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Tuesday, January 23rd

ESPN Broadcaster Jon Sciambi joined the guys ahead of the KU/OU game that he's calling for ESPN to preview the matchup. The guys then take their daily trip around the NFL and Heis is convinced of Tony Romo's new career option after broadcasting. They get into the signing of Austin Jackson by the San Francisco Giants and how that impacts the market for Lorenzo Cain before CDot salutes our favorite "shoot your shot" All-Star.


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Yeah. Coming up momentarily we'll catch up John Zogby of ST in broadcasting tonight he insists. Vs Oklahoma game today the game is in north. I think the big twelve is over Kenya's wins tonight. I've always thought it was over really ever since I saw the conference basketball schedule or since I knew they were gonna continue another year college athletics. I do indicators is gonna win the big twelve basketball with yours I had a meeting. Invents the Fannie you'd need to be convinced of it can't isn't gonna when the big twelve or not I think it's done tonight at KUN if they win this and they got a two game lead on every team in the conference with ten games the goat there's always gonna at least that is what the (%expletive) Not agree on that and it's hard to make an argument against it made me truthfully. I didn't expect Texas Tech to follow its base the jayhawks to win at West Virginia. Oklahoma to lose back to back games act K state and against Oklahoma State so I didn't see that part of the coming. I still say that their holes in Kansas game pressure and he's going to be more didn't intend that it that it normally is for them but I would agree if they beat Oklahoma tonight is probably. Right now we heads of the drug hotline potentially John shy MB of ESPN who was on the call tonight at KU Oklahoma John ambulance and to a fantastic we toss that question last to you first who would you rather have trailer to bonds triggering. Who'll. Too much and that was my reaction on that one. Although we're talking about tonight are talking about the end eight were talking about here's. Burke policies and what the market. I would say tomorrow somebody came to you and said all right you're gonna get your own. Are you taken tray youngest archer squad he's taken them on figuring. Man I hate to cop out because that one Lendl what spoke you don't like Puerto like tree and getting to do the things he's doing it because. Of the players around him and that they don't have the pieces. So he's able that your intention humankind. The net the thing. Apple the update partner. It could get the tight like are there. I'm not sure bet you know yeah I expect the market. In his career in portrait and it's pretty special here. Toward. Pick entry figure it. Now I'll I'll call it here collection that question right now who is going to be the national weather here today. I would say tray young and then badly second. It trio. Like right now trio will be an actual players but as a dismal right. I mean that so. That's what we eat pork but it's a great question. John it's kind of disappointed me over the last couple of days I feel like people have I don't wanna use the board per Golan trade but I feel like there'd been that. I thought the conversation on trays really been down over the last couple of days. It last week two weeks ago he was the hottest thing since sliced bread and now he struggles for a last couple game probably think he played up bowling it's Oklahoma State. People seem down on his volume where US Owen. His sword dominating the ball taking as many shots or maybe not having the overall efficiency that people like. Look at it. He's got to get back in just forget. Ten years ago. Couldn't. Be it was everywhere it is. So we're looking for content now now now now. He just can't. I mean the simple black weakening work. Important Daimler Wednesday. I think each team plays in between. He piano as part of it that way they eat Greek and but our record if an error in your car in that little card. With current there because. Look what he's a little me time gains or acting or one cent. It means to describe. Looking Maureen more than you throw it should. For. Continent continent that I think there's any time that happens eventually wandered out quite like that it. What we're talking about and we did that sort of shifted but there. It's it's more is there are a matter of Italy Spain killing time. John Shia v.s on the call ESPN tonight for K es game. Against Oklahoma job read the story he has been right now right now written by moderate Metcalf phenomena region quote from a from Tre yeah he says quote I think people do forget that I'm nineteen years old. People forget that I never make an excuse because I'm a freshman and I'm nineteen years old but I think people do forget that sometimes. That just comes with a you have done so much to this point people just expect that every game. Our heart on on guys that like 1819 year old freshman I mean. I think it's part of I think we see these athletes. With NAND bodies and we expect him to to play like men and to be able handle things right now I think that's part of you. Yeah yeah it is indeed a little bit of the need to demand now compared. However many years ago just for later and build your company out. Comparing. Oh. And many spots as small as they chew here there. There currently are under