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The Drive
Tuesday, January 23rd

The guys kick off the show previewing tonight's matchup with Kansas & Oklahoma and how CDot found it surprising that Bill Self felt like he wouldn't have been as good of a fit at KU. They also discuss the legitimacy of K-State after their win last night, Fanning has his awards to replace "The Oscars," and the guys talked a few key Chiefs free agents before today's pop quiz. 


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It's dry it's presented by do sinking sizable that is. The Dark Knight was the pop quiz today ten years ago it was the anniversary of Heath ledgers death. Media kind of ruled the joke. I think you could say the Dark Knight is second with younger generation I would say the departed is the best of my corporation I think the port is being asked about it best. I get used to it. 1520 years that we were what's said it would never forced them came out like as an adult the best we could come out it's into the Portland obviously on. Was it because it sort of encompass everything that he there was humor and there's action there's drama that sort of appeal to as many people's possibly this thing. It just it was a good move I think in terms of like entry like I'm not a and I think what the flaws that super hero and he's always know the good guys we did it. It was gonna win it did this like. Until it was such that it seemed like always seems that the brightening but it's not like back in defeat at the Joker that's probably did that the dark night is just an incredible move. You either die a hero where you live to see yourself become the villain. Whoever the them and is he doesn't wanna do this for the rest of his life of the departed to the department I'd like I'd hear about it quite ready to drop a spoiler. Part. Yeah well it's budget but let's say. And. There's like reality T day. Carrington Harrison. And let's do this day. Another addition to drive got a month she'll play guys. There's been nice produced this thing in three hater of people in it. Just bird it's more like the ones I think you as it gets at national life. Joplin but my favorite guys that he likes him probably thirty thing. Highs grain I always like national Heidi it was on March 14 let's just discuss I think today is like national portable pie. And march 14 is like national like. Mathematical why I don't yeah I'm always. I mean I don't know about you guys but at school on March 14 yes. Our math lesson always bring in high and that we would celebrate Heidi with actual pond out back in my day we were glad to bring pie in the class nice guys are sold it Heidi Carrington. It was black from the there was no celebre gladly I. Talk about pot and talk about the idea double I guess I'm I'm which I. What what part of our blog and we brought in pie. On pie on the I don't understand that much of applied its orbit cheesecake. Red velvet cake that guy myself maybe ice and puzzled the more difficult to bring in the school there was an an association. We tried. A fun show today meaning has a bone to pick. That's when he eighteen Oscar nominations will get to that momentarily. Plus at 3 o'clock every Tuesday for like the next 56 weeks who have the royals broadcasters come through. This week at Joseph Goldberg next week is Raila fever correct ice. Does the planet in three weeks Denny Matthews will be in studio with us over the next couple weeks states who want this at 3 o'clock trying to get your royals fixed. Hopefully by the end of this thing are comparable besides somewhere might stop for the way it's looking like I don't know if that's going to be days. We'll talk about that at some time they had to go to Japan in that here I don't think they're going to Japan I'm pretty sure that both those guys will be in America by the end of this whole free agency cycle and it. 4 o'clock. John Sean bean who was broadcasting BK you Oklahoma game tonight with some former coach at Indy in who couldn't beat for Wayne and I can't remember the guys doing it's the game with. But he will be on with us today at 4 o'clock. I think that. Beat Kansas Oklahoma game. Is the biggest local college basketball games so far this season. Bigger than when Kansas State traveled towards bigger than the debut of Michael Porter bigger than any game that it's happened so far indie college basketball slate between Kansas Missouri in Kansas State. There's a lot of anticipation who in my opinion Kansas going up against a consensus first team all American in light we would award winner tonight news opinion. Did you mean you look at the nation's leading scorer entry on. He'll be there. The top two scorers in the big twelve intra young Delonte Graham. I think the other part of this too that that makes this story really interesting or some of the comments that Bill Self had. Talked about Eritrea and earlier this week. Sulfur grade recruit train yeah he is a Norman kid goes from Norman Oklahoma. Question that I am I watching tray beyond and I don't think there's any debating how great he has mean he's must watch TV which is another reason I think. On tonight's game is it is so interesting and he got a series star power numbers saying. Getting college like Trey ya gonna launch an ambulance thirty footers. He's got some stuff curry and all those things and one of the things that that I thought I