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The Drive
Tuesday, January 23rd

In the final hour, the guys play the hits, get back into Trae Young and KU/OU tonight, and wrap the show with some of our favorite props from tonight's game.


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Dry presented by do sinking sizable that is. We eat the Dark Knight was the pop quiz today ten years ago was the anniversary of Heath ledgers that. Lady I kind of ruled the joke. I think you could say the Dark Knight is second as younger generation I would say the departed is the best of my corporation I think the port is being asked. And at best. I think he's the last 1520 years that we were what seven forced them came out polite. As an adult the best we could come out it's into the Portland I would think there. Was it because it sort of encompass everything that there was humor and there's action there's drama that it sort of appeal to as many people's possibly this thing. It just it was a good move I just think it's sort of like entry like I'm not a and I think one of the flaws that super hero Anderson always know the good guys we did it. It was gonna win it this device. The joke. It was such that if it seemed like these teams that's been threatening to it it's not like back in defeat the Joker that's not the boot into the night the Dark Knight is just an incredible move. You either die a hero where you live long to see yourself become the villain. Whoever the them and is he doesn't wanna do this for the rest is like a pretty good to the end of apartheid like I didn't hear about it quite ready to drop a spoiler. I don't know about you well its budget but implicit and. There's like reality T bad. Guaranteed Harrison. Graduation. So much Melissa as the drive kids pairs event as a producer. Of this thing is for Peter I'll be open and brand meaning is here as well winning his Philadelphia 76ers. Could. Fresh off Jolie dean being named to the all star game for the first time as the NBA career you see the logos like the cool that those that Franklin dribbled left. Idea actually not buys what you're like that are also celebrating shoot your shot all stars it's good point he did he lies you are on the original guys three and a half years ago -- and that he shot her down the when he partnership going part of him move on Jules. We got a lot sink it in to exit date is 5 o'clock hour I think that the Kansas Oklahoma game is the biggest local college basketball game that we've had so far this season bigger than Michael Porter debuted for Missouri. My opinion bigger than McCain you Kentucky game at the very beginning of the season. Bigger they hand these sunflower showdown we just saw a couple of weeks ago as Kansas State traveled to Lawrence in the missed shot at the buzzer by bear brown I think tonight is a very very big game locally and nationally will get into a net. Of the biggest stories of the day eighteen cities I've been reading that moment all my life. We talk about that every day and bottled. I get started today it was. What scared there was just scraping perhaps the biggest local college book is game of the season yet number five Kansas. And their two game lead in the big twelve standings they had its Norman tonight's take on Oklahoma tickets. That's their backs against the wall especially the last couple of games but also that's trying to deal with their stud freshman guard. Trail. But judges and that in a call from ES yen. So we don't carry to you look at this that you Oklahoma team tonight is biggest local college basketball game of the year why. I. Over the last probably 67 seasons witnessed frequent really became impressive and you're like yeah. If this if it's double digits this thing to get to fifteen they can tie you steal a it was always the next challenger sports teams as whether it was him. Blake Griffin. I was trying to think of Michael these guys come on whether Michael Beasley whether it was Blake Griffin whether it was. The role that Iowa State head whether it was Jacob pullen Rodney Magruder it has always been the next calmer. Against that you failed to advance. This is next. I train young. He's the best player we've seen in the big twelve and probably the last four season that wasn't one Kansas. Let's see how he does in his first shot against in my opinion the eventual big twelve regular season champion that's the excitement it injury for me. If Oklahoma wins today you give yourself a chance in the big twelve race if you lose today it's them. For me. It is simply is is some of the guys in Libya before this game that you just read this a couple of minutes ago and I seamless. They scored a game of basketball losers of the tenth Italy got 503 three's lucky basketball's second with 492. And this game's going to be not meant Oklahoma is number two in the nation in scoring averaging 91 points a game. You've got the two highest scoring players in the league on the same court in trading on average in thirty candidate wants a grand. You've got the two best assist guys in the league is truly on in Dovonte Graham is going to be crazy when I saw that old you. Was number two in the country scoring brought it back to some of those great Billy Tubbs Oklahoma teams back in in the eighties a look back look to the 88 team that played in the national title. And believe it or not mean that team averaged almost ten more points than this Oklahoma team that. Blalock Stacey King Margaret Ricky race that group so. It's not. That team puts a damn good team and train young is in my opinion must see TV right now. I know is that it that a couple of games but haven't K you against Oklahoma and truly on in Norman. Knowing that if Oklahoma wins this game they've got a legitimate shot at the conference title to sexy matchup tonight it's going to be far. Yesterday I think Monday if you had the year and he's been wildcats making things quickly eclipsed interest in the mix well. Try to drive back to back. Fires along parade. At all. This 31. Larry brown and