01/22 - No Way, Bob

The Day Shift
Monday, January 22nd

Fescoe had an opinion on on-and-done players that the guys can't get with. 


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Essentially that's still was. Ranting. I know we did a block polls yesterday it's do or over the weekend in regards to one in God's. In case and it is the book that the latest after Billy Preston in the repressed never. Plane in case you. The clear relief festivals fed up with the one and done phenomenon says you know it it doesn't work for Kansas. Pummeled rate. We don't get anywhere with it. Lets the school. This is best of this morning talk about one and done it's activity. The one and done have contributed to exactly zero. To making K Ewing's final fourteen or national champion not one final fourteen appeals tattered national championship team that he sad case you has been led by these one and done players and it gets the point now recruiting players as he you know you were advancement and in whatever you would ask him whether it be your mutual funds for a long case stocks on what would your investing you the biggest return on your investment you can possibly get and right now these one and done is quite honestly give Bill Self zero return on his investment because to meet. What you all the big goal is as a college basketball program and Josh you can correct me if I'm wrong there's your college basketball head. To get to the final four and in you know whatever happens in the final four that is basically house money out here yeah like it's ignited the goal is final four when your college basketball program the more you can get to the better your obviously Andy's one and done players have not contributed BK you get into any final forced it different for Kentucky it may be different for duke. But I know for the University of Kansas the best teams that Bill Self out are the ones that are led by veterans. And I agree what's best go when he talks about the best teams. Bed pillows and are led by veterans. Day. It just. I did I just totally disagree. With us Dole's. Take a ball one in Dunn's Kansas and you should go after one and done because not number one. When you are elite basketball program elites. Okay. You go after the best. Talent in the country. I don't care if it can be either one year I don't give them either two years three would ever. You go after bet town you do not shy away from that town. When you're bringing in talent. That is going to help bowled well you when he comes to recruiting all the other talent. Years down the line asset backed this is how asks how one recruiting class leads to the next. And when one recruiting class does well. It helps you for the next year. It does is it bolt we're dear one of those institutions one go schools where every recruit. Bet in play. Think about it. Not every single will go to his don't think about it because of the history. And because the people that come into the program so you take detainees at nag when NAFTA when it does that is that makes no sense on the service that's a bad idea. You have to look count big time coaches that big I don't think about the residual effect you when you get somebody. Of that ilk you get others the home that want to play just like Missouri had situation. Port you get the big old and guess what other guys want to complain with again the wanted to. Many guys in your program one or two even three years but it spotlights what would you get that player. People circuit these kids are the court does a bright you know these kids are glued to. They're glued to 247 sports the loot rivals this year booed with current process they love look at their stores their ranks. But these guys who kids look to see where there. You are John day here's what to be the number one player that next class. Did they care about were there ranked in the next currently they bid that is something that they do care about it look at the stars that have ranked. Mean this means big tube and get that extra store in they're now forced or five or they like that. I need you're not going after those guys you're doing your job. I don't disagree that. Having a one and done does bringing exposure to your program. And it brings other things outside of just the final four or outside of you know winning a national JB to ultimately is what. Is valued over everything else but it Europe program like ms. sue or whatever they're right look what Michael Porter junior was able to just bring to back that team. And he's a res shots in his entire time in the new I mean are you to three shots and we played like three minutes. And look what he's done report just. The profile of your university. And how many people went out bought season tickets how many people win out and just got back on board with his new basketball as a panned out really. The fact that it was generate that buzz is enough the problem is is when you're talking about a blue blood university like Kansas. That type of stuff doesn't matter as much it just doesn't. And so they're going to Kansas fans are going to look at it based purely on the results and have the results net did you enough. Well. Decidedly no is the answer that you haven't seen final four you haven't seen national championships with these one and done players. Does that mean the system's flawed unnecessarily and might mean that yours is going after the wrong guy. So now and I'd ask my second point though that is my second point it has now with Kansas because maybe you guys that we have went after. We're just not the guys to get us the in it to me I asked the old but the logic that says that it's just on the one and guns to me that's flawed. This was this was the the second part of of law of the rant. Or fest still says what a bulls downed. To me what it boils down to is is the time and effort and money you're spending if you are spending money to go recruit these guys from flying meals all this kind of stuff get to do it isn't really works and to meet the return on investment until self gets out of one and done players is zero it is absolutely zero and we spent so much time and not just when he recruiting these guys but