think about when I see tray and play basketball. And learned that that builds self heavily recruited him to get a beat Kansas is that there's no way has little. Did Bill Self would allowed for a young to play that way at Kansas I would think it would. I mean I couldn't see tray on launch in thirty voters and Allen field house and committed twelve turnovers like he did against K state. I think he's terrific talent but. I think he's a much better fit at Oklahoma were Lon Kruger. Is gonna let him play his game because I can't see that working against especially you've got Dovonte Graham there's well. I. I think this conversation is a little bit truthful. Which ray young have the same game and have the same freedom in case u.'s offense that he hasn't Oklahoma's offense well. Trio would just play with more talented players I think that would be more structure and I do think part of your yield to get trade young to commit to the University of Oklahoma was they were gonna give you carte Blanche were absolutely locked up the green light to do what ever you all. But I assume you believe this nice believe this in every listener girls abuser Missouri and K state and we all agree that Bill Self is a great coach. Trey young is a great player then you figure out a way to adjust our system so conform to what trait young does really well. Back when Kansas had dominant big guys they were in high low and they were committed added two bigs and they dominated seeing Tampa silo. As basketball is change in reporters I've become more emphasis into industry worth reporters they have adjusted to that they rated two point guards system last year and their team has been structured. So Bill Self shown time and time again the ability to adapt and adjust to whatever talent he has in the evolution of basketball score isn't. Doubt in my mind if he could coach Trey young entry young would be a great player for the university Kansas. But I went on the surface there's no way Nancy taking 33 shots a game. Ami took 39 shots in the in the loss at Oklahoma State scored 48 points. That she's not happening I mean I think I think that you is that's just not the way the bill. I mean personally I love to see how bill and wickedly. Back in the day it was the only got a little Paul Pierce 130 it was Roy Williams. You know I'm I'm curious to see how tell like tricky on would've would've played in Bill Self system. I just don't think it was a fit and I guess the reason I think you're right to that's why I went to Oklahoma because want Kruger is vague Kobe you. Go to your thing because I mean watching tray on plate when he hit his shots it's unbelievable. What he's doing. When he when he's dishing the ball like he does unbelievable I mean it's it's fantastic to watch but when there's twelve turnovers and he's missing shots. Then we probably could case taking his two for ten from three point lead this job he's got a Walter over Oklahoma and when that game. I mean everything depends on tray on the secondly he scored leaders Christian James he's averaging twelve game. So everything at Oklahoma revolves around trade and that would be the case again. Not this is for a young is a more dynamic player than frank Mason I doubt he has the college career differing ways and he's not gonna be in college as long as frank Mason was didn't we see how he handles it point guard that needs the freedom last year. Last year it was definitely different than what trait of entry young does he didn't shoot as much. But he frank Mason played his game a lot of time there are running an MBA style kind of offense last year Kansas. It was a move out of his way let him get to the basket let him create and I trust him to make the Smart decision more times than not. So we've seen Bill Self with a very talented point guard kind of raided it in a justice system so. And I on the surface I don't think trailed taken thirty reports that some arts at third shot I think the selling point four days. I don't know how he's being coach is getting ready for the NBA. He's not doing that next in the NBA isn't going to be freezing got to take a lot of shots. Absolutely. And 33 shots per game next and a team yet but that's just not realistic specially given that aside steps not even doing that so it's going to be. More controlled portray young next season anyway I did a selling point recant the selling point for duke and so it went to Kentucky. The selling point for any school that realistically had a chance to trade on. We can help get you ready for the NBA and I would assume that self showed in the model and the freedom that frank Mason had last year and how he coincided now he co existed with the Monty Graham. And that's who you could've been the season for us. I think the difference referring Mason and train young knows that fright Mason took a lot more high percentage shots he was going bucket MITRE. I mean it looks like a basket and I could see a guy like Trey young driving old school basketball guy absolutely bananas. Before Henry like plucked out of the studio we're talking about radeon and hitters and he's just not efficient like but that's not gonna work. You know on it in college. Long term to like to get deeper on that its article the guy I train young. And he's he has an off day you're down Wanda and you're out there. Here's a quote from Bill Self and big capital journal here's what he