Ford triple fitted everybody gets shot or idea that back up while you're shooting it docks. Don't want a critical three point shot for the wildcats on real play there. Barry Brown getting buckets on your own for K state basketball sex and Sports Radio now person. Wildcats' third in the big twelve I've been nearly been six until after that brutal loss at Allen fieldhouse earlier this season. Since it responding upset number four Oklahoma and TCU and and Baylor last night. We've done. Trying to determine whether or not each state is legitimate the season yesterday it was I think a big home for this Kansas State team. They had not been to games over 500 the big twelve over three years we've just seen a pattern from the team is they want cans the last three seasons you can get the big hole in weather against Iowa State in the ring. Where you can knock off in this Olympic Monday you can beat Baylor in the early number one in the country. But think you'll go on the road to a team like Baylor who's down the season now that he's making me NCAA tournament. I mean you lose a game like that to win yesterday's game into dominating in the fashion I thought it means they dominated. Was really encouraging to state team is real. You've got a player I think in underground or wait it's gonna in his first team all big twelve. The other one of them is gonna finish second team all big twelve seniors need is a really solid role player or party a party here DR is a really solid role player for them you've got. The well balanced team and we'd like to all but it was clever and Michael especially on the show he's a fantastic job it was a way to Ottawa did if it wasn't. You see Texas Tech it was what was the big twelve coach of the year that's how who'd been. This season. They say took a step last night. You know they took this step up to Michael tier two of the big twelve that means right below canes you know he's into second place in the big twelve right now they had a chance with a big twelve as well. I would attribute it to somebody night they took one step and they take the next and the next one. In my opinion is you look at the schedule and they went through the next herbs for the next spot price they've got Georgia case he West Virginia Texas and Texas Tech. So into those games are excuse me three of those games on the road so that got in the thick they've taken one step they were able to go on the road and beat this team on the road. Right typically don't see that K state eleven nice little run. Wood on the road loses something they shouldn't have to their ground have been fantastic all right today's date is determined team right his state is in the NCAA term. You know typically it's like the Yankees beatable team they don't pay anything to get in another and that one bad losses exit and it was to Tulsa on a neutral court so. Listen I'll call in on K state on this team all right but now it's what you do. These next five games and yet they West Virginia Texas and Texas that. If you can win in Georgia as well you can win three out of well a three 54 out of five states. Definitely liked and sort of they had chance to talk to. I thought it would get to a little bit of baseball news where another potential domino has fallen in free agency that's. Perhaps slightly in the royals favored the San Francisco Giants after making a move couple weeks ago. To acquire outfielder Andrew McCutcheon over from Pittsburgh. Aside another outfielder today another former center fielder in Austin Jackson might remember him from this time Detroit's that the 2017 season. For the Cleveland Indians he gets two year six million dollar deal with sadness. That's exciting for the 318 last year in 86 but it's still leaves a team like San Francisco weigh in all of us. But might be natural fit for Lorenzo Cain all offseason. Now likely on the outside looking in as the market continues to just be bone dry for life these big name free agents. You just look at this Austin Jackson's signing as a possible win for the royals to potentially bring back Lorenzen can't. I certainly think it means that pond is maybe shrinking a little bit and the big league deals are not out there. I don't also rans of canes getting a fifty million dollar contract right now if you ask me I would say he doesn't get that kind of yield. I struggle with moves right now I would side with Nolan maybe he's being a little bit reactionary Agassi moves signing it to maybe a three year deal. For 45 million dollars and fifteen par. I think Lorenzo cain's gonna end up signing a 12 year kind of contract in the market for him does is it going to come together the way people anticipate we get a lot of change a lot of moving parts. And it certainly is a lot of rumors in this direction right now on the hot stove season. I'd just don't know how anyone could feel good about the free agency market if you have one trying to receive the contracts if the fan base of the scenes at the lovely free agency is going. Jake Martinez is still available Eric house Bristol available. And games spring training starts in three weeks. Geeks and guys like that haven't signed yet so what's the weight on the first domino to sign in free agents. It's like musical chairs of the music is about to stop of the chairs are filled up. So where these guys can go. Ice what was the qualifying offer was like 1718 millions of like somewhere deficit. I have a lot of guys like Lucy and Lorenzo came here wishing release wondering if they should decide the one you're 1718 million dollar deal. I wonder because. Again the music's about to stop the chairs started Villa now. From the this an excerpt from the athletic about the Austin Jackson's side. Those in the notes over the giants on Jackson deserves death and all three outfield spots reprise of the successful role until we wouldn't it did last. So maybe. That he is just a depth guy and maybe Lorenzo Cain does get the deal with the giant I would easy guy and fifty million royals and story take this. Oh. One for most