02/09 - 1 pm - Workin For The Weekend

The Day Shift
Friday, February 9th

In the final hour of the week, Bink says this isn't an unrealistic expectation for Pat Mahomes. Plus, how we'll judge the local schools down the stretch, Lake's Top 5 games for the weekend, and the Take 2 Before 2.


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Out of those two guys. For the weekend. It's gonna be if you're relaxing weekend for myself and I can do two months assists going tomorrow right. Bugger said we gonna do tomorrow. A million of them gold would hearings that I'm gonna get up or go to the gym and will not be homeless on the stuff you wouldn't talk about is that the deal went through it. You know he's bruised the other reporter the I feel like are you somewhat like Gary up. Out. I mean Jay has been. Adamant. Against some of the water whether people here in Kansas City pretty frequent that is ridiculous to say it could snow DEC 08 he he took accountability idea that. But he did he say he say he says he said what when it went point blank. A ball the range he said no that would not be actually sold leaders accountable if he was a fountain. Built. Ruby once and whether. Variable. Forecasts and trust. It loved you he would love talking about I know I talk halfway halfway to the segment I had to tell late in the zeros with a big these guys. Your eyes were so like crazy bug Doughty U want me to get my official forecasts and compare mine to what the weather days ago. Sure but I want you delivered a very new easy fashion always tilted to Bogeyman weather forecasts and undermine a really with the with the weather guys. That's far more accurate as Beatrice. And we'll see we'll see for the take to get some good some music and music Alter it that the it's also nice cars with a our before widget to be good for the forward as of the date too we was there was that another fifty minutes into the take to date. Lester back to the seats. Past bones we all understand is a very talented quarterback strong arm. On Smart quarterback that everybody believes is going be the real deal here at city. But now in the words of injury Tom jurors' time is yours past at home says Al Smith got traded to Washington. A lot of people look at past homes say you know what. He's a rookie quarterback. You probably still some promise but there's a lot of things and at the alarm needs out of that he does have the experience. But you've still liked the expectations for past homes should be hot. Going it was were. Season but if you we've laid out earlier why they have to take advantage of this now. Because of the window appeared she's the Seahawks with these two doubles and 11 in the payroll Russell Wilson third round pick in Baldwin Kursk vegetables undrafted. Iron metals six for a hundred Sherman fifth round in chi has those six a big one and in the paper to change to be here in the same situation. We've pitcher alms are very manageable conference point Kindle fours here making 627000. Which corners I'd pay his next contract to be much more than that. Food at markets on his original deal. Give Kelsey had that kills into your forehead monster repay. Prima in the leading rusher rookie countered their trumpet every kill thousand a received repeating like fifth round and since you haven't got to the point where you mean these guys yet. Take full of epic Britney will start to clear money by the day re deceive them for half billion Alex Smith signals sixty million. Skoler reporting million if they've now on the Indians are working on BJ. In Taba in dust and coal with her up she'd series money. Off this roster. But I don't I don't think she should expect any kind of drop off from Patrick Holmes out Smith I think they view it is. In the guitar. And pick your bones one you do what you want so you say no trouble whatsoever. What was better or worse from I do think Eddie played this past year. It's hindsight are smooth squarely on the good years have been tough player Patrick Holmes of routes that season seven so that's hindsight. We gained boarding a plane leased the at play one is to get the for the Denver game. But I guess at this point oh or theme hold onto his what do you learn from Portsmouth. You learn how to prepare you learn how to Google were in LX missiles gadget to kick out at the end of the day. Read defense Alex Smith. I think will probably coach in this league some points we get it's been a year behind Alex with announcement from Pittsburgh's is averaging her school. Which a lot of quarterbacks are cool too there understudy that's about it the job but effective electable. You what have a season like Alex Smith also undergo today Uga after the season you just had. It'll it to the ego but Alex Smith has proven he did we have that big ego which is an advantage for the chiefs he was able to learn by an Al Smith. Reasonable expectations 4000 yards that unreasonable doubt smitten this year. Pitcher homes Donna filled or give