said about Oklahoma freshman guard trail obviously self said he picked the right place and I would agree. Because as as flood watches tree on the as always gonna it's working awards recipients right basis for racial into the bucket for Israel July. You know he's not launch in 35 foot threes and strike would take 39 shots like like. On tree on getting its Oklahoma State again was I think he's that was to watch to these must see TV. Like it's on trillions on an Oklahoma is playing I'm watching that game because policy that's another reason why I think tonight's game in Norman is fascinating. I mean you've got. The two best scores in the league both point guards go ahead ahead you've got. In my opinion Kansas team that is vulnerable this year. You know in a must win game for Oklahoma third at any shot at winning that and win in the big twelve. Up next it's time for us to admit something plus. The big twelve race might in tonight in Norman will tell you how next drive. The drive presented by don't sinking us from the electric heat into the studio sixty and Sports Radio. Try to drive back to back fires along for eight. The ball by guys. Thirty for Larry brown and Ford triple should never made that shot one idea that back up while you're shooting it knocks. Yeah I don't want a critical three point shot for the wildcats. Reel play better. Those cars in the state athletics just the state got eight. Very big Wii and very important in fourteenth state that went on the road. It's a pretty handily defeat the Baylor Bears turn right here assistants portray you did here right here on sixth and Sports Radio you can catch K state again this weekend as they are participating are participating in the big twelve SEC challenges they take on Georgia. This weekend to game I expect in the states when we'll get to Kansas State. Momentarily but fanning I don't know if you saw this or not yesterday there was another episode of big twelve Twilight Zone wasn't really. There was another episode twelve I'll yet get another shocking. The big twelve. And benefited the Kansas Jayhawks right now and up to date big twelve stand I would like that Kansas is exit one. West Virginia is five and the Kansas State is by Victoria Texas Tech just ordered three Oklahoma is a war three every other team is act. By 200 or worse. If Kansas wins today are you ready to call. Because that gives Kansas a two game lead over every team in the big twelve was ten games the ball. I'll know about you you're not a finished three games better than Kansas with ten games to go given that they still have a home game left against West Virginia that'll home game left against Oklahoma home game let the insects as a home game left against Oklahoma State all game against TCU. They got a lot of home game eight finish in three games better than Kansas would team games to go if they went to an idea that you're ready to bear the rest of the big twelve. I'll get close to all get closer is that fair. I because going into tonight's game actors three teams that chance to win the two big twelve other the Kansas encased it is creeping up on that they're not only three teams all of them. Again is more than likely not going to win the big twelve I'm talking about Oklahoma State the reason these three teams that get a legitimate chance to win the big twelve. I got Oklahoma Texas Tech and Oklahoma State the biggest reason why Oklahoma Oklahoma State have not played Kansas they've got two cracks out bread and after on the table more than likely. On to do it. But it's a possibility Texas Tech is beaten Kansas in Lawrence Texas Tech while not mistake it is one of those teams with three losses at Texas Tech as legit chance to actually. So we can't state their heads back in the game. All right so and if K state I mean. Is that a big money in that Monday when we didn't take on days 8 o'clock to right here on sixth and porphyry yet in man. And so. If case you knocks off Oklahoma tonight in Norman they get closer to the OK you've absolutely but. To me either still. I'm still not go there just yet because Tillie K he's vulnerable you you get out of the barn and Alex you're gonna get those articles there again especially in the. Oklahoma State under 500 in the big twelve almost half we don't some of its products. But I'm surprised you throw them in the mix just. 82 game cushion to be don't mean a home a two game cushion with ten games the goal. SE a hole. Yeah tell me another one of these things is finishing with a three game lead only team that's what's in games to go given that we got to see a team like West Virginia. That was one of the teams the last the play lords it over it's it's been over it was over it was predetermined. You don't really is gonna lose another game conference I think it was another game I'm missing how did they lose two games in conference absolutely so that would give them an Adam argument three conference losses don't listen all the other team running the table which I don't have a running the table and. To be typical absolutely I mean you've Oklahoma tonight in Norman it's over it's it's almost over I don't if K state is if K state can handle KU. In Manhattan on Monday which is the way K state is playing right now certainly a possibility. They almost beat him in Lawrence and they come up maybe the best week under Bruce Weber and back to back wins over top 25 