either this market is absolutely crazy I think at this week is going to be the week network Wednesday. And they're not the dolphins. And that includes the hit sports today that's a good Kansas Oklahoma game I think the biggest story in Kansas City today. So let's sex line says train young is the biggest thing since terrain we didn't let him beat is that was a little bit different goes to rent traveled to. Allen fieldhouse in this game is an alum to the next game will be no big twelve shifted in their is around Robin every team plays every team both home and away so I think this is a different kind of challenge in nervousness for the game. The reason I want to pick Kansas to win this game. I think that Oklahoma is sold one dimensional. I think a coach as good as Bill Self will find a way to keep the ball at three hands down our trade young hands enough. You'll find a way to make the game somewhat uncomfortable one. We can agree at this point trade young has such a volume shooting. Any handles the ball so much he's going to get his points here. I didn't say you thing and it is your first time watching tray young so far this season you're not holding him to seventeen points that are. Unless he shouldn't really portly I mean like 624. Kind of shooting today. But he's got to get the free don't want he's gonna hit a couple of threes he's gonna have a stretch where he looks like the best player in the country because in my opinion is the best player in the country. Right on the conference he got is an absolutely opt chart I mean he's gonna get is right and he scored. Forty twice. He scored over thirty twice he's been in the toys every other game but your right. Oklahoma is completely one dimensional offensively Hibbert got in Christian games. Exactly is their second leading scorer averaged twelve game which is Oklahoma goes astray young goes. Right heat and if you look what he did against K state the wildcats beat them. He was it it's what Hillary was two for 103 point. That's OK let's say you beat Oklahoma he's somehow find a way to limit radio on if if you if you live here and you beat Oklahoma it's really as simple as that. Yeah I mean I don't know if it's as easy as just what you gotta limit the best player in the country hold my. He's going to have stretches where it looks really good where I thought Kansas State did a really good job against them and now we're sorry to see more teams do it since. That gamers we want to the only one game like. Really strategic in how they sent doubles teams out and really made it uncomfortable for a major gonna shoot it. But if you're gonna shoot you gonna shoot 2530. Feet away from the basket eight if you're hitting no shots nothing you can do that's an air in courting anybody if they're hit shots some net four away. I think say you and I think their coaching staff is good enough and I think there are Smart enough is. It's gonna send a lot of different looks at them. I think they're gonna similarly Newman I thinks he's gonna do your reports on I think Dovonte Gramm's gonna bureau for a time and they're gonna send constant double teams and it didn't like how we talk all the time in basketball let straight young it is I think it's worth thirty tonight I think he's going to school work. The question is can you stop him from being efficient if he shoots 4550%. From the field today I'll think hate is when and they gave them get a fishing trade young. Can keep the ball out of his teens came Lebanon can you make it uncomfortable for freedom throughout the course of the game that's what I think is going to do I just don't know if that's the team with the lack of secondary parts of Oklahoma has to beat this case you'd seen highlights hey you know when a tight ball game year 56 point victory for team. Think that to me is really issue about this game is how heavily recruited the trio was by Bill Self. And I bring that out because. I wonder if you would be able to play the same way Kansas they can't Oklahoma and it Lon Kruger just let him go maybe you do what you do. You know go AEU laws go step Perry. You know play free there's a quote from Bill Self from a that the speech capital journal that I thought was it was really interest. Here's a quote here's what does self told that's the cattle Jersey quote obviously. He picked the right place and of quote simple as that. This Dovonte grant and chances you are gonna point guard here tree and typically is probably going to be Wanda and kid and go straight to the Indians named player of the year. You play that way it chances. And I think they would maybe figure out a way to use him but trail and would be average in thirty game. At Kansas right now and so curious to see Dovonte Graham. Entry on go head to head because they have contrasting styles one's a freshman to senior. You know response has been around for a great shooter to mean they they both in deliver the basketball are both great. It's such a contrast in a contrast in styles between point guards and Bill Self wanted to radio and at least. That's what's that the capital journal article. May is believed and these two guys who had just been really fun and two different point guards completely different and I Altria was no way to play away. Number there's no way I guess for me to really isn't the conversation or the argument I think it's really relative with K you like. Agree trail went to do grew into Kentucky Horry went to Kansas I just I would be different seem just a better teammates play with. I think it's more of do we think that Bill Self could coach trio but it's clear the Kroger. Q let's do every loss to do. He doesn't get taken out the bad shots and yet the bad turn over like as a Missouri stand at his watch freshman point guard a frustrating point guards at all over organs with console Mort you are on the bench instantly yeah I T coach is the point guards I would say a little bit different any coaches everybody else comes or doesn't have a point guards a little bit different scenario. Do we think that. Itself