any expectations outs finally did it. In his career unseen pageant moms that you want crazy expectation that aired out. We do expect anything less know. I expected to beat because of the arm talent he's he's not a guy that liked not victim confine. Him it to being a dink and dunk dot. And if they're willing to throw the deep ball last Hewitt Al Smith and let him expand his game. Why would you not let passive homes you what's what's his biggest weapon is. House all of the army. He asked all quarterbacks haven't all mobile pocket but don't expect him 500 rushing wouldn't say it is noted that he's not he's out of these mobile would not. Yeah he's out of wanna like he's done and that's on us and it is not a natural one of liked it but his strongest weapon in his house throwing his army is to let it aired out. 25 touchdowns unreasonable opens the oh not at all. I was the U in the fifteen picks I think at the fuel that because it reports that are there's going to be more receptions but public debt. Expect bigger plays they expect vigorous. In our bill brought one where he should've done and hopefully the window down the field to get picked off. But he's got to take Hitler front it is really man. And then start just haven't had your bones begin on what you like to do as West Coast offense. That's alum Holmes is thinking be read got some personal satisfaction by callables plays and didn't. He went area will be suited for his lazy before to ordered before and yeah we get to see we can do at the end game. And urging upbeat corporate. Denver still had some ones in their bond allegiance that we put ones back in there at the end of the game to beat it she's in the prime this year putt Kelsey Hill. You're talking third round pick third round pick Kelsey Spittler for a friend point. It every kills the fifth rounder that you are spending any money off again Kindle polar. You're paying these twenty years old repeated 627000. But I expect the reported monster right now the sported monster. The only guy European series cash to throw skills. Your idea. Which tied in money's different the number one wide receiver money. Different quarterback when they just can't be trip he'll see your idea and is your highest paid player out of your big four which I think is favorable. To the chiefs so my expectations are. This division. I'm look at Steve Diego I'm never believe in what they do they think at this point it just. Stay in this thing. I don't seem getting better Denver. I have no faith in Denver that defense is getting older they don't know quarterback situation is that it takes didn't a couple of years it would Jon Gruden. I don't know what to expect committed and we saw Philadelphia go from 79 Super Bowl champion weeping rudeness that inning with the raiders this year I think the raiders the Euro off to be wrong. I think the raiders likes refight the chief for the division. This what I think about everything that you sank. I agree with a lot of what you're saying it becomes a passive homes on what I think it could be reasonable expectations for him. Now in terms of actual numbers that last stop that's who I try right now I draw the line. That you could acting as if free agency you can at three things out through the draft so I don't know what the makeup of the team is going to be moving forward once we get to August. I have a better date on all of that. Right now as it stands I that it passed are homes. I don't know in April 4 downs are I don't know who's been over point five a test out I don't know how many interceptions he's going to throw all the one from him. It's for him to be able to make plays had this all fits up moving football ball and getting into the red zone is scored touchdowns and I believe he can do that. And with that being said. I think that the thing about hill or is Alex Smith is one where I don't think it's gonna be a drop off is acting. His global quarterback plate will be good for the team to win gains. That's the bottom line with regards of the stats would go so the numbers the most important. Think this team in this franchise's organization is W I think he's gonna get to do to w.'s that's the thing that I am gonna be focused in on. The touchdown throws all com. The yardage or com him being able to make plays where his team to be in winnings its wasted all of that will come I think in time. This year I expect him to win I don't expect this team to dole from. Being in the playoffs having double digit wins to big a team is gonna win seven or eight games that's now what am expecting I'm expecting. The level quarterback play from past homes to be good enough for you continue to do what you've been to bottom line best estimate expect. Picks and says that the over 4000 yards is like hitting 300 baseball. It just doesn't happen. It does that. They quarterbacks let your report doesn't think that's an unreasonable thing. I think especially with a guy like at home I'm not that I think were