teams. Then. Yeah I mean more likely it's looking that way because all these other teams or fall I don't think it's necessarily that they US is. Masterful. Lock to be a one seed in the NC double a term like we've seen in years past and that's why I thought. They use more horrible than the than ever but you're seeing some of the other teams in the big twelve lose games you know what the hell's going on. Speaking of the other teams in the big twelve have to reach this point with Kansas State media had been trying to deny it about Kansas State. But it's what you got to look at the facts and you can't just solely look at what's happened in the past with Kansas State yesterday was a very pivotal game for me and I've seen as Kansas State team to meantime before take care of business against ranked opponents at home. And that when they go on the road they drop a game that they're not supposed to drop. That's what happened yesterday Olympic kind of took it to Baylor yesterday at dictating tempo. And you two potential first team all big twelve player team always been fantastic this trainer. If it wasn't for tree don't play so much better than everybody else in the conversation for player of the I don't think you went of the Monty Graham win if trio was in the conference. But he's in the conversation for very Brown's plane like a borderline first team second team all big twelve guy. They're pretty solid inspect in balanced team at the top it. A lot of credit involved are shots that gruesome Manhattan and Bruce Weber talked about how we can only with other guys players. This thing Bruce Weber lagged coached team recruited team but it pretty high level right now and you can make a pretty solid case I would say. I still think West Virginia is a little bit better than it is big right now going up just today again case stated the third best team in the cup. Until and I think what they that they're 53 in the RPI right now. I mean they got one bad loss and naturally it as a neutral site loss to Tulsa. It's also I think a 118 in the RPI you and the losses are completely encased it right now is eternity. K state is an NCAA tournament team right now I mean the losses are two KUS Virginia Texas Tech and Arizona. And in the tall there's the Tulsa Lhasa there as well you look at it you know all for those schools caves obviously top ten RBIs school. West Virginia's toy one tech 22 and Arizona State thirty right now. So right now Casey is in no case stays in the NCAA tournament no trip to Dayton. On the big it's really aren't yet know is able to turn I'm having right now CD right now idea I think with Kansas State's how high of a seed in Yankee Kansas State be a 456. In the NCAA tournament and avoid that 8917. Kind of matchup. Kansas State is playing really really well it got my eyes yesterday that the normal pitfalls that we expect Kansas State to kind of trip up in all they would lose a game they didn't fall and now you look at Kansas State. You got a chance as we did not know it's not a conference games it doesn't affect conference stating I think they win this week in against George docile this Georgia team play Missouri on the road Jordan's not that good. Solid defensive team I don't think they can score enough to keep up with Kansas State on the road. You got a big Monday game against Kansas next week we know the building's going to be rocking and I think Kansas State wins on Monday against teams I think that's one of the games that Kansas drops in conference. Then you go all the road West Virginia think you've got a chance to really keep this dealt rolling in relief gains momentum and put yourself in a possibility to be a 45 seed in the NCAA tournament. State is much better than I think many people anticipated animal being. Yeah I mean you got those four games actually George and shortly K so then they hear all the rootless Virginia on the road to Texas in the back home against Texas Tech that's a tough four game stretch. Kansas West Virginia Texas and Texas to. If K state can go three and one that stretch then I'll be completely impressed but again I took the step last night. You know knowledge they go on the road and win a game that they typically lose just when he holds a form. You can get a couple of runs out of in the second half. It did and it runs in the first to have committed couple runs in the second half and typically those K state team in the past under Bruce Weber would fold and somehow lose that game Hewlett. The Oklahoma game two that they've played in Manhattan. You know and cased blue Oklahoma not once but twice able the first to have blew the lead came back and blew the second. So this case state team. Is different teams in the past a lot of does add to do. With the two guys you mentioned Barry Brown the dean went deal it's phenomenal gift from saint John's Kansas. And know exactly where that that would warrant. For a year and a half after my mother passed where my aunt uncle played saint John's. Not in Saint John and so this and other small town Kansas kid that Bruce Weber was able to find and develop his kids in junior which means he'll be back next year more than likely. And what he's got going right now those two cats you know these don't regulate them. And acting English in India doesn't like it is animal it's not just colleges. I never even thought about the way to Glen for the drafted in the snub sobs