water that they are doing. Who break your heart opera that is what you know Pollack wrote it and you were talking about bill and parts. I'm finding it gives. Working or thirty point plus corporate network. Two in the big twelve. The ten ATC being put it it doesn't happen like going out and get some of the mid majors OK but you crystal. Skull. I. It to seconds they get special as well that's the bill. I judge from ESPN is on the call tonight's case you Oklahoma game Johnny talked about ESPN promoting this game a week ago is this. The biggest college basketball game of the year to this point here been. Colonel. Probable that just because from ranking standpoint that not monstrous but it's split it up and I think that he is just it got that sick that people will. The year you what are we see you know compels people so that he. You know people pumped up to get a look at it it against. Wanna know what's been the wanted to be cover programs. In the country so I think it. You know what I mean not report it 401. True. Battered economy where you get like that it but it Whitaker now. John I'll ask you this about Kansas because there's a little bit of a split a divine here in Kansas City and understand we're closer to and we watch every single K you basketball game. Where you add on this team because it doesn't appear to be atypical Bill Self kind of seems best without visual home. But the end result seems a lot like a lot of the other team is teams I've watched in years past. Right you know frequently. I mean I that it is well. Shall I use the Texas Tech. And Texas one more hire act they're placing your technical. Oh yeah and can actually see who teach you to. Really instant trouble or that order. And he's. 01. Law. And it would make. It or in any electric your soul your. Local partner her partner. Look for the also proper to ask. More car seat rather playing with those who would become old guy is as opposed to you know. You know four out one in tech appeal but. Look at the did you end. Good. To see that law and. And you know it is easy people to let. There's still a talent department than there and the program. And yet home. The type of player in the top of it yet he's just because you fear and really competent police. In the game to try to appeal. The and so. All. You know that there. Should. And that was John Shonn BE SPN who is on the call tonight you can catch the game on ESPN at 6 o'clock John appreciate you coming on tonight thanks a bunch and oh. I Josh I'm Erica and I think he's a really solid broadcast happy that we had a more today I think today is a really really big game maybe it's bigger it's obviously bigger here than it would be nationwide. Does really curious to see because. Now that Missouri's not in the big twelve. Kansas I think is always in search of rival in the big game one their schedule prisoners are getting used to beat them this year came to state better numbers looking forward to when Kansas travels to Kansas State next Monday. If your team liked you when you dominate this league for as long as they have it's sort of been that revolving door of Oklahoma State gets their shot but he'll Oklahoma gets their shot Blake Griffin Evans all these guys get their shot at the throne is if you can knock off KU. This thing next newcomer entry yeah sure young plays really well tonight it's K you for 48 into Oklahoma to a victory. Mean the game the return game against Allen is going to be huge or that so I think this game has the extra buzz or is he sexy matchup with John John yeah. It is try and Oklahoma can confide it would beat Kansas tonight in Norman then in my opinion the conference is still up for grabs because. If if I mean we've seen teams placate you tough I don't feel that security at least twice and outfield outs or see him go to the wire with Baylor and K state already. And I think of what was better the both of those teams so it is the sooners can beat Kansas tonight in Norman and still have a shot to sweep Kansas and go to Lawrence and get it done. Then they legitimate shot an anomaly if this is a typical. You know oh you Kansas game were OUs rank what fourteenth. Om it's not near as sexy as having guys Josh army said that averages thirty game. I mean I think that is. Tried young and Delonte parameters of the two leading scorer in the Big 12 Conference right now. Trail and averages thirty and a half point that want to grants number two in the league and he averaged eighteen. Well the leg right on. Number one and assists as well a ten assists a game Graham number two on add a little over seven so. You've got the two best point guards in the league and one got it reminds a lot of people staff cores can file again. I mean you just I think the rest of the big twelve just needs Kansas to lose this game if you look at the last couple weeks. Every team in the big twelve has lost a game they're not supposed to lose aside from K you mean West Virginia just lost the game and work was like as a guard can't stable they had those losses in the beginning of the season. Mean chip is only has one loss almost halfway through the toughest conference. In the country if they get this when you get them a road win. Against Virginia they've already defeated case date they lost second set what they're claiming units X Tex isn't as scary as they appeared to be when they came in Allen beat this team. You have a weight at Oklahoma all win at Texas a wind act