01/22 - Ryan LeFebvre

The Day Shift
Monday, January 22nd

Royals broadcaster Ryan LeFebvre joins Lake & Bink on The Day Shift. 


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A year ago today we lost or Donovan to war. A former pitcher from the Tennessee roles and talk about him right now as a broadcaster rivals he was going on Ryan or are you doing man happy new year. I'm doing OK am I. In my house there's been a book that's been passed around like a baton and apparently and the anchorman on the relay team. Just like that at all but I do all right I'm hanging in there listed as did you ever I've got a very light on this morning. You got a black. I don't look very white balance mourning the at that afternoon commute at Kansas City you're wondering about this broadcaster Gary Ryan for the royals might my voice isn't usually this school. Well Friday. It. Deputies and executed well it will work. Our historic Asia he's he's got a few days recover before we get to royals fan fest but. I want to start with this wind you know we lose who Donovan tour tragically up a year ago. And I wonder what have you learned a bowel Giordano all since his death. Like have you hazard big anything that you learned about him since since since he's been known. Well you know. Progress is so yeah pretty chaotic life that's sounds like you mean you hear a lot going on in. A lot. A lot of turmoil in you know within his family union. In his marriage and in which the child in the United States and there was a lot going on for. A young guys you watch him on television to the mound every five days and he seemed to be this you know carefree. Do whatever he felt like out there and occasionally we get the royals and sticky situation. But away from the field obviously get a lot going on in his life and with at least the stories that I'd rather it. Document that quite well I never would spot that I didn't realize that life was so complicated. And I think maybe you know is privileged Americans it's easy to look at somebody and poor old country and you think well gosh it's gonna make. Point something million dollars for the next five years I mean he must go back to the Dominican Republic every year prestook fox on the go sit on the beach just wait for the next baseball season began let. It's Sodom like you know a lot born on a field. You know one of these I mentioned earlier Ryan was the fact that. I think that would I'll look back do you O'Donnell. And I think about the chemistry in the mid to put the team the one thing about Giordano in just the way that he was. It. Can't be replaced in a can't we rep ought to be replicated as the fact that he had X fighter he had that you know he he was an emotional guy. And I'm ever date more once said he says you don't have a job with that pass and aspire. Did a god it didn't happen and I'm trying to get it out of Seoul you know when you look at the make double flashes team get to sign you know OJ spam when your agreement whatever. But in terms of public chemistry perspective you didn't have that emotion and I hear that you're Donald brought to the club. Yeah and at the time that it seemed disrespectful. And I was bass and you guys rats you know how do you think this loss is going to affect the royals and it was a two part question there was the emotional losses. A player that you know and they say it's. Has grown up with the the minor leagues and had been with in the major leagues and if they considered him the little brother. And then there was the baseball wants and there was this whole that he was coming in to result in maybe 2017. Would be the year where he would take a big jump forward which then. Begs the question where would you be in 2018. Meters and there's a baseball lost this. And I think you're right hander in the act as many times. As. She would frustrate it's because. You know he would throw at somebody your view would say something to a player or you know that's you know we've got to we've got a bench clearing incident and he's right in the middle of it. I think players will tell you that when you've got a guy on the mound. And you're not quite sure where he is mentally that day you know really wanted to India to die like that because they're unpredictable. And they're good I mean he clearly had you know the pitching arsenal to be. A top line. Pitcher in the American League but I think you know Heidi. You don't ever want to. I want basic when you wondered if it hit me for just no reason or more the fighter sit by it all runoff in Michigan drove me next time around I mean. Anytime you can make an opponent on comfortable on the field that's a good thing and and while his teammates were very comfortable around him I think there a pot of opposing players were very uncomfortable on him. And he always defended his players who were defended his teammate it's usually when he got for always dependent what does he needs but about that on the field stuff Ryan with his team. And I know may be venture was gonna come into his own like recoverable thought. But how do you think the royals approach would have been. This offseason. I mean you're Donald's one of those guys it could've been one of those tradable pieces look in his honor under or affordable contract. Or would they kept didn't like him into Frontline guys that venture and Duffy but how much do you think that loss is really changed. Maybe deep Morse philosophy in the team that he had. Well that that the two hardest thing to swallow right now just from a baseball one if you for the oil are your Donald venture and Kyle Zimmer. And a people's organization for years without house number it was going to be better than your double venture and gained. And they've you know that you first round pick on him and you know he's still hanging in there I think