and you've got very brown indeed wake on the back edge in this case to eighteen is pretty darn impressive right now. Like how balanced they are I look at it seemed like damn what you got four guys in double figures and you got. I think pretty solid depth the mean Bear Bryant. Like Xavier Snead I think he's in the eyes roll player he's a good. Punch to give you double digits like. This team is just incredibly balanced and you have two guys playing at the level of dean weighed in very brown all first team. All conference got a players and you really give yourself a chance to knock off just about anybody and you can avoid the pitfalls but they have normally slipped up in. In the past coming up next fanning has a bone to pick between eighteen Oscar nominations so it makes his own necks on the drive. A drive presented by don't sinking us from the electric heating and cooling studios sixty and Sports Radio. On sixteen and Sports Radio well. At this point but every Tuesday. For the next few weeks and royals broadcaster come join us in studio. Today we start our series with Joseph Goldberg. My view very familiar with his work when the royals when the game interview somebody. And normally self report comes out. And waste why is itself to get a splash of the studio got a lot of equipment. Yeah I mean it's out against the come in and splashed water on the Woburn I'd I'd love to talk to see how are you sensing and sound he's been up to let the. What happens is the engine is being that he was basically doing the ice bucket challenge before it was cool except I really is the originators OG of the ice bucket sounds we'll catch up when Joseph Goldberg coming up at 3 o'clock. Every Tuesday for by the next four or five weeks will have a royals broadcaster come join us in studio on the deficit went from Rex Cutler. Who will be on what does every Wednesday at 3 o'clock but every Tuesday. You're gonna rotate through the royals broadcasters and have them in studio Joseph Goldberg is up first in thirty minutes. CNET reviews on this or not and your big movies. Big movie I should like the movie click on it like a lot of the years LC LC a movie every so often. Well Oscar nominations came out today and these are priceless music. Call me. For best picture I've dealing with them. Darkest hour. Phantom threat like that I didn't. The post. Which I do wanna see Tom Hanks. The shape of water. Nominated for best picture woodlands. Three billboards outside at the loser. Lady bird that out where is having her words adding and it is combined new movies yet. Having military where is ebbing miseries and now three billboards at Missouri I don't think it's a real place oh Soledad I believe is the petition I don't that is the name of the experience television I'm learning some initiatives to drive on the road that mr. young guys. I'd watch that movie. Psyche with mild sedation so let's try. As the afternoon these these mean it's there's some like thirst and the third guy in the back room. Jack it would leather patches on the pipe and that they easily to people think that they know more than we do because of the short time. There and the best pitcher Mike writes that's true but these things. You know is the only reason I've seen I've seen get. Done what about a side get out it's not rebuild or words. I'm trying to remember if I signing others but those the first to become I do some nominations were we sat on the Bradley's all I saw all the money in the world which I'm disappointed. Okay but again we don't have any problem is consumers went right on an up or his people in Kansas City Hollywood types known to me and knowing. We. So as to what my own list of categories given name for this debacle the breathless. There is the original to very short statute the Bradley goes to welcome much shorter then the actual Oscar. It's probably. Statue of Clint Eastwood green terino dealing with it is if very short isn't the guy just holding his arms processes that guide pointing his finger out the experience of the lines you didn't do that is that Billy bans. Where like you talk singing fish ya bit like different phrases from being sue you prices in just dogs and you ugliness they don't know Andy's old school you actually have a string that you pull out all I feel more like what he for an yeah. This in my boots a sack but with Brad. Okay you ready as Rudy ticket what's with no idea and I don't really get to the rent I have my best movies 2017. That's that's it it's a violent that they get rules more than one. Little Wonder Woman which that was really really great movie she got her fan of that problem most enticed I don't know him. I don't like the end of one woman items like that. Final loss battled the villain battle. But up until I was proud I wanted to see Wonder Woman did not have a chance to rekindle it right around the time I was in married. I guess it can matter on Sunday we're getting married since my excuse yeah pretty lame. That's my side and it was that would block that it ICC like somebody that would say I'm here to. Nice to get like one she's tribesman correct. Hi yeah yeah yeah I'll get it. I exit Israel into the Bradley's best movies get to Wonder Woman star lowers the last yeah I was terrific and he saw that how many times he he yeah its Spiderman. That was fantastic abstract that by the kids and I thought it was great it is that your own