could conform his system to coach someone like tree would you. If you swapped out trade young for Dovonte Graeme and he was the point guard there's no way tree election in 43 times for kids like. Didn't think that was it. I'd I wonder what self how do you handle someone like trail who is different. Anyone and on the date and we're in with a Trace into talent Indy when he was held with a transcendent talent Kelly braille lottery pick. But they've had some great one and done players. They've never had a player in my opinion as dynamic at the college level of Treo so I am just curious a how is it game what do conform now which translated because I think you rated in the little bit for example. He's Jacob pullen. Take a look at certainly played on tape used to David duke it if you just keep the good things straight young. Intel that you play as well as have to shoulder the load is much you have to do and Oklahoma. This is is the second best teammates Christian James he's got Latin on his team a just teams harbored like yeah yeah they are and they are AM IT seem bubble team without trio. Went straight younger one of the top five teams in the country that would be the case with a view he be playing a team that has more talent just about 99% of college. Asked a tree and security that's gonna drive. If your old school basketball guys you're some coach did you know. But he's got whistle your old bike shorts even coaching basketball for about 35 years he'll drive you bananas. I mean he'll turn it over we had twelve turnovers. In case that game and he did tell ESP and earlier today that he's gonna have to play differently out what that means tonight I have no idea. But he says he's got to change his game a little bit. And maybe that means ending more control maybe that means in getting his teammates more involved I don't know I will tell you this though. When he's one window was on television I'll watch. Because he's that exciting when he saw he stepped Korea's. At trade young is I think aside from Tom berg I think he's most interesting thing in sports. Yes right now rankles interesting thing is for tyrants and patriots obviously strong straight young and I'll say whatever is happening with the Cleveland Cavaliers because every single day it appears to be something. Their fight with the each other and blaming Kevin Love for being fake sick a couple of games ago Cleveland isn't complete disarray right now. Trey young as he says much wants television like that he plays were unhappy they didn't go to duke I'm happy eating go to Kentucky and happy that he made a no other college basketball team relevant for as many teens being good. And entertaining is humanly possible. Why would. I've watched Oklahoma disease and train young wasn't on the team watching it for all these guys going to their own individual schools it is kind of funny that. We talk about the NBA and criticize some guys for teaming up like Kevin Durant but it would trade it's like all many couldn't get what unhappy. He went to a different school week very easily on any of these blue bloods and played in their system. I'm happy that he challenged himself he stayed all I can be the main I could be the best play the country on this team I think and but it's a goats the final four with him playing this way. Think it is not a player in the country and carry this team to a final four it also can shoot a not a that he could shoot five for 22 in the first trying to make you lose in the first round. That's so many different teams in college as well as you like that's what makes this year fallen. Criticized the care and it was another play that way in lockers gonna let a one wouldn't be what freshman wouldn't goes aboard today not change things you. Turn over many times you once had a big twelve record I don't care light to shoot 38 times if you need to. Who wouldn't take that if your freshman you're gonna go to the NBA. Listen he's just fun to watch easy it is interesting it's different it's not typical college basketball which to me in a lot of levels has grown stale. So that's what that's what that a lot persecuted something new and different. Earlier today Josh on B who was calling the game talked about when I think in the dangerous cycle the media's gotten themselves into and Joseph Goldberg joined us in studio to give us an incredible antidote about the final home game of the royals court. We played both of those will be next on the drug. The drive presented by don't sinking us from the electric heating and you studios sixty and Sports Radio. And a fast one. Laurie bill Goldberg told us moments here. It's been very much on the you'll take the field overtaking you in the big twelve. Because Kate he was very vulnerable the season yeah and they certainly appeared to be not as dominant as they have in years past but the end result appears to be the same can use that we've seen. Pair of relief for the last fifteen years they're 61 in the big twelve to sixteen and three overall it's still not lost they wrote game so far this year. They're the only team in the big twelve that is undefeated. On the road. In my opinion if Kansas wins today the big twelve race is over. I've already stopped entertaining the big twelve race being open and wide open this year feels like all the other years we know who's gonna win. Truth through seven is really fine really competitive and it's some good exciting college back up on college basketball. Let's not kid ourselves we know who's going to win the conference we know who's going to win the big twelve. But there are certain pivotal moments that happened throughout the course of the season when it's like our it's over. If Kansas wins today. And they defeat the Oklahoma Sooners they'll have a two game lead one every team in the Big 12 Conference with to gain. Games to go there was still have a home game against West Virginia. It was still have a home game against Oklahoma Texas Oklahoma State TCU. And you'll still have a home game either there or play Baylor