TCU a went against Baylor to winning and I was state you've beat just what everybody already and we still got. The other half of the round Robin goad you ought to educate you with they win this game tonight. For the sake of the big twelve in the race being interesting if you care about that sort of thing but Oklahoma has two wins and. Yet they do today and that's what's at Oakland Texas Tech community is that legitimate shot a real shot a catch and get you because. Texas Tech target wants Oklahoma's got a twice so listen. Disrespect to K state at all what they statesman able to do to top 25 wins in the last weekend and and it really emerged and again in that. Last week and then two weeks having to take you to the wires wells so. You know Casey Anthony has a shop that also got a loss to Kansas or Oklahoma faced him in Texas Tech is our beat. Coming up next week due to our daily trip over around the NFL plus. We have something. About Tony Romo but I guarantee you no other show in the country hands we tell you what his next hundred. The drive presented by don't sinking us from the MVP electric heating and who studios sixty and Sports Radio yeah. Coming up and boards thirty. The royals free agent market is really starting to open up and I'm wondering if a couple players are starting to fall into their laps. And about thirty minutes there is a young king. A legend an inspiration. A TrailBlazer a pipe in year that we need to celebrate. One this show because we first talked about a year ago he received a lot of hate. Lot of people didn't believe in his struggle in his dream. And 365. Later he has prevailed. We'll tell you how to prevent I don't wanna give too much of it away but it was it was a lot of hatred thrown in my man's direction but. Like rocky he went out he defeated his Yvonne Drago and he's now the champion. It adds that coming up in thirty minutes at 430 we'll get into the royals free agent market now Lorenzo Cain is potentially falling into the rose lap right now it is time to take our game. Bike ride around in about dad as a bike ride today not really much the trip as a couple big topics on the docket for around the NFL start with ESPN. There's still deciding who their next analysts is going to be to replace Jon Gruden in the Booth with Sean Madonna there's reports today that it's Peyton Manning's job that he wants it. Yes and the overwhelming favorite to get in if not him. Who should be I do think that is it was the capital CBS as the Tony Romo Peyton Manning is obviously the bigger name. If you're looking at the goods were decreasing the rate declining ratings because of the proper word. For Monday Night Football one would be. I I think we'll certainly give you little boy as an uptick ultimately I think the actual game I'm watching is a bigger draw than calling the game but it was certainly helped his beard. And they certainly have the cash to go out and do it. I think if meaning doesn't get the job I think Matt Hasselbeck will be the next color commentator. For Monday night the. Is it crazy to say that I just don't care like I don't tune the game's announcer. I don't I tune in for grateful won't. Let me read. Announcer actually. Anyway as an announcer I didn't tolerance where it dollar it was actually get my attention. You know Tony Rolla did because he basically was calling out plays before they were gonna happen other that was fascinating to me but I like those of color analyst come here. Like none of them do it for himself to be doing it the more people watch ESPN you try to cut your budget Peyton Manning. Picked and it cost you fortune right. It out of football and the people lots. Now they don't matter it's an eagle and sun and clouds on the call and make people watch the game if that's where it is my biggest fear if it is they. Manning is that he comes on an insane. And we've seen a lot of big games former athletes come on they're saying they don't want to stand and don't tell you what's really going on in the Peyton Manning great yet it's dark hour. Last about four or five weeks they figure out the games drumming he's not doing a very good job so I don't really care who is. It's really good to get better games than a lot more. Patriots defensive coordinator Matt Patricia seem to be had coached the Detroit Lions yes indeed that is opening press conference yet it hasn't been anything officially announced. And here's pro football talk reporting that he's already told them lines assistance they're not gonna they're not coming back strong personal as the new leadership is. Had an opportunity to talk with them before going ahead and moving on he's going to be the head coach. He wants to start putting that together he's he's not dragging he's. Two weeks of the Super Bowl he's gonna take opening minute coach what did some two and a half weeks. Jumpstart not put yourself behind the Senior Bowl is going on right now you're missing a very important part of the draft process that you would sir like that you part of which are preparing your team for the simple. I got no problem with that being honest. This isn't a fit for you know what I want to be here that would give you enough time to go find a properly in space where you blow it. The truth is yeah no problem that the thing that. Patricia to his support to get them is you know neighbors who will immediately take head coach I don't get it yet restaurants that means you got to go to Detroit. And