01/22 - DeJa Vu

The Day Shift
Monday, January 22nd

Chiefs fans had an all too familiar feeling yesterday. 


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In the midst of all of watching the opposite Richard games over the weekend. Fitness was a whole lot of questions today we looked at both the ANC. And the NSC. Championship games. Let's start where is. Bill reality when it comes to look at it the AFC and the NF CC chips reality of the National Football League this year with the Kansas City sees. Is that this is days out who yet against woods tees. That seems a few years ago. At a situation where two in the course of the regular season. They defeated the two teams. They ended up in the Super Bowl. In that 2014 season they defeated the Birmingham patrons at home number that was via the minor football game that would be to me it would yes and bigger people are questioned whether Brady should be it should be the starter anymore. Also the year you defeat it Russell Wilson. And the Seahawks. So now all year meet wealthier blues you're what happens this year. You have a season which you pound the New England Patriots. In their place. On the hours a night opener for the put the season ended who else did you beat. Followed up with the game against Philadelphia we annoyed you of Philadelphia. Is this group that was of course went. Funny I folds Carson or three times I. Does that make it sees Spain and feel knowing that here we have another year in which your team was good enough to beat the patriots. They are in the Super Bowl facing the NFC champion. Phil the Eagles who you beat him. Beatles game was real indicator misty was a wealthy she's were playoff team. But they were more physically dominant the Eagles were very impressed with the Eagles pass rush. That front for the front seven of the Eagles looked very good yet that she's were able to overcome maybe it's that time yet the teacher beat the student. Eighty Reid put down Doug Peterson told of the call. Keep in mind nor reason Doug Doug Peterson is in Philly. They ordered the sheet giving me read it one BP's. Only be read back after chip keel Kelly. Failure in Philadelphia they wanna be peace off that tree once again that's what they've ordered Doug Peterson. That's. Should listen Doug mormons here is calling the game maybe maybe Doug Newsom. Just. Cast just frustrates you to know that your team does that itself. To defeat. Teams this season would say go to the civil ball. Which yourself not get enough to get tools. He has that he was watching it is tough to watch Naples. Again that though was engaged in conversation piece in Kansas City last year. And at one dean doesn't mean a whole big Naples who started for about Smith he had the time it was like get heated in I've never really see the quarterback please wells in the polls in those situations. I mean he was against that defense the more deepens the NFL just dropping dimes and his passes really unbelievable keep in mind he had a deep pass even draw. He didn't care vikings bring in pass rush he would you side stepped it. Age really on the field not only that he was hit it on the money sideline catches over the shoulder catch he was doing everything it just shows you how typical. How important quarterback pleases me that Tom Brady when he did it second half coming back nick polls in the second half. It was absolutely amazing. Against the vikings 1111 for 159 yards threw touchdown. 150 point three passer rating it was great quarterback play that you saw it does Alex Smith of a game like that and it. As good as doubts that the split time I've never seen him look as good as we saw Mick polls. Yesterday afternoon against the vikings considering this vikings team wasn't he would deepens the twenties now is being number one ranked defense. In the NFL and it makes it even more impressed that he went on did this but they play it. In besides the plan even the losers at a place. The jaguars are filled. And they plan as well as the mentality was used things to your advantage. And I know that Jacksonville did not win that game get the Super Bowl. There's black players they should have done more than sit on the ball but five seconds of two timeouts in the first app. On the road New England but Jacksonville. Was capable yesterday in beanie Super Bowl team and met affect the game's undoing one. I think the actually win that game checks bulls that close to be doing yesterday and one and BR us what he wants my object miles Jack got that bubble yeah. I shouldn't doubt the patriots but a guy out of because I don't they won twenty to 3.3. Lead in several blown. And he came back in the game but I shouldn't out of you know never doubted me and you can put page on twenty point else they'll pick. I was before Jackson Friday don't gut feeling. The theory that he got beat the patriots that was of formula that they play with that I think beats the New England Patriots but they play. The planet is account now Doug morrow did slip into Indy reading mode and after. He took his foot off the deck wood Doug Peterson due in Philadelphia he did was it his foot off the guys at all though he was on full