home in I was the homes of those there remaining home games left. It is not losing the big twelve if they win this game tonight maybe they split it would certainly take. Owed another team getting incredibly high NKU slipping a little bit but today puts the final nail in the coffin I think of kids at least losing the big twelve outright with a win tonight. Well it's going to be tough for anybody catch a pressure I mean I give Oklahoma chance because Oklahoma's got a twice then played it yet I still think Texas Tech may have a shot. His case he has to go lob to K of course lost to Texas Tech at home. Exactly blowing anybody out here on this and I did I took the field because I thought the big twelve. And I still do as one of the best conferences and in the country may be the best right now west Virginia's top man. The really really good and but. Teams like west Virginian and tech have lost games and Oklahoma like what in the odd how did you lose that game. And to me that's the biggest regional and occasionally and it's not just get you. And it is. It's so supremely better than everybody else the conference is yours because so these teams are losing games that are just like what the hell's going on and it teach you cluster best player race so. Oklahoma got a shot it merely to operate but it catch on Oklahoma needs to win this game tonight haven't faced a little this year. And they still to come to Allen field house in in mid to late February so. It's getting tough it's going to be to educate woods his game more than likely is at the very least that they've been at the very least measures to. Mean that I mean the big difference this year and other UK users very obvious they're not nearly as dominant at home as they have been in years past I'd. Now they beat Baylor they beat Kansas State especially a team like Baylor may take you used to have a much bigger hay maker punch and power punch than they have now. It is pretty safe to say all pleased to announce it was going to be close I don't blowing out Oklahoma at home and blowing out West Virginia home you could at least Belleville and thank you gonna have a comfortable 1215 point win that outfield out one's gonna take over now they picked up by double edged they'll get out by eight and then some that'll happen. And the gable end up being close but they'll always seem to find a way to win by police in case you who has always been in this. They won't just win these games all these other teams lose like last night with Texas Tech and lost the Iowa State. Oral West Virginia drops again they're not supposed to lose K you at least over the last thirteen years they never lose games like this that we would gas. If you go fourteen and for the big twelve years and when the league right fourteen to four for the most sure generally yeah. I mean west Virginia's or its losses. Yeah that's like that's it gets and it's what. It's the losses that those teams have taken not necessarily so much what he's done. They got their three water on the conference right now the one loss to Texas that those three home wins as you mentioned scene I. There has done in his home at one by totaled ten points in three wins so you know Baylor case day. And the other one at home was looking at right now as well so so K state Baylor. Where's the other Iowa State yet 33 home wins by a total of ten points they were down the case statement when it's actually go to were down to Baylor late. That's why I think this is eighteen got some cracks man and Austin Texas Tech and the loss there's unstated now and they lost to Washington. Aspirants to this team is not as dominant now. I didn't proceed West Virginia and some of the stuff that they've done Texas Tech losing games they shouldn't and Oklahoma losing albums and yet common and that's why to the field. It it it's it's more on the rest of the conference and and has some added to with with you know the lack of debt that came as this is a typical eighteen. Tax on 69306. They're gonna drop some more games in conference for sure I think the race is going to get tight yes I don't think you can use gonna go. Seventeen and one in the big twelve. But if we think fourteen and four when you believe thirteen and five at the absolute worst. And did we think k's and four more times in the big twelve find them. And if that's the case you got to tell me that West Virginia it. But the rest district is gonna go and one down the stretch or Kansas State's going to don't want down the stretch or Texas tech's going to get in one down the stretch. I take you right now heading to game you owe. Over everybody in the play Oklahoma and they give Oklahoma fort conference loss we're not at the midway. What was done it moves that you got home okay you you work done on the reason I'm entertaining is because Texas Tech beat him all the Texas Tech it'll scan when a tiebreaker summed up a conversation with them. But I think this is over at this point a to game offer. Ten games to go after tonight if they beat Oklahoma it's done there there is gonna finish with a Shirokiya make it come back to the pac. And maybe West Virginia gets hot and they both end up at fourteen and four but there's no way teams and losing four more conference games between now in Indian league if they lose or if they win tonight desolate. Nikkei's schedule right now to be the toughest remaining games on the road case data on Monday which I think that's going to be a tough game and they lose they might lose that game. I don't think those at home in Oklahoma Stater to TCU. On the road Baylor I think to be topic he has had a lot of success there not worried about on the road I was date that three pretty tough ones. Here's the thing I OCK you losing three straight games in conference their home against West Virginia home against Oklahoma that on the road attack. So. Whose three room that mean that that just isn't happening especially to those games are now even as bad as it played well so. Yes I mean this game tonight is everything for Oklahoma and