposed to waiting for this not waiver waiver stuff whatever which includes salaries. Yet it was a Longoria trees are wondering are we don't want during the season yet yet not not not the aussies. There's been plenty of trades that we see here this Aussie doubles doubles teams were out. But I just like to see more movement in more urgency during the season when it comes to Major League Baseball with the actionable trade deadline. That job comes up at the end of July. You guys low the back up plan if air housework doesn't return with the royals because somebody wants to play here would tell you next. DC MX. I'm looking back in the days just like bacon tells you your own sixty Sports Radio. Major League go to sixteen sports dot com right now all you need is your email address to win them. We got in trouble for promotions going on right now one is he's bringing baseball national fly away. It's a spring training experience tickets to dust alleged in concert. And Old Dominion in concert. Flights and hotel at the talking stage resort Scottsdale. Macy's you take care businesses go to sixers forced our town right now putting your email addresses that is the next Friday night but there's more. It's pretty simple because female. Seeks in sports dot com and horses being it's Valentine's Day. Over the age of eighteen email address you can quit the degree prize back together. Hundred dollar gift card solvency counts undergo or give Cordoba that struck here. In the also the trip would compete flowers dozen roses traffic company it one night stay the newly renovated. What's the crown center just by putting new englanders that bet that you need right here with a pretty big package or his big thing. Are you are done I take care of when it comes out as if your wife now just now we're going to be yet even. Did either. I mean I've got time I was still got a week flowers and sweet lovable which is well. Eagles celebrate you say that that's guaranteed him. What's in this package. And seen anything he though. And it said to me in line on the so for years that's the one. Time is there. That is figures have always had bother Father's Day at all or a mop up is not figured keep them out in time I've only guarantee on Valentine's Day for big ways that'll be February for jones' spot there at the bit. Streaking. Is no longer the let's get you got into an argument with your wife about her letting you go first on a buffet. It. And ceramic you leave them. Oh I remember all of your petty squabbles she's meant to be the tired and started off in the morning. I just thought. I think I'm right. That knowing. All of the people talk about it agreed with me. In what was his ought to be about that I did not agree with you. Many people was set down many people did they did gates from all dad and I are there he he definitely greeted me. Mom gets up. Wife gets up they go get their food on Father's Day brunch and it's one of those KG you look bad. Yields. It's Father's Day you guys who've sizes usually ladies first fathers they should be father I thought that about it. Rest is history. That's what forty some one year old men there are part of it caused this even. Go get thrown out of an Applebee's. These are ruined. All I was gonna sit right at eight A wrote real quick real quake. I cannot mention this. I have to image is this is this is my point. The particulars. Of Jimmy grapples contract listen to this. Signing bonus. Seven middle. Guaranteed roster bonus. 28. 2018. Which. In 2018 base salary parity six point two. No war Al bonus 600000. Per game roster bonus. 800000. Workout bonuses dollars. His year one total compensation. You want to. Is 42. Point six million. And wins. Eastern Illinois magic. Year one the total. Compensation. Is 42 point six million dollars 74 point one million dollars on injury guarantee already beat him. In your. Dad's amazing. Moment. Limited at like man good to be Jimmie at California that when they're kids playing football. Cocky kid that at a cash. Now. Is from lion witch out he teach a kid out of a tackle pro football right now. I could from experts say give them accurate and reliable he's cute in the U and Alabama order yeah he's did you meet here and yet. Forty tempered west six million dollars that's rude and I Brit well look at the web at her web. He was thirsty. Musically there's definitely. Ups off the charts anyway. Everything's up in the air when it comes a Major League Baseball freeze that we don't know what's gonna happen with your house and we'd almost an apple was little we don't know as an apple with anybody right now. So yadda have some back to plans got to have some names that you be interested in when it comes to you. Putting your roster depth is you have you have holes you you have to feel if those guys go elsewhere. It's specifically the air possibly scare houses chooses to go to say giggle or anywhere else not. Named Kansas City who do you look to next would sound like there's somebody out the year that will be a nice replacement that is absolutely interested and Dominique and it's. It's the buzz of cabin for this for the longest time because on the phone reliever and I'm not going nine years I guess they do it that many here and so duped into what they want but it Logan Morse and for a couple of years that turnover and it brought. Jury crowds that we did this out. A