trying just to get these guys and the compliance department and all this crap that they have just gone through Billy Preston to come up with a big goose. For the last three months because some booster gave McCall are some booster gave how's it to mean its biggest waste of time that the University of Kansas spends its recruiting these wanna does the return on investment is the zero edit. Will movable what are we. Will remain totally disagree bot. We have to bit dual better job all the guys that would bring added we have to do a better job of the one and done that we're recruiting because. This latest. To meet the best teams in the country have a balance all of veterans and young players okay. And Bill Self has been incredible at doing it. For. It Bob saying the one and done having gotten us the air why it just on the wanted done. I don't understand that logic like we did very much is as much to get seniors say that well. On. Josh Jackson didn't get you to a final four old its adherents say that well. Our. Andrew and enjoy witnessing get to a to a final four or until it leading you to to to a final four. Much wanted Britney gets to a final four much Perry Ellis is is a phenomenal player but in the latter years I take you. What did he legion national championship why is it just on the one and done why don't we put more emphasis on some of the upperclassmen to. The thing about it is too when we talk but the finance which cost the fly neat he piece is that he whatever it is. Who cares about that you don't what's valuable as part of daily Bible when a guy like jewel and beans at the all star game tape from the University of Kansas. Dual MB rage you wigand's advertising he's introduced. University Kansas you for that goes when that we talk to people of all time what's it like school. When you're watching Monday Night Football in there saying that chain right university and is there but how much does that me. In the value on that is expletives guys see that Hollywood to the zoo or watch the game. Anyway and working is the ball yet but what if you keep Lee university of critters university kids what these two quarterbacks were peaking at the finished article. Was pretty impressed the kids that these guys it is important that is marketing when these guys who want to be NBA. In inner introduced every night it's from the university Kansas DeLong why. Did I miss. All of the final fours the Bill Self was making when he. Wasn't actively going after one of them players. I'm I'm just confused. I just I get a 220082012. Both teams that were. Right with a veteran talent. I'm sorry but I'm not going to just blame it on one system and if I'm going to use that. And sable Kansas is having no returns on one and done. Look at what the rest of the country has return on one and on like I would be I would be willing to bet you as allies that we should look this up this morning and then it just. When in night I didn't even think about it but I would be willing to bet you bet in the last decade there has been. No home no less than at least one team in the final for the had a one and on player on on the roster. We we cannot lose to teams. Eight in the in the final four. And they have one and done to say we're not recruit. You can't loosely gets a Carmelo Anthony and you say you're not gonna recruit one and done you can't lose it's an anti Davis and he say you're not gonna recruit. It doesn't make any sense. That doesn't make you sit and it was it would it doesn't work for kids today are our chances we had to get the right god. Here's the thing that just appeared recruiting process Zion Williams. What would your name is mentioned it's coming down between duke and north car. You name needs to be mentioned with those if you're not getting those guys in major actively recruiting. Angel one of the big dogs are actually considering going to your school wrecked so it comes Denny said what's between Kansas between duke is between Kentucky. It's good I hope it's good to other recruits that here's the number one recruit in the nation. If he's boiling this thing down at three schools duke Kentucky and Kansas Manger in good company. I'm not gonna sit here and they big coats today and how far. It's beyond Bill Self when it comes to winning. NCAA championships that they can win with one and done and guilty I'm not buying it Bill Self as it is guys. Some see if they any differently heat that he can't win one and done that makes no sense to me. It doesn't are. So I am also not gonna get on board that whenever right here. People pounding their chest screaming rock chalk enjoy island beat makes. And all star game or Andrew Wiggins is named rookie of the year light. I mean you're gonna hang your hat on some of these guys are talking about what they did. Hell I I still room people speak assault a little bit buzz about Ben Macklin or the first couple years he's like. Don't act like you're not proud of some of these guys that went to Kansas just because they are one and done just because you didn't win thing with there was a whole lot of guys didn't win anything with you still really proud of them. And this other thing a ball. Kansas and the one and done philosophy. To meet. In this just my opinion. This is velocity when he comes the when it Dunst is different there's some of these other institutions. To me it seems like Bill Self when he's grab a one and done or two to meet they are to round out the roster and compliment. Though the veteran guys they have so let's address that Billy Preston is eligible this right let's say these old. Is that his team I don't think so biggest debunked it. Rams team is Seton heat problem it would want to eat dots you need to imperial need to frank may need to month aggregated the guys that are three and four years in your system. That understand with the coach wants sprinkle in. The one dungy hopefully senior leadership helps that transition these guys out but you always say man it's marketing. Say what you want about the spends a recurring. Tell me what I mean actually means. For Kansas with jewel impedes an ounce of the author game university in a lot out for that goes a lot a lot.