actually hold a press conference deal with that entire. Mess that becomes a press conference to take any job. They don't get a lead head coach he knows he's going to be the head coach he's given those guys you know audience that was you knock them back to find other jobs where it's not gonna work for me. I had a problem. I missed a tackle. But be the first time. I'm asthma attack I was pregnant the meters I was like Philippines coverage of the decision does. Not make his decision. Why don't quarterback Josh Allen says he'd relish the chance. To turn the Cleveland Browns around. As think Josh element keep fighting off a little bit more than he can feel you had to adjust elements. Blaine Gabbert. Until it is. He has all the make up you would think of an NFL quarterback but it just doesn't strangely to build as dozens of wild. Yeah yeah I saw an interview from Bruce Darian a longtime coach of the Arizona Cardinals and he said he still believes that Blaine Gabbert can turn it around become a star who's. Wrist area then finally retired. Blaine Gabbert is two years that soon just Alan he's got a top. Has he fits all. Quarterback. But he is bad. Blaine damper. What about when teams had to go to trick plays. But did Egypt yeah exactly I mean Josh Al. This is that this is his version of a trick play. This has been hurt you his version of bill the draft rights that amount is gonna say all the right things and get into all the all the right stuff because your life. That got. Arsenal went out of a small school. You know particularly in light it up this trick play or go out there taught say the right thing. Tell you wanna be a while. You all those things that he's door right now on the gets a few million bucks it's an in Cleveland in the bottom line is this again I would and Ohio for ten years. If you got a quarterback goes up and turns the browns around a guy's going to be hero whoever can do. I haven't seen Twitter herbal and someone the way they turned on Tony Romo since that's Curry's wife stepped her life was the most popular thing on social media. She's at a couple things out of pocket and Twitter and immediately got her out of the paint. All is America's dog laying the first four games of the NFL's season. Everybody. Green he was everybody now exciting and call up the plays in the FC championship game Twitter was trying to get Romo. At a year. Here's some of the sounds that Tony Romo was making in the process they did a very comfortable. Who. We'll catch. You gotta see this that is definitely. I. All. Would actually do whatever you brought senior middle watching a watching them play you're you're the guy that everybody is too. His eyes was just since in the Booth. Not I don't think paired together all of our daily life. It's now signal that was maybe the reason for the now this other there was one sound at the end almost sound that is why people. Because it ought and it was like one of us then he starts to act I do that every time whatever it was you you. And when it's re Saudi. 90% listener doesn't when they showed replay and they're try and not trying to see a guy gets two feet down I make those. I do not be mad at Romo duel in the exact same thing. The mob is cynical I've read outs on America's. Sweetheart. The first four weeks overseas and now that you can't hide behind other game and we just had a lot Romo. Romo you like it. Everybody here. I don't you guys are all. I heard something. That represented Tony romo's future I think their future is outside of the broadcast. Yeah. Those sounds. All came together. And this is what I think Tony Romo is going to be a team next Nicholas. You used to know Tony Romo the football player. And you know Tony Romo the television broadcaster Al. But you've never heard the former cowboys gunslinger like this I. That's right for the first time you can have all Tony's greatest hits on the night. In now that's what I call Romo volume one songs that bring everyone together across all music genre. With the timeless hits include. Then Bob ray. They beat. Who lives just a little bit. Man eater. Things that make you go news. Hey baby. And the opening of the girls girls girls by Motley Crue. It's Tony ER where the yard stands for Iraq in the night. That's way too much about this Tony Romo like you've never heard of before and this first time collection can be yours for only what they want to honey. Now that's what I call robo volume all humble way this opportunity like a playoff game. The orders today. I'm always down to support the now music series somehow and another installment in the series I don't know if you guys have kept up and now music sooners understand if you stopped whenever tiara canceled television. They are on now. 98. There are still making those now that's what I call music you seem like somebody had now eleven back in the day you know you need Ager oh well you know this. Is what is. If they basically we just take all the popular song with the radio selected given seasons all summer long they would just put a mole it's just there and the buy CDs there's still make these things in 99. And I didn't know what good Tony. Call music edition and I can't believe how quickly people were ready to get my guy Tony Romo had a year is that so it's work we've birds that guesses on the great guys like Saturday to -- it seemed like a plays Engel did that now that's what I clouds are here now about human eye I don't know maybe