little bit ago since a couple of MLB exacts think Logan Morrison in Kansas City needed as is our and the royals as a landing spot if your house doesn't return. Hundred Hoosier currently tops the first base that Turkey in the city. Low blow and Luke is due to among the bats available in this painfully slow market I saw in mobile network was discussing this and answer questions. And so they were you were talking Logan Morrison when he told Steve Stewart. During the season a guide you'll come back into the U and I am Logan Morse an on button cheese breakfast. Does each cheese and has been here burn here. Jocks used my remember him as the pre imposed baseball SE does there he tweeted this stuff on what up but it'd be. Between this out free agent first baseman. And those exits and seeking guess which one. Free agent first baseman day extra base hits that these seven on base percentage 385 slugging percentage for 98. Be war four point oh PS plus 132. Defensive runs months up. First baseman beat. Extra base hits 61. On base percentage for 53 slugging 516. Be war three point 60 PS plus 1350. Prius plus very close on both of them within three defensive runs saved plus want. Which one is more so in which was hot. All possible Jose. Logan Morse was great remorse and did end up with more extra base hits. His on base percentage was a little bit lower than Hosmer is slugging percentage. By sixteen compared Bosworth for 98. It's got it costs for less money. Dinner 'cause I know he's older America Barack has better career and Arthur better defense it's what does it show. But it is saying it's it's not a huge drop off the worst offensive production in its a lot cheaper. In a dude is from case. You don't have little beard got the way your body long term contracts as you know you go to a phase of in this if he's the talker he's block it is that this is up perfect. Reagents to prop liberal we talk a market. Earlier in the week because all the stuff the ball a nine year deal on the 18 year I don't want a seven year deal with their house. It was a light hours six years that's not as dull. But not a nine year deal adds is that as me he says now. But look more investing guided all the all the guys out the year bet if you have to goal in talked about 83 aged dead. Has not been a royal beds in the main guy you've been. All offering an annual when he talked he talked about a guy come and hear you talk about somebody else. Michael Moore if you're assuming it means they're congress I wrote in an ABC news he's been bourse using. Using them to drive of this price and the places which could happens what is that you're the best the best. Minor league system. Because Spain to get better in will be quicker to rebuild the and the but the camera is tired from being graphs were in the research and development work with the Padres he is not like they're customer. It is articles get they went on value his opinion enough to hire him. I thought this week has me very active week in Major League Baseball. It's been like the weather fort and nothing nothing. Nicole for two which is W and I feel like this prediction of baseball gonna heat up maybe you'll this week in his bid spring training starts next week. No I think burns are going to be in Arizona by Sunday. Pitchers get social Tuesday. And Wednesday most players Ernie they're so we're there were a time. By the way am I is cool just waiting get this in right now shameless plug 9 AM farms hospitals. Right Euro extends Sports Radio. Are you ready for best it was a me. When it's funny segment twelve to five on Friday as we get to that next. To each. Some people in the right area mobile thing. Back then cut me. He probably wouldn't get her blocks along independence avenue it is wrong I didn't think. It's black anything that make your eyes water. I've got to get on the basis opera it's thanks. That's news to me the one thing that she did not ask. And it would just told to ask him and earlier he is asked him if this goes underneath it death. Asked him think he's called for two inches I was curious who's going to be within two inches great they threw it. There is a bit different price and would call it fortress extreme. Bruno with the implication there. And Jonas and didn't. Grow object. And OK is hypocrisy music definitely. Hypocrisy is certainly true. Liked her as described to you. I thought you might only I buy you my belief is that like this comes after summer like that like the time that you believe that Daniel Russo was in the crowded it was episode this story huge lake Minnesota and apartments. Fifty minutes worth buying it without the carotid it was based pitchers are you. Know it's die. Very weird story. Every visit each other budget emails a lot of them are stupid I delete most of them but some of them I'd say it was special little files. That's news to me about you. It literally is on Israel. You know. It's coming out of LA be aware of shelling out big bucks for snail slime. It's your exact apparently people in Los Angeles and elsewhere around the world announced shelling out four. A beauty sit. This people do a lot of things. They're taking snails and they're putting them on their faces and letting them crawl around because apparently. Snail its creation contains multiple anti aging properties according to doctor Shirley cheap. Who is the dermatologist