not expecting Adobe does Daunte Culpepper became instantly it was Barney you know with Randy Moss. He was dead heat with 33 touchdowns. What he did throw before 200324. Guys it more than 300 in Major League Baseball more. Worksheets that do it support dozen yards for pageant moms. I don't think it's an unreal expectation. I mean shell Watson lead analyst here at least they helping. Could it be for 16199. Yards short about time and what had nineteen putts there. The shot Watson that missed a lot of the season had nineteenth that's it was blown out. If he was blown in newspaper of Patrick Holmes who should expect. I have reasonable expertise I look at this like this trading spectacle. He's at this Hitler and on job the agency's immunity that he had be ready eighty Reid's got four years is that you aired Barry still in his primary pay them. You get studio Marcus under contract you've got to Fuller a reasonable price. Heels getting paid like it router cream on lead worship Phillip or router. No it is set right now to build his team like the Seahawks were back on the with a two super doubles and 11. He took a bit it could be engine that every big it's big time money. We can spend the money elsewhere. I silica dust bowl on something. I see this trending on Twitter. I don't know if Ryan has taken advantage of this or being if you take advantage of this I've known about this door I think I might have bought an 81 being. From the store all the years of like you must topple on thriller is now. Known to have been circles that's UN what -- spot. What are you familiar with. LL beans and you know you can buy stuff from the air from their magazine or golden bow of the website or whatever. But at the shop from there bro look at you chop ago being. Isn't that expensive. It's not exactly in April addicts they're not. Where I get all my my best that I Wear the big name Huskies the item item now all it was it was like las some planet was super Spitzer went out. But I've. Then again add back in the day no tax on clothes Minnesota was and was like this all inappropriate teacher. In a properties I did not see but his composure and no known Alec that. It according to Twitter has its its trading LL bean is ending its long running. No questions asked return policy because just too many customers were taken advantage. So it was a vast so I just for the longest time. They had unlimited returns doubles their policies you know during questions that. What according to you says he makes sense that it's yet seated in the yard everybody's running a story got it now. Due to customers abusing the company's satisfaction guarantee policy elderly sizzle to. You'll only set returns for one year with proof of purchase going forward. Now. LL bean is a site. Is it just like Eddie Bauer. You're asking the wrong people to run that X. Couldn't get it it's if you can't handle it you couldn't hand pick. And until we lake like makes trying on clothes and if you go in the fitting that drives. It like it all and TC pennies freedom. Kohl's. You tell us but it elegant. Whoever's got whoever's got Levis on sale go there of than that off I'm an appropriate teachers that people. Well. Eddie Bauer like Eddie Bauer is like a the most expensive as saying that won't stop leaky shot for the completion. You see us on a regular basis you see the apparel and summer I was. Then you also go home and like changing clothes yeah you're like Superman doing all reality it today you have a shot to death. No I've never fallen into the gap. As he says it. Explains as Al beans for rich people who pretend hike. Casual male. S troll. It's all eighty. Gab and ultimately a three X they do on the website channel or maybe spokesman. 12 dollar jeans all doctors. Like banana republic is like. Like super expensive. Spots. Don't outsized it's ours are it's a big difference I'm not walking into a banana republic government reacts to fork somewhere Unita shot I I understand I understand. Big adjustment is a mailed. Excel even police in politics though is now attic exclaimed what a little thought about a price outlook as Romo five X I would to a shot with you go one time and I met Jeff what it was all closed now. Dole is Dole's prices were not cheap. Oh. Big boys that's expense exactly. Yeah like you also opponent tuxedo. So is that you teacher I ever tuxedo teachers do not see the contrast here. He worked peonies with searcher spotted specifically for going. Pissed off I am in different things idol I don't think the goal stores and people like professional women any. It's one of the world and some people just like beer. And beer. And beer but it appears as well. As you are. Exiting we ever think typically. I dressed as Russ Brandon Thompson not because I used to shop at that. I never. It's treated that way I'm sorry I have no I have no control over the way you get your feelings. Excellent answer back with whom bulletins easily cured you do that's not a good day both