we can but on the drive website thousands of boards dot com and it's easy access yeah Amazon com eBay I think you'd be flying off store shelves. Digital store shelves. Speaking of flying off the shelf the greens OK am like the stock is at odds are not flying off the shelf. Is there a change starting to fall back and so the royals lamp we get into it necks on the draft. The drive presented by don't sinking us from the electric heating and cooling studio sixty and Sports Radio. Text 69306. I can always come sex life of the spirit of brown was its excellent speaking very highly of Chrysler for his. Now that's what I call Tony Romo hit what I thought was fantastic. But as always the tax line always chimes in and their contributions to the show do not go unnoticed. Excellent 69306. The Tony Romo urging Israel every team that's favored when he calls the gain either barely wins or loses. They're not. To win or lose. Today we've done well I guess it wouldn't blow as. That's the case that happens in just the you know it's gonna happen today Greg KU. A game of having to use either gonna barely win or lose that's possible I think I think one of those who witnessed on a roll call again and no he's not I'm just saying is now we can the John shot lead. For the sponsoring. Them that's that's my prediction for the game prediction for the game as you either barely wins to close. Portland loses in nail biting fashion on those two buildings and I Juno that's when Tom Green coaches Indiana loses right and we can bank on that definitely more right time. Is that true lies and the first couple years that was very much case on point there with a number one team in the country the number one overall seed in the NC double it puts concrete when I used by around. Yeah yeah yeah and he's Rochester in the game John John tonight and in excellent six countries where it's orange hand but she's lost all the games Tony Romo announced this year all of them. What he called. A CDS and the idea was ABC news ends. Chiefs problem necessarily telling him I don't do that though he called seven losses this year for the chief Mel B denial seven losses or they they did a good job was old and this was calling me was he calling the that she Steelers game in the playoffs last year don't I was I love you know. He was up probably trying to do is back up this via the body was gonna be political Lin Elliott you know he was Michael nagging me there's no I ice and he was in high school maybe a little younger there's only wasn't puzzle jets insert any remaining new automated great noises side of course that would gone through all right. Yet he saw the clips. There. A lot of note you guys saw this story or not but Austin Jackson. Who is a outfielder. He signed a free agent contract with the San Francisco Giants. In the money. Was not very much as we've seen it we've talked about on this show. The dollar amounts of these guys and free agency in these baseball players is not holding up the way meaning people had anticipated it to beat. Which makes me ask the question I'm so it has asked the question when a guy like Austin Jackson signed the two years six million dollar contract with escalators he get it to eleven million dollars yeah guys like. Is it possible. That a guy like Lorenzo Cain is starting to fall back into the lap of the royals because. I am no jet pass and I am no Jerry Resnick I am no buster only but if you ask me in my bare professional opinion. Dillard's okayed and fifty million out policy doesn't appear to be he's got to get the contract meaning it was body was gonna get but I thought it was gonna get a month month and a half ago. But the passage towards talking to other people about the baseball market. And seeing a team that I thought he made a lot of sense for. Austin Jackson cited two years six dollar contract I think we've seen time and time again. When it seemed like the Red Sox we thought were the perfect fit for Eric Hosmer they go get Mitch Moreland they signed him to a two year twelve million dollar contract when a ballot Austin Jackson goes to the San Francisco Giants who doubt was a great fit for Lorenzo Cain. He cited two years six million dollar contract. It's like. Not only was contract is coming back it's like Lorenzo taint of faults that his team's laps were very manageable three years 33 million dollars yeah. Billy Butler type com. Agree the story. Website called McCovey chronicles dot com it's they cover that it's never system giants. And it's an SB nation website and it says hold on Austin Jackson might have been the starting center fielder after all. In there say they pull an excerpt from story goes on the athletic and Rita Tia. It says this according to Andrew back early sources Joshua Jackson to be something of a super forced out feelers from the athletic. Those in the notes only that the giants I Jackson serves depth piece at all three outfield spots for prize in the success parolee held. The Cleveland Indians last year out that's the case. Then Lorenzo Cain still makes sense for the giants if Austin Jackson is a depth guy and not a starter. I assure you know the numbers on these two cats. But in the night out of Austin Jackson compare to a Lawrence okay. I'd Jackson had a pretty good average year for about three team but he only played in about eighty something games after the season. But this is somebody that was traded the cubs in the World Series run a couple