category of best superhero movies but my bike favorite movie. It goes to the best movie 2017 is get out of it and see get out and see. But platelet. Even asking this man but they got a major blow titans to be and heavy but black adult. It was ridiculous and gala. And you know this might be lovely to be the sex slaves and. That's original screenplay islands there it was through that I did make me feel so uncomfortable but also maybe lap is a great move yet I read about. When you liked him is to try to take the brains. A black music corrected that that's probably. Pretty accurately describe him very comfortable as they did they take the brains and answered that he owned by people eat I. I think that's it said they'd started eating pies news out cancer that's a that's deal with next month. It is seventeen the Bradley's attitude to sampler which violence ball. To listen trailer awful movie the character they'll all over the place to go. And doing these kids that these acts like it never told him to numerous. Dunkirk was off Justice League bearable. Dark tower with that you can. See the other. And these terms as the result yes that's him yet. Elie but also gets the Bradley would worsen that I can't utility companies can you put I didn't want this government to. The C elite public let it all closely to them mr. All right next up for the brown which one wins which is the Bradley was a doctor when you close as leaders who does not get out. Your best. Here's what you were not those. Those leaked that the doctor when program for the working people a price Waterhouse Cooper right now it's fumbling I'll yet penalties do. Militant group that are most likely. This might surprise you guys. A play it live for that's it would. Be wrong. The program up and learn to not touching and I even more. Is going to be OK I've been through two. Doug is done if it does the doctor. That they want my friends. Baywatch its the Bradley for the most underrated move would not wanna go see they watched it. Since it involves. Life is the therefore we are going to watch and want to watch those two groups that like. I did see it once I was wondering this never I was once in the AFC championship game and I saw the inmate trailer for the first time. I often though the movie scripts that the rock Stan. Actors like to see the movie script and he looks at it reads it's as you know what this movie's sound off. Because he's used to WWE. Scripts yeah. It moved to argue that rock is never been legitimately good move. The moves before look to find legitimately good movie. They can Academy Award nominated. San Andreas some of the rock make the rocks makes Sunday aspects especially at this at. The theater wasn't as great aspects Sunday. Rise of the cobra was yeah well I was he was sent to me he's never David duke and these included a good okay the bulldozer. Apparently it moving the brow. The most disappointing movie. This is a pretty easy when this were disappointed. To add eight. Won't touch it. That can't mine. Why the planet of the games against the Bradley for the most disappointing move this look at forty students from Woody Harrelson the crazy. Edit I thought there's going to be a lot more action in this movie and this was a limited smooth high expectation that you see the trailer and how I left this movie very disappointed. I actually enjoy it worked Melinda Gates I could understand why you put that I don't think it was as good as the first two other guys that. Other the second what was the best when it's a series out like the first hole a lot about the Burkle was fine I didn't have any problem with that I would have is the most disappointing year but. I could understand you're going in and they are going off the good qualities often. Yeah I expected more from this man the Bradley for the movie refused to see the emotion seamen who could. Either so here's the kingdom of sending them both season record to average the analysts see a movie about it it's just easier and give you the strong arm when it's Austin he's smiling face thumbs up. To see a movie about a moment most liked so that you guys that's a good idea you know old. They have like target demographics. From DC I'm gonna guess the 47 year old male. Was not to talk about demographic for the most well I think she probably was because they take it seemed that they want it just it should have seen him. And luckily you know do something so Bradley. The movie refused seems about. Raging this kind of a different category of the movie the hurt my feelings the most in the Bradley goes to. Unfortunately as goes to Brad stats. As. Well I'm just. Rumor thing. If you do you weigh my dog to. OK Debra it. Brad status and Stiller corn NDP. What are 48 most popular movie into that threatened and hurt or not a big Stiller takes is that talented kid to Harvard. There's and I was going to be your best movie did you go to dvd is just went straight to the Barbara Stan. This illustrates this Portland hostility to give you could pick a sport clubs for five book I wish you would have called and stats that Brad stance on my name attached own. He knew it was going to be a bomb decided to go with that guy's name that wasn't known as the workers. Worst movie game in 2017. At the Bradley goes to. Life. On the life it's a legal as you move. Galaxy move like yeah I don't judge a movie typically by the tight towards. Say