of those things are false by the way. Do. That was the question. Studies. Which is linked shops from places and we do excellence of the likes I'm busy news week in my colonel loved it felt. Money right now. Probably been out Beilin banana republic jeans wins last amoeba clothing all abide jeans and an amateur public last amoeba only buys some of them are well but it. There's when's the last and he buckled and war. But he when mine was. Never if you've never purchased any clothing and iPods science there last week in never out underwear socks not and never and I mean. Governor. Clinton's bid. Sot some he's got a RD. I'm biased or discriminatory as he had future and I got the clearance and Wally world title by underwear are. Where you buyer under reform. By my underwear from like TJ Maxx marshalls Nordstrom TJ Maxx. Don't sit there all the box a breeze you know get a nice cheap but they're boxer briefs from tee to match tomorrow so I ask this question. People if you could pick just two places for entire you can go to your survived by her clothes everything. Doug was deathly one that we won our super target licensee by pull food there. But we're given. Is easy. Just survival -- to go buy clothes yes. Food everything it targets authority and by the way that open motive. Target. Members of the house who made a lot of stuff like hostel in a guest is he would take a look at it and it would gesture courses that I'm definitely wanted to oust. Cost go to work. I would do Qwikster. Now you take your gold gets there by guess mentally more core fixed feature eyes fixed. Down if you are under revision. If your glasses here in you can buy clothes you buy food that might be wall more quick tribute paid because again it's a medications or somewhere. You know you do you like. You do you. Take you shopping one day but you're not so yeah I just the first thing we've looked at that you Nordstrom beat peace river gorge. Of course I think you did after meeting lakers taken in north actually do want to. Have you what was it that we went to Norris on him. Tells again nice little day to actually be also I think with Joe's first and you make the first mover is you his daughter one. It's suits she was whipped us at the legally based on him to miss go to north users who. Are you. Don't you guys split one of those skyscrapers are aware instead. Or else. You which is what you're Fries I've never actually bit into Wednesday it's a bad ones. Missed opportunity you. Enormous. Old man college basketball. My favorite. When it comes to Kansas Missouri and K state. There are certain things outlook for each program down the stretch a team with that is it would get to top odd games next. DCN. A senior tonight's shot just. Odd year bonds and fixed lines this is I think you're an idiot we bind torture for gift. After the statements at any rate at all role that this was one on the food and name calling chipping and but I will say that. Everything. Battle scars you forget when somebody nice gift gas card people look at the game. Liberty necessity. You can have a gift card it's gas. Love you forever I don't idleness the lottery tickets troubles me some not a lot of people like the practical gift you a little. Lottery tickets are any dropper you win. Full of people like the practical gifts like I disagree against our great. That's crap don't complain about actually spoke about anything to complain about a lot of things behind your back. Like him again as it plays like if you guessed or walker blows cheapest in New York would be cool you know giving anybody a fifty dollar if there. It because giving you ten dollars in gas. I told today. Apple excellence as you give those helping your breakfast sausages or if they're fantastic. People of those of doubled down a nice hot dog and imagery. I'm good at what a nice non us in a hot via the UT a big role has been hit or miss the my book. Program. A lot of gets a quick trip to go to be given its do bad things need to be asleep now I remember I was on the net about anybody get to quicker. I do doodles our price got its lottery ticket. By one of those who have they roses basically those things don't die by the way you buy great ideas you bite your wife scratch off tickets yet for Valentine's Day game. You think big gaining bull not think. You say that getting means east pizza and is a Pedro yes. This wholesome and this is why you only get laid twice a year sometimes. That's being generous to that buffet instead it's increased slightly off I looked he says that is we certainly thank. And all the endorsements of that I really enjoy that one he's. Exceeded goods. It'll impede. Our lately that I. Do you use those to take a glance again that they do what you. So excited about the what do you call it a pack today Bobby Allison you know you're you're of June and Rooter world in. I do the treadmill so it's upstairs looks down before Edberg. I would see you could see opening bell but I could see it could make that was then and now I see every line. I mean this is opened my old man. This double during these unit apartment endorsement of all things I can see woody was that he before and it's been asked. And the portion orbit through. It's so India benefits. Excellence and the buffalo chicken sticks for a around would you let her. The drug. I mean try to like. What from from you see those buffalo chicken steaks. Two terminals just yet determined the show and I'm here Padilla media. They're fun they're fine. Say I DOS Amy's a place I go to shop I'd never say golf and food. Over we did talk text and read it optics you know that's from my gonna say it's from I don't want I want to let them operate in anonymity because. 