of years ago someone that was in that same role at a fourth outfielder got it would common bird for defense. Middle when he was a lead author on those brilliant Detroit Tigers team that. Now at the age thirty his is production has gone down just a little bet that little bit of a bounce back. I last year. I don't think this is somebody that they are looking at in everyday starter but they're trying to. The way and it's his burial set of eyes there it's okay you had a good year last year and out for the season let's see you can do it yet. So I mean the way they're playing and it looks like I don't know if the weather today it was because. They're just trying to get a bargain and OT you're gonna pay anybody to play baseball this year at least compared to what we see in the past or if in fact from the athletic. Again it reads those of the notes over the giants such action deserves a depth piece it all three outfield spots out that's the case. Hillary is a case to oblivion in place of that amazing he's their version of rod dice yes yes yes yes he's that guy he's he's he's a backup. I think what's happening as we start to see guys get squeezed out. When I get paid I'd I'd I'd never denied Hosmer is going to get paid but that means they're squeezed me so what's happening right now if you had to guess you don't Lorenzo Cain signed a contract for more than fifty million dollar now I think about it. His age do you think like Woodstock assigns the Contra I think more than Kadima I think. Think moos will be he's analyst warnings is going to be close yet I don't think she gets well I ask this question do you think besides moralist that outscored. I think shines that's for most 72 million dollar and senseless and I would say 56 years ago there's no chance he signed the contract less than what Alec scored and yet look at those 31 right now place. If I have his birthday and turns 32 implantable chip that. So again I don't think the rest of that fifty. And of we're talking about 2013 2004 team my stock is signing a contract or five years ninety million dollars. Five years 95 million dollars and he's going to a team like the Mets he already signs a contract with a giant. If anything has seen a baseball calendar continue to get pushed back in back. A long what 56. Like every four years ago. Now everything big happened at the winter meetings the winter meetings kind of set the table the top. 34538. With sign their contracts and everybody else to get the scraps left over. Who signed at the winter meetings this year. Contract the science abolish your weight Davis with the big gallery is until two million that was the big contract and got Augusta available guys like. Where past and OK to say and Eric hovered outside. Here's the here's here's why don't you get for example I think this is probably. Like Miguel Cabrera. Back in 2002016. Is that when he signed his contract. Miguel Cabrera signed. For an eight year 248 million dollar. Eight years into our forty wrap your brain around. So he's set to make this year 30000030. Million for the next four years 32 million in 2000 points YouTube does its point three. And that's crazy money Miguel Cabrera. Is 34 years old so okay so and in. Five years from now six years so he's gonna make him 32 million bucks measles 48. Teaser. I and I understand the tigers didn't hit my Cilic is an owner that is just passed away they alerted it I can't say it was into the grave. But only those days ago a man. Those 28 million dollar. You know 250 million dollar deals mean maybe Bryce Harper gets that may be. Making Manny much Otto possibly. But guys it's it's in their late twenties it's like most is a good third baseman who had a career year. He's not 5055. Might be the match for him. Coming up next we salute someone. Who is accomplished in my thing. One of the greatest things that's ever happened in the history of dating that he doesn't address alluded because we celebrate accomplishments on the drive. We don't let any great accomplishment go unnoticed we celebrate alleged next in the draft. The drive presented by don't sinking us from the electric heating and cooling studio sixty and Sports Radio. And it's 5 o'clock. The biggest stories of the day he'd seen the city helped break we'll Kansas against Oklahoma. A big game fourteenth this in my opinion as the biggest college basketball games so far in the season if he's seeing. And he was thirteen time defending big twelve team we've seen a lot of comers at the world trade young is next though so we'll get Susan. Best. Of the stories today in Kansas City coming up at 5 o'clock but. It's time for us to salute. A legend in a kid that deserves all of our love and support if you remember this story. From last year during the Super Bowl Tom Brady in my opinion has made a lot of millionaire's the guy like your mean gene. Think about guys like Charlie Weis was still getting paid by the university can't steal it reason why is because he was around the greatness of Tom Brady but Tom Brady. Brought together the greatest relationship in the history of social media this audio is courtesy of The Today Show. Canadian tickets are being restart has learned. To never bet against. Tom Brady at the falcons took a commanding lead in Sunday's big game. Which are tweeting quote I knew Atlanta would win by the way what a lot of the shots fan decided to capitalize on that tweeting. If the patriots win and we don't wanna