K you can handle loss but Oakland Oklahoma can. Earlier today we caught up with Joseph Goldberg every Tuesday at 3 o'clock. Between now in the middle of spring training we'll have a different royals broadcaster join us in studio today Jill Goldberg was kind of give us it's time. He came to steal and 3 o'clock hour we asked them. Like to be on the field for the last home game in 27 team that was a game that you took your favorites and you sort out it you want to sit these guys off and see the final. Game of the Hosmer kaine moves. All of those guys playing together we asked Joseph Goldberg who knows these guys as well as anybody what was it like to be on the field for the game. I vividly remember that day which are assured that only because I have a hard time with a lot of these games remember what happened yesterday I'm not that god remembers every little detail. And I remember going to work that day and somebody had said something along the lines of where this is going to be tough days in a kind of I Olsen being disingenuous sort rationalized it says. Well it's going to be tougher for the fans because I really always do look at it is this is a business you build relationships sport it's just part of the guys move on. I'm wired to handle that the same way that I'm wired Handel lost. As a fan the emotions involved you hate losing you don't sleep well and I just kind of move on all sports talk that. And so I thought I was blind and that once as well the energy there and the emotion there and started seeing that remember. That I went down to do a report it was kind of hot out of being too. And I thought honestly down here because I wanna see if it's somebody comes off. They're gonna walk right towards me Pete pulled somebody out and I wanna deal C. And then. What was pitching that day Seattle remember everything that I was on the I was Duffy I think wasn't it. It was pitching like that. Markets page because there was an artist it was Vargas and you just outright no he didn't last very long. And when they made a pitching change like Tom Anderson going very well although upstairs. And as those walking back upstairs people before or some like it. I walked upstairs. When the Ford got pulled out league coach Mike like how to budget so I bullet sprinting for more on Matt and and and kind of woke up the diamond club and I taught at this year that way. But really looked out the guys was. Was customer and you know and all those guys well but button in the sense Hosmer is the one that that I was always. Closest with because my first year here was 08 moose was drafted the year before that. He and Escobar team after that. I remember the day that housework game here. You know after he signed rescues drafted and I really remember every step of the way became close with his family before went down the field the end of the game. I went right to the family section just you know trip to give his mom a hug your body shake his dad and his Brothers Dan and you know it's a good luck and thanks for everything I hope she about put. You know it's good it's been great. And then I go out on the field. And I was told in advance that will. We're gonna try to get to a guest win or lose. But we can't promise anything to there's going to be a big video tribute on the board the players don't note you involve your Donald Ventura and they just make shut down. And I thought hall's never says go to an interview. But it's 5050. And he said yes. And I Sheehan coming over and there's like two years and I'm disliked said he all right resort. You have to it we're gonna to make this quick some capital last. And so on try to get my question out I know that I can see him getting ready choke up Michael amount to Wear a I don't want to shall prosper Lanka's. Nobody's gonna make it through he gave one answer which was really just a message to the crowd. And and that was it I mean that's just not everyday stuff I don't read too much in the moment did you take his emotion is him knowing it was the end not. I didn't take it for any bit of that I just took it as knowing it could be the end. I think probably like most of us you figured there's a good chance at the end. I mean I think he probably when this offseason expecting as everybody did that it was going to be an absurd amount of money to hold other discussion on why that hasn't happened yet. But I don't think that I took anything as I'm gone I just think I took it as him being in the moment saying I might be gone. When I know that this will never be the same. That was Joseph Goldberg if you miss the podcast page check it out every Tuesday at 3 o'clock who have a different royals broadcaster join us in studio next week you're shooting for Ryan fever. Join us in studio to help get you ready for the start of baseball's ignore also a fan fest on prize comes up by. Say hello to us at fan fest on Friday. Certainly was an emotional last game any game that I think a lot of people will remember even though the rules of certainly played in bigger games in game 162 overseas and they were not make the playoffs and will certainly be a game that a lot of people will remember and hold very finally is the last chance to see Hosmer moves potentially any royals uniform. It has been surprising over the last couple weeks to see the free agent market hurt a little bit in the hope and optimism I think the fans certainly. It was senior house back on the team there for years and never I never was realistic house will be on the team this. Cheney said I still would bet that he's gonna sign with the Padres are Silas miles if you state are olives and said bet on what you think is going to act. But it certainly not 0%. Anymore I would say I don't like five or 6% like us realistic chance of keeping Eric house which I'd never thought of. Us dead we we are commercial radio stuck Agile about that in and he said would it be great isn't it never works out this way it's too perfect at fan says she pulled the curtain back here comes 35 Orkut. I'm totally happen but