you can be at Santa. And just trying to find a way to get him on the mound. But I remember one customer. Was strapped I was I was sitting with a friend of minors with the Minnesota Twins and her on all my brother Anthony was traveling with the twins and he's assistant general manager I was eating with him in the diner to compensate him and in the draft was going on and and that was the year the twins to. Our box and archer he's not but anyway we we get Arctic we took Kyle Zimmer. And I've known rob for a long time so there's no reason for him to blow smoke in my direction but he said. You guessed it can be really really. So Specter question. You know you can have been any doubt the trials ever in your governments are three. Young really cute pictures. To anchor your rotation and now yeah you know you Nixon. You know Ian Kennedy which as you know much better than just mixing man and I think you can come back and have a good year this year or Jason's hand more. GQMR. Whatever. All the sudden you've got to you've got a pretty good rotation and if in fact oil just thinking about a significant rebuilt this year maybe it's a little less significant. If if your rotation looks like that yep purity young. So I mean pictures of the top of the rotation. So those two guys in general right now those boy waits. And I don't want to sound insensitive because one person losses like obviously but those blades on the field are huge. You know but talking royals podcast arrivals here for here on the day says. You know when you look did Major League Baseball you look at free agency Ryan there's been a lack of activity when it comes to deals getting done. Has that surprised you this I guess this year's free agency in and the way that things are working on tightly to that benefits the world's if it or is he did not benefits rolls at all. You know I don't it doesn't surprise you know it goes on with you guys earlier this subsidies and we were talking about the you know you're wondering what are Hosmer gonna get we're kicking around and and I read jet absent piece which was you know typical jet passed and where he's very thorough and thought provoking him. Obviously spoke to a lot of influential people come up with the information came up with. I think that. Maybe the most simple explanation is is that there you can view it Fannie. Of these long term mega contracts are good investments for the team when it's also about. And it went repeating myself I apologize but as we were. Discussing her possible the last couple Beers over dinner that night either home or on the road wondering. You know as you can stated he want a stage with ticket dictate how much would you be willing to stand. I threw this out and it's about two years in the making. Can't how many of the mega deals in my definition of a mega deal. Was either market as establishing a market equaling contract. Force six or more years so we can use you know somewhere in the neighbor you know 150 million or more something like that. And we came up with a four. For contracts that when it was also done. The teams say you know what that was a good investment for us here Jeter's long term contract. Albert Pujols long term contract with the cardinals. Barry Bonds last contract with the giants. And I might be off. You know a 150 it is 120 million but you know big money. For that particular time period. And our wild card was Manny Ramirez to get that big deal from the Red Sox in that getting treated. To the Dodgers but the debt that Red Sox got something good in return for Manny Ramirez. And he would still productive when he went to the Dodgers. So that's for a very good. And when you get to the end of that contract it's an enormous amount of money you're talking about you know 15172025. Million dollars. So I I just wonder at some of the owners who at times. Can make or baseball decisions with their money but they're Smart businessman in the community just all of this morning you're come on guys that are. Extremely wise when it comes to business away from baseball. That maybe it is just realize when they watched the royals in the World Series in the comes from the World Series and the Astros were in the World Series what would go on and throw away in some regards. 10s of millions of dollars or July. Wanna take this opportunity to star Olmert you know not spend a lot of money in rebuild because that's a that's a formula that's working right now so. The very long answered your short question is. From that regard no not really surprised because stability Osce and say you know I'm expecting 200 million dollars. I just don't think that money out there I mean it's out there but I don't think owners wanna spend ammonium one person anymore. Which bottom line Ryan did these type of freeze doubts this helps teams are in city royals that it. Absolutely. Absolutely at that if you Wear that number one you know if you wondered if you wanna bring a player back it's not gonna you know I can cost as much. And that number two. It's it's a template first first established by the oil but the rules were in on it. I mean you can you can be royals fan right now. And by the way speaking to fans that it's going to be an awkward fit fest beacons are still a lot of questions that are going to be answered I don't ever remember in Manchester Caribbean work you know on the roster is still soul up in the year you. Don't know hall at all like you know like everybody else to wonder what's going to be on. But I think there's a template now editor oil sands and that there is a pretty significant rebuild. That you know at this time around it's probably knock it takes one meter 29 years to defect that to the top of the mountain. Hi there was was he on Friday at the test yet. I'll take those final few broadcast on Dan's rules.