1500 dollars on stretchers that I got on 610 and a wife and he's definitely dropped oh means you need. Shown in the station give you a lot of things tickets extant work spectrum when the fly away at the gift. Package that I put together Valentine's Day. It's. Carefully selected the items gave us at let's talk a little college basketball mural quake. And music or even sort of screwed up. Oh dating. As do their own thing. Deep do do I need take a break and come back and talk now you can I think he needs music. All music go to a decent you this doctrine. I. Don't care you're done you grew in the moments are there. I sold it when it's kind of combine this with college basketball conversation with top five and are the conversations can include Kansas anyway. So. Kansas plays at Dayton. But to me that that the number one thing I'll look at 44 Kansas. To talk about down the stretch right when it comes to Kansas Missouri in case state specifically the chances the thing that I'll be looking that is everybody's wondering right now. Wolf they continued to beat the team that wins debate ball conference time. That is not the number one thing on my mind with Kansas right now and day. Because everybody expects gains to win accomplished title on again the number 1 thing that I am policy thinking about is is this team going to come together. Is Bill Self you have to continue to call guys out. And talked about half court and talked about. The one out there and not being selfish. And not yanking guys the starting lineup. That's the double think I'm gonna be thinking about when it comes to Kansas basketball for the remaining portion of the season as we get into March Madness. Let's talk about the. Now. What was sorry. They won't win tomorrow against Mississippi State. Their plane and all I heard he got earlier talking about you know driving down there and going out he's really it's those that. Kerry about exactly that's Gary ambiguous and segment about this Delahoussaye doesn't anyone house gonna hit a positive effect. This didn't you. To meet the thing about Missouri is is there there wiped it when he tells of being a team that's just right now listed on the bubble. I was stayed on the right side of the bubble right now I'd just like it's big it didn't seem to play yourself into position. Where if there's an opportunity. For Michael ordered to come back. Didn't didn't meet the war yet to see a kid like that. Lethal was Hillary in the NCAA tournament as the only being dumped on a concerned about right now is dim continuing to be relevant. So that Michael ordered subject in have a chance to play this season if they're not relevant to combat is does he do that comes back promise things don't give him. Yeah. Now. They state what it would when it comes at K state. Eight space date by the way has won at the top gains that checked out this week it because case dates at home. Be listening tomorrow write your own sixties Sports Radio tip is at seven pregame starts at six we taste eight holes Texas Tech. Texas to actually ranked seventh in the country to me I think they Kansas State to stand solidified. Having a great scenes to move it to be NCAA field and not beat all of the global. If they get that went home Tuesday the league's top Hamas and quality wins. Fourteen state this year in Texas Tech would be another one of those games this fact to renew the state beat Oklahoma they beat TCU so so. I think became the state they can do themselves a great service but winning at home tomorrow in their eyebrows the little bit shaky here recently. He needs to get back on track. For K state timbers liberties. He's parlay the success of the four game winning streak going Oklahoma. Limiting tree island setting a record for turnovers big back that came. Kids usually the Big Dig it went all the bowl against Texas this week it they did that was huge user picks right there with in state at the separate yourself a little bit they separate the innings. These are both 500. But he did get that ugly loss at Portland lost Kansas at home was bad but losing by thirty West Virginia. How do you respond from that Bruce what can challenge here he's doing things of those on employers of these huge incident and two