would be terrific. Because it is more possibility that Haas comes back to fantasy. And if the royals are willing to spend that money. To get him which it sounds like they are and prices are going down all these free agents and all these big name guys haven't signed. On men I mean like Fred likes to say when a dream a little. And I think at this point we can search dream a little bit and we were three weeks away from spring training and the only royals free agent related deals Mike miner with a Texas Rangers. So I think. You know they it's a possibility. I think it's a possibility. I think I was probably in dreamland in the season and think OK you know maybe you wanna come back you know maybe maybe the royals won't you know go for the same or more time in Bellingham. Ain't gonna happen no way. Boris once 200 million dollars talking about prestige value dollars of make it up metrics try to earn money for his client. On but the way this offseason market is on scene that is absolutely crazy I like I. I mean I it makes sense if you're if you're in a baseball team owner but from a player's standpoint what in the world is happening here. That he's very curious to see. What the fan reaction is when those guys sign. Because it's at least at Hosmer I think it could be a number or a year or commitment that most fans will say hey we didn't really think it was realistic for us to keep their house we appreciate. It's like when stock is signed a two year thirty million dollar contract with the cardinals. If Lorenzo change signs of Billy butler's three years 33 million dollar deal with another club in the royals don't even have Bubba starling insular feel they Apollo Orlando in center field. I'll be very curious to see what faint reaction is it possible backlash because. I would say during the regular season it was a hate lets people let's go for either gonna sign fifty million dollar contract in the off season will get a kick back. If my stock is assigning two years point two million dollar deals with the saint Louis the cardinals the draft pick compensation dot were gonna get back. It's not gonna be very high is what you thought it was in the value you could have gotten at the trade deadline certainly would have been greater than the compensation you got in the offseason. I think a lot of people could justify in Dayton beat and they certainly had a chance was. Even if we don't get this off season or even of we don't get it to the policies and this year we're gonna get back and nice draft pick because for to build for the future. Like that potentially won't be the case at least with. Microsoft is that Lorenzo Cain the shoe sponsor them. And we have talked sport throws. You know we they kick it around. Danny Duffy left money on the table that he didn't. You know and maybe he didn't you know maybe you look at the way the off season market pat is with these guys we have posited it. What market value was maybe 65 millions one hell of a deal now for eight RT if that's the way the markets had. Africa's he's a left handed pitcher which makes them more that you called. I every T look at restarting pitch like who the top flight starting pitcher right now and I'm calling Danny Duffy it's not like Laurie Darvish remaining under is saying is he doors and arms gonna pay this off season now Duffy is not close the what you August he certainly a better pitcher. I would say as good as toddlers. We're certainly seeing he's not the duke warned that we thought it was at any shot we appreciate it goes this blog we're having this conversation yet. No next year just Donaldson's deal I think he signs it out I think he signs early the what's happened so far mean JD Martinez is still on the board. Take part as a fantastic point seventeenth season get him bonds you know which is what most people. Ice Alex Cobb or does he rank he's another starting pitcher that's out there. I always probably can so. Or to be you know one of the top five options not as high as. Someone might Darvish I think maybe a couple guys right after him below area at a yeah I think probably somebody that would be pursued fairly. So right now you have Yu Darvish Jake Gary edit Alex Cobb is now the pitchers are even. Sign me Wade Davis guys 52 million dollar deal a look at it pitchers. Right now. DC Shaq gets here he'll for thirteen million. You know so I mean nobody. Outside and anybody right. Liked to me is the part that blows me away in this whole thing it's not just like you know I don't kids we focus our guys. But it's not just the Kansas City free agents that are landing anywhere nobody. Is landing anywhere right now. I wonder how much of it is teams are waiting for next year when next you're free agent class is certainly a lot bigger after top finishers free agent class well. The literature on that another reason I think it must be doing that is because I mean how many teams are going to be on guys like Bryce Harper. We can really afford them. Now I mean I think that's a handful of teams at the top so why would why would a team like I think the difference would be is. The trickle down is because I think when those guys signed you're living is sort of sets the market and we Gloria. Once JD Martinez are hot or sign a contract I think we'll start to see Contras want it looks a little bit more hate. The big Fisher finally off the board Dartmouth designs and our pitching market it's on our hitter market is signed. Right now we can sort of do it. Mean I don't really know the market liked it finding our correspondent Lorenzo Cain or find my sockets. Sign my contract before I see with those guys getting hot on our own forty million dollars. Why screw myself up at all myself until I see what the top position player contract market is. I expected the overall market will be started a lot sooner because those guys gonna sign a lot quicker than the son of the. It could be it meaning to me to complete a stretcher and again Jeff passed beyond sports editor of our show awesome. Amazing writer held a lot of inside