01/22 - Set It Straight

The Day Shift
Monday, January 22nd

Lake shoots it straight about what happened with Billy Preston at KU. 


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Let's talk about the big sword from over the weekend in regards to take you it has do with it's official. Billy Preston. Not gonna play gain. For you today that best best to deal it I anticipated that it was gonna work now like is says about a month ago. When I had received some information. From. A good friend that is in the sports agency world and Knowles hole likeable lot bought a lot of things going on in the war without basketball. Okay Eagles lot of things that are going on in terms of recruits point from. From you know to what I mean also from from from from what particular high school they're going to what's institution they're gonna. You know signed with what college university plays for. On what. Player is going to sign with what agent in what's going on with dom investigations a lot of different institutions. Aren't soul. Real quick before I dive into. What I had in Seoul in what I wanna revealed. Let's get to what Bill Self had to say that the force part of what bill had to say a Bob Billy Preston arm over the weekend numbered arson the update on such as. He's handled this very well in frustration obviously a huge key to it and in with the family to let you know what when we when we talked to when. When I talked to. We've laid out the options like what's best for -- better off that he go overseas and play and make some money these. The better off at stake here with the unknown that we don't know what the unknown is we certainly don't have the exact timetable. What what's best for you guys slide in and and that the decision was made that. We wanna state keeps no question wanna stay Kansas. But we can't stay and not get anything out of that and think about it he would tell that not even play this year and and we. So so we knew that that we knew it was getting to be here and what they had to do something and and I was open. We're all open bit that that cloture would come before they had to do something that. They they said they were in frustration set in and they apparently so. I told him I said he says he told B understands. OK. And it. The frustration at setting in and I knew that the frustration has said he and when Billy Preston's mother started tweak. A ball or frustration with the process okay social let me cut to visits this this what I was told today. From a source that I trust in regards to issues would Billy press in case. Number one let me state. Com. For fact. Bet Kansas university has done nothing wrong in the entire since what like. This it's always a Billy Preston is something that was traded in terms of with his family it is not something that was treated on the Kansas side of things Kansas. Basketball program in the universe has done nothing wrong in this in area a case social to meet kansas' is absolutely. In the clear on its. Billy Preston's mother. When the people that tall to have I just described her as somewhat of as being the person that. Likes to take advantage of opportunities. Caitlin let's put it that way. And I don't know this woman out of this all just just the infamous not being get. It when it comes to recruiting we know a lot of times. That the your art institutions out the year double try to take advantage of that and will look to try to gravity or Napa team. Okay. Billy Preston. In terms of the call. And beat accident. I had been told that the the car in question somehow some way. It is is absolutely. The reason why beach because member that the whole got to do to clear financial picture. It sounds like that call are. And the money that's tied to the par. Is something that his mother created in terms of a relationship that she had okayed by civil what do you mean by a relationship that she. What I mean by at least ship that he had is that. I'd been told that there was a relationship that is mother had wit somebody from another institution. That was recruiting. Billy Ross okay. May be back at. That individual. That assisting cultural whatever. All that Billy Preston was point to land there now now I'm not gonna seniors say that another institution is bitter because Billy Preston didn't. End up going to their institution ended up in Kansas that that's not what I'm saying. What I'm saying is that through this relationship. That CNN. Would this coat it sounds like that the it was a gift somewhere in. Which makes things more key because if if if if there are some sort of what they should that we take the clear bubbles you know. How deep this is. Big you're trying to for double hold on what is really going on here is this is this an actual payment. Is this something because they're connected in their eye to each other we need to do some investigating. Which makes it even more. I guess tandem of a murky situation. Is win it. The alleged person that's involved in this with mom. Is at another institution. Which may happen to be in the OK so now we're trying to slash all of this stuff out in you're trying to figure out why how how how deep business and we know that right now in the world of college basketball. Bet FBI investigation. Israel. It's deep in their whole lot of schools that are under the microscope right now so I don't blame Kansas at all. If if it is initially went all the stuff is going down the same goal portal. Let me take a step back here because. If this is. A thing. In terms of relation if this is tied into a vehicle to vehicle gets into being into arm an accident. And we're trying to sort out if there's money test in this has nothing to do with us and our hands we don't have fingerprints on this at all. Concerned about Plavix it like there. You actually beat beat beat concerned about the and you can't go down that row because all of the eligibility questions so wanna soulful. This was Bill Self. In terms those audibly and now from his perspective some of the things and some of the issues that they had to deal with the investigation. It was a it was that the NCAA. Reinstatement. And K where where. We had to. Get the information to the NCAA and they had to rule on. And and and justice to be real clear so so fans don't think they're who people are fault. It it was a situation in which it took some time. Two to get the information to deal in in a final package because. If you get it home and it's incomplete and they want more more drags on longer moment so so. Our people did a good job and you put together but even with that being said. That package was delivered to them until right before Christmas couple days before Christmas that you know they do it probably really get to until after gene were. But then there were follow up deal we have more questions we have more things and and we we were hoping that that is there could be some resolution to it and we we thought that we were getting close real close but it. But. I think the team in Bosnia. Put pressure on a one on the coal and Billy to say you know that that's fine but our heels off to take. If if if if this can't happen so we knew all long that it happened in and and we we have been told that pay. We don't disagree with what you're saying we're not saying we agree but we are saying that we are not quite ready to make a final determination so. So I don't blame anybody be honest with you I idea. I just hate I hate it for you know because he get a chance to experience what college basketball's well. That's not just because he's Candace but in and certainly it has been good teammate and hopefully he'll go there and kick butt and put himself in position the higher crap because. At the end of the day to me this is just another. Example. Alone. Payers making bad decisions or making or making decisions that they know damn well would jeopardize their kids' future. To me that's what this another example look see at weeded out. I calmed what was Justine reduced our in this and I knew that the first reject absolutely had said Nancy says I'm tired of being quiet. I'm sick of watching people bass watch Albert if he suited up tomorrow he'd be the next coming of Jesus Christ he. Enough is enough ES fanned. These supporters be empathetic or just be quiet until the NCAA does what they have to do. Pass say hey you be able. Did she followed up instead I don't think they understand. Billy is sixteen and 240 pounds I could've sent him overseas in November when the started. Any would have been an instant millionaire and a fourth round pick. I allowed the NCAA in my personal life fourteens as guilty people don't do that. Seed estate I allow the NCAA in my parcel life fourteenth self. At the end of the day. Kids eat eating suit up for Kansas didn't play in any any meaningful games that's a fortunate it sets 44. We're jail stays south for kids now want to see him play Kansas. Scott summit to be some debate so it's gonna go overseas and make Smart. One you still have to try to get these guys again of the year parent and this veneer of repair them or ball on down. It was forest to parents being actively. Maybe pursuing things more than the kid is typical and the seventh two years when the parents speaking if you go to Little League game George and penance and brutality. Yes parents keen screw things that kids and a lot of times it lib curiously. There it. They're the ones and it may slip ups not typically kit yup number Reggie Bush. Think parent deal overly cute it exists to be clear. I'm Al reach you directly from. The job from the text. From the sports agency com source that I have. She was sick money. NCAA thought it was a payment. Because they told us from an a. That's rat. That's it. And I will play and make some money over Bosnia. All of our bowl please try to sign Billy Preston two dvd it's humid and in the other team looking leaning. You forgot what you don't go play in there who are kids. In all thirteen together.