01/22 - Ned Yost Interview

Fescoe In The Morning
Monday, January 22nd

We talk with Royals manager Ned Yost on the one year anniversary of Yordano Ventura's death plus fan fest this weekend 


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That's not the welcome in the skipper Ned I'm doing my man now you sealant. In Panama. About what to. Do a little slower ginger. Are not. Enough. You know spent all our comparable to yesterday I have been aren't done with them are just below normal. But I was going to ask you and I guess I probably should just scratched this question with the injury you probably have been doing what you normally do the offseason so what have you been doing but it sounds like you've what I would you do take it a month or so off after the injury in the just give back to. Jamaat. Com and it had not. Doctor. Pepper. You know Jack. PX straight and said it was great. In all my body weight on my leg. And how you structure. About it today because I attribute it. It looked like on. Hello in our debt collectors in the wheelchair. Certainly ago. Again I am correct or another. In Poland the you know that aren't in recovery here they. Are more important. Really are you know look around. And around well it almost a remote part. Bill. Our eye on Imus could just flat out ask you Betty White turns 96 and she said vodka and hot dogs helped her live that long what's the secret to you're recovering as fast. You know it's great that you and I am certain art that. What. Many people. And you're help you're gonna get you're gonna get equal it tiger believed that was an out. Our fault that the people who can't do it in my friends and you know what if adult and an inner and that quick. You know adequate. You know spot Lackey getting equal. I mean there's did no shortage of that there's no question about that I can't that'll go a day without people say how's that how's that were praying for a house network informed so may it may be you hit it so wit when you come up year for fans as this week are you gonna be in that wheelchair on crutches or you just going to be walking around normal. But. All I mean it took the air back. The chair back. Ago credit wheelchair. Ago. On Saturday there. Yeah how would it. Export. Port for like eight years and I did everything in her so she kicked a you went through at all enough. Effective. Or just separate parts that are going to get well later after and so. I knew you may you know a different. Young. Actor that really work on my neck my back. It'll be allowed here for a virtual one. And I mean him or hurt and at times you know forty or 48 hours or even try to get out. A lock my neck out a little bit my back is just really really good. In other it is more to try to you know get that was not a about. And I had to go. Talk when Ned Yost here on sixteen and Sports Radio of course fan fest this weekend down. At oral Paul will be shared the three of us will be there on Saturday from fourth to seven to rely shows that come on Demi she say hello to us down there. And eat it was a year ago today only got the news about your Donovan turned that very obviously sad day for everybody. Is the real impact that you're done I was passing had on you guys last season. I think it was. The emotional day you know. Again. It's like. Albany. That morning. That's exactly right. A deal that do Milwaukee 82 trees. Mile and an old bodies. You know right now what series here. But way. Call back and then bit of luck in that he'd get at Albany. Yeah. If you're. You can't yet because. Are all day he was done by. Yeah. It. But. In my mind. Richter play her arm. Long. Get to spring training. It. You know that. Your mind that deal. And yeah. Today. Now I bet. And now that you know it's all night long for it yet it. Let's go get on here. Real. Real. Are. That we got. You know that the Medicare then we'll let you. You know they'll. Get there was we're or body art. You. Say that lose out pretty. Their base at. Pure despair. When you got the news from Dayton hung up the phone with him and you were there after the phone call was over what was what was it like for Ned Yost. If you're trying to. Yeah I'm in a hit job. You know it's been unbelievable and I mean it literally took a couple of days. You know bell that it. I fat turtle. You get and it would just arc and arc. You know that actually can apple actually did. And it was a it's very very typical because. It is so many and what each one player. Embassy that girl that he. I think. You're an adult who. You got it again put the kid a multiple wives and you're. Back here to catch up. Between you know a certain level. Of degree the sense that these. Call out what looked everywhere these get an event like this happen. You know we're just. It was a there are very difficult to let certainly you know. Now I've walked through the locker room and Israel blocker and what it felt very very typical that nobody was. It did here is did his desk his passing. Have a large impact on the 2017 season of what happened on the field. Thanks so you know Bob I really down. You know I think it was and everybody's heart. And I am on everybody's mind but I don't think that's you know I just don't think that had anything to do it. You know what why