at the center of advanced dermatology. Quote they excrete it's like copper peptides and a word I can't pronounce acid which is great moisturizer. You can find and Macy's and elsewhere and laugh at. Are you could find snail trails in masks I cranes and sirens ranging in price from six dollars. To 600. Dollars. This Portland slug scroll across her face for 600 dollars seems like a deal to me. You can tell the man well. How odd about this until you for the last Sunday he needs Dublin the Botox. Mid visited it's not helping you a bit. At least stockman. As apple Botox has slipped through without. But jihadist veil on your face I don't he wanted to accidentally touch screen. I've done that my backyard against the winner between number and stuff picked up like accidentally the laud him back to slug it pixel will slugs do if you. Brilliant another sold. With the due to a triples and. Headline. UK police and often a standoff. With stuffed toy. Police in Scotland were called by a farmer whose body had a big fat. Who hadn't invaded his how shed. They and nobody 45 minutes they end up with a large stuffed tiger. Police thought they had the tiger by the tail I see what you did there who when they were deployed to a farm in your hand. Visiting any number of units including an armed response team. They. Alana a pretty big BB authorities eventually realized it was a toy. Peter hadn't Specter George Horner says quote until you know exactly what you're dealing where. Every option has to be considered. We're just it is is and this is up Peter called Scotland go. Keep your head in barber dean Shire. Yeah bringing cheese and Tracy insists predicted Peter. Hopefully that'll ails you that countered there. Done. I don't even Obama's I'm still confused as to how the tiger got into the shed the doesn't. It's it's a big part where I feel like it is. How about this little ditty comes to us courtesy of any TBA. In includes Alaska. Number I fly from Anchorage to Seattle got rerouted back Anchorage after a passenger on board locked himself in the bathroom and took off his clothes KG BAA elevenths was rain spoke with some of the people on that plane today. About the whole experience less. Was down it was a stressful experience for people onboard this all happened in the early hours of the morning and many were awakened by an announcement from the pilot police say a man locked himself in the laboratory. When the flight crew forced the door open they found him naked inside. That was the key to. Us. It. Andrew tiznow and men well Fredric remember seeing the man before boarding the plane. Oh. Somebody nothing. After being rerouted Fredricka tis the and everyone else on the plane would spend three and a half hours on the ground in Anchorage. For dating back in the air and on their way. A spokesperson at airport fire police confirms the passenger in question was found naked inside the aircraft but couldn't confirm whether the man was arrested. US attorney general's office tells us no charges have been filed against him at this time. Somebody could just get away. Basically I think filing charges basically brought an aircraft why did you just keep your calls on all its many hours your trip to Alaska today in a bit of those things change as close as possible. As George is it is true that bad that would close the borders you'll see what he's doing. I mean to be very bad situations walk so bathroom. That the bids mean at that point. Tunneling. It reminds slog on your face for furry. Or wishful. This last it comes to us from. I'm gonna leave the generally the person anonymous. Yes. I recently found out. That someone I'm close to. As a friend. Who is in their mid forties. And apparently they have. An issue with an infection. And the nether regions. Apparently this issue arises because of lack of cleanliness. And it turns out the Dow 45 year old man has to be certain eyes. It's been used to be. Too bad judgment romantic experiences pursuant effort we think that's. Then as we tooled as some of those time periods a lot of ice. I mean adding the simple McAllister or so you did you use it on and I did it dummy showed. I didn't know that was certainly in the you know. When I was I think about eleven years old I had my Thompson's take an hour and my mom told me a story that she was like 28 between. When Janet councils and apparently the longer you have to wait to get in remove the more it hurts when they take Emma. She was that works like a week and a half of the law school like today. When I'm curious. Because I know I've. EMI's us both of my sons of undergone that procedure. I don't know how much it hurt the message babies and this is a full grown man. To give you dig this cats. And the clock early on her to lose that Google's latest excuse and urged. I I don't wanna Max hall and only move a very disturbing things that is news to me about 45 year old men can be circumcised. And even though it was an option. All I got the as a strong results of it was news to me this week. Bet if you do it at that gentleman he's in my operators. Thinking about. I don't would have been two minutes at the top of the hour and that's what Holmes. Yeah he isn't dumb just your average rookie. And Jay big league feels like he won't play like that next year he has expectations for that's home to Tibet and human genetics. Actually act. DC.