I mean. When they had that big lead on the on on the vikings. With a couple minutes remaining is that known and and no we're trying to put the dagger in them right now and that's from exactly that's exactly what Doug Peterson. You went out there and finish them that's not something you typically see you mean you read now. I don't coach like him you read. In that second half get real conservative. At the end of the first. There is an explosive belt and I don't think that it got over the two it's over I think it served up at the into the force have. Eight at it in the Tamil lit up all the gas a little bit but we bought in in the fourth quarter. I mean bit bit Jacksonville is not going to try to be throwing deep balls try to try to you know not. Yet a page or salt in my someone they explosive per say but we Jacksonville were talking about the team that finished sixth. In the NFL the law that one spot behind chiefs rejects bulls forced points per game. Jacksonville averaged. 28 points a game shoot 26 point one points a game she's ever tweet by point nine rejected opium we look at its existing units or office. Actually goes would you their offense outperformed achieved this year. And or not but that's my point though what would do well in points. With thirteen minutes remaining in the day. You're not. Going to happily morals went deep balls to try to put more points you it's not when equities comedies in the world yeah golden to report that import it apparently at Hilton on the outside the patriots did it won't stop stepping up defensively they did. They did adopt to the blade is a total it's six told he had the TARP over it directly borders a dancer you know what. You should you should of ran the ball when they tried to one. Things you terribly morals from losing the game where you. They also public morals away from winning needing forties well. Don't skis balls between five yard line you'd yield on 35 seconds but give two timeouts. That's concerning the girls that that's a conservative the board's finance was like whites don't mad rules you're gonna get the ball first second half you could put in the fourteen points on the board before New England ever had to change. You have to do these things at New England on the road play. Yet the public or lose the game but it really what we bulls when the game either the public is actually pretty good game. He was used when did you our bodies clinics that it was he was planning to game I'd really fought for the longest on it being tested like borders illegally to go to the Super Bowl. This. Which was almost those 300 yards but he looked confident. On he was pleased the ball low convert third downs that all of the play the play action to run outlook do we Jackson rules mixing things up. Elephants Tom Coughlin influence of was. Bottom line is as they claimed up. In the in the first half their and it never regained it or Philadelphia. Put their foot on the gas gift or what are and he read to a halftime against tight. Claimed up. Claimed that and the defense can get in via the field neutering and when he plays the second half or is that they couldn't get off the board yet they're gonna keep bobs that has been court okay. Will receive the EC I feel the chiefs have wasted this opportunity secular chiefs could of won in the fashion jaguars it. I thought we had to pass rush that was working was fluid tomba was still. You know freshly be read first got here cheese were able to get the quarterback Jacksonville got the quarterback second unit fell 11 sec on the Steelers. I'm hoping could have played that temple. I still thought that the better quarterback in league portal clearly believe portals play in the NC a a genius and out but what that I do feel easy better quarterback. But they had this formula. It is didn't put this formula altogether and Arnold beat you read listen enough that Peterson. I don't know if you listen of the man and he is once he started called plays Matt did against the jets like lol. This team has backed the threat what happened titans game I don't know. But I still think he would blow than eighteen point I think Steelers game last year that you lost the home that close to gold BC chief chip. Just lose killer mentality in the don't have. It is it's. Another year in which you do see. Both teams are going to play in the so that we won through. Thanked a botnet or so what does that race for two weeks in a prolonged everything. Really tells you how you undersea. Well the years it can you were capable enough to be more physical lose Eagles beat him with Orton went. You know even auto yells what you Carson wince when the played as good as polls yesterday you're perfect that you can be better than we. Yes Carson went would have been fired but come on no balls played a month. Like it is also Matta was asked that we nuts. Doubles company falls inaugural national that it falls was better than Carson went correct. I can't think accord you can't 81 that the eight point three quarter equities that you be better than. You cannot be better than the polls Ellis Tom and I told you sewing temple wants to. Nick falls. Almost spirit and the.