baseball and he speculates that might be some collusion there to drive. To drive God's dollars for baseball it's part of me. Part of me sort understands it and I brought up the the Miguel Cabrera contract and I was talking about him that Miguel Cabrera is going to be making 32 million bucks he's like forty. Crazy I can't but that you talk about that business and bad business current contract seed that's bad business. And I I think owners to honor. Coming up next we do give us prosecute you ready for Kansas Oklahoma which tips off at 6 o'clock right here on the drive. The drive presented by don't sinking us from the MVP electric heating and who studios sixty and Sports Radio. Listen to what sandy or work sites won't seem so bad that's when a morning sixty and Sports Radio. You guys from the drive. Back in on the drive it's time to give us process to get you ready for tip off is Kansas takes on Oklahoma at 6 o'clock over he's paean. Special thanks to John should be who joined us on the showed to get us ready if you wanna check that out. To the podcast page at 4 o'clock Keisel probably and that out. Around trio like twelfth men shot I would say of the and I think you'll probably have an abiding and actually heard a special for the trio was gonna start the game one for three with a yield on the move he's gonna start the game start the game one for three with a lot like just 00 regarding as the publisher I didn't know that exempt breaking news he shoots that much that he starts the game aren't taking threes that's unbelievable I don't pretty incredible non. Also Austrians and you guys RD haven't figured out over 128 and a half points scored the trade on over volume. He's gonna take enough shots to score twenty points plus get to the free online so I'll take the old when he has an infantry. Yeah Allah take you over to that he's gonna get his and I think he's gonna. We'll try to shut down as much they can't but he'll get his no matter what something and he'll. I final. Over under for train young over under six and a half turnovers from and that all takes over I think he used it a little not all of double teams that I think they're gonna do a lot of things creatively defensively. Try to get the ball out of his team to get on the move a little bit too quickly. It's all take 78 turn over day for trails like the overall on this particular series it's 48 turnovers in his last three games something in the must continue and move on towards the Kansas Jayhawks over under seven and a half rebounds tonight for needle doesn't move. Although all our. Just for the volume for mystery young shots. All give an old girl and seven and a half rebounds Oklahoma doesn't have. A tremendous amount signs down low. The team lat is a pretty big guy that's really it in terms of the size component for Oklahoma overwhelmed yeah to go over to Azubuike is gonna take care of that because it tears problems not that they're not. Not a great rebounding team anyway something. Over under three and a half three pointers made by steam pilot and Sid good over under on take the under on his all American yeah I'll take the under. Three pointers for it's like kind of big number right OK you shoots pretty on volume of and that's kind of with a basketball is trending. No real reason why take the younger on this side is always think it's more likely that you miss more shots and make shots when it comes to 43 fours and gaelic. You can go for five from three in hit the under in this once I'll take the under. Take the over opal is not a great defending team when it comes at three pointer and and he's the two teams that should the most threes in the league and Oklahoma's over 500 K these are your 400 for the sees something else. The last one over under. Zero and a half one and a half. Technical fouls by your coach Knight yet again attack or not always take the under sec filings and in next few coaches fired up. Animated big scheme of the year for both those teams occurred as is the only technical find out how it's done heated up for all. Deal over just to Alex he technical bows and it makes for great policy at least two allele if there was. That is Larry Brown Billy Tubbs back at definitely take you know these guys probably illegal undercover for the you know I just don't know with its marketing game like this to give points away. So I'm gonna take the under from coaching standpoint all of the coaches thinking about that the moment it tacked on you're right I mean it does suggest it builds on this long enough Lon Kruger is dumb as well enough you know the line. Up and assuming they don't give you a lot of leeway for going back and forth the officials are now trying to give coaches technicals. Now technicals are quick to give a double technical the game it's a little bit to champion and a pain if US open. Cynical bows for the lakers I'd probably give you went over. One coaches I'll take the under in this ice that's it. Those are all over runners we got for today Ayman. I take you Wednesday's game I think Kate he was gonna do enough defensively to. Slowed down and limit tray young and try to keep the ball out of his hands as much guys don't trust the supporting cast of tree young enough. To defeat a team like that you have Oklahoma's a good team that restored it seemed warm or the rest of the laws on their team. You're asking for young he's Superman every single time and I think itself knows enough defensively and as. Certainly guarded players of this caliber nothing and it's time. As a head coach I think you win tonight's game. Let's tonight. It initially I thought Oklahoma's and I was gonna pick Oklahoma to win this game Oklahoma has been playing great trail is a little bit of a funk right now. I think he's doing the skins well. Another tie test basics and sports dot com also available on iTunes to the podcast page today at 3 o'clock hour. Joseph go work royals broadcaster from fox sports Kansas City joined us in it for John Giambi joined us a special thanks. Tell him we got Ayers to drive.