other games ultimate symbol on the. Watch it out basketball. On on top of those other games. North Carolina is coming possible big win last night example he'll just do. That's always a great matchup to watch this one the best rivalries and all the town's basketball that was last night's debate beat duke. The Tar Heels now have to face NC state. Tomorrow 1 PM that's on the ACC network in the reason why I have that in one of the game to watch this instance they always place. North Carolina extremely well some may seeds taken out 1 PM on ACC network the other game that everybody will be watching and talking about. Is tomorrow afternoon. The third ranked Purdue all for the makers take it on number four Michigan State the spartans. A lot of controversy with anything involving mr. state right now with every Venus at the with the other Larry Nasser. A sexual assault scandal. At Michigan State that match up to modeled to top five teams 3 PM. On ESPN's of those that the gains this week and it's just wanna watch it definitely gains from JU was too. In case that I will be drinking beer. You'll be dragged him beard and speaking of downtown Dayton was sixth in the AM and Bieber. The wind gimmick Morsi do its thing. Right at the team and rides his supports him wings just don't eat forty Bobble. Bring a few till war on Monday and ubiquitous consent that's extra. Polish. We've condensed seventies did agreement are not scared as he did it. Yesterday told you play better for a issues that you want me to bring them to the semi and a Sunday. It wouldn't you would have eaten chicken wing and its surroundings and leaky flopping that update these nights all they don't take everything go with you. You know. We grow old. Let's. But we're. Sports nuts squirrels and right now it's you. That's not we usually high turnouts if it's free beer at Wharton app principle known. And don't let the world might not like Rollins as a place. Imagery. Well. If you if you saw in my apartment right now there's no beer in my relates. Fashion nuts. And yet that's even for good day got to protect them nuggets. That's debated go to great. And rappel there's still a 48 minutes donut things quite. You saw. I think in the it's the I'll get this thing. Not big. They know what departments make yet. I'm back on the base here. Beyoncé since sports Radio One to bring this substance we never did get to this lastly. And there's nothing really particular democratic into the segregated way to solve a brigade out now. If it came up in a conversation about well what nationally people talking about ray Lewis. And people were talking about rates became. Date. In the conversation with the ball implying Twitter follow us. And they they got record national. Day. Which is interesting to see a hall of fame football player. And a big name personality like that they used to be on ESPN announced he was she doesn't have a particular place at C. But she works for now but she doesn't stop with Fox News what's the cost. Bumble the hundred thousands we can probably I don't know what the cost is that dealt us. It's being circulated out of that did it. But they're you know of the that they had a I don't know there was so many policy digits for Arnold's fifty bucks a pretty sure there's some companies were they look to NCB decreases Twitter ball on the I. People ripping them. And I do. See the point all people look at is saying well why argue buyout buying following that comes across is with a fake eight. When we talk about tree conspiracy in the media. If if if Bob was real then did. Wash I trust. The local what. You're telling. You how Twitter works is somewhat tweets and information was one the first thing you do. Eagle looking assuming all of after the more followers you think that right it's only get twelve what's more it's almost got 2.5 million this what's more important. How many followers somebody has always been able sec mark. All whether there are entertained by no just if he can trust that I think that that's the first thing we do I don't let's pardon vacant and shippers all the time some sweet. 1000 you're separate gaga were doing I usually look at the Luther. Yeah yeah grinds it in a double double its bold and rolling into making sure the people and getting information from or verified all you like to check. What we hope we regular people too don't they don't Havel said art or had many followers don't we Brian he's check Mark McNulty no that's not true. S not rivers and on her that's not true but I guess my point is it is is. I think people should be fighter all these lose their jobs because. They have faced follows absolutely not because there was a gentleman won a major newspapers. That had a bullets if they follow wars being he got suspended while also was a week or two whatever but. I think it should be frowned upon. When you asked they follow I really do it right on people's wedding is very easy to find out if he's fine up to you got it to me