what makes you wouldn't see a movie is all error. Hey let's call. It has had a mud at the end lights and go see it I would see the move on to say it's a bad movie is doing. Light let's go. Life with Eddie Murphy and mark what's the good movie IC say this is the martian ice you say that you don't judge a movie off and I told you there was a B empire called blooded Shockley. I thought that movie I'll online trailer and that the in depth they say the name of the movie it was I mean it's don't. What each other into something a bit. It does some good. And finally the Bradley for those disturbing movie plot of 2017 goes still. Not a bad time. Flowers. Since that is. Pretty creeped out of it dated as Hollywood could point. The movie flowers has actually experienced team informs them orthodox kinship with a mentally unstable stepped right. Yeah it definitely sounds like Allen when he reads on the region that. And if you can watching the news that movie flower. Is it sexually curious teen forums and an orthodox kinship with the mentally and stables that front. So the Bradley for the most disturbing movie 2017. Goes to. Four hour. Ellis had no desire. I don't have any desire to see flowers. Now knowing the plot in a movie game flowers doesn't seem like it's right at them only movies that I would like to see text 6906. Let us know what you think about the Bradley. What's best movie was which of course movie was. But what will be felt was under rated and what was your most disappointing movie of 2017. Up next the chiefs out of freeagent it was going to be really difficult assigned to tell you is next. A drive presented by don't say keys from the electric heating and cooling studios sixty and Sports Radio. Recounts the coming geyser still on the rookie contracts of I mean Parker under camera and Bryan Whitman it's more of those guys are all still on rookie deals is arguably those guys on money. You know I think it can afford especially. Depends on it enough they can trader cut out Smith was it a bunch of money. And he can for example in. I get is seeing what you have to but it's so important what we talk about like. Well we talk about Russell Wilson and and actually number I like the did. You know the C odds were Smart enough to say listen we went out we paid that put a lot of money but the guys we drafted him like whatever around the got Russell Wheeler for a third round he's better. You know I think its employees wouldn't listen tactful and gives better chancellor football better player. Occurred I think I think the big difference in the C odd situation that she situation is yet Richard Sherman Stallone has rookie deal or Earl Thomas the one his rookie deal came chancellors the laws rookie deal. Body Wagner's only as rookie deal Michael Bennet like you got it in free agency as they hit that much and create as you can start to spend big money like. I do think in this castle like the need to exact faults and the salary cap league it's been that much money when your offensive line is you've already paid your left tackle your right tackle. You're left guard deny your right guard. And that's not spending somewhere else that you were counting on a draft pick to give you that level of production at any help the defense. We're gonna spend that money has been afraid it's illegal it's what's hot like quarter it has been crazy insure another inside linebacker you're has been free agent money on the defense a lot like the money you're spending on that ultimately choose to spend it. You're taking that money away from something you do on the defense in you or Kelly Nolan. A team that doesn't have a first round draft pick this year and indeed a young guy. Or unproven guys or got it's not make a lot of money to balance up the cat in yes to exceed his. Our contract and give you great production. Let me either OK Alex is Thomas's wife. Sets and he made eight point nine million bucks rough. Alex and it is specific about the same issues that I wish him well. So you're gonna save what close to thirty million. Without Alex and tomba. For Asia to do a lot of stuff. You know I think they're gonna have some cap space this year and years and aided Al and so. Would listen it's spent wisely and make it work. I just think and I think I'm a higher office of wine and a lot of people are and it you can build a terrific offensive line. And you've got Travis Kelsey Tyreke hill. I'm Chris Conley to Marcus Robinson. Korean hunt and pat homes. I think that's money well spent and it's like by a great card on that and haven't three good tires not a force. I'm Liz. We can spot my. I'm going to win. Does present a dive into the Chrysler dodge Jeep grand. Become the sixth tonight on 357676. Stand for your chance to win a prize today is Bob who is in some move me. Take a way ice. But blackboard like stop black black black black black black. Black black black black black black black black black black. You may get paid for his Jersey sir. That you didn't earn it. See you put him. If you know what movie that is televised right now color number 691357676. To eight. And two men had to be judge so what Jill Goldberg royals broadcaster Foxworth didn't say he's every Tuesday at three bull -- differ royals broadcaster we start with Joseph Goldberg next right. Presented by don't sinking us from the electric heating and cooling studio sixty and Sports Radio that.