dates. To which she replied sure. Well we don't know who won the game and believe it or not she's planning to stick to her words give back the fans where he lives and says he'll take her. On a date wherever what could possibly a couple of. She very easily could have backed out of the date she could've made all these cues is in the world. And let my men down. Weeks later. They were sitting courtside at a Brooklyn nets game which I imagine how bad the nets either probably give them tickets away free but it doesn't matter. Yeah you were still at the game at the thought that counts and I remember. And heist was here you are on the young team that's not it is set the young king without your game play but I say you know what. Step one is is getting your foot in the door you had a good time and she set to tears as she was interested in date number two. Some time pass. We all forgot about it woolly and December it took a picture on the couch and they were smiling and guess who's here and name later that month. We saw picks are both of them on the beach and I was like you know what my man's not here making headway. Now almost 365. Later you know that the young king is doing. One they're going to the Super Bowl together NFL Canada Tweety both of them and put BR guest. At the Super Bowl she put all NG back to where all the games with the patriots too I'm in what do you say. He's been applied this keeps getting better I mean I tell you guys all that time. Chase your drains. The worst thing she can say is no if you approach it with respect. If you approach her with humility. And you approach with honesty you always got a shot that's all I mean did he stepped up comets and the free throw line down line. Sank both free throws in how he's going on a date. With his dream girl to the Super Bowl but I'm on the ship of god this is ally no seat out. That the stars will line for me to be in the same place as my queen I salute you. This guy is an inspiration he should be an inspiration to everybody or somebody right now. Who hates that are jobless and for the show 13 did not work I hate the job. Follow him. The chase the dream didn't take no for an answer look at it I'd be Super Bowl authorities in between there and he takes is China India. Re dating advice a little bit ago. Help people out there and get your girlfriends know I don't OK and I said no no I don't listen good for this cat man this is awesome. I listen I initially thought. The genie Bouchard the tennis player. Was probably doing this as a publicity stunt. But listen the guy got his foot the door. I mean how could she thought gee if she turned back on that she would look awful social and she took the Burnett's game and from there day. Maybe he won her heart I have no idea but I think is critical story. I mean it started with a tweet last year nominal with a Super Bowl mania too beautiful tropical Minneapolis to etc. just think about this he was a college student. Probably Rama noodles and probably still is trying to scrape money together to wash his clothes and making a drive home. He's now into an NBA game and sat courtside. At a beach with his dream girl. He's been late since doubled up on the couch and volley watching Netflix for so long but continue watching yes or no popped up. He's now been on a beat she witnessed the lady. And now he's going so poll isn't clear to me is that eighty. It also makes it does Portland event absolutely had the tall yet what Colin. 34 days you absolutely have to talk go what are we doing year she said they were just having fun. I'm always on the road I'm busy with BOR with you about this thing about maybe you know of a player right. You know namely over the suitable. For you. I want to continue to hang around and we had to go and the do all these cool things very they were at the beach. Think they knew it wouldn't take it that you think she called in my hips and they take these pictures might think they're meeting each other because I know how I think. Paparazzi did the did that get the drop on celebs got LA man. Is an entertaining not an area. They get a phone call from the publicist they Kim k's going to be locked out of the circled around here about two hours and make eagle there are a couple of shots over. That's how work keeping him daisy to go not. I think that you gazed out the bulk but I don't think so I don't think but a lot of times paparazzi end up in places where that's where discounts to with the Google Chrome. So that's good point until. As a life long lesson and I tell you guys on this radio program for years the worst thing she can say is no I. This cat's like obsessed organized what are count right now and he's obsessive Tiger Woods tiger was picture there is Twitter handles at TW one. Of this relationship ends or better for an edited for identity or to point. I mean tiger used to be a great shooter in the back and it is not anymore now but he has lost half his money I'm just I've been telling you all the time. You go to respect. Argued that no okay what issues. He's got as they've ever you know law by drink I've been telling you. This year and it's college student should be an inspiration to you know he should be someone that motivates you to go out and shake issue dreams coming up in two minutes against the biggest towards the danger of the states and its. A drive presented by don't sinking us from the electric heating and cooling studio sixty and Sports Radio.