about it and we've done this before what is it Twitter on it. Com. People might not listen to us baking go to Twitter I dot com and they can check to see if it's my act would have followed a real if you're a real quiet. Anybody's Israel. Anybody on sixteen and misery you giggle fit it and find out now all transparency. Nobody's what are tells you to be 100% because there are bots at will follow your town. But when you talk about people being authentic and genuine and those people right here to get it. You know real if you have 959697%. Because. If Jeff thousand people following you there's going to be some big accounts that you will try to set out by the powerful you were they hit it exactly but if you're talking about. You have a border town in let's say that it won't won't tell you clearly. How staked your your town. If you have. 50%. 60%. Or 70%. That's not that's not digital age you will be called out so I just don't understand why why if your name person. Why you would buy filed the guys running opera announces 40% yeah right after the speech no wine ran all of ours. Out you're like 96 and then how is that I was I was at 9697. I think you're at 9795. And and Ryan was right there like 9697 to sell right through. I've never ought to follow their zone by a file odd hours in Moscow. Due bus. It's just I well it's a better I didn't. Gradually I don't look like a 100000 mark you as well I say people are doing this like a joke for so against somebody else like pogo on the by somebody followers went 101000 followers for. It's like and box Malia stole one toy box that follow you. That's what the safest thing to do to your credit card number that. Excellent quarter with a follower and from you rank and beautiful. At bodies gals. Asked me in thirteen Wentz went through right. I just I don't see the sense combined. While that it doesn't make any sense. And in the best laid it to the best way to figure it out is if your count jumped from. I don't know 5000. Tips fifteen. In a week. You know something by people there's an incredible fifty Paula Skaggs and 26 U Goldman about a follow our television have a Twitter. Peso since the but I A add up those kind of funny that those guys didn't check last week and is done for this country. Of tomorrow why wouldn't deals. He's been people meant well. Does basically college now you said no that's that's they knew when he people him while Brinkley actually told me that I follow back every female that follows me. Until must not drive that was hindering. All asked not to say that about me when you said it. I think I've said before wither you give the ball look on ball. Would I ever done largely agree and are you following this program you all ladies. Not on this show Gloria just the only reason like dozens or is superb out. Absolutely 100% yes. Yes street NC yes I said after that that's in there is one thing wrong with its program is it what are. It's a grimace pictures. Like tooth as all of a third term you're not morgue like the falls somebody. It's not. Later in the late that means that like Samantha from GM were Europeans like bush forty probably of all it is if you try to compare Twitter to its grand you've got to gain messed. If it's not eating enough evidence I'm not exactly it's not the same at all. It's not a saint at all. It is it now Lance wants one at big Lance 09 with Paula. Vogel fall big winners. Gunn Lance in the final play. I don't play the game and is followed dealings. Uh oh we're gonna kind of tweets to expect from big Lance. I just followed Lance you that's what Tenet waited despite all the would. What between. What's his last week I haven't looked. Dolan down big and I were injury last year round. If you can read on me. Oates in the bay. Medieval ways ones we've learned not to reach we need to know the actual like allegedly hits and he retreated when you meet fortified sic league between injury tweet are you get the ball. All because you two agent eerie tweets sixteen and that is the Internet version of a high five you know that registry tweak it rains tickling thing. The problem it's a good dude now a matter sweetie he found an original tweet from Lance did you lottery sweeten. He looks cool and Goran turn off those re tweet about his last was that was a catch. The geek and a compelling stuff you can get from Lance. Nice videos are in what's that what's the handle. City it's. At big underscore Leon's 09 your regular lanes of follow. Big underscore Lance 09 B get to score points. Obey glance. I just and we're done here in due to take 242 in the wood done on the. We don't. Go to sixties or so. Dot com right now makes it it's well registered. Using your email address. For the spring baseball national slightly. Spring training experience flights and hotel at the sauteed steak resort Scottsdale. Tickets to Dustin Lance in concert at all remaining in concert make cities sign up this weekend to sign up right now. That's gonna dole. All