not. Last year in terms of R&R. Block record at all you know I think our guys were. Another bear you that you're very unique group of guys. You know it just if they didn't forget them but surely you don't get that and the reason why we didn't get make the play out. Thought we royals manager Ned Yost here on six and sports radio and six cents worst outcome that when you think about you think back to your Donovan turn now one year after his tragic death. What about his personality sticks out to you the most this far away from. So that's if you. College curricula up MacKey. Matter you're mad at stratified you know we don't find a way to convert later come back a little bit make you laugh. It's competence that it. I'll never forget look at my after you know after game the World Series and fourteen he had you know picture an elimination game in game six and I have to be ready and he's I mean that I'll never forget that look what is the name got that little smiling already. Trust me I'm ready. And that one mountain and Jewish. You know he is just a puppet I think his personality. Idiot you know all the way that he said he lab that made everybody else slap upside down opera. Either love them supplier. That was evident throughout you know that there last year. Talk when Ned Yost here on 610 sports radio and news is we get closer and closer to fans best. What's your take on what's. Not gone on this offseason with baseball -- with everything I mean it has been the most quiet offseason I think any of us have ever experienced before what's your take up. Well I mean I can't operate like. I'll eat eat eat out from what it is in our cities and it. You know everybody declared free agency like OK these guys are probably go quick peek. It on the interests that it be. EE no work at all. You know when went. You know I expect it to me baby one. You know maybe one guy. Maybe to mark Libya. You don't know how the conferred by. The more people. You know here we are. And where. Nobody. It yet so. In. It's gonna get you Padilla met early. Outside of that but otherwise it just hasn't been an angle and now we know our city and has never seen slow out. Like this and your you know your ankle watch and see how that's gonna development. It is he that it does it take off like popcorn out of that apart or pop and that it would ultimately everything else. I don't know it's going to be adequate at the end and I think everybody that you see yourself. Going to be you know everybody. Big sets up the last we got MLB network that you you feel more confident today about getting potentially guys backing Kansas City that you did at the start of of the offseason I think we all are all kind of in that boat is is is that your feeling right now that hey maybe Oz will sign backing Kansas City. It felt like. But I mean you get beat don't break up there. You know you hear it and if the market come back usually we felt that there. But he can't look. I'll let you know too that he definitely has our right. Patriot. He. Been available. You know what to do very well. Electric that our sport but you're gonna come back yet you got out. You know that that you didn't think you've got to go through it it it's a really really good. You are. You know a special. We have got. Going to be really exciting understand Albert I don't let that happen. You know I was. We still. That looked like. And it may be kind of an unanswered question because there's still those those guys that are out their benefit the fans ask you what would should we expect for 2018 what's your answer. Yeah much of the season our season look like. The LB. I would go back the world war. We shall and it's obvious that up. A lot of these guys that we got back out in the outskirts or. You know so layer. It. You look at tape. You know quicker than them. We get. It. Be as. Bad and going to be a bull. You know you can bet you've never seen before we. Per. Year. You know. And Trent. Import to get an error in. England you know. What we're doing now your opportunity to dole out there and prepare. You know report from mine are all areas. You know it worked out there and the chart you know he's in great shape he's in great year ago. I think it we're looking first you know uptick in the alert might be that short this year. Again you know I edit edit Beatrice see how little plate. Bed before we let you go the big news is Billy Joel's play in a Kauffman Stadium this year. If you can see any artist play Kauffman Stadium who would you choose. All oldies a bit and they'll call you out. Into. The old. You know the old country. A blanket over me. Hey junior how about he dark for even though he didn't have the opportunity cigar when he was banned. You know last year. You don't that's a guys in. You to be fantastic but I know too much of their music you know I'm not really huge. You know regular music and I'm more of a kind of country music Clinton. Hank junior lately about all hour long so. They have no longer a lot more I juniors aren't back everybody else's. Are you go have a safe trip up here are looking forward to seeing you this weekend at fan fest. Travels safe and I have a fun time when you're appearing Casey. And you. Thanks that initiated that yellows this year on 610 Sports Radio.