the way through this time. Next. Got a guilty to a put together really little Valentine's Day or anybody did this so globally I do. Good hundred dollar gift court sold steakhouse in hundred dollar give or who finished chocolate here. In dozen roses intrepid company into one night stay the newly renovated. Listing grounds that are six since we're back count which your email address that you you have one. Pretty surely turn out over a notch and not finish and I've been going at least three years office and Chris owned by troubles there. You missed pronounced here for years it's fine. Been tomorrow I'd say to expire by the fire incident inspired efforts on those are two very different war. I scurbel upwards. Yeah I know born between two lovers torn between two lovers years four or. I know I've of that at of that easy tops on with hoops stake bogey. Prolonged is she did. All of may go to six there's forced by Tom. And now all you need user email address let's get to the tape to report to. No one pitcher holds the Max excited about this turn the page when they use the expectation would have expected them. Should expect the production about Smith and possibly better he'd be the one ingredient the pushes you yet. The chiefs are great position right now like the Seattle Seahawks dean started when bill has been a few suitable ending with a super multi chip. He didn't feel pain and Russell wolf a round pick. Paul when the first undrafted Byron Maxwell the Swedes boom six rumored determined that the ground game to its sixth round almost you'll first round pick. In their great secondary. The bills they started PP we think people. There winds started sliding back a little bit but they want and their hated what in the Windows Vista machines window and think about this. Catch homes and happy and very much at all is one. Every kill the round pick they need to throw money remote vehicles leading rusher who paid him third round money you know pulling out over here from Washington. It's not official until March 14. You pay him roughly 647. Out if he has to win would not paying you big go to the money you can spread money around what place. My second thought to be here. Last night I turned you've read including the occasionally. Roy George bears but iceberg but I'm willing to seek recommendations. Moral thinking about going to another brewery. In his loser maybe slide one here in your state he would sitting vigil on brewery. One thing I did work that you know I can ace of Bush's victory in three weeks. That means you get that bad boy injury can bask in the one and one more than three weeks. It does last longer if you perjury. But I look at the request for the IMF a the best beer in Kansas City it yet on Twitter email me sit me recommendation I don't know why am doing this in 2008 team. That added injury appears every other year. The issues when you mission find the best years in key in the city. But you're gonna give you're. Weather forecast. For the failed and I know. Trick us. But it shot did it breaking the rules say big we likes beer. They've. Just essentially said it did in the midst. Of snow tomorrow to help us now obvious the water around Kansas City now this will be chug it down some beer driver. Hall then I'm going okay. So so we've got other things in silly tax code to add. It. All lied to get the don't lose doubtless the bulls to eight big league. They do before to you cannot you can get your final minute if you want efforts or. I'll donate my final minute to you forecasted you can't promise that it'll. It will give with a mineral. Before you have 41 scene a 100% chances though this very important KC TV five that was kind of join us. He be more realistic 2.4 inches. Aren't going to one point five hits I'm going for so that's my official forecast it's just enough to get anything you have to Schobel. It's not gonna be real your travel plans I'm going what time all the snow starts I'm going one and a half right McCaskey who could forum. And it's one point five inches. You'll start like later towards evening. Later towards the evening is the key is that preteens have made sure is vaguest possible so nobody could come back and blast is Gary said. If you forecasts notice you're known not Gary. Larry Larry said Larry Larry. Larry bees wax. Muted basically doubles not agree whether or not a strong whether or that's why do you originally just. I wanted to know when the snow was coming. If you get telling us you stay pretty but we're carrying right here or can you just say 6 o'clock. I just get a Newbury follow me numerous talk about beard knew Acxiom brewing companies out. Interior Morse it's all relative ready to become an election nobody cold beer morsels. That did. Begs to daredevil from KC TV five majority gears here in studio we're done for the wish you had a bigger dog answered. It's a beer on a dusty they have a good weekend. Everybody would talk to you Monday that scenario on. If. It's hole.